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My Desire to be Controlled - Part One

My fantasy to be controlled and disciplined
I knocked at the door, apprehensive as I was on show, feeling vulnerable, and it seemed everyone who walked past looked in my direction. A young couple across the road glanced over and with a knowing giggle disappeared around the corner. I heard footsteps inside, and then a bolt being slid across, and the door opened. As previously instructed over the phone, I immediately looked down as I was ushered across the threshold. I could see her legs, daring not to look up, tight black boots and stockings was all I caught a glimpse of.

The door closed behind me.

"Close your eyes, step forward now!" the command was direct and I obeyed immediately. I could smell the delicious aroma of bathed flesh. Taken by her hand, I was led forward as the door closed behind, and then the bolt slid across with a thump.

"Undress and leave your clothes there!" daring not to open my eyes I did as commanded. "Everything off, quickly," she commanded, a little annoyance came through in her voice.

As instructed, I had showered before I came over, but standing naked now I felt very vulnerable. I sensed her body behind me, then the delicious smell of leather as a mask was placed over my eyes, daring to open my eyes, it was pitch black, no light shone through the mask. An overwhelming feeling of powerlessness came over me as I was led away from the entrance hall.

"Stand still," she commanded, "I need to prepare you for your punishment!" My cock stiffened at the thought, my senses developing as I tried to assess my surroundings. I could hear a chain, then felt the brush of her hands running over my body, hands clasped around my neck. I wondered had I really agreed to come and release control to a stranger. But it was too late for doubt, as I stood naked anticipating a total release of power, I had agreed to submit, and she to control.

I felt the warm breath as she inspected my body, had I prepared properly? Earlier that day I had shaved completely, as instructed my bottom and legs were silky smooth. My balls and cock shaved for the first time felt smooth and vulnerable, slightly tingly and now her hands were rubbing over them inspecting my handiwork.

"You have prepared well! As we discussed earlier, Do you agree to accept what ever happens here?"

I was just about to answer, but before I could a gag was pushed into my mouth. Its rubbery taste was divine, but now I could not answer. Even if I wanted to say no, it was too late. I nodded and grunted yes, but its message was lost.

Once again I was taken in hand, and with a quick slap of my bottom was led forward.

"Stop bend forward." I could sense a chair in front of me, I bent over as instructed, and rested my hands on the seat.

"Now do not move!" The thought did not cross my mind, I was here because I wanted to be.

As I knelt over the chair, I once again heard the chain, then felt a tightening around my neck, as a collar was fastened tightly. I sensed the chain was attached, and was pulled down further over the chair, then the snap of a lock, I was locked down bent over. Her hands run down my legs, pulling them apart, I followed the command, then realized my feet were being tied to the legs. Slowly I was being restrained, my heart beat faster in anticipation. I was loosing control! Next my arms were pulled forward and cuffed, the cuffs being fastened to the chair back.

My vulnerability enhanced, my cock stiffened.

"Now you will receive your punishment!" and with that my journey was about to begin in earnest.

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