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My Wife Is Spanked By A Young Mentor

A much younger disciplinarian spanks and disciplines My Wife
We're an older couple. We were having issues and rather than letting them fester and arguing all the time, we decided to get counseling  from a colleague who knew both of us. The result was that she suggested that we both needed to give some and that we should decide how we wanted to settle disagreements. My last remark was:" my wife needs a spanking, in fact lots of them to make up for lost time." I never thought anything about it till we both got home.  That evening a young man's voice on the phone told us he had been contacted by our therapist friend and needed to talk to us. He arrived shortly thereafter  and said that his "job was  to counsel, help, and administer discipline to stubborn and bratty ladies." He did relate that our friend believed that some punishment for my pretty, 65 year old  professional wife would be "appropriate and very helpful." but that it was our decision.
We had an idea that this might occur and so we were not surprised by his arriving and declaring that it would be helpful and very necessary to physically discipline my wife. We talked for about 30 minutes on what he recommended and we all finally agreed to a session with him spanking her to help our marriage and to get my wife to stop dominating and to better her behavior and attitude.
This was no rash decision; she had not been spanked since childhood and now to be handled by a much younger, good-looking twenties graduate student was going to be both very humiliating and embarrassing  for her. BUT she agreed to his proposals and when the three of us decided to proceed he stood, took my wife's hand and began leading her to the bedroom. What a rapid change in our lifestyle was occurring!  He asked me to wait a few minutes before checking on her  and then closed the door. I strained to hear what was happening behind the closed door when he suddenly and forcefully told my wife to "drop your pants and panties now!" Evidently she did not act quickly enough because in the next instant he yelled for her to "get them down NOW!" (My wife said she was so scared at this stage that she almost called off the proceedings. But she had agreed to her punishment and so did follow his orders and slipped her pants and panties down to her ankles). She also said he shuffled her over to the bed where he sat and draped her across his lap, with her upper body resting on the bed. And then, Whap, and I heard her say, "Oh, Oh." Then another whap and a louder "Oh, Oh." And so it began--her first adult  spanking in her life.
Her young mentor knew her limitations and had agreed not to use any instruments on her, just his hand. As I listened to the sounds of his hand smacking her bottom and her cries and exclamations I was suddenly empowered and glad to hear her comeuppance. Finally, after all these years she is getting what she deserves, even if it is not me delivering a much needed and overdue spanking.
One minutes, then another, and another flew by. When I opened the door and peeked in there was my beautiful woman lying across his lap and I was watching his hand rise and fall, smacking her now reddened  behind which was facing me. Again and again his punishing hand was landing on her bottom, about a moderate smack each couple of seconds. After another couple of minutes he stopped and took a very contrite and crying women into his arms and comforting her, saying,"Sh, it's over now; you did well for your first session."
Was he planning on more sessions?

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