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Nina and Makalea Meet the Step Daughters

Makalea comes to stay with Nina again but annoy Ella and Nicole and both get spanked
Makalea was staying with Nina again, hoping to renew her acquaintance with Nina’s Mum, Mrs Lynn, but instead found Ella and Nicole in charge of their step mother and her. So 38 year old Nina and 20 year old Makalea were under the disciplinary control of 18 year old Ella and 17 year old Nicole. Whilst initially Makalea thought it ridiculous that the two younger girls had control over her that didn’t stop them spanking her. Nina was also right, of course, that the younger girls knew how to spank their older charges very hard indeed.

Right now though 20 year old Makalea experiencing first had being spanked by 17 year old Nicole, at the same time Nina was across 18 old Ella’s lap. Both were just a few painful minutes in to a hand spanking with the promise of the hairbrush and cane to follow. Even whilst was being spanked she unable to avoid listening to the crack of her younger step daughter’s hand on Makalea’s bottom. Of course she knew better than anyone just how strict Ella was and that two spanked bottoms were a natural consequence of their attempt to annoy the two teenagers.

It was two weeks earlier that Kasmira telephoned Lynn and asked if Makalea could come and stay again.

“Of course,” Lynn replied.

Kasmira explained wearily, “You know Makalea got a duplicate spanking when she got home?”

Lynn answered, “Yes, so I understand. I’m surprised Makalea wants to come and stay again.”

“Oh I think she reckons your strict approach is what she needs.”

“Well in that case I will be just as strict again.”

“Yes do Lynn,” Kasmira said lightly, “And be sure to tell me about each time you spank my daughter so she can be spanked again when she gets home.”

“I will be sure to Kasmira,” Lynn said laughing.

Nina had a particularly busy two weeks at work, travelling from Client to Client making presentations and winning work. She was always dressed smartly in one of several executive suits she owned, felt good in them, and their expensive feel always helped her to succeed whilst at the same time making her opponents less confident. It had been a stress filled two weeks with her in charge of the various sales pitches and she was short tempered snapping orders but everyone accepted her attitude as she was a winner.

As successful as it was she depended more and more on her Mum doing the housework and cooking her meals when she got home, and as she had done for years treat the 38 year old like a teenager. Nina had been so busy she had only fallen foul of her Mum’s rules twice in those two weeks which each time led to a trip each time across the maternal lap for a long hard spanking. Nina spent both nights masturbating as she replayed those punishments time and again lying on her tummy and making herself cum. Still, having been spanked only twice in two weeks she hankered after some more time across her Mum’s lap, and preferably being sent to bed early so she could spend the night masturbating. She reckoned that with Makalea around she will soon get her wish.

The day Makalea was due to come was the first day’s rest Nina had had in those two weeks. She dressed in her favourite weekend attire. A tight vest top and a comfortable short skirt that showed her bare legs off beautifully. Of course whilst she favoured this style when relaxing at home it meant whenever her bottom or legs were spanked she had to change to a more demur style. Anyone who knew her could tell immediately the 38 year old had been disciplined.

Makalea spent the same two weeks doing her usual non stop shopping and seeing friends so was looking forward to a change of scenery and time with the ever so strict Mrs Lynn, Nina’s Mum.

Makalea made the journey to Nina’s house, being dropped off by the chauffeur. She was wearing a very pretty strappy summer dress, low cut showing her voluptuous breasts the dress just tight enough to show off her curves, and the hem very short so also showing off her bare legs. Nina looked at the 20 year old and had a pang of envy at her curvaceous body and Nina had to admit she looked stunning. Add to that her confident nature, maybe even over bearing nature, but still she was a beauty.

Nina told the chauffeur to bring her cases in to the house and Nina was reminded of just how arrogant the 20 year old was. However she quietly smiled to herself as she listened to her arrogant tone as she knew something Makalea didn’t. Nina waited for the chauffeur to leave and for Makalea to unpack before telling her.

Nina sat on Makalea’s bed and explained, “Listen up Makalea, there has been a slight change of plan.”

“What?” Makalea snapped.

Nina was about to snap back as the 20 year old was being her usual rude self but then calmed down knowing what she was going to say would upset Makalea even more. “My Mum had to go away all of a sudden.”

Makalea’s face fell and she was honestly upset.

Nina allowed Makalea to dwell on the fact for a few moments before continuing, “But Mum has arranged for someone else to be responsible for our behaviour.”

Makalea looked up and asked quickly, “Who?”

Nina replied, “My two step daughters.”

Makalea shook her head and said in a questioning tone, “I don’t understand. You have step daughters?”

“Oh yes,” Nina said matter of factly. 18 year old Ella and 17 year old Nicole.

Makalea still didn’t understand. “So who is going to be responsible for our behaviour then?”

Nina smiled. “Ella, assisted by Nicole.”

Makalea exploded. “What, an 18 year old?”

Nina said calmly, “Yes, and a 17 year old.”

Makalea exploded, “That is ridiculous. They are far too young.”

Nina continued, “Not really Makalea. Both of them have spanked me.”

Makalea stared at 38 year old Nina. After a few moments she said, “Don’t be daft.”

“I’m not. Believe me, Ella gives a really hard spanking and when she uses the hairbrush my eyes really water. Nicole as well.”

Makalea swallowed hard, trying to assess her feelings. It was Mrs Lynn she came to see, and to be spanked by not some snotty nosed teenager. Still, she was here now so what could she do?

Nina saw the look of disappointment in Makalea’s eyes and said, “It’s not all bad Makalea. The girls have lots of friends and so there are always lots of people around and that can be nice.”

Makalea smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Well OK then, but what if we get spanked and their friends are still here, how humiliating will that be?”

Nina replied, “So far if I earn a spanking when her friends are here Ella has given me a ‘Wait till they have gone,’ look and when we are alone she puts me across her lap.”

Makalea said testily, “I wouldn’t like to be spanked in front of a whole lot of teenagers, especially when I am being spanked by a teenager.”

“So behave and it won’t happen,” Nina replied as testily.

Makalea calmed down and she and Nina discussed the clothes Makalea had brought with her. Nina had forgotten how condescending Makalea could be and before long Nina was ready to scream at the 20 year old. Just in time though Ella and Nicole arrived with six friends.

“Nina, Makalea, can you come down and meet everyone,” Ella called up.

“Come on Makalea, best not to keep Ella waiting.”

Makalea looked far from happy to be at the beck and call of an 18 year old but followed Nina downstairs where they were met by eight teenagers.

Nina spoke first to her step daughters. “Ella, Nicole, this is Makalea.”

Ella and Nicole held out their hands and Makalea shook each in turn saying, “Pleased to meet you girls.”

Ella and Nicole then pointed to each of their friends in turn calling out their names. Nina knew each girl but Makalea nodded but instantly forgot their names. They weren’t important she reckoned to herself. All she did remember was a gaggle of teenagers dressed in similar but different tight clothes. They mainly wore sleeveless tops, some with tie fronts, others in buttoned shirts, and some so short they left their belly buttons clearly on show. Mini-skirts were standard of course and as it was the middle of summer everyone had bare legs.

After the introductions Ella led all the teenagers in to the garden where they stripped off their tops to reveal bikini’s as they lay by the pool. Nina glanced at the different styles of bikini and particularly liked the stretch low rise knickers with o rings and ties leaving a gap so the whole of the leg was visible and the halter neck bikini tops were very sexy.

Nina and Makalea looked at each other and decided that maybe they should get changed and sunbathe as well. Minutes later Nina came down in her favourite tie bikini top pulled just tight enough for her bust and matching tie bottoms. Makalea, being larger, wore a lovely under-wired bikini top with adjustable straps that supported her voluptuous breasts and her briefs were just tight enough to stop her hips overflowing. Both wore fashionable sunglasses and both dressed to look fabulous as they went out in to the garden and sat on a couple of chairs quite close to the teenagers. The teenagers gave the women a stare before laying back in their chairs and enjoying the sun.

Nina supposed it was inevitable. Most of the teenagers were skinny things so when Makalea got up with her luscious curvaceous body some of the teenagers made signs to each other that clearly showed they were jealous of Makalea’s looks. Makalea spotted a couple of ‘knowing’ winks and said pointedly, “Jealous are you sweetie?”

The teenager glared back in a superior way and said off handedly, “What, of you? No, you must be joking.”

“Really? I bet the men prefer my curves to yours.”

Ella could sense trouble and said sternly, “Makalea stop that bickering.”

Makalea turned towards the 18 year old and said, “She started it you know.”

Ella stood her ground and replied, “I don’t care who started it Makalea, I am asking you to be quiet please.”

Nina decided she better help out before things got out of hand. “Makalea, come back here and sit down. Hayley didn’t mean anything by her comments.”

Makalea only got more incensed. “Yes she did.”

Ella decided action was needed and went over to Makalea and said, “Can we please discuss this indoors, now.”

“Why should I?” Makalea countered.

Ella turned on her and said, “I am quite happy to discuss this out here but I think you will prefer we spoke in private.”

Nina echoed her step daughter, saying, “Yes Makalea, let’s go inside.”

Makalea gave in and stamped her foot but turned and walked towards the house. Nina followed and Ella followed them both. The teenagers made comments amongst themselves loudly enough for Makalea to hear as the three of them went indoors which didn’t help matters.

Ella closed the door after her and stood glaring at Makalea. “How dare you,” she said sternly.

Makalea said as firmly, “Look her young missy, it wasn’t my idea you were put in charge was it?”

Ella smiled wickedly and said, “No, but I am in charge and you have been very rude.” Makalea froze as Ella took her arm and stepped up to her as she landed the open palm of her hand on the back of Makalea’s bare leg. Makalea grunted, scrunched up her eyes, but calmed down. She looked sheepishly at Ella swallowing as she realised she found being told off by the teenager rather sexy.

“Sorry Ella,” she said.

“OK, but I am not happy,” Ella said as she pulled her hand back again, Makalea saw the hand held back but didn’t move to avoid it as once again Ella’s hand smacked the back of her leg this time even harder. Makalea groaned but stood still as Ella again raised her hand, this time smiling at the 20 year old as once again she smacked her leg hard. Makalea let out a short whimper and bit her lip as her leg stung from the hard smacks.

Ella was strict for sure and undaunted by the fact Makalea was a larger girl then herself nor that her 38 year old step mother was watching. In fact she relished the fact Nina was there and more importantly staying silent, respectful.

Ella looked at Makalea and said sternly, “Now be better behaved or you and I will have a more painful discussion after my friends have gone. Understood?” Makalea looked at Ella as she stood almost wanting Makalea to be rude again.

Makalea nodded and Ella, satisfied she had the 20 year old under her control, went back outside to her friends.

Makalea looked at her legs in the mirror saw the red hand marks and rubbed her legs. “She is strict Nina isn’t she?”

“That’s what I told you Makalea but you didn’t listen did you.”

“I’m listening now,” Makalea said still rubbing her leg, looking out in to the garden at the strict 18 year old wondering when she will get her bottom spanked. Makalea did want to be spanked by her now and her pussy was damp at the thought of it. She hadn’t expected to feel anything like this but now she has felt the 18 year olds firm hand she wanted to know what it was like to be across her lap.

Nina saw the distant thinking look in Makalea’s eyes and knew what she wanted, to be spanked by Ella. Nina didn’t mind but had a yearning for some punishment herself and her pussy was as wet as Makalea’s when Ella was smacking the 20 year olds legs. Her thought was that a double spanking would be fun, Ella spanking her and Nicole spanking Makalea. All Nina had to do was work out how to make that happen. The friends will be around for another few hours but if she can get the dreaded Ella ‘Wait till they are gone,’ look then the spanking can be given before bedtime and there will be a whole night to look forward to for masturbating.

Nina asked Makalea, “What do you think of Nicole?”

“I haven’t really spoken to her. She seems more aloof than Ella.”

“Yes, but she spanks just as hard.”

“Does she?” Makalea asked.

“Sure she does, and I have firsthand experience, many many times in fact.”

Makalea smiled at the 38 year old who was talking so openly about being spanked by her 17 year old step daughter. She realised what Nina was getting at.”You want to be spanked today don’t you?”

Nina smiled broadly. “I guess,” she replied. After a moment she added, “Just like you, eh Makalea.”

Makalea smiled back and nodded. “I’m up for it. You are sure though it will be after all those brats have gone?”

Nina smiled at Makalea’s description of all the teenage girls as brats because that is exactly what she thought of Makalea. “Yes, that’s what has always happened before.”

“Ok, what shall we do?”

Nina was now thinking like a conspirator just like at work when she will scheme with her sales team when making a pitch. Makalea and Nina both looked out in to the garden. Ella was seated and chatting to Nicole, nodding her head towards the house which Makalea took as suggesting Ella was telling her sister she had just smacked her legs.

Nina saw Makalea stiffen and said quickly, “Let them talk Makalea, it will just rev them up to spank us later on. Just keep calm or else you might make them spank us in front of their friends.”

Makalea half listened and said, “But you said they never have yet?”

“No, not yet.”

Makalea nodded her head still thinking.

Nina suggested to Makalea, “Why not go back outside and relax. We need to be calm for a few hours but after that I suspect someone will make a comment and you can answer back.”

Makalea did just that. Nina stayed inside. Makalea didn’t know how to stay calm so when almost immediately she heard two of the teenagers making a comment about the size of her breasts she sat up and said loudly, “Just because I have larger breasts than you doesn’t mean you can make comments like that.”

The teenager looked at Makalea and shrugged.

Makalea continued, “An apology please.”

“No way,” the girl retorted.

“Now listen you poor Bitch, I’m very rich and deserve your respect.” Makalea said.

“I beg your pardon,” the girl retorted.

“I said you are a poor bitch and.. ,” Makalea repeated but was stopped by a very angry Ella who snapped,

“How dare you be so rude, you will get a spanking for that.”

Nina had just come out as she heard the furore, but was horrified to hear Ella threaten the spanking in front of everyone. Nina looked around at the teenage girls all of whom looked stunned and even speechless, but that at least showed none of them knew Ella spanked her.

However Makalea made matters worse when she panicked, turned to Nina and said frantically, “Nina, you said I wouldn’t get spanked in front of this lot.”

Ella was furious as she turned on Nina. “What does that mean Nina? Are you playing games with me? If you are then you are asking to be spanked as well.”

Nina was about to protest when in unison several of the girls shouted out, “Spank them spank them spank them.”

Makalea was stunned and turned around wanting to run away but Nicole stood up and grabbed her arm saying firmly, “Stand still Makalea.”

Makalea froze, looked in to Nicole’s eyes and saw a hardness she hadn’t seen before.

Ella called out, “Can we have two chairs please, out here.”

Nina wanted to protest but there was a growing frenzy amongst the teenagers and she knew her plan had gone badly wrong.

Two chairs were brought out and Ella said to Nina, “Go and get two hairbrushes and two canes, senior ones.”

Nina gasped at the threat, well promise actually, of the cane as well as being spanked in front of all these teenagers. Her hand covered her mouth to stifle a scream as she looked from face to face of the smiling teenagers, toothy smiles, real ones, and they were relishing the thought. Nina ran in to the house and in to her Mum’s bedroom, quickly got two hairbrushes and two senior canes, and ran back downstairs. The two chairs were already in place with Nicole seated in one and Ella in the other.

Makalea was standing in front of Nicole whilst Ella was on the phone. “Yes Kasmira, Makalea has been really naughty and in front of some of my closest friends.”

“That is not good Ella, you are right my daughter must be punished. What do you think she deserves.”

Ella was enjoying herself. “Well Kasmira, a spanking for sure, on her bare bottom.”

“Of course, and the hairbrush as well no doubt. Makalea rarely has a hand spanking alone anymore.”

“Agreed Kasmira. I was thinking though the cane wouldn’t go amiss. Six strokes.”

“Well if Makalea has been that naughty then I would prefer twelve or even eighteen strokes.”

“HHmm, you are probably right. I tell you what, shall I ask Makalea?”

“Do that,” Kasmira said.

Ella looked at Makalea and asked, “How many strokes would you get at home for being so rude.”

Makalea said quietly, “Twelve or eighteen strokes Ella.”

“Louder Makalea, I can’t hear you.”

“Eighteen Ella, most likely.” Makalea was blushing as she was forced to humiliate herself.

Ella said in to the phone, “Well she thinks eighteen strokes Kasmira.”

“Then eighteen strokes it must be. Will Nina be getting the same?”

“Of course she will Kasmira. I will be disciplining Nina and Nicole will deal with Makalea.”

Kasmira said firmly, “Will your friends be watching, I think they should.”

Ella announced, “Yes Kasmira, I think they both deserve to be punished in front of my friends.”

Kasmira said, “When Makalea is caned I often have her bend across one of the servants laps rather than grab hold of a chair. I think it is far more humiliating. What do you think Ella?”

“Yes Kasmira, I like that.”

Ella ended the call and looked at the now distraught Nina and Makalea and ordered, “Bikini’s off you two and be sharp about it.” When Nina and Makalea were both about to argue Ella said firmly, “Two extra strokes for every word you say.”

Nina and Makalea’s mouths dropped open but neither uttered a word. They looked at Ella, both knew she meant what she said, and slowly their arms went behind their backs and unclipped their bikini tops. As the two tops slid down their arms the watching teenage girls whistled and laughed as the two older women, one 20 years old so just older but Nina 38 years old so old enough to be their Mum, blushed a deep red as the bikini tops fell to the ground, their breasts swaying freely, sexily, their nipples already taut in anticipation.

The teenagers shouted in unison, “Knickers off knickers off,” as Makalea and Nina stepped out of their bikini bottoms and let them fall to the floor as well.

“Hands on your heads,” Ella ordered sternly and Nina and Makalea both put their hands on their heads standing fully naked in front of the giggling audience of teenage girls.

Ella asked her friends, “Shall we spank them now?”

The girls repeated in unison, “Spank them spank them spank them.”

Ella and Nicole winked at each other and Ella ordered, “Right, across our laps, now.”

Nina cringed. It was just a spanking she had wanted, a good hard one but just a spanking. A spanking in private. Now look. She was getting the hairbrush and the cane. Talk about a good plan going badly wrong. Nina stepped forward and bent down across Ella’s lap. The grass being so close to her face was different to carpet but the close up to Ella’s bare legs was so very familiar.

Makalea bent across Nicole’s lap, a first for her, but she reckoned ruefully the first but certainly not the last time she will be across the 17 year olds lap.

Nina heard the sound of the spank on Makalea’s bottom a split second before Ella spanked her bottom and as spank after spank hit the stinging spread across her bottom. Nina knew Makalea will be equally suffering from her own hand spanking whilst all the time she heard the chattering of teenage girls who were really enjoying the unexpected spectacle.

Ella said above the sounds of the spanks, “None of these are counting Nina until your legs are spread apart, you know that.”

Nina reacted immediately and opened her legs wide apart. The chattering increased in tempo, with an increasing number of comments about her pussy, and Makalea’s pussy, both of which were already glistening with sex juice.

Makalea didn’t mind the spanking so much as it being carried out in front of so many girls younger than herself. Even being spanked by a 17 year old was now acceptable as she knew the spanking was just about as hard as any she had ever received. Her legs were already well apart and her pussy was also glistening in clear view to several of the teenagers, and the same teenagers watched aghast as the 20 year olds bottom and the tops of her legs were turned red.

Ella and Nicole concentrated on spanking the bottom lying across their laps but had moments of looking at each other encouraging the other to spank harder. The girls watching did their bit as well chanting that the spanking should be harder and harder.

Nina kept her legs well apart knowing the teenagers will be glancing at her very private area but now the spanking was underway she was enjoying the thought of some of the girls at least finding the sight of her glistening pussy erotic, at least as erotic as she was finding the spanking.

Makalea was gasping as her spanking proceeded apace. She kept looking sideways and saw Nina’s bottom bouncing to the tune of the hand that was spanking her which she found so arousing. This was the first time she had been spanked alongside another person and the sound of the double spanking was erotic. Sometimes Makalea would also look sideways and saw the smiling faces of the teenage girls looking on and that aroused her as well.

Nina heard the order, “Please pass the hairbrushes,” and after a short gap she felt the wooden back of the brush tapped on her bottom, then another gap, and finally felt the hairbrush brought down hard on her already stinging bottom. Her head bucked, her legs kicked, she screamed out in pain, and registered the echo of Makalea’s scream as her bottom was spanked with the hairbrush. Nina felt a flutter through her pussy as her bottom stung more and more. Whilst the pain intensified she was also sure that if any of the teenage girls were looking closely enough at her pussy they will see her sex juice dribbling down her leg.

Makalea struggled with the hairbrush as she looked intently at the back of Nicole’s leg, slim and sexy, and delighted at the feel of her thigh muscles tensing as the 17 year old powered the hairbrush down from a height to crash in to the 20 year olds beckoning welcoming bouncy bottom. The pain was matched by the orgasm brewing inside of her waiting to explode and she knew it would only be a matter of time.

Nina and Makalea relished the spanking even whilst the stinging spread right across their bottoms and both could feel tears running down their cheeks.

Ella could see the tears running down Makalea’s face and when she looked at her sister Nicole made a crying gesture and pointed to Nina. Both teenagers were delighted they were teaching their older charges such a good lesson and the cane still beckoned. The spankings continued for several minutes before Ella nodded to Nicole and both teenagers agreed now was the time for the cane.

Ella was smiling, knowing the tear filled eyes of Nina and Makalea won’t see but the happy teenage audience will. She ordered, “Get up you two, it s time for the cane.”

Nina edged off Ella’s bare lap and Makalea did likewise, both standing, their hands by their sides clenched in fists, both desperate to rub away the stinging. Makalea saw through her tears that Nina didn’t rub her bottom so as she didn’t want any extras she kept her hands to her sides. Ella looked at the watching teenage girls and announced, “Becky, Hayley, you sit on our chairs please.”

The two girls squealed with delight and slid easily on to each chair. Ella ordered, “Nina, go across Becky’s lap, and you Makalea go across Hayley’s.”

Nina and Makalea both allowed themselves lingering looks at the bikini clad teenagers, both eyeing their pert breasts and flat stomachs until their eyes settled on their bare laps. They both bent back down across the girl’s bare thighs which were pleasurably cool against their own warm tummies. The two girls held their charges by the waist and the other hand on their back to enforce an element of control that sent quivers through Nina and Makalea’s pussy’s. Nina wriggled a bit to get herself comfortable and made sure her legs were well apart and her red bottom pointed upwards at just the right angle for Ella to land the cane right across her bottom. Makalea wasn’t in quite the right position for Nicole but after a strict word and a couple of taps of the cane from the 17 year old Makalea altered her position quickly enough. A couple of taps of the cane on her thighs had Makalea spreading her legs apart sharpish.

Nina decided she rather liked being across a bare thighed lap to be caned as it was far sexier than kneeling on the bed on all fours or even lying flat on a bed. However it was hard to see how this can be repeated without more and more people watching her being caned. Her train of thought was abruptly broken though when she heard Ella’s stern voice announce, “Eighteen strokes each Nicole.”

Nina took a deep breath and raised her bottom slightly, presenting herself for her caning. Ella tapped the cane three times on Nina’s bottom, raised the cane high, and with a whoosh sent it down hard on to Nina’s bottom. Nina gasped. The first stroke of eighteen. Nina breathed in again, raised her bottom again and prepared herself mentally for the next stroke.

Makalea tensed when she knew Nicole had raised the cane and yelped when the cane bit in to her bottom. It stung and Makalea’s whole body tensed as the pain spread across her bottom. Makalea stared at Hayley’s bare legs thinking again how pretty they were as she wriggled her bottom to dispel the pain and then relaxed momentarily tensing again when she knew the next stroke was on its way.

The caning was so different for Nina and Makalea although for both the caning was sexual, orgasmic.

For Nina being disciplined was about the pain, enjoying it, revelling in it, as her pussy got wetter and wetter. More though it was a release from the pressures of work as all decision making and responsibility was removed. She just had to lie there, present her bottom, be caned, and enjoy the angry stinging across her bottom. For her the caning was the foreplay to sex, an orgasm growing inside her but not released as she would spend the night masturbating again and again as she played the punishment over in her mind. The harder the caning the better, and the more strokes the more times she will masturbate.

For Makalea it was different. She had no responsibilities to be released from. The pain generated her sexual feelings in a much more direct way. Each stroke was like the thrust of a penis inside her, and each thrust took her towards an orgasm. She welcomed each stroke and by the sixth she let out a gasp that was her orgasm, a loud lingering gasp that the watching teenage girls thought was the result of a particularly well struck stroke but to anyone who enjoyed being punished as much as Makalea does will know it was nothing other than an orgasmic gasp. And just like sex when the penis continued to thrust in and out inside her so Makalea had a second orgasm and by the eighteenth stroke, the one Nicole gave with a particularly fierce flick of the wrist, Makalea enjoyed her third and best orgasm.

Whilst the two were different what was the same was that both Nina and Makalea were crying after the first half dozen strokes and their chests were heaving by the eighteenth. Even so both were satisfied in their own way. Nina’s pussy was soaking wet and she was so looking forward to tonight and masturbating. Makalea was breathing heavily from her orgasms her pussy was soaking with her sex juice and she also knew she would masturbate tonight but then she did every night. Both will rub their bottoms and run her fingers along the weal’s as they enjoyed the stinging pain knowing it would make their orgasms better, more satisfying.

“Up you get and you can rub now,” Ella ordered and Nina and Makalea slid off their respective laps feeling the girls bare thighs as they balanced themselves and knew both thighs were now far warmer, heated by their tummies as they pushed down with each stroke. Becky and Hayley were both giggling and had enjoyed having the older women across their laps and giggled more openly as they watched Nina and Makalea rub their bottoms right in front of them, their breasts swaying and their glistening pussy hair so clearly on show.

Nina became conscious of whispers from the teenage audience. She just made out that some of the girls had noticed Makalea’s sex juice flowing out of her as her legs were wide apart and her pussy clearly on show. Nina hoped no one thought the same of her but then did it matter, not now so many teenagers had watched her being caned and still watched as she rubbed her bottom with tears flowing down her cheeks on to her chest and down her breasts. At 38 she was old enough to be the mother of each and every teenage girl here, and in a strange way being spanked in front of them turned her on again.

Ella’s voice was strong and demanding as she scolded the two naughty women. She turned to Makalea first. “Now young missy, you will apologise to Hayley for being so rude.”

Makalea blushed as she turned to the teenager who was trying to look stern but wore a broad grin and said to her, “I am so sorry Hayley and will not be rude to you again. I hope you agree I have learned my lesson.”

Hayley waved Makalea away saying, “I suppose.”

Ella turned to Nina and said sharply, “And you Nina, apologise to me and Nicole for trying to play us.”

Nina was used to apologising to her step daughters after a spanking and said with her usual good heart, “Sorry Nicole, sorry Ella, and thank you for teaching me how naughty I was. I deserved to be spanked and caned.”

Nina watched the faces of some to the teenagers in her line of vision and saw how shocked they were, presumably at seeing someone old enough to be their mother apologising to a couple of teenagers. Maybe they wished they had that power over their own Mum’s she wondered.

Ella looked at both Makalea and Nina in turn. “Right, now you have been punished you will stay naked for the rest of the afternoon but you will sunbathe with the rest of us so your, erm, fingers don’t wander.”

The teenagers were agog again when they saw how deeply both Nina and Makalea blushed. It left nothing to their imagination. Well, most of them masturbated from time to time.

Unfortunately for the two chastened women their ordeal wasn’t yet over. Having to stay naked was bad enough but Ella’s mobile sounded. It was Makalea’s Mum Kasmira again.

“”Yes Kasmira, I have punished them both, they both cried, still are actually, and their bottoms are very red and lined from the eighteen strokes each …. Yes Makalea was rude to Hayley but she has apologised … Do you think so? …. Yes I have two dog collars and leash’s … Well if you think Makalea should be spanked by Hayley and a couple of the other girls then OK, and I will have the other three spank Nina.”

Ella ended the call and smiled as she looked at Nicole and said, “Kasmira thinks we should put dog collars on them both, and leash’s, and allow three girls to spank each of them.”

“Cool,” Nicole said happily as she disappeared inside.

Ella snapped, “Hands on your heads you two.”

Makalea had already suffered the humiliation of wearing a dog collar and leash at home when she was last grounded. Makalea looked at Nina and they both looked worried. Each had the most awful stinging bottom and knew being spanked again would be painful. Nevertheless both felt flutters in their pussy’s and their nipples went taut again and each knew the other was up for whatever was going to happen. Nicole came back out of the house with the two dog collars and leather leashes handing one set to Ella. Moments Nina and Makalea had collars fastened around their necks and leather leashes which hung down between their breasts. They still had their hands on their heads and looked quite a sight. The teenage girls ogled the older women and waited to see what would pan out.

Ella said, “Hayley, you sit back on the chair. We have lots of time so we can deal with one at a time.”

Hayley sat on the chair whilst Ella gave Makalea her instructions. “Stay with your hands on your head Nina and it will be your turn next. Becky first for you.”

Nicole took hold of the leash attached to Makalea’s dog collar and said, “Down on all fours Makalea.” Makalea blushed as she lowered herself to the ground and looked really uncomfortable being held by the leash in Nicole’s hand and when she gave a tug Makalea obediently allowed the 17 year old to lead her towards the seated smiling Hayley. Makalea looked at Hayley’s legs as she got closer, again admired the shape of her calf and the shape of her toes, beautifully painted in a red that matched her bikini. As her head was about to touch Hayley’s leg Nicole pulled on the leash, the collar tightened around Makalea’s neck and she jerked to a halt.

“Stop,” commanded Nicole emphasising the instruction with a sharp spank with the leather looped end of the leash. It stung. Makalea wanted to shout out she wasn’t a dog but stayed quiet as she realised her nipples were taut and she realised that she was very turned on by being led by the leash and controlled just like a dog so now she focussed instead on the beauty who she knew was about to humiliate her. The teenage girl sitting on the chair in a skimpy bikini.

Makalea remembered the instructions Ella gave her, looked up at Hayley squatting on her haunches much like a dog would do, and asked, “Please Miss Hayley, I know I have apologised but will you please put me across your lap and spank me for a full ten minutes?”

Hayley looked down at the crouching 20 year old and said gaily, “Of course I will sweetie,” being an intended put down using the same term Makalea had used on her when being rude, It wasn’t missed by Makalea as she looked in to the teenagers deep green eyes and was now turned on by the display of power.

Worse was to come. Hayley put her hand close to Makalea’s mouth and Makalea again followed Ella’s instructions and wrapped her lips around one finger and licked and sucked it, followed by each finger in turn and finally licked and sucked the palm of Hayley’s hand which itself was wrapped around Makalea’s face. The hand that Hayley will soon spank her with. Makalea was humiliated as she knew she would be whilst the on-looking Nina was turned on knowing that she will have to do the same.

Nicole tugged the leash and Makalea was manoeuvred across Hayley’s lap. Hayley rubbed Makalea’s red bottom running her fingers along some of the wicked looking weals.

Nicole said, “Listen up Hayley. No matter how hard you spank Makalea she can take harder, will have taken harder, many times, so spank as hard as you can.” Hayley nodded as she continued to rub Makalea’s bare bottom.

Nicole asked Makalea, “How often are you spanked Makalea?”

“Once or twice a week, at least Nicole,” she replied.

Hayley’s mouth dropped open slightly and several of the teenagers gasped with surprise.

Nicole continued, “In fact, according to her Mum Makalea gets quite a kick out of being spanked. Go on Hayley, run your finger along her pussy and tell everyone what you think.”

Hayley’s eyes opened wide and she smiled as she placed her finger at the bottom of Makalea’s pussy slowly pressing her finger down and along the wet squelchy pussy lips. Hayley let out a surprised, “My goodness she is really turned on by being spanked. That is just so awesome.”

Makalea closed her eyes hating that an 18 year old is running her finger along her wet pussy and knew she would her cum wishing a hole would open up and swallow her. Makalea was already so close to cumming as Hayley’s finger got close to the top of her pussy making Makalea shudder and let out a gasp that everyone there recognised was an orgasm, just like one engineered by any girl by her own fingers normally in the privacy of her bed. Makalea slumped as her orgasm waned, humiliated on the one hand but ready for the spanking across the 18 year olds lap. Hayley spanked Makalea harder and harder and one had to say enthusiastically.

Makalea accepted her punishment just as she always did, knowing each stinging spank will take her closer to her next orgasm. She also knew that when she got home her Mummy will be giving her another spanking for every spanking she received whilst staying with Nina. She also knew she will be made to wear a dog collar and leash again although she had to admit she found it so sexy. Makalea knew there were plenty of dog leashes at home and began to wonder which ones would be put in her bedroom for future use and hoped it would be a leather collar or perhaps a leather choker collar decorated with silver studs and a long leather grab leash which would be used to spank her if she disobeyed whoever was handling her. Her thoughts were cut short though by the ever increasing pain of the spanking. Although Hayley was using her hand it was very painful being spanked over the cane weal’s and the 20 year old was crying after only a couple of minutes even as another orgasm was welling up inside her. Before dissolving into a humiliating crying state Nina did reckon this wasn’t bad for her first day at Nina’s. She was sure she will be spanked again, several times, and wondered if Ella spanked harder than Nicole. She hoped to find out.

Nina watched still with her hands on her head and the leash hanging between her breasts, her pussy on show. She was getting more and more aroused at the thought of her own upcoming spanking, three in fact, another thirty whole minutes being spanked and several more being humiliated in front of all these teenagers licking fingers and being walked like a pet dog. Nina knew she would be unable to stop herself having repeated orgasms whilst she was across the bare thighs of the bikini clad teenagers whenever they ran their fingers along her pussy. She looked across at Becky who will be the first to spank her, looking sexy in her bikini. Nina accepted Becky will run her finger along her pussy and tell the teenagers watching just how soaking wet it was as well. That will be so humiliating for the 38 year old. Nina thought ruefully how her wish for a spanking had led to one spanking from Ella plus the wooden backed hairbrush and the cane and now three more spankings across the laps of three teenage girls. Nina reckoned though it was still a win because she will have the most wonderful night masturbating and knew Makalea would as well.

Hayley was well in to spanking Makalea when Nina glanced up and saw the faces of some of her neighbours at their first floor windows. She groaned to herself. They knew very well that she was spanked regularly by her Mum but didn’t think they knew her step daughters also spanked her. Now they did and there would surely be a conversation very soon when she will have to admit everything to them. Now though she looked back at Makalea and the pretty Hayley who was spanking her so hard and knew Makalea had already had one orgasm as she kicked and squirmed on the teenagers lap.

Ella went up to Nina, took hold of the leash and pulled her face near to hers saying sternly, “You and Makalea will be sent to bed early tonight.”

Ella started at Nina as the spanking continued behind Ella. Nina nodded in acceptance but that was just what she wanted anyway and would allow them both to masturbate all night.

Ella then continued, “First thing in the morning both you and Makalea will receive another eighteen strokes of the cane on your bare bottoms to reinforce your lesson for being so naughty.”

Nina groaned. That wasn’t so good particularly as she planned to go shopping with Makalea as short skirts will be out of the question. However Nina thought guiltily to herself that whilst Ella and Nicole will expect the second caning will ensure good behaviour from her and Makalea, Nina knew that will only be for a day or two at best before she and Makalea will be ready to earn their next spanking.

So on balance Nina was really very pleased with the way the day had turned out after all and loved her chosen life style. Being 38 years old and still spanked on her bare bottom was pretty good stuff really.

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