My Wife's Party

By Otkfme

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At about ten o'clock on a recent Saturday morning, my wife told me that she was going to have some of her girlfriends over at two o'clock, and that I should be sure to stay home. She also wanted me to help with serving coffee and munchies to her guests. What she didn't tell me was that I was going to be spanked by all of her friends.

When about two o'clock rolled around, her girlfriends started arriving. The only person I knew was Mary. The other three women were all strangers to me. I helped in serving the coffee and munchies, and some of the women remarked how well behaved I acted. My wife explained that they would see why I acted so well later on. They talked and talked for about an hour.

Then my wife called me into the livingroom and said, "I think all of you have met Clyde by now. I told you that I would show you how I keep him so well trained. Well, I spank him!" The room went quiet, and then she continued, "I have also been allowing my friends to spank him. This makes him a lot more respectful of women. Mary has already spanked him a few times. Isn't that right, Mary?"

"Yes it is," Mary replied. "I really do enjoy spanking him."

"So, at first I will spank Clyde, then everyone will have a turn at spanking him." She took a chair and put it in the middle of the room and said, "He always has to take off all of his clothes when I spank him, so Clyde, completely undress now." I wasn't looking forward to being spanked by my wife and her four friends, but now I was embarrassed because I had to take off all of my clothes in front of these women who I had just met. "We'll take turns sitting in this chair and spanking him. Clyde, lay over my lap, now." So over I went. "When he is on your lap like this, you can also caress and fondle his bottom while you spank him." Then she proceeded to spank me. After about three minutes she said, "I'm going to stop spanking him so all of you will have plenty of time to spank Clyde. So Clyde, stand up now, and let Mary spank you."

I stood up, and now Mary sat down in the chair. She said, "I have spanked Clyde before. One thing I like to do before he goes over my lap is to examine his penis and balls." I had a small erection, already, and her examination just made my erection bigger. I like to hike up my skirt, and grip his penis between my legs when I spank him," Mary said. "Over you go, Clyde." So now I was over Mary's lap. She really gave me a good spanking. She changed her rhythm on me, and spanked me all over my bottom. "There, his bottom has a nice red color to it," Mary said. "Jill, why don't you be the next in spanking Clyde."

"I'd be happy to," was Jill's reply. Mary got up, and then Jill sat down. She examined my penis and balls, then I went over her lap.

Her spanking wasn't so hard until Mary said, "Don't be afraid to spank him harder than that. He is a big boy, he can take it. So the spanks got harder and harder.

Sue was the last woman to give me an over the knee spanking. By the time it was her turn to spank me, my bottom was getting sore and I squirmed around a lot. Finally, her spanking was over with and my wife had me stand in the corner again, while they talked about spanking me. My wife told them that whenever they came over that they could spank me.

Then she said, "Clyde, come into the middle of the room again and this time bend over the chair. Before each of my girlfriends leave, I want them to paddle you a few times." So now I was bent over the chair with my bottom sticking out. Then one by one as they left, my wife handed them the paddle, and I was spanked some more. After they all had left, my wife finally allowed me to get dressed, and then she said, "Now you can expect to be spanked whenever any of my friends visit me." With my sore bottom, I was now hoping for no more parties or visitors for a while.