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Nina Gets Tough - The Sleepover

Nina’s daughter and another 17 year old earn a spanking but Nina has never spanked her daughter, yet
I am writing a series of chapters as a prequel to the Ninaseries. Don’t check continuity too closely as now she has a daughter and lived away from home for a while. However I hope you enjoy the extra chapters. Here is the first.

The words were still ringing in 37 year old Nina’s ears. Her Mum had berated her. “That daughter of yours needs a good telling off and then a good hard spanking. She is 17 years old and the sooner you take control of her the better behaved she will be. Take a hairbrush to her bare bottom and you will soon see the change in her.”

Emily wasn’t the best behaved of girls. In fact she was a typical teenager who sulked when she didn’t get her own way, assumed her Mum was her slave around the house, and it must be said rather rudely answered back rather just do what her Mum wanted. Nina knew only too well that her own Mum didn’t take kindly to such ‘normal’ teenage behaviour and of course her own Mum had full control over Nina, and had taken the hairbrush to her bare bottom many a time. In fact 37 year old Nina rubbed her very sore stinging bottom as she thought about the last time her Mum had her across her lap to give her a long hard spanking with the hairbrush. About 20 minutes ago.

Four hours ago Nina was on the phone to her Mum, an argument started and Nina knew she should have been more polite but she was had just had a frustrating call from a person in her sales team in the office, had bitten her head off over a stupid sales issue, and was still in fighting mood when her Mum called. Five minutes in to the call her Mum said sternly, “Get yourself over here now my girl and lets discuss your rudeness.”

Nina was annoyed with herself as she could really have done without a sore bottom today as she was going to a party tonight. Nevertheless she trundled over to her Mum who opened the door and pointed to the kitchen. Nina went to the kitchen where she could see her Mum was preparing to cook a meal, and without needing to be asked went to her naughty spot. She had a naughty spot in every room in the house and had stood on each one countless times. As always she pulled her skirt up above her waist, lowered her knickers to below her knees, pushed her nose against the wall and put her hands on top of her head. Her Mum scolded her from where she was working but several times went right up behind Nina, speaking sternly to the back of her head, her open palm rubbing Nina’s bare bottom, sometimes patting the soft flesh, and when she had finished she gave Nina anything from one spank on each bare bottom cheek to a dozen or more, and the more spanks the more Nina pushed her tummy in to the wall, the more she gasped, and the deeper pink her bottom was turned.

Eventually her Mum would sit on an upright chair, call her 37 year old daughter over, pat her lap and sit back as Nina bent across her lap. The spanking was long and painful, first with the open palm of her hand and then with the wooden back of the paddle hairbrush. Nina always cried, tears flowing down her cheeks, as she apologised and promised never to be naughty again.

An hour after she had arrived Nina made her final apologies to her Mum and walked home again. Walking was always a challenge after a spanking. She so wanted to rub her bottom but daren’t in case a friend or neighbour saw her, so she walked as casually as she could until she got home. Once inside and after checking her daughter Emily wasn’t home she would take her knickers straight down again and rub her bottom like crazy as she went upstairs to the bathroom. If Emily was home she would have to endure some idle chat with her before being able to go to the bathroom so that was an added time during which Nina was unable to soothe away the pain.

Today Emily wasn’t yet home so Nina whipped her knickers off, rubbed her bottom, went upstairs to the bathroom and rubbed cool cream in to her bottom. Soothing, but it never stopped the stinging.

By early evening Nina was getting ready for the party. Emily was min her bedroom getting changed although for her it was a sleepover with Chloe.

Still sore she stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom getting ready for the evening. Her friend Jenifer and her were both invited to a party. Nina checked her eyes and the redness was soon disappearing, rather quicker than the redness of her bottom which was now really throbbing.

Nina remembered how just a few hours ago when across her lap she had promised her Mum once again she would spank her daughter the next time she earned one, but fully expected when the opportunity arose she would find her daughter too tough for her, always with a good reason why she had done what she had done, and the moment will pass. Nina rather assumed most Mum’s were like that, well except for her own Mum. Nina thought about Jenifer, the same age as she is, and with a daughter the same age as Emily. Although Chloe was better behaved than Emily Nina had never heard Jenifer say she had spanked her daughter, or even threaten to, so although she wondered how come Chloe was better behaved she had never raised the matter with Jenifer.

Not asking was one of Nina’s many mistakes because in fact Jenifer did spank Chloe. The 17 year old was often put across her Mum’s lap and spanked until she cried. They both just kept it quiet. Nina should have realised because just as she was till spanked at 37 years old so she and her Mum also kept it very quiet. Not even Emily knew. Nina’s Mum had suggested she spank Nina in front of her daughter to, ‘Make her understand what she should be getting,’ but Nina always shied away from that type of confrontation. Nina’s Mum kept telling Nina, ‘When you are at work you are quick enough to berate your staff but at home you turn all flaky.” Nina knew she did but was always too tired to have the necessary fight with Emily, so she never spanked her daughter whilst she was regularly spanked herself.

Jenifer on the other was pleased how she had made her 17 year old daughter Chloe better behaved, by the use of spanking as an additional disciplinary tool. Of course there were lapses. Regular lapses in fact. Chloe was now far better behaved than she used to be before the discipline routine changed. Grounding and lost privileges were replaced with the far more self-satisfying experience of taking her errant 17 year old daughter across her maternal lap and a solid normally prolonged spanking that left her soon repentant daughter in tears and begging for her Mum to stop. Still, once that was over Chloe recovered, left with the sore stinging reddened bottom as a reminder of what she had done wrong and she had to endure the discomfort whilst Jenifer got on with things, feeling calmer in herself having spanked her daughter.

So, better behaved she certainly was, and Jenifer was now far more trusting of her daughter and was happy to allow her 17 year old daughter more latitude. Such as tonight when she had Emily for a sleepover. Jenifer and Nina lived just a few doors apart so when they were both invited out to a mutual friend’s party, whose house was also only about 100 yards away both Jenifer and Nina thought it best the girls were together. The teenagers are good friends after all and the two Mums thought the sleepover would be nice for the girls.

The two Mums left their two teenage daughters watching the TV.

They walked in the warm evening air. “You look nice Nina,” Jenifer remarked. “Fabulous dress.”

“Thank you,” replied Nina, “You look great yourself.”

Jenifer said enthusiastically, “I love the knickers and bra set you talked me into buying Nina. I felt a million dollars putting them on.”

Nina laughed. “It’s like I always say Jen, if the undies feel good then you feel good.”

Jenifer loved going shopping with Nina. Her taste in clothes was second to none. Expensive, but so what? They always made her feel good.

Jenifer and Nina knew lots of people at the party and were chatting happily, albeit that whilst Jenifer was happy to sit at the table and chat, Nina’s bottom was stinging from the spanking she had been given by her Mum just a couple of hours ago so she spent the whole time standing up as there were only hard wooden seats available to sit on. The Mums were enjoying themselves at the party until disaster struck. It was 8.00 pm and they had been at the party for about an hour when another guest spilt some sauce on Jenifer’s skirt so she decided to pop back home to change. Jenifer unlocked her front door and went to the kitchen took off her skirt and damped it down. She heard the girls laughing away upstairs and was pleased they were enjoying themselves. She went upstairs to say hullo, knocked on the door but opened it straight away. She was just about to say hullo when she realised both girls had spun around strangely to look at her when she entered the room and went immediately silent. At first she thought she had just surprised them and was going to say sorry. Then she saw the bottle of vodka on the floor between them.

“What is that doing there?” Jenifer demanded looking at Chloe, who stayed silent, blushing, looking at the bottle then back at her Mother. Chloe still didn’t answer even after Jenifer demanded, “Well?”

Jenifer looked at Emily who also blushed, but just shook her shoulders in a so what kind of way.

“Sorry,” Chloe eventually said to her very annoyed Mum.

Jenifer glared at Emily who blushed swallowed hard and said, “Oh my Mum lets me drink this stuff.”

Chloe told her to shush but the damage had been done.

“Does she really Emily? Get her on the phone. I will ask her. If she is OK with it that lets you out.” After a moment she said sternly, “Chloe though is most certainly not allowed to.”

Emily didn’t ring. “Not calling your Mum Emily? Are you sure you’re telling me the truth?”

Emily said quietly, knowing she should not have lied, “Well, I have drunk vodka. On occasion.”

“Yes, well, I will call her and ask what she wants to do.” Jenifer had no idea what Nina did to Emily to discipline her but she was just so annoyed, particularly with her own daughter.

Emily was about to say something but thought better of it. Jenifer rang from her mobile and Nina answered.

“Hi Nina, its Jen. Sorry about this but I got back to find the girls drinking vodka and …”

“What!” Nina interjected so loudly Jenifer had to take the phone away from her ear. When she put it back to her ear Nina said sounding angry, “I’m coming over.” Nina had in fact warned Emily just the other day about drinking and was going to ground her for longer than usual. She made her apologies saying she would get back as soon as she could and left the party. As she walked to Jenifer’s house Nina worried about the argument she was bound to have with Emily and the potential to be embarrassed in front of Jennifer. Still, equally, she kept hearing her Mum’s words in her ears accompanied by her own still stinging bottom and wondered if she would be strong enough today to ‘deal’ with her daughter.

Jenifer clicked the phone off, looked at a still blushing Emily, and said, “Ah, it seems your Mum is coming over here. Mind you I don’t think she was very happy leaving the party.”

“Oh,” is all Emily said, looking blankly at the floor with a sense of foreboding across her face Jenifer thought.

A few minutes later there was a ring on the door. By now Jenifer, both girls and the bottle of vodka were in the lounge. Nina shook her head when she saw Jenifer, and walked in to the lounge. Both girls looked up, now blushing an even deeper red.

Nina asked Jenifer, “Has this happened before with Chloe?”

“Once. I punished her and told her not to do it again. And with Emily?”

“No, but I have told her not to drink.” She looked at her daughter. “Expect to be punished for this young lady,” she said testily to her 17 year old daughter.

Nina was anxious to get back to the party and still wasn’t looking forward to having her sulking daughter around her feet when she was grounded. Once again she found the thought of disciplining her daughter strangely worrying. Actually she was far happier not disciplining her at all. Trying to avoid the confrontation she asked Jenifer, “Shall we let the sleepover continue and start their punishment tomorrow?”

Jenifer shot back, “No way, I am going to discipline Chloe right now. Emily can still stay tonight of course. It’s up to you really.”

Nina didn’t quite understand and asked her friend “Erm, how do you deal with punishment so quickly? I am grounding Emily for a week for this.”

“A week,” shouted Emily interjecting. “That’s not fair.”

“Please be quiet Emily.” Nina shot at her daughter her, ‘don’t make a scene,’ look although Emily obviously wasn’t as worried about her Mum as Chloe was about Jenifer. “Well it’s not fair,” Emily repeated, looking annoyed and knowing her Mum rarely did anything about her back chat.

Chloe was wide eyed at how rude her friend was to her own Mum whilst Jenifer was surprised Emily was allowed to speak so sharply to her Mum. Ignoring Emily Jenifer asked, “Do you just ground her or do you punish her in any other way?”

“Well no, she can watch TV and use the phone but can’t go out except to school. That’s it really. What do you do?” Nina asked.

Jenifer shrugged her shoulders and said as though it was obvious, “I put Chloe across my lap and give her a good hard spanking on her bare bottom.”

“Really?” Nina was positively surprised adding, “You never said.”

Emily jumped in with, “But Chloe is 17 years old. Isn’t that too old to be spanked?”

Nina didn’t say anything to that comment. Too old at 17 years old and the question asked by her daughter who had never been spanked as well? No one had to say anything though as Chloe was blushing, wringing her hands, and looking at the floor. No one needed Jenifer to answer as the way Chloe looked said it all. Chloe knew she wasn’t too old to be spanked.

“I see,” Nina said, musing over the thought of what was about to happen. She was thinking how her Mum, Emily’s Grandma, had told her again and again Emily needed to be spanked to improve her behaviour. They had argued about it so often but Nina came up with one excuse after another. Her Mum even said she would be more than happy to do the honours if Nina let her, but Nina never got around to that, too embarrassed at the thought of what her daughter would say if she were spanked by her Grandma and not her Mum. What surprised Nina the most, about herself, was she had a high powered job and at the office she was totally in control of her staff who did everything she said when she said. However, work was one thing and home was another. Maybe she was just worn out by the time she got home from work to struggle with disciplining her daughter. She certainly was more than happy to just flop when she got home and let someone else have control. Like when she lived at home and her Mum did everything for her.

Of course having married too young when she became pregnant she found disciplining her daughter hard. Too often she had had slanging matches with Emily and knew she shouldn’t allow it but didn’t have the strength to discipline her. Emily was still friendly with her father though and often spent the weekends with him. That was until he was moved about three hundred miles away for his job. He still kept in touch by phone and email and Emily had a soft spot for him. Why not thought Nina, except she had the tough job of bringing her up and he had the easy bit, call her and buy her presents.

At least Nina no longer wondered how Jenifer dealt with her daughter. She looked over at Jenifer who was still very annoyed with her daughter and decided to emphasise what she did to her daughter when disciplining her by explaining to Nina, “I usually take Chloe to her bedroom, put her across my knee and spank and scold her for maybe half an hour.”

“Mum,” pleaded Chloe, but her pleas went unheeded. Yet again her Mum was embarrassing her but she knew she couldn’t stop her. Yet another friend now knew she was still spanked, and at 17 years old.

Even knowing her daughter will be embarrassed at what her Mum was now saying Jenifer continued. “I’m not spanking Chloe all the time, but she will be held firmly across my lap whilst we discuss her behaviour and what she needs to do to improve. Of course there are times when I just have to let her cry but I’ll wait for her to calm down before spanking and scolding her again. I don’t want to waste my breath if she can’t hear me because she is crying so loudly.” Jenifer laughed.

Chloe glanced at Emily who was still trying to come to terms with the fact her friend was still spanked. “Spanking? No way,” shouted Emily incredulously. She looked at Chloe and asked, “Really? A spanking?”

Chloe blushed an even deeper red as she looked at her friend and just nodded her head.

Jenifer gave Emily a stern look and she fell quiet. “Yes, a spanking. On her bare bottom with my hand and a wooden backed hairbrush.” Jenifer knew what was going through Emily’s mind. If her friend gets spanked for drinking vodka what will happen to her as she lied as well. Jenifer added, “Then it’s all over. She is free to do whatever she wants. Mind you sitting down can be challenging,” she added with a smile.

Nina looked at her daughter and mused, “Interesting. Maybe I should try it?” Yes she supposed she wanted to try it if only to quieten her own Mum up.

“No way. No bloody way,” Emily spat out.

Jenifer said irately, “No swearing please Emily.”

Nina gave her teenage daughter an angry look but with little effect on Emily who sat with her arms folded looking quite the young madam. Nina noticed that Emily looked more wary of Jenifer than she did of her though.

Jenifer ignored Emily’s look and decided maybe there was a challenge here. Maybe she should try to talk Emily in to accepting a spanking. After all how often had Nina complained to her about the bad behaviour of her daughter and was upset at times at how she spoke rudely to her. Maybe she will try to put Nina in charge of her daughter, and what better way than by spanking her.

Jenifer looked at Emily and explained, “Maybe you shouldn’t pre judge Emily. Don’t forget you have the school outing on Thursday which you will miss, and a couple of birthday parties that I know about. Who knows what else you have arranged which you will miss if your Mum grounds you.”

Emily started to realise where the discussion was going. If Chloe gets spanked she can still do all those things but she won’t if she is grounded. She had often wondered how come Chloe never seemed to get grounded. Well now she knew.

Nina saw the thoughtful look on her daughters face and emphasised, “Oh yes the school trip. That is going to be quite something. Chloe will be going still.”

Emily was about to say something then thought better of it. She did say, “I haven’t ever been spanked.”

Nina replied in a matter of fact tone, “True, but maybe that was a wrong decision of mine.” Again Nina thought how she knew it was a bad decision but hadn’t faced up to her parental responsibilities. Would she today she wondered?

Jenifer said, “I didn’t even start spanking Chloe until she was sixteen and was old enough to accept the consequences of her actions.”

Nina asked Emily again. “So it must be worth thinking about Emily. Chloe is going to be spanked it seems,” to which Jenifer nodded, “But she will still be going on the trip.”

Jenifer asked Chloe, “What do you think Chloe?”

Nina smiled to herself. Very clever Jenifer, get Chloe to argue the case. Nina could see some worthwhile benefits if her daughter accepted a spanking after all, not least she can tell her Mum at long last she has spanked her daughter.

Chloe blushed again. “I’m going to be spanked, but at least I know I’ll be on the trip Emily. It’s not that bad anyway.” She quickly looked at her Mother who was smiling and added, “I mean, it hurts a lot when you’re being spanked. I mean it’s just that you get it over with,” she added trailing off.

Jenifer kept smiling. “It’s OK Chloe. I know it hurts. I give you a very hard spanking and make you cry but it teaches you a lesson and that’s good for everyone. So, anyway, we need to get this done. Emily, you wait here with your Mother. If you decide to take up the option I am sure you only have to ask her.”

Jenifer pointed to the door and Chloe started to walk to it with Jenifer behind her. All of a sudden Emily shouted, “OK, ok, I’ll do it.”

Nina said, “Good. That’s a wise decision Emily. I thought you wanted to go on the trip.” Nina caught her breath. My goodness, she is going to spank her daughter today. Shall she call her Mum now or afterwards? She thought afterwards is best.

Nina was knocked back though when Emily announced still with her arms crossed, “Yes, but I want Jenifer to do it, not you.” Emily looked adamant.

“Oh,” is all Nina could say, as she turned towards Jenifer. Not really what she wanted but was this a compromise she should accept she wondered? Maybe once Emily is spanked the first time then the next time she can do it. Nina didn’t know what to say. She looked at Jenifer for inspiration.

Jenifer said sternly, “Well Emily, I think your Mother should decide who spanks you. I don’t see how you can choose at all.”

“Well I have. I want you to spank me.”

Jenifer sighed and asked wearily, “is that it Emily? You are asking me to spank you. Are you sure? Because I will if you want me to.”

“Yes,” she said, smiling at her Mother with a mocking look that looked like triumph.

Jenifer looked at Nina who shook her shoulders in acceptance and nodded. Nina hoped again that maybe once Emily has her first spanking Nina can take disciplinary control for next time. If there is a next time of course.

“OK Emily. I’ll spank you down here. Come with me will you please.” Jenifer walked over to an upright chair and sat down. She pointed to the floor to her right.

Nina looked at her daughter wearing short top very short shorts and no shoes then looked at Jenifer and realised that she was in her bra and knickers only. She hadn’t focussed properly on her friend before but Jenifer must have washed her dress before finding the girls had been drinking. Nina smiled as she thought how attractive the new lacy underwear looked on her friend. She wanted to take her own dress off so everyone could see her own underwear set, but sighed at the sheer delight she got from seeing Jenifer in her underwear. Sighed with some feeling of wanting. She had never looked at her friend quite like that before, but she was looking at one sexy lady. Her thoughts were interrupted by Jenifer saying sharply to Emily,

“Right, please take your shorts off and pull your knickers down.”

Emily paused. “Aren’t you going to spank Chloe first?” she asked, shaking now a bit, realising what she had asked for.

“No. You asked to be spanked and that is what I am going to do. Anyway, please don’t argue with me young lady,” Jenifer said with a tone that was meant to be obeyed.

Emily sniffed, unzipped her shorts with shaking fingers and yanked them down, stepping out of them, leaving them on the floor. She pulled her knickers down to her knees and stood up straight.

“I tell you what why not slip your knickers off in fact.” Jenifer looked in no mood to be disobeyed and Emily knew now wasn’t the time to argue, not when she was about to be spanked. Emily looked reluctant but obliged. She stood up again, naked below the waist and with a tank top that almost reached to her navel, but not quite.

“Right Emily over you go then,” Jenifer said patting her lap.

Emily looked at Jenifer and said quietly, “I am really sorry.”

“I know you are and you will be a lot sorrier before we are through, but you have asked me to spank you and spank you I will.” Jenifer’s voice was firm.

Emily bent down across Jenifer’s lap. Jenifer smiled as Emily shuffled herself on her lap until her full bottom and the tops of her legs were nicely positioned, perched across her right leg, and as Jenifer looked to her left she saw the back of Emily’s head with her long hair falling down towards the floor. Emily waited, looking at the floor inches from her face, knowing she wasn’t going to enjoy being spanked but accepting that is exactly what will happen to her.

Jenifer stayed business like and ordered Chloe in her, ‘I am in charge,’ voice, “I think you should get ready Chloe. Take your shorts and knickers off. You can stand by the wall with your hands on your head and think about what you have done. Go on. Quickly.”

Chloe swiftly removed her shorts and knickers. She had on a longer T Shirt than Emily but once her hands were raised above her head it also didn’t even cover her stomach. Jenifer looked again and said, “Face the wall Chloe I think.” Chloe turned around, thankful her bare bottom was on show rather than her hair mound covered pussy, conscious that Emily’s Mum was watching. Jenifer had known her daughter will be self- conscious even though there were only women in the room.

“Nose against the wall,” instructed Jenifer. Chloe did, immediately. She knew from bitter experience better not to upset her Mother just before a trip across her lap.

“Now Emily, normally I scold Chloe and discuss why she is being spanked but as you have asked me to spank you, actually demanded it I think, I guess you must know why I am spanking you so I’ll just get on with it. Is that OK with you?”

Nina could see from the look on Jenifer’s face the question was asked with sarcasm but Emily missed it. “OK,” came a now sheepish reply.

Jenifer looked at Nina with a questioning look, and when Nina nodded she raised her hand and brought it down smartly on Emily’s bottom, followed by several more sharp spanks. Emily gasped with each spank but they were well within what she would be able to take, at this stage anyway. Jenifer looked at the young girl’s bottom. Now going slightly pink. Emily is a similar build to Chloe, so a small but pretty bottom and slim legs. Jenifer took aim again and gave her another batch of slightly harder spanks, spanking each bare bottom cheek twice before going over to the other bottom cheek. Emily felt those harder spanks a bit more. On and on Jenifer spanked and time and again Emily gasped as her bottom started to sting.

After several minutes of spanking Emily was squirming as best she could on Jenifer’s lap and was struggling with the stinging spanks. She had been crying for quite a while already. Jenifer rubbed the teenager’s bottom in circles several times covering both cheeks. Emily found it comforting and even groaned slightly, enjoying the sensation and even raising her bottom to entice Jenifer to rub her bottom harder, which Jenifer rightly took as a sign Emily could now take a much harder series of spanks, which she started to give the teenager. The barrage lasted a full minute before she stopped, rubbing in circles again.

“It’s hurting,” Emily said dolefully, sniffing as her bottom stung, and finally sobbing.

Jenifer said to the back of Emily’s head firmly, “I know dear, but it has to I’m afraid. There isn’t much point if it doesn’t.”

When she was happy Emily had relaxed again she started a more concerted spanking. This time it was one hard spank on one cheek and another hard spank immediately on the other cheek. Jenifer knew she could keep this up for ages and she did, whilst Emily was struggling to cope, squirming around on Jenifer’s lap but fixed in place by Jenifer’s scissor across her legs and the clasp of her wrist keeping her arm in a half nelson.

Emily was sobbing freely, and her shoulders shook. She was now very uncomfortable. The first few spanks had been easy enough to cope with, even the next few, but the long concerted spanking was different altogether and was as what Emily had always expected a spanking to be. Jenifer rubbing her bottom was actually a rather nice experience, and when she raised her bottom up she was trying to guide her to rub her bottom harder. Then the last lot of spanks seemed to go on forever and when there was no break she could not stop herself sobbing.

Nina looked at her daughters ever reddening bottom thinking that it was still nowhere near as red as her own right now. Nina put her hand on her bottom and although she could not feel how warm her bottom was it did still sting. 37 year old Nina was almost sympathetic with her 17 year old daughter’s plight having been in the self- same position herself so many times before and as recently as just a few hours ago.

Jenifer looked down at Emily again and said, “Right, this will be a longer session again Emily. Don’t mind us if you cry. I expect you to.”

Emily asked in a panic, “How much longer?”

Jenifer put her hand on the teenager’s bottom, rubbed a bit, and said in almost a questioning tone, “Let’s see. I know, I’ll spank you until I have decided you have learnt a lesson. That’s how long. Now stop worrying about it and just accept there is quite a long way to go still.”

Great thought Emily. The spanking was much longer and much harder than Emily had expected and still there was no sign of an end to the constant painful spanks. “OK,” Emily said knowing tears were not far away.

Jenifer said in her usual firm tone , “Right then,” and landed several sharp smacks first to her bottom and then to the back of her legs, just at the top which Jenifer knew would sting. This brought some louder screams from the young girl. “The smacks on your legs are because you asked how much longer Emily. That is my decision and my decision alone. Understood?”

Emily was getting used to accepting what she was being told. Anything rather than suffer any more spanks than necessary. Nina saw the look of defeat on her daughter’s face and thought that is just how she must look when across her own Mum’s lap.

Emily settled down. Jenifer started to spank her again, and again it was a methodical spanking alternatively giving two hard spanks on each bare bottom cheek. Emily’s bottom was turning very red indeed, and as at it did so Jenifer spanked harder and harder, knowing Emily’s bottom was now able to take those much harder spanks. Emily lay there, squirming in an attempt to miss the spanks but that was involuntary, natural. In reality each spank hit home exactly where Jenifer intended it to hit. A loud crack sound filled the room after each spank together with a steady flow of tears and non-stop crying from Emily.

Jenifer looked at Nina occasionally as she spanked. Nina smiled, nodded, and did nothing to stop her daughter getting the spanking she felt she so richly deserved still hoping it will lead on to her spanking her in the weeks to come.

It must have been all of another ten minutes before Jenifer stopped spanking Emily who kept crying for some while after the spanking stopped, took a while to stop crying, and slowly recovered. She looked around, up at Jenifer, and her look questioned how come Jenifer hadn’t let her go. Jenifer looked back and when happy the teenager would now understand what was being said, asked, “Right Emily. I hope you are satisfied with the spanking you asked for?”

Emily didn’t understand the point, at least not until Jenifer said, “Are you ready for your Mum to spank you now?” Emily was shocked, her mouth opened, but initially no sound came out. Then a very wet sounding young lady’s voice said, “But you spanked me.”

Jenifer looked back with a sorry stare, “But that was because you asked me to. We said your Mum had to spank you.”

Emily was still sobbing, her eyes were still wet, and panic set in. Had she really asked for the spanking? She didn’t think it was like that. She meant instead of not as well as. Her head spun, she looked down at the floor still inches from her face as she still straddled Jenifer’s lap, and said quietly, “No, it’s not fair.”

“Really? I guess not. No one said it would be. Then no one said you could drink vodka did they? Anyway I will ask you once more. Are you ready for your Mum to spank you?”

“No. No. No.” Emily kicked her legs in defiance.

“No problem Emily. Really.” Jenifer looked at Nina and said, “She’s a devil isn’t she. I will spank her for a while more then ask again.” Nina nodded.

“No, please, please, no,” Emily shrieked.

“Be quiet or do I have to smack your legs again?”

“No,” came an already tearful reply. Emily quite hated the thought of it. Those spanks were just so stingy.

“Good.” And with that Jenifer set off again with the methodical hard spanks, now three at a time on alternate cheeks. Emily was crying again after just a few of those spanks, and quickly reconciled herself to the further spanking she had talked herself in to being given. Not that she liked it. Nor did she like Jenifer for spanking her. The bitch she thought. That isn’t fair at all. But soon she couldn’t think any other thoughts because the spanks rained down on her already sore bottom, and crying took over. Lots of crying.

Jenifer gave Emily the extra spanking she had promised. Several minutes in fact. After all, Jenifer always kept her promises when it came to spanking. This time, when Jenifer asked Emily if she was ready for her Mum to spank her the answer was very different. A very simple, “Yes.”

“Right then. Up you get.” Then, before letting go, Jenifer said sternly, “Emily, just to be sure, if you resist your Mum you are going straight back across my lap and the spanking so far will be a holiday compared to what I will give you. Do you understand?”

Emily looked back and said another very quiet, “Yes.” Jenifer released her and Emily stood up and looked across to her Mother. Jenifer stood up and offered Nina the chair.

“Can I go to the toilet please?” Emily asked, sniffing, wiping tears away from her face with one hand and rubbing her bottom with her other hand.

Jenifer said, “Sure.” Emily walked to the toilet that was in the hallway and Jenifer watched until she locked the door.

“Can she take any more Jenifer?” Nina asked.

Jenifer laughed. “Don’t worry about her. I have given out spankings that last well over twice as long before now.”

Nina looked at Chloe who was standing obediently with her hands on her head and her nose pressed against the wall knowing she had not been spanked yet.

Jenifer continued, “She’ll be fine. Anyway, her bottom is nicely warmed up so she can take lots more from you. It will be better if you spank harder so her bottom doesn’t cool down.”

Nina asked, “You mentioned a hairbrush?” Of course Nina already knew all about hairbrushes, but thought she should ask.

Jenifer smiled. “Yes, I have several. They have hard wooden backs which make ideal paddles. I don’t think Emily should get the hairbrush today. A good long hard hand spanking will be enough.”

Nina asked, “What about Chloe?”

Jenifer thought a moment then said, “Not today, well not unless she resists my spanking. I don’t think she will though, will you Chloe?”

“No Mum,” Chloe replied quickly.

“It’s always good to keep a deterrent Nina.”

Nina smiled as she thought about what she must do as soon as her daughter comes back in to the room. Her Mum will be delighted she knew. Nina went over to the chair and sat down. Luckily no one was watching because as Nina’s bottom touched the hard seat she stopped in mid-air, gasped, then held her breath as she eased herself down again and her bottom settled on the wood. Her bottom was really stinging as she shook her head at her forgetfulness. Her breathing eased as the pain settled, a constant reminder but bearable now after the initial shock.

Nina focussed again on the job at hand, spanking her daughter. Emily opened the door and came back in to the room. She noticed immediately the second chair that now faced the first. She walked straight over to her Mum but also eyeing Jenifer just to make sure she didn’t make her cross. Jenifer pointed towards Nina’s lap and Emily looked at her Mum and then bent down, ending up just as she had before, across a woman’s lap, bottom perched, ready for a spanking. Except now her bottom was already stinging sore, not to mention a deep red as she had seen in the mirror in the toilet.

Nina looked at Jenifer who said, “Let’s spank them both together. You just ignore Emily’s red bottom, treat it as the start of her spanking. How’s that sound?”

Emily sobbed out loud knowing that really does mean the whole of her spanking by Jenifer had been an extra.

“Over here Chloe,” instructed Jenifer.

Soon Chloe and Emily were both neatly lying across their Mums laps.

Jenifer said to Emily sternly, “ I know this is your second spanking but you just accept your Mum is going to spank you and promise not to get up?”

Emily looked across at Jenifer and said, “I promise.”

“Good girl,” said Jenifer. “Just so you know though, if you get up then you get a full spanking again. OK Emily?”

Emily looked across at Jenifer thinking she is so strict and had never seen her like this. She was scary in fact, at least when looked at whilst lying across her Mum’s lap with her bare bottom ready for another spanking. But she was certainly going to do what she was told that was for sure. “Yes,” is all she said.

Nina was equally surprised at how forceful Jenifer was. Nina was attracted to strong minded women and she saw Jenifer in a new light. A strict tone with added sexiness because of her sensual underwear.

The room resounded with the echo of spanks from the Mum’s and crying from Emily. Both Mum’s settled in to a constant stream of spanks, and both girls were obediently lying there, knowing the spanks would keep on coming, accepting them, and very soon Chloe joined Emily in being unable to stop themselves crying. This time the spanking was interspersed with a scolding, both Mum’s telling their 17 year old daughters off and making them admit time and again drinking was wrong and they deserved to be spanked. By the time Jenifer signalled to Nina that the girls had been spanked for long enough both girls were crying and shaking with tear stained faces and red eyes. Jenifer looked at her daughters red glowing bottom, and across at Emily whose bottom was an even deeper shade of red.

“OK girls, you can get up now.”

They both slowly got to their feet. Nina was trying hard not to laugh, but Emily saw her Mum smirk and said, “It’s not funny,” in a waspish very wet voice. Emily was trying to show her Mum just because she was spanked won’t stop her answering her back especially as the spanking was now over.

Nina stopped smiling and said angrily, “You know what’s not funny Emily? You saying I let you drink. You insisting Jenifer spank you rather than me. I don’t like any of that. Well now things will change. You know how young lady?”

“No,” Emily said with a sob and a sniff realising she looked rather childish as she rubbed her stinging bottom, and reckoned she really did know.

“Don’t try the tears with me. Well I think spanking is better than how I have disciplined you in the past. So from now on if you misbehave you will be going across my knee. Do you understand that Emily?” Nina held her breath. The moment of truth.

“Yes,” Emily replied, and this time the sob was for real. Emily kept rubbing her bottom, knowing she was bound to be spanked again.

“Good. That’s settled.” Nina was delighted. She really couldn’t wait to tell her Mum. Nina looked at Jenifer who nodded in agreement.

Jenifer reminded Emily in a positive voice, “Don’t forget that means you can go out.”

Emily brightened up and with red eyes and a smile asked her Mum, “Really, like I’m not grounded?”

Nina looked at her daughter and smiled, “Of course. That’s the deal.”

“Oh, right. Thanks.” Emily had that look on her face that said maybe being spanked won’t be so bad after all. Nina saw the look and smiled. She was happy enough too. Only she knew that being spanked was going to be rather more regular and uncomfortable than her daughter expected.

Nina turned to Jenifer and said, “So Jen, shall we let them be and go back to the party?”

“Sure thing Nina. They’ve been taught a lesson, and the slate is clear. Why should we suffer? They have their sore bottoms to remind them to be good haven’t they?”

Nina looked at the girls. They were both rubbing their bottoms and wiping their faces, clearly sore and uncomfortable. Jenifer knew in a short while though Chloe will be back to her bubbly self, although she won’t be sitting on any hard seats for a while. She expected Emily to be the same.

“OK Nina, let’s go back. You girls remember, no more drinking, and be in bed by midnight. And no noise in the morning as I will want to sleep in. OK?”

Both girls murmured their agreement.

Jenifer turned to her daughter and said, “Just in case why don’t you show Emily one of the hairbrushes.” She then turned to Nina and said, “Actually, take one home with you. You will need to use it pretty soon I’m guessing.”

“Thank you,” Nina said, then looked at her daughter and said to the 17 year old, “It’s up to you Emily. You will only get spanked if you are naughty.”

Emily knew here was no way she would stay well behaved as Chloe got a hairbrush out of her drawer and showed it to Emily who scrunched her face up wondering how soon it would be before she felt it’s hard surface on her bottom. Not too long was everyone’s guess.

With that the two Mothers left the house and returned to the party.

Sure enough, 20 minutes later both girls were laughing and joking, Emily in particular was delighted she isn’t grounded. They chatted away although both sat on pillows on the bed. Neither girl had yet put their knickers and shorts back on and rubbing was still the order of the day.

“You’re Mum’s a bit of a toughie isn’t she Chloe?” Emily said, smiling whilst rubbing her bottom.

“She can be, but I still reckon its better than getting grounded. You’ll see.”

“Really?” Emily said still rubbing her bottom. “I guess. Anyway I know my Mum is now all for it.”

“You’ll get used to it. Just let her get on with it and it’s all over in a flash.”

“This sore bum isn’t over in any flash. It hurts,” Emily said, but was still smiling.

“You see, it’s funny really.”

“Funny? A red bum I can’t sit on?”

“Only for a while,” Chloe changed the subject, sort of, and asked, “So Emily, who spanked you harder anyway?”

“No contest Chloe. Your Mum packs a very hard hand.”

Chloe laughed. “Great, just my luck.”

Both girls laughed loudly, recovering quickly from the effects of being spanked.

Emily asked as she rubbed her bottom, “Chloe, is it my imagination or is the stinging turning to a rather nice warm sore feeling?”

“Yes, that’s normal. It is a pleasurable feeling I suppose,” Chloe replied laughing. “Mum doesn’t know it but quite often I feel all sexy after a spanking.”

Emily asked, “How sexy?”

“Very sexy, like lie on my bed and use my vibrator sexy.”

Emily smiled and asked tentatively, “Really?”

Chloe beamed a smile, saying, “Yes really, like feeling tingly all over.”

Emily said excitedly, “Wow, because I’m feeling like that now. Like being with someone I really fancy and want to make out with.”

The two girls looked at each other, first each other’s eyes, then glancing downwards and seeing the others taut nipples through their tight tops, seeing the others pussy and wanting to touch it, kiss it, lick it, and have her own played with, caressed.

Chloe spoke first. ““Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Maybe.” Emily was breathing heavily. Still unsure she asked cautiously, “How about another drink first?”

Chloe asked laughing. “Are you mad? Do you want another spanking?”

Emily noticed how Chloe’s nipples were still pressing through her tight top and looked down to see her own still doing the same. She looked at Chloe who was licking her lips and Emily mirrored her. Was she getting aroused? Was it the thought of a drink that made Chloe seem more attractive than ever before or was it the spanking?

Emily asked, “Have you felt like this, I mean doing it, I mean making out, after a spanking before?”

Chloe replied breathlessly, “I’ve never been spanked at the same time as anyone else before so all I’ve done is masturbate in bed afterwards.”

Both teenagers fell silent, thinking their own thoughts, how they each found the other attractive.

Emily spoke first, “Do you think our Mum’s will spank us if they catch us making out together?”

“Probably,” Chloe replied giggling, “But it will be worth it. I tell you what. A drink first for some Dutch courage then a snog then another drink and then another snog?” After a moment Chloe added, “Then maybe we should get the rest of our clothes off?”

Emily jumped in with, “Yes so long as we don’t fall asleep in the same bed it will be fine don’t you think?” Emily remembered her sore bottom and gave herself another rub which made her feel even more like making out with Chloe as her bottom was now tingling so nicely. She still wasn’t totally sure though. Not yet. She sat still not moving, still not sure she wanted to risk another spanking so soon.

The two girls looked at each other both very conscious of their stinging bottoms, daring each other to make the next move. Both girls wanted to make out with the other but both were still worried about another spanking.

Chloe said, egging Emily on, “Go on, let’s live dangerously, you take a drink first.” After a moment she added, “If you take a drink and I’ll take my top off.”

Emily still needed a final push. Chloe said, “OK, I’ll take my top off first,” and pulled her top up over her head and Emily saw her friend’s breasts with her taut nipples and knew then it had to be.

“I suppose one drink won’t hurt,” Emily said as she poured out a shot and drank it, then said, “Oh what the heck,” and lifted her own top over her head and each teenager looked at the other before throwing their arms around the other and kissing.

“Your turn to drink,” Emily said to Chloe.

The girls laughed as they drank and kissed caressing the others breasts, sucking and licking each other’s taut nipples, and kissing each other’s inner thighs as they each became aroused.

Emily kept thinking about something else. “What about the hairbrush, does that leave a warm tingly feeling as well?”

Chloe replied positively “Much more tingly and much sexier.”

“So you don’t mind getting the hairbrush?” Emily was getting herself used to the idea.

Chloe’s answer didn’t help. “Heck no, all Mum has to do is mention the hairbrush and I’m the best behaved girl ever.”

“So you don’t get spanked with the hairbrush then?” Emily was getting confused.

“I wish. No, when I have already got Mum mad she gives me the hairbrush long and hard. I can tell you I hate it. When I step out of my knickers under my Mum’s stony gaze and bend across her lap I see her holding that hairbrush and I know I am in for such a horrid horrid time. I suppose the extra nice stinging afterwards helps but the spanking is just so awful.”

“I reckon I’ll find out,” Emily said thoughtfully.

“I bet you do, but enough of that, I need some more snogging.” Chloe put her hand between Emily’s legs covering her hair mound and ran her finger along Emily’s damp pussy. Emily smiled and her finger was soon running along Chloe’s damp pussy. Soon there was far more kissing than drinking and the two girls lay on to the bed in each other’s arms.

“We will be fine,” Chloe slurred.

“Absolutely very fine,” Emily slurred in reply as she pinched Chloe’s still taut nipple adding, “Friends forever, spanked or not.”

Outside as Nina and Jenifer walked back to the party Nina said, “Thanks so much for helping me sort Emily out back there Jen, but I don’t know how she will react when I next try to spank her.” Nina was already pensive.

Jenifer replied, “You just be strong and ignore her objections and remind her it’s for her own good. Anyway, one bit of advice is to use that hairbrush on her bottom as soon as you can, tomorrow even.”

“Really? That quickly?”

Jenifer laughed. “Actually I think you should come back to mine tonight. I left the vodka bottle in Chloe’s bedroom. I will know if they drink anymore, and I’m guessing they will. So in the morning we will get to spank them both again and this time it will be long and hard with the hairbrush. After that, her second spanking from her justifiably annoyed Mum, your Emily won’t be able to object in future. She will accept you have full spanking authority over her. You’ll see.”

Nina squeezed Jenifer’s arm and laughed as she said, “I can’t thank you enough Jen.” Nina was now more confident that with Jenifer’s help she will be spanking Emily in future. Not that she particularly wanted to, but her own Mum was insistent and if her Mum insisted then she would have to do it. Her own bottom was still stinging from the spanking her Mum gave her just a few hours ago and like her own Mum was with her, so Nina knew she was expected to be firm but fair with Emily. Unfortunately Nina knew Emily was not as well behaved a young lady as she might be so she would have to put her daughter across her lap on a regular basis. Something she was going to have to do, if for no better reason than to satisfy her own Mum’s demands. At least she can phone her Mum and tell her she has spanked her daughter. That ought to keep her happy for a while at least.

Of course at that time only Nina and her Mum knew why Nina was so worried about keeping her Mum happy. She half wanted to tell Jen but didn’t. The fact of the matter was that it wasn’t only 17 year old Emily’s bottom that was going to be regularly spanked in future. Not by a long way. Although 37 years old Nina knew only too well, as her own still stinging and too sore to sit down comfortably on reddened bottom reminded her, it wasn’t ever long before Nina’s next spanking.

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