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Nina Finds Love and Discipline

Nina meets her ideal man, and is disciplined by his daughters
It was a chance meeting. 38 year old Nina was doing her favourite pastime, shopping for clothes, when 18 year old Ella came up behind her and asked

“How have you been Nina?”

Nina spun round, recognising immediately the stern voice of the teenager.

“Fine erm thank you Ella” she stammered, looking around to see who might be within hearing distance, knowing she was blushing. Luckily no one was nearby so she continued

“Fine, and well behaved” she added with a more confident smile.

Ella wasn’t going to be outdone and said

“So no need to be put across anyone’s lap and be soundly disciplined then?” with a smirk, louder than Nina would have liked, but she knew she had been put in her place by the teenager, good and proper.

“That’s right Ella” Nina replied, losing the smile, suddenly showing the 18 year old much more respect than someone of her age would normally get from her, particularly if they were a junior at her office.

“That’s better” Ella said first looking very cross and then relaxing in to a smile and laughing. “What are you looking at then?” Nina relaxed as well and gladly showed Ella some of the clothes she was going to try on.

Ella suggested “why not try them on with me and I can tell you what I think. I’d enjoy that.”

“Really?” Nina said with a smile adding “OK then” and grabbed the clothes and they both went to the changing room. Nina got undressed down to her bra and knickers and pulled the first dress over her head, freezing when she felt Ella’s hand slip inside the back of her knickers yanking them down to her thighs.

“Just checking you really have been a good girl Nina” Ella said, rubbing the 38 year olds bottom, giving it a light pat, and said

“Good girl, no marks” before pulling the knickers back up.

Nina pulled the dress fully down and turned to face Ella knowing her face was a deep red, but saw that Ella ignored what she had just done and said

“Nice dress Nina, it suits you” with a wicked smile.

Nina smiled back and tried the rest of the clothes on. Ella gave her suggestions which Nina actually agreed with and decided what purchases to make. When outside the shop Ella asked

“Where now?” to which Nina replied

“I’ve bought what I need so I’m ready to go. How about you?”

Ella answered “oh I’m going home. Are you catching the bus?”

“No, I’ve got my car.” Nina added “can I give you a lift maybe?” half hoping the teenager would accept her offer as she liked the girl, albeit she was actually slightly scared of her knowing she can be a strict young thing and all, remembering clearly the spanking she had already received from her. On reflection she thought how funny that was, her a successful manager but now feeling anxious about an 18 year old who she knew might want to put her across her lap and spank her at any moment. Maybe she wanted her to.

Nina smiled when Ella said

“Hey that’s very nice of you. Thanks that would be great.”

They made their way to the car park and once in the car Ella said

“I enjoyed spanking you the other day Nina.”

Nina bit her lip and replied

“Well I don’t know about fun as it hurt, but you certainly know how to spank hard” and then smiled as she saw the beam on Ella’s face. That certainly broke any ice that was left and they chatted happily on the drive.

When they got to Ella’s house she said

“if you’re not doing anything Nina why not come in for lunch. Nicole and Dad are there.”

Nina thought for a second, remembering Ella’s 17 year old sister had given her several spanks as well, but nevertheless said

“Sounds good Ella.”

They both got out of the car and went in to the house. Nicole and their Dad, Harold, were in the lounge and Ella made the introductions.

After a while Ella and Nicole went upstairs and Nina and Harold were left alone. They hit it off immediately. Nina hadn’t enjoyed a conversation so much with a man for ages, and felt so at home with Harold, wondering whether she should mention the party on Saturday and ask him out. She decided to.

“Will you come Harold?” she asked.

He responded immediately “Yes I would love to, and the following day I’m going to friends for Lunch, you must come” and was delighted when she accepted. They parted that afternoon as friends and over the next month saw each other several times each week, mainly alone but also staying in and having the odd meal with Ella and Nicole so Nina got to know the two teenagers very well.

It transpired Harold and Nina had something else in common, well sort of. Harold already knew that Nina was disciplined at home by her Mum. Ella and Nicole had told him how they had disciplined Nina at Mrs Shackleton’s. So with that connection Harold had confided in Nina that in his house it was slightly different, to the extent that he is also disciplined although in his case it is by his daughters. Nina was surprised and asked how that came about.

Harold said “Well when their Mum was alive I was regularly disciplined by her. It was something I just accepted. When she passed away it left a void, but the very next time I did something wrong, in this case forgetting to pick Ella up from a club, my daughter asked the question ‘what would Mum have done Dad?’ and when I answered ‘spank me’ Ella quickly said that as the oldest female in the house that was now her job. I was taken aback but looking at her she sounded and acted just like a younger version of her Mum so I listened to her as though she was her Mum. She took me by the arm and led me over to a chair and she already had the hairbrush in her hand. I looked at her sitting on the chair with a teenage pout on her face looking all cross with her hands on her hips and when she told me to drop my trousers I did. She huffed and said ‘and your pants Dad’ and before I knew it she lent forward yanked my pants down to my ankles and I fell across her lap. The next moment I was having my bare bottom thoroughly spanked with Nicole watching. That was just a year ago now and they have disciplined me ever since, which I am ok with, well actually really fine with” he concluded.

Nina said “and Ella has learnt how to spank so hard in less than a year?”

“That’s Mrs Shackleton for you, their Aunt” Harold said laughing. “Of course you know her well don’t you” he added, laughing loudly now.

“Yes I do” Nina replied, smiling but thinking ruefully how much her trips across her lap hurts. “Mind you, at least I met Ella and Nicole there and who knows maybe if I hadn’t met them you and I wouldn’t have met.”

“Very true” Harold said leaning over and kissing Nina.

Over the weeks they had been going out Harold made a point of telling Nina whenever Ella or Nicole had spanked him, and she sympathised, whilst she told Harold when she had been spanked by her Mum. They were both surprised just how regularly one or other of them earned a spanking. Nevertheless the space between each spanking for Harold markedly increased, probably because he was so besotted by Nina and let other things slip, and one Friday Ella phoned Nina at the office and complained about her Dad’s conduct and hoped she would encourage him to behave himself better. Nina tried to defend her boyfriend causing Ella to turn quite testy, and as the conversation became more heated so others at the office started to listen in. At the end of the conversation Nina was asked who that was she was speaking to and replied

“That was the daughter of my boyfriend would you know, his daughter, what an attitude.”

Nina heard a whispered comment behind her “well I bet that is one teenager who will be toast as soon as Nina gives her a tongue lashing.”

Nina looked down at her work and blushed, knowing in reality she was the one more likely to end up with a toasted backside from the stern teenagers. She hadn’t argued with Ella or Nicole since becoming involved with Harold, but Ella insisted they all have lunch the following day and she wondered just how that discussion would go. What would she do if one of the girls demanded to spank her she wondered?

Nina arrived and at first all went well, Ella and Nicole welcomed her and it appeared Ella had calmed down so maybe today won’t be a problem. In fact Harold and Nina were going to announce over lunch to the girls their intention to get engaged.

They all sat around chatting for a while before Ella announced

“Right, we’ll get started on lunch. Will you two please lay the table” directing her comment at both Dad and Nina. The two teenagers went off and Nina stood up saying

“Better get the table laid before they get back.”

Harold agreed and stood up as well saying

“True or else they will tan us for sure” and laughed. Just then his mobile went and he answered it. Nina listened to a discussion on football, not her favourite topic but she wasn’t going to be rude and interrupt.

Two minutes later and Harold finished the call and explained to Nina who the phone call was with. An old friend from school and they were going to meet up soon. Nina asked about the friend and soon they were in animated discussion both telling the other about their old school days.

Suddenly they were shocked out of their discussion by an annoyed Ella who shouted

“What is this? Lunch is almost ready and the table isn’t laid” and with that went to the cabinet and got out the cutlery.

Harold said all concerned

“No problem Ella, we’ll do it now” to which Ella responded sarcastically

“Don’t you worry Dad, you just carry on your discussion, which you could have done whilst laying the table but no, you didn’t, so we will have a discussion after Lunch.”

Nina could tell from Harold’s face what that discussion was going to entail. They watched as Ella continued to lay the table, and the unspoken question was answered when Ella placed a wooden backed hairbrush on the corner of the table, and Nina looked rather more surprised than Harold when Nicole laid a cane over the armchair. During lunch Nina kept glancing at the hairbrush and occasionally at the cane, much to the amusement of the teenagers but nevertheless the chat flowed during the meal and Harold still announced his intention to marry Nina.

“That is great” both girls gushed. Nina was delighted the news was so well received.

Before they knew it though the meal was over. Ella stated

“We’ll clear up afterwards but we need to deal with Dad now” before looking at Nina and adding “at least.” Nina blushed knowing she had failed to lay the table as well.

“OK Dad, grab the chair for the cane.”

Harold got up and walked over to the chair and without even being asked undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor before yanking his underpants down to his ankles and grabbing hold of the chair, sticking his bottom out as far as he could, and waited. Nina watched as Ella stood up, walked over and collected the cane, walked back to position herself behind her Dad, tap his bottom a couple of times with the cane, and asked

“What’s this for Dad?”

Harold answered “for not doing as I was told quickly enough.”

“Or in this case Dad?” Ella asked with a tone displaying her lack of patience with her Dad.

“Sorry Ella, of course on this occasion not doing it at all” he said trailing off towards the end.

“Exactly Dad, leaving me to do your job for you, didn’t you.”

“Yes dear, sorry” he said quietly, knowing an apology was not going to save him from his punishment.

“Sorry, yes I am sure you are. Look at Nina Dad, also sorry I suspect.”

Harold turned around whilst still grabbing the chair and looked at Nina who was now blushing, working out what her reaction should be. She looked at Ella who looked so dominant, in control, furious, about to cane her Dad. As she looked so the teenager tapped her Dad’s bottom again with the cane, pulled her arm back, and with a flick of her wrist thrashed the cane downwards, there was a whoosh of air, the craaaccckk of bamboo on bare skin, Harold’s bottom caved in as the cane hit home, Harold gasped, his body tensed, he yelped, the cane bounced away from his bottom leaving a wicked red welt, his bottom cheeks bounced back, Ella smiled at the reaction, positioned herself, and made ready to give her Dad the second stroke which she delivered just like the first but with what must have been more strength as Harold yelped even louder but kept his grip on the chair, although struggled more with the third stroke, lifting one leg in the air indicating the pain was really getting to him.

By the eighth stroke Harold was crying out after each stinging whack and after the ninth he said his first meaningful “sorry.”

Ella made ready for the tenth stroke but whilst the cane was in the air Nicole lent across to Nina and said in to her ear

“He’s taking it well don’t you think?”

Nina looked at the 17 year old and whispered

“Very well indeed.”

One thing Nina knew was she was getting so aroused by watching Harold being disciplined. Just the way she feels when she is being disciplined, at least once the pain subsides.

She repeated “yes he is, very well indeed.”

However she was also feeling uneasy as the strokes were very hard and kept thinking how she too had failed to lay the table.

“Nina” Nicole said and Nina turned to look at the 17 year old and even though she wanted to watch the caning Nicole held her gaze and so she only heard the whoosh of the cane followed by the crraaaccck as it hit home again and Harold’s yelp.

Nicole said directly to Nina “you are as bad as him aren’t you Nina, you didn’t lay the table did you?”

Nina bit her lip nodded and replied “I guess I am. I’m so sorry about that Nicole.”

“Is sorry enough Nina? Or should you be punished as well?”

There was another whoosh, crrraaacckkk, and yelp as the next stroke hit home, and this time the sound of a sob.

“Should I?” Nina asked, spellbound by the gaze of the 17 year old.

“I think so” Nicole said adding “and you are going to be family aren’t you.”

“Well yes I will be won’t I” Nina was half listening to the caning and was conscious of several more strokes and yelps as her gaze was held by Nicole.

“So you deserve to be disciplined don’t you, just like Dad, eh Nina?”

She conceded she was going to be disciplined and asked “What, with the cane?”

Nicole smiled and answered

“No, I think across my lap, bare bottom, with the hairbrush on the table. Don’t you?”

Still mesmerized Nina said “ok.”

“Go and get it then Nina, and bring it to me.”

This time Nicole spoke more forcefully, the decision taken, giving her no time to change her mind. Nina went to the table, picked up the brush, and returned to Nicole who took it from her as she sat in the chair she had already turned in to the room.

“Skirt off please” Nicole ordered, and soon enough Nina had unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

“Knickers down Nina” Nicole ordered and Nina pulled her knickers down to her ankles, bending her legs allowing Nicole to see her pussy, but not concerned as so many women had seen her pussy before disciplining her. She stood up and looked at Nicole, knowing she will soon be across her lap, being spanked by a 17 year old.

Nicole looked across at Ella and Nina followed her gaze.

Ella said “spank her until she is red raw Nicole, no holding back, she is naughty and needs to learn we are not to be messed with.”

Harold looked across at Nina, still bent over and grabbing the chair, giving Nina a supportive look, nodding, and Nina nodded back, taken aback by the redness of his eyes. Neither saw the look Ella and Nicole gave each other, the look of control, of being in charge of the two adults.

“OK Dad, eighteen is enough so you can watch” Ella ordered and Harold stood and turned around.

“Hands on your head Dad” she ordered and as he stood there with a tear stained face, sniffing now and again, his trousers and pants kicked off whilst being caned so naked below the waist and his erection for all to see. Nina gasped when she saw it, thrashed so hard but still aroused, but knowing that she was already aroused herself, and so wet.

Ella and Nicole gave themselves a deliberate look, satisfied, knowing in Nina they had found their Dad a soul mate, and one who will accept their discipline.

“Across my lap Nina” Nicole ordered and Harold’s erection stiffened, he swallowed hard as Nina settled across his daughters lap, her hands on the floor for balance, Nicole’s hand on Nina’s back, her right hand rubbing her bottom, before her hand was raised and brought down hard on her left bottom cheek, then her right bottom cheek, Nina letting out small gasps as spank after spank fell on alternate bottom cheeks and the smacking sound got louder and louder. Nina was soon squirming around on Nicole’s lap as several dozen spanks landed on various parts of her bare reddening bottom and the tops of her legs.

Nicole rested rubbing her bottom and the tops of her legs, down between her legs and edged her legs apart. Slowly she ran her finger along Nina’s bottom crack, just as Ella had done at the shop, and as she passed over her bottom hole she pressed down and Nina gasped and lifted her bottom to try to increase the pressure, inviting Nicole to press again which she did. Nina lifted her bottom further not caring two teenagers were in charge nor that their Dad was watching. She was aroused and could not stop herself.

“That’s naughty Nina” Nicole snapped as she withdrew her hand and gave her a couple of dozen hard spanks. Nina gasped again when she slid her hand between Nina’s legs and ran her finger along her pussy looked at Ella and nodded which Ella and Harold both knew meant she was wet, soaking wet actually.

“Very naughty indeed Nina” Nicole said even more vigorously and picked up the hairbrush, tapped Nina’s bottom, and then raised it before smacking it down hard on Nina’s already sore red bottom and after several more spanks Nina started to sob and tears flowed down her cheeks. What Ella and Nicole and Harold all realised though was that Nina didn’t resist. She lay across the 17 year olds lap and took every last spank as she sobbed and cried until dozens of spanks with the hairbrush later Nicole stopped. Nina was crying freely, her bottom burning, her legs still apart, her pussy on view.

Nicole let her lie there for a while before saying “Ok Nina, up you get” and raised her arms as the 38 year old slowly got up, still crying. She stood in front of Nicole and without waiting put her hands on her head, now fully respectful of the 17 year old even though she desperately wanted to rub her bottom.

Nicole looked across at Ella, handing over control to her older sister.

“Right you two” Ella ordered and waited for both to turn to look at her, their faces concerned, not sure if their punishment was over.

“Learnt your lesson?” she demanded.

“Yes Ella” both Harold and Nina said together.

Ella gave them both a long look before relaxing her body and saying in a kinder tone

“Ok then, both of you go upstairs. Nicole and I will clear up the lunch things then we have an errand to run for about an hour.”

Nina and Harold both said their thanks again to Ella and Nicole and went upstairs, both feeling too sore to wear clothes, neither concerned they were naked below the waist in front of Harold’s daughters, neither spotting the smirk and broad smiles of both teenagers as they saw the two adults scurry out of the room whilst rubbing their red bottoms as fast as they could.

Harold and Nina went first to the bathroom to get some cream and then to Harold’s bedroom. Once in the sanctuary of Harold’s bedroom they held each other and kissed, Harold’s erect penis pressing against Nina’s bare skin and after a few moments both were laughing again, glad their punishment was over, both aroused by both their own thrashing and having watched the other being thrashed. Soon they were helping each other out of their remaining clothes and clinched again, both naked, both caressing the other. They had done this many times before and knew each other’s bodies well but this was the first time they had made love after both had been disciplined and laughed louder as they each kissed the others burning bottom.

“Shall I rub cream in to your bottom Harold?” Nina asked but Harold replied

“Later, I need to have you first” and with that they both fell on to the bed, still in each other’s arms, kissing, cuddling, caressing, stroking, hugging, petting, Nina taking his stiff penis in her mouth licking his tip then enveloping it whilst he licked her wet pussy, edging his tongue inside her, her breathing becoming deeper, heavier. They were so in tune with each other, so knowing what the other wanted, enjoyed, demanded, and when they were both ready Harold edged her legs apart, his penis in position, a quick movement from Nina and he was inside her wet pussy, both gyrating in time together, Harold waiting for the long loud gasps that told him she had come before allowing himself to explode inside her both screaming in ecstasy.

They lay in each other’s arms still kissing and fondling and caressing each other when they heard the front door close and realised the time had flown by and that must be the girls coming back. They quickly dressed although realised their clothes below their waists were still downstairs. They looked at each other and laughed, thinking they were going to have to go downstairs and face the girls naked below the waist.

“Do you think they will notice?” Nina asked and they both laughed again.

They walked downstairs both naked below the waist and in to the lounge to find Ella and Nicole who were momentarily taken aback seeing the two adults only half dressed. The girls giggled and the two adults laughed.

Ella was the first to speak.

“So Nina, Nicole and I were discussing family matters and decided we need to establish some ground rules, the most important being about discipline. Your discipline in particular.”

Wow Nina thought. Here she was, 38 years old, with a very red and very sore bottom, still bare in fact, and this 18 year old wanted to set some ground rules. They had only announced they were getting engaged an hour or so ago yet here she was being asked to consider how the teenagers should discipline her. She had to face facts though. If her Mum wasn’t going to be there to keep her well behaved then she needed someone else to, so she decided to act big and accept the inevitable. Nina said “Well I know that being put across your lap is embarrassing and humiliating for me and, well, like standing facing the wall with my hands on my head is not what would normally happen to a woman of my age, but over the years it has done me a lot of good, so I suppose I need that to continue”

Ella butted in with “and you find it arousing don’t you Nina, sexually I mean.”

Nina licked her lips knowing she simply wasn’t going to get anything passed the 18 year old. She looked at the floor and said quietly

“Yes I do Ella.” Talk about being humiliated.

“Exactly” Ella said sharply and added “so don’t try to con me, understood?”

Nina looked at the teenager and nodded.

“Not good enough Nina. If I ask you a question I expect an answer, not a rude nod. Now, do you understand me Nina?”

Nina looked worried, felt worried, was worried. The teenager knew how to command obedience.

“Yes Ella” she said “I do understand.”

Nina decided she better make amends and continued

“What are my choices then Ella?”

Ella smiled looking at her pussy and ignoring her state of undress before answering

“Well I think a mixture of the hairbrush and the cane Nina.” She let that sink in then added with a laughing tone as though mocking Nina and said “I don’t mind giving you a choice though so long as it is painful and teaches you a lesson. What would you prefer then as our primary punishment tool? A few strokes of the cane, say between 6 and 24 depending on how naughty you have been, or several dozen with the hairbrush, maybe 75 to 150 spanks.”

Nina thought for a minute then licked her lips as she realised she was getting wet again at the very thought of it, forgetting her bottom was sore as she remembered watching Harold being caned, the sight of his enormous erection after he had received eighteen strokes, and said

“Well maybe you could mainly cane me in future Ella” and then turned to Nicole and added “and you of course Nicole.”

Ella said “good choice Nina but maybe we should cement the decision and give you the cane now. Let’s say it was because you didn’t answer me properly before. Yes, that deserves a good caning. What do you say?” Nina knew it wasn’t a question, nor was ‘no’ an acceptable answer. She was going to be caned.

“What, you mean six of the best?” Nina said trying to be light hearted, now putting her hand on her warmed bottom. She was getting more and more aroused at the thought of being spanked again, even so soon after being thrashed.

Ella kept a straight face when she said

“No, I was thinking twelve” and then added “of the very best.”

Nina looked at the teenager and asked a question she had been wondering about

“That time we met at the shops, it wasn’t by chance was it, you met up deliberately didn’t you?”

Ella grinned and said “that’s right, when I spanked you at Mrs Shackletons, Aunty, and saw how you accepted your punishment, even at 38 years old, I knew you would be a perfect match for Dad.”

“I see, but your Mum spanked your Dad, but I wasn’t going to do that?” she queried.

Ella laughed and said “of course not Nina, we didn’t need that because Nicole and I dispense the discipline here. We needed someone who was going to accept our authority, like you are now.”

“I see, well yes we are a match then aren’t we” Nina said looking at Harold and smiling when he nodded and smiled back knowing that as successful a Manager as she was at the office, and as good she was at manipulating her staff, she had been outplayed by the 18 year old, turned and outmanoeuvred. She almost couldn’t believe it and wondered what else the teenager might get her to agree to. One decision had been made though. The cane will be what the teenagers use on her. It wasn’t just a decision on the choice of implement. It was much more because now she had stated her preference she was by implication accepting being disciplined by Ella and Nicole forever. Ella and Nicole knew that as well.

Nina looked at Ella and Nicole her stepdaughters to be and licked her lips again and glanced at Harold who nodded in encouragement. She turned back to Ella and said quietly

“Ok Ella, twelve it is with the cane” and the two teenagers beamed as now them disciplining her was a given.

Ella smirked and said “right Nina. So, the cane is back in my bedroom hanging up inside my cupboard. Please go and get it” and as Nina was about to turn to leave the room Ella added “get used to the walk Nina as I suspect it is one you will be making a lot.”

Nina nodded swallowing hard thinking seriously about her future being disciplined by the two teenagers as she left the room and went upstairs. She found the cane quickly and held it in her hands, flexing it, swishing it once, and again felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter at the thought of receiving it across her bare bottom. She had been caned often enough by her Mum but somehow this was more exciting, sure she will be caned when she is naughty, as before, but this time she will have Harold to caress her afterwards, to help the pain subside whilst making hot beautiful love, at least so long as her stepdaughters don’t punish her in some other way to prevent that she thought but only momentarily.

She went back downstairs wanting to get her caning over with and handed the cane to Ella who stood up, looked Nina in the eye, and said

“You do know Nina we discipline Dad because we love him and we will discipline you because we love you as well.”

Nina gave the teenager a mischievous smile and said

“What, and because you think we both get off on it Ella?”

Ella smiled back playfully and said

“No Nina, not at all” and when Nina blushed Ella added

“No Nina as I thought I made clear before, not because we think you and Dad get off on it but because we KNOW you both get off on it.”

Ella laughed gave Nina a hug kissed her on the cheek and said

“Welcome to our family Nina, I know it will be fun for all of us.”

Nina realised Ella was admitting that she and no doubt Nicole as well got off by dishing out the discipline. Nina smiled and felt so at home at that moment. She had an erotic twinge between her legs but the smile was quickly wiped off her face when Ella commanded

“We will be fair but very very firm indeed and make no mistake we don’t accept excuses Nina, and no second chances, so as you need to be caned for being rude you will go and grab the chair right now.”

What a sting in the tail that comment was Nina thought but she acknowledged the friendly exchange was over and it was back to the business of her being disciplined. She took a deep breath knowing this was her future as she went over to the chair and bent over. As she bent over she almost laughed now she realised how true her thought was, only it was going to be her tail being stung when that cane bites in to her already spanked bottom.

“Stick your bottom out Nina, as far as you can” Ella said sternly and as Nina stuck her bottom out she was aware of her heart pounding. Ella stood behind her and slipped the cane between Nina’s legs and flicked the cane from one inner thigh to the other instructing

“Legs apart Nina” and as Nina shuffled her legs apart sensing herself being totally dominated by the 18 year old she felt Ella’s hand rubbing her bottom and it felt so good.

Ella ran her finger down her bottom crack pressing her hole hard and Nina gasped and before she could recover felt Ella’s hand on her pussy, enclosing it in her hand and feeling how wet she was leaving her fingers on Nina’s pussy and her thumb pressing on her bottom hole. Next moment Ella said

“So it’s turning you on, eh Nina, you naughty girl” saying a moment later “you know Nina this is the first of many many times you will be in this position, your bare bottom stuck out in to the room, legs apart, your wet pussy glistening, your bum hole stretched open, waiting to be punished, but don’t worry Nina, we will encourage you to be well behaved, just like now.”

Nina looked around at Harold who was smiling and had the most enormous erection, then at Nicole who was looking stern but equally very relaxed, and finally at Ella who looked the true strict matriarch, Nina acknowledging the 18 year old knew exactly what she was doing, knew exactly how dominating she was, and how much Nina was anticipating the discipline she will be receiving in future from her, before turning away sticking out her bottom even further inviting Ella to cane her hard and waited for the first stroke, showing the respect she now had for her stepdaughters who were the ones very much in charge.

This is part of the Nina series

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