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A Beautiful, young wife submits to her new husband

I love my wife but she would be the first to admit that she has a naughty streak that demands attention. On our honeymoon she explained that she needed a strong hand to control her and that she wanted to be spanked whenever she misbehaved; the harder the better. Clearly, my beautiful,blushing bride was very kinky and spanking was her biggest turn on.

She reads romance novels: The Cowboy and the Schoolmarm, The Pirate and the Beautiful, Young Stowaway, The Handsome Teacher and the Naughty Schoolgirl. "I can't imagine being spanked in front of the class," she'd say," I'd just die!" Just the mention of a spanking would get her going.

She was so shy at first, so ashamed to tell me what she wanted but once she got started she couldn't stop.

I never thought a girl could blush that much. She'd throw herself face down on the bed and cover her face with both hands. "I can't believe I just told you that," she'd say, "I'm so embarrassed."

Two things were very clear; the more embarrassed she got the more excited she became and she'd always end up face down with her ass in the air which I found very charming.I always say it was the miracle of the Honeymoon. My beautiful, demure bride confessed all her naughty thoughts and was transformed.

I think it's only fair to mention that Penny, my sweet wife, is a very well respected,young associate at one of the largest law firms in the world. She's very smart and well educated and rarely loses an argument except with me.

I like to get her early in the morning when she's in a hurry to get to work; sharply dressed in an expensive business suit. Her skirt a bit too short in my opinion and I'm sure her bosses would agree. Her long, shapely legs make me weak but I know I must be firm.

"You look beautiful, baby but isn't that skirt a little short?"

She laughs, "That's a leading question, my dear, and I don't have time to play."

"What would your partners say if they knew you were spanked before work and you were sitting on a very warm bottom?

"Talk to me later. I have to run."

Ha! I don't think so. She bites her lip and watches as I move one of the chairs to the center of the room. I sit and pat my lap.

"I can't believe you want to do this now," she complains but she quickly comes to my side and pulls up her skirt. Face down over my knee she presents a spectacular behind covered only with the most delicate lace, part of her wedding trouseau no doubt.

I spank hard and fast in consideration of the time and after just a few minutes her bottom is glowing. Quickly she gets up and smooths down her skirt. She's blushing; she can't help it. We kiss and she's gone.

2 hours later......

Text Message: Thank you sweetie....I'm sitting at my desk feeling the heat that's radiating from my poor backside. I went to the Ladies room to get a quick peek. Oh my god, I feel so naughty. You're such a beast. Can't wait to get home.

Rules, Rules, Rules. Penny believes in rules. Not just the rule of law but also the rules of a male dominated household. A proper young lady should have impeccable manners. She should love, honor and obey her husband. A proper husband should love, respect, and protect his loving wife, and discipline her when necessary.

No pouting or impertinent behavior. No tantrums. For Penny, any childish behavior should result in a childish punishment, preferably a good bare bottom spanking. End of argument, all is forgiven, to be followed by make up sex which is of course, the best part.

No Smoking, no drinking and driving, seatbelts, of course. A reasonable bed time.

It's funny but Penny, as an overworked lawyer likes to be spanked and put to bed early.

Defiant behavior should not be tolerated. "If you tell me to come home immediately after work and I go out with my friends to have a drink, without permission, you should be very upset with me. Don't be afraid to use the hairbrush.

"...corner time is like a time out.....If I get a little too loud or argumentative, you can put me in the corner or after a spanking you can make me stand in the corner like a naughty child....but not too long, OK?"

Rectal thermometers; I'm not sure I understand this one. Penny says it's just too embarrassing and she can't do it, but she's the one who bought the rectal thermometer. "Forget about it, I'm not doing it! Please Nicky, don't make me."

It's become a rule in our house that if Penny is acting cranky or disagreeable, it's not unreasonable for me to check her temperature. I don't allow her to make a big fuss about it. Same thing with enemas, very embarrassing, I know, too bad.

And so my life as a newlywed has become very interesting as I learn to be a proper husband. Penny loves it; she loves my dominant attitude and loves to be scolded. I should mention that she is a dream come true and I'm very lucky to have her. In all important things she's an equal partner and a very good girl. She's reading this over my shoulder and dictating what I should write. So I'll end this by saying my beautiful sweet wife is getting an early bedtime tonight and so am I.

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