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Nina Never Learns

Nina manages to upset everyone and get's several extra spankings

“Enough” her Mum said quietly but firmly. 38 year old Nina realised she had argued just a little too much for her Mum. Now she was going to be spanked for that. The 38 year old looked at the floor realising that once again she was going to pay for being too lippy.


“Go to your naughty spot Nina, bare bottom, hands on your head, nose and toes against the wall, 15 minutes, and think hard about how childish you have been.”


Nina did think. Yes she had been far from adult. Stamping her foot in frustration had sealed her fate. As soon as she did that she knew her temper had got the better of her and when she looked up and saw how furious her Mum was well she just knew and the instruction to go to the naughty spot almost wasn’t needed, except of course her Mother had to enforce her control and she felt her Mums eyes burning in to her back as she undid her skirt and stepped out of it, folding it neatly and putting it over the back of a chair, stepping out of her knickers and putting them on top of the folded skirt before going to the wall, edging her toes right up to the wall, touching her nose to the wall and getting the whiff of painted wall, and placing her hands on her head. Her t shirt rose up and she knew her bare bottom was bare for her Mum to see. Time started to run as she heard her Mum go to the side cabinet and take out the hairbrush, hard wooden backed, heavy, ready to turn her bottom a bruised stinging sore cauldron of pain.


The minutes passed by, Nina calmed down as always, realising the stupidity of her actions, promising herself not to do it again, as always, and of course far too late, as always. By the time her Mum gave her the order to “come over here Nina, its time for me to teach you your lesson” Nina wanted to apologise profusely but knew even that would only further annoy her Mum. Apologies were for after her spanking.


Nina turned to find her Mum sitting on the chair that had been turned in to the room, and was lifting the brush and slapping it down in to her open hand, the slapping sound making Nina cringe, knowing what impact it will have on her bare bottom when her Mum used real force. Nina walked over to her Mum and stood by her side, waiting for the order to bend across her waiting lap. Knowing first her Mum had to tell her off as only a Mother can and for several minutes Nina agreed yes how silly she had been, and yes she wholly deserved her spanking, and no she won’t do it again, and yes she needed to be taught a lesson, and yes she appreciated stamping her foot was childish and yes she was 38 years old and should know better, so by the time she was told to get across her Mum’s lap Nina was contrite, knowing she was naughty, knowing she had earned this spanking, She knew her Mum was going to make it as hard and as long as she felt was necessary which was going to be far harder and far longer than Nina wanted.


Nina bent across her Mum’s lap and saw the carpet come up to meet her, her Mum’s legs firmly square on the ground, Nina’s legs dangling on the far side, her bottom across her Mum’s right thigh, perfectly angled for her Mum’s swing, and soon enough her Mum’s open palm was rising and falling, spanking Nina’s bare bottom, hard, warming up the soft flesh, making it ready for the hairbrush which was going to be the main implement of this punishment. And as her Mum’s hand smacked down harder and harder across her bottom so Nina was regretting her childish behaviour again. She wasn’t regretting her agreement to submit to her Mum’s disciplinary control, just the fact she had been naughty, and earned this spanking.


Mum used her hand for as long as she could which to be frank was far longer than most could, perhaps the housework over the years had strengthened the skin of her hand, but Nina was squirming and gasping as each spank made her feel more and more uncomfortable as the pain spread further across her bottom and each spank was stinging more than the previous one.   There was only a short gap whilst her Mum picked up the hairbrush, said a sharp “I really am so annoyed with you Nina, just so rude, how could you” and then the almost immediate tensing of her Mum’s thighs as the brush was brought down hard on her reddened bottom.


Nina’s gasps became more vigorous as the spanks rained down, the brush causing Nina’s bottom cheeks to bounce and shake as the brush bit home, then shook again as the brush was raised, only for the bottom cheeks to again shake and roll when the brush bit home again. On and on, spank after spank, her Mum as usual allowing Nina a breather between each set of six spanks. When her Mum got to fifty spanks though there was a crack that only happened when the back of the brush broke. A crack had appeared and Nina’s Mum said under her breath “blow” and knew she had to stop. Unfortunately Nina also knew this was the last hairbrush. The others had all broken one by one over the last few weeks and even though her Mum had told her time and again to get replacements she just had not got around to it. Today there was no choice.


“OK Nina, get up. You can now walk to Mrs Shackleton and get some replacements now.”


That was the last thing Nina wanted to do. Mrs Shackleton is the local shopkeeper who for years supplied hairbrushes to mothers who spanked their offspring. She was happy to charge, but it became a local tradition that if requested she will give the brushes for free in return for using one of her own on the errant offspring. It was seen by those who made the trip across her lap as simply an added punishment, whilst in fact some Mum’s merely allowed that to be the full punishment, not giving any of their own. Mrs Shackleton made no secret of the fact she enjoyed disciplining those sent to her and always set about her task with relish.


Nina fell in to the group who’s Mum’s saw it as an extra punishment and had been spanked by Mrs Shackleton for many years, the tariff being ten spanks for each hairbrush. It meant taking down her knickers and bending across the shopkeepers lap and taking the spanks, which were bad enough when she had not been spanked for a while, but Nina knew if she went today she would be spanked on an already red and sore bottom, and still have to come back here for her Mum to complete her current punishment.


“Mum it’s not fair. Can’t you use something else instead?” Nina pleaded in quite a cross tone. Too cross she realised.


Her Mum looked at her, her face in a scowl, and said “”right, get your cane.”


Nina put her hand to her mouth as she knew she had again been too forceful but turned and ran to her Mum’s bedroom, got the cane and ran back downstairs with it hoping this will put off the moment she will have to face Mrs Shackleton.


“I won’t have to go to Mrs Shackleton, right Mum?” Nina asked.


“Don’t make me any madder with you Nina, yes you do still have to go, but for now bend over.”


Nina did as she was told and a few seconds later heard the whoosh of air as the cane swished through the air, the thwack as it hit home, and then felt the pain spread across her bottom cheeks. The howl was immediate and her face crumpled in agony. A few seconds later and there was the whoosh followed by the swish, the thwack, the pain and the howl that Nina knew was her voice although it seemed to be someone else’s. The third whoosh swish crack and howl followed.


“Right Nina, you will go to the shop now and get some new hairbrushes, and when you come back we will finish your punishment.”


Nina stood up, turned around and said “please Mum, I” but she was cut short by the swipe of the cane on the side of her bare leg, and was silent, well she was silent after her howl of pain as the stinging spread across her leg. Her Mum had only ever done that once before, when she was really annoyed and Nina would not stop complaining, like today.


Nina’s Mum was still not content. “Bend over again” she snapped and now Nina wasn’t arguing, knowing she had gone far too far, and just turned, grabbed the chair, and stuck her bottom out, ready for the next stroke. She didn’t have to wait long. She heard the whoosh, swish, and thwack, felt the pain even stronger than before, scrunched her face and let out a howl. To show her Mum she now accepted her punishment she again stuck her bottom out, inviting the next stroke. Her Mum welcomed the invitation and tensed as she raised the cane higher, the whoosh was longer, the thwack louder and the howl more intense. Nina raised one leg and her Mum knew that stroke hurt. Notwithstanding that reaction she raised the cane again and produced the loudest howl of all from her daughter who was now crying unashamedly as she stuck her bottom out again, having lost count of the strokes. Nina knew every one of those strokes of the cane was only given because she was argumentative when she knew she shouldn’t be. How she could be so silly at home when so successful at work remained a mystery to her. Maybe she was too relaxed at home, maybe in reality she enjoyed the sensation of being spanked as well, whatever it was though she was crying now and knew she wasn’t done for the day, not by a long way.


“Stand up Nina” her Mum ordered and Nina immediately obeyed. “Go and get dressed. You are going to get those new hairbrushes.”


Nina stood up and nodded and left the room to get dressed. Her Mum wrote out the order and put the piece of paper in an envelope. Nina returned downstairs several minutes later, dressed in a smart knee length skirt to hide her red legs, blouse, bare legs, high heels, a washed face and sunglasses to hide her very red eyes. She took the note and walked to the door just catching the phone call her Mum made to Mrs Shackleton telling her Nina was on her way and yes the normal arrangement was fine. Nina knew that meant another spanking from Mrs Shackleton.


It was a 10 minute walk to the shops and Nina was now sore. Mind you as the heat of her bottom subsided and the bruising started she felt herself feeling much better about the spanking, recognising the elation she always felt once a thrashing was over, and started to think about her vibrator and her bed. The problem was she knew it wasn’t over. A spanking from Mrs Shackleton will be followed by a further spanking from her Mum. Her vibrator would only become a reality after both those spankings. Still, she may as well enjoy the feeling of her tender bottom now.


Nina made good time knowing a golden rule was that if she was late she would get extras, like a whole extra spanking. She was almost there but three doors away was a new dress shop and she saw a beautiful business suit in the window. She checked her watch and saw she would have time to go in and have a quick look. She so loved it she quickly tried it on but when she next looked at her watch groaned as she knew she was already late so will be in for extras.


A breathless Nina arrived at the shop and saw Mrs Shackleton, looking quite forbidding, serving a customer. She glanced up at Nina and was clearly annoyed. The 65 year old shopkeeper was a fiery woman who had no time for wasters, no sympathy for those who were naughty, and a very short temper. Nina went up to her and stood waiting for her to say something. A few moments went by until Mrs Shackleton asked her customer if she could just deal with the woman standing there and came over to Nina.


“You are late Nina” she said quietly but firmly” and added “follow me please” and led the way to the back of the shop then to the first floor where 18 year old Ella was waiting. She took the note Nina was holding as she said “You know Ella, my niece?”


Nina looked at the 18 year old and said “yes Mrs Shackleton.”


“Well I have to deal with some customers so Ella will give you your extra spanking for being late.”


  Mrs Shackleton never even gave Nina the chance to explain why she was late. She was, and that was that. Nina knew that was the case and anyway she was more concerned about something else and said “But she’s only 18 and ..”


“Aunty, that’s plain rude” Ella complained, knowing her Aunt wouldn’t stand for it.


Mrs Shackleton didn’t and grabbed Nina’s arm and pulled her to a stool saying as she went “be quiet my girl, I will not have any arguments” and when Nina saw the long handled wooden spoon on the chair she begged “nooo nooo goooood girllllll gooood girlllllll I’ll be gooodddd”” but to no avail as Mrs Shackleton took no truck and made her bend over and grab the chair before lifting her skirt right up and yanking down her knickers.


“Legs apart” she ordered and Nina parted her legs feeling positively vulnerable.


“You know I don’t take kindly to arguments young lady” and with that raised the wooden spoon and brought it down hard on the reddest part of Nina’s bottom and huffed when Nina let out a loud gasp, before raising the spoon again and thrashing it down on another red spot which was followed by a slightly louder gasp. “Understand me girl” said Mrs Shackleton who didn’t care that Nina started to sob, and ignoring those sobs gave Nina a full twelve hard spanks with the long handled wooden spoon. She left Nina in position her bottom staring out in to the room as she read the note her Mum wrote.


Nina looked behind her, through her legs, and even through wet eyes she saw Ella laughing and she stood up and walked over to Nina and without even asking she rubbed Nina’s bottom. “So warm Aunty” she said ignoring Nina. Then waspishly said “at least she has a clean bottom” as she ran her finger down Nina’s gaping bottom crack, pressing down as she passed over her bum hole causing Nina to gasp first in arousal but almost immediately in humiliation. An 18 year old had caused her to be aroused.


Mrs Shackleton said harshly “Now I repeat, Ella will give you a spanking. Understood?”


“Yes” Nina said still sobbing as she came to terms with being spanked by the 18 year old.


“And it will be over my knee Nina” Ella added as she continued to rub Nina’s bottom, his time running her fingers between her spread legs and brushing her exposed pussy ever so lightly and again causing Nina to gasp.


“Right Nina” Ella commanded “up you get and follow me.”


Nina knew now arguing was out of the question and so walked with the 18 year old and stood by her, rather awkwardly as her skirt was still tucked in to the waistband and her knickers around her knees. Nina looked at Ella who was the same age as her junior at the office, the junior she had no time for but who made her coffee and went to get her lunch, who she ordered about and snapped at when she was slapdash not caring how small she made her look. Not so with Ella. No, Nina knew she couldn’t mess with this 18 year old. This will be the first time she will be spanked by her but she had heard from others how ferocious she was, that you crossed her at your own risk. Of course in reality Nina saw many of her own qualities in the teenager. After all she was the one very much in charge at the office, not taking kindly to anyone who questioned her authority, whilst Ella was the one in control here.


Ella looked at 38 year old Nina ignoring her age difference and said as though chatting with a friend “nice outfit Nina, for an oldy of course.”


Nina accepted the compliment, as she always did when someone said how nice she was dressed. Ella’s mood soon changed when she snapped “take your skirt off please Nina” and watched as the now subservient and obedient 38 year old unzipped her skirt stepped out of it and draped it over a chair.


Ella added “and your knickers need to go down further Nina” and watched with a smirk as Nina rolled her knickers past her knees. Ella looked a moment and then said with a disparaging tone “I think they need to be down around your ankles please Nina” and smiled as Nina awkwardly stooped and rolled her knickers down to her ankles before standing up, her pussy in clear view, and asked “my my Nina, you seem to be on the wet side, just there” she said pointing at Nina’s pussy. “Are you turned on by being spanked?”


“No Ella” Nina lied.


18 year old Ella smiled knowing differently and to show the unfortunate 38 year old just how clearly and demonstrably in control she was she ordered Nina to “put your hands on your head” and then slowly and deliberately ran her finger along Nina’s pussy, looked at her finger and said “no Nina, you are wet you know” and watched with more than a little pleasure as the 38 year old blushed.


Ella let out a sigh and snapped “right my girl, across my lap please” and Nina quickly and obediently followed her commands.


Nina ignored the age gap. She had been spanked by enough people younger than herself to know that once she was in position, her bottom balanced on the spankers thigh, her hands on the floor for balance, her legs dangling behind her, the age of the spanker made no real difference as when the open hand landed it was just as painful, and when the spankers hand held a hairbrush it made even less difference. And so it happened now. Nina bent across Ella’s lap and was further embarrassed to be edged in to position by the teenager, which emphasised again how much in control she was over the 38 year old. A dozen hand spanks later and Nina was squirming around on the 18 year olds lap, the spanks landing on an already reddened and sore bottom, and her eyes filled with tears. Ella had spanked many bottoms before now, albeit usually people far younger than 38 year Nina, but she knew just how to transmit pain from her hand to the recipients bottom, and lots of pain at that. Nina was sure this 18 year old needed to be respected, that her reputation as a relentless spanker was well founded. She struggled under the pounding and her tears flowed freely, her bottom bounced, she squirmed as she tried to avoid each spank but to no avail, the 18 year old being too resolute.


After several dozen spanks Nina heard Ella say “hi Sis, come to look?”


Nina looked across through tear filled eyes and saw the legs of Nicole, Ella’s 17 year old sister come to view. 17 last week in fact. Nicole said “nice red bottom Ella, did you do all that already?” Then saw the cane lines and asked “and did you cane her?”


“No Nicole, Nina had already been spanked and caned by her Mum.” They giggled whilst Ella kept on spanking Nina throughout their chat, stopping to rub now and again and then spanking her again, chatting and giggling with her sister.


Nicole said “Aunty said she will be a while Ella so asked if you can keep on spanking Nina.”


Nina heard the instruction and said “it’s not fair” which brought a sharp retort from Ella.


“It’s not our fault you were late and got extras and any more arguments from you and we will go back to the shop and I will spank you there.”


“Sorry” Nina said quickly not wanting to be spanked anywhere near the shop with all the people watching. She told herself she mustn’t question Ella and just take her punishment.


Satisfied Ella continued chatting to Nicole whilst continuing the spanking. “Anyway Sis, just look at this bottom rock when I spank her, see how these cheeks wobble” and to show what she meant she gave Nina several hard spanks on each bottom cheek which got oohhs and aahhs from her younger sister.


“Can I give her a few?” Nicole asked.


“Did Aunty say you can?”


“Well no, but maybe Nina won’t tell her?” The two sisters smiled at each other, and at Nina’s clear discomfort.


Ella stopped spanking Nina and said to the back of her head ”well Nina, you don’t mind if Nicole gives you a few spanks, our secret though.” The two teenagers both bit their lips to stop from laughing out loud and watched Nina squirm as she considered what had been said.


Nina turned around having misheard, not realising she had been given a choice, thinking she was being told to allow Nicole to spank her and warning her not to tell, and with tear stained eyes said “I won’t tell, I promise” before looking back at the floor.


“Oh good” Nicole exclaimed as she stepped closer and put her hand on Nina’s bottom. “Oh, nice and soft, and so warm already” she said thoughtfully before starting to spank Nina from the standing position. Nina gasped as the fresh hand spanked her several times and through the sobbing realised the humiliation of now being spanked by a 17 year old, even more so when Nicole made her spread her legs apart and spanked her inner thigh also, like her sister, brushing her pussy, realising it was wet, looked at her sister wide eyed and smiled, before spanking her harder. The two teenagers realised for sure Nina was getting something from the spanking, in addition to pain that is.


After several dozen spanks Nicole let out a sigh as though she was sorry it was over and said “that was good fun Ella, thank you.” Both girls giggled again. “Anyway, don’t forget, lots more spanking Sis.”


  “No problem there” Ella said and she immediately starting spanking the backs of Nina’s legs. Nina struggled even more as the hand spanks were far stingier than when thrashing her bottom. Ella quickly turned the tops of Nina’s legs a deep pink. She cupped a bottom cheek and pushed it back allowing her whole hand to spank Nina’s sit spot doing the same with the other bottom cheek. Nina was sobbing loudly unable to keep back the tears. However, Nina lifted her bottom as the stinging was arousing her more and more, silently begging Ella to feel her pussy which was so wet. Ella could not resist and brushed Nina’s soaking wet pussy once more causing Nina to gasp and shudder. The two girls bit their lips to stop giggling whilst Nina lifted her bottom even further wanting Ella to caress her pussy again. She was so aroused by the thrashing the 18 year old was giving her. The two girls winked at each other as Ella brushed her pussy again giving Nina an orgasm and she shuddered, before Ella started spanking Nina’s legs again and Nina dissolved again in to tears feeling just about totally humiliated having encouraged the 18 year old play with her private parts.


A few more minutes passed whilst Ella continued to spank Nina hard before Mrs Shackleton came in to the room and watched Ella give Nina a good couple of dozen hard spanks before saying “very good Ella” then said with some emphasis “maybe next time Nina you won’t be late.”


Ella stopped spanking Nina and ordered “ok Nina, up you get please” and gave Nina a couple of spanks to speed her up.


A few moments later and Mrs Shackleton had sat down and had Nina across her lap, rubbing her bottom, and said “right Nina, six brushes, 10 spanks per brush, so 60 spanks I make it. The thing is though I am now in a bit of a rush so instead of the usual half dozen at a time I’m going to give you the lot without a break.”


Nina groaned. 60 sounded such a huge number particularly as she had been spanked so much already, but she knew that was the tariff so bent her head down on to the floor, closed her eyes to ready herself, tensed her bottom as she felt Mrs Shackleton raise her hand which Nina knew held a fierce wooden backed hairbrush, felt the slap of the wood on her bottom and immediately the pain spread as she gasped, knowing there would be no gap, that Mrs Shackleton will gave the full number of spanks in one steady stream. 60 spanks delivered one after the other was a horrendous number of spanks to take without any gap. When the sixth spank hit home usually Nina could recover in the few moments break, but not this time as the spanking continued unabated. Nina was squirming around on the older woman’s lap as the pain continued and increased unabated. The tears flowed down her cheeks, her sobbing was uncontrollable as Mrs Shackleton dispensed the hardest and most concerted thrashing Nina had ever been given. She quickly lost count of the spanks and hoped Mrs Shackleton counted correctly. Not that it mattered. Nina wouldn’t have known if Mrs Shackleton had given her a hundred spanks as she was still crying for a long time after the spanking stopped. Ella and Nicole enjoyed the crying as it turned to deep sobs, watching the red bottom staring up from their Aunt’s lap, knowing 38 year old Nina had been well spanked.


Slowly Nina recovered enough to stop crying but the sobbing continued, although she was ready to get up and rubbed her bottom as hard as she could, looking up and through her tears at a smiling Mrs Shackleton.


“Try to be a good girl Nina otherwise Ella might have to teach you another lesson if I’m busy.” The look of concern on Nina’s face told Mrs Shackleton that Ella had certainly taught the 38 year old a lesson, and Nina knew 18 year old Ella was now a lap she would undoubtedly be put across again and so would have to treat her with respect. There was no mention then of 17 year old Nicole but Nina reckoned it was now only a matter of time. It was nauseating having to show respect to a 17 and 18 year old, but she will have no choice.


There was little formality after that. Mrs Shackleton had a bag ready and Nina knew there would be six new wooden backed hairbrushes in the bag, a good supply that would last at least a few months, which meant a few months before Nina had to return for the next batch. Nina knew that the more times she earned a spanking the shorter period the brushes would last and the quicker she would have to return, which she spun around in her mind as she walked back home, her bottom burning, knowing she had yet to be put back across her Mum’s lap for the rest of her spanking, the original spanking in fact. Nina could not prevent the odd sob as she walked nor the odd tear which she wiped away, and hoped her sunglasses would still hide her red eyes if anyone stopped her.


Nina arrived home to find her Mum on the phone, talking to Grandma. She was shouting almost down the phone.


“Yes Mum, gotta go and finish spanking Nina .... spanking .... SPANKING .... yes Nina, of course bare bottom, what else? .... very naughty Mum .. some for you? .. 30 spanks with the hairbrush Mum? ..... really? ... ok Mum .... yes hard ones Mum ... ok Mum very hard ones ... bye Mum.”


Nina looked at her Mum as she put the phone down. “You heard, Gran wants me to give you some from her. Bring the bag of brushes and let’s get going again shall we?”


Nina nodded. It was almost historic. Grandma used to spank Nina right up to when she was about 30 years old. Nina didn’t mind because she knew if she had earned a spanking then there was little difference between which lap she ended up across and if she had been naughty with her Gran then it should be her Gran who spanks her anyway. After that Gran used to tell Nina’s Mum to spank her for her, and then, like today, would just ask her to add some for her. Normally it was ok, but today 30 extra spanks were really going to hurt.   There was no ceremony, her Mum sat on the chair and Nina handed her the bag before unzipping her skirt and stepping out of it, yanked down her knickers and stepped out of them, by which time her Mum had one of the hairbrushes ready in her hand and tapped her knee telling Nina to get back across her lap.


“I see Mrs Shackleton did her usual job” her Mum said adding “and I hear Ella spanked you as well. A nice girl as I recall” her Mum mused. Nina couldn’t help thinking that being a nice girl wasn’t the attribute she was displaying best today, more being a very hard spanker, and although only 18 years old having no compunction whatsoever about spanking a 38 year old.


“Right then, the first 30 are from Gran Nina, ready?”


“Yes Nina said quietly.”


“Can’t hear you Nina” her Mum said followed by two hard spanks on each bottom cheek.


“Yes Mum” Nina said more forcefully knowing those were two more extra spanks earned for no good reason. Just when will she learn to be alert and respectful when being disciplined?


Mum spanked Nina briskly the brush hitting first her left bottom cheek then her right bottom cheek and as always giving six spanks before stopping. So different to Mrs Shackleton’s non stop spanks. So much easier to cope with, having the breather between the groups of spanks. Gran’s 30 spanks were given and Mum told her she will be giving her 60 spanks. Nina thought the same as Mrs Shackleton, so she can expect to cry. As it turned out though she didn’t cry as much and as the spanking progressed so she wondered about that. How different it was having those gaps as breathers, time to recover, before the next six spanks were given. Nina did cry as she always did, but when she stood up and had to stand on her naughty spot for another 15 minutes so she thought more about the difference, between her Mum’s spanking and the one from Mrs Shackleton. One that gave breathers compared to the one that was so intense.


Twenty minutes later Nina was in her bedroom, having rubbed plenty of cold cream in to her bottom, which was the reddest and sorest and most bruised she had ever seen it. She was so hurting. Mum had gone out so Nina was safe to take out her vibrator and use it on her already wet pussy and as she was bringing herself to orgasm she pictured herself with her bare bottom being spanked, and as she was becoming aroused she realised she wasn’t picturing herself across her Mum’s lap, but instead across a mixture of Mrs Shackleton’s and Ella’s laps just as she came to orgasm.


As Nina lay on her bed rubbing her tingling sore bottom she thought how she told her Mum how she hated being spanked but how really she loved being spanked. She was in charge at the office and ordered everyone around and they all followed her orders, so she loved having no responsibility at home, to be under her Mum’s strict disciplinary control, knowing she was given no second chances, that she just had do as she is told or be put across her Mum’s lap and taught a painful lesson.


Long hard agonizing embarrassing and intense. Her trips across her Mum’s lap were all of those and the 38 year old knew her next spanking was only ever a back chat or a sulk away. Would she ever stop being spanked? She hoped not and smiled to herself, already planning that maybe next time she has to go to Mrs Shackleton she will be late on purpose so she can also be dealt with again by Ella and maybe even Nicole. She almost shuddered in orgasm again at that very dreadful scary but oh so exciting and erotic thought.


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