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My wife's fantasy comes true

A beautiful and very good sub wife gets the thing that she has been fantasizing about for years
My wife and I have been married for 12 years. In that time we have had so much fun with her being my submissive and I can say that sometimes it is hard to constantly come up with new and inventive way to surprise my beautiful little pet. She is 5ft 2in of dynamite with big beautiful breasts and a tight perfect bubble butt that can take amazing amounts of punishment. She has a perfect shaved pussy that tops off a set of killer legs. After we were married for about four years and after a seriously deep red ass and even more serious sex, we were laying in each other's arms. While playing with each other, we were talking, and she admitted to me that she had always had a real fantasy of being dominated by a woman. It was so hot that we ended up having sex again as soon as she finished telling me about it and then like a lot of things it was put on the back burner.

Well about six months ago, I was online and a woman started talking to me. She had been dominating men for several years. She had read my online profile and seen that I had been dominating women for a long time. She wanted to ask my a few questions about that because she had recently started dominating women. Well we hit it off and started talking on a regular basis and I finally asked her if she would be interested in making my wife's fantasy come true. She said yes before I even showed her a picture of Sonja and after she saw some of her pics she said, "Oh yes, I have to have her." So we started talking about how we could go about this and I came up with the idea of telling Sonja that Stormy was an old coworker and friend of mine. I worked as a hairstylist for 17 years before I started doing tattoos full time. When I told my wife that, she suggested that we meet Stormy and have dinner and drinks. So we made plans for a couple of days later and when the time came we met her at a local restaurant.

Sonja and Stormy hit it off better than I could have even hoped for and Sonja asked me if it was alright if we asked her back to our home for drinks and of course I said yes. So we went back to our house and I made a round of drinks so that I could let the women talk. After a couple drinks, Sonja made the mistake making a smart ass comment and Stormy ran with it and told her that if she spoke to her again that way that she might just find herself over her knee getting her smart little ass spanked. Sonja looked at me first and when I smiled and nodded she surprised me by saying,"Do you think that scares me?"

My beautiful little pet had just knocked the ball out of the park. Stormy leaned forward and took Sonja's face into her hands and said, "when I am finished speaking to you, you will stand up and strip. Then you will get on your hands and knees and listen to the rest of what I am about to tell you. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes ma'am."

Stormy let go of her face and Sonja stood right up and stripped and then went down to her hands and knees and looked at the floor. Stormy then instructed her to put her head on the floor ass up, knees wide hands out to her sides. She then told Sonja that from that moment on she would refer to her as "Mistress Stormy" and she would not speak, just listen. She then informed her that she was about to be sent to the bedroom where she was going to receive a very long and very hard spanking. Then when she was instructed, she would get up and go straight into the bedroom, shut the door and put herself tight into the corner and she would wait for us. If for any reason she was not in that corner, she would also receive a bare ass blistering with a paddle for disobeying. After asking her if she understood she was told get to the bedroom.

After she shut the door, Stormy told me that she wanted to leave her in there for awhile and asked me for another drink. After we talked and took our time finishing our drinks, then Stormy stood up and started taking off her clothes. When she was finished she was wearing a black lace half bra that showed her nipples that each had a silver ring in them, black thigh high stockings and black patent six inch heels. No panties and she was completely shaved just like my wife. Stormy went thru the door first and I could see that she was pleased that my wife was sitting on the bed and not in the corner. Stormy snapped her fingers and told her to hit the floor and my wife got back into the same position that she was in the living room, about three feet in front of the chair that was sitting in the middle of the room. When Stormy sat down in the chair, she made sure that she sat on the edge so that when her new slave looked up, she was looking at her now slick pussy.

She than began to read her the riot act, telling her that she was going to get an bare ass blistering paddling. Then after she was spanked and that in between, she would stand in the corner and think about the paddling that she had so loudly asked to receive. Stormy then asked her if she understood everything that she had just explained to her and she said, "Yes Mistress Stormy." Then standing up and taking her hand, she led her willing slave around to one side and over one knee, placing the other leg over her legs trapping them above the knees. Mistress Stormy told Sonja that no matter what she would keep her hands flat on the floor.Then taking a handful of her hair she brought her hand down hard on her right cheek and waited long enough for a nice red hand print to show it self and then again hard on her left cheek.

With two nice red handprints showing, she started to spank her slowly at first, building until she was spanking harder and faster. Then after a couple minutes, Mistress Stormy was spanking her hard and fast and kept that up until Sonja's bare ass was nice and red. She then let her up and Sonja went straight to the corner. Mistress Stormy then walked up to me and kissed me deep and hard while placing my hand on her pussy to show me how wet that she was. She then led me it of the bedroom, shutting the door but not before telling her slave that she did not want to test her a second time and she had better be tight in that corner when we got back. She led me by the hand back to the living room and told me that she could really use another drink.

While we were drinking our drinks, she told me how hot Sonja was and how hot it had made her to spank her.And she told me that she would be dripping by the time that she had finished her paddling. We finished our drinks and on the way to the bedroom. Stormy told me that she wanted me to strip and masturbate because they were both going to need me after her paddling and if I was half as turned on as she was I wouldn't last for 30 seconds. While Stormy was sitting down, I was taking off my clothes and she was right because I was really turned on and the inside of my pants had a big wet spot on them. I do not know if Sonja was surprised when she saw me naked but she did not show it.

I had already told Stormy where we kept our implements and our toys, so she instructed Sonja to go to the closet and fetch her the paddle on the top left hook. I saw Sonja cringe when she said that because she hated that paddle.

It is an oak paddle that is similar to the type of paddle that teachers used to use on us when we were kids, but the handle is about 4 or 5 inches long and the striking surface is about 10 inches long and a half inch thick. Sonja took down the paddle and took it to her new mistress. She took it and slid it under her leg and then led her back across one knee and put the other leg across her legs so that she could only move her legs from the knee down and her already red ass was in the perfect position. Then she placed her left hand on her back and pushed down so that her bare red ass was the highest point and everything else was down. Then Mistress Stormy told Sonja that was not to take her palms from off of the floor no matter what.

"Do you understand slave".

"Yes Mistress Stormy."

She then asked her if she deserved the bare ass blistering that she was about to get with this paddle and Sonja said, "Yes Mistress Stormy I do deserve to have my bare ass blistered with that paddle for disobeying you".

And with that she brought that paddle down across her bare ass hard saying,

"The spanking was fun but your paddling is for punishment and punishment is always hard."

She then brought the paddle down hard again ripping a cry from Sonja.

And again,WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.Sonja is crying now.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, Sonja is crying harder and her feet are drumming against the floor but her palms and fingers are flat on the floor.

My naughty little wife is crying out with every blistering whack now.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Sonja is crying freely now and telling Mistress Stormy how sorry she is for testing her.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.Now Sonja is crying freely but she has stopped fighting and she is limp across her Mistress's knee.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, Mistress Stormy is finished with her paddling now but Sonja's legs are too week for her to stand up yet so she lays across her knee crying until she is ready to get to her knees.

And I have been masturbating during the whole paddling and now my cum arcs out across the towel that I have placed on the floor.

Mistress Stormy tells her slave that she can stay on her knees because she has something else for her slave to do.

She slides her shapely ass to the front of the of the chair. Her shaved pussy is just dripping and she tells my wife to eat her to orgasm to show her just how good that she can be now. Sonja gladly eats her to a screaming orgasm in about two minutes, but I already know how talented my wife's tongue is.

Mistress Stormy then brings my wife over to the bed and lays her down on her flaming red ass and solicits a groan from her in the process and immediately starts licking her soaking wet pussy and tells Sonja to suck my cock. I slid up and she goes after my cock like she is starving and it is food.

Sonja takes about four minutes to cum and by that time I am hard as a rock. How could I not be? I was getting my cock expertly sucked while watching Stormy eat my wife.

Stormy tells my wife to move over and slide down then she slides up next to me and kiss betrays her arousal. She lays on her side and grabs my hard cock and guides me into her, I slid right into her because she is soaking wet. Then grabs my ass and pulls me into her as far I can go,then she tells Sonja to lick her asshole while I am fucking her and she starts to moan.

Sonja is licking her tight ass while I am fucking her and she is already riding me, and after only about 10 minutes she is screaming herself into a major orgasm. After she has regained her composure, she trades places with Sonja and she licks Sonja's asshole while she is fucking me like crazy.After Sonja cums and I have not, both of these beautiful women suck my cock until finally I am going crazy. Sonja slides around to my asshole and Stormy sucks my cock and while Sonja moves around and licks my ass. With all of this going on, I shoot in Stormy's mouth. Both women slid up to lay with me and while I am laying there they are they are on each side of me, talking about the next time that we are all going to get together...

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