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My Last Ever Stay with Auntie Beryl

I found I was looking forward to being spanked naked in front of Auntie and Kate
I was 19 and had just got home from uni for Easter. I’d assumed I’d never be going to stay with Auntie Beryl again, but then a friend of Mum’s had an emergency and had to stay at our house, and my room became hers. A few phone calls later and I was told to pack, because Auntie Beryl had kindly agreed to let me stay.

I have to admit to having very mixed feelings. On the one hand I was now definitely too old to be spanked by Beryl who wasn't even a relative, just someone the family had always called Auntie. But I also realised that I missed the excitement and thrill of being given the cane by an older woman in front of her sexy daughter Kate, not to mention the times I’d seen Kate being spanked naked in front of me.

I didn’t want it to be obvious to Mum & Dad that I no longer minded going to stay with Beryl. Even though I was nineteen I was convinced that they could read my thoughts, like they used to when I was a child. To cover my tracks I complained bitterly about having to go, and even on the trip there in Dad’s car, I didn’t let up. By the time we arrived he was sick of my whining.

Our initial greetings over he didn’t even wait for Beryl’s usual question about whether I was still given the cane for misbehaving.

“Before you ask,” he said, “yes, we do still cane Jim when he needs it and to be honest if we were going home now he’d be getting six of the best for his never ending whining all the way here.”

“I see,” she replied, “Do you want to punish him now?”

Dad looked at his watch, “Thank you, but I need to be on my way. I’m sure you’ll do what is necessary.”

I stood up to complain but got a slap on the backside from my Dad and a glare from Beryl. I felt certain I knew what was coming later.

Dad left and I went to my room with Auntie’s instruction ringing in my ears, “Be sure to leave your bedroom perfectly tidy, Jim. You don’t want to be giving me any more reasons to use the cane on your bottom.”

Kate was doing her A levels at 6th Form College and returned home just before dinner time. I couldn’t believe I had disliked her so much when we were kids, she looked stunning in a tight, low cut T shirt and leggings that left little to the imagination. Her bum was so tight and firm, my cock began swelling in response.

“Hi, Jim,” she smiled in greeting.

Auntie stepped in, “Before you get too chatty, you should know that Jim is going to get six strokes of the cane tonight after dinner, because of what he said to his Dad on the way here.” Then she returned to the kitchen leaving an awkward, embarrassed silence between us before I exited to my room.

Auntie called us to dinner and I saw that Kate had chosen the seat nearest to the punishment spot.

Already I was feeling that mixture of fear and excitement. Fear at the punishment itself but excitement at the knowledge I’d soon be naked in front of them both.

I knew from experience that punishments at Auntie Beryl’s always took place after dinner at 7.00pm, on the dot, so I was prepared when Auntie instructed me to get ready for my caning.

In my room I undressed completely and stood in front of the mirror to check out what they’d be seeing in a moment. I had to admit that my time in the gym, since I’d last been here, had toned up my body nicely. I slipped my pyjama jacket on, as instructed by Auntie and went back downstairs.

As I entered the room I could see Auntie flicking the cane and Kate sitting expectantly in the chair she’d now turned round to face the punishment stool. Auntie always insisted that the person to be punished should keep their hands by their side, so when they looked up as I came in, both Auntie’s and Kate’s eyes were drawn to my penis swinging between my legs as I walked. At this stage it had become thick but not erect, so I would be spared Auntie’s plastic ruler attention.

“Your father was very angry with your behaviour on the way here,” Auntie began, “and asked me to give you six strokes of the cane on your bottom. Take off your pyjama top and bend over the stool.”

Kate’s eyes never left my body as I lifted up the jacket over my head. Unfortunately I could not ignore this gorgeous eighteen year old examining my body and my cock began to respond, thickening more as it grew longer and harder.

Auntie also spotted the change in my previously well behaved penis and flicked the ruler hard across my shaft. “You know the rules. Keep your penis under control or I’ll be forced to punish that too.”

An admiring smile from Kate did nothing to help me get it under control. I took up my place over the stool, spreading my legs as directed by Auntie tapping the inside of my thighs with the cane.

My now rigid cock was pressed against the edge of the stool and forced down between my legs where it was directly in Kate’s line of sight from her chair, just a couple of feet away.

Auntie took up her position, slightly to one side, behind me and raised the cane. Swish, swish, “Shit,” I muttered as the first two strokes landed.

“I beg your pardon, Jim, we’ll have no swearing here. An extra stroke for that I think.” she concluded.

Swish, swish, swish, three more strokes criss crossed my taut bum before I felt Auntie’s fingers examining her handiwork and accidentally brushing along my cock.

She took up position again, swish, across both cheeks and swish, across the join between my bum and thighs.

“Stand up and face me.” she instructed.

Kate’s eyes locked on to my throbbing erection as I turned past her to face Auntie.

She flicked the ruler across the head of my cock. “This tells me that you have not learnt your lesson at all. I am going to spank your penis to make you realise that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable in front of Kate and me.”

“I’m old enough to do this part now.” said Kate, to her Mother’s surprise, “I’ve watched often enough so I know what to do.”

After a few moments, Auntie agreed and handed the ruler to her.

This was not helping. Knowing that Kate would wield the ruler made my cock throb.

“Face the table, Jim.” Auntie instructed. My erection pointed up and across the edge of the table as I stood between Auntie on my left and Kate on my right.

Kate put her hand under my cock and it straightened, rigidly. Then with two fingers of her other hand she slid back the foreskin, revealing the red glans now glistening with pre-cum.

She stepped back and picked up the ruler, then flexed the ruler and flicked it across the shaft, which took me by surprise.

“Shit,” I cried and grabbed hold of my cock.

Kate pushed back the foreskin fully, “That was very naughty, Jim, I’m afraid that’s another stroke for being so rude.”

Flick, flick, two strokes landed in quick succession along the length of my shaft. Flick, flick, two more followed on the underside of my cock and it swung wildly in response.

Kate took hold of the swinging cock, ostensibly to steady it, but she held on for a while longer than necessary, before again pushing the foreskin clear of the head.

“Four more strokes,” she smiled.

I was about to correct her but thought better of it.

Flick, flick, two hard strokes across the head and then flick, flick, two strokes, right on the tip of my now dripping cock.

Auntie stepped forward and stroked my throbbing erection, “This doesn’t seem to have helped you to behave properly, Jim. I’m going to give you another three strokes to teach you to control that thing.” and she slapped my cock on one side with her palm, again making it swing around.

She flexed the ruler, pulled back the foreskin on my rigid member and then flick, flick, flick, landed three stinging strokes across the head.

“Stand in the corner for a while and see if you can regain control please Jim,” and with that she left the room.

Kate stepped up behind me and slid her fingers around my shaft, rubbing in the pre-cum as she began to masterbate me. What could I do? If I let her continue I’d make a mess on Autie’s carpet but if ...

Her fingering was perfect, gripping me firmly around the thick shaft, then lightly stroking under my cock and around the head as she worked me. I began to groan, knowing there was nothing I could do to stop myself and sure enough I reached that no stop point and shot my load, across the carpet and even some on the wall.

Fortune was on my side; Auntie appeared in the doorway, just in time to see Kate move away. I had turned around so Auntie was faced with my throbbing pink erection, dripping cum on to her carpet.

“Right young lady,” she yelled, grabbing Kate by her arm, “Go upstairs immediately and get undressed, I think it’s time your bottom received a little attention.”

I sniggered at my idea of Kate’s bottom needing some attention and Auntie glared at me. “Go back into the corner and don’t move until I tell you.”

Kate appeared, looking a little scared, wearing a short nightie.

“Take off the nightie, Kate, then go and get a cloth from the kitchen.” Auntie instructed, “You will clear all this mess up.”

My erection had subsided while I stood waiting but began to thicken again as I watched Kate lift her nightie over her head, revealing gorgeous thighs, a well trimmed slit, a very flat stomach and wonderful, firm, erect breasts.

Kate strode out of the room, giving me a smile as she went. Watching her taut cheeks did nothing to help keep my cock under control. This was not missed by Auntie who flicked the ruler across the tip once more.

Kate returned with a cloth and bucket of warm water and began by wiping down the wall. I was back in the corner she was on her knees at my feet and she spread her legs apart as she reached forward to rub the carpet. Every so often she would look round at my cock, which didn’t disappoint her, growing again to it’s thick, 8 inch, throbbing size.

She then turned towards me to work on the carpet near my feet and accidentally brushed her cheek on my cock as she kneeled upright to wipe the wall. Her breasts swung as she worked and my cock hurt as it got harder and harder. Eventually she finished and stood provocatively in front of me.

“Right now Kate, I am going to give you nine strokes of the cane for what you did.”

“Please may I get dressed before you spank Kate.” I asked

“No, you may not. I am sure this is partly your fault, so you will watch as you are.” With that Auntie flicked the ruler across my shaft once more.

Kate bent over the stool and those gorgeous breasts pointed down firmly, until they pressed against the stool legs. Unnoticed I moved to stand behind her as she was directed to spread her legs for the caning. Her slit was not just moist, but almost dripping with excitement, and she knew I was looking.

Auntie was clearly furious with Kate and was going to make her pay. Swish, swish, swish, the strokes came thick and fast, red lines appearing on that beautiful bottom.

Kate’s face was taut but she stayed in place as Auntie brought her arm back again. Swish, swish, swish, swish the strokes continued and Kate’s bottom was now criss crossed with red marks and Kate was now crying quietly but despite that her juices trickled down the inside of her beautiful thighs from her glistening slit.

“Be quiet girl,” Auntie snarled, “You deserve this.”

Swish, swish, the last two strokes hit home.

I decided to be brazen, despite being in a very vulnerable position with my rigid member only inches from Auntie’s hand. “Why do I get spanked on my cock, sorry, I mean penis, because I’m aroused, but you don’t spank Kate’s slit when she is?”

Flick, flick, Auntie landed two more on my cock, “How dare you, flaunting that thing around.”

But undaunted I went on, “But it’s not fair, look at Kate, she’s er... obviously excited.”

I was waiting for the next stroke to hit my throbbing hard-on but instead Auntie bent Kate back over the stool and made her spread her legs. I nearly came again, wishing it was me examining that beautiful part of her body.

“You naughty girl, Jim is right. Lie down on the sofa, knees apart.”

Kate looked daggers at me but did as she was told. Now I could see how aroused her slit was and it did nothing to calm my erection.

Auntie pushed her knees apart and thwack, thwack, thwack landed three flicks of the ruler across her glistening slit.

“Auntie, you let Kate spank my penis, it’s only fair for you to let me hit her bits?” I said timidly.

Auntie turned and flicked the ruler across my cock once more before thinking about my request.

Kate helped my case by shouting “No, you will not spank my privates, knob head.”

At that Auntie handed me the ruler, “Very well Jim, it’s only fair. Six strokes with the ruler but you are not to hit hard. Do you understand?”

“Of course Auntie.” I said taking the ruler.

In order to land a few strokes on her slit I had to stand by Kate’s shoulder and then to get the angle right I put my right knee on the sofa, just behind her head and then I reached over with the ruler. In this position I realised that my cock, now as hard and swollen as it had been all day, stood out, throbbing, just above Kate's face. Thwack, thwack, I could hardly believe I was doing this. Thwack, thwack and Kate yelled but Auntie told me to continue and give her the last two as I had not been hitting her too hard.

I was surprised to see that Kate must be enjoying the slit spanking as she thrust herself upwards, opening up the target for me. Thwack, thwack, I aimed for the glistening clit visible between her swollen lips and was rewarded by another yell.

“Right,” Auntie said, “both of you stand in the corner. I will tell you when you can get dressed.”

Kate’s eyes were fixed on my cock, which bounced around as I walked over to the corner. The second that Auntie left the room her fingers closed on my rigid member and began to slide the foreskin back and forth. Here we go again, I thought.

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