Nina is Caught Out

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37 year old Nina is spanked by her Mum for lying
Nina did go back to stay overnight with Jenifer and did discover Emily and Chloe had drunk more vodka. The two Mum’s went stayed up for a while discussing the action they would take in the morning. Jenifer was going to spank Chloe for sure and tried to convince Nina that if she followed her lead she would have Emily across her lap for a bare bottom spanking. Nina sounded convinced but when alone in bed she tossed and turned unsure of whether she should spank her 17 year old daughter, even whether she deserved to spank her. Nina had a fitful night before getting dressed and was ready when Jenifer knocked on her door.

Jenifer and Nina stood outside the girl’s bedroom. Jenifer knocked and walked in, switching on the light, saying, “Chloe, up you get, I want a word please.”

Chloe was bleary eyed as she half sat up. Nina looked across at Emily who rested her head on one hand as she tried to open her eyes. Jenifer started strongly, confronting Chloe saying firmly, “I told you, no more drinking and look what you do, the bottle is practically finished.”

Chloe was now awake, her face having that, ‘Great I’ve been caught out, look. She didn’t even try to argue with her Mum and immediately accepted her fate. Jenifer sat on what was obviously used as the spanking chair and without being told Chloe pulled her sheer nightdress up and over her head and the 17 year old stood naked facing her Mum and seconds later bent down and across her Mum’s lap for another hard spanking.

Nina looked at Emily who was now also wide eyed as she watched Chloe undress and without a word bend across her Mum’s lap. Nina said, “Well my girl, what have you to say for yourself then?

Emily though objected strongly. “It’s only a drink. I’m not going to have another spanking, you know I won’t.” Emily looked across at Chloe who was now having her bottom rubbed by her Mum. Jenifer was looking at Emily and her eyes told Emily she wasn’t going to take any argument. Emily added less forcefully, “It’s not fair.”

Nina followed Jenifer’s advice and looked resolute. By now Chloe was being spanked and the room echoed to the sound of Jenifer’s hand on Chloe’s bare bottom and the sight of Chloe becoming more and more uncomfortable as her bottom was turned a deeper and deeper shade of pink. Emily glanced from her Mum to Chloe’s reddening bottom and back to her Mum again realising she was going to go the same way as her friend and after only a few stern words from Nina and in the face of her Mum’s insistence Emily stamped her foot before lifting her own skimpy nightdress over her head and throwing it on the bed. Nina sat on the corner of the bed and Emily stomped over to her and bent down across her Mum’s lap.

Two 17 year olds lay across each of their Mum’s laps for a spanking and on this occasion a spanking both knew they earned as they had kept on drinking after all. Chloe was used to being spanked whilst for Emily it was a new experience and having her face inches above the floor whilst her bare bottom lay undefended across her Mum’s lap was the most humiliating position she had ever been in.

Nina rubbed her daughter’s bare bottom which was still red from her double spanking the day before. Soon Emily’s bottom was even a deeper shade of red from her Mum’s hand spanking. Nina though didn’t stop there. Exchanging smiles with Jenifer who was happily spanking Chloe just a few feet away with the wooden backed hairbrush, Nina lifted her own wooden backed hair brush and spanked her daughter with it time and again. Emily was squirming shrieking and her legs were kicking but just like yesterday didn’t try to get up, knowing she would most likely only get another spanking if she tried. She was sure she could force herself up but then there would be a massive row and she would have to sulk all day long which she knew her Mum hated, but would probably be grounded until she accepted a spanking. Emily reckoned it was far better to stay where she was and get the spanking over with. Both Mums kept spanking their daughters with the wooden paddle hairbrushes and both daughters shrieked and gasped and kicked their legs and begged their Mums to stop, all to no avail as the spanking continued unabated.

Jenifer and Nina again nodded to each other when they were happy their daughters had been punished enough and let them up, watching with smiles of self-satisfaction as the two 17 year olds stood in front of them hopping from foot to foot and rubbing their bottoms vigorously, tears streaming down their faces, ignoring their own nakedness.

Jenifer told both girls off again and reminded them it was their own faults as they were told not to drink any more.

Afterwards the two Mums went downstairs leaving Chloe and Emily rubbing their bottoms, still crying as they rubbed cool cream in to each other’s sore bottoms, and slowly recovered. The two Mums missed Chloe saying with a toothy smile, “At least they didn’t catch us making out.”

Emily returned the wet smile. “My bottom is tingling again.” She saw her nipples were taut and knew her pussy was damp. They kissed and hugged each other. Emily admitted, “You were right Chloe, spanking hurts like crazy, but I do like my bum buzzing.”

Chloe gave a wet sob-filled sniff and giggled as she squeezed Emily’s bottom who responded with an “Ouch,” but they kissed again.

Downstairs a worried Nina waited anxiously still unsure how her sulky daughter will react to another spanking and when Emily came back downstairs she looked tried to see in to her eyes to see what she might do. Would she shout and scream, or would she just sulk? In the event Emily took one look at her Mum and apologised. Nina was astounded but stayed stern whilst Emily said she would be better behaved in future and would try hard not to earn another spanking. Control transferred Nina thought. At least for the rest of this stay anyway.

Emily asked if she could stay with Chloe, both teenagers looking at Jenifer who said, “OK, but any trouble and you will both be for it. Understood?”

The two girls readily agreed. Nina said her good-byes and went home. Her Mum was up and cleaning the house. Nina told her Mum what had happened and that Emily’s bottom was now very sore indeed. Her Mum said, “About time my girl, about time. Still, it was the right thing to do. Just you make sure you keep it up or else you and I will have to have a serious chat about it. A very serious chat.”

Nina knew she didn’t want to have anything like a serious chat about not spanking Emily and if anything that helped Nina stay resolute. Nina spanked Emily twice more that week, and twice more the following week, most times with her Mum watching which Emily thought even more humiliating but got used to it, and in no time at all Emily knew spanking was going to be a painful part of her stays with her Mum. Painful, but to her surprise and delight once alone in her bedroom and out of earshot pleasurable as well.

Nina’s Mum decided she wanted Nina to enforce her disciplinary control over her daughter and insisted she and Emily came to live with her so she could keep a closer eye on them. Whilst were both Nina and Emily were initially reluctant Nina’s Mum insisted and Nina and Emily conceded. Both moved their clothes and belongings over and settled in to adjacent bedrooms. Nina was wary as Emily had no idea her Mum was still spanked. Still, Nina’s Mum promised Nina she would only spank her when Emily was out of the house. Nina hoped that is how it would work out.

During the first week of all three living under the same roof Nina continued to spank Emily when she deserved to be although could not keep up the strict façade and started to let her off more often than actually spanking her. Still, after a particularly hard spanking Emily came back downstairs and whilst still rubbing her bottom said to her Mum, “You know you spank me really hard Mum and it hurts so much.”

“That’s the idea Emily,” Nina told her daughter without any sympathy. “What else would you expect?” Nina wasn’t particularly comfortable spanking her daughter which is why she let her off so often but put up the pretence to prevent Emily simply refusing to allow herself to be spanked on the occasions she went too far even for Nina.

Emily continued, “Well Mum, it’s just that afterwards, my bottom stings, I mean its sore and sitting down is quite difficult, but the stinging is, well, erm, nice, pleasant even.” After a moment she added, “Is that strange Mum?”

Nina smiled. “Well not everyone thinks the tingling is so nice. Most people find being spanked hurts and their soreness is just an extension of that pain. If you find the tingling pleasant then that is, well, unusual, but I guess OK. So if you find the pain pleasing afterwards then no big deal. I suppose.” Nina didn’t see how the post spanking soreness could be termed, ‘Nice,’ or ‘Pleasant,’ at least not from her own experience of being spanked by her Mum.

Emily smiled at her Mum still not quite sure what it all meant. She wasn’t expecting her Mum to add, “Mind you Emily now I know you enjoy the pain afterwards it means I will spank you even harder.”

Emily said panicking, “Please don’t Mum, you spank way hard enough already,”

Nina smiled at the threat as that is exactly what her Mum said to her one time when she had had her own 37 year old bottom spanked and in a show of defiance told her Mum the spanking didn’t hurt. Nina replied seriously, “What is important is that the spanking hurts and teaches you that being badly behaved has its consequences.”

Emily wasn’t so happy anymore and rubbed her bottom again, although Nina smiled and thought maybe the threat of a harder spanking might make her daughter better behaved. However she was also pretty sure she won’t spank her daughter any harder. Of course Emily obviously had no idea just how hard her Grandma can spank. Nina knew and didn’t really wish the experience on her daughter.

Nina was nonetheless surprised Emily enjoyed the pain afterwards particularly as Emily had resisted being spanked in the first place. For Nina it was different as she often masturbated at night after a spanking but had always seen that as a release rather than sexual and had never linked the two to sex alone. To Nina’s mind a spanking was intended to hurt, not give pleasure. Certainly not during the spanking so why afterwards either? Strange was Nina’s summary of Emily’s feelings.

However, stranger was to come. Two days later Emily earned a spanking just before lunchtime and Nina spanked the 17 year old. Six hours later Emily had talked back extremely rudely to her Mum over dinner which prompted a second spanking. Emily was again across Nina’s lap crying her eyes out for much of the second spanking, her bottom and legs were bright red after Nina had used both her hand and wooden backed hairbrush, and Nina decided as it was now 7.30 she would also send her daughter to bed early as an extra punishment.

Thirty minutes later Emily had showered and was in her bedroom when Nina happened to walk passed. To her surprise Emily was on her mobile to Chloe and she was laughing and giggling and Nina heard her daughter say how much her bottom stung and maybe Chloe would come over and rub cream in for her. Nina went in to her room, made Emily break the call, much to her daughter’s irritation, and she took the phone away telling her to get in to bed and keep the light off.

Twenty minutes later Nina crept upstairs again and listened outside her daughter’s room and was even more surprised to hear the unmistakable buzz of a vibrator and the erotic groans of her daughter’s orgasm. Nina was shaken. She had given her daughter what she thought was a very hard spanking, on top of a spanking that morning, yet her daughter was sexually aroused by it. It gave Nina something to think about. Was it possible for a spanking to sexually arouse her in the way it did for Emily?

The next day Emily went shopping and Nina decided she needed to test if she too became aroused after being spanked and because of the spanking. Today she was going to find out just that. Why, because the day after giving Emily the double spanking 37 year old Nina was standing with her nose pressed against the wall as she had so often before and knew that as a once married woman, now divorced, and with a 17 year old daughter it was hardly normal, yet in just a few minutes she was going to get her own bottom spanked for a second time today by her Mum.

This was by far the first spanking Nina had been given by her Mum. In fact 37 year old Nina is regularly spanked by her 61 year old Mum and had been for nearly 20 years. At first she was spanked three or even four times a week, week after week. By the time she was twenty that reduced to maybe twice a week, and over more recent years that reduced to only four or five times a month. Nina hated being spanked but accepted it as a necessary evil to keep her well behaved. There was nothing erotic about it, or so she thought. She was flipped across her Mum’s lap and her bare bottom was spanked with both her Mum’s hand and a hairbrush until Nina was crying and sobbing and promising to be a good girl again. Only then did her Mum let her up.

It was always the same. Nina was spanked really hard, she cried, found it very hard to sit down afterwards, promised herself she would never earn another spanking, and then a few days later forgot everything and was told she had earned yet another spanking. Not once had she felt aroused by being spanked by her Mum although she knew she regularly masturbated when in bed after her spanking.

Nina’s Mum knew several other Mums who also spanked their grown up kids, some of them still spanked in though their fifties. Nina knew who they were and they often met, particularly when collecting their hairbrushes from the shop down the road. After all, a wooden paddle brush rarely lasted more than a couple of weeks so they had to be purchased in bulk, and only one shop did that, so everyone used it.

On the other hand none of Nina’s family or friends knew, not unless in the spanking group. Not even Emily knew. However Nina knew it was only a matter of time before it became known more widely. Some neighbours knew when a group saw Nina rubbing her bottom and carrying a bag of hairbrushes. They pressed Nina who admitted what they were for. Nina was surprised they just accepted the answer open mouthed. Was it wonderment, horror, or a secret desire to watch Nina being spanked she wondered. On occasion she also wondered if they pictured themselves being spanked. Either way they never made fun of Nina, and were more likely to be sympathetic when they saw Nina doing the shopping trip, or rubbing her bottom more like. Still, Nina’s major dread was that Emily would find out.

Neither had Nina told Jenifer or any of her friends, nor her daughter Emily, that discipline had been part of her family life for years. It started when her Mum had retired as a Headmistress of what was a very strict school. Corporal punishment was the norm and Nina’s Mum was the sole giver of that discipline.

Nina’s Mum had so often told Nina there was a definite benefit to having spanking as a deterrent. Making Nina spend time facing the wall made Nina uneasy and then giving a spanking was soothing for her. She can make her point to her daughter whilst turning her bottom bright red and whilst her daughter became more and more uncomfortable as the spanking progressed for her Mum there was a growing calm as the anger was dissipated across her daughters bottom.

Nina always found the spanking painful, but in a strange way she also found the humiliation of being put across her Mum’s lap as something that was reassuring. It proved her Mum’s love for her. Still not erotic, but she liked having a Mum with a strong personality who wasn’t worried about the rights or wrongs of spanking. Nina had already messed her life up by getting pregnant when too young, marrying the father, but both realising it was a mistake and amicably divorcing only a couple of years later. Knowing her Mum was there ready to make her pay for her faults was supportive. However, she had never found being spanked as erotic as Emily obviously did.

So, having heard Emily in such an aroused state after her second spanking of the day made Nina want to try it, experience it, to see if she would become as sexually aroused, now she saw it was possible to be. Today was her first chance after that fateful day with Emily. Nina had already been given a spanking by her Mum this morning and was now facing the wall anticipating that second spanking.

Nina thought again about the link of spanking and sex although right now was focussing on what will soon be happening to her, again, just hours after her first spanking of the day. With her nose pressed against the wall she thought some more about how her daughter got so aroused by the spanking and she pondered about her own stinging bottom after a spanking and thought that, yes, it felt strangely satisfying, a tingle that sent flutters through her pussy, and so often a while later she had masturbated not just once but two or three times and maybe more after a particularly long and hard spanking from her Mum. Sure the spanking itself was ever so painful, she dreaded it, but masturbating afterwards had always been a release rather than a sexual urge. Would that perspective change she wondered?

Nina’s bottom was still tingling from this morning’s spanking and she knew it was still a rosy red. Her Mum had come to her house and was helping her tidy up when Nina dropped a plate and it broke. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that Nina had sworn at her own clumsiness and her Mum hated swearing. It had earned her 37 year old daughter a spanking and her Mum gave it to her with particular relish. Nina was left crying and rubbing her bottom facing the wall on one of her many naughty spots as her Mum finished cleaning the house.

Normally when Nina is spanked she tries very hard to be well behaved for the next few days. Today though she had become more aroused than normal by her spanking probably because she thought about Emily masturbating after her double spanking. Her Mum had left her facing the wall for a whole hour after her spanking, and then it was lunchtime. During the early afternoon her Mum had taken her shopping, which she always enjoyed, and this time more so as her bottom was stinging. She tempted fate by trying on clothes risking another woman seeing her reddened bottom, but it didn’t happen. Still, it aroused her further and when she got home in the late afternoon she went straight to her bedroom and masturbated which she found even more beautiful and satisfying than usual. Then she thought again about Emily and how she appeared to be even more aroused after her second spanking. That is when she decided she needed another spanking. Today. She wanted to extend her own pleasure, and much as she hated being spanked she wanted to experience what Emily experienced. A second spanking. The trouble was she hadn’t done anything wrong to deserve another spanking.

So as she hadn’t actually done anything to earn a spanking Nina decided lying was her only answer. Fortuitously Emily was going shopping with Chloe today and was sleeping over at her house tonight. In fact Emily left the house a few minutes before her Mum got home so Nina reckoned it was safe enough to tell her Mum she spanked Emily for a nonsense reason. She knew that would annoy her Mum who said a spanking should only be given when earned. When Nina spoke to her Mum she was annoyed and Nina wasn’t surprised when her Mum berated her. “It was wrong Nina and you need to be disciplined.”

Nina was ordered to face the wall on her naughty spot as her Mum got things ready . Eventually when told to turn around Nina said, “I do regret spanking Emily for nothing Mum. It was so wrong I just lost my cool and did it.” Her Mum didn’t answer but pursed her lips, something she only did when particularly annoyed with Nina. Still looking forward to her second spanking Nina did worry her Mum was especially annoyed, but said nothing but faced the wall for what seemed like another hour but was only twenty minutes. Her Mum left the room but Nina didn’t dare take her nose from the wall.

Eventually Nina’s Mum returned and when told to turn around Nina saw her Mum looked cross but threw Nina by saying quite calmly, “I was thinking about it as you were facing the wall and maybe it doesn’t deserve another spanking. So Emily got a spanking she didn’t deserve? You can bet there are plenty of things she does wrong and doesn’t get caught, so doesn’t get spanked for.”

Nina became concerned her Mum would relent and that was the last thing she wanted right now and needed to make sure she got her second spanking. “Yes Mum, but I threw a tantrum myself. I had a hard day at the office, was all stressed, got home, Emily hardly opened her mouth and I told her off and then a few minutes later told her I was going to spank her. Then when I was spanking her and the stress left me I thought this was wrong but I still spanked her some more.” Nina looked at the floor before adding, “So you see Mum, I think I have earned another spanking.”

Now her Mum was offhand. “If you think so Nina then you will be spanked . Go to my bedroom then. I’ll get Mr Hairbrush ready for a long and serious discussion.” Nina shuddered at the mention of Mr Hairbrush, a friendly sounding name her Mum gave the hard wooden paddle brush when Nina was spanked as a teenager, and it was still an implement Nina feared, although right now knew had to be used on her if she was to be aroused.

Nina nodded, turned and went upstairs. Her Mum followed

“Skirt and knickers off Nina,” her Mum ordered business-like and stern. Nina removed her newly pressed skirt and pulled down her lace knickers, stepping out of them and putting them on the side table. She gave a lingering look at her knickers, expensive, sexy, ones she always liked to wear after a spanking as it gave her a sense of pride, success, particularly after the undignified low of staring at the floor as her bottom was being spanked. Still, she trembled knowing her sore bottom was going to be much redder and very much sorer all too soon but she wanted to suffer the spanking to enjoy her stinging bottom afterwards.

“Stand on the naughty spot until I am ready.” Every room in the house had a naughty spot and Nina went to the wall, put her hands on her head and pressed her nose against the wall and waited. She heard her Mum pull the chair around, and get the hairbrush from the drawer. After a few minutes her Mum stood behind her with her hand on Nina’s bottom and said to the back of her daughter’s head, “I want you to understand a second spanking in a day is not an easy option. If you earn a second spanking so soon it is because the first spanking wasn’t hard enough. It did not do its job. More important I failed to do my job. So the second spanking must be much harder. Much much harder in fact. Do you understand that Nina, and do you still say you have earned a second spanking today?”

Nina thought her Mum was being even sterner and stricter than usual, which she didn’t really understand as it was Nina who admitted to doing something wrong. Still she knew this was an experience she wanted and said to the wall, “Yes Mum, I do understand.”

Her Mum took her hand away but did not move so Nina knew what to expect and next moment her Mum’s open palm hit her bare bottom cheek, then again, and again, followed by three hard spanks on her other bare bottom cheek. Nina gasped at each spank. Her bottom was already red and was going to get a lot redder.

Nina’s Mum shuffled around her bedroom for a while longer before she sat on the chair and ordered, “Over you go then girl.”

Nina walked over to her Mum and lowered herself across her lap. Her Mum looked down at her daughter. Her 37 year old daughter lying prone across her lap. Of course it was a bottom she knew well. It had lain there many times although on all previous occasions it had started a silky white. Not deep red and with a couple of small bruises already present.

“It’s still red Nina, and must hurt,” she said.

Nina just wanted to get on with it. She wanted to know just how much stingier her bottom will be after a second spanking but she thought she had better respond to her Mum’s comment. “Yes Mum, I know, I haven’t been able to sit down since you spanked me this morning.” Nina hoped that would be the end of the discussion.

However, her Mum asked, “So how come you were able to put across Emily across your lap?”

Nina froze momentarily although her Mum felt it as she rubbed her daughter’s bottom. Nina answered quickly, “Oh I told her to lie on the bed and I spanked her like that.” Nina grimaced as she looked at the floor. Another lie.

Nina’s Mum nodded her head, knowingly, and changed the subject. “It really is red Nina. Mind you, your legs are lovely and white.” There was a gap before she added sternly, “We’ll have to change that though and make them the same colour as your bottom, eh Nina.”

Nina let out a groan. She was starting to regret her decision to manipulate her Mum to give her this extra spanking. She also could not get out of her mind that she had lied to her Mum, twice. How silly was that? Somehow she knew that it would rebound. She was sure of it. There would be hell to pay in fact. Still, she had got herself in to this position and now had to get through this spanking first.

After another short gap her Mum raised her hand and gave the first spank of a spanking that both knew was going to be long and hard. They always were. After fifty or so spanks Nina was already crying. She expected the spanking to hurt, but not as much as this.

“It’s no good crying my girl. I’ve only been using my hand and will do for quite a while yet. Just wait until Mr Hairbrush gets involved. Just you wait. You will learn your lesson. Do you understand?”

She waited for an answer. Slowly her daughter turned around and looked at her Mum through tear filled eyes. “Yes Mum. I am so sorry.” Nina turned back and looked at the floor. She wondered if Emily had felt like this during her second spanking. It seemed unthinkable now that Emily could have gone through this and ended up laughing half an hour later. It looks like Nina may learn two lessons today.

The spanking continued. So many hard spanks and Nina was squirming and crying uncontrollably. Her Mum stopped for a while to allow her daughter to recover before beginning the spanking again. Nina was struggling badly. Worse was to come when her Mum used the wooden backed hairbrush and Nina’s legs kicked uncontrollably as her bottom bounced as the hairbrush spanked again and again. Every square inch of her bottom hurt, and her legs were stinging much more than she had expected. Her Mum kept scolding her. Telling her how she mustn’t let herself down so much. She must behave, act responsibly, like the adult she was. Nina knew this was some hard lesson. She agreed completely with her Mum. She was going to agree to anything that would help to stop the spanking she was being given. All for a lie as well. All her own fault. A wholly unearned spanking. Stupid. Even at 37 years old she wondered how she could have been so ridiculously obtuse.

Nina lay across her Mum’s lap and just took every spank to every part of her bottom and legs. She still hated being spanked and wondered just how Emily could have been so aroused. Her Mum watched closely to ensure that the spanking was just beyond what her daughter could take, but not too far. She would take her to the brink of uncontrollable crying, and then pull back, only to intensify the spanking again as soon as her daughter had partially recovered. Once she had decided to spank Nina she took satisfaction from having her daughter squirm around on her lap, like the naughty girl she was. This she knew was a spanking that had to be given properly. A well deserved spanking. So when Nina’s bottom and legs bounced around to the tune of her hand and the hairbrush it was without tolerance, a Mum definitely teaching her daughter a valuable lesson.

The spanking ended. Nina cried for several minutes, tears flowing down her cheeks, unable to move, she stayed slumped across her Mum’s lap. Slowly she recovered. She had survived. Surely her bottom had never stung so much.

“Get up Nina and go and tidy yourself up,” her Mum instructed. Kinder now but still spoken with authority. Still a woman to be obeyed.

Nina forced herself up, picked up her clothes, and went to the bathroom. She surveyed the results of her spanking. Red. Very red. Redder than she had ever seen her bottom before. Redder than she had ever made Emily’s bottom. She looked in the mirror. Her face was tear stained, her eyes streaked red. But she had got through it. She was pleased with herself really. She had wanted to know how a second spanking felt and now she knew. Very very painful. An experience not to be repeated. Ever. But at least now an experience she can say to herself she has had and move on. She spent a while getting herself composed. She eased on her knickers which felt horribly tight against her tender skin. The skirt was easier to put on. Slowly she recovered. Still an experience though not to be repeated. She applied some makeup and after about twenty minutes reckoned she was ready to face her Mum.

Nina went to the kitchen and found her Mum sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. Nina noticed the extra thick cushion on the other chair but declined the invitation to sit down. Half smiling her Mum made a second cup for Nina who accepted it gratefully. Nina stayed standing rubbing her bottom with one hand but was soon chatting away, happier than she thought she would be, and whilst talking was thinking about her own vibrator. Yes, she was aroused as she stood, her bottom aching but her pussy was damp. She was certain of it. Emily was right.

Nina hardly noticed that her Mum was rather quieter than usual. Still, Nina was excited and it showed in her conversation. She had got through the second spanking and felt good about it.

That is until her Mum waited for a gap in Nina’s chatter and said, “I spoke to Emily earlier.”

A stunned Nina froze her cup a few inches away from her mouth, her hand motionless but still on her knickers covering her bottom . Emily had gone out so how come they spoke. Surely Emily didn’t phone? Had she missed the telephone ringing when facing the wall? The thought made her almost dumbstruck. Emily never phoned her Grandma unless Nina made her.

“Oh,” she said.

“Yes.” Her Mum gave her daughter a hard stare.

“Was she at Chloe’s then?”

“No not then. Even earlier. In fact much earlier before she went shopping with Chloe. I called to speak to you and Emily said you were in the loo and she was about to go shopping with Chloe. Emily said she would tell you to call me, but I guess she forgot.”

“Really?” Nina said, not able to formulate whole sentences. Too shocked. How come Chloe didn’t tell her? If she had told her then she wouldn’t have lied to her Mum and this would never have happened.

“Yes, then she called me. Whilst you were facing the wall actually.” Still she stared at her daughter.

“Oh,” Nina repeated, more quietly. So, the phone had rung when she was on her naughty spot. She must have been thinking about masturbating and didn’t hear. Blast blast blast.

“Yes. She didn’t mention at all you gave her a spanking.”

“Oh,” Nina repeated, quieter still, hardly a whisper now.

“She sounded in very high spirits. Just wanted a chat, to tell me about what happened at the shops. Would you believe it that she saw a woman of about my age fall over, thought of me, and called?”

This time silence. Of all the times for Emily to have a pang of conscience it had to be today thought Nina.

Her Mum added, “So Emily was with Chloe at the shops all day and was going back to Chloe’s later on. If that was the case then there was no time to spank her, was there Nina?”

Nina again said nothing.

“Emily didn’t mention lying on the bed being spanked either.” After a moment her Mum added, “Surprised Nina?”

Nina just stared at her Mum. Blushing such a deep red she could feel her cheeks burning knowing the lies she told her Mum were about to come home to roost. Her Mum gave her a long hard stare. Nina looked at the floor knowing she had been found out. Knowing her Mum would be furious.

“So Nina, why the lies?”

Nina knew she had to explain. She couldn’t tell any more lies. Just the truth. “I wanted to know what having two spankings on one day would feel like Mum.” Nina looked at the table, unable to look her Mum in the eye, deciding she definitely wasn’t going to mention anything about masturbating.

“Why’s that then?”

“I spanked Emily twice in a day, and it got me thinking. She took it well and recovered so quickly, I just had to feel what it was like.” Nina looked at her Mum and added quickly, “She deserved to be spanked both times Mum, honest.”

“I see, but that justifies lying to me does it?”

“No,” Nina replied quietly, in almost a whisper. “Sorry,” she added. Nina kept thinking how lying was so near the top of her Mums list of things that earn her a spanking.

“You should have just asked me Nina. You know that don’t you?”

Nina looked at her Mum, tears welling up. “Yes Mum, I know it. Now,” she said very softly. Yes, now that made perfect sense. Nina was rubbing her bottom as she stood, knowing she was going to pay for her lies and her bottom was going to play a long and painful part in that punishment.

The gesture was not lost on her Mum. “You might well rub your bottom my girl, because now we have to deal with your lying, don’t we Nina?”

Nina opened her mouth but stopped. The elation she felt moments earlier turned to a wet mouthed sob. She knew exactly what the “we” meant. She now knew why her Mum had spanked her so hard, had been so testy. Because she already knew Nina had lied and was already so annoyed that she spanked her daughter to teach her a lesson and would be adding to that lesson.

“Yes,” Nina mouthed. No sound came out.

Her Mum looked at her. She knew her 37 year old daughter deserved another spanking now for lying, but that would be too easy. She let her daughter worry for a few seconds whilst she took a sip of her coffee, before saying, “Well as you actually asked for a second spanking I’m reckoning you no longer find my spankings painful enough so for starters I will from now on spank you longer and harder than I have to date.”

Nina covered her mouth to stop her gasping. That wasn’t it at all. Her Mum spanked her hard enough. She thought about her discussion with Emily that went the same way. The trouble was Nina knew her Mum would enforce her threat and spank her even harder in future.

Nina’s Mum continued, “I will spank you again in one week’s time. That will be your punishment and you will have plenty of time to consider how you have earned it. Make very sure you are well behaved for the next week because otherwise I don’t care to even consider what your punishment would have to be. Understood?”

Initially Nina thought her Mum was doing her a favour by not spanking her again right now. And yes she knew she had better be ever so good in the meantime because her Mum kept her promises. Always. Nina whispered, “Yes Mum, sorry.”

Both drank their coffee, thinking about seven days time. It was only when Nina thought about it later on that she realised this was far worse than being spanked again now. She had to be good all the time and for a whole week. She wasn’t sure she could stay well behaved for seven days, not with the thought of two hard spankings to come on her mind all the time. Time will tell but Nina knew a week was a long time.

When Nina finally got to her bedroom she put the thought of the double spanking behind her and lay on her tummy on her bed. To her surprise but also her delight she really was aroused by her double spanking. She took her skirt and knickers off again and rubbed her bottom. It was tingly and felt so warm. It made her feel relaxed, sexily so. She slowly rubbed her inner thighs edging her fingers up to her hair covered pussy which was delightfully wet. She caressed her pussy before taking out her vibrator from her bedside cabinet. Her breathing deepened, she was gasping in ecstasy as she rested on her knees and ran the vibrator along her pussy, pressing, increasing her sex, thrusting herself downwards to increase the pressure, and the pleasure. She threw the vibrator on the bed with her fingers edging inside herself, in and out in and out and all the time she pictured being across her Mum’s lap having her bottom spanked, heard again being scolded, her fingers finding her clit, flicking it, teasing it, until she let out a long gasp of fulfilment. Nina lay on the bed breathing heavily as she quivered in delight. Suddenly she was looking forward to seven days time. Really looking forward to another spanking. In fact she was looking forward to almost any spanking, or at least what she will do afterwards.

Twice more Nina masturbated, not with the vibrator, but using her cum covered sticky fingers caressing her wet luscious pussy. She was now exhausted, her sexual arousal satisfied, and was ready to go to sleep. Just then her Mum opened the door and walked over to the bed.

“I heard what you have done Nina. First you lie and now you masturbate, two things right at the top of the list that earn you a spanking. You have masturbated haven’t you Nina.”

Nina looked up, blushing, one hand still on her hot bottom but didn’t answer.

“Roll on to your back my girl,” her Mum ordered.

Nina knew her bottom was too sore to lie on comfortably but had no choice, not when her Mum was in this mood. Slowly she edged herself on to her back and lowered her bottom on to the sheet. Her Mum didn’t wait for her to settle herself.

“Look at you, you naught naughty girl. You have been playing with yourself. Go on, look.”

Nina looked at her pussy hair which was so obviously damp, thick with her own cum. She looked up at her Mum and knew from the look on her face that her next spanking wasn’t going to be next week, nor even tomorrow.

“Stand up girl and bring me a hairbrush.”

Nina gasped out loud but knew better than to argue. She kicked her legs on to the floor and still naked ran across the room to the drawers, opened the top drawer and took out the wooden backed paddle brush, went back to her Mum who was now sitting again on the spanking chair, and handed the brush to her.

“Get over my girl, quickly.”

Nina obeyed and was soon once again looking at the floor, felt the hard paddle brush on her bottom, and shuddered at the thought of a third spanking in one day. Three hard spankings. How foolish of her. Worse came with her Mums next words.

“Right my girl, as I recall we agreed I am not spanking you hard enough so I will try harder this time, much harder.”

Nina sobbed. Her bottom was already so sore and now she will get another spanking. She won’t be able to sit down for days. She felt her Mum’s thigh tense and knew the hairbrush was on its way downwards aimed at her bare red sore and already stinging bottom. She shrieked when the hairbrush hit home. Her legs kicked, her bottom bent under the spank from the brush only to swirl around as the brush was again raised and a second later her other bare bottom cheek felt the hard spank of the hairbrush.

Nina’s Mum was getting tremendous satisfaction from the hard spanking she was giving her 37 year old daughter whilst Nina was regretting lying to her Mum and then masturbating. Bitterly regretting it in fact and knew she will be crying herself to sleep tonight, but not until well after the long and very hard spanking her Mum was giving her now.