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Nina, The Downfall

Nina is spanked by her Deputy in front of her work colleagues, then demoted
38 year old Nina was at her desk when Hannah came in. It was early so not many people had yet arrived at the office. Hannah was rubbing her bottom so Nina knew what had happened. 18 year old Hannah had been spanked before coming to work so had to ask Nina to look after her knickers for the day, and to check during the day Hannah hadn’t slipped on another pair.

Nina shuffled on her chair trying to get comfortable as her own bottom was burning from the spanking she got this morning followed by the caning all courtesy of Nicole, her 17 year old stepdaughter. First Nicole took her over her lap and spanked her just a few dozen spanks with her hand, followed by at least 150 spanks with the wooden backed hairbrush followed by the dreadful stinging 18 strokes with the senior cane. Nina still sobbed at the thought of it. Bent over, clutching the kitchen chair, naked, her bare bottom stretched out as far as she could. It didn’t help Nina that her 18 year old stepdaughter Ella sat watching as she casually ate her breakfast and both teenagers discussed their shopping trip the previous day. Both chatting happily as Nicole gave Nina a hard spanking and those 18 strokes and both girls ignored her shrieks of pain and the tears running down her face.

Both stepdaughters were used to having to discipline Nina after all. In fact they were very used to spanking their 38 year old stepmother very hard and very often, but Nina knew she deserved every one. It was her choice to be subject to her stepdaughters discipline and the two teenagers delighted in obliging, eager in fact, and insisted on being very strict with their step mum. Exactly the arrangement that ensured regular and intense discipline, and for Nina so many nights pleasuring herself as she played the spanking over in her mind once in bed.

Nina looked around the office to check no one was paying them much attention. Christine, her new Deputy Sales Director, was at her desk. Christine is 34 years old, Nina found her attractive, even sexy in a dominant way, always wearing tight skirts or dresses showing off a lap she would quite like to be put across. Nina liked Christine, always friendly, a good sales record, and the staff liked her. Nina knew Christine was ambitious but felt she had the upper hand as she had been here much longer, had the respect of the staff, and her own sales record was even better.

Christine’s 19 year old intern, Amber, was around but Nina couldn’t see her just then. She was probably off photocopying.

Hannah went over to Nina and asked, “Can we please go to the ladies?”

Nina knew that confirmed her suspicions. She allowed Hannah a few moments to get to the ladies first and then followed and as usual looked anywhere but towards Hannah. Two women who happened to be in the ladies together. That’s how it was intended to look.

Nina asked, “Well Hannah?”

Hannah sighed, and said, “Mum was really annoyed with me last night and gave me such a hard spanking. It was 8 o’clock and she sent me straight to bed afterwards. I got up this morning to shower and when I got downstairs there was a note from Mum to see her before leaving for six strokes. Steph watched. Look.”

Hannah stepped out of her knickers, turned around as she lifted her skirt and Nina saw the straight red lines across her bare bottom. She had seen them many times before but it made Nina think about Hannah’s Mum for a moment, how she had often she had been spanked and caned by her. One sexy Mum thought Nina, but then she thought that about any woman who had, or might, spank her.

Hannah sighed and said, “I know I deserved it Nina but I still hate being spanked. Oh well, I won’t dwell on it. You had better check it’s my only pair.” Hannah gave a sigh that told Nina one thing Hannah did like is being checked and as Hannah stepped her legs apart sighed again as though reluctant to have Nina check her pussy but she was so looking forward to it.

Nina could see very easily that Hannah didn’t have any other knickers on nor a thong but Hannah wanted Nina to feel her pussy. It was a one bonus to being spanked. Nina ran her finger along the 18 year olds pussy, felt she was warm and wet, and smiled.

Hannah smiled as she kept her legs apart as Nina kept rubbing her pussy. “So nice Nina, it’s worth getting spanked so you do this to me.”

Nina smiled as she withdrew her hand and Hannah straightened her skirt. Nina noticed the skirt was longer than usual, stopping just above the knee and not one third down her thigh. This was the length of skirt she wore when she had to spend the day in the office without knickers. Hannah turned to walk out of the ladies. Nina stopped her.

“My turn Hannah.”

“You got spanked as well?” Hannah sounded surprised as it was almost a week since Nina was last spanked. “Spanked last night and caned this morning. Buck naked of course but that is par for the course. Nicole was in charge of me and I wanted to watch one TV program and she wanted to watch another and before I knew it she accused me of sulking. Can you believe it, being told by a 17 year old I’m sulking, at 38? She made me get undressed there and then and spanked me so hard. Then she sent me to bed where I had such a great night before being caned this morning, still naked of course. I only got dressed just before leaving to come to work. My bottom is so sore Hannah, I mean really sore. ”

Nina stepped out of her knickers and handed them to Hannah who put her hand on Nina’s pussy and caressed her, enjoying listening to Nina’s contented sigh as for several minutes her fingers explored Nina’s pussy and brought her so close to an orgasm.

There was a noise outside and Hannah pulled her hand away just as the outer door to the ladies opened and Nina flattened her skirt out and both were looking in the mirror when the inner door was opened and one of the cleaners came in. She was apologetic she was late but wouldn’t be long.

Nina and Hannah said they weren’t worried and both walked out of the ladies.

Neither saw the look of surprise on the cleaners face when Amber came out of the far cubicle and left the ladies. In fact Amber went straight over to Christine’s desk, said a few words, and then the two of them went to a meeting room. Amber told Christine what she had heard. Had anyone been outside the meeting room door at the time they would have heard gasps of “No way,” then a more earnest, “Are you sure?” and finally a very intense, “Let me hear the tape.”

Nina and Hannah thought no more about it. They were so used to the other having their knickers in their handbags. The morning passed by. Christine was very friendly towards Nina and if anything Nina thought too friendly, but then the sales were going well and everyone was just working so hard. The weekly team meeting was set for early afternoon and Nina and Hannah spent a couple of hours putting together the normal presentation for Nina to use at the meeting. By 2 o’clock the meeting room was full. Nina sat at the head of the table, Christine sat at the other end, and the various team members filled the chairs down either side. Nina stood up and made ready to start the presentation to explain the current position on sales.

Nina was about to start when Christine asked, “Nina, what’s this I hear about you being spanked at home?”

There were gasps around the table as disbelieving faces first looked at Christine, then turned towards Nina expecting a very direct response when in fact they saw Nina blushing, and stammering her response. “Wha- t-t-t do you mean Christine?”

“Oh, I understand you got spanked last night. Isn’t it true then Nina?”

Nina’s immediate reaction was to deny everything. She had always worked on the basis the best form of defence was attack. She looked at Christine who was smiling a confident smile and Nina realised she was looking too calm. She must know, but how? Not Hannah for sure. Surely not Ella or Nicole. Nina didn’t know what to say. She was quite flummoxed.

Christine broke the enormous silence, “You were overheard in the ladies. Listen to this.” Christine took out the phone and put it on the table. She flicked the switch and to Nina’s horror the conversation she had with Hannah was played back. Every word. There was no denying this Nina knew. Nina and Hannah looked at each other as the tape reached the bit where Hannah asked Nina to check she had no knickers on and the groans were clearly heard. It was Nina’s turn to blush when Hannah returned the obligatory caressing. Her groans of delight were so clearly heard and there were yet more gasps and even some murmurings as whispered discussions were held as the tape continued.

Nina sat down with a loud groan. Christine kept smiling. Nina knew her deputy was making a play for her job and this after all was her worst nightmare. The office discovering she was spanked at home. That moment had now arrived. Nina sat listening to Christine but not hearing.

Nina knew being spanked wasn’t so bad at all and more often than not was even erotic. She liked nothing better than being sent to bed early so she could spend the whole night masturbating and remembering the spanking over and over again. Sure her stepdaughters enjoyed the control they had over 38 year old Nina, but Nina knew in fact she controlled them or at least when she was spanked. Well, not always, but she could choose when to be spanked. Well, to be frank she could choose but Ella and Nicole certainly decided when they wanted to spank Nina. Nina sniffed feeling very sorry for herself as she acknowledged to herself that in reality Ella and Nicole made most of the decisions. Still, that didn’t stop Nina masturbating afterwards, and really she enjoyed the uncertainty, and was even more aroused when one of her teenage stepdaughters took her by the arm, led her to a chair, pulled her knickers down, guided her across their lap, and spanked her long and hard. So it didn’t matter Ella and Nicole were in charge. Nina was still aroused afterwards as she lay in bed rubbing her sore stinging bottom.

Christine repeated her question. “So Nina, what’s it like being spanked at your age?”

Nina looked up at Christine then still blushing she answered her question. “It hurts Christine. A lot.”

“I expect it does.” Christine kept smiling as she said, “I see a mistake in the slide Nina. A spelling mistake on the first line.”

Nina’s mind was a blur as she looked at the slide and indeed yes there was a typing error. She looked across at Hannah who was still blushing from hearing the tape and her own groans of enjoyment as Nina caressed her pussy. She saw the error and knew it was hers.

The room was almost silent as Christine pressed her advantage. “Maybe Nina deserves a spanking for the spelling mistake. What do people think?”

There were blank faces. Then Amber said, “Yes Christine, Nina should be spanked.” Then another voice said, “Seconded,” followed by another couple of voices saying, “Spank Nina, Spank Nina.” A few seconds later the sound of, “Spank Nina,” Resounded around the meeting room. A few seconds later Christine said firmly, “Right Nina, I think the vote is you need to be spanked. Come here please.”

Nina looked around the room at a whole set of smiling faces. Work colleagues who she thought were her friends. Sure before today she knew they were scared when she was around, trembled when she snapped instructions, but she was the boss and that was her right. Maybe this was payback time as now they were smiling at her discomfort.

Nina stood and walked the length of the table as Christine glared at her, a dominating stare. Nina stood by Christine and looked down at her lap, the skirt tight around Christine’s thighs, beckoning Nina to bend across them. Nina stood waiting obediently as though it were Ella or Nicole controlling her but shook her head in disbelief as she knew it was Christine, her deputy.

Christine didn’t stop there. She asked, “So Nina, I think you said you have to undress to be spanked.”

Nina blushed a deeper red as she groaned, and unzipped her skirt. The whole team watched agog as their boss let her expensive up to the minute fashionable skirt fall to the floor. Then she unbuttoned and removed her silk blouse, and unclipped her lace bra and let it slip down her arms. There were looks of desire as Nina stood in just her knickers, sexy lace that hugged her thighs and showed off her curvy waist, then envy as she stepped out of her knickers letting them fall to the floor. Nina loved playing to the audience even as she became more and more concerned about the spanking to come, but she will remember those looks of jealousy.

Christine was beside herself with delight as she never expected Nina to accept a spanking so easily and there was no way she expected Nina to get undressed in public. Little did she think that Nina was used to being spanked in front of a crowd, how she would stand naked with her hands on her head with so many eyes staring at her before being bent across someone’s lap and spanked. Still, Christine kept control and decided to humiliate Nina even further by demanding to know, “How often are you spanked Nina?”

The whole room was still agog with utter surprise when Nina answered simply, “Once or twice a week.”

Christine was getting in to her stride, feeling so superior to her boss. “By your Mum or others as well?”

Nina was blushing but was getting turned on by Christine. “By my Mum and my stepdaughters.”

“Really, how old are they then?”

“18 and 17.”

This drew more gasps from the others.

“Maybe Amber should spank you then?” Christine was smiling but there was an edge to her voice. She asked, “Who would you prefer to spank you Nina?”

Nina knew the answer should be neither but out of the two she wanted Christine to spank her. She knew whatever happened now there were going to be complications later on. She had often thought about what would happen if they discovered at work she was spanked at home. How it would be difficult to maintain order at the office. Well that was now a reality she will have to deal with.

“Well Nina?” Christine’s voice was snappy, authoritative, demanding.

“You Christine,” Nina answered.

Christine was almost sneering as she commanded, “Right then, let’s have you across my lap Nina.”

Nina stepped forward and in one movement put a hand on the far side of Christine’s beckoning lap and grabbed a corner of the chair as she edged herself elegantly across Christine’s lap, resting both hands on the floor as her bare bottom stared upwards at Christine’s glistening eyes and smiling face. Some of those sitting had to sit up straight to get a view of Nina’s bare bottom and one or two stood up for ease. No one in the room, other than Hannah, had expected tough hardnosed businesslike Nina to be naked and across her deputy’s lap but she was, and without much argument either.

Christine rubbed Nina’s bottom as she smiled at everyone in the room before raising her hand, focusing on Nina’s bottom, deciding her right bottom cheek will get the first spank and brought her hand down. The crisp sound of hand on bare bottom filled the room. It wasn’t a hard spank, Nina didn’t even gasp, but it was the first of what Christine intended to be a good hard spanking. She could see a promotion coming out of this. Christine raised her hand again and this time brought it down hard on Nina’s left bottom cheek.

Hannah looked up and around the room and saw several people licking their lips, their eyes sparkling, obviously enjoying what they were watching. Hannah wanted to shout out for Christine to stop but knew that by rights she should also be spanked in front of everyone. She glanced across at Amber and was surprised Christine didn’t have her 19 year old intern spank her. Still, just in case, she kept quiet, not wanting to be humiliated as Nina was being humiliated. Sure people will no doubt ask her later about giving her knickers to Nina, having her pussy caressed and checked by Nina, even about being spanked by her Mum, but of course an 18 year old being spanked by her Mum or even her sisters is very different to a 38 year old. Very different indeed. Hannah would have to deal with the embarrassing questions later but for now everyone was staring at Nina, or actually her bottom as it was being turned a deeper and deeper pink.

Hannah suddenly heard her name and thought she was after all going to be spanked. Then her name was repeated and she realized Christine was giving her an order, “Hannah, get my handbag and bring me the hairbrush. Now Hannah.”

Hannah knew all eyes were now on her but almost like a robot she dashed over to the table opened the handbag and took out the wicked looking wooden backed paddle hairbrush. Just like the many such implements that had been used to spank her own bare bottom. Hannah went over to Christine and handed it to her and without waiting for a thank you scampered back across the room to the safety of the others, albeit she watched helplessly as she passed smiling face after smiling face. Hannah wondered if she would be better off standing up for Nina, but she lost her nerve straight away, particularly when she looked back at Christine and saw the hairbrush lifted above her head ready to be brought down on Nina’s already deep pink bare bottom. Hannah followed the arc of the hairbrush as it was brought down hard on Nina’s bottom, dug in to Nina’s unprotected bottom, caused her bottom cheek to swirl around so sexily, saw Nina’s head lift up, her mouth open, and heard Nina’s loud gasp fill the room.

Hannah stayed quiet, her hands clasped in front of her, unable to take her eyes off Nina’s ever reddening bottom.

Nina was trying not to squirm around on Christine’s lap but was struggling now that the hairbrush was spanking down on her time and again. She always tried to keep still but of course invariably failed particularly when the spanking went on and on with no sign of letting up, and as usual she was unable to stay still, did squirm, her legs did kick, and when she let out her first sob she knew her tears will soon follow. It seemed like forever but when the tears rolled down her cheeks and droplets hit the floor she was looking at so she gave up all pretense of coping.

The spanking stopped a while as Christine rubbed Nina’s nicely heated and reddened bottom, and the tops of her legs. She noticed Nina part her legs when she rubbed the backs of her legs and rubbed her inner thighs thinking maybe she could add to Nina’s embarrassment by smacking her inner thighs. She edged her hands down along Nina’s inner thigh expecting her to close her legs again and that would give her the chance to make a comment about Nina’s naughty thighs, but instead Christine was quite taken by surprise when Nina lifted her bottom and she realised Nina wanted her to stroke her pussy. Christine was even more surprised when she did run her fingers along Nina’s hair mound and pressed her luscious vaginal lips and felt she was wet. My goodness she thought, being spanked and getting aroused. That wasn’t expected at all.

Christine decided to use this new found discovery. “Nina, your pussy is wet from your spanking.”

There were more gasps from the audience and Nina realizing what this meant closed her legs.

“No you don’t missy,” snapped Christine who started to smack the backs of Nina’s legs again and again until Nina gasped and threw her legs apart again which thankfully was enough to stop the spanks to her legs. Christine again stroked her pussy and this time Nina lay there, trying not to react, because she so wanted to moan and groan as the stroking increased her arousal. Of course this was so rare. More often than not Nina only got disciplinary spankings, not erotic ones. This was a new feeling for her, new and wonderful. A spanking from a rather fanciable woman, Christine, who spanked her but then helped her to cum. Could that happen? Did it happen? Surely not when being spanked by her Mum nor by either of her stepdaughters. Of course it did happen when Hannah’s Mum spanked her. Yes of course, Christine is a very similar woman. A woman who can spank her and make her cum.

Christine was rubbing Nina’s inner thighs, starting at one knee, rubbing upwards, her hand reaching Nina’s pussy and slowly deliberately running her fingers along the crack, edging inside her wet soft inviting pussy. Christine listened as Nina did start to groan as Christine edged her fingers deeper inside Nina’s pussy. Hannah looked from face to face, each frozen in wonderment at the sight of the deputy playing with her boss who was naked across her lap, had been spanked to tears, and was now playing with her pussy. Wonderment as much at that as the way Nina accepted being fully naked in front of her work colleagues, accepted the punishment, and was now accepting her private parts being invaded by her deputy.

Hannah could see some of the looks on the faces changing. Yes Nina was being discredited, and afterwards she knew Nina would feel mortified, humiliated like at no other time even given how often the 38 year old had been humiliated being spanked in front of so many people, but some also

heard the groans of delight from Nina, and wonderment turned to just wonder, was Nina enjoying being spanked, was being spanked fun?

The look on Christine’s face was one of power, and some in the room more related to that. Hannah could see how those others were wondering whether spanking someone could give such erotic enjoyment.

Above everyone though, Hannah knew what Nina was thinking. It was the same when her Mum spanked Nina although she wasn’t really supposed to know of course. She only found out by accident but it set her thinking. Being spanked was so erotic for her, yes she was being disciplined but it also set her off, her pussy, her desire to be spanked harder, longer. Hannah looked across at Amber and saw the look of wonderment on her face, and saw her hands between her legs. Her legs were clenched together hard, just as she had done when she first watched Nina being spanked. Hannah remembered Nina’s Mum coming up to her afterwards and telling her girls who masturbate get spanked. Nicole took her to her bedroom and gave her a long hard spanking for masturbating. Hannah remembered. She also remembered how later that night she had re-lived the spanking in her bed and masturbated again and again.

Hannah would remember seeing Amber do exactly the same as she did, but Nina’s Mum wasn’t here so maybe Amber won’t get spanked for masturbating. Did she want to be spanked, Hannah wondered?

Just then Mr Harman, the Managing Director, came in. and without realising what was happening, said as he opened the door, “Sorry to interrupt Nina but I wanted to hear your update.” His voice trailed off when he saw his Sales Director laying naked and prone across her deputy’s lap. He had often looked at Nina’s bottom and thought how rather fetching it was. Of course he had never seen it naked, and certainly never as red as it was now. “What the …?” Mr Harman was as dumbfounded as the others initially were as he looked around at a sea of what he thought were nervous faces.

Christine was the first to respond. “Oh, Mr Harman, we have established that Nina is spanked at home.” Christine paused for effect and to allow the information to sink in.

“Really?” Mr Harman was grappling with the comment.

Christine continued briskly. “Yes, and as we knew she reacts well to being disciplined when I saw the quite serious error on her slide I decided it would be best to deal with Nina in the way she freely accepts is best for her.”

Christine felt Nina try to get up and knowing she would not be able to hold her down by her shoulders clasped her pussy hard and as Nina tried to move so she clasped harder, and less hard when Nina stayed still. Nina got the idea and lay prone, although Christine took no chances and left her hand where it was, fully clasping Nina’s still wet warm pussy.

Mr Harman was blushing and felt uneasy, unsure, so said, “Well, I can see you have everything under control Christine, so I’ll leave you to it.” After a pause he added, “Oh and Christine, pop in to my office afterwards will you so we can discuss a new direction for the department. Mr Harman left the room and everyone stared at each other. Not only had he effectively said Christine would be in charge of the department but he had also given his consent to Nina being disciplined. They could hardly believe it, but that is what just happened. Christine saw the looks on everyone’s face and was elated. She had forced her control on Nina and therefore on everyone, maybe even Mr Harman. To round things off she removed her hand from Nina’s pussy but instead of letting her up gave her boss, or she reckoned boss for now, several hard spanks and everyone watched again as her bottom cheeks swirled around as Christine’s hand spanked down on Nina’s bottom.

“Right Nina, you can give your presentation now, but stay naked just in case I think you need to be disciplined again.”

Nina stood up and rubbed her bottom. She wasn’t fazed by staying naked as she had so often had to stand with her hands on her head after a spanking and be scolded again. She looked around at the sea of faces staring at her, people who had been scared of her before today and probably won’t be again, but she had to stay calm, get through this total humiliation, then get dressed and get away. She stood by the screen and spoke about the sales figures as she rubbed her bottom, aware few people were listening as they watched her rub her bottom, or gaped at her breasts, whilst Christine smirked, Amber licked her lips, and Hannah couldn’t wait to get Nina alone to talk about what had happened.

Ten minutes later the meeting broke up and everyone left, apart from Christine and Nina. Christine watched as Nina got dressed. Nina was still sniffing and her bottom was stinging as Christine sat crossed legs, her foot flicking to and fro, totally in control. “You have a really spankable bottom Nina. It was fun.”

Nina blushed but looked at the floor aware of the new power Christine had over her.

Christine continued, “I’ve told Amber to sort a few things out, for the future.”

Nina was all ears, knowing whatever decisions were made will have quite an impact on her, but still remained silent. She knew it was better to say nothing now and maybe, just maybe, she could fight back later on.

“You will have a large red cushion on the cabinet behind your desk, for you to sit on when you have had your bottom spanked. Probably once or twice a week in the future?” Christine enjoyed the look of despair on Nina’s face. She continued, “The hairbrush will sit on top of the cushion when it’s not in use, to remind you of what you will get if you need to be disciplined.”

Nina knew she had to say something. “If you say so Christine.” She could have kicked herself though as that was a submissive comment. She should have been tougher.

Christine continued, “Amber has set up a diary. Every morning before you leave for work you will send an email, to everyone, telling us if you have been spanked that morning or the evening before. If you have then Amber will place the cushion on your chair. Amber will take your knickers from you. No need to go to the ladies as everyone knows what is happening anyway. You can step out of them by your desk and Amber will check you don’t have any others. No more secrets eh Nina?”

Christine got up, went over to Nina, gave her a pat on her bottom, and said, “Come back out when you are ready Nina. Lots to do.”

Christine left and Nina felt like crying, except she didn’t cry, she was already thinking how to get her own back, and more importantly how to regain control of her department. She sat for several minutes calming herself down. After all Nina had been knocked before and bounced back. She will again. She made her way back to her desk. She caught people’s eye and they were smiling. They liked Nina, respected her, and felt sorry for her. Equally the more senior ones were also savvy enough to know Nina would have to accept a demotion, for a while anyway.

Nina got back to her desk and Hannah was there, who whispered to her, “Listen to Amber, she’s on the phone to her Mum.”

Nina listened. Amber was trying to whisper and in fact only Nina and Hannah could hear what she was saying.

“Yes Mum, when you caught me smoking you said I should get a spanking and I refused … right … well I smoked again today and my clothes stink, in fact everyone is complaining, it’s just I don’t have the willpower to stop, so I was thinking Mum, erm, you know … yes Mum, that’s right, if you spank me whenever you smell smoke on my clothes that will probably stop me, after a while anyway not straight away but maybe after a few weeks I will learn …. Well yes Mum I suppose answering back is another reason and yes I know you hate it … sure I agree you should spank me for that as well …. Yes Mum, I’ll be back by 7 o’clock and I’ll expect a spanking … erm, thanks Mum, love you.”

Amber put the phone down, Nina made herself look busy, and Amber lent across to Hannah. “She agreed Hannah.” Amber paused, then added, “Being spanked looked pretty sexy Hannah. I can see why you and Nina go for it.”

Hannah smiled at the 19 year old intern. Hannah said, “So you know your Mum hates you smoking so that was easy to get her to spank you and she will think she is helping you.” Amber smiled sheepishly as Hannah continued with a smile. “Well she will be, just not quite as she thinks.” Hannah became serious as she was thinking through their plan, and then continued, “Make sure you smoke on your way home a few times so your clothes stink and your Mum spanks you. When you want to be spanked that is. Then you’ll find after a while she will decide there are other reasons to spank you and spanking will become the norm. All Mums are different but you will know that for sure when she spanks you in front of the family, or even her friends.”

Amber breathed out, saying, “Don’t, that sounds really sexy.”

Hannah asked, “What was that about answering back?”

Amber said, “Oh, well Mum did say my talking back was almost as bad as smoking. So I agreed. I think you are right that after a few weeks Mum will add to the list. Then I can drop the smoking and get spanked for all the right reasons.” Amber added, “You know Hannah, I really want Mum to put me on the naughty spot and send me to bed early. Both are such a turn on. I really hope she will get in to the swing of things.”

“So long as you wind her up she will soon want to spank you again and again. Anyway, Mum’s know what their daughters want Amber, they may not show it but I bet she already knows you want to be spanked and she will reckon better she spanks you than a stranger.

“You know Hannah, you are probably right. My older sister knows I want to be spanked and I reckon she will tell Mum after tonight’s spanking.” Amber looked very happy with herself as she stood up, smiled, looked at Hannah, and said, “I feel good about this Hannah, like a weight has been lifted off me. I know the spanking will hurt but I need it, heck I want it, and want my Mum to do it.”

Amber went off to do some photo copying and Nina asked Hannah in a furious tone, “How did that happen? The little horror ratted on us to Christine and she’s the reason I got spanked.”

Hannah replied, “She apologised Nina. She thought Christine will give her a pay rise because she helped her, but she didn’t. Christine didn’t even say thank you and now she is getting promoted she allocated Amber to someone else and said she needed a more senior assistant.”

“Serves the little sneak right.” Nina was still annoyed.

“It will be different if she comes in tomorrow with a sore bottom.”

“Maybe,” Nina conceded, and then continued, “It’s quite funny really, Amber also being spanked by her Mum, so that will make three of us.”

Hannah explained, “Actually, it was Christine who first threatened to spank her.”

“What for?” Nina was incredulous.

“Christine is a real strong anti-smoker, and she is the one who saw Amber smoking and told her if she were her daughter she would get a jolly hard spanking. Amber told me and after a chat she said that if she had to choose between Christine spanking her and her Mum spanking her she would choose her own Mum any day.”

“Makes sense.” Nina laughed, “OK Hannah, you are right, she’s an ok girl really, even after our own hearts.” Nina smirked wickedly adding, “Maybe we will include her in our knickers club?”

It was Hannah’s turn to laugh.

Over the next few days though things changed for Nina and she wasn’t laughing anymore. She hated having to send her morning email, especially as she seemed to get spanked at home more often than ever. The problem was she was losing her self-confidence, and the more she had to take her knickers off in front of everyone in the office the less confident she became, even considering resigning. It was only the sympathetic smiles she got from other staff who realized Christine was nowhere as supportive as Nina that kept her going.

Things weren’t overly helped by Amber telling Hannah how often her Mum was spanking her and how exciting it was. She loved being put on the naughty spot and sent to bed early, and it worked out as she hoped as her Mum really got in to disciplining her and was terribly strict with her now.

Amber did join the knickers club and happily went with either Nina or Hannah to the ladies several times a day to confirm she hadn’t slipped on another pair of knickers. She loved having her pussy stroked. Nina noticed Amber had taken to wearing sexy lacey knickers, the type she so favoured herself. Nina saw a lot of herself in Amber and that made her feel better.

Nina reached a new low when one day she slipped as she stepped out of her knickers and the whole office saw red line after red line across her bottom and she had to admit to everyone she had been given thirty six strokes of the cane that morning. Even the cushion wasn’t going to be soft enough and Nina expected to spend the whole morning standing up. Nina blushed at the stares from her work colleagues then realised there were nodding heads of approval and stares of envy whilst some even rubbed their own bottoms seemingly thinking their own erotic thoughts and Nina realised she was being admired. Brightening up Nina thought maybe she will try to get her job back after all.

Hannah and Amber both gave her a hug and a kiss and right then Nina knew she was in a good place, living life as she wanted to live it. So what that she got caned this morning she mused. She smiled to herself when she remembered that she stood on the bus too sore to sit down knowing she had left her bedroom a total mess with her nightclothes and magazines spread over the floor so she knew she will get another spanking tonight. She was looking forward to it in fact and the pleasure she will give herself in bed after her spanking. It will be wonderful. She had no doubt whatsoever that she loved living the home life style of a teenager taking the good bits with the more painful but oh so erotic bad ones. She smiled to herself knowing at 38 years old she still loved the pain and utter humiliation of being spanked and had no intention of changing. No intention at all.

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