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Nice and Naughty

She told him no, now it was time for her punishment....
Long, broad fingers, light sprinkling of hair on the backs of big hands splayed on muscular thighs. Soft, azure eyes move over those hands, then up to his pale, green ones, a thrill moves through me at the look I see there. His hands lift then come down on his thighs, a heavy, perfect brow rises and then he repeats the patting of his hands. Bottom lip is bit, sucked into mouth as my stomach clenches, I know what is coming, know what he wants.

Bending at the waist, fingers hook in the hem of my skirt and I slowly skim it up my rounded thighs. A shiver. Nails score over sensitive, silky skin. The click of my heels on hardwood echo in the quiet room. Hesitation. I had been warned. Told that this would happen. The dark corner rejection. He had tried to lift my skirt, ease my panties to the side, embarrassment had me saying no. His only displeasure at my actions was a deep growl. I had denied him his public game, his pleasure, now, I had no choice.

'Lay down.' His words and tone offered no option of disobeying. Deep breath, a hard swallow and I bent, lying across his thighs. The heat of him could be felt through the fragile silk of my dress. He said not one word as my panties are moved over the voluptuous curves of my ass. A slightly calloused palm smoothed over my ivory flesh. No warning. Hand connects. Goose bumps prickle my skin. I part my lips to ask how many spankings would be my punishment, another smack and I fall silent. With each spanking, my heart kicks up, pain meets pleasure and my thighs move together restlessly.

Slick. Painful clenches. Skin turned sore and fevered. As I lift my hips, begging for more, he stops, makes me wait upon his lap. 'Do you deserve another? I believe you are enjoying your punishment too much.' I shake my head in denial and am rewarded with another sharp slap of his palm. Head falls forward. Eyes closed tightly. Another hard swallow. 'You were about to lie to me, love, that really will not do. Stand.' I don't question, merely obey and stand on weak legs. My eyes cast downward, I take in his hands slowly easing his belt free, slipping the button free and then watching the teeth of his zipper separate.

'Remove your panties.' I start to speak. 'I did not ask, remove them and straddle me.' His thick cock, the broad, flared head, tip glistening. Panties slip down my legs, stepping one foot then the other out, leaving on my heels. He takes his cock in hand, I take the two steps that separate us and straddle his thighs. 'Such a good girl, always so nice, now show me just how naughty you can get.' Teeth sink into bottom lip, coming forward, I try to kiss him. Firm lips disappear as head turns.

'Naughty girls don't get kisses.' Moaning, hands move to his broad shoulders and I lower myself. The broad tip pushes against my weeping pussy. Lower. Pressure. Stretching. A tight clench of aroused tissue. Wet silk easing around the heavily veined shaft. Head thrown back. Thighs quiver. Fully seated, discomfort, his length filling me completely. Nipples push against lace. Too many clothes. I want to feel skin to skin. The fabric of his slacks grazes my inner thighs. 'Move. Now.' I don't think to protest. I begin to move.

Hands cup the curves of my ass. I lift and fall. A steady rhythm. Unhurried. He pushes for no more, not yet. His demands are waiting. Head turns. Lips a bare breath from mine, not touching, but our quickly accelerating breaths mingle. No kissing, but this I will be allowed. Arms twine around his neck, fingers lace. I savor the slow glide. I sink upon him with a slow twist of my hips, rise with an equally slow roll. Whimpers. Eyes open to meet his in desperation. Silently begging. He shakes his head, his lips brush mine and he denies me the quicker pace that I need.

Time seems to stand still. Suspended in a pleasure that won't end. I don't push for more, but my pace increases and I am warned with another palm connecting with my ravaged skin. Flinching, but whimpering with the pleasure/pain. He pulses inside me. An almost unperceivable jerk of his cock. 'Pleas...' I almost begin to beg and I am punished again. It just makes me want more.

Lift and fall, fall and lift. Thighs tremble. Huge hands contract on my ass. His control is on the border. On the edge of falling over. I can feel it in the quickening of his heart. The breaths that are now quick pants, ones that equal my own. Leaning in, his lips brush my ear, teeth nip at my lobe. 'Fuck me.' Those were the only words I needed. No longer controlled. I bounce along his cock, his hips flex meeting each downward thrust of my body.

Heart pounds a breath stealing pace. Breast bounce in the confines of pure white lace. Hips move back and forth in hard arches. His tight curls tease over my aching clit each time our bodies connect. Head falls back, upswept curls falling from their confines to fall around my shoulder and down my back. Silk sticks to sweaty skin. Lips fall lax, whimpering moans fall as ecstasy sweeps over me. Pussy clenches. Thighs tighten. I wrap myself around him as the world falls apart.

Moisture flows from my pussy. Movements erratic, no longer controlled. Pleasure takes over, my orgasm rages through me. A scream rips from my throat as it reaches its heights and then I fall. Rough hands take over, moving my orgasm shocked body along his length. The friction pushing me higher once again. Suddenly the heat of his release fills me. The warmth moves outward. He shouts against my ear as I collapse upon his lap and chest. A gentle kiss is pressed to my throat and he holds me tight. Who knew that there was so much pleasure in being naughty and nice?

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