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Nina’s Double Spanking

Nina presses her Mum to bring forward her discipline spanking, but it doesn’t go as she had planned
Living athome Mum meant her Mum always had the upper hand over 37 year old Nina and this week more than usual her Mum was being so picky about everything she did. It was as though she was trying to goad Nina into misbehaving and as her Mum got shorter tempered with Nina so Nina was feeling more aroused at the thought that perhaps her next spanking was just minutes away.

In fact Nina’s Mum didn’t realise at all the impact her irritation was having on Nina. She was still livid with her daughter for sure. Lying was top of her list of misbehaviour. She had always detested it, and that showed through in her reaction to everything Nina did. Nina had lied last weekend and although was spanked to tears her Mum gave Nina a week’s notice of a repeat spanking because she wanted her daughter to know beyond any doubt just how much she hated being lied to. Nina turned it over in her mind, knowing how her Mum was making her pay every day for the lies she told. It got to the stage where she just wanted to get the punishment over with. Needed to in fact. Nina got ratty as well. She even snapped at Emily who went out for the day but failed to wash up the breakfast things. Nina gave Emily a spanking on her return even though it was actually only a couple of plates. Nina knew the worry of her spanking was driving her demented.

37 year old Nina had the whole week to wait until her Mum’s promised spanking. She was able to get through the first couple of days still masturbating on the back of her recent discipline spankings as her bottom stung for ages afterwards. When the prickling stopped Nina started to worry about her next spanking, which she knew her Mum would make very hard and very long, and wanted the days to pass quickly by so she could suffer the inevitable pain but at least get it over with.

So on the fifth day Nina decided to press her Mum. Nina was really wound up and worried all at the same time. She was anxious her Mum would tell her off, again, but equally worried that she would send her away and tell her to wait for her punishment. Still, she had decided to face her Mum.

Nina walked in to the living room. Her Mum looked up but didn’t say a word. Nina faced her Mum.

“Mum, I must talk to you.”

“Really Nina, not now, because…”

Nina didn’t let her Mum finish. “This can’t wait Mum. It is just not fair. I can’t wait a whole week to be punished. If I have deserved to be disciplined then you should have done so straight away. Oh, I don’t think you should spank me much harder in future just because I lied to you, and yes I suppose I did ask for the second spanking because I felt sort of aroused but for goodness sakes you spank me hard enough as it is. Please Mum, I know you will make me suffer with Mr Hairbrush, but I must insist you spank me now. Really, you must spank me now. I am begging you Mum, please get my spanking over with.”

Nina looked at her Mum who was livid with her daughter. She was just about to say something when a woman came out of the lounge. It was Monica, a woman of a similar age to her Mum a long standing friend but she had moved out of the area years ago. Nina hadn’t heard the doorbell ring so didn’t know Monica was in the house. She wouldn’t have said anything if she had known after all. Nina was worried about much more than that though, Had Monica heard her begging her Mum to spank her though? Worse, had she heard Nina telling her Mum she was aroused by being spanked? Nina was speechless for a moment. Nina looked at Monica fearing the worst which was confirmed by Monica’s response.

“Hullo Nina,” Monica said firmly, clearly trying hard not to smile but enjoying Nina’s discomfort at the realisation Monica must have heard her ask to be spanked and that she was aroused. Nina froze. She stared at Monica who is the one of her Mum’s oldest friends and who has seen her spanked by her Mum. It was when she was 16 and it was only about her third or fourth spanking. She had been rude to her and her Mum had spanked her there and then, with Monica watching. She hadn’t seen her spanked since as she moved out of the area soon afterwards. Anyway, that meant Monica cannot be in her Mum’s spanking clique.

Nina looked again, then she stammered, “Oh, erm, I, ermm, well, soooo,” and finally, “Oh dear.”

Her Mum said with an acidic tone now, “Oh dear indeed.”

It was clear to Nina that whilst she was panicking, Monica on the other hand was perfectly at ease. Monica asked her Mum, “Shall I leave Lynn?” Nina was always shocked when she heard her Mum’s actual name.

Nina’s Mum recovered quickest and said, “No need Monica. In fact my daughter has made her position quite clear. She has been very naughty and needs to be spanked.”

Monica looked in shock but when she spoke Nina knew she was being ironic. “Of course Lynn, I am glad you still use good old fashioned discipline even though Nina is obviously an adult.”

“I know Monica, but in this family discipline is given at any age. For their own good.”

“I so agree with you Lynn,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. Monica turned to Nina and said in a questioning tone, “What are you dear, let me see, yes you must be 37 years old.” Nina could see again Monica was being sarcastic, but with a smile. Monica added, “Still, I suppose now I know a number of the Mum’s here spank their older children I suppose I shall get used to all of this.

Nina was blushing a deep red. Now Monica knew for sure she was still spanked and Nina decided she couldn’t go through with it, not with Monica there. She had been spanked in front of several of her Mum’s longstanding friends who were in the spanking clique but she found it so humiliating. She turned to her Mum and said flatly, “I shall go Mum.”

Her Mum responded with a resounding, “No you won’t my girl. No you most certainly will not. I told you to behave for the whole week and look at what you have done. You deliberately disobeyed me. So your spanking in four day’s time still stands but you will also need to be disciplined for this display. Go into the lounge straight away.”

“But Mum, Monica? Please, not in front of her,” Nina said emphasising the ‘’her’ in a rather rude way. She at least wanted Monica out of the room even if Monica will hear the spanking taking place.

“Your problem Nina. She heard you say, quite forcefully in fact, that you wanted to be spanked. That won’t change. In fact having her watch will do you good.”

Nina exclaimed. “I didn’t think for a moment anyone was here Mum, otherwise I wouldn’t have said it” now quite distraught.

“Exactly Nina. You didn’t think. Period. Well you not thinking has earned you a spanking in front of Monica.”

Nina put her hand to her mouth, distress in her eyes, but she knew she couldn’t argue, not once her Mum has decided so she almost ran in to the lounge accepting her fate. She turned the chair into the room just as her Mum came in. Not just spanked at 37 years old but now to be spanked again with someone else watching. How horribly humiliating Nina thought.

“Go and stand facing the wall Nina,” her Mum demanded. Nina looked up, knew the tone of her Mum’s voice when she is annoyed, and went straight to the wall, putting her hands on her head. She wondered what Monica would be thinking. A 37 year old woman being told by her Mum to face the wall prior to being spanked.

Monica knew what Nina was going through though. “Ah Lynn, I see you discipline like I do . That is presumably the naughty spot.”

“Yes indeed Monica. That’s right. Nina is standing on the naughty spot. Except she’s not doing it properly.”

“No?” asked Monica again in fake disbelief.

Nina turned around and pleaded, “Please Mum, don’t. Please.”

“Excuse me?” she snapped. “How dare you. Now, take off your knickers and skirt. You will do exactly as I tell you. Do it now Nina.”

Nina gave her Mum another pleading look but only half hearted this time. She looked at Monica who was openly smiling at her predicament. Nina undid the buttons of her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Then she pulled down her knickers and stepped out of them.

“Face the wall Nina,” her Mum said frostily.

Nina was so frustrated now she did something she hadn’t done for years. She huffed and stamped her foot before turning to face the wall.

Monica said, “A temper tantrum. How naughty. If my son had done that I would have smacked him hard just for doing it Lynn . ”

Nina was really upset and said in a very off hand tone. “Do you have to?”

“Don’t be so rude Nina. Monica is my guest.” Nina heard her Mum walk up behind her and the words, “You are so right Monica,” followed by a hard smack on her bare bottom.

Nina gasped. Then a second smack landed and Nina gasped again followed by a, “Please Mum.”

“What, please can I have another smack Nina?” and before Nina could say anything two further smacks landed on her bare bottom. Nina gasped but this time said nothing.

Monica said, “I do the same with my Ron who can be a real terror.”

Content her 37 year old daughter now knew her place and would do as she was told knowing she will be spanked very soon her Mum moved away. “So Monica, what kind of discipline did do you hand out?”

Nina just couldn’t believe her Mum was asking her friend that type of question. Frustration took the better of her and she asked rudely, “Is this necessary Mum? Really? Monica shouldn’t be here anyway.”

Her Mum was livid. Instead of doing as she was told she was horrified her daughter was testing her. Well she will rise to the challenge, 37 years old or not. She snapped at her daughter, “How dare you Nina. Monica is here because I have asked her to watch. I have the final say when you are being disciplined after all.” She turned to Monica and continued, “As I was saying Monica, how do you discipline Ron?”

“Oh Lynn, I spank him long and hard, always bent over my lap first then over the bed, with a slipper or a cane, or a heavy belt, or a large paddle, all sorts you see.”

“How often Monica?”

“Very often.”

“Just a spanking and the hairbrush?”

“Well no, actually I also have a cane. You see a spanking can take a long time if done properly and if I don’t have the time then the cane is very quick, and the effect on his bottom stays even longer than a spanking or even the hairbrush.”

Nina’s Mum said enthusiastically, “Really, I used the cane when Head of the College. Many a 16 or 17 year old girl bent over for six of the best.”

“Exactly, although to be fair I would not give only six. Twelve eighteen or twenty four are the norm, and occasionally more.”

Nina remembered her Mum spoke quite often about caning the girls at the College. In her first term as Head she found most of the girl’s quite unruly so on the first day of the second term she had the three naughtiest girls, the ringleaders, up on the stage at assembly. Each had a chair in front of them as they faced the rest of the students. Her Mum told the girls to bend over. She raised their skirts above their waists but kept their knickers in place and gave the first girl six of the best. The girls face crumpled and as stroke followed stroke her legs bent and she let out louder and louder gasps. The same went for the second girl and then again the third. The girls watching were in awe as the caning progressed, many shuffling on their seats almost in sympathy, probably thinking about their own bottoms.

Nina’s Mum said though that an hour later the three girls were caught showing their red lined bottoms to their friends. That earned them each smacked legs and many more tears.

However the outcome was exactly what was hoped for. Behaviour improved very quickly after that.

Nina was brought back to the conversation when her Mum asked, “Remind me Monica, how old is Ron?”

Nina’s ears pricked up and moaned when Monica answered, “28, so a lot younger than Nina. I spanked him in front of quite a few of the Mum’s last week. It was so refreshing to be amongst other Mum’s who know the benefit of strict discipline.”

Nina realised Monica was in Mum’s clique after all, and being rude to her wasn’t the cleverest of ideas. Nina hadn’t thought it through properly and had just been digging herself a deeper and deeper hole. Of course her Mum wouldn’t have had a non-spanking friend watch. She wondered how she can be so astute at the office but so silly at home and her silliness so often led to her being spanked. Maybe it was because she had no responsibilities at home as her Mum did everything for her.

“Very interesting. Maybe you can give me some pointers, when I spank Nina.”

“Sure,” Monica replied. She was obviously enjoying herself. Nina was now resigned though to being spanked in front of Monica. Nina hated coming across her Mum’s friends in the street as she found it so difficult look anyone in the eye again after they have watched her being spanked?

“We’ll leave Nina facing the wall for a few more minutes I think Monica.”

“Good thinking Lynn. By the way, when Ron has been particularly rude as an extra penalty I spank him in the nude. It brings him down an extra peg or two as he hates undressing in front of me but it adds to his punishment.”

“Good one Monica.” Nina heard the instruction, “Right Nina, you were rude before so take the rest of your clothes off then.”

Nina moaned as she took off her top and slipped her beautiful lace bra down her arms thinking how wonderful she felt when wearing it and now how immature she felt without it, put it on top of her matching knickers, gave her underwear a last longing look, and feeling every inch the naughty about to be disciplined girl she has now become she turned and again faced the wall, not just her bare bottom on show now, and as her nose touched the wall she felt her breasts pressing against it as well. She pressed harder as she knew her nipples were erect and it helped her in a strange way to cope with what was going to happen to her, another very hard spanking.

“I think that’s such a good idea Monica.”

Nina stared at the blank wall. She was calming down now and in any case she couldn’t do anything about her predicament. She wasn’t so self-conscious about her body and in a strange way thought being naked was an exciting touch to her punishment. She could kick herself though at her stupidity. What was she thinking of? What did she expect her Mum to do anyway? All she has done is earn herself another spanking, and in front of her Mums friend as well. As she faced the wall she recognised all this was her own fault and she will just have to accept her punishment and knew she will be crying very soon. Nina felt humiliated at the thought of it. This was far away from the erotic feelings she was expecting. A very long way away indeed. Nina thought about that long and hard as she faced the wall, until she heard the inevitable command.

“Come here Nina,” her Mum demanded.

Nina turned around and walked over to her Mum, standing in front of her with her hands on her head. She decided to apologise. “Mum, I have thought about it and know I was wrong. I am really really sorry.” She didn’t feel very much like a 37 year old as she apologised.

Her Mum looked at her daughter, with a wry smile, and said, “At least you know you did wrong. That’s a start.”

“Thank you Mum,” Nina said with a sigh.

“I said a start Nina, don’t get carried away,” she said acidly.

Nina looked at the floor and moaned. Too little too late is what she thought, and knew to be the case. Far too late.

“Right Nina, get yourself across my lap please.”

Nina responded immediately, and was soon lying across her Mum’s lap. A position she knew well after all. She looked slightly sideways and saw the stockings on Monica’s legs, looked up higher to see her hemline just below her knee, her beige skirt, and then further up her light grey top. Actually Monica was a lot like her Mum. Nina thought about Monica’s stern voice, looked again at Monica’s legs and thought not bad for a lady her age, eyed upwards to her skirt covered lap and wondered what it might be like to be across her knee instead of her own Mum’s. Just pondered but kept looking at Monica’s lap realising she was feeling aroused at the thought of being spanked by another women. She had often wondered what that might be like and even pondered if that was likely to happen today. Probably not as her Mum saw discipline as her responsibility.

Nina felt one her Mums hands holding her firmly by the waist, on her bare skin as she was naked, and the other hand on her bare bottom, rubbing firmly, then she knew her Mum had lifted her hand, high she suspected, and finally she felt the movement of her Mums thighs as her open palm hit her bare bottom with a resounding smacking sound. That was followed immediately by a steady stream of spanks, first on alternate cheeks then focusing on the same spot of the same cheek for several spanks in a row, causing Nina the usual discomfort. It stung.

Nina was aware that her Mum was still chatting to Monica.

“Is this how you spank Ron Monica?”

“Yes Lynn. He still squirms around just like Nina is doing.”

Nina hadn’t realised she was squirming until Monica had said that.


“Yes Lynn. His bottom bounces around as I turn it very red. Whether it’s my hand, or the hairbrush, or a strap, I don’t stop though until I think he has really learned his lesson.”

“Absolutely right Monica. I do the same. It takes this young lady a long time to learn her lesson though. The older they are the longer it takes, that’s what I have always said.”

All the time Nina’s Mum continued to spank her errant 37 year old daughter planting spank after spank all across her bare bottom. Her now much redder bottom. Several spanks also thrashed down on to the tops of her legs and these stung even more.

“Monica, you see the drawer over there,” Nina’s Mum said, nodding towards the side cabinet, “Can you please bring me the brush from the top drawer.”

Monica went across to the cabinet, pulled open the top drawer, and took out Mr Hairbrush.

“Oh now this looks perfectly wicked Lynn,” she said chuckling.

“It is,” Nina’s Mum agreed as Monica handed her the wooden backed hairbrush with the large oval paddle head.

“Tell Monica what name we have for this Nina.”

Nina could not believe how her Mum was treating her. Like a little girl, not the 37 year old woman she is. Then she thought how silly that was. A 37 year old part way through a severe spanking from her Mum. Yeah right.

“It is called Mr Hairbrush,” Nina said.

“How cute,” Monica said in a mocking tone. Nina was so aware that is the tone used by all of the Mum’s who spank their older children. It was part of the punishment she knew but ever so humiliating.

Nina felt the brush smack her bottom lightly a couple of times, warning her of the paddling she was about to get. Immediately the first spank with the brush hit home. Her Mum was not giving her any time to recover but just gave a constant spank after spank with the hard brush. Nina was squirming and struggling and crying, and asking for her Mum to stop, bawling how sorry she was, how she won’t do it again, all at the same time.

Monica said, “Lynn, I don’t let Ron gabble like that during his spanking. If he does he just gets more.”

Nina’s Mum said in a hard tone, “You know Monica, you are right. So Nina, another word and I won’t be stopping.”

Nina groaned a wet crying deep breathing type of moan. But she stopped saying anything and just accepted the almost unbearable spanking her Mum was giving her. She didn’t see the smile that passed between her Mum and Monica.

After what seemed a life time and one of the longest spankings her Mum had ever given her she at long last heard her Mum say, “OK Nina, you can get now. Go and face the wall, hands on your head.” Nina desperately wanted to rub her bottom but knew she couldn’t, not until her Mum told her she could.

Monica and her Mum were chatting about the spanking. “So Monica, what do you think? Did I spank her hard enough?”

Nina crawled off her Mum’s lap and went over to the wall.

They both looked across at Nina’s bare bottom which is bright red with bruises from Mr Hairbrush already showing.

“Yes Lynn, but I spank Ron for longer. I have to make sure he understands what he has done wrong.”

Nina’s Mum asked, “Right, so you think Nina should be spanked some more do you?”

“Yes Lynn, I do. She spoke so rudely before, when she first saw me, and you told her off but I think that deserves a further spanking really.”

“What?” Nina cried out. “Mum,” she added emphatically. Nina was livid. How dare she? Telling her Mum she should be spanked some more. Nina was expecting her Mum to say enough was enough, but was horrified when instead she said,

“Be quiet Nina. You will do as you are told,” adding, “OK, Monica, as she was rude about you maybe you should spank her then, if you think Nina deserves it.”

“No,” Nina bawled out. Nina turned and looked at the two women but kept her hands on her head. She knew how silly that would look, even more so as she was totally naked and her pussy hair and breasts were on show for the two women to see. In fact both women found it hard to keep from smirking and when Nina saw their mouths turn up slightly she felt so put down but the 37 year old knew better than to take her hands away from her head when under punishment. Nina stood in front of the two disciplinarians and waited.

Nina’s Mum kept her daughter waiting a few seconds before saying sternly, “Not another word Nina, I am telling you that you will go across Monica’s lap.”

Nina sobbed, her face was already wet from the tears streaming down her face. Her Mum ordered, “Right, stay on your naughty spot for a while. I think we will have a gap before Monica spanks you, so think about that young lady.”

Nina quickly turned and again pressed her nose against the wall keeping her hands on her head, and did indeed think long and hard about being spanked by Monica. So now it wasn’t just being watched by Monica whilst being spanked. Now she was going to be spanked by her as well. How bad was that? From what Monica had said she was certainly used to dishing out a hard spanking so that was also something for Nina to worry about. Slowly though she thought again about her fantasy of being spanked by another woman, other than her Mum, and she did find Monica just the sort of dominant woman she could relate to, obey even, and eventually told herself could easily be disciplined by. So, after all, today was the day she will be disciplined by another woman. If only her bottom was stinging so much already.

After quite a while Nina heard her Mum order, “Right Nina, it’s time.”

Monica chipped in with, “Yes, come on Nina, don’t be bashful. Anyway, I always thought I should have spanked you that time you were rude to me. Remember Lynn, when Nina was 16? She was so naughty that day.”

Nina’s Mum continued, “I do indeed Monica. What a good memory you have.”

Nina remembered that day. She had snapped at Monica but her Mum dealt with her by giving her a spanking when they got home. Nina remembered Ron. He was a terror. Anyway, now they had moved back to the area she supposed she would see Ron again at the hairbrush shop. Nina then wondered if that is where the canes were purchased but she didn’t remember seeing any. As Nina thought about canes and of Monica about to spank her today she felt her sex juice dribble down her inner thigh as her pussy quivered with expectation.

Nina’s Mum turned to her daughter and snapped, “Now Nina, get across Monica’s lap for that long overdue spanking she owes you.”

Nina turned, and found Monica already sitting on the chair, sitting up straight, smiling at her, at her discomfort. Nina walked over to her, and waited for the instruction to bend over her knees. Nina stared at the lap she was looking at when across her Mum’s lap. The lap she didn’t expect to go across today. How wrong she was. Again.

Monica tapped her leg, and pointed, and Nina knew that meant Monica was imposing her control by not even speaking the instruction to bend across her lap. So powerful. Then missing a breath thought, ‘How sexy.’

As Nina bent across her lap she could tell the difference between her and her Mum. Monica was slimmer than her Mum, so her lap felt different, albeit the end result was the same with Nina looking at the floor very aware her bare bottom was facing upwards ready for Monica to apply whatever punishment she felt was right.

Monica started by rubbing Nina’s red bottom. “Well Lynn, actually you have done a good job. This bottom is very warm and red. Still, this naughty girl needs to be given a further long spanking.”

Nina’s Mum replied. “I rather think she does. Don’t hold back at all Monica. You teach her a good lesson.”

Nina was soon squirming to the tune of Monica’s hand. It was after all her second spanking with only a short break facing the wall on her naughty spot. The stinging started immediately so her already sore bottom stung even more intensely from the onslaught from Monica’s hand. The tears flowed. Nina gasped as each spank hit home.

Nina was struggling to cope with the spanking and it was only when Monica rested for a bit that Nina could think about her predicament. Mixed feelings though. The spanking hurt as much as any her Mum had given her and possibly more, but she enjoyed the sensation of being across a different lap, an erotic sensation.

It was during this short break that Nina’s Mum and Monica stunned Nina. Monica said, “I like the way Nina’s bottom bounces Lynn. Not like Ron at all.”

Her Mum said, “I know Monica, when you told me to spank Ron the other day I noticed the difference. It took a long time for him to cry but I felt like I had done a really good job when his tears flowed.”

Monica continued, "This is very satisfying Lynn. I really think Nina is learning not to be so abrupt with you, nor rude to me.”

Nina was stunned. ‘My goodness,’ Nina thought. Her Mum had spanked Ron and now it was like her Mum was returning the favour, and Nina had walked in and practically asked for it, giving her Mum the absolute dream opportunity to have Monica spank her without any argument. Nina was now embarrassed along with every other feeling of humiliation and discomfort. Being spanked by her Mum was one thing. Even being spanked by her Mum in front of other Mum’s in the spanking clique wasn’t so bad. Now though, actually being spanked by her Mum’s friend was something very different.

Soon Nina’s attention was diverted by the resumed and even harder spanking Monica was giving her. Monica seemed to be able to spank for long periods of time without stopping and her hand felt firm, as firm as Monica’s other hand placed securely around her waist imposing her control on the 37 year old. Gone were Nina’s feelings of eroticism, of longing to be spanked by another woman. Monica knew how to spank and Nina cried and her whole shook as Monica’s had spanked her again and again. Worse was to come. Nina knew it, and Monica relished it.

“I’ll use Mr Hairbrush now Lynn.”

Nina watched her Mum through blurred tear filled eyes hand Monica the hairbrush but soon her eyes dripped tears again as spank after spank saw the hairbrush work its way around her bottom and the tops of her legs. Monica spanked with the hairbrush as she spanked with her hand. Constantly, sometimes all across Nina’s bottom and sometimes on the same spot. There was no pattern. Nina never knew what to expect. She felt more and more helpless as she dissolved, crying kicking and squirming as Monica kept up her persistent spanking exchanging glances with Nina’s Mum, both determined that Nina learn her lesson, just as Nina’s Mum had taught Ron a similarly long and hard lesson the other day.

Monica said to Nina’s Mum, “I think I need to ask Nina some questions Lynn. She and I need to have a serious discussion”

“Quite, Monica, we agreed you would. I’ll go make some coffee. Take your time.”

Silence reigned for a while whilst Monica rubbed Nina’s bottom. Silence that is, except for Nina’s wretched crying. Monica started to scold Nina. Initially she just told her off, treating her like the naughty girl she was. Then came the questions. A sobbing blubbering Nina found it hard to answer as she cried but any delay whatsoever was met by another steady stream of spanks with the hairbrush. Again there was no anticipating where the hairbrush would hit. Nina’s bottom. The backs of her legs. That delicate sensitive sit spot so favoured by experienced spankers.

Nina tried desperately to give immediate answers and when she did she was rewarded by firm rubs of her bottom instead of spanks, caressing rubs up and down the backs of her legs, even the inside of her thighs. Nina marvelled at the control being exercised so easily over her as when Monica’s fingers rubbed the inside of her thighs she parted her legs, willingly, and yes Monica ran her fingers along Nina’s parted pussy and let out a groan. What was as sure as sure could be was that whenever Monica caressed Nina’s pussy it was followed by another steady torrent of spanks with the hairbrush and again no consistency on the target. Yet Nina lifted her bottom each time Monica’s fingers strayed towards her pussy, desperately wanting her tender touch even knowing it will without fail be followed by spank after spank with the hairbrush.

Soon Nina was answering Monica’s questions very quickly and there was more rubbing and caressing than spanking. Still Nina welcomed the stroking of Monica’s fingers along her pussy even though it meant another set of spanks with the hairbrush. Still Nina had no way of knowing whether after each question it will be a loving caress or a flow of hard spanks. It was tense but so exciting, although of course it was also very painful as well. Even so Nina kept answering Monica’s questions and waited that second or two to discover if the answer earned another loving fondle or another spanking. All the time Nina recognised Monica’s power over her, the power of a strong dominant woman in control. It was exciting, nerve-racking, stressful, painful, but in a way wonderful and fulfilling being so under another’s control.

Suddenly no more spanking. Nina lay across Monica’s lap, her body quivering in pain, her shoulders shaking as she cried. Monica was gently rubbing her bottom. Then some cream was being applied to her bottom. Nina looked around to find Monica applying the cream from a tin. Cold soothing cream. Very soothing. How sweet Nina thought. How considerate.

Slowly Nina recovered. Her punishment over, hopefully. Yes it was. “You can get up but stand in front of me with your hands on your head young lady.”

Nina obeyed, instantly, well not exactly instantly as her bottom ached, her legs ached, she was stiff, her movement restricted by the pain, but it was as immediately as she could manage and she stood obediently with her hands on her head, her legs slightly apart in the hope Monica might caress her pussy once more. Monica knew what Nina was thinking especially as she saw her nipples were taut although her pussy hair was dry, so she was probably anticipating masturbating later on and not actually aroused just yet so probably.

Monica stood up and ordered, “Give me a hug.”

Nina stepped forward and threw her arms around the older woman’s neck and hugged, pressing her pussy in to Monica’s, trying to increase the already erotic feeling deep inside her.

Monica snapped, “Listen here young missy, you only get this when you have earned it and that will be extremely rare. Put your arms around me again.” Nina did so whilst at the same time feeling the flat back of the wooden hairbrush on her bottom, then it was away but Nina could feel Monica’s body movement and this time knew it was coming, the constant spank of the hairbrush on her bottom, again and again, all over her already so sore bottom as Nina stood pressed against Monica’s body, bending into it as Monica spanked her with the hairbrush. Nina felt Monica’s hand cup her pussy and she pressed in to Monica with renewed vigour, feeling Monica’s fingers enter her, go deep inside her, and Nina gasped and moaned in delight, and at the same time she screamed in pain as the hairbrush continued to be used to spank her until Nina came, her sex juice gushing over Monica’s hand. Nina was exhilarated.

Of course Nina didn’t know and her Mum never told her, that when she had spanked Ron the previous week Monica had also left the two of them alone. It was part of the plan the two Mums had hatched. Nina’s Mum had told Monica about how Nina had spanked Emily twice and then Nina wanted to be spanked twice and she wondered why. Monica had replied that Ron had said something similar to her, about wanting her to spank him harder, and she had heard him masturbate that night. So the two Mums hatched their plan. First they made sure Nina and Ron still disliked being spanked. Both Mums found a reason to spank Nina and Ron and were totally satisfied both hated the spanking, cried real tears, begged sincerely for the spanking to stop, promised genuinely to be good in future and were clearly distressed for some time afterwards because of the constant pain.

Next, both Mums found a second reason to spank Nina and Ron when they didn’t really deserve to be and the plan was each Mum would spank the others offspring. So the other day Ron was told he earned a spanking and that Nina’s Mum, who happened to be at the house, would carry out the punishment. Nina’s Mum spanked Ron really hard in front of his Mum, who then left them alone, and when Nina’s Mum had Ron stand up with his hands around her neck and she spanked him with the hairbrush with one hand and held his erect penis in her other and kept spanking him and kept holding his penis as he gyrated his hips, his cum leaked out of the tip of his penis and her hand ran ever more easily up and down his shaft until screaming in pain and ecstasy he came right there in her hand. Nina would never be told that although it happened again, the next time Nina’s Mum spanked Ron, and the time after that, and each time Monica left the room, left Nina’s Mum and Ron alone together, and Ron was spanked very hard again and he had an erection after the spanking as he stood facing Nina’s Mum with his hands on his head. Then as he clung to Nina’s Mum’s neck and had his bottom spanked and his erect penis held in Nina’s Mum’s hand as she gave him a hand job, his cum covered Nina’s Mum’s hand again. Monica was satisfied Ron found being spanked by Nina’s Mum erotic. What about Nina though?

Today Nina’s Mum said the weekends spanking still stood but today was an extra. That was perfect for the plan especially as Monica was at Nina’s house quite by ‘coincidence’, but a coincidence the two Mums used to check out Nina’s response. Monica was therefore able to play out her part of the plan. Now it was Nina’s turn to be given an after spanking present as a check to see if she was aroused although Monica hardly thought that was in question now. Still, it had to be done so Nina still had her arms around her neck, pressing herself in to Monica who lifted the hairbrush again and again spanked Nina’s bottom with the hairbrush and Monica’s hand cupped Nina’s pussy, her finger exploring inside, deep inside, flicking Nina’s clit, and all the time spanking Nina’s bottom hard with the hairbrush, and Nina was lost in the euphoria though of clinging to the woman who was spanking her her, pressing her pussy in to her cum covered hand, her own breasts pressing in to Monica’s whose fingers were deep inside her as she came in waves of orgasm.

Nina’s breathing was heavy but now she was exhausted. Spent. Her bottom stung but her pussy quivered, pain and pleasure as she had never felt it before.

Monica looked deep in to Nina’s eyes, then lent forward and kissed her on the lips, a sweet and loving kiss, and even after Monica had finished Nina kept her eyes closed, savouring the moments those soft lips touched hers.

Nina opened her eyes, saw Monica smiling, sniffed as she tried to hold back the sobs but failed.

Nina’s Mum came back in to the room. Monica retained control as she held Nina’s eyes in her stare. Nina’s Mum saw the respectful look on Nina’s face as though unsure whether her punishment was over or not and hanging on to Monica’s every word looking, respectful, repentant even. In that look Nina’s Mum knew Monica had spanked her daughter well.

Nina didn’t say anything about what had happened. The 37 year old sobbed and tears still flowed down her face but she certainly respected Monica, over twenty years her senior, the respect coming from the power and control she exerted over her, not her age. Her ability to discipline her equalled by her ability to give her sexual fulfilment like never before.

There was silence except for Nina’s sobbing. Monica said sternly but with the clear tone of satisfaction in her voice, “Well Lynn, I think we made some progress with this naughty young lady today.”

Nina’s Mum smiled at Monica, two Mum’s who knew discipline was important but were also loving Mum’s who wanted to improve their children’s enjoyment of life and had found a way to do just that. Nina’s Mum played the last part of today’s plan. Something that she knew she would enjoy using and was certain now that Nina would enjoy receiving.

“Thank you Monica. I was thinking though, about the cane, where do you get them from?”

Nina caught her breath at the very mention of the cane.

“Oh, I get Ron to order them on the internet. I am sure Nina could find out quite easily. I suggest you tell her she has two weeks to get some delivered and if not she gets spanked every other day. She’ll soon get hold of them for sure.” Monica had a sparkle in her eyes as she told Nina’s Mum about the cane and heard Nina’s gasp and knew what must be going through her mind.

Nina’s Mum also saw the look but ignored it, saying, “Very good idea Monica. That’s what I shall do. Thank you so much Monica and I am sorry you were put to the trouble.”

“No trouble Lynn.” Monica edged backwards from Nina, looked her in the eye, and said, “In fact I think I should help you some more. Feel free to send her around to me if you think she needs some more firm handling.”

“I think that is definitely going to happen and of course I can return the favour with your Ron. I quite often go away for three or four weeks at a time and up to now I have left Nina to her own devices. Maybe now though I can ask you to look in on her, make sure she has behaved,” Nina’s Mum added with a very serious tone of voice, “And deal with her if she hasn’t.”

“Of course Lynn, it will be my pleasure to help you, and Nina. A good plan if ever I heard one.”

Monica winked as Nina’s Mum had already made the same offer to deal with Ron.

Nina caught her breath again. Never before had she met a woman so strong, so intense, one able to give such pain and at the same time such tenderness. Yes, she hoped her Mum would send her to see Monica again, and yes, oversee her during those long weeks her Mum is away during which she would much prefer to be looked after even if it means still being spanked on a regular basis. Yes indeed.

Nina was dismissed, told to pick up her clothes and go upstairs to tidy herself up. She stooped down and picked her clothes up feeling the soft lace of her bra and knickers and started to feel an adult again. She went to the bathroom, looked at her red bottom in the mirror and blanched. It was much redder than she had expected, no wonder her bottom stung so much. Nina looked at her knickers, then again at her bottom, and decided she couldn’t get her knickers on. They would feel much too tight. She slipped her bra back on and felt a bit better, then her blouse, found a g-string and stepped in to them, and finally her skirt. Happier, she was soon thinking about the future. She was looking forward to getting to bed and enjoying the memories of the spanking. Monica’s spanking anyway. She wondered if she would be able to sit down and tried to sit on the side of the bath but jumped up immediately. That stung. She wondered if she will be able to sit down at all over the next few days if she couldn’t now and then there was her promised spanking in just a few more days. She groaned as she doubted it.

Half an hour later and Nina was downstairs in the lounge standing uncomfortably it had to be said whilst trying to read a magazine. Monica was gone. Her Mum was upstairs taking a shower. Emily and Chloe had come back to the house from their shopping trip. Nina looked at the two teenagers when they entered the living room. Both saw Nina standing awkwardly and likened it to the way they stood after a severe spanking. Emily and Chloe looked at each other. Was it possible? Surely not? Yet Emily continued to wonder. She turned a chair in to the room for her Mum to sit on and said cheerily, “Sit down Mum, we are going to watch TV so join us.” Chloe had purposely chosen a hard wooden chair. Nina looked at the unyielding seat and cringed as she eased herself down. Her bottom touched the hard seat and she gasped slightly but both Emily and Chloe heard the gasp and saw Nina’s face scrunch up in pain. Proof they both knew although it remained unspoken. Nina knew how it must appear, saw the questioning look on the faces of the two teenagers, and snapped, “Don’t you have a TV programme to watch or something?

The two girls looked at the TV, wide eyed. Nina knew her secret was all but out. How long before Chloe’s Mum will ask her if she still gets spanked she wondered? Not long she reckoned. Once again Nina realised lying to her Mum, getting spanked by her and Monica, and now her daughter and her daughter’s friend knowing she gets spanked, was all her own silly fault. She had just wanted to see if getting spanked twice was erotic. Suddenly she smiled to herself. A flutter spread across her pussy at the humiliation. So what? Let them know. After all she was aroused and looked forward to using her vibrator tonight. Blow everyone. What’s it matter if she is still spanked at 37 years old? Maybe Emily will earn a spanking tomorrow or the day after and she will be sure to give her one. Maybe she will earn another one herself and she almost came at the thought of Monica spanking her again.

She caught Emily’s eye and the bewilderment on her face. Nina wasn’t going to admit anything just then and instead burst out laughing but as she did so she moved and her bottom stung on the hard wooden seat. She gasped. Not ready to explain or to argue she just said, “I’m off for a shower and bed.”

Emily looked at her watch. Rather early to go up she thought. Nina hadn’t realised it was quite so early but having made the statement ignored her daughter. Nina smiled to herself when she thought Emily isn’t the only one with a vibrator. Let her hear it when she comes upstairs. She’ll explain in the morning. Maybe.

Nina walked towards the stairs but heard the two teenagers whisper and could hear the awe in their voices.

Emily asked, “Do you think Mum was spanked?”

“Don’t you?”

“Yeah. Grandma’s upstairs. Do you think she did it?”

“I reckon so. Has your Grandma ever spanked you Emily?”

“No.” Emily added, “Not yet but she’s seen me spanked plenty of times.”

Nina climbed the stairs again having such mixed feelings. Humiliation at having her daughter discuss whether she was spanked. Humiliation and wonderment at being spanked by the strong willed Monica. Of course she was struggling badly with her sore tingling tender bottom and when she again looked in the long mirror and saw how her bottom matched her legs both being deep red with a series of bruises she wondered how she was able to take such a hard spanking. She lay on her tummy on her bed, her fingers fluttered over her bottom but she could not rub as her bottom was too sensitive, then she ran her fingers along her vagina and took deep breaths as she thought about Monica and wondered when she will see her again, go across her lap again, suffer a spanking again, and maybe, just maybe, reach another orgasm. If she earns it of course and Nina remembered the unveiled threat, that such enjoyment will be very rare. Still, it gave the 37 year old hope, that whilst she will continue to receive disciplinary spankings as standard, maybe on the odd occasion it will be finished off with sublime sex. Monica will be the one to tell her if she does earn it. Nina ran her finger faster and faster along her wet pussy as she became lost in erotic thoughts of being spanked harder and harder, sometimes picturing Monica’s face, sometimes no face just the floor, ankles she didn’t recognise, being scolded by a voice she couldn’t place but crying out in pain, her cries, her pain, as she was spanked and then yes caned as well, until she came, loudly, beautifully, erotically.

When she calmed down she panicked as she thought someone will have heard, but no one seemed to have. Still feeling aroused she fondled herself again and this time was more controlled as she pictured herself again looking at the floor as spank after spank rained down on her bottom, her eyes closed knowing it was the hairbrush, the stern instruction to raise her bottom for the cane, the searing strokes, the joy of the pain, as she brought herself to her second magnificent orgasm, her fingers pressing deeper inside her, her wet pussy welcoming her attention, and she came again.

Nina lay on her bed still and thought about her Mum. She was still answerable to her Mum and knew she would still be spanked by her whenever she deserved to be. Discipline will remain an important part of her home life. Monica though was different. Yes she wanted Monica to spank her, hard and long and to make her cry. It will be different though. Like her Mum’s spanking but hopefully the orgasm will be the same after each spanking, each and every spanking, and if it was she will go to bed and masturbate time and again. Yes, masturbate after her spanking. Mum didn’t let her and Nina never dared to when her Mum was around, but with Monica or someone like her it will be different. She now wanted to be with someone other than her Mum, who will spank her hard, arouse her, maybe make love to her, and even after all that Nina will masturbate. That was the plan.

Nina stood in front of her computer, still too sore to risk a hard chair, and searched for canes. She soon found a site and looked for senior canes, remembering her Mum said they were the best for discipline. She looked at the photos and even watched the video explaining the different styles, but was always going to go for the senior cane, choosing one with the curved end, the type her Mum had often used on the girls at her College. A few minutes later and the order was made. Three senior canes. Nina realised she was aroused at the thought of them and feeling between her legs and yes her pussy were still damp. She knew she still hated being spanked but accepted her Mum’s discipline. She hated even more the thought of being caned but here she was, wetting herself at the thought of it, looking forward to the reality of the cane.

Nina smiled, wickedly. She knew she will continue to be disciplined by her Mum but the feelings she experienced when Monica spanked her were very different. Sexually erotically different. Yes being put across Monica’s lap and spanked hurt, like crazy, and maybe it is unusual to still be spanked at her age, but she saw a new world today, one of pain and pleasure together, in fact the potential for quite unbelievable pleasure, and she wanted to go there again. Maybe it would be Monica, maybe someone else. She just knew she wanted to be spanked by someone other than her Mum, and just needed to work out who will spank her.

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