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Nina Submits to Emma

Nina's Mum goes on holiday and leaves a younger woman in charge of her daughter

This is the fourth story in the Nina series:  

I came downstairs, still sore from my spanking yesterday. I smiled at Mum who smiled at me, we were friends again, I was a 38 year old adult again, no longer the naughty teenager.

She paused then asked “you know dear I haven’t asked you for a while but if ever you want to stop being disciplined like a teenager we can do it. You know you can be an adult at home as well.”

“I have thought about it Mum. Really I have, but you know I love it being looked after like you do, I don’t want to change.”

“Ok, but we do need to discuss something you know.”

“What’s that Mum?” I asked.

“I might be going away for two months soon. We need to discuss what happens then?”

“I get left alone?” I said sarcastically.

“Now now dear, don’t be rude.”

“Sorry” I said quickly, thinking about my already sore bottom.

“Like I said we need to discuss it. I was thinking someone should come and stay with you, to look after you and do all the things I do.”

“What do you mean by all the things Mum?”

“Washing, cleaning, shopping” then a gap, a deliberate one I reckoned because she added “discipline.”

“Someone else scold and discipline me? Are you sure I need that Mum?”

“What do you think?

I knew of course. I am 38 years old but there was no doubt if I was left to myself the house would be a tip before long and I would probably run out of food. It wasn’t worth arguing.

“Who do you suggest Mum? One of your friends? Eve or Jennifer?” I asked knowing they had both watched me being spanked many a time. Still, they were good friends of Mum’s and I would accept being put me across their laps.

“It can’t be them Nina because they are both coming with me. You just need a responsible person. I’ll give it some thought dear.”

Mum didn’t raise it again because it seemed the holiday might not happen. I forgot about it. Then about four weeks later Mum phoned me at work.

“Nina, I just got a call to say the holiday is on and we got tickets for tomorrow, so I’m definitely going after all. I am trying to get someone to come and stay with you, so maybe you’ll have a house mate here when you get home, you know, the person to who you will be fully accountable to whilst I am away.”  

Fully accountable to was one way to put it I thought. The person in charge of me is more like it, with full disciplinary control to boot.

When I got home Emma was in the living room. The younger sister of one of my friends. I remember she was a bit of a tom-boy, always with an answer ready. A bit of a handful as I recall and we never liked each. Still, her Mum was a very nice lady and I stayed with them from time to time. She was a strict so and so. It would be ok I thought to have her Mum in charge of me.

“Hi Emma, it’s been a while.” I hadn’t seen her for a few years now so maybe she had changed?   She was a pretty girl and has grown up to be an attractive young woman.

“Hullo Nina, yes well I’ve been living away from home for a few years but one thing and another well I’m back for a while.”

“How is your Mum?” I asked. Maybe she was being shown around the house by my Mum.

“She’s really good thanks.”

Just then Mum came in and said “I see you remember Emma dear. Eve suggested I phoned Emma’s Mum to see if she would come and stay as you like her.”

I was thinking of her as well. A strict old bat for sure but with a good sense of humour so I knew she was a good choice. I’ll never forget a spanking she gave me once. I cried and cried.

“Anyway I asked her and she said she was busy but she suggested Emma here.”

My mouth dropped open.

“The reason is that Emma has some recent experience as she has spanked quite a few of her boyfriends.”

Emma said “I just seem to come across boys who enjoy being spanked as foreplay to sex, and I learnt to spank quite hard.” She smiled at me.

I said “but Mum, Emma is 4 years younger than me.”

Mum said “well its closer in age than Carla you know.”

That shut me up. I still cringed when I remember 21 year old Carla giving me those final three strokes of the cane at my last discipline spanking. Mum sure has that way of stopping my objections.

“3 years actually” Emma said, still smiling. She must have seen how uncomfortable I was.

Mum gave me one of her stares so I knew I was a whisker away from a spanking. “Anyway, Emma has agreed and has brought most of her stuff over. She’s already settled in to my bedroom.”

Great I thought. She gets the biggest bedroom as well.

I turned to Mum and said “are you sure Mum. Shouldn’t it be someone much older than me?”

Mum glared at me again annoyed I had questioned her judgment. “I think that is quite unfair Nina. I am sure you will find Emma very helpful and very fair.”

I wasn’t convinced but I knew once Mum was in this mood there were only ever two outcomes. One was to agree with her decision. The other was to disagree, end up across her lap, get spanked, and then agree,

“Ok Mum, its fine really it is, I just thought I’d mention it.”

“I am not so sure that is all you meant Nina” Emma said with her ‘now you listen to me or else’ voice I remember so well. That was why I hated her when we were younger. Everyone did as she wanted, and her tone made most people simply agree with her.

“What do you mean Emma?” I asked warily. After all, if she was going to run the house for the next few weeks she had control over the soreness of my bottom.

“Maybe you are questioning whether I have the ability to spank you hard enough?”

Very sly I thought.

Mum said sharply “Are you Nina? I am sure that if Emma does need to discipline you she will be very severe. I don’t suppose her being 3 years younger than you will be noticeable at all.”

“Mum, I didn’t mean that, not really.”

Emma said “what does ‘not really’ mean? It either does or it doesn’t.” Then she looked at Mum and said “you know Margaret, maybe I should give Nina a spanking and then we can all see whether I can discipline her properly.”

My goodness, she called Mum by her first name. A 35 year old calling my Mum by her first name. I couldn’t believe it.

“How rude Emma. Show some respect” I said fiercely, momentarily thinking I was at the office and Emma was a member of my staff.

Emma looked shocked. Mum said sternly “that’s enough Nina. You are the rude one here. Emma is our guest and I asked her to use my first name.”

“But Mum” I started.

“No buts Nina. You know I think Emma’s idea is absolutely right. You have been rude and deserve to be spanked and who better right now than Emma to give you that spanking.”

I was speechless. How did we get here so quickly?

“Good idea Margaret” Emma said.   She then looked at me and ordered “10 minutes on your naughty spot Nina, to give you some thinking time. Go on, it’s over there I believe” she said pointing to exactly the right spot. I looked at Mum but she just folded her arms and shook her head so I knew she wasn’t going to change her mind.

Worse, because Mum added “its Emma’s decision now, and believe me I will be extremely cross with you my girl if you disobey her.”

I blushed as I came to realize I was going to be under the authority of someone 3 years younger than myself, and I was going to find out first hand in a few minutes just how hard she can spank.

I was facing the wall when Emma snapped “aren’t you supposed to have your hands on your head Nina” and I said a very quick “sorry” and shot my hands in place. An admission that I accepted Emma’s say-so if ever one were needed.

Emma said to Mum “you know Margaret I can take it from here if you want.”

“Oh that would be great Emma. I need to meet up with the others to discuss our plans for the holiday. I’m almost certainly going to sleep over there tonight. My bags have already been taken there, so we will be ready to go first thing.”

I felt Mum glare at me and say “see Nina, Emma is very confident, so you can be sure she is a good choice.”

I replied “yes Mum, of course” although I knew I must appear less than adult as I was still speaking to the wall.

“Ok Emma, do what you have to with Nina and then settle in.”

“I will Margaret, thanks.”

Mum came over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. “You obey Emma now dear. OK?”

“Yes Mum, I promise.” She turned me back to face the wall, leaving me in Emma’s hands.

Emma walked Mum to the door which I heard close and then footsteps came back in to the room. I stood still knowing Emma was in control and I would have to obey her or else. Me at 38 years old under the authority of a 35 year old. Having to do what she says and her decision is final. I couldn’t believe it, yet here I was, facing the wall with my hands on my head on my naughty spot, and 35 year old Emma was getting ready to discipline me.

“So Nina, where is the hairbrush?” Emma asked. I could feel the smile in her voice, the glee.

“In the top drawer of the side table Emma” I answered obediently.

“Good girl. Your Mum gave me a whole list of instructions but I haven’t read them all yet. There’s a cane somewhere as well isn’t there?”

“Yes, but that is for discipline spankings Emma, not for this type.”

“Really? Your Mum said I needn’t keep strictly to the rules and can up the severity if I need to.”

“Oh” I said quietly. Mum would have said that I thought perhaps unkindly as she only had my better interests at heart. Like having Emma stay. I was sure Mum would also have preferred someone older but had to make do when time ran so short.

“I know one new rule Nina” she said and I held my breath.

“Let’s have your knickers off shall we. I really think you should stand on the naughty spot with a bare bottom so I can see what I will be spanking.”

I groaned but did as I was told. I slipped my knickers off and gave them to a waiting Emma.

“These are expensive Nina” Emma said, impressed. “Just like your others I see.” She put them on the table I think, then came and stood behind me, bending forward so she could whisper in my ear. I was wondering how she knew about my expensive underwear.

As though reading my mind she said “I have been through your drawers you know.”

“Really?” I asked quite annoyed, but reckoned she was winding me up.

“Oh yes Your Mum showed me around because if I am going to look after you and the house I have to know where everything goes don’t I?”

Made sense to me. “Of course Emma” I said, consoled but still feeling she was having a go at me. Fancy the 35 year old rifling through my underwear drawer.

My thoughts were broken by a rather stern voiced Emma saying “It’s a pity I have to spank you on my first night here, well a pity for you of course. It won’t affect me so much will it?” she said and giggled and at the same time put her hand under my dress and felt my bottom. Her hand was cool but I knew both her hand and my bottom will be getting very much warmer soon. Back to the reality of my position.

“I will just tuck your dress up” Emma said. She fiddled for a bit but realized there was no where to tuck the dress in which I found hilarious. That is until she said “oh well, then take your dress off. I need to see that bare bottom. Fold it properly and don’t throw a tantrum either” she snapped.

What a cheek. This very Emma was the self same little monster who always threw tantrums when she was younger and here she was threatening me if I threw one. Still, I wasn’t going to. Instead I moaned as she unzipped the dress and I had to let her pull it down from my shoulders, past my waist, and then on to the floor where I stepped out of it.

“Good girl Nina.” She added “nice body, for a 38 year old.”

I was about to say something back, like she’s only three years younger than me, but decided not to. My position was too precarious. I heard Emma laugh as she must have realized what I was thinking as I stood there only in my bra, on my naughty spot, my hands on my head, my nose inches from the wall. 

As though she was still reading my thoughts she said “you know Emma, I made all my boyfriends undress fully before spanking them, so why don’t you unclip your bra.”

Seconds later I was fully naked with my hands back on my head and Emma leaning in to me again. I could feel the warmth of her body. She said quietly “just a few more minutes and then we can get started.”

Emma patted my bottom before going over to the table and I heard her move a chair around, presumably the one she will be sitting on. I had heard Mum do that so often before now.

“I tell you what Nina, please get the hairbrush for me will you? Another change of rules.”

I turned to find Emma already sitting on the chair. As I walked over to collect the hairbrush I looked at her closely for the first time. Not an ounce of fat. She looked tall even on the chair, probably 5 foot 9 inches, and is wearing a black vest top that showed her well toned arms, and her so short skirt which was now even shorter and I realized I would be lying across her bare legs. What a turn on. I was going to lie skin on skin.

I opened the drawer and took out the hairbrush and then walked over to Emma, now aware that I was totally naked whilst she was fully dressed. It again forced home my recognition of our respective positions. I after all was soon going to be put across Emma’s lap. For now though I returned to my naughty spot, put my hands back on my head, faced the wall, and waited.

Just when I thought she was ready for me the doorbell rang. Not what I wanted at all.

"That will be James, my ex-boyfriend.”

I decided it wasn’t a question and I wasn’t in the mood for a conversation.

“He’s bringing me some more clothes. Let him in will you Nina” she ordered.

My mouth dropped open. I turned and asked aghast “you are joking, I’m naked.”

Nina smiled and said quite casually “oh don’t be a fuddy duddy. He’s one of the boys I spank and I told him why I am staying here.”

She just stared at me. I realized I was going to have to answer the door to a boy probably my age or younger, in the nude, and he knows Emma will be spanking me, at least he will as soon as he sees me naked.

I groaned as I walked towards the front door, thinking should I cover my naked breasts or my pussy? I swung to door open and as his eyes practically jumped out of his head as he saw my breasts so I covered them as best I could. I knew my face was as dark a red as it has ever been as he gawked at me.

“In there” I said, pointing towards the living room.

Emma shouted “James, here, now” in an extremely strict voice and it was James turn to blush as he scampered in to the living room.

I followed and was immediately told by Emma “right Nina, back facing the wall.”

I saw James was still blushing and I knew I was as well. I faced the wall thinking how I had been totally humiliated just now and Emma had control over two people in the room. I listened as Emma told James to take the case up to her bedroom and then come back down for more instructions. I heard him leave the room.

I got more and more nervous until Emma said “it’s time Nina, I hope this works for you. Over here please.”

She pointed to the floor to her right and I walked over to her, glancing at the door as I walked. My heart missed a beat when Emma said “focus on me girl not James” and in a blur her hand smacked the side of my bare leg and I gasped, then gasped again as the second smack it home. My leg stung.

I was fully focused on Emma now. She tapped her leg and I bent down across her lap. It was so different to my Mum’s lap. For a start she was always fully clothed. Emma’s bare legs were slim and firm, and were cool as my skin touched hers.

As my face aimed towards the carpet I looked at Emma’s bare legs, muscular, smooth. I looked under her legs and saw mine dangling beyond. I felt Emma’s hand on my back and that brought home that I was naked lying across her lap, and then she placed her other hand on my bottom, and I knew the spanking was soon to start and as I thought that thought so the first spank hit me followed by spank after spank. Different to Mum as that first spank was already harder than Mum spanked me. Each spank stung more than with Mum, whilst at the same time as I squirmed around on her bare legs so I became more aroused. How crazy was that? This was so different as well to when my Mum spanked me.

I became aroused as I squirmed on her bare legs. I knew I was getting wetter between my legs. I wanted Emma to spank me harder and raised my bottom hoping that might encourage her. This led Emma to ask “are you feeling this yet Nina?”

I said “I guess.”

I put my hand on Emma’s bare leg and she didn’t seem to mind. Emma kept spanking me, no gap, and no let up.

“I hope you like touching my leg Nina because I am certainly enjoying touching your bottom. Are you enjoying the spanking Emma?”

I looked back at Emma and she was glaring at me.

“It’s ok” I said before realizing I wasn’t helping my own cause. I should have said how hard she was spanking me.

“Then I suppose I had better make it even harder, eh young lady?” She was mocking me, but upped the speed and severity of her hand spanking and I was again squirming around on her lap.

Emma used her hand for what seemed like forever and her spanking was much harder than Mum’s. I looked around and realised she wasn’t lifting her arm any higher than Mum but there was a technique. She spanked me a good dozen times on the same spot, then a dozen times on another spot and so on. Each spot tingled and stung and once she had given me a dozen on another spot she went around all the spots she had done already just getting further stings from them.

I didn’t hear the door open but Emma said “ok James, all done?” as she continued to spank me.

“Yes Emma” he replied.

I looked up and then away again. I thought opening the door naked was bad enough, but this was totally humiliating. I was being spanked in front of him. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me but that wasn’t going to happen any time soon as Emma kept a firm hold of me and spank after spank continued to rain across my bottom and the tops of my legs.

“Move your legs apart” Emma ordered, and as soon as I did she started to spank the tops of my legs and my inner thighs. It stung like nothing beforehand. I now had no illusions left. 35 year old Emma was spanking me much harder than Mum did.

What was worse was that James had moved and had the perfect view of my spread legs. How much more embarrassing will this get I wondered.

The hand spanking continued, spank after spank, on both bottom cheeks the tops of both legs, and on the inner thighs. My eyes were clouded with the tears which ran freely down my cheeks and I was sobbing, my chest was heaving, my legs were wriggling, and I knew all were irrefutable signs of my struggle under the rain of hand spanks Emma was plastering all over my bare unprotected parts. I hadn’t ever cried so much just from a hand spanking. Never.

“How about now Nina, does that hurt.”

I looked at the carpet but couldn’t see it because of my tears and just managed to get out what must have sounded like a wailing “yyyyeessss Eeeemmmmaaaa.”

“Oh dear, is Nina hurting then? Don’t worry, there’s more to come yet” followed by a flurry of spanks and a very firm “lots more.”

The hand spanking continued, the stinging feeling of my bottom and legs continued, and I just wanted her to stop.

She didn’t of course.

“I don’t why you are complaining Nina” Emma said. “After all you asked me to spank you, well almost, by testing me. I don’t like being tested you know and you better learn that lesson quickly.”

I wanted to shout out I had learnt it very well and please stop, but I didn’t think that would help anyway. I simply couldn’t believe that Emma could spank so hard with her hand and for so long and show no sympathy whatsoever.

The spanking stopped. My sobbing filled the room as I fought to regain my composure, and just as I thought I had done so Emma announced “ok James, you better go now.”

I gasped. I completely forgot he was still in the room, watching, as I crumpled like a little girl. How will I ever live this down. What if he knows where I work? What if he tells anyone? OMG.

“Right James, another thing” Emma snapped. “If you tell anyone about what you have seen, anyone at all, I will thrash you far harder than I ever did before. In public, in front of your friends, you know, the friends who don’t know you got spanked by me. Understood?”

It was with some relief I heard him say “of course Emma, I won’t say anything. Promise.”

“OK then James, I know you will keep your word. Now off with you, and thanks for bringing the stuff over.”

“Bye Emma, oh and bye Nina” he said. Great I thought.

But I didn’t think about it for long. Not once Emma lifted the hairbrush. Not for a long time after she did that, and started to pound my bottom with it.

What a change when Emma picked up the hairbrush. The hand spanks were like a picnic. Each spank was much harder than her hand, just like with Mum but as her hand spanks were so much harder so were her spanks with the hairbrush. When the hairbrush landed that first time I gasped out loud and even so felt Emma looking at me and smiling. The cow was smiling. Then after the shortest of gaps she continued with spank after spank until the tears flowed faster than before.

My resistance evaporated. I lay drooped across Emma’s lap and just took spank after spank. It was as though she fully intended breaking me. Maybe that was it, a once and for all display of what will happen to me if I am naughty. It was working.

Eventually it was over. I lay across her lap still crying and couldn’t move. Emma rubbed her hand around my bottom and at least it was soothing. She instructed me to get up and by then I could.

When I was standing she ordered “no rubbing Nina, and back facing the wall. Hands on your head. I am going to keep that rule.”

I stood facing the wall as instructed, still sobbing, my face tear stained. A few moments later Emma was on the phone and I heard her say cool as anything “yes Margaret I gave Nina a good hard thrashing. I thought you should speak to her yourself so she can tell you as well.” Emma came over to me and put the phone to my ear, saying “I thought you could tell your Mum what you thought” she said.

I spoke in to the phone “hullo Mum” and I knew immediately she would hear the sobs in my voice.”

“So Nina, was it hard enough?”

“Yes Mum, very hard. You were right of course, Emma is well able to spank me hard enough.”

“So you are satisfied Emma can deal with your discipline as well as the house.”

This time I sniffed before answering a wet “yes Mum, for sure. You were right” and after the shortest of pauses I added after a tearful sniff “as always Mum.”

“Good. Then my mind is at ease. Please pass me back to Emma so I can tell her my plans.”

“But Mum, you can tell me can’t you?”

“No Nina, if Emma is the responsible person in the house then I need to tell her. Please pass her back the phone or else she may need to teach you another lesson.”

I immediately handed over the phone to Emma. Wow that made me feel really small.

Emma spoke to my Mother and I gleaned Mum will not be back until after her holiday so Emma was in charge straight away.

When Emma put the phone away she came back and stood behind me and this time put her hands on my bottom.

“Oohh such a nice warm bottom Nina. I always like to feel my own handiwork.”

I had recovered my composure a bit but still let out the occasional sob and a sniff. That spanking really had hurt.

“I learnt to spank so hard because the boys I spanked had tough bottoms so if I didn’t spank hard I never got a reaction from them. Like James. He cries like a good’un now though.”

That didn’t make me feel any better about him having watched me being spanked.

She gave my bottom a pat and added “Your very spankable bottom was a dream I can tell you Nina.”

Emma put her hands on my shoulder and turned me around so we were facing each other. She was smiling but I knew she wasn’t finished yet and I needed to keep my hands on my head. She eyed my breasts, and I got a tingle between my legs. Being stared at was a new sensation and one I liked.

She put a finger on my chest and ran her finger down between my breasts and I gasped. She smiled as she took one of my taut nipples between two fingers and squeezed.

“Keep your hands on your head Nina because if you do not I will smack your legs until they are red raw” she said sternly as her other finger continued down my stomach and went through my vaginal hair and along my pussy lips.

I found her stern controlling voice so arousing and the threat to smack my legs a real turn on. Should I be naughty on purpose or wait to have that done another time?

“Wet Nina, very wet” she said, still stroking my vagina and licking her lips with her tongue. Oh this was getting too exciting. Where will it lead? I am very wary but she is just so attractive.

“My boyfriends liked sex after I spanked them Nina, but your Mum says you can’t even masturbate until much later.” She waited a moment and saw me purse my lips as her finger stayed on my pussy and still I didn’t answer.

“It’s not a rule I agree with actually.”

I liked that. “Really?” I asked.

“Sure Nina, you can go to your room and masturbate now if you want” Emma said, keeping her hand on my pussy. Just then she ran her finger right along my pussy and back and after repeating that three times I let out a short gasp.

“Or you know Nina, I could come with you?” she said. She lent forward and still with my hands on my head we kissed. She put her arms around my waist and pulled me close and still we kissed and still I kept my hands on my head, not wanting to risk her wrath.

Emma released me and smiled. “Well?” she asked.

“What about James?” I asked.

She laughed. “He’s not on my agenda any more Nina. In fact men are all off right now” she added, staring at me, sizing me up. “Well Nina, shall I come with you?”

“Yes please Emma” I said and this time she took my arms and put them around her neck and we again kissed.

A few minutes later and we were both on Emma’s bed, well my Mum’s bed really but I didn’t think about that. I lay on my back, my bottom tingling but I forgot that as I watched Emma pull her top over her head and unclip her bra, then allow her skirt to slip to the floor and she took down and removed her knickers. Naked she lay on top of me, kissing my breasts and licking my taut nipples.

“Don’t just lie there you, get going before I tan your hide again young lady.”

I laughed as I pulled her close, kissed her, and stroked her breasts with one hand and her inner thighs with my other. It only seemed to be minutes before we were both gasping in orgasm.

It was oh so lovely, my first sexual intercourse with a woman. I looked at Emma who laughed and said, “good, now the foreplay is over lets relax and enjoy each other” as she kissed me on the lips.

After several minutes she said seriously “you know we are having sex this time because your spanking was only to show what I can do. You do know if I need to properly discipline you then you will get all of the pain and none of this?”

I smiled back and said “whatever you decide Emma. You are in charge after all.”

“Dead right Nina, dead right” as we clinched again.


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