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Nina Goes Home For a Break

Nina’s family are away so she goes home to Mum, but soon gets spanked again
This story continues the Nina series.

Nina’s stepdaughter’s Ella and Nicole were away on holiday and Harold away on business so Nina went home for a week to stay with her Mum and even with the best intentions of staying well behaved she soon ends up being disciplined.

It all started well enough and her Mum was pleased her 38 year old daughter was apparently far better behaved than before leaving home. Nina was happier as well, and enjoyed being very busy at work knowing when she got home her Mum had dinner ready and she easily slipped back in to the routine of her Mum doing everything for her around the house, making her bed, washing and ironing her clothes, even cleaning her room. Of course Nina knew it meant her Mum also had disciplinary control over her but as she was at the office most of the time that had not been a problem. Nina was conscious of the weekend coming up and knew she might well get into trouble but what really made her concerned was that her 18 year old niece Megan was coming to stay for the week as well. Nina liked Megan although she didn’t know her 38 year old Auntie Nina was spanked, and Nina wanted to keep it that way.

Megan arrived on Saturday morning and after unpacking Nina’s Mum sent the two of them to the shops so she could get lunch ready. Nina went to all the expensive shops she liked and bought herself some very pricey underwear a designer business suit and a beautiful silk shirt. She tried it all on and Megan said how nice she looked in the outfit. Nina enjoyed the 18 year olds company particularly as Megan was so happy giving Nina her views on the clothes she was trying on. When they got back home Nina’s Mum shooed them in to the lounge and Megan suggested a game of whist. Nina didn’t really fancy playing cards but her Mum said it was a good idea and having given Nina a stern look when Megan wasn’t watching agreed to play. Nina hated playing cards at the best of times, but half an hour passed by. Nina looked at her watch as there was a programme on TV she wanted to watch.

“Can we call time on the game?” Nina asked.

“Oh no Auntie Nina, it’s so evenly balanced. Can’t we keep playing?”

“But Megan, I really want to watch the programme. Its fashion week and I want to see what’s happening at the show.”

“Please Auntie Nina, just another half an hour.”

Nina’s Mum jumped in with “Oh come on Nina, Megan wants to see if she can win. You can watch the fashion show any time can’t you?”

Nina conceded but now found the game boring.

“Come on Megan, it’s your go,” she snapped.

Megan looked surprised at being spoken to so sharply and in a fluster put down the wrong card.

“Can I take it back Auntie Nina?” Megan looked at her Grandma as though wanting her help.

“Too late,” Nina said sharply as she took the trick.

“Now I won’t win,” Megan said sadly, although not being particularly bothered in fact.

“That’s not very nice Nina,” her Mum said.

“OK, so Megan you want to win do you?” Nina said sullenly and just wiped all the cards off the table, continuing, “OK, you win. Happy now?”

“Stop that Nina,” her Mum snapped.

Megan sat wide eyed not expecting her Auntie to do anything like that.

“Stop being an old fart Mum,” Nina snapped, and then froze. She had gone too far. Far too far she knew, and Megan was there, just what she had been so determined to avoid.

Nina turned to her Mum and said, “Sorry Mum, I mean really sorry. Please Mum, can you let me off. Just this once?”

Her Mum replied sternly, "I don’t think so Nina. It never worked before. If I let you off you were just as naughty again. At least this way you know what happens if you are naughty so it’s all in your control. Really it is. You acted like a juvenile and so will now I will deal with you as such, as you well know must happen. Simple really.”

Nina knew that was true. She had acted pretty much like a teenager just then. Megan found it quite funny in a way. Grandma was scolding her Auntie Nina as though she were a child, not a 38 year old grown up woman. Mind you, she did have to agree her Auntie had acted childishly by throwing everything on the floor.

Nina’s Mum looked stern and said with a tone of finality, “No Nina, I think I need to teach you a good lesson.”

Nina was about to beg more earnestly but Megan was wide eyed and said first,

“Really Grandma, when Mum used to say that to me it meant I was going to get a spanking,” and laughed. She looked first at her Grandma and then at Auntie Nina and realised neither was laughing. Auntie Nina in fact was blushing.

“Oh,” Megan said, and added, “Oh my,” putting her hand to her mouth in amazement.

“Exactly Megan you’re Mum said that to you because that is what I used to say to her, and as you rightly say that was followed by her getting the spanking she deserved.”

Nina knew arguing or pleading would get her no where so looked at the floor and waited. Her humiliation in front of her 18 year niece was compounded when Megan said cheekily,

“So Grandma, are you really going to spank Auntie Nina?”

Grandma turned to Megan and said sternly,

“Yes Megan, your Auntie has been a very silly girl and in my book naughty girls need to have their bottoms spanked hard,” before turning back to her daughter and saying sharply,

“Very hard.”

Soon enough her Mum added sharply,

“Right Nina, stand on your naughty spot facing the wall with your hands on your head. 5 minutes I think young lady.

Megan gasped but with a wide grin as her Auntie Nina stood up and went over to the wall, put her nose against it and her hands on her head. She looked at her Grandma who was just shaking her head, her lips pursed, her demeanour one of disappointment.

“Erm Grandma” Megan said.

“Yes Megan” Grandma replied.

“Can I watch, erm the spanking I mean?”

Grandma laughed and said, “Of course Megan, you were as affected as me, and anyway anyone here at the time of the spanking can watch.”

Megan thought for a moment and asked, “Do you mean you have spanked Auntie Nina before then?”

Grandma laughed and replied, “Lots of times Megan, lots and lots of times.”

Megan thought some more and asked, “Do you still spank my Mum then?”

“No Megan, only your Auntie Nina. She is the only one still spanked.”

Just then the doorbell rang.

“That will be Tom,” Megan said. She had said her boyfriend was coming over. “Does that mean he can watch as well Grandma?” Megan asked.

“Yes,” she replied without any hesitation.

Tom came in to the room and his eyes were immediately drawn to the woman standing facing the wall with her hands on her head. Megan held her hand to her mouth and whispered to Tom her Auntie was going to be spanked.

Tom responded with a stunned, “Isn’t she too old?”

Megan whispered, “Shush, it seems not, anyway I’ll tell you later,” followed by a giggle.

Grandma said out loud, “There is no need to whisper Megan. You can discuss your Auntie’s spanking out loud.”

Nina was humiliated. If this had been at the office where she was in total control she would have made a point of belittling the person who whispered and then given them some menial task to do to enforce her authority over them. But here at home it was different and how she felt it. It was her under the control of her Mum. It was her being belittled and soon it will be her being disciplined in front of her niece and her niece’s boyfriend. Humiliation indeed. Although Nina knew it was her own fault. Why couldn’t she just have kept calm? She knew she only had herself to blame and being spanked was a natural consequence of her actions and one Nina accepted.

Nina’s Mum stood behind her daughter and Nina felt her skirt being lifted up and tucked in to her waistband. Nina imagined her 18 year old niece gawking and her boyfriend, also 18 years old, looking on equally surprised, even more so when her knickers were yanked down showing off her rather shapely bottom. More humiliation followed when her Mum rubbed her daughters bare bottom, then when she lifted her hand away Nina knew a sharp spank will follow and sure enough she sensed the movement a split second before her Mum’s open palm thrashed in to her left bottom cheek, followed a few seconds later with an equally hard spank hitting her right bottom cheek. Nina let out a gasp after each spank. Twelve spanks in all hit her bare bottom cheeks which were now tinged a light pink.

Her Mum said, “Right, don’t move,” and added, “Or else,” before going across the room to the dining table and turning an upright chair in to the room. She then left the room and returned a few moments later with a wooden backed hairbrush. Megan and Tom continued to sit, watching first Grandma and then the back of Auntie Nina and particularly her bare bottom as the scene unfolded. Grandma went and sat on the chair and rolled her sleeves up to above her elbow and called out,

“Right Nina, over here.”

Megan and Tom both watched in shocked silence as Auntie Nina trudged across the room to her Mum. Wow they thought a proper spanking. Nina turned and saw the two 18 year olds sitting on the sofa open mouthed and with wide staring eyes as Auntie Nina walked across the room to her Mum and stood by her side waiting for instructions. Megan had seen plenty of people spanked before so knew the drill, but was blown away by watching her 38 year old Auntie following that drill.

“I’m really really sorry Mum,” Nina pleaded.

“I know you are Nina,” she replied stiffly, continuing with, “You always are sorry when about to be spanked. It’s just such a shame you don’t think about that earlier, like before you are naughty.”

Nina looked at the floor and knew any flippant response would make her punishment much worse. Her Mum tapped her lap and Nina let out a sniff as she eased herself down across her Mum’s lap. Even though it had been a while since she had last been put across her Mum’s knee it was a position she was well used to. She looked at the carpet knowing her bare bottom, still slightly darkened by the spanks given whilst she faced the wall, was an easy target for the open palm of her Mum’s hand and an equally easy target for the wooden backed hairbrush.

“Lift your bottom Nina,” her Mum demanded, always liking Nina to present her bottom for punishment, a small but significant signal of the transfer of control to her Mum who put her hand on the bare bottom staring up at her and rubbed in circles, fully around both bare soft bottom cheeks, before raising her hand and bringing it down hard on her daughters left bottom cheek. Nina had been looking at Megan whilst her bottom was being rubbed and saw the 18 year old had settled down more calmly to watch her Auntie Nina being spanked, holding Tom’s hand in hers, raising her eyebrows when she caught Nina’s eye as though saying, “fancy that,”, looking at her Grandma’s hand as it was raised above her head and following her hand as it arced forcefully down on to Nina’s waiting bottom. Megan and Tom smiled as they saw Auntie Nina’s bottom quiver as Grandma’s hand sank in to the flesh, then wobble as her bottom cheeks tried to regain their shape, only to have the other bottom cheek shudder and shake when the second spank hit home.

Spank followed spank and as Nina’s eyes filled with tears Megan and Tom exchanged glances and smiles as the spanking progressed. Both could see how powerful were the spanks Grandma imposed on her daughter’s bottom. Megan was quite bewildered at watching a 38 year old woman submit to a disciplinary spanking, squirming on her Mum’s lap but not otherwise resisting. Not just any 38 year old of course but her 38 year old Auntie. .

Grandma gave spank after spank and Megan could see how she was slowly making her way around Auntie Nina’s bottom, not missing an inch, not even part of an inch, as she turned her bottom red then redder. Nina gasped and groaned but didn’t cry Megan noticed. That is until there was a very short break when Grandma lent over and picked up the hairbrush. Megan again looked at Tom and squeezed his hand. He was clearly enjoying the demonstration of control by the Mum over her daughter. Megan noticed Tom had an erection and his penis was pressing against his trousers. So, he found the display arousing did he she thought. How very interesting. They both watched as the hairbrush kept spanking Auntie Nina’s bare and bouncing bottom cheeks and her gasps turned to cries and tears flowed freely down her face. They were watching a 38 year old reduced to a crying bawling wreck whose bottom bounced as the hairbrush hit home and as usual by this stage she no longer cared what people thought of her being spanked at 38 years old. No one could miss the fact she was being disciplined, and well disciplined at that. She just wanted the punishment to be over.

Time stood still for the two teenagers as they watched agog, Tom’s erection getting stiffer and Megan whilst not missing that fact was also very aware her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. The two teenagers were so enjoying the spectacle and wanted it to go on and on. So when Grandma eventually stopped spanking her daughter and the crying and blubbing stopped becoming a sob and a sniff Megan wondered whether Auntie Nina would be allowed to return to her previous adult state or whether further punishment was going to be meted out. Whatever it meant Megan felt disappointed the spanking was over.

Nina stood and faced her Mum with her hands on her head. Grandma proceeded to remind Nina how naughty she had been and hoped she had learnt her lesson, although was compelled to accept she was bound to be naughty again before long. Megan thought how small Grandma was making Auntie Nina feel. She was talking to her like she would to a naughty child. Then Megan reckoned that actually Auntie Nina had acted like a girl throwing a tantrum, a teenager really, so being disciplined like one wasn’t so hard to understand. She would never have done that herself after all. She did sulk as a younger girl, but not now. Not at 18. Yet here Auntie Nina was acting so badly at 38 years old. Yes, a spanking was about right. Megan realised that Auntie Nina wasn’t too old to be spanked. In fact she earned it.

It was then Megan decided to ask her Grandma cheekily,

“Grandma, don’t you think that I should discipline Auntie Nina as well bearing in mind she so spoiled our game of cards?”

Nina heard the request, threw a paddy and blurted out,

“Don’t be silly, you are only 18 years old.”

Nina realised how inane the comment was bearing in mind the number of times she had been spanked by her teenage stepdaughters but before she could say anything her Mum asked,

“Really Nina? So tell us, just how old is Ella then?”

Nina knew she had been silly and had no choice but to reply, “18.”

Megan wasn’t clear what was being said so asked, “Who is Ella?”

Grandma turned to her daughter and said with a smirk,


Nina was further humiliated when forced to admit quietly whilst looking at the floor too ashamed to look her niece in the eye, “My stepdaughter,” and when she looked at her Mum she looked cross and raised her eyebrows so Nina’s humiliation continued when she added in a quiet tone, “Who disciplines me when I am naughty.”

“Louder Nina,” her Mum ordered and Nina repeated the comment in a loud clear voice.

Megan covered her mouth with her hand and then realising she had a good chance to do as she wanted repeated,

“So Grandma, shouldn’t I discipline Auntie Nina then?”

Grandma looked to consider the 18 year olds request for a moment then said sternly to Nina, “Right, back on your naughty spot for 5 minutes whilst the three of us go to the kitchen to discuss Megan’s request.”

Nina rubbed her bottom as she slunk back to the wall, pushed her nose against it and put her hands on her head.

“Move just one inch and I will get the cane Nina.”

Nina sniffed knowing her Mum would do just that. The cane didn’t scare her, but it really did hurt. Her Mum Megan and Tom left the room leaving Nina to consider the possibility of being spanked by her 18 year old niece. She was surprised though that she found the thought arousing. Why she didn’t know but suspected it was the thought of being under the control of another member of her family, an 18 year old member at that. So different to when at work and she in charge. Also different to when her Mum spanks her. This would be acceding control to someone she had known from birth, who she had babysat for, and who would now turn the tables and take control of her. Turn her over her knee in fact.

In the kitchen Megan said immediately,

“You know Grandma I really do think I should spank Auntie Nina.”

Her Grandma turned to her with a smile and said,

“Don’t worry Megan I have already decided you will discipline your Auntie. I just wanted to give her time to come to terms with it, and for us to discuss what you will do.”

“Oh,” Megan replied, surprised but elated, “Cool,” she added with feeling.

“Not just that Megan, but I will be away over the next few days so just the two of you will be here, and as your Auntie Nina can be a bit of a handful around the house I will need you to step up and be in charge. That means giving her a good spanking if she needs it, so use today to try it out and get used to teaching her a painful but important lesson.”

“I will Grandma, I won’t let you down.” Megan was enthusiastic to say the least.

“So Megan, do you think you can take your Auntie across your lap.”

“Oh yes Grandma,” the 18 year old said excitedly, adding “And I will spank her really hard with my hand, and then the hairbrush.”

Megan didn’t really expect to be allowed to use the hairbrush and was just trying it on again but didn’t blink when her Grandma said,

“OK, that’s settled then.”

Tom was agog getting more and more aroused listening to the conversation and when he caught Megan’s eye and she winked at him he blushed. It was at that moment they both knew it would not be long before Tom found himself across his girlfriends lap. Grandma broke the momentary silence, when she looked at the clock on the wall and said,

“Let’s go back in shall we?”

The three of them went back in to the living room and Megan and her Grandma smiled at each other as they saw Nina hadn’t moved at all. Tom sat in his chair again and Megan went to the chair her Grandma had vacated and sat down.

“Turn around,” Grandma instructed Nina.

Nina turned around and as soon as she saw her niece sitting in the spanking chair she knew what had been decided. She wasn’t upset though. In fact she had a bit of a fizz between her legs as she convinced herself it was absolutely right that she will be disciplined by another teenager, one she recalled she had in fact spanked once when she babysat her, although she wasn’t going to remind her of that just now.

“Bend over Megan’s lap Nina,” her Mum ordered.

Nina walked over to her niece glancing across at Tom as she walked. She had forgotten Tom. She had been spanked in front of all sorts of people over the years so being spanked in front of her niece’s boyfriend didn’t faze her. It was just another humiliation for her. Nina was now by Megan’s side. She looked down at her niece and noticed the sleeveless vest top she was wearing showing off her bare arms and good figure, and her shorts and bare legs and saw for the first time how grown up her niece was. Yes, grown up enough to give her Auntie Nina a spanking, and probably a hard one at that. Nina bent down across her niece’s lap, which like Ella’s was much narrower than her Mum’s. Still, she nestled down and felt somehow comforted lying across her bare thighs, tensing when she felt the 18 year olds palm on her bottom. She had a sense of being helpless but knew she enjoyed the emotion. Even when the spanking started she felt almost at home across her niece’s lap. That was short lived though when Megan said after a dozen spanks,

“Not so nice on the receiving end eh Auntie Nina?”

Nina gasped as she recognised her niece remembered the spanking, gasping more as her own spanking intensified, the 18 year old keeping up a steady stream of spanks on her 38 year old Auntie’s bare bottom. Spank after spank, often Megan spanking the same spot on her Aunties bottom time after time, knowing she was causing her Auntie immense discomfort, and enjoying doing so. Nina wasn’t even embarrassed when she started to sob as she fully expected to be reduced to tears again by the 18 year old. Megan caught her Grandma’s eye and was reminded to use the hairbrush. This really did excite the 18 year old as she spanked harder and harder and savoured the increasing gasping and crying she was causing. Her Auntie Nina’s bottom was now dancing and cavorting to her tune and she was enjoying every second. Unlike her Auntie Nina who was crying uncontrollably, her face wet with tears. Megan looked across at Tom as she spanked and saw straight away the massive bulge in his trousers and realised he was looking at her rather than Auntie Nina. Her boyfriend was being turned on by her power. She would have to discuss that with him afterwards.

“I think Auntie Nina has had enough Megan,” her Grandma said and whilst physically tired Megan was also disappointed her discipline session was over. She looked down at the back of Auntie Nina’s head and could see she was still crying so rubbed her bottom to try to calm her down. Nina felt the hand rub her and raised her bottom slightly and then lowered it again, as though hoping the 18 year old would rub harder, to soothe her.

Megan smiled and raised her hand giving her Auntie a firm spank and said,

“Right Auntie, time to get up.”

Nina slumped back across her niece’s lap for a few moments and when the next spank hit home and hurt even more she started to ease herself up. Without being told she stood in front of the 18 year old with her hands on her head with a level of respect she thought the now 18 year old deserved, and even wanted her to scold her.

Instead her Mum said, “OK Nina, you can go to your room and clean up. I have to go out so I am leaving Megan in charge. Understood?”

Nina sniffed and said, “Yes Mum, I understand.”

Grandma turned to Megan and said, “Auntie Nina can spend half an hour in her bedroom getting herself cleaned up,” she said happily to the 18 year old.

Nina saw her Mum nod her head and she left the room rubbing her bottom like mad. Spanked twice was just awful but at least that was over. She went upstairs, into her bedroom and went straight to her bathroom. She washed her face and then rubbed some cold cream into her sore red bottom. She looked at herself and knew it had been quite some thrashing she had received. Still, it was time to lie on her bed and she smiled as she took her vibrator out of her draw, flicked the switch, and ran the vibrating head along her wet pussy, slowly at first but soon she was lost in sexual fantasies about being spanked and scolded until she reached orgasm, ensuring she didn’t make too much noise for fear of the consequences. Having got away with it she then spent the next twenty minutes tidying herself up and putting her make up on so she would look adult again when she went back downstairs.

Nina didn’t hear the conversation Megan and Tom had. How Megan had told Tom that for the next week he had better watch his tongue when speaking to her and how Tom’s penis got so stiff when she warned him. Megan took Tom’s hand and forced it down the front of her knickers and he felt how wet her pussy was. Quickly his fingers ran up and down her pussy as Megan grabbed his hair, pulled and tugged until Tom gasped in pain and then pulled his face towards her and kissed him hard as his fingers entered her wet squishy pussy and as she gasped and moaned so his fingers moved faster and deeper inside her until Megan let out several long moans that told Tom she had cum.

Tom was breathing deeply as he took her hand and tried to force it inside his trousers. Megan pulled back sharply and snapped,

“Down boy. I’m in charge aren’t I?”

Tom froze.

“I’m in charge Tom. Aren’t I?” Her voice was fierce, scary, but a voice to be obeyed. He nodded.

“Good boy. Now you sit obediently and wait for Auntie Nina to come back downstairs.”

Tom’s penis bulged out the front of his trousers. He hadn’t been spanked for years, and didn’t want to be spanked by anyone again. He only agreed to Megan being in charge because he wanted to please her. He wasn’t going to let her spank him though, for sure.

A few moments later Megan heard Nina coming back downstairs and quickly sat down on a chair and picked up a magazine. Nina found Megan and Tom in the lounge and knew she had to apologise to her 18 year old niece. Megan looked up as Nina came in to the room, folded her arms and waited. Her Auntie Nina approached and stood in front of the teenager.

“Sit,” Megan said. Nina looked at the hard wooden seat she had been offered and scrunched her face up as she gingerly sat down, her bottom stinging as she put her weight on her bottom. She glanced at Tom who was smiling, the little so and so she thought, but Megan just looked at her Auntie, waiting.

“I’m really sorry Megan, I was so naughty and deserved to be punished.”

Megan smiled and said, “Well Auntie, I accept your apology so give me a hug.”

They stood and hugged until Megan ordered her Auntie,

“Sit and chat Auntie Nina,” trying not to laugh as she watched her Auntie grimace as she sat down again on the hard chair. Megan noticed Nina had bare legs and enquired,

“So Auntie Nina, I suppose you aren’t wearing any knickers either?” she asked with a wide grin.

“No Megan, I find after the kind of spanking you gave me they are too tight when I try to put them on.”

Megan thought a moment, smirked, and ordered,

“Well I am introducing a new rule. You will wear tight panties after your spanking.”

“What!” Nina could not control her annoyance at the suggestion. “What do you mean Megan? Surely I am old enough to pick my own clothes?”

Megan’s eyes flashed and she said firmly, “Well you will do as I say when under punishment Auntie. You have 30 seconds to get upstairs, put on a pair of tight panties and get back down here. Two spanks with the hairbrush for every second longer. Understood?”

Nina felt humiliated. Being given such a dressing down by her 18 year old niece was somehow worse than the spanking, and with Tom watching. She was being threatened with yet another spanking and knew her Mum would side with Megan so she huffed but got up and went quickly up the stairs. She was sobbing to herself as she found a pair of panties which she knew were too small for her so were tight. She quickly stepped in to them and made her way back downstairs. As she entered the lounge Megan was looking at her watch and she held up five fingers, twice.

“I’m here Megan,” Nina said breathlessly.

Megan looked coolly at her Aunt and said, “Yes, but ten seconds late, so that is twenty spanks.

“Please Megan,” Nina begged.

“Twenty two spanks now Auntie, you get extras for arguing.” Megan smirked at her Auntie and Nina knew her niece had a hard streak she hadn’t expected the teenager to have.

Nina tightened her lips. She knew she couldn’t win that game, so she walked over to Megan and just heard Tom say an excited, “Yes,” under his breath. Megan smirked. Nina blushed. The silence was broken by Megan demanding,

“Panties down Auntie and back across my lap.”

Nina blushed deeper as she slid her knickers down again, and briefly rubbed her bottom which was still stinging and was very warm. Slowly she bent down across the 18 year olds lap and again saw the floor come up to meet her face and knew her bottom was again an inviting target. Nina looked across at the smiling Tom. She wished she hadn’t looked at him and blushed again.

Just then Nina’s mobile phone rang. It was on the table next to Tom who looked at it and said,

“It’s Jack Dormer.”

Nina asked quickly,

“Can I take it please Megan, its work?”

Megan agreed and Tom brought the phone over, and both Megan and Tom smiled at the sight of the 38 year old draped across Megan’s lap, her bare bottom in the air, and now the phone to her ear. They heard only one side of the conversation.

“Yes Jack you know that is what I need …. It’s very simple, why can’t you just do it? …. Yes Jack, it’s that straightforward … Well that’s fine then, just get it done for the meeting tomorrow.”

Megan handed the phone back to tom saying,

“I get so cross with him at times you know. I think sometimes he deliberately refuses to follow my instructions”

“Really?” Megan said sarcastically. “Shall I tell him where you were when telling him off?”

Nina looked around and up at her niece realising the silliness of her comment. Jack is juvenile but she is about to get her bottom spanked.

“Oh yes,” and added “I guess,” and Nina blushed as she turned back to the floor as she felt Megan’s thighs tense and a second later the first spank of the hairbrush landed on her already stinging bottom. Megan didn’t stop between spanks but kept scolding her Aunt, telling her in future to do as she is told, that her Mum put her in charge and as Nina’s legs bucked and her bottom cheeks cascaded from side to side she was quickly reduced to a sobbing wreck. Twenty two spanks later Megan stopped although Nina remained where she was, her bottom in the air, her eyes filled with tears, a throbbing pain across her bare bottom and knowing she had now been spanked three times today and it was going to be very painful lying in bed tonight.

“Get up Auntie and get dressed,” Megan ordered.

A still sobbing Nina stood up, pulled up her knickers, gasping as the tight elastic scraped along her burning skin, and then with a final gasp brushed her skirt back flat.

“Sit Auntie, Megan ordered and once again she smiled as she watched her Auntie ease herself on to the hard wooden surface, squirming around as she tried to find a comfortable position. A few moments later and Nina was starting to recover enough to smile back at her niece.

“I am sorry Megan. I will not disobey you again.” Nina added after a moment, “You spank very hard you know.”

Megan laughed, relishing the knowledge that she gave her Auntie Nina a spanking that really hurt her. Nina smiled back. This was the best time for Nina. A very sore bottom and being made to sit on a hard chair so she has to squirm around to try to get comfortable, her stinging bottom a constant reminder of the spanking she had been given, and an aide memoire to be polite and obedient to avoid any further discipline, something Nina knew she just couldn’t achieve.

“So Auntie, we have another week here together. You know Grandma will be away for a lot of the time and she has put me in charge. You had better get used to having Tom watch as well.”

Nina knew her Mum had to be away and now realised she had manoeuvred things so that Megan would spank her and she would then put the 18 year old in charge of her and have disciplinary control over her. She looked at her niece who looked so pretty, almost innocent, but now knew she had steel in her and would have no sympathy for her 38 year old Auntie if discipline was needed. Nina nodded in agreement, knew there was no way she was going to go a week without misbehaving and so fully expected to be put across her niece’s lap again, in all probability rather more than once. Her pussy was getting wet again at the very thought and as she fantasised about masturbating again so she hoped she would be spanked by her niece several more times.

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