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Neighbour’s Nosy Daughter is Punished

Two attractive girls being spanked for spying on me but then the tables were turned...
I worked as a builder so I was fit and proud of my well toned body. I was 20 and had just moved into my first house which wasn’t grand but it was fairly new and had a little garden where I could relax and sunbathe in private, when the neighbours were out anyway.

I had a few days off and woke to find it was going to be a hot one so I watched to see if all my neighbours were going off to work. There were only four houses with a view into my garden and they all dutifully left on time, I could do what I liked.

A short time later I was lying on my lounger naked, soaking up the sun and reading the newspaper. As I turned over I saw a glint of sunlight off my next door neighbour’s window. I was now lying on my back and in full view of anyone there but rather than being embarrassed I found I was a little aroused by the thought. I closed my eyes, nearly, so I could see what was going on without it being obvious. A few seconds later I saw Annie, the Palmer’s 18 year old daughter quietly open her window and look out. By now my cock was thickening but I couldn’t move without scaring her away. A moment later another girl, a young brunette, appeared at the window before disappearing in to the room. I heard giggling and chatter followed by ‘shushing’ and saw the window close.

I was now fully aroused and trying to decide what I should do next when I saw the window open again. Annie appeared holding a pair of binoculars which she pointed in my direction for some time. She withdrew and her friend moved into view holding the binoculars. By now I had come up with a plan of action. Without warning I sat up, looking directly at the girl and quickly grabbed my towel and covered myself. There was a shriek, a clatter and the window slammed shut.

I put on a T shirt and shorts and headed next door. A few minutes after ringing the doorbell Annie opened the door. “I suppose you know why I’m here”, I said, “I’d like to speak to your mother and father.”

She looked down before saying ‘Err… err.. they’re not in”.

“Please tell them I would like to speak to them as soon as they get home,” and I started to walk away.

“Wait”, she called, “please don’t tell them what we did.”

“They deserve to know and hopefully they will punish you appropriately and make you realise you shouldn’t have spied on me like that.”

Her friend joined Annie, “Please don’t tell them,” they chorussed.

“What do you think I should do?” Putting on my strictest expression, I added, “I think you both need to learn a hard lesson.”

“Couldn’t you think of a different way of teaching us a lesson?” said Annie.

“What would your father do if I did tell him?”

Annie mumbled something and I asked her to repeat it. “He’d give me the cane.” she said quietly which made her friend gasp.

“Very well,” I said, “that is what I will do unless you wish me to come back to talk to your mum and dad.”

Annie took her friend inside for a moment before returning. “Please will you spank us and not tell our parents?”

I stepped in and shut the door. “Bring me the implements that your father uses. Be quick about it.” I added as they moved slowly towards the kitchen.

They returned holding a short leather strap and a whippy looking garden cane which they laid on the dining room table.

“Strip down to your underwear.” I instructed as I looked at Annie and her friend more closely.

They seemed relieved at my instruction to strip to their underwear. Annie was fair haired, and as she removed her dress I saw she was very slim, fair skinned and very pretty. Her friend, on the other hand, was stunning, brunette, curvy in all the right places with a lovely tan.

They stood in front of me, nervous, looking down and wondering what the punishment would be like.

“I am going to spank you over my knee for watching me from your window and then I’m going to give you six strokes with the cane, for coming back out with the binoculars. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” they mumbled.

I sat down in the middle of the room. “Annie, you first. Take off your underwear and lie across my lap.”

“But Mr. Andr…….”

“Don’t argue, Annie. Now!”

I watched, as my cock hardened, to see her firm young breasts appear as she removed her bra and her glistening slit as she took down her pants.

I took off my T shirt as this would be warm work, then sitting in just my shorts I directed her over my knees. I enjoyed the feeling of her cool soft skin lying across my thighs with my cock pressing into her flat stomach. I adjusted my position slightly which moved her legs apart, giving me an even better view of her slit.

“Keep still,” I barked, moving her legs back after she had tried to close them.

Then I spanked her lovely tight bum till it glowed and she cried out for me to stop. I ran my hands over her orbs and round between her legs, finding she was very juicy and aroused. Annie groaned as my finger slid along her clit.

“Stand up and wait over there.” I pointed to a spot a few feet away where she could watch her friend being punished.

“Come here, what is your name?” I asked.

“Julianne.” she said, looking straight at me, and glancing at the bulge in my shorts.

“Remove your underwear, Julianne.”

Directly in front of me she undid her bra and my eyes took in her gorgeous full breasts with very erect nipples leaving me in no doubt that she was excited. She slid off her pants which already had a wet spot. Her mound was shaved, leaving little to the imagination. She stepped over and stood at my side before bending over, her breasts hanging down provocatively as she lay over my knees. Again I adjusted my position and her legs fell apart willingly.

I ran my hands over her rounded pale bottom and began to spank her. Soon it was no longer pale and I could feel the heat as I let my hands wander over her cheeks and in between her thighs. Julianne was a minx, I could tell, as she moaned and pushed down on my fingers when I slid them into her cunt.

“Come over here, both of you,” I instructed after I had finished Julianne’s spanking.

They stood, stark naked in front of me and both were clearly aroused, and I certainly was. I noticed them staring at my cock which was straining at my shorts and twitching uncontrollably.

“Are you sorry for what you did?” I asked them.

They smiled at each other, glancing again at the bulge in my shorts and said “Yes, sir.”

I tipped a dining chair forward so that the back touched the floor and instructed Annie to stand feet either side of the chair legs and to bend over with her hands gripping the chair back. Julianne could see that her friend was hiding nothing.

I picked up the cane and took aim. Swish, swish, swish as three red lines appeared across her pink bum. On the third she cried out but her position made it almost impossible to move her hand to protect herself. Swish, I struck her across the top of her thighs making her yell out again. Swish, swish and she leapt up giving me and Julianne a wonderful view of her pert breasts and slim, attractive figure as she jumped around.

“Julianne, bend over the chair.”

She knew what effect she was having on me as she smiled before lowering herself over the chair and then spreading her legs even wider. Her pink slit glistened with juices. I stepped up close behind her, wanting to thrust my aching cock inside. I ran my hand over her cheeks and up inside her, letting my finger run along her hard clit till she moaned.

Swish, swish, swish, the lines appeared but Julianne was silent. I brought the cane down harder, swish and she gave a yell.

“That’s more like it,” I said, “this is supposed to hurt.”

Julianne cried out twice more as the last strokes hit home across her rounded arse. Her breasts bounced from left to right, directly in front of me, as she rubbed her bottom to take away the sting.

“Right, get dressed and I won’t say anything to your parents as you have taken your punishment well.”

Julianne, standing naked, stopped me and said “I don’t think we’ve finished yet, do you Annie? I am sure that Mr. & Mrs. Palmer would be interested to see what you have done to us and I know that my father would be furious.”

“No, no,” I stammered, “we agreed that this punishment meant I wouldn’t say anything more to either of your parents.”

“But that doesn’t stop us telling them, unless you’d like a taste of your own medicine.” smiled Julianne.

I realised that I was in a corner. “What do you mean?”

Julianne looked across at Annie who came over to stand in front of me. “I think we’ll give you six strokes of the cane to start with. Take off your shorts.”

I hesitated as I was wearing nothing under the shorts. Annie aimed a stinging stroke of the strap on my thigh.

Realising I had no choice I slowly took off my shorts and my erect cock sprang out. Annie brought her strap down across my cock and warned me to control myself.

I was standing stark naked next to two beautiful naked girls; it was impossible to control myself.

They pushed me over the dining chair, spreading my legs wide. Each, in turn, ran their hands over my bum and around my balls and cock, commenting on the juices already flowing.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, the strokes came hard and fast making me grunt at the sting of each. Swish, swish two more landed dead centre on my clenched buttocks.

“Don’t move!” came the instruction from Annie.

Swish, swish. “You didn’t think you were only going to get punished by one of us, did you?” said Julianne as she got into her stride. Swish a stinger across the top of my legs making me yell.

“That’s better, I think you said it was supposed to hurt.”

She brought down three more strokes across my bum, swish, swish, swish, making my eyes water and I shouted with the pain.

I got up rubbing my backside and Annie said that my hard-on waving around showed that I had not listened to them earlier. Julianne agreed and told me to lie down on my back on the rug. They kneeled down either side of me and stroked my cock and balls making my erection throb.

Julianne then stood and aimed the strap at my cock as Annie remained watching. I was torn between the fear of how this might hurt and being in a position to look up at Julianne, standing astride my legs. My penis had grown hard and thick as I looked at Julianne’s gorgeous breast which swung down as she took aim. Thwack, thwack, I cried out as the strap hit the shaft of my cock. Thwack, this one landed on the head. She then knelt down and caressed my cock before taking it in her mouth, running her tongue up and down the shaft and around the head.

Annie then stood over me and took aim. Thwack, the first stroke along the shaft, thwack another on the shaft and I yelled. “One more I think,” said Annie, thwack a stinger that struck my cock on the tip making me cry out once more. I had never felt so aroused and my cock was more rigid than I could remember.

Annie knelt down and stroked along the inside of my thighs, my balls, then up and around my cock before I groaned as she took it in her mouth sliding her lips up and down my rigid penis. I could hardly believe this was happening, I had two beautiful girls, naked, stroking me. Annie continued to slide her lips up and down my cock until finally I exploded all over her.

As I left the house a short time later, “Are you going to sunbathe again this afternoon?” said Annie, smiling as she opened the front door.

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