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MY DATE P 17-20

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My Date - Part 17 Jane meets my Parents

I got engaged to Jane on Christmas Day. I have met her parents and her sister, but Jane has never met my parents. They live in another city, and I decided to fly Jane and myself down to see them. That way they would have a chance to talk with Jane and to get to know her before the wedding. Jane is such a wonderful woman, and we both agree on many of the same things. I am really looking forward to be married to Jane.

The flight went well, my parents picked us up at the airport, and my parents had the spare bedroom set-up for us to sleep in. We arrived on a Sunday, and had a big dinner together. It was great to see that Jane had a good conversation going with my parents. My parents seemed to like Jane, and Jane looked like she was enjoying herself.

Then came Monday morning. My dad left the house early, since he had a part-time job. So that left only Jane, my mom, and myself. I am used to sleeping in a queen size bed all by myself, and Jane is too. The bed we were sleeping on was just a regular size bed, and up until now, Jane and I had never really slept together. I had stayed overnight and made love to Jane, but we had never really slept together. So this was a new experience for both of us.

I have a tendency to roll around a lot when I sleep and I guess Jane likes to sleep in one spot. When I finally woke up, all of the covers were on my side of the bed, and Jane was already awake. I guess she didn't sleep to well because she had a mad expression on her face. I have seen that expression before, and that is usually right before Jane spanks me.

"Well, I see that you are finally awake. Do notice that I have NO covers on my side of the bed?"

"I guess so," I said.

"And do you know who rolled around in the bed and kept me awake most of the night?"

"Did I do that?" I answered.

"If we are going to get married, and sleep together, your night behavior needs to change. I know we will probably be sleeping on a larger bed, but your night time behavior needs to change, and I need you to change, now!"

Then Jane got off the bed and went over to her suitcase. She pulled out several paddles and a hairbrush. Now I knew that Jane was going to spank me.

"Can't this wait until we get back home?" I pleaded. "What if my mom hears you spanking me?"

"I don't care if your mom does hear me spanking you! You deserve a good spanking right now, and that's what you're going to get." Jane sat down in the middle of one side of the bed. "Come over here so that I can prepare you for your spanking." I had on only pajama bottoms, and soon they were at my feet and Jane had me step out of them. "Now lay over my lap for your spanking."

So I stretched out on the bed, with my bottom over Jane's lap. Jane immediately opened her legs and pinned my penis between her thighs, to hold me in place. The paddles and hairbrush were on the bed in plain view for me to see. That way I could see which one Jane was going to spank me with. "Do you have to spank me?" I pleaded.

"That is the only way I know that really changes your behavior." Jane answered. "Besides, I need to make sure I sleep well tomorrow night, without you taking away all of my covers. So get ready to get a red bottom." Jane picked up the paddle, then SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. Usually Jane starts softly and the spanks get harder as she goes along, but this time she was giving me a hard paddling. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. I started to squirm around on her lap.

"You better lie still and not move about so much, or I will spank you all morning." Jane said. Although the paddle really stung my bottom, I held as still as I could. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. This went on like this for about ten minutes, then Jane switched to the hairbrush and then to the other paddle. This paddle made a lot of noise, and really stung my poor bottom.

I heard the bedroom door open and my mother stuck her head in and said, "I don't mean to interrupt anything, but breakfast will be ready in five minutes. You don't have to get dressed. You can just put your robes on over your pajamas." Then my mom closed the door. I felt so embarrassed, knowing that my mom had seen Jane spanking me.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. "You are lucky that your mom has breakfast prepared for us already. Otherwise, I probably would have spanked you for another fifteen minutes." Jane said. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. "Get up, now, and put on your pajamas, so we can eat breakfast with your mom."

I was thankful that Jane had quit spanking me. My bottom was sore and I was hungry for breakfast. I put on my pajamas, and Jane and I put on our robes and went to the kitchen. My mom had prepared toast, bacon and eggs for our breakfast. It was already on the plates and we sat right down and I ate real fast, since I was hungry.

As I was finishing up my breakfast, Jane and my mom were engaged in girl talk. But soon my mom asked, "Did I see you spanking my son this morning?"

"Yes you did. I started spanking Clyde on our fourth date. He was always late, and spanking him did finally change his behavior. In fact, I spank him whenever he does anything that annoys me. Last night he took all of the covers off my side of the bed. Tonight, he will probably not pull that stunt, again." Jane moved my empty plate off the table and said, "Take off your robe, drop your pajama bottoms, and bend over the table. That way your mom can see the results of your recent spanking."

I really didn't want to do it, but I knew that if I didn't follow Jane's orders, I would get another spanking. So I reluctantly took off my robe, dropped my pajama bottoms, and bent over the table.

"You did a good job of reddening his bottom." My mom said. "I haven't spanked Clyde since he was sixteen years old. I thought he was too old for a spanking, but apparently not. I know a spanking always improved his behavior. I guess it is good that you spank him."

"Yes, it really does improve his behavior." Jane said.

"I just wish that I had met you sooner. We have so much to discuss about Clyde and you. Especially since you are already engaged." My mom said.

"Do you want to spank Clyde for not bringing me over to visit you sooner?" Jane asked. "He is in the proper position for another spanking. Shall I get a paddle from the bedroom?"

"Yes, I do want to spank him." My mom said. "But I have my own paddle in the kitchen." My mom went over to the stove, and got down the paddle she had hanging on the wall. This is the same paddle that my mom had used on me when I was growing up.

"Spread your legs," Jane said. "That way your mom can spank you in all of your tender spots."

So I spread my legs and my spanking began again, but this time by my very own mother. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. My bottom was already tender from my previous spanking, so this spanking really hurt. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK "I want you to bring Jane over to see us more often!" My mom said. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK "Is that understood?" SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

"Yes, mother." I replied.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. "Jane must really care about you, if she spanks you." My mom said. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. "And I hope she never stops spanking you." SPANK, SPANK, SPANK

"I intend to keep on spanking Clyde now and when we are married. He is such a bad boy, sometimes." Jane said.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. "Well, I am glad to find out that spanking him really improves his behavior." My mom said. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. My mother quit spanking me and I felt her hands on my burning bottom. "That spanking should last you for a while. Why don't you go to your room, shower, and get dressed? Jane and I have a lot to talk about."

"Yes, that’s a good idea." Jane said. "It will probably be hard for you to sit down comfortably for today. Your bottom is really red, now."

So I left to shower and to get dressed while Jane and my mom talked about spanking me and my bad behavior. This is not what I expected to happen when brought Jane over to meet my parents.

My Date - Part 18

Well, Jane had finally met my parents. Although Jane and my mom had spanked me while we were visiting my parents, I still felt that it was a good trip. It seemed like Jane and my mom got along very well. In fact, my parents are now looking forward to seeing us before our marriage ceremony.

Our flight back was a smooth one, and we got back to Jane's house about noon on Sunday. I carried Jane's suitcase into her living room and was ready to kiss her and head back to my place when Jane said, "Don't be in a hurry to head back home. I have some plans for you! Please wait here in the living room."

I always look forward to be with Jane. We enjoy each other's company, we agree on so many things, and I am looking forward to being married to Jane. To my surprise, Jane brought out the wooden spanking horse that her sister's husband had built for her.

"You aren't going to spank me, are you?" I asked.

"Yes, I am going to spank you." Jane replied. "Although you may not deserve a spanking that much, you agreed when you proposed to me that you would accept a spanking from me at anytime and at anyplace. I just feel like spanking you right now! So take off your shoes, socks, and shirt. Then I will further prepare you for your spanking. But first, I need to get the spanking implements that I will use on you."

As I was taking off my shirt, shoes and socks, Jane came out with two paddles, a hairbrush, and the dreaded cane. Now I knew I was going to get a very sound spanking.

Jane came over to where I was standing and said, "Put your hands on top of your head." Then she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my zipper, and pulled my pants down. I always feel like a little boy when she strips me like this. I stepped out of my slacks and soon her fingers were in the waistband of my shorts. I soon was stepping out of them and now I was totally naked before Jane.

"I am so glad that you accept these spankings from me." Jane said. "It shows me that you really love and trust me."

"I do really love you!" I replied.

"I'm looking forward to spanking you throughout our upcoming married life." Jane said. "So go over to the spanking horse and bend over it."

At least the spanking horse was padded on the top. I bent over it and Jane was soon securing my wrists to the front legs of the wooden horse. Then she said those dreaded words, again. "Spread your legs so that I can secure them to the legs of the horse." I always feel so vulnerable with my legs spread like that. It exposes the tenderest parts of my bottom, and it makes my penis and balls totally hang out. Also, when I am secured like this, there is no way that I can rub my bottom. I think Jane likes it because it keeps me in place.

Then she put down the paddles, hairbrush, and cane next to my head so that I can see them. "This way you can see what implement I am using to spank you with." Jane said. Jane picked up one of the paddles and said, "I had a nice discussion with your mother about spanking you. We both agreed that you should be spanked more often. So this is a spanking so that you can remember taking me to meet your parents. I am so glad that I am going to marry you, and you look so cute with your bare bottom up in the air, ready to be spanked. Don't you agree, Clyde."

"Yes, madam." I replied. This is the response Jane always wants to hear when she spanks me. If I reply any other way, I will receive an even more severe spanking. I really do look forward to marrying Jane, but not necessarily being spanked like this.

Then my spanking began. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. Jane is real good about alternating between cheek to cheek. I always get a through spanking from her. My poor bottom always hurts all over by the time she is done with my spanking. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

"I like the way your bottom changes in color when I spank you," Jane said. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. "It's turning a nice pink color right now." SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

"Yes, madam." Is all that I could say in my reply. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

Jane spanked me about ten minutes with this paddle then said, "Now it is time for the hairbrush." I saw her lay down the paddle and pick up the hairbrush. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. The hairbrush tended to hurt more in a concentrated spot than the first paddle. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. When Jane spanks me with the hairbrush, she often pulls back one of my cheeks so that she can spank me in my most tender parts, between my cheeks. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. This way I feel the spanking for several days. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

After she spanked me with the hairbrush for about five minutes, Jane put down the hairbrush and picked up the other paddle. This paddle had holes in it and it really stings me. "This paddle should turn your bottom from a nice pink color to a bright red color." Jane said. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. Not only did it really sting my bottom; SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, but it also made my bottom feel very warm. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. Although I my wrists and ankles were secured to the wooden horse, I tried to move around a little to get away from the paddle. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. "Don't move about so much, or your spanking will even last longer."

"Yes, Madam," I said. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. I held as still as I could with that stinging paddle hitting my bare upturned bottom. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. Jane finally quit spanking me with the paddle, and she grabbed the cane. "Since you have been very good to me on this trip to see your parents, I'm only going to give you six strokes of the cane."

"Yes, Madam," I replied. I didn't even like receiving one stroke of the cane. It always leaves welts, and sometimes I can see them for several days.

"Be sure and count them out loud for me!" Jane said. After I would count each stroke, Jane also has me thank her. Sometimes I don't feel like thanking her after a painful stroke, but if I don't, the stroke doesn't count, and I am given it again.

Jane taps my bottom with the cane, I hear the familiar whistle, and then I feel the cane. It feels like a red-hot iron has gone across my bottom. The first and last strokes always seem to hurt the most. "One. Thank you, Jane." I say. Now I have only five strokes left.

Tap, whistle, sting! "Two. Thank you, Jane." Jane is real skillful with the cane. The strokes are always parallel and spaced about an inch apart.

Tap, whistle, sting! "Three. Thank you, Jane." Now I only have three strokes left.

"I'm almost done with your spanking," Jane says. "You always take your spankings very well."

Tap, whistle, sting! "Four. Thank you, Jane."

"This one is going to land in the crease between your bottom cheeks and your thigh. Get ready for it."

It hurts a lot when she gives me the cane in that spot. I can feel it afterwards, when I walk or sit down. Tap, whistle, sting! "Five. Thank you, Jane."

"Now here is your last one." Jane says.

Tap, whistle, sting! "Six. Thank you, Jane."

"Now stay in place while I get some cream for your poor red bottom."

I'm still secured to the wooden horse, so of course I'm not going anywhere. Soon Jane returns and rubs the cream on my bottom. It feels so cool and nice, and it is exciting to have here hands all over my bottom, and sometimes going between my legs with the cream.

Then Jane released me from the spanking horse. She continues to sooth my tender bottom with her hands. Soon we find ourselves rolling around on her living room floor, making love to each other. Yes, I will remember this spanking and the trip with Jane where she got to meet my parents.

My Date - Part 19

I was at work, recently, when Jane called me on the phone.

"Can you please pick me up at work before 5 o'clock. I would like to go out to dinner with you and discuss a few things."

With our wedding coming up in a few months, I knew we had a lot to discuss, so I told her that I would be there before 5 o'clock. I took off of work a little early, and was proud of myself for getting to her office before four-thirty. You need to go through Jane's personal secretary's office to get to her office. When I entered her secretary's office, there was a new woman who I had never met before.

I said to her, "Hi. I don't think we have met before. I'm Clyde, Jane's fiancé, and Jane is expecting me. And what is your name?"

"I'm Cindy. I started working for Jane just last week. She said that you would probably stop by around five. Jane is in a meeting somewhere else in the building, but she left this note for you to read. I'm suppose to call Tami, her old secretary, once you arrive. Please sit down."

Cindy got on the phone to Tami while I read the note. The note reads like this, "By now, you have met my new secretary, Cindy. Late or on time, I want Tami to teach Cindy how I want you spanked when you come over to my office. My meeting should be over with a little after five, and then I can finish your spanking and we can go out to eat. See you shortly. Jane."

I made an effort to be on time, and I was hoping I wouldn't be spanked, especially by a woman I have just met. But this is what Jane wants, so I guess I get another spanking. "Tami will be down here in a few minutes," Cindy said. Cindy looked to be about twenty years old, with a short dress, and a nice smile.

Soon Tami walked into Cindy's office. "Hi, Clyde." Tami said. "I have been promoted so I am no longer Jane's secretary. I am now Robin's personal secretary. Jane wants me to show Cindy how Jane wants you spanked, so you can start by taking off your clothes except for your under shorts."

I started to get undressed and Tami said to Cindy, "Let's go into Jane's office while he is getting undressed. I'll show you where she keeps the paddles and stuff." So I put my clothes neatly on a chair and waited for them to come out of Jane's office. Soon the door opened again, and each of them was carrying two paddles.

"Cindy, sit on a chair, and Clyde, go over and stand in front of her with your hands on your head." I was now standing in front of Cindy in only my under shorts and Tami continued to say, "This is the part that is really embarrassing to Clyde. Slowly pull down his under shorts, help him step out of them, then tell him to bend over your desk."

Soon I was standing completely naked in front of a young woman that I had just met. Then Cindy said, "Now bend over my desk for your spanking." I was now in position to be spanked by Tami and Cindy.

"Jane likes him to spread his legs apart. That way you can spank the tenderest part of his bottom, and you can also tease him by grabbing a hold of his cock and balls. So Clyde, spread your legs apart." Tami said.

With my legs now spread wide apart, next I was feeling both Tami's and Cindy's hands between my legs. "Clyde is now ready to be spanked. Lets each grab a paddle and spank him. Jane always wants him spanked enough so that his bottom turns pink, but not much more. That is because Jane will spank him, herself, once she returns. You should try to spank him all over, not just in one spot."

Then my spanking began. Cindy stood on one side of me and Tami was on the other. They alternated between spanks, so I got a fast and furious spanking. After about ten minutes of this, Tami said, "We should stop spanking Clyde, now. See how pink his bottom has become. Don't be afraid to feel his bottom after you have spanked him. Clyde knows to stay bent over the desk until you tell him he can stand up." Then I felt four hands on my bottom. It really felt good compared to their stinging paddles.

"You can stand up, now, Clyde, and stand in the corner in Jane's office." Tami told me. As I stood in the corner of Jane's office, Tami said to Cindy, "This is when you put all of Jane's paddles on her desk. You leave Clyde's clothes in your office. That way, he can't easily get dressed. Then you wait for Jane to get back from her meeting. Jane will spank Clyde one more time." Then Tami said to me. "Clyde, I will miss spanking you at the office, but I have a feeling that I will still get an opportunity to spank you occasionally." Then Tami and Cindy left the room.

When I heard Jane's office door open, I was hoping that it was Jane. But her walk was different and she had on a different brand of perfume. She walked over and stood next to me, looked me over and said, "My name is Nancy. I am from the HR department and Jane said that I would find you in her office like this. Jane wants me to talk to you about a few things, but first you are to go and bend over Jane's desk. You are to be spanked as I talk to you. So bend over Jane's desk."

Now I was about to be spanked by another woman I had just met. Nancy picked up a paddle from Jane's desk and said, "Jane tells me," Spank, Spank, Spank. "That you work for a computer company." Spank, Spank, Spank.

"Yes, madam." I replied. This is how Jane wants me to reply to her or other women who spank me.

Spank, Spank, Spank. "And that you are very good with computers." Spank, Spank, Spank.

"Yes, madam."

Spank, Spank, Spank. "Jane thinks that it would be nice if both of you worked at the same place." Spank, Spank, Spank. "You would be working here, helping us with our computers." Spank, Spank, Spank. "Does that sound good to you?" Spank, Spank, Spank.

"Yes, madam."

Spank, Spank, Spank. "You would get a raise in pay compared to your other job," Spank, Spank, Spank. "A free parking space," Spank, Spank, Spank. "And be able to work at the same location and hours as Jane." Spank, Spank, Spank. "Does it sound good to you?" Spank, Spank, Spank.

"Yes, madam."

Spank, Spank, Spank. "This will also give Jane and the other female personnel in the company an opportunity to spank you anytime they felt you need to be spanked." Spank, Spank, Spank. "Is that understood?" Spank, Spank, Spank.

I hesitated. I really didn't want to be spanked on a daily basis, but it would mean more income and Jane and I would be working the same hours at the same location. Spank, Spank, Spank. "Yes, madam."

"Good. I'll leave the papers to be filled out," Spank, Spank, Spank. "On Jane's desk. You can give your two-week notice at where you are currently working," Spank, Spank, Spank. "And I look forward to see you working here in two weeks." Spank, Spank, Spank. "You will make a good addition to our staff." Spank, Spank, Spank.

"Yes, madam."

Spank, Spank, Spank. "Yes can stand up, now, and go over and stand in the corner, again." As I went over to the corner, she said, "Your ass looks a nice bright red color. I look forward to spanking you some more!"

Then Nancy left Jane's office. Now my poor bottom felt quite warm and hurt a little. Jane's door opened again. This time it was Jane. "Come over to my desk and bend over it," Jane said. After I was bent over the desk, Jane said, "It looks like Tami and Cindy did a good job of spanking you. Did you get to talk to Nancy from the HR department?"

"Yes, madam."

"And did she also spank you?"

"Yes, madam."

"So will you be working here with me?"

"Yes, madam."

"That is good you made that decision. Since your bottom is red already, I'll spank you a few more times, then we can go out and eat, and discuss this further." Spank, Spank, Spank. Then Jane spanked me for about five minutes. By the end of her spanking I was moaning and squirming about.

"You can stand up, now, and get dressed. I'll be with you in a few minutes." Jane said.

Then I went into Cindy's office to get dressed. "Let's see your red bottom." Cindy said. So I turned around for Cindy. She rubbed my bottom with her hands and said, "Your bottom feels real warm, too. It looks like Nancy and Jane spanked you real well. I look forward to you working here with Jane."

I wasn't sure how to take that comment, but I just said, "Yes, madam," and got dressed. Jane soon came out of her office and we went out to eat. My first date with Jane has now blossomed into something I never expected.

My Date Part 20 Jane's Shower

I started to date Jane about a year ago. I knew that we were meant for each other from the first moment we met. We agree on so many things, and we enjoy being with each other. On my third date with Jane, she spanked me because I was late in picking her up. Since then, her mom, sister, and friends have spanked me. It is very embarrassing to be spanked by other women, but for me to keep my relationship with Jane, that is what she wants to happen to me. I love Jane that much. I recently got hired by Jane's company to help with their computer systems, and now I am even spanked by Jane and her other employees while at work.

Anyway, our wedding date is soon approaching. Jane scheduled a wedding shower and invited her family and friends to it. Jane invited relatives from three different states to attend the wedding shower and our wedding. In fact, so many people were invited to the wedding shower that Jane decided to hold it in a large conference room at the company where she works. What was strange for me is that Jane said that I should also attend the shower. This way I would have more time to meet her out of town friends and relatives, other than just at the wedding.

The shower took place on a Sunday afternoon. The first ones to arrive were her sister Connie and her nom, Kathy. Soon, all of the other guests arrived and they all had presents for Jane. Everyone was seated in a large circle so that everyone could see everyone. Jane started out by introducing me to the group of women, and then she took out a large armless chair and put it in the middle of the room. Then one by one, they presented Jane with their gift, and she opened it and thanked them.

The first few gifts were girlish things like soap and candles, but the next gifts were surprising to me. They consisted of paddles, crops, and other spanking implements. What was even more surprising to me were that a lot of these spanking implements were coming from her out of town friends and family. Jane must have told them that she spanks me.

After Jane had opened all of the gifts, she thanked everyone and said that it was time for refreshments and to talk to each other.

"Don't you think you should try out some of your gifts right now!" A woman in the group yelled out.

"Clyde is here, and all of us know that you spank him!" Someone else yelled out.

"This isn't what I had in mind when I invited you to this shower." Jane said.

Then a lot of comments came from the group like, "Please spank him." "We want to see Clyde spanked." And "Clyde needs a spanking."

I wanted to get to know Jane's friends and family a lot better, but not in this way. I felt so embarrassed, I wanted to quickly leave the room but the door was on the other side of the room. Soon the women were pulling my arms and pushing me into the middle of the room where Jane was seated.

"Clyde, come over here so that I can prepare you for your spanking." Jane said.

The room one women clapped and cheered, and then they pulled their chairs closer to the middle of the room so that they could see me get spanked.

"Put your hands over your head and keep them there." Jane said to me. It felt like I had a hundred eyes on me as Jane unbuckled my belt, unzipped my zipper, and pulled my pants down to my ankles. Next I felt her fingertips in the waist of my boxer shorts.

My hands came down to stop her and I said, "Can't you leave these on. I don't want to be spanked on the bare in front of all these women."

"Put your hands back over your head!" Jane commanded me. "You know I always spank you on the bare." Soon my boxer shorts were at my ankles and Jane had me step out of them. I was now standing naked from the waist down in front of all of these women. I had an erection with everyone starring at me, like this.

The women started to whisper to each other as Jane said, "You can now bring your arms down from over your head and bend over my lap for your spanking." To make my embarrassment even worst, she said, "Now spread your legs so that I can give you’re a through spanking."

I didn't want to spread my legs because then everyone could see my penis and balls hanging down and Jane could spank me in the tenderest parts of my bottom. But I spread them, anyway, because I knew that I could expect an even harder spanking if I didn't spread them.

One woman came up and handed Jane one of the paddles and said, "Why don't you start his spanking with this paddle?"

"Sure, this looks like a well made paddle. Let's see how well it works." Jane said. Then my spanking started.


After a few well placed hard spanks, I forgot about the other women in the room and just thought about the spanking that I was getting. Jane was spanking me harder than she usual, and I was moaning and moving about while I was being spanked. Other women came up and handed Jane different spanking implements to be used on me. My poor bottom was now feeling very warm.


"Clyde's bottom looks red and well spanked," Jane said. "I am going to stop spanking him, now. If any of you would like to spank Clyde, please line up and sit down here to spank Clyde. The rest of us will now have refreshments and talk to each other. You can stand up, now."

I stood up and rubbed my poor sore bottom. Then three women came up to where Jane had been seated. One young woman sat on the chair and said, "Hello, Clyde. My name is Amy, and I am Jane's niece from Nebraska. I have never spanked a man before, so this should be interesting. Please bend over my lap for your spanking." Amy hiked up her skirt and I went over her lap. I still had an erection and my penis went between her legs. I felt so embarrassed being spanked by a woman half my age.

"I see that your bottom is already a nice red shade." I felt her hands all over my upturned bottom. "So I won't spank you very long, but first I want to feel your body." I next felt her hands going up and down my back and then I felt her hands on my upper thighs. I began to move about because of her exploring hands. "Stay still." She commanded me. Then I felt her hands between my legs and I felt her hands on my penis and balls. "Now your spanking will begin," Amy said.


My poor bottom was already sore from Jane's spanking, so I moved about a bit. Amy just grabbed a hold of my waist and held me tighter to her body while she spanked me.


After a few minutes Amy said, "Yes, I see where you will make a good husband for Jane. Stand up, now, and let the next person spank you."

Then the next strange woman sat down, told me her name, and spanked me. By the time the last woman was done spanking me, my bottom was very sore and red.

I yelled out to Jane, "Is it okay if I get dressed now? There is no one else to spank me."

Jane asked the group of women, "Does anyone else want to spank Clyde?" No one answered, so she said, "I guess you can get dressed. Then mingle with my friends and family. I'm sure they will all want to talk to you and meet you."

So I got dressed and got some refreshments. Most of the questions I got were of the spanking nature. How long has Jane been spanking me? Do I enjoy being spanked? They asked me a lot of questions like those. Her friends and family were very nice and friendly to me.

After everyone had left, Jane said, "I'm very proud of you allowing me to spank you in front of all my friends and family. But that is one of the reasons that I am marrying you!"

I wondered what her family and friends were going to think of me as I got married in the church. Would their thoughts go back to seeing me spanked at Jane's shower?
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