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Nina and Hannah Get Spanked

Nina and Hannah both get spanked together for a prank that goes badly wrong
This continues the Nina series. 38 year old Nina had got to work early but her bottom was stinging from the six strokes her 18 year old stepdaughter Ella had given her this morning. Six hard strokes because Hannah had complained again yesterday that Nina had belittled her at the office and Ella reiterated to her stepmother just what she thought of that. Six strokes. Before work to act as a reminder Ella explained.

Nina hated being caned but always enjoyed the after pain and when she got to the office sat on a wooden chair knowing the weal’s rubbed as she fidgeted on the hard chair as she waited and thought about the caning. Since Hannah had started to work in her office and Ella used her to report on her behaviour Nina had been spanked and caned two or three times a week, every week. Sometimes it was Ella who disciplined her and sometimes it was 17 year old Nicole but they both made her cry. A lot.

Nina thought about 18 year old Hannah, Ella’s friend but the reason she had been spanked and caned so often, much more regularly than before. Hannah, pretty 18 year old Hannah, who was quiet most of the time but in meetings could be so silly, say such immature things, well she is only 18 of course, but it wound Nina up something rotten as she is such a stickler at work, so different to when at home. Nina was sitting on the chair and gasped as her bottom stung whenever she moved, thinking about Hannah who will tell her to remove her knickers and will look after them all day, even check during the day she hasn’t put another pair on, and return them just before going home tonight.

Nina was thinking about having no knickers on all day but had her hand between her legs, playing over the caning in her head, each hard stinging stroke, rubbing her pussy as she thought about the caning, her breathing getting deeper as she edged her fingers inside her pussy, deeper and deeper inside, found her clit, and enjoyed her first orgasm of the day. Her breathing returned to normal as she slipped her hand out of her expensive silk knickers and looked around the empty office.

A few minutes later there was movement as Hannah said behind her, “Oh, here you are. Right, I had better have your knickers Nina, you have been caned I believe?”

Nina was by now very used to discussing her discipline with Hannah so she scrunched her face up and nodded, saying, “Yes, by Ella. She can really sting with that cane.”

“I suppose so, but I’ve only seen her use it once, that time I came over, remember?”

Nina remembered all right as the two ladies, Nina 38 and 18 year old Hannah, went together to the toilets and finding them empty Nina bent down and took her knickers off and handed them to Hannah.

“Ooh silk ones again Nina, now these are nice.”

Nina smiled, “Yes they are rather lovely, when on of course,” Nina added with a touch of sarcasm which was just so blatant that Hannah gave her an equally cynical smile.

Hannah liked Nina even with the age difference, more than like though, rather more a crush really, a girl with a crush on an older woman. Of course they had things in common. Nina has always been disciplined at home and since that first day when Hannah had been spanked by Nicole she had also been spanked again and again by her own Mum. Spanked several times including last night.

Hannah sounded hesitant but still said, “I need to check you Nina.”

Nina was going say how impossible it was for her to have slipped on another pair but didn’t, didn’t want to, as she enjoyed being checked by the 18 year old. Nina made a look as though she didn’t want to be checked but stood still as Hannah put her hand under Nina’s skirt and felt her pussy, rubbing her finger along her hair mound several times, thought Nina was wetter than usual, and asked, “Nina, you are so wet, how come?”

Hannah saw Nina blush and said in a mocking strict tone, “Oh Nina, have you been a naughty girl?”

Nina blushed deeper as Hannah lifted Nina’s knickers to her nose and smelt them.

“They stink Nina,” Hannah said, then added, “Your hands please Nina, Ella told me about this you know.”

Nina acted all annoyed to try to bluster her way out of what could easily lead to another spanking from her stepdaughter, but it didn’t work. Hannah said sternly, “Nina, your hands or I will have to call Ella.”

Nina tightened her lips as though to stop herself saying something she will regret even more and stamped her foot in frustration as she held her hands up. Hannah felt the power she had over 38 year old Nina, delighted in it in fact as she smelt the older woman’s fingers.

“You have been naughty Nina, you masturbated haven’t you?”

Nina took a deep breath, she couldn’t deny it after all. “Sorry Hannah.”

Hannah snapped back, “Sorry? Sorry? Ella told me you masturbated a lot and told me to tell her if you did it at the office.”

Nina didn’t try to argue. Hannah changed the subject though. “I masturbated this morning before I got up Nina, as Mum spanked me again last night, in front of my sisters as usual.”

“Why Hannah?”

“I gave her some back chat, and she snapped. She ordered me to take down my knickers and lifted my skirt before pulling me down across her lap. One of my sisters helpfully got the hairbrush out and seconds later I was in tears as my sisters encouraged Mum to spank me harder and harder.”

Nina smiled and said, “So if that were me I’d have to give you my knickers today.”

Hannah looked at Nina but it was her turn to be silent. Nina saw the struggle Hannah was having, the reluctance to ask, and Nina took control and ordered the 18 year old, “Take your knickers off Hannah and give them to me.”

Nina gave Hannah a hard staring look and Hannah nodded, lifted her legs took her knickers off and gave them to Nina who reckoned Hannah wanted the whole humiliating penalty, so said sternly, “Let me check you Hannah.”

Hannah nodded and parted her legs closing her eyes as Nina put her hand under her skirt and felt her pussy. Hannah gasped as the 38 year old rubbed her gently, exactly what she had wanted for so long, by the woman she had a crush on after all.

“It looks like we will have to check each other today Hannah.”

Hannah smiled, Nina was still rubbing her pussy and with her finger encouraged Hannah to lean towards her, Hannah yielded easily, opened her lips as her face came towards Nina’s, felt Nina’s lips on hers, and as Hannah parted her lips Nina shot her tongue inside, Hannah put her arms around Nina’s neck and they kissed hard, Nina‘s hand cupping Hannah’s pussy.

Nina opened her eyes, so close to Hannah’s, and in a rasping voice asked the 18 year old, “Tell me about how your Mum spanked you this morning Hannah.”

Hannah was so enjoying having Nina stroke her pussy as she explained, “Mum had told me to clean my room up before going to bed but I didn’t. I was showered and in my nightie, which is very short and I was wearing knickers, when Mum came in to check. She was furious and told me to clean the bedroom before going to bed. Well, I really didn’t mind and was going to do it, but then one of my sisters, Hayley, came in and started winding me up. Mum took her side then after a few words I did go over the top and call Hayley a nasty name. Hayley flipped out, I started laughing, but Mum just yelled some more at me, wagged her finger, and told me I had earned another spanking. I couldn’t believe it as my pussy was tingling from masturbating thinking about being spanked and bingo, there was Mum telling she was going to spank me. “

Hannah groaned as Nina pressed her fingers deeper inside Hannah’s pussy. Hannah moaned and groaned as Nina found Hannah’s clit, pressed it, flicked it, waited for Hannah to react which she soon did, gasping loudly.

Nina asked breathlessly as she was so aroused by what Hannah was saying still in a gravelly tone, “Go on, what happened then?”

“Well, Mum sat on my chair, Hayley sat on the bed and shouted out, ‘Steph, come and see Hannah getting spanked.’ I looked at Mum but she just said, ‘Now come here.’ I went over to Mum and she ordered, ‘Take your knickers off,’ and Steph and Hayley giggled as I stepped out of them, I know I was all fingers and thumbs as I always am when feeling humiliated and undressing in front of my sisters does that, but I couldn’t wait to bend over Mum’s lap. I loved it, looking at the carpet, looking under the chair at my legs dangling there, the feel of Mum’s hand on my bare bottom, even the spanking was so sexy, for me.”

Hannah stopped again as she groaned some more as Nina flicked her clit.

“Go on,” Nina whispered and groaned as Hannah had her fingers down the front of Nina’s knickers and felt her wet pussy. Both women were getting so aroused by how Hannah was spanked by her Mum.

Hanna continued, “Mum was spanking me hard and I know I was struggling but kept lifting my bottom up and Mum kept spanking me. Then I heard Hayley say, ‘Use this Mum, it won’t hurt you as much.’ Next second my bottom exploded as Mum hit me with something really hard. My eyes filled with tears so I couldn’t make it out, but later on, after everyone had gone, I saw the wooden backed hairbrush. My cow of a sister so helpfully gave my Mum a hairbrush to spank me with. The pain was now overbearing but Mum kept spanking me. When she stopped my bottom was so sore and Mum told me to stop crying, Hayley said I was ‘Such a naughty girl and deserved to be spanked,’ and Steph told Mum, ‘This is becoming a regular occurrence eh Mum.’ I heard Mum say, ‘Hannah can be so naughty at times so she deserves her spankings and we all know this won’t be the last time. I do like the hairbrush though girls. I’ve only used my hand up to now but this is far better, in fact Hayley buy some more of those hairbrushes as I guess they might break after a few goes.’

Hannah pressed on Nina’s clit and she gasped, Hannah was close to orgasm herself when Nina pressed against her clit, and both women let out long satisfying gasps together.

“That is so cool,” Nina said wistfully, “I mean so sexy, the way your Mum tore in to you.”

Hannah agreed, “Yes, that’s why I masturbated this morning.”

Hannah recovered, looked at Nina and asked, “Let’s do that again Nina, please can we?

“No, not now, later maybe, but I can hear some people outside and we don’t want anyone to see us like this do you?”

Actually Hannah did want it, she did want others to see her and Nina in a clinch, but couldn’t say so. The 18 year old did have a crush on Nina, but also reckoned if she was nice to Nina maybe she would get better jobs at work and even a promotion. It must be worth a try she thought.

The day did go well for Hannah. Nina wasn’t nasty to her, smiled at her a lot in fact, and did give her some better projects to get involved with, so it was working. The next day also went well and Hannah found no reason at all to report Nina to Ella. In the afternoon Ella sent her a text and asked how things were going, and Hannah reported that Nina was still being very nice. Of course she didn’t mention the three times yesterday that she and Nina had gone to the toilets and checked the other didn’t have any knickers on, how after lunch Nina had given Hannah yet another orgasm, and how as they parted Hannah had said to Nina, “Your turn before we go home.”

They had laughed together when Hannah said that she would text Nina in future whenever she has been spanked so Nina can demand she take her knickers off and look after them all day, and of course carry out the obligatory very personal checks. Nina started to like the 18 year old, a love hate kind of like as she knew Hannah could snap at any time and text Ella which would lead to another spanking that night. For now though they were getting on well. Indeed both Hannah and Nina had their knickers on all day, as they did the following day. The good times didn’t last though. There was a meeting with a potential Client Nina had spent quite a while trying to secure. Hannah had split coffee over the table and it had gone over the potential Clients skirt. The Client quickly left. Hannah was upset but Nina knew from what had been said before the coffee was spilt that the deal wasn’t going to happen.

So Nina stayed calm. She didn’t bite Hannah’s head off but thought she would tease the 18 year old. Instead she said, “You deserve to be spanked for that my girl, by your Mum.”

“Really?” Hannah was quite shocked.

“Yes, and I want to watch.”

Hannah caught on. Nina was making a play for her. How sexy it would be. Having her Mum spank her and have Nina watch. She thought about it for a second and said, smiling, “I know, I will phone my Mum and tell her I need to work late tonight to try to make things up. I’ll say you told me you have another important meeting tomorrow and if we can secure a new Client at least we will have made up for today. The thing is Mum won’t be happy as she told me quite specifically to be home on time today as she was making a special dinner.”

Nina liked the idea. “OK, and we can argue about it in the office so everyone can see I’m forcing you to work late and won’t dare stay late with me, not when I’m in that kind of mood.”

The scene was set. Nina sat at her desk and called Hannah over, saying loudly, “We have to work late tonight to make sure tomorrow’s meeting goes well after you messed up today.”

“No Nina I have to go home on time.”

Nina gave Hannah a hard look. “You will do as you are told Hannah, and I’m telling you to work late.”

Nina had raised her voice and others in the office turned to look. They had heard Nina speak like that before and knew she wouldn’t give way. Hannah was going to work late or else. The others weren’t sympathetic as they had already noticed how Hannah was getting more of the plum jobs over the last couple of days. Normally someone more senior than an intern would have joined Nina at the meeting. Hannah conceded and said, “Let me phone my Mum and tell her.”

Hannah made the call and played the part, making her own comments non-committal but her Mum got more and more riled. At first she was quite Ok with it, saying, “Well if you have to work late so be it. I will freeze your dinner for you sweetie.”

There were a few more exchanges and Hannah’s Mum got more and more annoyed with her daughters responses and whilst the staff thought the discussion was going Hannah’s way only Hannah knew her Mum was getting irritated and finally Hannah hissed her reply being intentionally rude but no one else heard, “Well yes Mum I have to work late so we both need to be grown up about that.”

Hannah heard her Mum say, “How dare you be so rude Hannah. Grown up indeed. I can promise you my girl I will be grown up but your bottom will be burning from a spanking.”

Hannah put the phone down, looked around and knew several of the staff were listening, and said to Nina, “It’s agreed Nina, I’ll work late.”

“Good,” Nina said firmly, knowing from Hannah’s wink that her Mum will have threatened the intern with a spanking.

As it turned out Nina worked Hannah hard as they really did have a Client meeting the next day and Nina didn’t even notice they were much later than she had said they would be and Hannah would be home even later than she had told her Mum. It was over an hour later that Hannah exclaimed, “Nina, it’s so late, I reckon we can go home now as Mum will be so annoyed with me.”

Hannah bit her lip as she was now worried she might end up getting a far harder spanking than she had bargained for and thought maybe she should phone her Mum and tell her. Nina pre-empted Hannah and said casually, “Come on then, let’s go and get you your spanking.”

Hannah smiled with relief that at least they were about to leave. Half an hour later Hannah rang the doorbell and her Mum opened it looking very annoyed. Nina licked her lips in anticipation as Mrs. Bowman still looked annoyed even as Hannah apologised. Her Mum snapped, “I told you what is going to happen to you young lady, so go upstairs and wait for me.”

Hannah blushed as she went towards the stairs, and heard Nina say, “Hullo, I’m Nina, Hannah’s boss. I’m sorry Hannah is late.”

Mrs. Bowman was taken aback but said almost apologetically, “I’m sorry, how rude of me. Do come in, please.”

Nina stepped inside reckoning her watching Hannah get spanked was a step closer. Mrs. Bowman said, “I told Hannah she would get a spanking as soon as she got home.”

“Really? I didn’t know that,” Nina lied. Hannah was out of sight but she was not out of earshot and smiled as she heard Nina lie so well.

Mrs. Bowman was actually being very friendly towards Nina and Nina found her rather attractive. She looked at her clothes and thought a bit old fashioned but not at all bad for a Mum with three grown up girls. She wore a sleeveless top, a skirt that flowed down to just below her knee, and bare legs. Yes, maybe a few pounds overweight but really rather fanciable.

Nina was miles away picturing herself in bed with Hannah’s Mum and only half heard her say with a warm smile, “I know about the knickers you know. “

Nina was caught off guard. She hadn’t realised Hannah had told her Mum about it, and stuttered her reply, “Well, erm, I only have to give my knickers to Hannah after I have been disciplined.”

Nina could see Mrs. Bowman not quite understanding the reply, but she worked out what it meant, and asked more sternly, “I meant Hannah giving her knickers to you because I spanked her, but are you telling me you get disciplined at home?”

Mrs. Bowman gave Nina a hard stare and her blushing foretold her answer, which she said in a very quiet tone, “Yes I am.”

Mrs. Bowman took a deep breath and had her very annoyed face on again.

“I see, and how old are you?”

Nina was forced to reply. “38.”

Mrs. Bowman looked surprised. “That’s four years younger than me.” She thought for a moment narrowing her eyes and asked, “Who do you get spanked by?”

Nina told the truth again. “My Mum and also my stepdaughters.”

Realisation spread across Mrs. Bowman’s face, “You mean Ella?”

“Yes, and Nicole.”

“I see. Well then, they are younger than my daughters, at least my well behaved daughter’s, I am not counting Hannah as being well behaved.”

Nina didn’t like the way the conversation was going. She looked at Mrs. Bowman and was even more concerned by the next statement, “You both did this on purpose didn’t you, make Hannah late so my dinner was spoiled?”

Nina was completely shocked by the comment. How could she know that, maybe she just guessed, yes a Mum knows these things, her own Mum seems to get to the truth in ways Nina never saw coming, and once again she blushed and gave away the truth. “Yes,” adding, “I’m sorry.”

Mrs. Bowman’s eyes narrowed and she asked, “So if I were to call Ella and tell her what you have done would she tell me to spank you?”

Nina knew the answer. She knew better than to lie now, “Yes, I guess she would.”

Mrs. Bowman said definitely, “Right, you can go upstairs and join Hannah. How dare you try to manipulate me? I need to teach you never ever to try it again so you will also be spanked for such unforgivable behaviour. ”

Nina gulped. Hannah’s Mum was being all too firm, and a lady who obviously took no truck from Hannah over anything. Nina knew if she resisted and Hannah’s Mum phoned Ella she will get spanked now anyway and when she got home so she decided she had better do as she was told. As she ran upstairs she tried to work out how come she had come so close to watching Hannah being spanked, and still might, but she will now also be spanked. How could it have happened? Of course it was just one slip. She didn’t listen carefully enough to the question. If she had just smiled in agreement Mrs. Bowman would have kept thinking about Hannah’s knickerless days and not Nina’s. Just one slip.

Nina found Hannah’s room and went inside. Hannah had heard the conversation and smiled. “That isn’t what we planned. Oh dear Nina so you will be spanked as well.” Hannah smiled and Nina smiled back.

There were voices and two girls came in. Hannah explained, “My sisters Steph and Hayley.”

“Hullo,” Nina said forgetting for a second her predicament.

Mrs. Bowman followed them in, went over to her cupboard, opened the door, turned to Hannah and said, “Hannah, you know how you joked this morning that at least I don’t cane you, well guess what?”

Hannah’s mouth dropped open as her Mum took out a wicked looking cane, with a hooked end, like a school cane. Hannah swallowed hard. Her Mum turned to Nina and asked, “Do you get the cane Nina?”

When Nina answered with a quiet, “Yes,” both Hannah’s sisters said, “Oh goody.”

Nina and Hannah just looked from face to smiling face and felt worse and worse.

Mrs. Bowman looked at Steph and Hayley and said with a smile, “Girls, Nina gets spanked by her stepdaughters who are 18 and 17. How about that?”

Hayley screamed out, “That’s younger than us. Go on Mum, let us, please.”

Nina could not believe the audacity of the girl, how old does she look, 20 or 21? Then she thought again. True, that’s older than several people who have spanked her. This was getting awkward. Nina looked at Mrs. Bowman, about to plead, but she said first, “Don’t worry girls, we have two naughty bottoms to spank here, so that’s plenty.”

Hayley and Steph clapped their hands in delight as they looked at their Mum waiting for her decision. It came quickly. “Steph, Hayley, you will spank your sister.”

“Mum,” Hannah screamed out. Her Mum gave her a hard stare and said directly to her, “Like I said, Steph and Hayley will spank you.” She continued to stare at her daughter and added sharply, “Understood?”

Hannah gave in and said a quiet, “Yes Mum.”

Mrs. Bowman looked at Nina and asked, “Do you get spanked on the bare?”

“Yes, I have to get fully undressed.”


Nina looked at the girls faces and saw their surprise and realised she had yet again given the wrong answer. She was thinking in the bare but had heard, mistakenly, on the bare. Too late though as Mrs. Bowman ordered, “Both of you get undressed.”

Nina and Hannah looked at each other but Hannah was already naked below her waist and reluctantly both got fully undressed. Steph Hayley and their Mum watched on looking impassive but were enjoying the spectacle of the two women getting undressed. Hayley took one of the chairs and moved it to opposite the other so the two spankers can look at each other.

“Steph, you first.”

Hannah looked at her sister sitting on the chair and hesitated. Steph looked expectantly at Hannah but she didn’t move. Both knew why and it was a matter of who wins. Hannah had so far only been spanked by her Mum. Once her sisters spanked her they may want to do it again. What then? Steph knew this was her gateway to control over her young sister and wanted it. Hannah wanted to argue but the matter was settled, as it always was going to be, by her Mum grabbing her arm and forcing her across the room to Steph, saying sternly, “Do as you are told young lady or else.”

Hannah groaned as she stood by Steph looking down at her sister’s lap, most of which was bare as Steph and Hayley were both dressed in skimpy clothes, very short shorts, and like their Mum a sleeveless top. Hannah winced as her Mum nudged her in the back and she knew she had to bend across her sisters’ lap. Seconds later she was looking at the floor, knowing her bottom was pointing up at her sister’s face. Nina watched thinking this is what she had hoped for, watching Hannah being spanked, but not the rest, not her being spanked as well.

Steph gave Hannah her first spank. It sounded like a clap, and as Nina looked across the room Steph had raised her hand again and gave Hannah her second spank. Steph gave Hannah several spanks before her Mum walked over to her and said, “No Steph, much harder. Look.”

Her Mum stood opposite her daughter looking down at Hannah’s bare bottom stretched out across Steph’s lap, raised her hand, and brought it down hard on Hannah’s bottom making her gasp. Again and again her Mum spanked Hannah turning her bottom pink as the 18 year old gasped under the hard spanks. “See Steph?”

“Yes Mum,” Steph answered as she spanked her sister much harder. Hannah could immediately tell the difference as she gasped after each spank.

Still unhappy her Mum said, “Harder still Steph. Just don’t worry if it’s too hard because quite frankly it can’t be. Don’t feel sorry for her, it’s her own fault she is being spanked and you are teaching her a lesson.”

“Right Mum,” Steph said as she increased the speed of her hand as she brought it down hard on her sisters’ bare bottom, time and time and time again.

Satisfied her daughter was now spanking Hannah hard enough Mrs. Bowman sat down on the other chair looked at the naked Nina and ordered, “Right Nina, you as well.”

Hayley looked across as Nina caught her eye and saw the grin that told her she was going to be spanked by her Mum. Nina quickly bent down and saw the carpet come up and meet her and reckoned it was the carpet Hannah said she had been looking at when across her Mum’s lap. Nina felt a hand on her bottom as it rubbed in circles, just like all the women who have spanked her before. Next moment Nina felt the pain of the first spank, and the second, became aware of an echo and looked across to see Steph spanking Hannah, and soon enough the echo filled the room. Nina didn’t reckon Mrs. Bowman spanked particularly hard but as always happened Nina’s bottom started to sting as the spanking proceeded, and when the spanks were directed persistently at her sit spot she could feel the tears well up in her eyes.

“Hayley, your turn.”

Nina looked up and made out Hannah standing up, Hayley now sitting on the chair, and Hannah bending back across her other sisters’ lap.

Mrs. Bowman said loudly, “Look here Hannah and imagine yourself still being spanked at 38.”

Hannah did look across and thought, ‘I hope so.’

The room filled again with the echo of the double spanking. Nina didn’t know how long the spanking lasted but knew it was a long time. Nina was immediately aware when the hand spanking turned in to a hairbrush spanking and the intensity made her buck and squirm around on Mrs. Bowman’s lap. Nina knew she was yelling but just as there was the echoing sound of the double spanks with the hairbrush so she heard the echoing yelling from Hannah whilst she also heard Steph say the spanking needed to be much much harder. Nina made out Hayley replying, ‘I will Steph, just watch and see.’

Nina was crying freely and assumed Hannah will be as well, even when the spanking with the hairbrush had stopped.

“Get up both of you,” Mrs. Bowman ordered.

Nina stood up and rubbed her bottom and watched Hannah do the same, both facing each other, both naked, both with tears rolling down their cheeks, both glad to be standing and able to rub their sore stinging bottoms. Nina saw Hannah’s breasts bouncing as her hands rubbed quickly and realised her own breasts will be as well. Nina turned to see Steph giggling at the sight of the two women rubbing their bottoms. Nina didn’t care she was naked and crying in front of the Hayley’s Mum and sisters. She was hurting is all she knew and cared about just then.

A moment later Nina heard the noise and shuddered. Surely not. She turned and saw Hayley with the cane in her hand, swishing it though the air, staring with laughing eyes at Nina who gulped, and seeing for sure that it hadn’t been a joke. Hannah’s Mum really was going to cane Hannah and Nina expected to be caned herself as well. Nina looked at Hannah who was looking at Hayley swish the cane and licking her lips. Nina knew straight away Hannah had never been caned before otherwise she wouldn’t be licking her lips but, like Nina, would be fretting at the pain she was about to suffer.

Mrs. Bowman ordered, “Steph, Hayley, move the chairs closer together and sit on them facing each other.”

Nina watched the two sisters push the chairs closer together and sat down opposite each other and then look up expectantly. Their Mum ordered, “Hannah you go across Hayley’s lap and you Nina go across Steph, and I want your bottom’s both facing the same way so I can cane you together.”

Seconds later Nina was lying across Steph’s lap and looked to her side to see Hannah looking back, not smiling now nor licking her lips, more in trepidation. Nina smiled in support but must have looked surprised when she felt Steph’s leg go across the back of her knees so she couldn’t move her legs, and felt both her arms pulled up and bent back in half nelson’s so Steph held her in place vice like. Nina looked across at Hannah and saw that Hayley had done the same to her. She was momentarily diverted by the delicious sight of Hannah’s breasts bulging out in front of her and how her nipples were taut. The 18 year old might look worried about being caned for the first time but Nina knew she was still aroused and reckoned the 18 year olds pussy will be as wet as her own. Nina so wanted to lick Hannah’s nipples there and then but was held tight in position.

Mrs. Bowman snapped, “Six strokes for each you.”

There was a pause whilst the number of strokes to come sank in. Hannah gasped at the realisation she was about to be caned and dropped her head whilst Nina closed her eyes in submission for a few seconds before opening them and watching Mrs. Bowman’s feet to see where she was and to gauge when the caning would start. It was only six strokes she reckoned just like she would get in the morning before work, so no big deal for her really.

After a few moments Mrs. Bowman announced, “Steph, Hayley, hold these naughty girls tightly.”

Steph tightened her grip as Nina felt the light tap of the cane on her bottom. Nina looked sideways and saw Hannah again looking at her. There was a swish, a thwack, and Hannah’s face crumpled in pain her mouth opened and a shriek echoed around the room. A second later Nina heard another swish and thwack and as the pain spread across her bottom she knew the shriek this time was hers. Nina looked across at Hannah, saw the worry in her face, heard the swish and the thwack, saw Hannah’s face dissolve again and her mouth open and the scream fill the room. Nina had little time to think when she heard the swish and knew the thwack will follow and the pain will spread across her bottom again and she would be unable to prevent her own shriek. This time Nina kept her eyes closed knowing they were filling with tears and when she heard the swish she knew Hannah will scream in just a second. The inevitable shriek was followed by another swish, Nina felt the thwack, tried to jerk upwards but was held firmly in place, her arms bent high up her back until they hurt but still the scream escaped from her lungs.

There was no immediate swish this time. Nina heard Hannah crying, even heard her own sobs as the triple cane strokes had been so intense. There was an eerie silence for several moments, Nina looked across at Hannah but her face was creased up, and even through her own tears she saw tears running down Hannah’s face. Nina heard the swish and almost simultaneous thwack as Hannah’s face cracked up again and her open mouth let out the shriek, another swish and Nina felt the sudden immense burning spreading pain, another swish and Nina was thankful it would be aimed at Hannah and waited for the thwack and the scream. Straight afterwards Nina closed her eyes and waited for the thwack and the pain.

Nina had counted the strokes and if Mrs. Bowman kept to her word then there was one more each. The first swish and thwack was painless for Nina but the scream from Hannah was the loudest so far, and the next second Nina heard the swish, felt the thwack, knew the cane had struck on the crease between her bottom and legs, realised the pain would be extreme, intense, and it was, almost unbearable, but the pain came, spread, and finally settled. Nina twisted around but Steph held firm, held Nina firmly, her arms and her legs.

The seconds passed and there was no more swishing sound. Hannah was crying, Nina sobbed, but that was all that could be heard, until Mrs. Bowman said firmly, “Up you get you two.”

Nina waited for Steph to release her arms and her legs and when she was able to place her arms on the floor slowly eased herself off Steph’s lap and stood up, immediately rubbing her bottom, firm fast rubs. Nina looked across at Hannah who was also rubbing her bottom hard but jumping from foot to foot trying to kick the pain away. Nina looked at Hannah’s breasts and yes her nipples still stood taut, proud.

Mrs. Bowman said, “Girls, take Hannah to your bathroom and make sure she washes her face. You can give her a smack if she needs to be jollied along.”

The three girls left the room. Almost as soon as they were out of the room Nina heard the sound of a hand smacking a bottom and when Hayley said, ’Quicker Hannah,’ it was clear Hannah’s punishment wasn’t quite over.

Mrs. Bowman turned to Nina and said, “You can use my bathroom.”

Nina went to the sink and washed her face. She felt for the towel, got it, held the towel to her face and dried herself, turned, let her arms fall, opened her eyes, and looked straight at Mrs. Bowman who was smiling and said in a friendly tone, “Are you OK Nina?”

“Yes thank you,” Nina replied, and for no good reason added, “Sorry.”

Mrs. Bowman laughed and said, “No need to be sorry, not really, in fact I need to thank you. I know It was only six strokes so not too bad for you as I reckon you can handle far more than six, but six for Hannah was more than enough this first time. I will up the number soon enough, when Hannah is more used to the cane. “

“Yes, I get twelve or more quite often.” Nina looked more closely at a now smiling and even friendly Mrs. Bowman. Up to now she had seen rather more of Mrs. Bowman’s legs when across her lap or being caned than the rest of her but Nina saw an attractive face and in fact a to be a rather attractive woman.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Mrs. Bowman said, “I enjoyed spanking and caning you Nina, it was quite a turn on, like a real turn on.”

“Was it?” Nina knew it was a turn on for her but was surprised Mrs. Bowman felt the same way.

“Yes it was. Go on, feel me.”

Nina’s mouth dropped open, and Mrs. Bowman said sternly, “Feel me or feel the cane Nina.”

Strict Mrs. Bowman was back and Nina shot her hand forward and under Mrs. Bowman’s skirt and felt the hair around her pussy. No knickers. Nina hadn’t realised Mrs. Bowman wasn’t wearing knickers. One thing for sure was her pussy was wet. She was turned on, just as she had said.

Mrs. Bowman asked, “How about you Nina?” Nina was still naked so Mrs. Bowman easily cupped Nina’s pussy in her hand and with the other took her taut nipple between her fingers and squeezed until Nina gasped.

“No noise Nina, no noise,” Mrs. Bowman said sternly as she bent forward and pressed her lips against Nina’s, gently forcing Nina’s lips apart and her tongue shot in to Nina’s mouth, their tongues pushing the other, Nina felt the hand around her pussy move, the fingers enter her, easily as she was so wet. Nina did the same, her fingers seeking out the clit she so wanted to flick and caress just as her own was being pressed and teased. The two women were kissing hard and focused on giving the other woman a joy of joys, Nina felt her nipple squeezed hard again until she gasped, and felt the breast in her own hand but knew it was protected by clothes. Following the lead of the dominant Mum of her intern they caressed each other and as Nina came in glorious orgasm so she heard Mrs. Bowman gasp in equal joy.

The two women held each other, both breathing heavily, kissing the others neck, Nina still naked, Mrs. Bowman still clothed, well except for her knickers. Nina looked in to her eyes, Mrs. Bowman’s eyes, and it dawned on her that she had just done with Mrs. Bowman what this morning she had done with Hannah. A Mum and her daughter, not together but on the same day. Wow. Mind blowing. Nina smiled and the smile was returned. Two women, the 42 year old Mum of three who spanked and caned her daughters’ boss, 38 year old Nina, and now Nina had been joined in orgasm with both her and her daughter on the same day.

Mrs. Bowman asked, Nina, “Do you think Hannah will need to be spanked like you, I mean until she’s 38 years old or even older?”

Nina replied, “I think she will Mrs. Bowman, I am sure of it.”

Mrs. Bowman nodded her head and said reflectively, “Yes, I thought so as well,” then added smiling, “But I have two very willing helpers.” A few seconds later Mrs. Bowman brightened up again and said, “I just want to say though, I really enjoyed today, you, I really enjoyed you. Disciplining you was such a turn on. I mean when you cried out it was like the best sex. Do you understand?”

Nina replied happily, “Yes, I enjoyed it as well, even the cane. The pain you caused me to suffer made the tenderness afterwards special. It’s just … well you see .. erm,”

Mrs. Bowman laughed. “Yes Nina I am sure you have done the same with Hannah haven’t you?”

Nina blushed. Mrs. Bowman said smiling, “Nina, you blushing is such a giveaway. I don’t care if you have done the same with Hannah you know. I just care you do it with me again. You can do it with Hannah but I want you to promise we will do it again together. I will phone you and you will come and see me. I will spank and cane you and then we will get intimate, very intimate. Understood?”

Nina smiled and nodded. “Yes, that sounds good, very good. What shall I call you Mrs. Bowman?”

Mrs. Bowman looked back at the 38 year old, the woman who was four years younger than herself, looked cross and replied, “You will always address me as Mrs. Bowman even when we are alone. Steph Hayley and Hannah call me Mum and you must know your position Nina, just like them.”

Nina gave Mrs. Bowman a kiss and said, “Understood Mrs. Bowman.”

Mrs. Bowman nodded, put her hand on Nina’s shoulder, pressed so Nina turned around, and as Hayley walked in to the bathroom gave Nina a hard smack on her bottom, and a second. Nina gasped and arched her back and knew her breasts struck out in front of her, saw Hayley smile, felt Mrs. Bowman’s hand on her bottom and waited. She didn’t get another smack, but heard the instruction, “Right Nina, get dressed and come downstairs.”

Mrs. Bowman and Hayley left the bathroom. Nina was alone and saw her clothes on the bed and got dressed. She played over what had happened in her mind. She still couldn’t get over having been so involved with a Mum and her daughter. She recovered her composure and walked downstairs and in to the living room. Hannah, Steph, Hayley and of course her beautiful dominant Mum looked up and they all smiled.

Mrs. Bowman spoke first, “If you two girls have learned your lesson there is dinner in the kitchen.”

Hannah and Nina went to the kitchen and when alone Nina asked, “Are you OK?”

Hannah beamed back, “Yes Nina, I really didn’t mind the spanking and now I’ve been caned and like it stings when it happens, but now my bottom is lovely and sore and you know, I think I could take six more.”

Nina smiled and said happily, “Don’t take it too fast Hannah. Let it all take its course, you’ll get more strokes as time goes on.” Changing the subject Nina said, “ I heard Hayley smack your bottom.”

Hannah huffed, “Yes, I wasn’t so happy about that but if I know my Mum she’ll have both of them spank me in future. Still, I guess I’ll have to accept it.”

Nina went back in to the living room with Hannah and said she needed to go but went up to Steph and Hayley and said thank you and sorry, and went up to Mrs. Bowman and promised to be a good girl.

Mrs. Bowman saw her to the door and said after Nina had stepped outside with a wagging finger, “Be good Nina, for a while, then I will see you again. Understood?”

Nina did understand. It wasn’t a question. It was an order, and one Nina will undoubtedly follow. Her pussy was already wet at the thought of being with Mrs. Bowman again, strict, dominant, and intimate, the inflicter of pain and sex. The thought of that combination made her want to masturbate immediately and she would do when she got home. She couldn’t wait.

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