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Neighbors Chapter 2

She really needs a spanking!

Matt woke late that morning, vividly recalling everything from earlier, it just couldn't have been a dream he thought, but it didn't seem real in the light of day. He masturbated to the images in his mind of her using that paddle and vibrator to climax so hard before getting out of bed. The images of seeing her paddle her bright red ass as she reached climax brought him to release quickly, but the pictures in his mind seemed to fade just like a dream would.

By the time Matt had coffee going, he almost had himself convinced it had to have been a dream, and he felt more than a little embarrassed as he stepped to the window, enjoying the light of the morning. The blinds of his neighbor’s apartment were open, and Matt saw she was on her couch, sipping from a coffee cup. She had on a cute little sun dress he had seen her wear once before, and she waved when she saw him standing there. Matt waved back and smiled, feeling more than a little guilty that he had dreamed about her, but she didn't seem to notice his discomfort, and went back to watching her television.

The Saturdays when Matt didn't have to work were pretty laid back, and he enjoyed being able to relax for the day. He lazed about the apartment most of the morning, drinking his coffee and watching television. Then around lunchtime he did what little housework needed to be done. The dream from earlier all but forgotten, Matt ran the few errands he had, grabbing lunch at a little cafe he frequented before hitting the gym. Then he did some grocery shopping, returning to the apartment later that afternoon.

When Matt got home, he put his groceries away, noticing that his neighbor’s apartment was open to the afternoon sun.

When Matt got to the roof to tend his plants, he saw his neighbor was on the roof of her building. There wasn't a greenhouse there, but the buildings residents had brought up a number of lounge chairs they could use. She was wearing a very skimpy yellow bikini, the bottom of which had a thong strap firmly between her buttocks. She laid on one of the lounge chairs; face down, the single strap holding her top undone. There were two other women sunbathing there, and as Matt tended his tomatoes, both of them gathered their things and chatting happily, left the roof.

Matt admired her body as she lay there, not seeing any discoloration to her firm, sexy buttocks, and he concluded that he must have dreamed the whole thing. He felt certain that she would have had some type of marks from a paddle striking her with such intensity. She looked his way as he closed the greenhouse door, smiling at him and waving as she used her free hand to hold her top in place while rolling onto her back. He smiled and waved back to her as he headed for the stairs, seeing her look around the empty roof. She then stood, still holding the bikini top in place with one arm, and turned to face Matt, smiling sweetly.

As he returned her smile, she dropped her arm, letting her bikini top fall away to reveal those firm breasts from his dream. Matt stopped in mid stride as she stood there, topless, smiling at him. Her breasts were exactly as in his dream, the areolas large around her nipples, and they were a beautiful firm C cup, with only the slightest sag to them. Matt felt the color rise in his face as she watched him, then she turned away from him and bent at the waist, picking up her top, the string of her bottoms peeking from between her buttocks.

As she straightened, she looked over her shoulder at him still standing there, and she grinned as the red deepened on his face. She turned back toward him, folding her top neatly and sitting back in the lounge chair, smiling as she returned his gaze before lying back. She broke eye contact with him, closing her eyes as she put her arms over her head. Matt's gaze lingered on her for a few heartbeats as she sunbathed, his manhood beginning to grow stiffer. He was amazed that his dream could be as precise as he looked her body over once more. He crossed the few feet to the stairs, admiring her tanned body once more as he opened the door. He was beginning to think that that dream might have been a bit more than just the fantasy he had made himself believe.

Matt was still trying to figure out just what was going on between himself and his neighbor as he went into his apartment. She had bared herself to him, seeming to find pleasure from it, even amused at his discomfort. Maybe she was European? Matt had heard that people in Europe didn't have the issues with nudity that Americans had, even having commercials on television that showed women topless. Maybe she was just moved to this country? That would explain her lack of modesty he thought.

Matt still analyzed what had happened on the roof as he prepared his dinner, bringing several possibilities to mind. He concluded that she must be ignorant of the way Americans thought about the human body, and felt better when he allowed himself to believe his neighbor was only doing what came natural to her, only behaving in the way she had been raised. He did decide to start wearing boxers to bed though; the thought of her seeing him nude was still uncomfortable for him.

He was so preoccupied by his thoughts, that it was past sunset before he knew it, and he turned on a lamp in the front room to eat. The lights in his neighbor’s apartment came on a short time later and he saw her step to the window, still wearing her bikini, but she had put a light open front shirt on over her top. She caught his eye and smiled at him, waving before she retreated from his view. His theory of her being from another country seemed to evaporate when he saw the UCLA banner hanging behind her couch; he stared at that banner, thinking that her being from California would explain her actions as well. Matt had heard about the way people from that liberal state were very free about sex and sexuality, free love and all that. He just shook his head in disbelief as he finished his dinner.

The rest of the evening was fairly ordinary, and Matt caught the end of a football game before he went to get ready for bed. He changed into boxer shorts while in the bathroom, and propped himself up in bed to read a bit before he tried to sleep. The lights across the way turned off as he struggled to concentrate on reading his detective novel, but he found that he would read the same paragraph several times and finally gave up trying. He turned off the light beside his bed and was starting to scoot down under the sheet when a light from his neighbor’s bedroom came on and she pulled the blinds open.

She stepped away from the window and into the doorway of her bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body as she opened her medicine cabinet. She seemed to be staring in the mirror at him, but when she stepped back, he could see that the glass door of her shower was reflected there. She stepped to the sliding door of her shower, letting the towel drop from her body, and then looked to his window through the reflection. He sat there fascinated that she seemed to want him to watch her again, but he didn't look away as she turned the water on and stepped in. The frosted glass distorted her body some, but he could see her clear enough, and was soon quite aroused while watching her bathe.

He had never done anything like this before, but he found that being a voyeur to her exhibitionism was a real turn on. She stepped out of the shower and into the doorway, pushing the mirror closed while standing in full view of his window, the bathroom light silhouetting her body, the water droplets glistening on her tan skin.

Still standing where he could see her, she slowly dried her body, lifting her breasts with the towel under them, and then turning to dry her backside. She crouched slightly as she placed the towel between her legs and, very slowly, drew it forward and up in front of her.

She dropped the towel onto the bathroom floor as she turned to face the window again, striking a pose for his benefit; her hands on her hips, then flipped off the bathroom light and stepped into her bedroom, where she leaned forward over her bed and turned the bedside lamp on, her breasts almost touching the blanket. She stood and walked slowly around the bed, then sat facing the window, slightly parting her legs provocatively as she slid open the single drawer of her nightstand. He watched as she pulled out the same paddle she had used the night before, making it plain to him that it hadn't been a dream, but she also took out a long dildo, laying it on the bed beside her.

She reached over, and while looking out the window, flipped her lamp off, then back on a few moments later. With the paddle in her hand, she gestured toward him, and then flipped her light off and on again, setting the paddle on her lap.

Matt slowly reached over, turning on the lamp beside his bed as he watched her. She smiled and nodded to him as she stood up, then with her hands, indicated her nudity. She crossed her arms over her chest then and cocked her head to the side, obviously waiting for him to do something. He pulled the sheet back and slowly stood beside his bed, still looking at her through the windows. She frowned, and then put her hands on her waist, pushing them down over her hips before crossing her arms again. Matt glanced down at his body, realizing that he had put on boxers. He looked at her and smiled sheepishly, then slid his hands down to the waistband. What the hell was he doing? He felt kind of in shock as he followed this strange woman’s promptings. She smiled mischievously at him, nodding vigorously while he pushed the boxer shorts down until they fell to his ankles.

She smiled very big, giving him a thumbs up as she gazed to his semi-erect manhood, then she held up her index finger in a gesture for him to wait. She disappeared from his view for several moments, and when she came back into her bedroom, she held a notepad and marker. She turned toward the bed, bending at her waist, giving him a wonderful view of her shapely ass as she wrote something. When she turned back to him, she held up the notepad against her window. Matt stepped to his window and read. 'Watch me spank?' She watched him closely until he slowly nodded, and she tossed the notepad back on the bed, clapping her hands and bouncing slightly. Her breasts jiggled very nicely as she stopped and held up her index finger to him again. She quickly turned to the bed and wrote on the pad again before turning back to the window. She held up the pad and Matt read, 'You wait me first'. He nodded again, this time with a bit more enthusiasm and she clapped her hands, laughing as she sat on the bed.

She perched there on the edge of her bed and looked at him, standing nude in the window, his now erect cock pointing straight out towards her. She placed a finger to her chin, looking contemplative, and then held up her index finger, circling it in the air while looking at him.

Matt smiled and blushed slightly, turning in a circle before her gaze. When he faced her again she had a wicked smile and quickly wrote on the pad again. She held up the pad, and Matt read, 'Damn! Bigger than toy!' then she held up a rubber dildo for him to see. He laughed and shrugged his shoulders, smiling at her, and the blush of his cheeks practically glowed. She tossed the pad and marker on the floor as she continued to laugh, picking up the paddle after setting the dildo back on the bed.

She slowly turned to kneel on her bed as she raised the paddle behind her, bringing it down against her buttocks. Matt could barely hear the smack of the paddle hitting her skin, and he knew she was swatting herself lightly as she struck her bottom again. He watched the color of her fanny begin to grow pink as she struck each cheek in turn, and after a half dozen swats to each buttock, she stood and walked to the window. She turned her back and bent over to press her cheeks against the glass. Matt could see there was a definite pink blush to her buttocks, but not the deep red he had seen before.

She picked up the pad and wrote on it again, 'More?' he read, and nodded very big for her as he crossed his arms over his chest. She showed him a fake pout, and stepped back to the bed, leaning over it this time. She struck her buttocks much harder then and Matt could hear the swat against her ass much more clearly.

She arched her back as the paddle struck her bottom again, causing the muscles to ripple outward as Matt watched. She raised her hand higher then, striking her ass harder with the paddle and she threw back her head, her wet hair flinging over her shoulders as she moaned loudly. She pushed her hips against the edge of the bed as the paddle struck her butt several more times, and Matt could tell that her breathing had become rapid as she set the paddle aside and stepped to the window again, pressing her bright red cheeks against the glass for him to see.

She held the same note from before against the glass beside her as she stood there, 'More?', and when she stood to turn to him, Matt could see moisture where her vulva had been touching the glass.

Matt looked at her for a few moments before he raised his index finger and indicated that she should turn as he had. She slowly spun in a circle and faced him again as she rubbed her buttocks with both hands. Matt held up a finger, telling her to wait as he went in search of a pad and marker of his own. It didn't take him long to find one, and he returned to the window, writing on the construction paper he had found. He held up his note and she read, 'you want more?’ She smiled shyly and nodded slowly to him, looking at his erection again before writing another note, pressing the words 'I want orgasm!' against the glass. Matt grinned, then wrote in response, 'spank then toy’. She smiled wide at him and went back to lean over the bed. She struck her buttocks much harder as he watched her, each swat she landed causing her knees to slightly buckle as she arched her back, moaning loudly, her ass becoming a deep red as the paddle hit it a dozen more times. Matt found the sight almost too much, his erection quivering as his penis throbbed in time to his heartbeat. Matt was very close to climax himself.

When she had struck each of her ass cheeks at least a dozen times with the paddle, she stood, rubbing her fanny as she stepped to the window. She was panting as she turned to press her ass against the glass for his inspection, the deep red of it showing small places where a slight bruising had begun, and Matt could see that she had moisture on the inside of her thighs glistening in the light, a single drop rolling down the glass between her legs like a rain drop.

She held the same note against the glass next to her, 'More?', and when she stood to look at him, he shook his head, holding up his last note, which he had changed a little to read, 'spank then toy’ the word spank crossed out.

She smiled in obvious relief, and then she went back to the bed, sitting gingerly on the edge facing Matt as she took her dildo in hand. She pointed at him then pointed to her groin as she placed the head of the toy against her vulva, putting her feet up on the edge of the bed, almost touching her buttocks. Matt grinned and nodded to her as she smiled in return, then lay back on the bed, slipping the dildo past the lips of her vulva. She must have been extremely slick, because the sex toy glided into her easily, entering a full six or seven inches before she began to masturbate with it, letting her knees fall wide apart, giving Matt an incredible view of the dildo sliding in and out of her vagina.

Matt watched her as she used the toy, taking it deeply, and then pulling it fully out of herself, the shaft moist from her wetness. She pushed it into herself quickly, several times, drawing it out as she pressed the shaft against her clitoris, only to push it into herself again. Matt could tell she was close to orgasm, her hand moving the dildo faster in and out of her vagina, her other hand reaching to stroke her exposed clitoris.

The climax she released caused her entire body to spasm and her legs came together tightly around the sex toy. She grabbed her pillow and placed it over her face as she screamed loudly into it, Matt hearing her muffled voice. 'Yes! Yes!' She screamed into the pillow as her finger worked furiously against her clitoris, the dildo bouncing between her tightly closed legs, still inside of her.

Matt stood watching, wide eyed, as she removed her hand and her climax slowly subsided, then she threw the pillow back to the head of her bed, her body quivering from its hard release. She reached down and pulled the dildo from between her legs, causing another spasm to shake her body as she dropped it to the floor. She raised herself up a bit on her elbows and smiled widely at him, then shakily stood and picked up the pad and marker.

She wrote on the pad and held it up for him to read, 'Thank you! That was a great orgasm!’ Matt bowed with a flourish and smiled at her as she wrote on the pad again. 'Now it’s your turn!' He read, as she held the pad against the glass. He blushed furiously, the color covering his face and neck completely, and she laughed but motioned for him to get on with it. His erection was so stiff that it almost hurt, and Matt knew he wouldn't have any trouble climaxing, but he still hesitated with her watching him expectantly. She dropped the pad, putting her hands between her breasts and mouthed the words 'pretty please' as she looked at him, begging to watch him masturbate. Matt averted his eyes, but took hold of his erection with one hand, beginning to stroke the shaft, his hand sliding over the head of it. Using his other hand to grip the base of his penis, he gently stroked himself, softly gliding over the length of his cock with her watching him. It took him less than a minute to climax, and as Matt came, he looked up at her again. Her gaze was transfixed on his cock as he ejaculated, her eyes wide, and Matt saw that she was masturbating again, her hand between her legs. She licked her lips as she watched him cum, her legs trembling as her finger danced between them. Matt's release was very strong, and he felt weak in the knees, but, as he watched her, she reach climax again, her body trembling while she stared at his cock.

They both sat on their separate beds, staring at each other, both smiling as they began to laugh together. Matt scribbled on his construction paper, 'WOW!!!’ And she laughed even harder as she tried to write.

After two attempts, she held up her pad, and Matt read. 'You spank me?’

He stopped laughing when he read those words. He had never given a woman a spanking before, and the thought scared him. She was one hell of a good looking woman, and he would love to get her into bed, but spanking wasn't what he intended to do with her.

She looked a bit concerned at him as he wrote on the last sheet of paper he had, holding it up for her to read. 'Don't know how'.

Her relief was evident as she giggled to herself still looking at him, and then wrote on her pad, holding it up for him, 'I'll show you'. Matt gave her a very hesitant nod, smiling nervously. She nodded back and wrote on her pad again, then held up her last note for him to read, 'One week. 8PM Apt. #602'. Matt smiled to her, mouthing the words 'thank you' before he went to clean up. She smiled back at him and stood, stepping to the window, and then closed her blinds.


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