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My New Girlfriend Kay Part 3

Clyde's next date with Kay
Before I left Kay’s house, she told me to wear casual clothing and be sure to have the smaller bag with me. I was also supposed to get shoelaces for both the bag and downstairs. When I slept on Saturday, the new key that I was wearing was a constant reminder that I was now dating a very dominant woman. So far, it has been a little more than I bargained for but, I really do enjoy being with Kay.

I left my house in plenty of time so that I was able to stop at a low-cost shoe store and pick up the shoelaces. There was a young girl at the counter. She asked me how many eyelets the shoes had for the proper length, so I made up a number because I was to embarrassed to tell her how they were actually going to be used. I also surprised her when I bought three pairs of shoelaces.

I was proud of myself because I got to Kay’s house a few minutes early. Kay opened the door and said, “I am happy to see you are not late this time and you remembered to bring your bag. Ann is downstairs and is making a few more modifications, plus she wants to talk to you about your bill. So go downstairs and I will join you in a few minutes.”

When I got downstairs Ann said, “Clyde, it is good to see you again. To make the modifications Kay wants, I will need you to take off your pants, underwear shoes and socks. You can leave on your shirt for now. Then come over here so I can prepare you.”

“Is this really necessary? Can’t you just guess?”

“I see why Kay says you complain a lot. Hurry up and get undressed or I will spank you before I make the modifications.”

So I undressed and walked over to Ann. She reached into a drawer of a dresser and brought out the wrist and ankle cuffs. After she put all of the cuffs on me, she said, “Now give me the shoelaces you bought.”

I reached into my bag and gave her them. “Keep a set of shoelaces for your bag, I will put one set in the dresser, and I will put one on you now.”

I put one set back in the bag and said, “Is this really necessary?”

“Kay liked the way you reacted with them on you. In fact, turn around so I can first secure your hands in back of you.”

Ann quickly secured my hands in back of me and said, “Now spread your legs so that I can put the shoelace on you.”

I couldn’t help it, but the shoelace made my already hard erection even harder. Plus it was embarrassing that Ann, who I had just met, was securing the shoelace around my penis and balls.

“I am glad you bought shoelaces that are made out of cloth and are flat. They work a lot better for this application. I feel Kay is lucky to have you as a boyfriend.” Then she escorted me to the newly modified spanking bench. “Kay wants to be able to spank you on this two ways, so I put a pillow on the last step. Please kneel on it with your knees apart.”

After I did so Ann continued, “I added some cables that stretch next to this last step. See if you can secure them to your ankle cuffs.”

Ann unfastened my wrist cuffs and I was easily able to fasten then stretch cables to my ankle cuffs. These cables made sure I kept my feet spread apart. “Now lean over the top step and let your arms dangle down, so I know where to put the hardware so you can secure your wrists.”

I did that and then Ann drilled a hole and put in a metal ring next to where my wrist cuffs would be. “Now try it and see if you can secure your wrists,” Ann said.

I was easily able to do so, and I found myself kneeling and secured to the spanking bench. “I also added some extra Velcro straps to the top step, so they can help hold you in place to. Let me make sure they work.” As Ann put them in place, she continued, “Of course, Kay also hopes that you will voluntarily assume the necessary positions for your spankings, without being secured. But this way, you can secure yourself or she can secure you in place.”

Then I felt her hands on my bare bottom. “I see Kay did a good job of spanking you last night. You are still a little red from the spanking. Can you still feel it?”

“Yes I can. I actually like it when I can feel a spanking for a few days. Your paddles make me feel very warm very quickly. Also, the wider one, with the holes in it, really stings when I am spanked.”

“Clyde, I know you are spending a lot of money on Kay and I think I know of a way that could help all three of us.”

“Yes, my relationship with Kay is costing me a lot of money. Tell me your idea.”

Just then, I heard Kay coming down the stairs. “I modified the spanking bench so now you can spank Clyde kneeling on the step and bent over or standing with his legs apart. Clyde was able to easily secure himself, kneeling on it. You also did a good job of spanking him last night because he is still a little red,” Ann said to Kay.

Kay examined how I was secured to the bench. “Yes, you did a good job in modifying the bench.” Then I felt Kay handle my erect penis and balls, which were dangling down in the open, since my knees were spread apart. “I also see you put the shoelace on Clyde. I like the results and I guess I should start putting a shoelace on him, when he comes over. Did you tell Clyde your idea yet?”

“I just started to when you came downstairs,” Ann replied.

“Well, we know your modifications work. So why don’t we release Clyde and talk about it upstairs, in a more relaxed atmosphere,” Kay said.

I felt myself being released from the bench and Kay continued, “Clyde, don’t get dressed and leave your clothes down here. Ann, grab one of the spreader bars and we will discuss the idea upstairs.”

When I got upstairs, Kay was seated in the middle of the couch and Ann was seated to the left of her. Kay had taken off her skirt and I could see her pink panties. Ann had also lifted her dress, so her bare upper thighs were showing.

Kay patted her lap and said; “Lay over our laps so we can give you a light hand spanking while we talk.” So soon I was over their laps, with my penis and balls hanging down between Kay’s powerful thighs. It felt different than just being over Kay’s lap for a spanking, because I could feel the body heat from both women and smell their unique scent. I felt a tapping on my inner upper thighs. “Remember, keep your legs parted,” Kay said. “Also, bring your hands behind your back.”

I did so, and since I still had the wrist cuffs on, Kay connected them together. Then Ann slid down the couch, more to the left, and now my head was between her legs on her lap.

“Our idea, which should work for all three of us, is for you to help me demonstrate how well my paddles work as well as other spanking implements I make,” Ann said. “This way Kay would get a lot of spanking stuff she could use on you, I would be able to sell more stuff, and you wouldn’t have to pay me anything.”

Kay started hand spanking me and asked, “So what do you think? It sounds good for all of us.”

“So I would be spanked in front of women I don’t know?” I asked. “Would I be spanked here or at your shop? Who would spank me?”

Kay kept spanking me lightly as Ann said, “Yes, you would be spanked in front of women you will have just met but, I will screen them first. As far as where you would be spanked, it would be both here at Kay’s house or at my shop. Kay would be doing most of your spanking, but sometimes the women may try out the paddles and spank you. Also, when Kay is not available, I would spank you.”

“But then I would not pay for the paddles that you have already made for Kay, any new paddles, or the modifications to the room and the extra hardware items, correct?” I asked.

“Yes, you are correct. You won’t owe me for the ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, hardware, spreader bars, that I have made already and anything Kay would want in the future. So this would save you hundreds of dollars,” Ann replied.

I was having a lot of mixed emotions while being spanked in this position and at the same time, needing to make a decision. With my head between Ann’s bare upper thighs, I was really able to smell her unique female scent while she talked to me. Also, with my penis and balls dangling between Kay’s bare thighs, I couldn’t help but have a full erection while being spanked.

Since I knew if I kept dating Kay I would be spanked, I did feel that this way Kay would get all of this stuff from Ann without either of us paying for it. I didn’t necessarily like the fact that other women that would be spanking me, some who I would have just met, but it seemed like a good proposal.

“I guess I would agree to it,” I said. “It would save me a lot of money and Kay would get all of the spanking paddles and stuff she wanted.”

“I was hoping you would agree to this,” Ann said. “There are two women who are interested in my paddles who are coming over to my shop at two o’clock this afternoon. I will expect you and Kay there at two o’clock.”

“Before you leave Ann, do you want to milk Clyde?” Kay asked Ann. “Most deals conclude with a handshake, and this way you can seal the deal with Clyde.”

Since my hands were still secured behind my back, the two women helped me up into a standing position. Then Ann took a spreader bar and secured my ankles so they were far apart. Kay went to the bathroom and came out with a warm wet washcloth.

I already had a hard erection from being spanked while my head was between Ann’s bare thighs, so it didn’t take much stroking of my penis for me to explode with my cum. I felt completely drained as she finally took off the shoelace. As Ann cleaned me up she said, “Well Clyde, you really know how to seal the deal. Kay and I thought you would agree to it.”

I remembered how Kay wanted me to address Ann and her, so I replied with, “Yes, Mistress.”

Then I was released from the spreader bar and cuffs and Kay handed me a pair of lounge pants to put on. “Put these on so we can have lunch. Clyde, I feel very lucky that you have become my new boyfriend. And Ann, we will see you in a couple of hours.”

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