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My mother in law teaches me a lesson

Humiliated by my mother in law
I have been married for a while now and unfortunately my in laws still don't think I'm good enough for their daughter, especially as I'm nearly 20 years older than her at 52. In fact since what happened last week I don't think they'll ever like me!

I am a plumber and, even though I may not be liked, I'm still used when it's cheaper than going somewhere else for work to be done! Last week I was left at my in laws to fix their plumbing and while I was there I decided to have a nose around. Naturally I opened the underwear drawers and I was a little surprised to find a vibrator hid at the bottom, as well as some sexy silk pants and hold up stockings. My in laws are in their late sixties, but obviously at least one of them still gets a kick out of dressing up, as these were underneath my father in laws stuff!

Anyway, I still don't know why but I decided to see what the pants felt like and I stripped off and slipped the big silky pants on and then slid the shiny red stockings up my legs. I am not normally turned on by dressing up like this, but my cock was stirring and I started up the vibrator and rubbed it between my legs. I think it was more the thrill of doing something that I knew was totally wrong in a very taboo setting that got me going, but I was soon humping my in laws pillows and rubbing the vibrator all over my inner thighs.

Then, my worst nightmare, I heard the key in the door and voices. I didn't know what to do and anyway it was only seconds later when a face appeared at the bedroom door and found me trying to hide behind the bed dressed in panties and hold ups! It was my mother in law!

She just looked at me and then said, "You'd better come downstairs and don't even think about taking what you're wearing off." I sheepishly obeyed and followed her down the stairs.

I then got yet another shock. In the kitchen were my wife's auntie and another woman I hadn't met before. They both looked at me with their mouths wide open. "It looks as though we've got another man in the family that wants to be a woman," said my mother in law. I tried to say something, but she stopped me in my tracks.

"Right, you can take my pants off and put them straight in the wash, you pervert," she said. I pulled the pants down my legs and I could see they were all wanting to see my cock. But, I was so frightened by being caught that it had shrivelled up and was hardly visible. I went over to the washing machine and placed the pants in and then went to take off the stockings. "Oh no, you can leave them on for now," said the mother in law. So, I stood in the kitchen of my in laws in just a pair of red hold up stockings while three elderly ladies stood in front of me.

I was pushed through the hall and into the sitting room by Jessica, my mother in law. The others followed and all three sat down, Jessica on a wooden chair and the other two on the settee. Jessica beckoned me over and then gestured that I should lay across her knee. She was going to spank me for being a bad boy!

I knelt over her and my cock and balls pressed into her legs. I was so afraid but also so excited. I was being humiliated and it was probably the most exciting I'd felt. Jessica then lay her right hand on my butt and said, "I have never liked you and you've just proved why." She then slipped her hands between my thighs and pushed my legs apart, so that my toes were hardly touching the ground and I could feel that cheeks of my ass were apart and my balls must be on show. I tried desperately to stop it happening, but I could feel an erection growing and before long it was burrowing into Jessica's body where I knelt over her.

"You are disgusting!" she said as I felt the first thwack, as her hand landed firstly on and then between my legs. It hurt, but it also turned me on, which I know is wrong, but nevertheless it did. Soon my bottom was beginning to smart and my balls were tingling where the edge of her fingers had been catching them at the end of each stroke.

My cock was bursting and I was terrified that the pulsing within it would lead to me cumming in her lap! Fortunately, it was at that moment that she stopped, although I noticed that she left her hand between my legs and I believe her forefinger deliberately resting on the shaft of my cock, where she must have been able to feel it pulsing.

I then lifted myself off my mother in law and I could see that she was red faced and perspiration was visible on her upper lip. As soon as I stood up all three ladies seemed to be transfixed by the sight of my erect 8" penis pointing out into the room. The hold ups were half off and wrinkled and I slipped them down my legs and off. However, as I raised each leg this had the result of making my cock jiggle up and down and their eyes nearly popped out of their heads.

Once she had stared enough Jessica composed herself and shouted, "Go and get dressed and leave you pervert!"

I went towards the door, but Auntie Janet said, "No! Come here."

I wasn't sure what to do, but I obeyed and walked back over to the settee where the two ladies were sitting, again both red faced. When I stood in front of them my cock was virtually at face height and they both stared straight at it, not once bothering to look at my face.

Auntie Janet put her hand in her handbag and came out with a hankerchief that I remember was decorated with flowers around the edges. She leant forward and put the hanker chief around my swollen cock and then she started to pull me back and forth!

"Janet. What do you think you are doing!" shouted Jessica, but Janet didn't stop and I didn't want her to. I was close to cumming when I was across my mother in law a few seconds earlier and now I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was filling Auntie Janet's hankerchief with my juices.

I couldn't stop myself moaning out loud and I started to rock on my heels as she pulled faster and faster, my foreskin right back and the tip of my cock getting tighter and tighter. "This is disgusting Janet. That's my daughters man you are pleasuring. Stop it at once!" said the mother in law

The other lady, who I never did find out who she was, leant forward and cupped my balls in her warm hand. At that I couldn't stop my ejaculation. I shouted, "I'm sorry, I can't stop it!"

Janet said, "Don't worry about her, just let it go," and with that a stream of thick salty cum spurted from my penis and into Auntie Janet's hand and hankerchief. I shuddered and I was done.

Janet wiped my cock and looked up and smiled at me. The other lady also smiled and sat back in her place. I couldn't see Jessica from where I was standing, but I don't think that she was smiling

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