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My First Spanking cont.


She then took out other types of rattan cane and started thrashing my buttocks again. I am crying out with pain but it does’t affect her. She only tells me repeatedly, I am inviting extra stokes for moving out my position. My face was streaked with tears and I am not thinking about how much it hurt not the consequences of moving out. At last, she told me that I have invited 4 more strokes for moving out my position repeatedly. She asked me put my legs together as she is going to give extra strokes on my thigh. Till then, cane spanking is over. Now, the turn of most dangerous spanking come, “The Whipping”.

She caressed my bottom for a minute. She asked me to lay naked to the middle of the bed, with two pillows under my hips, pushing my bottom up. She took the whip in her hand and moved to the left side of the bed. She was looking more beautiful. My cock again sprung out and become hardened. I heard the whip slice the air and a line of pain burned across my buttocks. The pain seemed to spread after a few seconds. As the pain started to fade I felt the second stroke, lower down my buttocks this time. I cried out. She whipped me slowly, one stroke every ten seconds or so, my buttocks clenching slightly and then relaxing as the whip fell across them. When she had given me twenty strokes she stopped to let me catch my breath. She caressed my bottom, feeling the heat and the raised lines of the welts left by the whip. After the pain of the whipping, her hand felt very good. After a couple of minutes, she moved to the right side of the bed and started whipping me again. After she gave me a stroke across the crease where buttocks and thighs met, I squirmed, pushing my hips into the bed, clenching my buttocks in pain, turning on her side. She again ordered me to lie still, otherwise I will get extra for moving out my position. I told her, I am trying to lie still but it hurts so much and she too giving it very hardly. She said, she knew it hurts but spanking are supposed to hurt and she is doing this to make me a good disciplined boy.

By the time, she administered me all the 40 strokes, 20 on each, she asked me to lie in same as I have 8 extra strokes for moving out my position. She gave me the extra strokes across my thigh and the part where hips and thigh met. The whipping across my thighs hurt more than it had across my bottom and I sobbed as she gave him me final four strokes. She asked me to get up now and I thought my spanking punishment was over. I cradled my face against her breast. She kissed on my head and asked me to bring the paddle. I got the paddle from the closet. It was about the size of a ping-pong paddle, with an oval head, made out of half inch thick dark hard wood. I handed the paddle and she took me over her knee again. My bottom was crimson and lined with welts. As she caressed me, she could feel the hot skin under her hand. She could see four red welts across the tops of my thighs.

She told me she is going to give me 40 strokes on each cheek and then my punishment will be over. She started spanking me with the paddle on alternating buttocks. She spanked me in sets giving me 10 strokes on each cheek and stopped for couple of minutes for letting to catch my breaths. She again continued until it will be over. As she punished me, she held me firmly and I feel that I am a little boy on her lap taking spanking punishment. The paddling, over my sore, freshly whipped buttocks, was very painful and by the time it was half over I was sobbing. My buttock is burning with pain. When she finished spanking, she held me for a few minutes and tells me I have taken my first spanking punishment like a good boy. She stood up and tells me she likes to see the spanked hip and she then kissed on my hip. I again cradled my face against her breast and this time I can feel her nipples too. I touched her nipples with my hand and pinched it. This time she does’t react but she only tells that I am a naughty boy. She asked me to tell her thanks for the spanking and offer her that she can spank me when I was naughty. I replied the same and she said OK that she will give me a hard whipping whenever I will be naughty or disobey her. She left the room and ordered me to came down after bathing and changing clothes.

I took bath. But when I am wearing pants and briefs, my sobbed hip hurts too much. So I went downstairs by wearing a loose pajamas without wearing brief. My cock can be felt inside the pajamas. She react to see me when I am not wearing the briefs but she does’t do anything as she knows that it hurts.

At night, we took dinner together and it is impossible for me to sit on a wooden chair. She asked me to take the dinner on the sofa. After the dinner, she again called me in her room. I become nervous. When I went to her room, I saw canes and whips lie on her bed and she was sitting on a spanking chair. A ruler was in her hand. I thought I was again going to be spanked again. She asked me to open my pajamas and lie on her lap. I do the same. I become sure I was again going to be spanked. She bring the ruler across my buttocks and then caressed it. She again bring the ruler on the other side of my hip. She was only seeing the pain which I had got from spanking. So, she bring the ruler on my alternating hips. She then put down the ruler and took the cream and rubbed it on my hips. Firstly, it was hurting, then I feel the sigh of relief when the cool effect of cream and her hand went for massaging my spanked bum. At that night, I slept with her naked.

After that, she usually spanked me naked, mostly whipped me for 1 or 2 times a month and I never protested for my spanking. I took it without any noise. I know she is spanked me only to make me a good boy.

Although my first spanking hurts me very much, I won’t be able to walk and sit easily for a week but I enjoyed my first spanking. For the first time, I had enjoyed the taste of pain of spanking.


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