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Nina Is Late for Jenifer

Nina is late meeting her friend Jenifer who playfully suggests she needs a spanking
37 year old Nina had received a sound spanking from her 61 year old Mum the day before, watched by her Mums friend Monica who was then allowed to spank her as well. Yesterday’s spankings had been extra ones. Nina had lied, and she knew the penalty for that and had suffered it, although being spanked by her Mum’s friend was at first more than she thought was fair, but later on she had found it erotic and had masturbated several times afterwards.

Nina was recovering at home when the phone rang.

“Hullo Nina,” Jenifer said on the telephone. “How are you?”

“Just fine Jen. Really.” Nina so wanted to tell someone about the spanking she got from Monica but daren’t. Then Jenifer asked, “Feeling sore?”

Nina was shocked. “You know I got spanked? How come?”

“Chloe happened to say she thought you were standing funny, as though you had been spanked. Then you sat on a hard chair and gasped, just like she does after a long hard spanking. I think she only said it to see if I knew. I didn’t, but now I do.” Jenifer laughed.

“You crafty so and so Jen. Mind you, in a way I’m just pleased someone else knows.” Then in a panic added, “You won’t tell Chloe will you? Please promise me you won’t Jen.”

“I promise,” Jenifer said sounding sincere. “Tell me though, what was it like? Are you sore?”

“An understatement Jen. I couldn’t be more sore. Mum really can spank hard,” Nina responded. Jen could tell though that her friend was relaxed.

“So you are OK with it? I mean, you are 37 years old. How come she spanked you?”

“Oh, erm, well, yes Jen, of course you don’t know. She never stopped actually. I’ve been spanked for so long, well before I got married and had Emily, and of course since as well.”

“What? And you called me crafty?”

“Sorry Jen.”

“That’s ok Nina. I don’t really mind. The fact you hid such an important secret from your oldest, no longest, and best friend.” Jenifer was laughing and Nina was still relaxed.

“So are we good, now I know Nina?”

““Jen, of course we are. Guess what though, I even asked for this spanking?”

“Go on, tell.”

Nina explained about her first spanking yesterday and then her second, and her third when Monica spanked her. Jenifer threw in a few words of wonderment but Nina felt a lot better for telling her.

“What a girl you are, but so silly. You really did deserve your sore bottom though.”

Nina knew what Jenifer meant. After all she had asked her Mum to give her a spanking. Demanded it in fact. Now she was sore. Very sore. Here she was in the lounge sitting on a huge cushion because otherwise she simply could not sit down. But she had learned a good lesson.

“I deserved it alright Jen. Believe me.”

“OK Nina. I believe you. Anyway, what are you doing today at lunchtime. I was going to invite you over for a bite and a glass of vino.”

“Now that sounds great. Look Jen, I am going to see my friend Karen this morning , and then I could pop in for lunch afterwards. How would that sound?”

“Sounds great Nina. I’ll make us a pasta. What time will you be here?”

“I’ll be there at 1.00 pm at the latest.”

“Good. I’ll have lunch ready for us. Hopefully you won’t have such a sore bottom by then.” She added with a laugh, “See you then.”

1 O’clock came and went. So did 2 O’clock. Jenifer was getting worried. She had Karen’s phone number. Karen answered. “Nina left about fifteen minutes ago. She suddenly remembered she was supposed to be with you.”

Then the doorbell rang. Jenifer walked to the door. “Nina. What happened?”

Nina came in looking sheepish. “Sorry Jen. I completely forgot the time when with Karen.”

“Really Nina, is that right. So you didn’t have your mobile?” Jenifer asked indignantly.

“I said I’m sorry Jen. Really I am.”

Jenifer decided that now she knew Nina was still spanked she would have some fun and tease Nina. “What would your Mum give you for being late and not calling?”

Nina gave her friend a look and knew very well. A spanking for sure. She looked at Jenifer and asked sheepishly, “I think you know Jen. What are you saying?”

Nina looked at her friend. Jenifer smiled at first, then her face started to look sterner, the smile went, she looked closely at Nina, a thought clearly taking hold in Jenifer’s mind. “What are you saying is more to the point Nina?” she asked firmly.

Nina looked at Jenifer, then at the floor, but said nothing and looked back up at Jenifer who said sternly, “Well, you know very well your Mum would give you a good hard spanking for being late. I suppose if you this is to dealt with properly you should be punished for doing just that to me.”

“But Jen, we are friends. How can you spank me?” Nina looked worried. She knew her bottom was still tender from yesterday.

Jenifer continued in a strict tone. “Well, I guess I could say that you are 37 years old but only yesterday you were given a very severe spanking, well three actually, and today you haven’t learnt anything have you? You just turn up late, lunch is overcooked, ruined, I have wasted my time, and what must I do, just accept you were late and so what?”

Nina could see how annoyed her friend was and she supposed rightly so. Her mind was racing and absentmindedly rubbed her bottom, a movement not lost on Jenifer. Nina admitted, “Well yes, I suppose that isn’t all that fair, but still Jen, a spanking?”

Nina had mixed feelings like she could not remember. Jenifer is a very dear friend who she found physically attractive but also loved her strong personality. Nina also knew she needed to be disciplined on so many occasions and if she had been this late for her Mum and dinner had been ruined then she would certainly have had to go across her lap. Everything told her to accept a deserved spanking, but Jenifer being a friend still held her back. Once spanked the first time she will forever have to obey her friend or risk being spanked, or worse losing her as a friend altogether. It was such a quandary.

Jenifer looked at her friend. She decided to tease some more although never intended to actually force Nina in to a spanking. This was such fun though watching Nina squirm, and rubbing her bottom whilst talking about being spanked was classic. She continued firmly, “You know Nina, just because you are 37 and still spanked by your Mum when naughty, oh and now by Monica, is there really any difference to being spanked by me particularly as you deserve to be spanked. 37? So what? ”

That did make Nina think. She didn’t believe any of her friends still got spanked, well other than those in her Mum’s spanking clique. It was just that it had been something she had accepted for all those years. More than that though, she felt better for having been disciplined. It was also true that she saw no reason to suppose that she wouldn’t still be spanked for many years to come. Who knows, even when she is 61 and her Mum 85. She hadn’t even thought about it ever changing. So, if she accepts being spanked by her Mum, it’s true then that her friend could spank her as well. Maybe should spank her.

“Anyway,” Jenifer continued, “It’s not like it’s the first time you have been late. I never know if you are going to arrive or not,, you are usually at least 15 minutes late for one reason or another, bad reasons normally, and you don’t call me to say how long you will be. I can tell you it’s very frustrating nd as much as I love you it is very very frustrating. A good spanking might just buck your ideas up.”

Nina blushed, and looked at the floor. Jenifer was right. She did mess Jenifer around, well she was late for lots of things. She looked up again and said reluctantly, “I have earned a spanking I suppose haven’t I Jen?”

“Yes Nina, you have and there is no reason at all why I shouldn’t spank you. What’s right is for you to get the spanking you deserve.” Jen asked, “Are you concerned because we are friends and are the same age?”

Nina thought for a moment. “No Jen, I know there are lots of people my age who do get spanked, by partners, parents, maybe even people younger than themselves. So I guess you being the same age as me doesn’t really matter.” Nina took a deep breath then added, “It’s just we are friends Jen.” Nina again struggled with her own mind on what was right or wrong here. In the end the fact she found Jenifer’s strong personality compelling, as well as attractive, she made a definite decision, “Yes Jen, I would normally get a spanking for being so late so you better do it.”

Jenifer was surprised. She was pushing Nina as a joke, and was going to tell her she was just kidding and anyway how could she spank her friend? Now though Nina just agreed to it. Mind blowing thought Jen but she was now thinking why not? It could be fun. Maybe. In fact maybe it will be more than fun. Jenifer knew she was aroused by the prospect of spanking her friend. She felt her nipples pressing in to her bra, knew if she felt her knickers they would be damp, felt so different to when about to spank Chloe. With her daughter it was a disciplinarian task, something that had to be done. Picturing Nina across her lap was a very different feeling. She could spank her hard and enjoy a sexual encounter she had thought about before now. Nina is attractive, more than that as she is such a lovely person as well. So with those thoughts flooding her mind, whilst Jenifer had a pang of conscience she overrode that feeling and decided she really fancied spanking her friend, and now she had been given the go ahead.

“Good, I’m glad you have seen sense.” Jenifer said decisively.

“I’ll be making it a proper spanking Nina, nothing light you understand.”

“I know you must Jen.” Nina shrugged her shoulders and gave a pensive smile, adding, “in fact I trust you to do it properly much more than I would trust anyone else, well other than my Mum. Don’t forget it wasn’t so long ago you showed me how to spank Emily and you sure spanked Chloe hard. I remember wondering what it might be like being across your lap having my bottom spanked. So now I am going to find out.”Nina added after a moment. “You know in a way I welcome it. The discipline. The need to be well behaved or to pay the penalty. Maybe that is how I should be with you as well?”

“Well yes, I can see that,” Jenifer agreed, still surprised her friend has agreed to be spanked but so looking forward to doing it and now Nina was suggesting she accept her discipline in future. Jenifer wasn’t quite sure how they got to this point and when she started jokingly reprimanding Nina she hadn’t meant to end up actually spanking her, but she wasn’t going to say that now. Just then she even remembered looking at Nina’s bottom when she last wore a swimsuit and thought how tasty it looked. Now she will see it bare.

“So, you need to be spanked right now.” Jenifer wagged her finger at Nina.

Nina conceded, “Yes Jen, that’s what I deserve.”

“OK Nina, let’s do it. I don’t forgive easily Nina. You were late and you know that deserves a spanking so that’s what I’m going to give you.”

“Well, I have apologised,” Nina said with a smile.

Jenifer shot back in a stern no nonsense tone, “I know Nina, but the pasta is ruined still so you can wipe that smile off your face.”

“Sorry Jen.” Nina opened her handbag and took out a brand new hairbrush.

“You had better use this Jen. I had to buy a few new ones for Mum the other day and she insists I always carry one in my handbag, erm, just in case she needs to use it, if you know what I mean.” Nina knew she had to give Jenifer the hairbrush as her Mum would have used it on her so it just felt right.

Jen took it. “Right Nina. Shall I call it Mr Hairbrush?”

Nina took a deep breath, and said, “Please don’t.”

Jenifer asked, “But I’ll keep it here shall I?”

“Yes, that will be useful Jen. Well, in case you need to use it on me again that is.”

Jenifer held the hairbrush and balanced it in her hand. “Very well Nina. I might even get one for Chloe. Anyway, let’s be having you.”

Jenifer took Nina firmly by the arm and walked her over to the chair. “I don’t want any messing Nina. This is a serious punishment,” Jenifer instructed, now using the tone she so often used when about to spank Chloe. Nina allowed herself to be led, feeling power transferring to her friend. Jenifer sat down and looked up at Nina. “Skirt and knickers off please Nina.”

“ I also wasn’t respect so when I discipline you I expect you to call me Jenifer.”

“Right. OK Jenifer.”

“Good. Right Nina, do as you are told please.”

“Yes Jenifer,” Nina said as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She pulled her knickers down to her knees.

“Nina, I asked you to take your knickers right off as well. I won’t take this disobedience my girl.”

“Sorry Jenifer,” Nina said quickly, not wanting to upset her friend, not just before a spanking after all. This was getting serious she thought, maybe too serious, and she gave Jen, Jenifer, the hairbrush already. Still, she just kept telling herself if her Mum would be spanking her this.

Jenifer said sternly, “Bend over my lap Nina.”

Nina bent across her friends lap.

“Ready Nina?” Jenifer asked to the back of Nina’s head.

“Yes Jenifer,” came the reply, albeit Nina kept looking at the floor.

Nina was really quite nervous. At 37 about to be spanked by a close friend, one she had known since childhood, all those years ago. Would their relationship change now she was accepting Jen’s discipline she wondered?

Jenifer didn’t think about the future. She was intent to focus on the job at hand. She rubbed Nina’s bottom, studying it, deciding where to spank her, after all her bottom was already a rather nice shade of red and any spanking was going to sting, even with her hand, let alone when she started with the hairbrush. Should she make Nina cry? Should she spank her bottom and her legs? Should she worry over much how hard the spanking was? She was in a position of power. Nina had made it clear she accepted being spanked. Therefore it should be hard enough to do the job. The decision was made, she would make her cry and teach her a good lesson. Jenifer took a final look and gave a last few rubs, focussed on Nina’s bottom, saw it was far fleshier than Chloe’s and knew she would create quiet a bounce when she spanked her. Actually she was quite looking forward to seeing it bounce and quake.

Jenifer looked at the back of Nina’s head again. It was certainly strange, but as Nina had agreed, did it really matter how old you were when you were spanked? Or how old the person giving the spanking was? It was about discipline, and punishment. Right now she was about to spank her friend. That smooth already red bottom was going to be turned a much deeper red, probably as red as it will have been the day before. Would Nina cry? She reckoned she would. The hairbrush was bound to make her cry. Bound to.

Jenifer lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Nina’s bottom. It brought a gasp but more important for both Nina and Jenifer in that one spank there was the transfer of control, 37 year old Nina accepting a spanking from her 37 year old friend. Jenifer smiled, lifted her hand, and brought her open palm down again. She followed this with several minutes spanking Nina all over her now redder bottom, making sure she smacked the backs of her legs as well. Nina was gasping when each spank hit home, particularly when Jenifer spanked her on the same spot several times in a row. But she lay there, accepting her punishment, not complaining, only reacting to Jenifer’s hand as it bit in to her bottom, causing it to bounce around, and causing Nina to squirm around, twisting and turning to try to avoid her friends hand, whilst knowing there was no escape.

For Nina it was so familiar, but strange. Familiar because she was across a woman’s lap having her bare bottom spanked hard as she looked at the floor or the woman’s legs and feet. Strange because this was a lap she had never been put across before, a hand that had never spanked her, and both the lap and hand belonged to a dear friend. Soon enough though the only real thought going through Nina’s mind was just how much this spanking was hurting. She had been late for her friend, very late, and hadn’t called, so yes she deserved the spanking and yes she was telling herself she won’t ever wrong her friend again like she had done, so she hoped her friend would not have to spank her again. The problem was that Nina said that to herself every time she was being spanked so maybe this won’t be the last time she spanks her. Every way she thought though brought her back to the overriding thought and focus, which was that this was a very hard spanking and Jenifer hadn’t even used the hairbrush yet.

“It’s time to try out my new hairbrush Nina. Ready or not.” Jenifer kept her tone firm and unyielding, and Nina thought she sounded rather like Monica when she spanked her yesterday.

Nina looked around and up at Jenifer, couldn’t speak so she just nodded and looked away back at the floor before closing her eyes knowing what was about to happen.

When the first spank with the hairbrush bit home Nina shrieked. Somehow it was harder than when her Mum spanked her, probably because it was so soon after yesterdays spankings. Nina was wondering how she would cope as Jenifer delivered spank after spank, and her bottom bounced and bounced, quivering as each blow hit. Nina cried out and felt the tears running down her face. Jenifer pounded her bottom with what must have been dozens of spanks without a break. Nina squirmed around trying to avoid the hairbrush but as always couldn’t. She put her hand over her bottom. Jenifer snarled, “No you don’t,” and took her arm up her back in a half nelson as she continued the spanking.

Nina gasped as her hand was held firmly halfway up her back and well away from her bottom. She felt the tears in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks, sobbing, thinking how much harder the hand spanking had been than she thought it would be, and now the spanking with the hairbrush was so hard as well, and it was really hurting her. Now with her arm still held firmly in place Nina just lay across her friends lap, accepting each spank, just as she insisted Emily did, until at last she heard the words, “OK Nina, you can get up now.” At that Nina collapsed, having surrendered well before then, and lay there trying to recover, comforted by Jenifer’s hand stroking her burning bottom and the tops of her legs. Eventually she felt able to lift herself up from Jenifer’s lap, stand up, and rub her bottom, standing in front of her friend, sniffing, sniffling, sobbing. And for several minutes was standing in front of Jenifer bouncing from foot to foot as she rubbed her bottom. It took quite a while for Nina to calm herself down and even though the stinging remained intense she eventually stood still, well except for the odd rub.

Jenifer looked up at her friend. “Have you learned your lesson Nina?” she demanded.

“Yes Jenifer,” came the reply, almost a whimper before she again burst into tears at the touch of her roasted bottom.

Jenifer stood up and pulled Nina close, hugging her, whispering kindly, “it’s OK Nina, it’s all over. You have learnt your lesson I am sure.”

Nina clung on to Jenifer. Slowly recovering. Eventually able to pull herself away, wipe away the tears from her eyes, wipe away the tear stains down her cheeks, and smile at her.

“Thank you Jen, I mean Jenifer. I deserved it for all sorts of reasons.”

Jenifer smiled back. “So, what happens to the hairbrush now Nina?”

Nina smiled back and said, “It goes in your drawer until you have to use it on me again. Don’t forget I have to carry one in my handbag all the time, and I buy new ones when I need to,” Nina added, “You decide when Jenifer. I’ll accept your decision.”

“That works for me Nina, if you deserve a spanking I will discipline you for sure.” Jenifer looked closely at her friend, and added, “Because Nina I can tell you I enjoyed it. Your bottom is a much nicer bottom to spank than Chloe’s. It’s really sexy as it bounces around so beautifully.”

“You mean I have a big bum?” Nina said laughing and trying to sound aggrieved.

Jenifer feigned annoyance but there was a sting in her voice when she said sternly, “Careful my girl, the hairbrush isn’t back in the drawer yet you know.”

Nina became serious, deciding she needed to be respectful still. “Sorry Jenifer, you are right of course. I accept that I am still under discipline until you tell me otherwise. Yes, I do want you to discipline me again. When I deserve it of course. ”

“Right then, you had better go and clean yourself up. I will have a cushion waiting for you when you get back.” Jenifer added, “You had better get me a few hairbrushes in then, I’ll be using them for sure.”

Nina grimaced. She knew that meant extra shopping trips to the hairbrush shop. There was no charge for the hairbrushes. Instead the lady who owns the shop gives her a spanking in return for a set of paddle hairbrushes. Nina recalls those visits. Sometimes waiting a few minutes then seeing another of the adults in the spanking clique leave with a bag full of hairbrushes, his or her eyes red from crying, just as she does, and then when on the way out sometimes sees the next person waiting through her own reddened tear filled eyes. Still, Jenifer wanted a set of her own so Nina will place the order and take the extra spanking.

Jennifer watched Nina pick up her clothes and leave the room and as the door closed so she felt her knickers and yes they were damp, delightfully damp, and as she ran her finger along her pussy she knew she had so enjoyed spanking Nina and she wanted to again, will again.

Nina went upstairs to the bathroom and looked at her red bottom in the mirror. Jenifer had certainly done a good job on her, it was every bit as red as yesterday. Nina rubbed her bottom and couldn’t stop herself rubbing the backs of her legs and then the sides and then the inside of her thighs and slowly along her damp pussy. She stood holding the wall, her bottom too sore to sit on, her legs apart, masturbating, bringing herself to orgasm, thinking she should go downstairs and give Jenifer a long kiss to thank her, maybe even see if her knickers were as damp as her own. She pictured Jen and them kissing each other passionately as she came.

It was twenty minutes before Nina was ready to face Jenifer again. Her eyes were still slightly red, but it was her bottom that stung. She rubbed her bottom as she went downstairs thinking about the cushion Jenifer will have ready for her. She opened the door and saw Jen looking at her, wide eyed, as though warning her. Nina walked in and saw Emily and Chloe sitting at the table. They looked up and said a happy hullo but must have thought Nina looked a little strange.

“We made coffee for you Mum,” Emily announced. Nina saw the cup on the table but noticed the chair next to it didn’t have a cushion. Did she have to sit on such a hard chair? Could she?

Nina went to the chair, looked across the table, and said, “Well Jenifer, it’s nice to see the kids?”

Emily said with a laugh, “Jenifer? What happened to Jen?”

Nina blushed. She was still in being disciplined mode. Without thinking she sat down firmly on the chair and immediately gasped in pain and stood back up, rubbing her bottom. She saw Chloe and Emily look at each other again just like yesterday, open mouthed, obviously wondering again if she had been spanked. Nina kept blushing and before Jenifer could stop her said, “I need to tell you something girls.”

Jenifer put her finger to her mouth but it was too late. Nina knew she had to tell her daughter and knew she would have to tell her Mum Emily knew. Nina knew it would then just be a matter of time before Emily was allowed to watch Nina being spanked. It was a family thing, watching a sibling being spanked, except here it would be 17 year old Emily watching her 37 year old Mum being spanked by her Grandma. Family, and awful for Nina, but maybe better to get it over with as then her Mum won’t have to wait for Emily to go out before spanking her. There will be no need for that delay. She will be spanked when she is naughty, as it should be. So, Nina came clean with the two teenagers.

“Jenifer has just spanked me. I mean I deserved it because I was very late, and well, I mean, yes, well, so Jenifer spanked me.”

Jenifer looked at Nina in horror. Nina blushed, looked at the floor, then back up at the two teenagers and whilst rubbing her own bottom with her hand said in almost a whisper, “I did deserve it though.”

Emily and Chloe just looked at each other, open mouthed. Emily was the first to speak. “Well you won’t be spanking me again Mum, not if you are still spanked.”

Nina made things worse by saying, “It doesn’t change anything Emily. Your Grandma has spanked me for years but I spank you.”

There was another silence. Nina was now totally humiliated but by her own words. Just a few days ago it was so private, just her Mum knew she spanked her and the friends in her Mum’s clique, and of course the adults that were spanked, but and no one else. Now look. First Monica, then Jenifer, and her now daughter knows, and Chloe knows. Yes, so humiliating.

Emily said in amazement, “Grandma spanks you?”

Nina blushed. It was getting worse and worse. Nina bit her lip, took a breath, then explained, “Yes Emily, Grandma has always spanked me, she …”

Emily couldn’t hold back, “Always, like forever?”

“Yes Emily, well for over twenty years now, and I suppose will do for another twenty years. What’s it matter? I am naughty and get spanked. Just like you are.”

“Hang on Mum, I still say if you get spanked then you can’t spank me.”

“That’s just it Emily. You don’t get a say. Grandma has the say whether I get spanked and I get the say when you are spanked.”

Emily wasn’t happy. When she heard her Mum was still spanked she reckoned she wouldn’t get spanked herself anymore. She was wrong.

Nina wasn’t so happy either. It sounded a good idea to come clean when she first came in to the room but maybe she hadn’t thought it through properly. Her daughter now knew she was spanked and word was bound to get around. She might come across a friend in the street and not know if she knew she was spanked. How humiliating was that? On the other hand Nina wanted to be spanked again, by Jen and by Monica and enjoy the sexy tingling feelings afterwards. Of course she will have to accept her Mum will still spank her. That was a given. She will still spank Emily even though she won’t want to be. That wasn’t actually any fun for her, more a chore actually, but her Mum insisted and she had to discipline Emily when Emily earned it.

Nina was finding it really hard to sit on the chair and asked plaintively, “Well now you know I’ve been spanked can I have a cushion to sit on please?”

Jenifer laughed and said to Chloe, “There’s one on my bed.”

Emily wanted some time to think how she would get out of being spanked so said, “I’ll get it.” Emily left the room. Chloe asked hopefully, “Can I see your bottom Nina? I bet it’s red.”

Nina was about to object but as Emily was out of the room she thought why not and quickly turned around, lifted her skirt and Chloe’s eyes widened as she saw the red all around Nina’s knickers and down her legs even before Nina slipped her knickers down.

Chloe turned to her Mum and said awestruck, “Mum, that’s so red. Wasn’t it too hard?”

Jenifer told her daughter, “No Chloe, Nina is an adult and quite frankly needs to be spanked much harder to make the right impact and improve her behaviour. She needs to find it hard to sit down for as long as possible.”

Chloe hadn’t taken her eyes off Nina’s bottom and said a breathless, “I never want my bottom to be as red as that Mum.”

Jenifer watched her daughter and thought Chloe was sheepish as she looked at Nina’s red bottom as though actually she did want her bottom to be turned that colour when she is spanked. Jenifer smiled and said, “Good girls don’t get reddened bottoms. Bad girls do though.”

Nina recognised she actually enjoyed the humiliation of showing her spanked bottom to her friends 17 year old daughter and even felt a flutter deep inside her pussy as she pulled her knickers back up and straightened her skirt finishing just as Emily came back in to the room.

Emily saw the look on Chloe’s face and asked, “What did I miss?”

Chloe’s mouth opened but a look from Jenifer told her to say nothing, but Emily pressed. “What?” she insisted.

Nina knew her daughter had the right to see so silently turned and again lifted her skirt and lowered her knickers and heard Emily’s gasp but there was no flutter through her pussy this time, not with her daughter seeing her reddened bare bottom. Nina smiled at the gasp of awe from her daughter but was thinking of Jen, or Jenifer when she is under discipline, and pictured herself in her arms, kissing, cuddling, licking, sucking, and as she thought so she felt her pussy getting wet, and she glanced in the glass front to the drinks cupboard and saw that Jenifer was looking at her, smiling, a look in her eye she recognised from when they went out together, it’s how she looked at the people she fancied, yes that look of desire. Did Jenifer fancy her? Well she certainly wanted Jenifer. Did Jenifer realise they were exchanging looks of desire, of wanting each other? Suddenly Nina felt an even deeper feeling of degradation, that her daughter saw her want another woman, an emotion she reckoned she would suffer again and again. Nina knew her life had changed and spanking and the humiliation that goes with it was an ever larger part of it.

Jenifer and Nina went to the kitchen and Nina said, “You know Jen, I feel better for having told Emily. It wasn’t fair me spanking her but her not knowing I still get spanked.”

“Well if you are sure Nina, but it’s too late anyway as Emily, and Chloe, know, so I hope you realise what you have done.”

“That’s OK Jen, I’m quite relaxed about it.”

“Relaxed enough for this?” Jenifer put her lips on Nina’s lips and they kissed. Each pressed harder, Jenifer’s tongue pressed against Nina’s lips, which parted, Jenifer’s tongue rushed in to Nina’s welcoming mouth, their tongues entwined, Jenifer’s hand cupped Nina’s wet pussy and they looked in to each other’s eyes.

“Maybe the girls will go out,” Jenifer said.

They listened. Suddenly they could hear Emily’s raised voice. “Yes Grandma, I can’t believe you still spank my Mum … Yes, she’s just told me … Well I want to watch next time …. Yes I think it is right. I remember my friends telling me that when they got spanked their sisters and brothers watched. So what’s the difference if it’s my Mum being spanked? You watch when Mum spanks me … I can? Great, thanks Grandma.”

Nina and Jenifer heard the girls giggling and then Chloe called out, “We’re going out. Be a few hours. Bye.”

Emily added a cheery, “Bye.”

Nina and Jenifer heard the door shut. They looked at each other. Jenifer asked with a smile, “Still relaxed about Emily knowing you still get spanked?”

Nina looked at Jenifer wide eyed. That’s when the realisation struck her. She hadn’t expected things to happen that quickly. She thought it would be a while before Emily raised it and asked her Grandma, then another few weeks before it would be agreed. Instead it took minutes, so next time she is spanked her 17 year old daughter will most likely be watching. Yes, Emily will be watching her being spanked. When Nina stands to her Mums side she will look sideways and there will be 17 year old Emily looking at her, smiling at her Mums discomfort. Then when Nina takes her knickers down and she bends across her Mums lap, her bare bottom and legs staring up from her Mums lap, her bottom being rubbed, her Mum scolding her and then turning her bare bottom bright red, her legs kicking, her bottom squirming, Emily will be watching all of that. Nina wasn’t so relaxed now.

Jenifer took Nina’s arms and draped them around her neck. “You do know Emily is right. Family should watch siblings being spanked and so should she. It’s part of the punishment and it works. It’s just another pair of eyes watching, oh, and knowing of course.”

Nina already knew Emily was right and said quietly, “I guess. I suppose there’s no going back now anyway.” Nina added reluctantly, “You are right, Emily knows so what’s the harm if she watches me being spanked.”

Jenifer added, “Chloe as well don’t forget. When I spank you and she is around she also gets to watch.”

Nina nodded, knowing Jenifer was right on that also.

Jenifer gave Nina a hug and said in an upbeat tone, “Worry about it later. You can’t change anything now.”

Jenifer kissed Nina again and put her free arm around Nina’s waist and drew her in close, her other hand still cupping Nina’s pussy. “I think upstairs will be better,” Jenifer said breathlessly.

“Sounds wonderful Jen.” Nina turned.

Jenifer said, “Uh uh my girl,” put her hand on Nina’s bottom, “It’s Jenifer,” lifted Nina’s skirt with one hand and the next second landed a hard spank on Nina’s bottom.

Nina gasped as her bottom was still so sore from being spanked. “Sorry Jenifer,” she said quickly, adding, “Wow Jennifer, we’ve been friends all these years and now look, you get to spank me when you decide I need one and order me about like my Mum does.”

Jenifer laughed, “Well, not like your Mum, as well as your Mum.” She added sternly, “Don’t you think I’ll be letting you off things either. Now I’m in charge you had jolly well better behave and it will be a real incentive for you be on time.” then said emphatically, “Or else.”

Nina blushed still taken by Jen’s forceful attitude towards her which she did find so sexy. “Yes Jennifer, I know. Shall I call you bossy boots?” Nina also knew how often she was late when meeting up with Jen, how she often was waylaid. Up to now she laughed off her friend’s anger at being ready on time and still having to wait for Nina to arrive. Now it is most likely going to lead to a spanking.

“Bossy boots? No, unless you want a good hard spanking.” Jenifer glared at Nina and added firmly, “I’ve a good mind to give you another spanking for that.” Nina blushed, and Jenifer said decisively, “In fact I jolly well will. Get upstairs now my girl.”

“Can’t we have some fun first?” Nina said cheekily.

“Sure, we can have some fun. I found spanking you fun.”

“I sorta meant bed type fun.” Nina blushed coyly.

Jenifer acted as though she had misunderstood but was enjoying playing with Nina’s feelings. “Oh right. Well OK then, bed type fun first then another spanking.”

Nina smiled, but Jenifer soon wiped the smile off her face by adding, “Let’s hope the girls don’t get back too soon or else they’ll be watching you get a spanking a lot sooner than you reckoned.”

Nina blinked, suddenly becoming obedient by one stern comment. She knew what Jenifer was doing. She was making sure Nina understood that she was in charge. Nina knew it. Nina wanted it. For now though she and Jenifer were going to bed for some fun but as she went upstairs Nina knew that would be followed by another spanking, and whether it was today or very soon she knew she will be finally spanked in front of her daughter and it was now when and not if.

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