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My New Girlfriend Kay

Tags: f/m, spanking
Clyde finds a new girlfriend and she gives him a birthday dinner.
My New Girlfriend Kay

I am single and I met this woman over an Internet dating service. I like a woman who is in command and knows what she wants, plus, according to her bio, we enjoyed the same activities, movies, books, etc.

After a few phone calls, we finally decided to meet at a restaurant on a Tuesday night. I really liked the way she looked. Kay is a blond, with a nice build, and is as tall as I am. Two things I really liked about her were her great smile and her perfume.

We saw each other, and soon we were seated at a booth. Next I found out she had this sexy voice and she really seemed like she liked me too. After the server took our order, we began to talk about many different things. She seemed very interested in what it was like for me as a kid growing up. I told her about my younger brother and my younger and older sister.

Then she told me that she grew up in a household with three younger brothers. Since her parents both worked long hard jobs, she helped cook and took care of her brothers. So I could see why she felt in command of all situations and was very self-reliant. Kay also was a manager of an office, and she wasn’t afraid to fire and hire people.

After we ate, we made plans again to meet at another restaurant on Friday night and also go to a movie. Now I really knew I liked Kay and I wanted to keep dating her. So when Friday came about for our date, we entered into a more in-depth conversation. This time she wanted to know more about what it was like growing up for me. I told her that both of my parents worked a lot too, and my older sister was in charge when my parents were away. Then she asked about what my early school years were like.

For Kay, she told me she had an opposite experience. In college, she was apart of a sorority house where spanking was involved. She was in charge of keeping the girls in line, so she spanked many of her sorority sisters.

We also talked about many other things, including when and where we were born. Since Saturday is my birthday and I had nothing planned for it, she gave me her address. Kay said she would have a special birthday dinner for me and even some birthday presents. This way, I would be able to see where she lived and I could meet her at her house for further dates.

Then we continued the date by going to a movie. Kay insisted that she would drive her car to the movie theatre and I could ride with her. I was surprised to see that Kay drove a full size newer car. It was nice that I rode with her because we were able to continue our conversation. During the movie, we held hands and I felt very close to Kay. When she dropped me off at my car, she said, “Don’t be late to your special birthday dinner. Also, let’s dress casual, since we will be staying at my house. Besides, I know what you look like dressed up so it will be nice to see you in casual clothes. So see you Saturday.”

I was so happy to hear that Kay was willing to cook for me a birthday dinner, and even get me some birthday presents. So late Saturday afternoon, I showered and made she I was all clean and nice. Since it was the middle of summer and it was very warm outside, I decided to wear something really casual; a t-shirt, lounge pants with undershorts, and sandals.

I was supposed to be at Kay’s house at 5 PM, and I thought I left my house in plenty of time. I even printed out a map from the Internet to make sure I found her house. Anyway, there was an accident on the freeway, and I finally got to her house about fifteen minutes late. I was also so flustered about being tied up in traffic that I didn’t call Kay on my cell phone.

I rang her doorbell and when she opened the door, Kay was wearing a tube top, small white shorts, and high heels. The high heels made it so I had to look up at her and also made me even more aware of her nice full round breasts. “Clyde, you are fifteen minutes late. I am surprised you are late to your own special birthday dinner. I almost was going to give up on you. So get in here so we can eat before the nice dinner I had planned for you gets all burnt.”

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to be late,” I replied.

Kay led me to the kitchen and had me sit down. The table was set with nice plates and silverware. Kay must of paid attention to what I ordered at the restaurants because she had cooked everything I liked.

“I really do appreciate you making this birthday dinner for me,” I said. “I do hope we can keep dating, I truly do like you, and you are a great cook.”

“I also like you a lot too, and I hope we do keep dating, but that will be up to you. I hope to make this a very memorable evening for the both of us.”

After we ate, Kay brought out a large birthday cake with white icing. It said, “Happy Birthday, Clyde” in big red letters. Kay also brought out a package of candles, and she asked, “How old are you today?”

“I am 25 years old today.”

“Good. I will put 25 candles on the cake, and then you can blow them out and make a wish.”

So after the candles were lit, I made the wish that Kay and I would keep dating, and I blew out all of the 25 candles. Then we ate the chocolate marble cake. Now I knew that Kay was also a great cook.

“Let’s go out to my living room so you can open up your presents.” Kay sat next to me on this long white couch, and she handed me the first box. I unwrapped it and was surprised to find some white undershorts that had red lettering that had Happy Birthday on them. I was surprised that she gave me such an intimate gift. “Go try them on for me. I want to see how well they fit you.”

Then she led me to her bedroom where I took off my lounge pants and undershorts. Now I noticed on the seat of these undershorts were big red letters that said ‘SPANK ME HERE’. I was little surprised at this, but put them on anyways. Also, being alone in Kay’s bedroom and putting on these undershorts gave me a big erection. I knew I couldn’t hide it and I walked out into the living room.

“Clyde, you look good in them. Stand by me so I can see and feel how well they fit me.” When I did that, I felt her hands both in front and on my bottom. I thought to myself, “Wow! This will be a date to remember!”

“Now sit by me and open your next gift.” Kay handed me another large box, and when I opened it, there was a large round leather paddle. I was about to say something when Kay handed me a card and said, “Don’t say anything until you open the card.”

It was a nice commercially made card that said ‘Happy Birthday’ on it inside of a big red heart. Inside, she had hand written, “It has always been a tradition in our family that the birthday person receives a birthday spanking on their BARE BOTTOM. If you want to continue dating me and possibly become part of my family, you will need to accept a BARE BOTTOM spanking from me. If we continue to date, you will also need to accept BARE BOTTOM spankings from me at any time, for example being late for a date, ignoring me, etc. If you accept a BARE BOTTOM spanking from me, stand up and put your hands on your head and ask me to spank you. Otherwise, gather your things and walk out the door and we will not see each other again.”

Now I needed time to think about what Kay had written. “Give me a few minutes to think about this,” I told her.

Kay picked up the paddle and said, “Sure, I will give you a few minutes. I really do like you and I hope we can continue dating.”

I had dated many women, and Kay and I got along very well both on the phone and in person. It was easy to talk to her, and it seemed like we enjoyed the same activities, and I liked the way her mind worked.

“If you accept the birthday spanking, you will also be spanked for showing up late today,” Kay said. “I will give you two more minutes.”

I didn’t want to be spanked, but I did think it would be worth it to keep dating Kay. So I stood up, put my hands on my head and said, “Kay, will you please give me a birthday spanking.”

“What type of birthday spanking?” Kay questioned me very fast.

I hesitated and said, “A Bare Bottom birthday spanking.”

“Good. Now stay still and keep your hands on your head while I bare your bottom.” Then to my surprise, she slid my new birthday undershorts down to my ankles. My erection sprang out at her. “ I like the way you react to me. I will deal with that later. Now step out of the under shorts and then lay over my lap.”

Kay positioned me so that my penis and balls dangled down between her legs. I felt her use the paddle and tap me on my upper thighs. “Clyde, when ever I spank you, I want you to keep your legs spread. So spread your legs and while you are being spanked, and always refer to me as ‘Mistress’. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly replied. I could tell that this would be a more severe spanking than what I ever received from my sister.

“And count out loud each spank I give you. If you forget, it will be given to you again.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I obediently replied. It actually felt nice to be under Kay’s full control, to smell her perfume, and to feel her body heat. I thought Kay was a strong and dominant woman, but I didn’t expect her to be so dominating on our third date.

“I will give you one last time to stop your spanking and never see me again. So do you want me to continue? And remember, you will also receive another spanking for arriving late.”

“This is not what I expected when I came over for my birthday dinner, but please continue to spank me. This is a date I will remember for a long time.”

I felt her hands on my bare, upturned bottom. “You have a nice spankable bottom. I will enjoy spanking it.” Then SPANK!

“One, Mistress.” I quickly said.

“Very good! Lets continue.” SPANK!

“Two, Mistress.”

“Has a date ever spank you like this?”

“No. But I have been hoping to find a dominant woman who would.”


“Three, Mistress.”

“Then remember to keep your legs parted?”


“Four, Mistress.”

“This way I can see and feel how you are reacting to your spanking.” Then I felt her hand cup my balls and erect penis.


“Five, Mistress.”

“I do like the way you react to me and react to being spanked.”


“Six, Mistress.” Now my whole lower region was beginning to warm up and feel good. “I do feel we are getting to know each other in a more intimate way.”


“Seven, Mistress.”

“Yes, I am finding out a lot of good things about you,” Kay said.


“Eight, Mistress.”

“I am so happy you accepted being spanked by me. During our second date, by what you told me, I thought you would be willing to be spanked by me,” Kay said.


“Nine, Mistress. So far, I like everything about you. I didn’t think you would spank me so soon.”


“Ten, Mistress.”

“When you told me that today was your birthday, it gave me a great opportunity.”


“Eleven, Mistress.”

“You have shown me that you are willing to obey me, so you don’t have to count out the rest of your spanks.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Then my spanking continued. As my bare bottom warmed up even more and began to tingle, I began to squirm a little.

Kay brought her powerful thighs together and just said, “Hold still.” Now I was really held in place.

After I received 25 spanks from the paddle, plus one to grow on, Kay allowed me to stand up. “Now I want you to go into my bedroom again. Please take off your t-shirt and sandals in my bedroom, and then to want you to bring me the large wooden paddle from the bottom of my dresser drawer. You will next be spanked for being late.”

After I took off my sandals and t-shirt I was totally naked, standing in her bedroom. And then, when I opened the bottom drawer of her dresser, and I was surprised. There were many paddles and spanking implements. Then I saw a large wooden paddle with many holes in it, so I picked it up and brought it to her.

“I hope this is the paddle you wanted,” I said. “I also saw the other spanking stuff you have.”

“Yes, if we keep dating, I have many things to spank you with. But for now, I want you to kneel on the couch with your knees apart, and bend over the back of it.”

Now I knew I was totally exposed to her with my penis and balls dangling between my legs and my bare bottom way up in the air. “For every minute you were late, you will get two spanks, so you will be spanked thirty times.” So my spanking started again.

With me being bent over the couch like this, I totally felt under her control. She would spank me a few times and then feel my erection between my legs. I actually lost track of how many times she had spanked me, because I felt like I was going to explode.

“Now I want you to stand up and get the baby lotion from the bathroom sink. Also bring in one of the hand towels.”

I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I brought it to her anyway. “Now stand still with your legs apart and your hands behind your back.” I did so but I started to move about when Kay put some of the baby lotion on my erection and she began to stroke me.

“I guess I need to spank you a few more times so you learn how to hold still. So bend over the edge of the couch.” So I bent over the end of one of the sides of the couch. Next, I saw her pick up the large wooden paddle with holes in it.

“Stay still!”


This time the spanks really did hurt and my bottom felt on fire. “Will you now stand still?”

“Yes, Mistress.”


“Now stand up again for me.” This time I stood still as she put more baby oil on me and stroked my erect penis. Soon, I exploded my cum into the hand towel.

“You have taken your spankings very well tonight. I am going to sit on the couch, and you lay on my lap so that I can rub some baby oil into your spanked bottom.”

It actually felt good again to be over her lap. The cool oil felt good on my sensitive bottom. Then she had me stand up, and she got a full-length bath towel from the bathroom. The towel was laid on the couch, and then we sat by each other, kissed, and held each other.

“Clyde, I am so happy we met each other. I think you will make a great boyfriend for me.”

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