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My first spanking

My first spanking and the beginning of my domination
I had been spanked as a child and as a teen regularly by my stepmother. I guess you could say I had also been dominated by my stepsister who is 3 years older. I adored her and never minded that she dominated me. She fixed me up with one of her girlfriends who is 7 years older than I.
She is very sensuous and sexual. She introduced me to bondage not long after we started and since she was the much stronger one in the relationship I could not object. After tying me to her bed on my back she proceeded to give me incredible oral sex. The next time she tied me up it ended with her putting a rubber on me, mounting me and giving me the ride of my life.

She had also insisted I wear her panties for both of the bondage scenes. I got used to this and enjoyed it especially since I always got a very hard erection whenever I put the panties on. This particular evening we were going to a party. "I want you to wear a pair of my panties." She then gave me a pair of black nylon bikini panties and thinking this would end up being another incredible evening I quickly put them on. When I put my jeans back on I glanced at her and noticed that she was putting a couple of rubbers in her purse just in case she wanted to have sex in the car. Off we went.

The party was fine with a lot of hot interactions going on between men and women, women and women and men and men. She and I made out a bit in one of the rooms but she started to cool me down and said "Wait till later. You'll need your stamina."

I couldn't wait to leave.

We finally got home and after we walked into her apartment she told me to go into the bedroom and take all of my clothes off except the panties. Then she told me in an unusually form voice to lie down on the bed face down. She watched me disrobe and lie down and then came over and put a blindfold on me. "This is necessary for a few moments."

After a minute or so she took my left wrist and put a leather wrist restraint on me. She then did the same with my right wrist. I was beginning to get excited because of the restraints and also anticipation of what might be coming. Next she attached the chains to the wrist restraints. The chains were attached to the head posts. She had a carpenter put eye bolts in the head and foot posts so that she could attach the restraints. I expected that my ankles would be next and I was right. This time she put shackles on me which were attached by a 12 inch chain. She secured my legs to the bed with the chains that were attached to the foot posts by hooking each chain to the chain connecting the shackles. Now I could not move my legs at all. Next she did something that puzzled me. She put two pillows under me so that my rear was elevated. Then she walked out of the room.

In a few minutes she returned and removed the blindfold. She had taken her black skirt off but left on her sheer blouse. I loved the sight of her large firm breasts in the lace push up bra which were visible through the blouse. The had worn fishnet tights that night over a sheer black thong. She left these on and then walked out of the room again. When she re-entered she had three objects in her hand.

"I've decided it is time for our relationship to move to a new level. I believe you understand that I am the dominant one. I want to train you to be perfectly submissive to me and to help you lose some of your bad male habits. What I am about to do is for your benefit. You are in restraints and panties tonight because this will be your first lesson in submission and obedience. I intend to administer a sound spanking. You are to say nothing unless I give you permission or ask a question. So, do you understand that you need to be properly trained?"

"Yes" I stammered.

"No. It is to be yes ma'am or yes mistress."

"Yes mistress."

"Good. Now I'm going to show you the instruments I will use for your discipline. You are to chose which one I will use."

She then produced a leather paddle, a strap about 2 feet long attached to a handle, a switch and a whip. I had been paddled before and spanked with a belt and a switch. They all hurt but the belt seemed to sting less than the others.

"Which do you want me to use on you?"

"The strap ma'am."

"The strap it is. Since this is your first time I will allow your panties to remain on. From now on you will be wearing panties all the time. When you are to be whipped or spanked you will be given the choice of keeping the panties on or not. If you choose to keep them on then you will receive between three and five extra lashes or strokes, depending on which instrument I am using."

"Also, these punishment instruments will be kept in your room. I will tell you when you are to be punished and will advise you to prepare yourself. You will then choose one of the instruments and present yourself to me. You will undress except for your panties and then you will tell me if you wish to keep them on or not. You will also put the ankle and wrist cuffs on when you are told that you will be punished. This isin preparation as I may decide to have you in restraints for the punishment. If I choose not to you will either bend over and hold your ankles or you will bend over this chair. Once you are in position you are to ask me to please administer the punishment. I may have you count each stroke or I may not. When I am finished beating you you are to thank me. You will then be released from the restraints and will prepare for bed. For now you will wear panties and a nightshirt. You will wear my panties and one of my nightshirts. I want you to wear my panties so that you will always remember who is in charge. "

"Yes mistress."

"Good. Now, are your ready for your strapping?

"Yes mistress."


"Please administer the strapping to me mistress."

"I will gladly strap you. Raise your butt up as much as you can."

All was silent for a moment. She then came down with the strap. The loud crack startled me as much as the sharp sting on my butt.

"How was that? Are you ready for the others?"

"Yes mistress."

She then proceeded to administer 15 more firm lashes with the strap. When she was finished she announced that my session for the evening was over."

"Thank you for punishing me mistress."

She unlocked the restraints on my ankles and wrists. When I got up and turned around she noticed that I had a large erection."I see you enjoy being punished. Good. You will have plenty of opportunities."

She then told me to take off the black bikinis and gave me a pair of white nylon panties and a white nylon nightshirt. "Up to bed with you. I will be right along with something special."

The "something special" was another pair of ankle restraints joined by a two-foot chain.

"You'll have to be put in restraints at night for the time being so get on the bed while I secure these."She then took off her fishnets and thong and her bra which excited me very much. "Do not touch yourself or you'll be put in full restraints. I will tell you when you can masturbate."

She then put on a pair of white nylon bikinis somewhat like mine but of a more sheer material. Before she got into the bed she went into her closet and came out with a medium length whip. She put it on her nightstand without saying anything.

That was the first of many, many spankings. My "training" went on and included a number of other aspects of submission. It also included participation by my step sister and some of my mistress' friends.

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