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Nina’s Joke Backfires

Nina plays a joke on her Mum, and gets spanked when caught.
38 year old Nina was in bed and heard the shower start up. This was going to be great she thought. She had doctored 18 year old Megan’s shampoo with colour, a bright red. It would last for days. Nina listened for the inevitable shriek. Megan would be so embarrassed with her red hair. It would only be another moment but just then Megan passed her bedroom door and Nina realised it wasn’t Megan in the bathroom. Then who was she wondered? There was only her Mum in the house. Then it hit her. Mum was about to wash her hair. At first she laughed. That would be even better, and after all it was Megan’s shampoo so Megan will get the blame. Then it hit her, would Mum blame Megan or her?

Just then her Mum shouted out, “What the …”

Megan had run in to the bathroom and Nina heard her say, “OMG Grandma, your hair is bright red,”

Nina laughed, not realising her Mum was already at her bedroom door.

Her Mum blasted, “What have you done Nina?”

Nina sat up in bed and blushed. It was obvious to her Mum who was to blame. Nina looked at her Mum in horror as she realised what this was likely to mean. All too soon her Mum strode over to Nina’s bed, pulled the bedclothes off followed by the predictable instruction,

“Go to my bedroom and stand on your naughty spot Nina.”

“But Mum?”

“No buts my girl.” Her Mum pulled Nina up by the arm and made her stand up, and as Nina saw a smiling Megan at the door she felt the hard spank hit her bottom.

“And take your nightdress off my girl as you won’t need it on for a while.”

Nina groaned as she walked quickly out of her bedroom, passed a typically happy looking Megan who was clearly enjoying her discomfort. Nina almost ran child like in to her Mum’s bedroom lifting her nightdress over her head and throwing it over the back of a chair, eying ruefully the spanking chair against the wall. Nina no longer thought the prank funny at all as she walked to the wall. She passed by her Mum’s dressing table and an invitation caught her eye. It had her name at the top and she quickly realised it was for a surprise party, for her. Today. Here. Nina was flummoxed as she went over to the wall put her hands on her head and pressed her nose against the wall, and waited, thinking about the invitation. What was it for?

Moments later her Mum came in to the room and went straight to the spanking chair.

“Come here,” Mum commanded.

Nina turned and walked over to her Mum and glanced again at the invite, a glance her Mum didn’t miss.

“Yes Nina, a surprise party for your promotion. The whole family is coming over this afternoon and I will have this red hair. I am so cross.”

Nina had been promoted last week to a Director of the Company. A well earned promotion and worthy of a party. Nina now regretted even more choosing today to play her practical joke. Her Mum grabbed her arm and tugged Nina across her lap who flopped down putting her hands on the floor to balance herself as the carpet came up to meet her. Nina looked up to see Megan openly laughing at her and felt her Mum’s hand on her bare bottom.

“You naughty naughty naughty girl Nina,” Mum barked as the first spank thrashed home. Nina knew this would be a long and painful spanking because her Mum was so livid. Spank after spank smacked in to her bottom cheeks which Nina knew would be bouncing around as the open palm scrunched her bottom making them shake and roll, then the same would happen to her other bottom cheek, and so it went on. Nina kept her hands on the floor and saw through the chair her legs which shook slightly with the unrelenting hand spanking. Her Mum was scolding her but she hardly heard, although the word red was a fairly constant word, and the words “Your bottom will be as red as my hair my girl,” a fairly regular reminder.

A short break and Nina felt the hard wooden back of the hairbrush on her bottom a second before the first spank made her bottom cheek really rock and roll. Nina was struggling with tears flowing down her cheeks, and as she looked under the chair again she saw her legs kicking away, and there was nothing the 38 year old could do to stop them. Her Mum was pounding her poor bare bottom and the tops of her legs and she was sure she must be bright red already. Still the spanking continued unabated and so did the scolding but Nina just knew the pain was ever increasing. There must have been a hundred hard spanks with the hairbrush without a break and her bottom stung like never before, well at least since the last time she had got her Mum so annoyed with her.

Her Mum stopped spanking and Megan could see her Grandma breathing heavily. She had certainly been spanking the 38 year old briskly and with a grim look on her face. Nina lay across her Mum’s lap crying, tears still streaming down her face, a very sorry looking 38 year old.

“Go and face the wall again Nina, until I tell you,” she ordered.

Nina edged herself up and ran to her naughty spot, clasping her hands on top of her head to make sure she didn’t rub which would have earned her another spanking, and pressed her nose firmly against the wall. Her chest heaved as she sobbed. Her bottom ached and she knew would soon tingle and as much as she wanted to pleasure herself with her vibrator she knew she was unlikely to get the opportunity for a while.

Nina heard Tom’s voice and knew he was standing at the doorway. “Nice colour,” he said mockingly.”

Megan said to her boyfriend, “Let’s go to my bedroom Tom.” Megan’s tone was gentle but firm. Tom and Megan went to Megan’s bedroom and Megan closed the door. A few moments later Megan fell on to the bed taking Tom with her, took hold of Tom’s hand and guided it down the front of her knickers and at the same time put her other hand down the front of Tom’s pants. They kissed as they massaged the other’s private parts as teenagers do, giggling, shushing the other when they thought there was too much noise, but each getting closer and closer to orgasm, until Megan first let out a series of gasps and Tom’s fingers were covered in the teenagers sex nectar. Megan was breathing deeply as she grasped Tom’s penis firmly and as the pre cum wet his stiff tool her hands rubbed up and down faster and faster, Tom groaned more and more, arching his back as he came closer and closer to orgasm until Megan felt the cum shoot up his stiff penis and saw it shoot up in an arc and hit his chest. Both teenagers gasped and threw themselves back on to the bed looking at the ceiling thinking their own thoughts, both feeling satisfied in their own way.

Mum was standing behind Nina and told her to turn around. Nina did so and her eyes opened wide as she saw her Mum’s bright red hair. Her Mum said sternly,

“Right my girl, we now have to get the house ready for your party, unless you want me to cancel it because you have been so naughty.”

That was the last thing Nina wanted. She enjoyed family parties, well so long as she doesn’t get spanked and she intended being on her best behaviour.

“No Mum, please don’t cancel it, I’ll be very good.”

Her Mum relented. “OK Nina, the party can go ahead but make sure you help. OK.”

Nina saw her Mum was still cross so she nodded her head quickly. She didn’t want to help of course. She just wanted to go to her bedroom, tend to her very sore bottom, masturbate, and then get dressed. She was already working out in her mind what to wear. It would have to be leggings because otherwise there was too much chance someone would spot the tops of her legs were red, and Nina knew they would still be red from her spanking. Lots of the family know she is still spanked but there was no reason to bring today’s spanking to the family’s attention. Then she thought her short sleeved angel blouse would look really party-like and that would make her the best dressed woman there. Sorted. Nina snapped out of her reverie when her Mum ordered sharply,

“Nina, you can go and sort yourself out after your spanking and then make sure you come down and help.” Her Mum knew Nina would take advantage and masturbate, but it was her party so she would give her some leeway, as Mum’s so often do.

Nina ran straight to the bathroom. A quick look at her bottom and legs confirmed her fears. Both bright red and that won’t simmer down before this afternoon. Her choice of leggings and blouse was just right. Maybe her gold bracelet and matching gold earrings as well. Exactly the trimmings of a successful businesswoman. Nina rubbed cream in to her bottom, washed her face and looked again at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were still red from crying and she still gave out the occasional sob and a sniff, but her mind wandered to her bed and her favourite toy in her chest of drawers.

A few seconds late and she was lying on her bed her fingers gently massaging her sweet wet soft pussy, and memories of her spanking helping to arouse her. Her eyes were closed a smile was on her face as she pictured the floor inches from her face, her legs kicking on the other side of the chair, her Mum’s firm grip on her waist, and spank after spank after spank of the hairbrush thrashing down on to her bare bottom, and as she remembered so her breathing shortened, her groans and moans lengthened, she flicked on the vibrator and the low buzz kicked in as she gently rubbed the tip against her pussy, pressing harder and harder as she came closer to orgasm, her wetness allowing the vibrator to enter her to stimulate her clit until she exploded in glorious gasps still continuing to manoeuvre the vibrator until she came a second and third time as she could only do after a long hard spanking.

Nina lay on her bed for a few minutes luxuriating in her sex juices, smelling her fingers and then again massaging her pussy. One of her more exciting orgasms she thought, and she continued to revel in her sexual emotions until she heard her Mum shout from downstairs,

“Nina, come down and help please.”

Nina shot off the bed, put the vibrator back in the draw, threw on her knickers and a pair of jeans with a t shirt and went downstairs to find the table cloth on the table and the cutlery ready to be set out. Her normal job she knew. Nina huffed as she went to the table and started putting the cutlery in place. Megan wandered in and out putting bowls of nuts and crisps out and when she saw Nina look at the crisps said,

“Not for now Auntie Nina. Wait for everyone to come. Right?”

“Yes Megan,” Nina answered, still looking longingly at her favourite crisps and when Megan left the room she reached over and took a couple, popping them in to her mouth just as there came a sharp,

“What did I just tell you Auntie?”

Nina looked up to find Megan staring at her so she quickly swallowed the crisps.

“What?” Nina asked looking as innocent as possible.

“You know Auntie Nina,” Megan retorted as she went to the sideboard and took out a strap.

“Hand out Auntie,” Megan ordered.

Nina was going to argue but Tom walked in, saw Megan with the strap in her hand and a blushing Nina who closed her eyes as she knew she was going to shout out loudly when the strap hit her and the two 18 year olds would enjoy every second. As ever Nina reluctantly knew Megan was right. She had warned her and Nina still took the crisps so the punishment was deserved. Nina winced and held her hand out. Megan rested the strap on her Auntie’s up raised palm, lifted the strap and in a single movement brought the strap down hard on her palm. Nina screamed out as Megan’s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm and Tom smirked.

“Other hand Auntie,” Megan ordered. Nina so wanted to rub her hand but knew she mustn’t and slowly raised her other hand and presented the flat palm fingers stretched out upwards for her niece. The 18 year old again rested the strap on her Aunties palm, waited a few seconds to increase the tension before lifting the strap above her head and slashing it down. A second later Nina shrieked out again.

“Don’t take any more crisps Auntie, understood?” Megan snapped.

Nina sniffed as her hands stung and said in almost a whimper, “Yes Megan.”

The 18 year old looked so dominant as she made quite a show of putting the strap back in the drawer and going back to the kitchen where she was helping Grandma. Tom grinned as he followed his girlfriend out of the room and Nina returned to laying the table. Nina eyed the crisps again and wondered if it was worth the risk. If she got caught it would be three on each hand this time. She knew she shouldn’t but after a couple of minutes decided she just fancied another crisp. She had just popped a handful into her mouth when Megan stomped in, hands on her hips, eyes blazing as she demanded,

“Get me the strap straight away Auntie.”

Nina knew she looked rather silly swallowing the crisps as she went over to the side cabinet and got the strap from the drawer. She walked over to a very cross looking Megan and held out the strap to her. Megan let Nina stand there a few moments looking even more foolish holding the strap out in front of her, like a naughty girl, yet here in reverse with the 38 year old waiting to be punished by the 18 year old. Megan took the strap and ordered,

“Hand out Auntie,” Megan barked.

Nina held out her hand and grimaced when the strap was laid on her palm and watched as the strap was lifted and brought down with a crack and that was followed by Nina’s shriek.

“Other hand Auntie,” Megan snapped and once again the crack of the strap was followed by Nina’s shriek. Nina’s hands stung after the second strapping on each palm and Megan saw a tear streak her Aunties cheek. Success thought the 18 year old.

“Again Auntie Nina.”

Nina groaned as again she raised her hand palm up and squeezed her eyes closed as the strap arced downwards and she let out a sob after the sixth strapping.

“I hope it was worth it Auntie” Megan said sarcastically but before Nina could say anything Megan continued, “Don’t do it again.” Megan then told her Auntie in no uncertain terms she needs to behave. Nina stood silently with her stinging hands in front of her looking at the floor and blushing as her 18 year old niece verbally tore in to her.

Nina knew the penalty for getting caught yet again and decided she didn’t fancy being hit with the strap six times on each hand. She had never been hit more than six times on each hand but knew Megan would have no hesitation if Nina continued to disobey the 18 year old. Nina left the crisps alone as she finished laying the table. Everything else was done by the time she had finished. Megan came in to the lounge and smiled at her Auntie, saying,

“Well Auntie, no more crisps I see.”

Nina blushed knowing the 18 year old was right.

“I didn’t take any more Megan.”

“So you can be good when you want to be.”

Nina knew Megan was mocking her but as she found being humiliated so arousing she didn’t really mind at all. All she wanted to do was go to her bedroom and use her vibrator again which was good timing because Nina’s Mum came in to the lounge and told everyone to start to get ready. Nina went to her room and as she walked up the stairs brushed her pussy with her hand and felt she was moist from the telling off Megan gave her. As soon as she got to her bedroom she yanked down her jeans and knickers and her fingers quickly massaged her pussy, edging her fingers inside her, flicking her clit as she pictured her niece telling her off and using the strap on her hands, slowly slowly bringing herself to orgasm and as she exploded she knew she needed to be punished again, that she was such an ill-disciplined disobedient girl just as her Mum and Megan and Ella all kept telling her. Nina lay on her bed, her fingers still gently stroking her pussy thinking about her life at home thinking wistfully how she hated all the people who spanked her so regularly but also loved them so very much for it.

To be continued …

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