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Naughty Girl

Naughty girl gets publicly spanked, tied up and fucked.
I wake up flushed, my hands buried deep in my panties as I often find them when I wake up nowadays. I need to get laid. Since my boyfriend has gone away I have found myself engaging in new and exciting fantasies in my sleep, unable to focus on anything aside from the thought of my normally sweet and innocent boyfriend fucking me. Hard. Violently. I have found my appetite for thinking about it insatiable. This has led to the need to finger myself in the toilets at work, in the library, in all sorts of public places. I decided a while ago that there was only one thing to do to satisfy this need. To see him, and to beg him to fuck me hard. But before then, today to get through....

I drag myself out of bed, already late and no time for a normal morning wank. I sadly pull my vibrator out from under my pillow and put it back in its draw. I'm going to have to wank at work. I pull on a blazer and skirt and drag myself to work.

Sitting in traffic I let my mind wonder, and already feel my crotch dampening. By lunchtime I can think of nothing else and the warm burning sensation of a building orgasm is too much to contain. As I slip two fingers into my wet pussy in the dingy office toilets I think of his hands grabbing at my tits, pulling at my nipples and whispering in my ear that I am dirty whore...

The rest of the week goes by and I can hardly contain myself thinking about seeing him at the weekend. Saturday morning I've prepared him for what I want. As soon as the door goes I am desperate to get a hold of him, but it isn't until later that night that I get to feel him fuck me. After a boozy night of drinking, dancing and sexual tension, we walk back heavy headed.

In the cold of the night, I drag him closer to me. I feel his hand on my ass. I inhale sharply as his touch reminds me of the fantasies of the last month. I long for him to bend me over and spank me. Instead, he grabs a hold of me and starts to whisper in my ear, “You're a naughty girl, aren't you? What have you been up to without me, all of these dirty thoughts? Well, let me give you what you asked for.”

In the middle of the street he bends me over so that my hands are rested on railings, despite the fact it's 2am, we are right outside a house and by a normally busy road. I feel myself wet with excitement. He caresses my ass at first, teasing me by getting dangerously close to my pussy, just touching it and then moving away.

He rubs in circular motions and I know what's coming. He spanks me. He spanks me over and over again, and he spanks me hard. He makes me count every spank and if I miss one he spanks me harder. As I moan with excitement he reaches around and pinches my nipple and instructs me to shut the fuck up and start walking. I smile quietly.

He says nothing as we walk the rest of the way, looking straight ahead. If I try to say anything, he tells me to “fucking walk faster”. I can see from the hard lump in his trousers that he is as desperate to get home as I am. As we reach the house, he orders me to get upstairs, take off my clothes and lie on the bed. I can see from his expression not to mess with him. I lie on the bed and wait. As he waits I start to touch myself, rubbing my soaking pussy with two fingers. I close my eyes and arch my back, impatient...

“You started without me? That's not fucking fair is it?”

I look up and see him standing there, topless, only wearing trousers and with that bulging erection again. He really is in character now, his eyes glistening with a small smile on his face.

“Well, that deserves a punishment.”

He walks towards me with something in his hands. He orders me to sit still, and immediately blindfolds me. I hear him moving around, opening draws. I tentatively lift a blindfold and he catches me.

“What did I tell you?” he barks.

He roughly turns me over and orders me onto my knees. He spanks me again and with every spank I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

“Fuck me!” I beg.

“Are you telling me what to do, whore?”

Still unable to see, I feel him grab one of my legs, me still on my knees. He takes my ankle and secures it onto one of the bed posts, and does the same with the other. I don't even try to break free. My ass is burning, and I daren't risk another spank. When he is finished I move to assess how much room I've got. I can barely move and when I try I feel two cable ties sticking into my ankles.

Before I know what is happening, I feel him move in front of me. I can smell cum, and feel the warmth of him near my face. He instructs me to open my mouth, and I feel his hard cock slide into me. I oblige, sliding his cock down my throat, as far as it will go. This isn't good enough for him, and he grabs my hair and pushes my mouth around him, controlling me and fucking my face faster and harder. I gag and splutter for air as I lose control and can't keep up. I hear him laugh and ask if I've had enough. I beg him to fuck me.

“Fine. But I'm not going to be nice.”

With that he moves behind me, the cable ties digging into my ankles harder now. He grabs my hips, spanks me one last time and slowly slides into me. He feels hard and I feel my cum dripping onto his balls. He starts fucking me slowly and I wonder if he's chickened out.

He carries on fucking me slowly, but gets deeper and harder with each thrust. Every time I moan, he spanks me, harder than before. I've never been fucked so hard or felt a cock so deep inside of me. All of a sudden he reaches around and grabs my tits, pulling me close. He starts to fuck me fast and hard.

As I feel an orgasm rising he whispers in my ear, “Don't you dare fucking cum until I tell you to.”

This brings me closer and just as I feel as though I'm losing control, I feel him contract inside me, cum spilling over and making me feel wetter than before. With him still grabbing my nipples hard, I disobey him, and moan loudly as I cum with him inside me.

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