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Nikki Sees Mrs Denver Once Again

23 year old Nikki re-lives her schooldays attending Mrs Denver’s Study
Mrs Denver sat in her study when Charlotte pressed the intercom. “Nikki Pearson is here to see you, Mrs Denver.”

“Send her in,“Mrs Denver replied.

Charlotte watched the 23-year-old walk towards the study door as much in wonder as thinking about the pain Nikki was about to endure. Charlotte had seen so many students go in to the study with trepidation and come back out with tear-stained faces, rubbing their bottoms. She wondered what it was like to be caned and wondered whether she would ever suffer at the hands of her boss.

Mrs Denver had a soft spot for Nikki. After all it was meeting with her that set off the chain of events that had led her being able to cane her students - those who deserved to be - much harder than before and as a result behaviour in the school was far improved. In return Mrs Denver understood Nikki’s passion for discipline, to receive pain, and as such entertained her in her study.

Nikki knew it was a concession and appreciated that Mrs Denver gave her special treatment but loved being an adult caned in the Headmistress’s study.

Nikki and Tracey had attended Mrs Denver’s study several times now, each time bringing another willing bottom to be spanked and caned. Today was just Nikki though, as it had been on a number of occasions. Nikki needed to be spanked and caned regularly. Whilst her mum obliged often enough, the 23-year-old also enjoyed attending Mrs Denver’s study for a one-on-one disciplinary session with her ex-Headmistress.

Even so, for Mrs Denver it was still part of her own learning experience. Nikki was willing to be disciplined by Mrs Denver who knew the sexual excitement it gave her but Nikki also knew Mrs Denver used her, blatantly, to improve her own caning skills. They even enjoyed testing each other, to make Mrs Denver cane harder and for Nikki to receive harsher red welts that made sitting comfortably harder, and for longer, but the sexual excitement even more intense. Today was just one of those meetings.

Obediently, 23-year-old Nikki knocked on the door and when told to, she opened it, walked inside, and closed the door behind her before walking over and standing in front of Mrs Denver’s desk. Mrs Denver made a point of finishing reading the papers in front of her knowing Nikki had to wait in anxious anticipation. Eventually the Headmistress looked up at the 23-year-old ex-student noting she was once again wearing her school uniform, looking younger than her years. Her dark hair hung right down to her shoulders, not in the regulation bun, which Nikki fully intended to anger the Headmistress; from the look on her face it did.

Mrs Denver asked abruptly, “Your mother is still away then, Nikki?”

“Yes, Mrs Denver,” Nikki answered politely. “She has been away three weeks and has three more weeks to go.”

Mrs Denver sat back in her chair looking sternly at the 23-year-old. She had much to thank her for after meeting by chance in the coffee bar all those months ago. She had wondered what it was like to be caned like she caned the students. Nikki’s mum had obliged but after just one session it was clear to Mrs Denver; for her the passion was to discipline others, not to be disciplined herself. What was more, she understood she could cane far harder than she had done previously, and that the students had had a relatively easy time of it before, but no longer.

Nikki had taught her that. She, like a few others, had been deliberately naughty when attending the Academy so they would be sent to her to be disciplined. She now knew they masturbated afterwards. Well, Mrs Denver had learnt and now the students sent to her left with their pretty bottoms stinging far more than they ever did before.

Many students decided the canings were too harsh and suddenly behaviour in the school improved. There were still some who needed to be disciplined and most of them rued coming to her study and certainly didn’t masturbate afterwards. Far from it. Crying as they promised themselves never to return for another punishment was more like it.

Nikki, though, did enjoy being caned, even after leaving the Academy; in fact needed to be caned as a sexual act. Mrs Denver accepted that and was thankful to her and her mum and was happy to oblige.

Nikki handed to Mrs Denver the email. She read it and saw it was supposedly from Nikki’s mum asking her to discipline her daughter in her absence abroad. Mrs Denver saw the request. Thirty hard strokes of the cane. Both Mrs Denver and Nikki knew the email wasn’t from Nikki’s mum. They were from Nikki herself. Mrs Denver didn’t mind though. It was a thank you from her to Nikki.

“Get undressed, Nikki. Fold your clothes neatly and put them on the chair then bend across the desk.”

Mrs Denver stood and went over to the cane cupboard taking out a senior cane, turned, and watched Nikki quickly undress.

Nikki was aware of the glaring eyes of the Headmistress as she peeled off her clothes submissively and was soon naked and bent across the desk grabbing the far side, her bottom bare, exposed, vulnerable, and ready to be caned. Her nipples were erect; her pert breasts were flattened beneath her as she stretched out her arms and tensed her thighs to intensify the flutters already flowing through her pussy.

Mrs Denver was ready to play the strict Headmistress role she so enjoyed with Nikki and said sternly, “This is the sixth time your mum has sent you to me. That means six punishment letters for your mum to sign when she returns. So far.”

Nikki knew her mum had already given her those six spankings and canings and the letters were already signed and in her bedroom. She knew Mrs Denver was fully aware of that as well, as was her mum. It was a subterfuge that worked for them all. Nikki was ever so grateful to Mrs Denver for dealing with her. She so looked forward to being disciplined. The pain of the caning itself. The perpetual tingling of her bottom for hours and hours afterwards lasting well in to the night which enabled her to masturbate so many times reaching the most awesome orgasms. It was her special sexual experience that she enjoyed so much. Her mum’s job was harder. There was no sexual attraction to spanking her daughter, but once the punishment letter has handed to her she knew she had the obligation to do her bit, and a soft spanking simply wasn’t an option.

Even though Nikki’s legs were placed well apart, Mrs Denver put the cane between her legs and flicked Nikki’s inner thigh’s demanding, “Spread those legs, girl.”

Nikki edged her legs even further apart. In return, Mrs Denver flicked the cane upwards and Nikki gasped as the cane struck her stretched pussy time and again, lightly but so erotically. It was Nikki’s favourite way for her caning to start.

Satisfied with Nikki’s position, Mrs Denver tapped the cane on her pretty bottom knowing that soon it would have dozens of deep red welts across it and Nikki’s face would be tear-ridden as she cried. Just as she knew the 23-year-old liked it. Afterwards Charlotte would enter her punishment in the punishment book and hand to Nikki her punishment letter, and so the circle would continue.

Mrs Denver enjoyed her position of power, disciplining those who needed to be as well as those who wanted to be. A good mixture and discipline was something she knew a lot about. As the cane arced down Mrs Denver kept her eyes on the pretty bottom of the 23-year-old. She heard the thwack as the cane bit in to the unprotected bare bottom flesh, saw Nikki’s head jerk backwards and her hair fly around her head. She heard the yelp of pain, and saw Nikki’s bare arms tense as she gripped the table with all her strength. A perfect stroke, Mrs Denver thought.

Nikki felt the pain spread across her bottom and although her head jerked up involuntarily she held on to the table savouring the pain, welcoming it. As her head fell back and rested on the table she glanced sideways at Mrs Denver, who had already raised the cane again, watching for Nikki’s reaction. Nikki took a deep breath and raised her bottom just fractionally but enough to show Mrs Denver she could cane harder if she wanted to.

Mrs Denver did want to cane harder. The game was on. The challenge. Just as it had been these last three weeks since Nikki’s mum was supposedly away. This was a game they were both happy to play to satisfy their own desires.The 23-year-old Nikki wanting to be caned until she broke down in tears and Mrs Denver happy to oblige, always testing how much harder she can cane. Today thirty strokes were requested and thirty strokes would be given.

Nikki knew she would find sitting down afterwards very difficult, really challenging, but loved the stinging and in any case was more likely to lie on her bed on her tummy, her bottom smarting erotically, her legs apart, her hand covering her pussy, a finger edging inside her welcoming damp pussy, flicking her clit as she masturbated to orgasm.

Later, when sitting was still difficult but manageable she would sit on her chair, legs apart, and masturbate again and again, bringing herself to ever more mind blowing orgasms.

Two women, both adults, both well aware of the pain one was giving and other receiving. Mrs Denver repaying her debt to the 23-year-old knowing as she practiced caning harder and harder Nikki was enjoying the erotic shivers of excitement racing through her pussy as she cried out in pain, tears rolling down her cheeks even as her sex juice dribbled down her inner thighs.

Mrs Denver looked at the red lined bottom as she caned stroke after stroke. It was so good to have such a willing submissive girl’s bottom to practice on. This enabled her to punish those who needed to be caned so much harder and allow the behaviour record in the school to steadily improve. Nikki’s yelps were as delightful to the Headmistress’s ears as the pain itself was to Nikki who dissolved shaking and crying hanging on to the table as she waited for the next hard stroke of the cane. Nikki, though, looked forward to enjoying what would be a wonderfully erotic stinging bottom.

After a dozen strokes, Nikki was sobbing but knew Mrs Denver never stopped during her punishment. Why should she after all? Stopping would lessen the intensity of the caning. If the strokes followed each other without a break, there came a state of numbness in the bottom and even harder strokes could be given, with even more tears generated. Then afterwards the numbness left the bottom and what was left were the wicked harsh red welts of the cane and a stinging that lasted so much longer.

Mrs Denver was now sure that with the harder caning causing the numbness perhaps the student suffered less during the caning itself but its effects lasted much longer. No bad thing because when the student handed the punishment letter to the parent and again got spanked, that spanking was on a much sorer bottom.

Mrs Denver had learned well and Nikki was feeling the full impact because of it. Mrs Denver spread her cane strokes out well, from the top of Nikki’s bottom, across her full bottom cheeks, down to the sit spot where her oh-so-pretty-bottom met her firm thighs, then on down the backs of her thighs. Nikki kept on crying as she grasped the far side of the desk, her legs spread wide so there was little squirming room, and she took her punishment well.

Stroke after stroke continued to draw sorrowful cries from the 23-year-old. Nikki didn’t count the strokes so had no idea how close she was to the end. That was the way she liked it, leaving it to whoever was disciplining her to determine when the punishment should end, even if it were different to the original tariff. Neither Mrs Denver nor her mum ever gave her less than the original tariff. So when the caning ended Nikki wasn’t sure whether it was thirty strokes or more. All Mrs Denver said in a stern voice was, “Stay in position, Nikki. No moving and certainly no rubbing. You need to think about your misbehaviour.”

Nikki sobbed freely, feeling the tears running down her face as she heard the door open and close. Still tense she gradually eased her hands from the far side of the desk and even though warned not to move one hand slipped down the table.

She raised herself slightly and her hand grasped her nipple between one finger and her thumb. It felt so good as she squeezed her erect nipple, gasping with sexual delight. She released her nipple and, keeping her legs well apart, her hand continued to travel downwards.

She lifted her tummy and allowed her hand to cup her hair covered stretched pussy. It was damp, beautifully sticky with her sex juice as her finger ran along her vagina lips, easing inside, easily, finding her clit, flicking it, her body shivering in sexual anticipation and gasping out loud. Her finger moved in and outwards but never left the damp warmth of her pussy as she gasped again and her whole body shuddered.

The door opened and closed and Mrs Denver stood over her, glaring down, and snapped, “What did I tell you, Nikki? Just a few moments ago? What? Eh, my girl?”

Nikki froze. She knew she had done wrong and knew she would have to pay for her misbehaviour. Quickly she took her finger out of her pussy and grabbed the far end of the desk, sticking her bottom out knowing she would get a further hard caning.

“You deserve six more strokes, Nikki, and that is what you will be getting, my girl.”

Mrs Denver picked up the cane and stood behind the crying 23-year-old, slid the cane between her thighs and whisked the cane from inner thigh to inner thigh. Nikki’s legs were already well spread but Mrs Denver knew these strokes stung and kept whisking the cane from side to side, delighting in the louder and louder gasps as Nikki sobbed and cried out.

Nikki looked back towards the door and saw it was ajar. She expected that. The extra strokes were always going to happen and they were as much for Charlotte’s benefit as anyone. Charlotte would be listening to the caning, much more clearly with the door ajar than closed. Mrs Denver knew it turned her secretary on and had often wondered whether Charlotte would submit to her discipline. Maybe some time in the future, thought Mrs Denver, as she eyed Nikki’s bottom.

Mrs Denver decided there would be no cane strokes this time on her pussy. That would be giving the naughty girl a wished-for present. Not this time as this was a punishment caning. Only six strokes but what strokes they would be. Harder than the caning before. Harder than she would ever consider giving a student. No, these hard strokes were reserved for Nikki alone whenever she deliberately misbehaved. Just like now. How dare she? Masturbating whilst still stretched out on the desk after her caning.

Mrs Denver raised the cane, looked at Nikki’s red-lined bottom and saw there was hardly a place where the red weals from the cane weren’t already there. She aimed and brought the cane down at an angle neatly leaving a fierce red weal that went across several of the other weals in a way she knew was ever so painful.

Nikki felt the pain spread quickly across her bottom and cried out as the stinging re-awoke the pain from the earlier thirty strokes. Her head jerked upwards, her hair covered her face. She raised a leg admitting to Mrs Denver she struggled with the stroke although managed to keep her grasp on the far side of the desk.

This time Mrs Denver did leave a gap between strokes. Ten seconds. Enough for the stinging to slightly subside but not long enough to allow Nikki to recover her composure. The second stroke landed across several more of the existing weals and again Nikki cried out as her head jerked upwards again.

The third stroke followed again after ten seconds and Nikki gasped out loud as once again a weal criss-crossed several of the others. Nikki was going to find sitting down very difficult for some time to come.

Mrs Denver thought she was getting through to the 23-year-old, teaching her a lesson. She said sarcastically, “Will you be masturbating again after a caning, Nikki?”

Nikki was sobbing as she turned her head sideways, looked back towards the Headmistress standing holding her cane, took a deep breath, and replied, “Maybe.” She knew that would rile her but she was coping. Yes these strokes hurt so much more than the thirty beforehand but she wasn’t cowed, not yet. She wanted to show Mrs Denver she could take whatever punishment she was given.

Mrs Denver half expected the reply. After all Nikki had shown she was well capable of taking a very hard caning so why shouldn’t she be able to take this even harder punishment? Pursing her lips the cane arced downwards for a fourth stroke and the ensuing gasp filled the study.

Ten seconds later the fifth stroke landed and even Nikki wondered if she would be able to stay in position. Her arms shook as she used every muscle to keep a hold of the far side of the table. One more to go both knew. The 45 year old dominant Headmistress and the 23-year-old submissive Nikki. The cane whooshed downwards as Mrs Denver aimed for the tops of Nikki’s thighs. The cane bit in to Nikki’s firm thighs and she yelped, her head jerking upwards again. Mrs Denver half expected Nikki to let go of the desk but was happy to see the 23-year-old retained her hold. She had been taken to the edge but had managed to retain her control.

Nikki was crying freely as Mrs Denver ran her hand over her hot wealed bottom. Nikki found the action soothing and even though she kept on crying she raised her bottom and Mrs Denver ran her hand down the inside of one thigh. Nikki groaned as Mrs Denver ran her hand back up the 23-year-olds thigh and across Nikki’s stretched pussy lips.

Nikki groaned erotically and Mrs Denver ran her fingers along Nikki’s pussy lips, along and back, edging her fingers inside and as Nikki groaned sexually Mrs Denver kept her fingers inside her pussy knowing Nikki was getting closer and closer to orgasm. Seconds later Nikki exploded, gasping loudly, breathing short gasps as her orgasms flowed and her sex juice dribbled over Mrs Denver’s fingers and then down her thigh.

Mrs Denver left her fingers inside Nikki’s pussy, caressing her, while with her other hand squeezing an erect nipple as the 23-year-old slowly recovered. Mrs Denver ran her hand across Nikki’s forehead clearing the hair from her eyes, her very red wet eyes, as her breathing deepened, a smile on her tear stained face.

Nikki eventually opened her eyes and looked at the smiling face of Mrs Denver. Her kind face.

“Get up when you are ready, Nikki. Take your time.”

Nikki waited a few moments before releasing her grip on the far side of the desk. She slowly pushed herself up until she stood. Her hands flew to her bottom and rubbed hard and fast.

Mrs Denver watched as the 23-year-old jumped from foot to foot as she rubbed her bottom, her breasts jiggling beautifully.

“Well taken, Nikki,” Mrs Denver acknowledged.

Nikki was still crying as she smiled and nodded, unable to speak just yet. She kept rubbing her bottom for several minutes as she recovered her composure. Mrs Denver sat at her desk watching, smiling.

Eventually Nikki managed to say, “Thank you, Mrs Denver. I deserved the caning.”

“Yes you did,” Mrs Denver replied sternly. “You will also get another punishment letter for your mum to sign.”

Nikki blushed and nodded. Of course, she will have to ask her mum to spank her again tonight. How painful will that be? She knew the answer of course. Very painful.

Mrs Denver asked, “So get dressed and come out to Miss Thomson’s office.”

Nikki picked up her bra and slipped it up her arms, stretching her arms behind and clipping it together. Her school dress was next, zipping it up as she sobbed. She looked at her knickers and decided they would hurt if she put them on. Mrs Denver saw the look and smiling ordered, “And your knickers, young lady.”

Nikki sobbed as she eased her knickers on gasping as they snapped in to place. Finally she stepped in to her shoes.

“Let’s go and see Miss Thomson shall we?” It was an order of course.

Mrs Denver told her secretary, “Thirty strokes first but six extras for disobeying me.”

“Really?” Charlotte Thomson said in amazement.

Mrs Denver added, “Yes, so please request a morning punishment as well as the punishment tonight.”

Charlotte made a special note both in the punishment book and in the letter to Nikki’s mum. An extra hard spanking was requested, and because of the extras another spanking and paddling in the morning for good measure. Nikki’s bottom was going to sting for ever such a long time now.

Nikki took the letter and turned to Mrs Denver. “Thank you, Mrs Denver, I am sorry I am so naughty.”

“Well, Nikki, I think the punishment regime is doing you good which is the main thing.”

“Yes, Mrs Denver, it is doing me good. Thank you again.”

Nikki left Charlotte‘s office and made her way towards the school exit thinking about what was going to happen tonight.

After leaving Nikki, Mrs Denver went back to her study closed the door and sat at her desk. With Nikki dealt with she looked at her diary and saw the six names of students who would soon be waiting in the outer office and one by one troop sullenly in to see her to be disciplined. Only six mind, far fewer than just a few weeks ago when as many as ten or twelve would need to be dealt with so her tougher punishment regime was working. Thanks in no small way to Nikki and her willingness to help establish just how hard a student can be caned.

Indeed, Mrs Denver also saw an opportunity. Just as Nikki, an ex-student, accepted so willingly being punished she wondered whether some of the parents would accept being disciplined so easily. The idea came to mind that she should start a punishment system for parents only, so they can be sent to her to be disciplined alone, not accompanied by the students. Maybe.

She saw an appointment in her diary with one of the parents of a student Mrs Denver was going to expel. Maybe she will suggest an alternative to the parent. The student could take a caning this time, and the parent will have to take the same caning. That would be some incentive for the parent Mrs Denver reckoned. The thought aroused her and soon her hand was inside her knickers and her fingers inside her pussy flicking her clit until she cried out in orgasm. The parent discipline scheme was born.

As Mrs Denver was masturbating inside her study Charlotte was studying the punishment book at her desk and again mused over Nikki’s 36 strokes. She was soon having her own orgasm and more and more she wanted to be disciplined herself. She just had to work out how.

Nikki walked home recovering quickly, but her bottom and the backs of her legs still stinging. She smiled to herself as she knew her mum would be waiting for her and would tell her how naughty she had been, that she deserved the punishment Mrs Denver had given her, and that she would most certainly be spanking her before bed and again in the morning. A couple of hundred spanks with the hairbrush were also a certainty Nikki knew.

The 23-year-old unlocked the front door, found her mum in the living room, went over and standing in front of her rubbing her bottom said, “Mum, I’m afraid Mrs Denver had to punish me again and I have another letter for you to sign.”

“Let me see your bottom, Nikki.”

Nikki lowered her knickers and lifted her dress up over her waist. Her mum now always checked her daughter’s bottom after she saw Mrs Denver and as usual had Nikki bend over her lap to make her submit again. As Nikki’s hands balanced on the floor she felt her mum rub her bottom.

“I see Mrs Denver has dealt with you properly. Well so will I later on. Your cousin Charlene is coming over at 6 o’clock and I will deal with you then so she will be able to watch.”

Nikki’s pussy quivered. Her 16-year-old cousin will watch. She so loved it when there was an audience. The humiliation added to her sexual emotions.

“Right, a few spanks for now young lady.” A few spanks turned in to a spanking lasting ten minutes that had her gasping and crying. This is what Nikki wanted from her mum, being strict and unyielding whenever it came to discipline. Tears were flooding down her face when her mum told her to stand up.

Her mum looked up at her 23-year-old daughter who was rubbing her bottom and said sternly, “Well don’t expect me to go lightly with you Nikki. Now go your room until Charlene gets here then after I spank you it will be early to bed for you.”

“Sorry, Mum,” the 23-year-old said still rubbing her bottom as she looked forward to being spanked and an early bedtime, and the fun she would have in bed afterwards.

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