Nice Neighborhood Lady Part Two

By Otkfme

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After my neighbor lady had spanked me in her basement, I thought a lot about what I had just experienced. Although my ass was tender for a few days after my spanking, I also felt good, relaxed, and excited about serving her in her slave room. We talked on the phone a few times, and then decided that I would work on her house on Saturday, then that evening, she would dominate me.

I really wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but Sue and I seemed to like each other, and this seemed like a good trade. I arrived at her house at 1 PM, and I was surprised when she greeted me at the door in a black bra and panties. She was also wearing black mesh stockings, black high heel shoes, and a black garter belt. Sue also had a riding crop in her hands.

"It's good you were right on time. Now follow me so that I may prepare you to work for me." I followed her into a bedroom where she said, "Okay Clyde, take off all of your clothes."

This surprised me. "What for?" I asked.

"If you are going to help me out around my house, you need to do it completely naked. Besides, I have already seen you naked. So undress right now!"

After I was completely naked, Sue neatly folded up my clothes and put them in a closet, and locked the door. "I locked them up so that you can't sneak in here and wear them. Besides, I already saw you naked when you were at my house a week ago." I now felt very vulnerable and embarrassed, in a strange house, completely naked, during the day. But I must have also felt sort of excited, because I noticed that I had an erection. "Follow me into the living room."

I noticed that the shades on her large picture window were open and, in fact, all of her shades were open. "The shades are open," I pleaded. "Someone will see me."

"You can't see in if you look from the street, so get in here right now!" So I slowly entered the living room and Sue was standing there with a vacuum and broom. "The first thing I want you to do is to clean up the floors of the house. I'll be checking up on you every ten minutes, so get to work." Then she left the room.

When I vacuumed close to a window, I made sure that the vacuum was in front of me so that no one would see that I was naked. Sue would check on me every ten minutes, and she would point out spots that I had missed. She also would write down something in a little notebook. She also had me get up on a ladder to clean her chandeliers, which were quite dirty. Sue stood and held the ladder in place while I cleaned them. "I really like the view from down here," Sue said.

Around 4:30, she allowed me to relax for a little bit on her recliner. She had some very nice furniture in her house. After the break, she gave me some furniture polish, and told me to polish anything that was wood. That included the baseboards, windows, and anything with wood. I was also given four small rags to use to polish the wood. Meanwhile, I could hear Sue in the kitchen, cooking up some good smelling food. I thought I was going to be fed well, for helping her out.

Then the doorbell rang and panic set in. "Can you get the door? My hands are full right now." Sue yelled.

"But I'm naked!" I protested.

"Get the door right now, or else I will spank you right now, and in front of whoever is at the door." Sue said.

I put down the furniture polish and kept the rags so that I had at least a little bit, to cover myself. When I opened the door, I was greeted by a woman about Sue's age. "I'm Mary. Sue is expecting me." So I lead her to the living room.

Mary couldn't help but to see that I was naked. "This should be a very interesting dinner." Mary said

I immediately ran to the kitchen and asked Sue, "What is going on?"

"I forgot to tell you that I invited some of my women friends over for dinner. You are going to be serving them, naked, as you are right now. Also, you will receive another demerit, because you are only to speak when spoken to. So go back into the living room and keep polishing the furniture and wood. Also, answer the door when the doorbell rings. So get back out there. Now!"

I really felt embarrassed, polishing the wood, and being completely naked in front of Mary. Then doorbell rang three more times, and soon four ladies were seated in the living room. I kept polishing the wood, but now I concentrated my cleaning to places where the four ladies wouldn't see me. I couldn't hear what the women were saying, but I knew they were talking about my nakedness.

"Clyde, come into the kitchen and help me set the table." Sue called out to me.

Sue had a large dining room and also a very large round dining room table with a white tablecloth on it. There were only five chairs set up around it, with plenty of room between each chair. "Here are the plates, silverware, and napkins. Please set the table for me." The other women in the living room could clearly see into the dining room, and a highly exuberant conversation going on.

Once the table was set, Sue called me into the kitchen again. "You will be serving dinner to my friends, but first I need to prepare you for your serving role. Please kneel."

Sue put a frilly apron on me. It tied around my neck and also at my waist. However, it wasn't very long because it barely went past my penis and balls, and it didn't even touch the floor when I was kneeling. Next Sue put a leather neck collar on me, and also some ankle cuffs with a small length of chain that went between the ankle cuffs. "Now stand up and hold on to this tray." I was given a tray with five glasses of water. I didn't want to spill them so I stood very still as she connected wrist cuffs on me, and then the wrist cuffs were connected to my neck collar by small chains. This meant that I would be unable to cover up my nakedness, I would need to lean over the table a lot to serve these women, and that I had to take small steps.

"For the rest of today, I want you to address me and my guests as 'mistress', and only speak when spoken to or asked to talk. Is that understood?"

I guess I was totally surprised at what was happening to me because I answered Sue with a simple, "Yes."

She immediately put a stool in front of me and said, "Give me the tray and bend over the stool. It looks like you are a slow learner." I bent over the stool with my ass totally exposed and naked. "Stay there while I get a wooden spoon." What did I do wrong?


"You forgot to answer me with 'Yes, mistress'. I was hoping to delay your spanking until later, but I don't want you to be disrespectful to my guests. Once again, do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress." I replied. Then I stood up. Next, I felt Sue's hand between my shoulder blades as she forced me to bend over the stool, a second time.

"I didn't tell you that you could stand up!" SPANK, SPANK, and SPANK! "You need to learn to follow my directions." SPANK, SPANK, and SPANK! "Now thank me for spanking you."

"Thank you for spanking me, mistress." I quickly replied.

"Now that's better. I'm going to give you three more so you will remember my directions." SPANK, SPANK, and SPANK! "Now you can stand up and serve me and my guests dinner."

Sue showed me that I would be first serving her guests water and coffee, then salad, soup, fish with rice, and a pie for desert. I was to serve each woman individually, and to do whatever was requested by her guests. Sue now had a nice dress on, and she said, "I am now going to invite my guests to the dinner table. After all of us are seated, start serving us starting with water and coffee." Then Sue left the kitchen and soon all of the women were seated at the table.

Although I felt very embarrassed about serving them wearing just this small apron, I must have been excited because I had an erection. But with the chains connected from my wrist cuffs to my collar, I was unable to do anything about it. My erection also lifted up the bottom of the small apron, so I felt totally exposed.

I finally got up my courage and started to serve them the water. As I bent over the table to serve the water, one of the women said, "Look, his ass is a little red. Did you just spank him?" she asked Sue.

"Yes I did. He wasn't following my simple rules. Clyde, stay bent over so that Jane can examine you." Sue said.

"Yes, mistress." Then I felt Jane's hands all over my ass.

"So what does he look like in front?" Jane asked.

"Clyde, you can stand up and face Jane so that she can examine you." Sue said.

Now I was standing, facing Jane, as she lifted my small apron and examined my penis and balls. I felt so embarrassed being intimately examined by a woman I had just met. As she stroked my balls Jane said, "He already has a nice erection. He must be fun to play with. Where did you find him?"

"Clyde lives in the neighborhood." Sue said. "After dinner, I'm going to work him over in my domination room. If any of you can stay later, you can help me with his training."

The other three women said they were busy, but Jane said, "Thank you for the invitation. I would be pleased to help you out with his training. He really reacts to my touch. Okay, Clyde, you can continue to serve the others."

Then I continued serving the women dinner. I was examined and touched by all of her guests, so between that and smelling their perfume, I held my erection.

I was doing pretty good with bending over the table and taking small steps because of the small chain between my ankle, when I lost my balance while serving Mary's soup. I spilled a little of it on the tablecloth and I guess a little fell on her dress. Mary immediately pulled away from the table and said, "Look what happened! He spilled some of the soup on my dress."

"I'm sorry!" I said.

Sue stood up and said, "Clyde, bend over Mary's lap so that she can spank you. You also forgot to call her 'mistress'."

Jane got up from the table and told Mary, "I carry a special hairbrush for an occasion like this. Let me get it out of my purse for you." Soon, Jane returned with a wide wooden hairbrush and handed it to Mary. She hit the palm of her hand with it and said, "This hairbrush has a little sting to it. Thanks Jane."

Mary was wearing a nice dress and pantyhose, and she hiked her dress up so that I would be laying over her nylon clad thighs. "I don't want my dress messed up with anything else." Mary said. "Come on, over you go." Then Mary grabbed my arms and forced me over her lap. She next took one of her legs and crossed it over my knees so that I was completely immobilized. With my wrists connected by the small chains to my collar, my hands were unable to reach the floor in front of me. My penis was dangling between her thighs, and I felt like a helpless little boy about to receive an over the knee spanking from my mommy.

Then Mary began to spank me. The hairbrush did sting me more than the wooden spoon. I tried to move about, but Mary held me tightly in place. "Look," Mary said, "his ass is turning red." As I felt my ass warm up, I also felt my penis turn hard between Mary's legs.

After Mary spanked me for a few minutes, Sue stood up and said, "Mary, you should stop spanking Clyde. After we eat, he will be spanked many times during his training downstairs. So Clyde, thank Mary for spanking you and then you can continue serving us dinner."

I was glad my spanking was stopped, I thanked Mary, but was embarrassed when I stood up and I had a big erection again. Since I was standing next to Mary, she said, "Look at his erection, Sue. I think he enjoys being spanked." I was allowed to keep serving the women their dinner, and I didn't spill anything else.

After I had collected the dirty plates and served them their pie, I was given permission to eat in the kitchen. I heard quite a conversation go on as I ate. Soon, I was called back into the dining room by Sue. "My friends can't stay very much longer, but they want to have some fun with you before they leave. Follow me." She led me into the living room and had me stand near the end of a low coffee table that was about five feet long. One of the women put a towel on the coffee table as Sue took off my apron. Now I was totally naked, again.

"Clyde, lie down on this table, with your face up." Sue said. In the meantime, the women unhooked the chain on my ankle cuffs and secured each leg to the outside of the table. Then my wrist chains that were connected to my collar were taken off, and my arms were tied to the legs that were above my head. At the same time, a strap was wrapped around my waist and the table to hold me in place.

"Let's blindfold him so that he can't see who is doing what to him," a woman said.

"I'll use my scarf so he can't see." Jane said.

With my legs spread wide and secured to the table, I was at the women's mercy as to what they wanted to do to me. Soon I felt many hands feeling, caressing, and tickling my body. "Let's get rid of his pubic hair so that he looks like a little boy down there." One of the women said. Then I felt a cool liquid on my groin area, followed by a scrapping sound and coolness on my bare skin. They lifted up my balls and penis to make sure that they shaved every hair that was in that region of my body.

Holding on to my erect penis, one of the women asked, "Can I get rid of this for him?"

"Go ahead!" Sue replied.

One woman stroked my penis while the others tickled and pinched me. Soon, I shot a load of cum into the air. I felt so relieved.

"If you're finished with Clyde, you can leave now or stay around while I take Clyde downstairs into the slave room." Sue said. I was left secured to the table as three of the women said goodbye and left the house. Jane was able to stay behind and helped Sue do the dishes and clean up.

Sue took off my blindfold, and released me from the table while they were cleaning up in the kitchen. She asked me how I was doing and let me shower. This was more intense for me than what either Sue or I had anticipated, but I still wanted to experience the slave room with Sue and Jane.

After I had showered and dried off, I put a towel around my waist and entered the kitchen. "I guess I'm ready to go downstairs now." I announced to Sue and Jane.

"Okay. Lets go." Sue said as she grabbed the towel that I was wearing. "You won't be needing this anymore."

When Sue opened the door to the slave room I had forgotten what it had looked like. The walls were covered with various whips, paddles, and spanking implements. There were a lot of things hanging from the walls that I had no idea how they could be used. The ceiling had many ropes and chains hanging down. On one wall was a large wooden X, and in the center of the room were various types of wooden furniture, with many straps.

"Have you ever been dominated by a woman in a room like this." Sue asked me.

"No I haven't. I'm curious as to how you use everything in here." I replied.

"You will soon find out." Sue said. "Jane, let's first put him on the wooden X, with his backside towards us." They marched me over to the wooden X and secured me to it with both ankle and wrist cuffs. I had to stretch my legs far apart so that my ankle cuffs could be secured. Then they took a wide strap and secured my waist to the center of the X. Now I felt completely helpless and vulnerable as to what the women wanted to do to me.

Both of them picked up implements off the wall and started lashing my back and ass with them. Sue really knew what she was doing because she would first rest the leather fingers of the implement on my back, and then she would swing back her arm and hit me with the implement. I was first feeling a tickling pleasure, followed by a sting of pain. They even used riding crops to play with my unprotected penis and balls, as they dangled between my legs. I felt all sorts of pain and pleasure flow throughout my body, as I was being lashed in this manner.

Next, they started to use whips and other implements on my already tender ass and up and down my inner thighs. With the two women working on me at the same time, sometimes I felt pleasure in one part of my body, while I was experiencing pain in another part. It seemed like I was highly aware of every square inch of skin on the backside of my body.

"Now let's put him on the horse." Sue said.

The two women undid my cuffs, and then lead me over to what looked like a wooden horse that a carpenter would use. I was secured to it so that my legs and arms were on the sides of the horse. This meant that I was completely bent over with my legs spread apart and my penis and balls dangling down completely exposed. Then they started to spank me some more.

"Before we spank him any more, let's tenderize his ass with these pins that I have sterilized." Sue said.

"Those look like sewing needles." Jane said.

"That's what they are, but I have sterilized them with alcohol." Sue said. "Here, you take two pins and I'll take two pins, so that Clyde can really feel them."

Then they started to stick the pins into my ass. They did it very quickly, and it really drove me wild. It also got my attention when one of them was using the pins on my dangling penis and balls, while the other one was using them under my armpits and along my sides.

Then all of a sudden, they started to paddle me again. I was on a real roller coaster between pain and pleasure.

"Let's finish him off on the body board." Sue said.

I was next released from the horse and lead over to this strange contraption. It was a strong but thin wooden board with holes in it for my head, penis/balls and upper chest to stick through. They had me stand on two metal rungs, and they fastened me by ropes to the body board. The ropes went back and forth across the back of my body, and the ropes pressed my body against the board. The body board was also built on a frame so it could be turned so that I could be facing up or down, or anywhere in between.

"Jane, why don't you milk him while I spank Clyde some more." Sue said.

"This should be fun." Jane said.

I could only watch as Jane stood in front on me and stroked my erect penis and balls. She also would grab my nipples now and then, and give them a twist. At the same time, Sue was spanking my very sore and tender ass. It didn't take much time, and soon I was squirting my cum into Jane's hands. This experience left me totally drained but also happy.

I thanked them for this great experience and was allowed to get dressed and leave Sue's house. My ass was sore for almost a whole week, but it brought back memories of this great experience.