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Nina Gets Spanked for Lying

Megan spanks and canes Nina after she is caught lying
38-year-old Nina was still back home although her Mum was away and she was under the disciplinary control of her 18-year-old niece Megan. Nina woke and immediately felt the twinge of soreness right across her bottom and remembered the reason was the severe spanking her niece had given her the previous day. The third discipline spanking she had given her in just five days. Still, that was again behind her, so to speak, and Nina got up, looked in the mirror and saw the expected bruises splattered across both her bottom cheeks and the tops of her legs, smiled and got dressed, easing her knickers on just about bearing the tingling pain, and felt ready for the day. After all it was just this feeling, being reminded of her spanking every time she moved and certainly every time she sat on a hard chair that she loved so much about her lifestyle.

Nina was just about to go downstairs when her mobile phone rang and she answered it. Ella was on the other end and asked,

“Well Nina, have you been well behaved so far?” she enquired.

Nina took a deep breath. Ella, her 18-year-old stepdaughter, had full disciplinary control over her and her father at home and had warned her that if she got a spanking when staying with her Mum she would get another from her when she got back. She knew the risk but it was just habit to lie, so she said easily,

“I’ve been really good Ella, really I have.”

“I am glad to hear that,” Ella said, and then asked what she had done, and they had a normal mother daughter chat, except the 18-year-old Ella was the mother and 38-year-old Nina was in the role of the daughter. A few minutes later they said their goodbyes and Ella rang off.

Nina spent another couple of minutes getting ready for work and then went downstairs. Halfway down she heard the house phone ring. Megan answered it. Nina realised to her horror it was Ella. She stood just inside the lounge blushed when she saw Tom sitting on the sofa and listened.

“Oh yes you are Ella,” Megan said, “Auntie Nina’s stepdaughter. Hullo, how are you?”

There was silence then Megan turned to her Auntie Nina with a fierce look. “Unfortunately she was very naughty and has had to be spanked several times,” Megan stated into the phone. There was a gap again as Megan listened. Nina could only hear half the conversation. Still looking cross, Megan said indignantly, “Really, she said that, I have had very good reason to spank her, the last time was last night just before I sent her to bed.” Another silence until Megan said firmly, “Yes spanked by me as her Mum is away and I was left in charge of discipline.” Nina knew she was in trouble again when the conversation became quite intense. “I agree, lying is very bad... Naked, really because my boyfriend Tom is here... I agree it is her fault... Yes she should have thought about it before telling such a disgraceful lie... Yes, she does need to be punished... Well the cane does sound like a good idea... In her Mum’s cupboard, and you think 24 really? Yes I agree... Shall I call you back when I have punished her? I will talk to you then.”

Megan put the phone down and looked at her Auntie Nina and shook her head.

“You told Ella a bald faced lie Auntie Nina. How could you?”

Nina had her hand to her lips as they trembled, knowing what that meant, and had her other hand on her bottom knowing she was going to be punished again by her 18-year-old niece. She truly hated the cane. She enjoyed masturbating afterwards but the pain of receiving the cane never ceased to overwhelm her.

“Well, Grandma said I was in charge so I suppose I have to deal with this mustn’t?” Megan sounded reluctant, but really was excited and indeed thrilled at the chance to punish her Auntie yet again.

Nina couldn’t say anything. She knew the penalty for lying. She just had to stand there in front of her very cross niece, thinking how much the cane is going to hurt particularly as her bottom is still sore and bruised from the hairbrush yesterday. Megan looked as annoyed as she could, but was really enjoying the power she had over her Auntie. She liked Nina a lot, but this was something so new and exciting, to have an adult, her own Auntie no less, under her control, doing as she tells her to do without question, and best of all being able to discipline her, to cause her pain, to make her cry, at her whim. It was quite sexy really. She nearly had an orgasm as she instructed her Auntie.

“Right Auntie, Ella said you should be naked so take all your clothes off.”

“Please Megan,” Nina begged.

“Don’t argue Auntie because 24 strokes can easily become 36, you know.”

Nina looked at her niece who still looked very cross and knew she had better not argue any more. She had expected 12 strokes, so 24 was quite a shock, and the thought of 36 was, well, unthinkable. Nina scrunched up her face and started to undo the buttons of her blouse, slipped it off her shoulders and put it on the table. She looked at Megan hoping she could leave her bra on but the look on the teenager's face told her that was not going to happen so she unhooked her bra, slipped it down her arms and placed in on her blouse then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and finally she eased her knickers down and stepped out of them, putting them with her other clothes.

Feeling embarrassed standing naked in front of the two teenagers she tried to cover her breasts and her pussy with her arms. Nina daren’t even look at Tom, who she knew would be gawking at her body, and would be thrilled at the prospect of watching her getting spanked again. She figured his tongue was hanging out of his mouth as he watched her undress. Men paid good money to watch women strip, but he was getting it for free. Yes, he would be both thrilled and aroused of course. He never was able to hide the bulge in his trousers whenever watching Nina getting spanked. Goodness only knows what he was thinking mind you, then again Nina was so often perplexed by what men thought. Nina was shaken from her thoughts by the very sharp voice of her niece. Megan gave a wicked smile and instructed in a very stern tone of voice,

“Hands on your head Auntie, you naughty girl.”

A second later and Nina had her hands placed on her head so both Megan and Tom had a perfect view of a now very embarrassed Nina whose face was a deep red as she was forced to leave herself fully exposed for the two teenagers. She, at last, dared to look at Tom and saw the bulge in his trousers. She felt so humiliated, but on the up side at least the teenager thought she looked sexy enough to have an erection. Still, that thought became dwarfed by the rather more dreadful instruction given to her by a now very dominant sounding Megan.

“Go and get me the cane Auntie Nina. Ella said it had to be the senior one.”

Nina let out a sob as she turned and walked quickly out of the room conscious of two sets of teenage smirking eyes watching her already bruised and sore reddened bottom disappear out of the room. She went to her Mum’s room, opened the cupboard, saw several canes hanging on their hooks and took down a senior cane. She had considered taking a junior cane but if Megan showed her Mum she would know immediately she had tricked her niece and would no doubt feel the senior cane anyway. Nina made her way back downstairs and walked quickly over to Megan handing her the cane.

Megan took it and swished it a couple of times looking at Tom as she did so. The bulge in his trousers increased in size, confirming to Megan that she might just be able to convince her boyfriend that a touch of discipline might earn him what he had so often said he wanted. A hand job. She intended asking him later, after she had put her naughty Auntie Nina firmly in her place.

“Okay Auntie, face the wall for10 minutes please. To make sure you think properly about what you have done.”

Megan stepped over to her Aunt, grabbed her by the upper arm and forced her to walk over to the wall. Nina had to accept Megan’s authority and allowed herself to be walked quickly over, skipping to keep up at one stage as her angry niece scolded her. Nina faced the wall and groaned when she realised Megan still stood behind her and rubbed her bare bottom.

“Already bruised from the hairbrush spanking yesterday Auntie,” Megan said. “I guess this is what happens to naughty girls.”

Nina groaned when she realised Megan was going to smack her now as she faced the wall. Her bottom was still so sore from her spanking yesterday she knew this was going to hurt and when the first spank hit home she gasped, again and again, when all twelve hand spanks hit home. Tears welled up in her eyes and she knew she was going to pay dearly when her niece used the cane on her. How really silly she had been. Fancy lying. When will I learn? she asked herself.

 “Tom and I are going upstairs Auntie but make no mistake about it, move an inch and 24 strokes becomes 48 Auntie, understood?”

“Yes Megan,” Nina said to the wall as her nose was pressed hard against it and her hands were pressing down on to her head. How really stupid she had been.

Megan and Tom went upstairs and as soon as they were in Megan’s room she kissed Tom hard on the lips. She was going to ask Tom about his erection but didn’t need to.

“Megan, you looked so sexy,” Tom said, “smacking your Auntie, so sexy.”

Megan laughed. Suddenly it struck her that perhaps Tom’s erections weren’t because he was watching Nina get spanked but instead because he wanted to be spanked himself so she tried. “Do you fancy some of it then?”

Tom froze for a moment before answering with almost a stutter. “What, let you spank me?”

Megan felt his erection stiffen. “Yes, bare bottom, over my knee.” Tom licked his lips. “Then you get that hand job you have always wanted.”

“Really? Wow.”

Megan kissed him again, turned him around and when he didn’t object gave him a smack on his bottom. He bent forward as though asking for another and when she smacked him again.

“You naughty boy.”

Tom bent lower and Megan again smacked him. She had a plan. She would spank him later and give him his coveted hand job. The next time she would be more reluctant but still she would jerk him off. The third time though would be a discipline spanking and no afters which would then place him under her control to be spanked when she wanted to spank him. That would be great for when there was no Auntie Nina to spank. She laughed to herself at the thought. That would be the future though, as she still had Auntie Nina to deal with.

“Come on watch me give Auntie Nina the cane first.”

“Sure thing Megan,” Tom said, adding, “Then we can come back up here and you’ll spank me, and erm give me that hand job?”

“Yup I am going to spank that naughty bottom of yours good my lad,” Megan said and knew her knickers were moist and she was getting so aroused by the feeling of power. She put her hand up to his face, winking, saw that Tom knew what she was going to do and closed his eyes as she slapped him hard around the face.

“You better be good Tom, or else,” she said sternly, practically having an orgasm there and then.

“Yes Miss,” he answered, rubbing his face, and again the bulge filled his trousers. He wasn’t so sure now but looked at Megan and saw her power and decided he would do it. He would find out what being spanked was like. He had never been spanked before, ever, but was going to find out today though.

“Tom, I like being called Miss, so address me like that when we are alone.” Megan smiled wickedly at her boyfriend and was really enjoying the new found power she had.

The two 18 year olds went back downstairs to find a sniffing nude Auntie Nina still in position with her nose pressed against the wall and her hands still on her head. Megan lost no time and ordered,

“Over and grab the chair Auntie.”

Again Megan took her Auntie Nina by the upper arm and steered her to the chair. Nina took up the position she had taken up so often for both her Mum and her stepdaughter Ella. She had come to terms with it when facing the wall. Her tough 18-year-old niece was going to give her the cane and she was going to take it as well as possible. She bent over, grabbed the chair, and even stuck her bottom out as far as she could, and waited. She now ignored the fact she was naked as being just another humiliation she suffered for accepting that others controlled her and disciplined her.

Just then the front door opened and her Mum came in to the room. A very cross Mum. “Ella phoned me,” she said, then she looked at Nina and snapped, “And I can tell you young lady I am not happy I had to come home to make sure you are properly disciplined.”

Nina groaned as she looked down at the seat of the chair then glanced up towards her Mum, knowing see looked so immature bent over grabbing the chair, her bare bottom sticking out ready to be caned, and being scolded by her Mum. Nina often wondered at how she can be so successful at the office, in charge, telling other people off and making them jump through hoops, but at home she was the opposite. Her choice, she knew, but somehow she was always being caught out, never quite behaving well enough even if she didn’t want to be spanked. It was never her decision, of course, as she had freely given others the responsibility to decide when to spank her. Now though, she had been caught lying. That was unthinkable at the office and had never happened. At home it was quite different and with devastating and, oh so painful, results. Here she was bent over, naked, grabbing the chair, her bottom stuck right out waiting to be caned, and now her Mum had arrived and she was even more annoyed than her niece. Nina looked up again at her Mum from her bent over position and moaned when she saw her standing next to her. Her hand raised, the prelude to a stinging dozen very hard spanks with her open palm and then said to her,

“I am so cross with you Nina.”

Tom was open eyed as the 38-year-old woman had her bottom smacked by her Mum and his erection got even stiffer. He quite forgot he was going to be receiving a similar punishment from his girlfriend later as he slipped his hand in to his pocket so he could stroke his stiff penis and really enjoy the spectacle.

Megan's Grandma stepped away and looked at Megan. “Make them hard Megan. I really do detest lying.”

Megan smiled as that was exactly what she wanted to hear. She tapped the cane on Auntie Nina’s red bottom three times, pulled the cane back, and asked in a mocking tone,

“So Auntie Nina, what mustn’t you do?”

“Lie,” Nina replied and as she did she heard the swish of the cane as her niece brought it down hard across her bottom and Tom gasped as a white line appeared across both her bottom cheeks. Nina shrieked as she thought she had received one the hardest of cane strokes.

“Make the next one harder Megan,” Nina's Mum ordered.

Megan tapped the cane a few times on Nina’s bottom and again asked her the question,

“What mustn’t you do Auntie?”

“Lie,” Nina again replied, and then there was the inevitable swish as Megan brought the cane down hard a second time. Nina screamed out but didn’t get up. She stayed where she was and knew the penalty for standing up after a stroke. Anyway she thought this was another well deserved punishment and being watched by her Mum and her niece’s 18-year-old boyfriend was just a further utter humiliation for her. Ahead of each stroke Megan asked the same question before bringing the cane down with a swish across her Auntie’s bare bottom. Her Mum and Tom saw the ever increasing number of straight lines across her bottom.

As the strokes continued so Nina struggled. Sometimes she would bounce up and down on her toes to try to make the stinging pain go away, whilst on other strokes her knees bent and one raised one leg bent behind her, but whatever she did the pain only increased, her sobs grew louder, her pleas longer and more sincere. Megan on the other hand was loving the power and after every half dozen strokes ran her fingers across the weals which made her feel even wetter between her legs and Tom have an even stiffer erection. Grandma went over to Megan after the tenth stroke and whispered something in her ear. Nina couldn’t hear, but Megan smiled and asked, “Really, shall I?”

Megan gave a cruel smile as she tapped the cane on her Auntie’s bottom and asked the same question again, and when Nina gave a very wet “Lie,” she heard the swish just before the cane bit again in to her tensed bottom cheeks. Nina screamed out, bounced on her toes and after a while relaxed but as she did so Megan brought the cane down again which took Nina completely by surprise and she shrieked louder and could not stop herself standing up and grabbing her bottom which stung crazily. Nina knew immediately she had done wrong and quickly grabbed the chair again, sticking her aching bottom right out as far as she could. Megan laughed and was having none of it so after having a good look at her Aunties pushed out bottom with its dark redness covered in a whole host of straight lines she ordered Nina,

“Stand up Auntie and face me please.”

Nina groaned as she did as she was told. She looked at her niece and saw her holding the cane, could hear her controlled deep breathing, and wondered at how the 18 year old was able to dispense her punishment so ably. She respected the 18 year old for sure. Megan was quite bowled over though by her Auntie’s tear stained face which she had caused. Tom found Nina’s red eyes extremely exciting, and almost came when Megan said,

“So Auntie, what happens as you stood up?”

Nina was disconsolate but said sobbing, “The stroke doesn’t count.”

“Exactly Auntie,” Megan then asked, “And what happens because you rubbed your bottom without being told to?”

Nina groaned but obediently held out her hand knowing she must take a cane stroke across her palm. Megan rested the cane on her Auntie’s hand and looked her in the eyes, saw how red they were, how distraught, and felt elated knowing this was because of the way she was being disciplined. This was almost better than sex she thought.

“Across the palm Megan, not the fingers,” her Grandma said, and Megan nodded her head as she raised the cane and carefully brought it down sharply across her Auntie’s hand causing her to catch her breath sharply and yet another tear ran down her face.

“Hold the chair this time and as that last cane stroke doesn’t count there will be another 13 strokes to come Auntie,” Megan said sharply and bit her lip with a wide grin as her Auntie did exactly as she was instructed.

Megan really got into caning her Auntie and there followed a series of single strokes and double strokes but Nina never stood up again. What she did do was bounce up and down on her toes crying out “no, no, no, oohh, no, no,” but clung on to the chair for all she was worth. Megan was even more aroused as her Auntie suffered ever increasing pain at her hands.

Megan had dispensed 18 strokes when Grandma said sternly, “Young man, you are fiddling with yourself, which would normally get you a good spanking.”

Megan heard the comment and said, “Don’t worry Grandma, I’ve already told Tom he is getting a spanking afterwards upstairs.”

“Really?” her Grandma said with a smile. “Though spankings in this house take place in front of anyone who is around so I guess Tom gets spanked downstairs in front of me, and Nina although she will only be able to listen as she will be facing the wall after she has been disciplined of course, but you can go upstairs afterwards to help him recover.”

Megan and Tom looked at each other with very different feelings. That sounded perfect to Megan as she would be spanking her boyfriend very publicly with no chance for him to deny it happened. Tom was very unhappy as being put across his girlfriends lap and having his bare bottom spanked in front of her Grandma and Auntie was going to be so embarrassing. After all he had been watching Auntie Nina suffer at his girlfriend’s hands and didn’t know if he would be able to cope without crying. Still, he was thinking about Megan’s hand around his erect penis so accepted he would have to be spanked in front of the others. Megan saw the acceptance in her boyfriend’s face and even thought how transparent he was, putting his penis first in front of the humiliation of a public spanking. She was so going to make him suffer. Megan turned to her Auntie Nina and asked again,

“So what mustn’t you do Auntie?” and when the answer “Lie,” came the swish filled the air followed by the thwack of the cane on Nina’s raw sore throbbing reddened and weal ridden bottom cheeks, Nina bouncing up and down on her toes as she struggled to again hold on to the chair and wanted the pain to ease, although knew it wouldn’t. Megan had just a few strokes left to give and wanted them to take forever. She was enjoying the experience and wanted to repeat it, with both Tom and most very certainly with her Auntie Nina. Nina let out her loudest gasp when Megan landed the final two strokes as a double on her stinging bottom and her legs bent in relief as much as the pain itself. Nina wanted the pain to subside but Megan wanted to eke out the punishment and so ordered, “Right Auntie Nina, face me with your hands on your head.”

Nina sobbed as she had to suffer the indignity of again facing the two teenagers totally naked. Megan stood in front of her staring in to Nina’s eye. Nina was now nervous of the teenager but respectful. After all the 18 year old had done exactly as she should do, discipline her for lying which Nina knew was a no no. As Megan scolded her Aunt so Nina became aroused as she always did when she was being told off. She was turned on by her niece, but Megan spotted it, expected it in fact and said,

“Are you being aroused by being told off Auntie, because judging by your nipples I would say you are,” and she took a nipple between her fingers and squeezed hard, Nina winced as Megan squeezed her nipple and pulled her breast but Nina knew her nipples were taut and yes she was extremely turned on by the power her teenage niece had over her. She wanted to run upstairs there and then and use her vibrator on her pulsing vagina but knew that must wait and face her niece still with her hands on her head in such a humiliating stance. Megan stepped back and ran the cane up the outside of Nina’s leg, then down again. Nina wondered if she might yet receive more strokes of the cane because as she tensed at the feel of the cane so her nipples belied how aroused she was. Megan moved the cane between Nina’s legs and pressed it up against her hair mound only to have Nina gasp. Megan saw how to further humiliate her Auntie and said,

“Remember Auntie Nina,” and as she spoke she flicked her wrist and feather caned her Auntie’s inner thighs forcing Nina to ease her legs apart. Megan continued,

“Do not forget, you must not l-i-e” and between saying each letter Megan made a small upward movement of her wrist and the lightest of strokes brushed against her Auntie Nina’s vagina and drew a louder and louder gasp from her as she edged higher and higher on to her toes trying to avoid the cane hit such a sensitive area, whilst knowing that never before had she felt so humiliated and so aroused at the same time. Megan saw the look in her Auntie’s face and gave a final feather stroke before standing back and instructing Nina,

“Right Auntie Nina, 10 minutes facing the wall and do not move an inch. Oh and you will stay in all day and stay undressed. I want to see your bottom and I might be giving it a good smacking whenever I think you need it. ”

Nina turned immediately and raced to the wall and pressed her nose hard against it, her hands firmly on her head, tears running down her cheeks, her mind racing at how her 18 year old niece had disciplined her so completely whilst getting her so aroused. She heard Megan, Tom, and her Mum leave the room chatting about how well they thought Megan had administered the discipline and Nina knew Megan would be given the responsibility again. Nina hated the thought of it but couldn’t wait for it to happen again knowing Megan was a young lady who now commanded her respect.

When Nina thought she was safe she could not resist putting her hand between her legs to feel her very wet hair mound. She only meant to stroke herself for a second but as soon as she touched herself she wanted to release her sex and kept rubbing. She didn’t see Megan watching nor that her niece was aroused herself by the discipline she had given her and had her own hand down the front of her knickers touching her own very wet hair mound, and her phone recording her Auntie masturbating knowing the film will come in useful another time. Megan had found the whole experience sexually arousing and was looking forward to the next time she will discipline her Aunt. She was also thinking how in a few minutes time she will be disciplining Tom who she knew was now starting to regret his easy agreement to be spanked by his girlfriend.

Nina’s feelings were quite different. She found the humiliation of being disciplined at home a counterbalance to the power and control she has at her office where she is so successful and no one dares to stand up to her. Without a doubt being disciplined at home kept her sane, on her toes, whilst the intense pain made her feel alive. Giving up power at home made her thrive and even at 38 years old if she earned a spanking then she knew the benefit of being disciplined by someone close to her. It was so normal for her that her Mum had total disciplinary control over her at home and had done so throughout her life, and more recently her teenage stepdaughter Ella, and today by Megan, also a teenager, girls who she should be turning across her own lap but instead they had total control over her. Empowering for each of them. Even for Nina because the giving of disciplinary control over her to others was for her the empowering force.

Nina became aware of a new noise. Someone else was being spanked. Of course Tom was being spanked by Megan now. Lucky boy she thought, then she smiled. There were going to be two sore bottom’s in the house now. She turned to look but saw her Mum standing inches away looking straight at her. Nina blanched.

“Yes indeed Nina, I specifically told you not to look and you know what such disobedience means. I’ll need to discuss that look when I come back from my holiday.” Her Mum grabbed Nina around the waist so her bottom pushed out and swung her hand and landed a hard spank on Nina’s bottom which she repeated until she had landed a full dozen spanks on the 38 year olds already stinging bottom cheeks. Yes, Nina knew she shouldn’t have looked so once again she has earned a spanking. She was really going to look forward to her Mum coming home she thought ruefully. Nina pressed her nose back hard against the wall again as she heard Tom’s spanking continue. She sniffed as her own sobs subsided but even with her tear filled eyes she had to smile when she heard Megan say sternly,

“Don’t think I don’t feel your erection on my legs Tom. Just so you know I don’t mind you being aroused by being spanked but it means I will spank you even harder.”

Tom’s spanking continued and after a while Nina was told, “OK, you can turn and watch but keep your hands on your head.”

Nina turned to see Megan thrashing Tom’s bare bottom with the hairbrush. Megan looked up and winked at Nina, a wink that reminded Nina she was still under the control of the teenager even as she spanked her boyfriend. Megan spanked Tom hard but it wasn’t like when she spanked Nina. Megan ran her fingernails down the side of Tom’s thigh and when he lifted his bottom Megan obliged by scraping her fingernails gently across his balls, then lifted the hairbrush and spanked him even harder with a smirk. Tom had a stiff erection and Nina could see he was almost having sex during the spanking. Tom groaned but knew that afterwards Megan would jerk him off and it will be wonderful. Megan smiled knowing her plan was to lull Tom into a false sense of security with her aim of dominating her boyfriend. It was her own sexual desires she wanted to fulfil and Tom will have to fulfil them or suffer the consequences. Megan had no doubt who would win the battle.

Nina knew now that at least she understood her own inner desires. On the one hand having accepted she will be disciplined for misbehaving she knew her punishment was always so deserved and the resulting spanking must be given by the woman she had been naughty to. She accepted that woman might be her Mum or just as easily 18-year-old Ella or now 18-year-old Megan. She found having a family member discipline her was so electrifying. Whilst it was humiliating if it were Ella and Megan spanking her as they are so much younger than herself it was also stimulating and arousing because of the unconditional and unreserved transfer of power and control that she willingly conceded to the teenagers, and as she stood naked with her bottom stinging from the pain inflicted on it and tears streaming down her cheeks she knew as she was under the unquestioned disciplinary control of her Mum and the two teenagers it will not be long before her next no doubt very deserved spanking.

Nina started to relax as she watched the spanking taking place just a few feet from her now feeling so alive and aroused by her own painful aching stinging bottom and her thoughts focussed on the time she would soon spend on her bed with her vibrator bringing herself to another glorious string of orgasms enjoying the results of her chosen lifestyle. How good was that she thought joyfully? Very!
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