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Nina’s Office Related Spanking

Nina gets an intern, a friend of her stepdaughter Ella, so her next spanking looms quickly
This continues the Nina series. The 38 year old has a new intern and she turns out to be a friend of Ella’s who now threatens to spank her stepmother for wrongdoing at the office as well as for misconduct at home.

Nina’s bottom was really sore as she walked in to her office. Ella had given her six strokes of the cane before work. 38 year old Nina had to go to the kitchen, fully naked, knowing she was going to be given six strokes of the cane. Six strokes while naked, whilst her sweet but no nonsense 18 year old stepdaughter Ella was in her nightie and knickers. Six hard strokes of the cane which were particularly painful as Ella had spanked and caned her the previous evening. Twelve strokes last night and now six more this morning. The stern words from Ella still rang in her ears. Nina was bent over and had grabbed the kitchen chair so her bottom was sticking right out, unprotected, waiting for that first stroke of the very flexible whippy cane Ella was holding.

Ella tapped her 38 year old stepmother’s bare bottom with the cane but instead of caning her straight away Ella made sure Nina was reminded exactly why she was being caned. “Hannah is a friend of mine and I want you to treat her better at the office. Show her the ropes, encourage her, take her to meetings, make her feel like she has a great future in your Company.” Ella added with a far firmer tone, “Get it Nina?”

That’s when Nina got the first stroke. She was about to answer but she was looking at Ella’s bare legs, saw her calf muscles tense and knew the first stroke was on its way and so instead of words she just yelped when that first stroke hit her fully across her bare bottom. The second stroke followed immediately and the third by which time Nina wanted to rub her stinging bottom but knew she couldn’t. Mustn’t. Ella waited a few seconds to allow Nina to recover and smiled as she watched her stepmother wriggle her bottom and bend at the knees to try to reduce the pain, and when Nina stopped wriggling and presented her bottom again albeit with her head slightly lowered and her eyes closed Ella gave her the last three strokes, one after the other, hard, directed to different parts of her bottom, but intent on leaving three more very red very distinct red lines on top of the three lines already left across her bottom and the twelve lines that were still vivid from the caning she was given last night.

Together all those strokes of the cane left Nina with a stinging soreness that she and her stepdaughter knew will last several hours.

Nina got dressed, still crying, washed her face, put her makeup on, and went to the office. Nina stood on the bus as she was far too sore to sit down. Once at the office she put her cushion on her chair, the one she always had ready for when she was caned before work. Of course Lucy, her 23 year old assistant, would know immediately what had happened but then they both had Mum’s who disciplined them. That didn’t annoy Nina. No. Hannah was the one to blame for her sore bottom. Hannah, who had been working at the office for less than a week. Hannah the work experience intern. Still feeling sore, her feelings as well as her bottom, Nina sat at her desk in the office and waited for Hannah to arrive at the office.

It all started well enough. Hannah looked a responsible young lady in the interview. She didn’t mention she was a friend of Ella because in fact she didn’t know, then, that Nina was Ella’s stepmother. Hannah even complimented Nina on her smart clothes and Nina happily explained where she got her expensive designer clothes from. Her knickers and bra were top of the range and Nina explained you have to earn a very good salary to afford them.

It was all still going well whilst Hannah was taking part in training and induction courses for the first two days.

It was on the third day Ella told Nina. “Good news Nina. Your intern is a friend of mine. You can help her, right?”

Nina agreed she would help if she could and told her stepdaughter she was actually quite happy to help. She enjoyed training the younger staff as after all she had been young once and was very thankful of the senior staff who did take time out to be helpful. It was a lie though. She hated spending time with interns as they usually asked stupid questions and was a liability at meetings. Ella would just have to accept that as at the office she was in charge, not her stepdaughter.

Ella had had a word though. Hannah had told her Nina had not been looking after her. Hence this mornings’ ‘discussion’ with Ella and her cane. Nina knew she had to be careful with Hannah now or risk Ella’s wrath, and Ella was very easy to upset, as Nina knew from the very sore bottom she was trying to sit still on.

Nina had a series of meetings today so she took Hannah with her. Hannah thought she was learning a lot by attending those meetings and even started to make suggestions, but unfortunately Nina knew they were naïve and were causing her problems. She just couldn’t stop Hannah saying things, even to the extent in one Client meeting Nina had to drop her price because Hannah was saying the wrong thing and weakened her negotiating position. Nina was furious. She was the boss at the office and her word was law. If someone was stupid she had no patience with them so in the afternoon Nina sent Hannah on a pointless errand rather than take her to the next Client meeting.

Nina even started to joke with the staff how she was giving the intern the run around as Hannah was a liability. Nina thought it was funny and intended threatening Hannah not to tell Ella before she went home tonight as she didn’t want to risk another caning. In fact Hannah didn’t realise what Nina was doing, at least not until late afternoon when she got back from a shopping errand and one of the others said sarcastically, “The gofer is back.”

Hannah looked at Nina who tried very badly to hide her laugh. That’s when Hannah realised Nina was stabbing her in the back. Hannah was furious. She had been made a laughing stock. She went and sat at her desk and covered her face, feeling tears well up. She hated been made to look a fool. She sniffed a few times and decided to tell Ella. Maybe her friend will know what to do. She phoned Ella. “Ella, Nina has made me look really stupid. She sent me out on silly errands and has told everyone. I have even been called a gofer.”

Ella calmed her friend down. “OK, Hannah, why not come over for dinner and we can all have a chat about it.”

Hannah replied hopefully, “Will that help do you think Ella?”

Ella laughed. “Believe me Hannah, by the time we have finished the discussion Nina will look on you very differently. It will be an education for you, and I can tell you it will be a very real education for Nina.”

Hannah thanked Ella again and felt much better. Nina continued to give Hannah the cold shoulder during the rest of the afternoon so was quite upset by the time going home came. In fact she didn’t even mention to Nina that she was invited for dinner she was so upset, and made her own way. Nina got home first and was met by a very hacked off Ella, who lay in to her stepmother immediately, “Nina, I am very annoyed with you. How dare you treat Hannah so badly?

Nina was quite taken aback. “Hang on Ella, when I’m in the office I expect everyone to do their job well, and I cannot stand poor standards. Hannah was saying the most ridiculous things you know.”

Ella put her finger to her lips and Nina knew to stop immediately as she was entering serious punishment territory. Ella continued in a rather offhand tone, “I rather thought your job was to train Intern’s but Hannah said you just belittled her.”

“Well, I suppose so, but …”

“Enough,” Ella snapped. “So you have failed in your basic responsibility to train Hannah, right?”

Nina blushed a deep red and answered softly, “I suppose.”

“Hah,” Ella spat out. “Well, I won’t fail in my duty so far as you are concerned as you will find out after dinner.”

Nina stayed silent and looked at the floor. She knew what that meant. The doorbell rang but Nina wasn’t focusing on it. Ella left the room and Nina heard voices in the hallway, one voice was Ella’s and she thought the other sounded familiar. The door opened and in walked Hannah followed by Ella.

“Hullo Nina,” Hannah said quietly, worried her new boss might say something particularly sarcastic. Hannah had been dreading this moment, hadn’t actually wanted to come, but Ella had been so insistent. Nina is a grown woman and Ella just 18 years old, like herself, so what could Ella possibly do to help she wondered? Nina didn’t make any smart or demeaning comments though and Hannah was thankful.

Nicole, Ella’s 17 year old sister, came in to the room. “Hi Nicole,” Hannah said happily, delighted to see another friendly face.

It struck Hannah that Nina was rather reserved, quiet, and only spoke when answering a specific question. If anything she was respectful of Ella, and even of Nicole, as though wary of them. Wary of what though she wondered?

A few minutes later Nina’s Mum came in and Ella introduced her to Hannah. “This is my Grandma.”

They exchanged friendly smiles and Hannah was delighted there was yet another friendly face and someone who Nina would have to listen to. Hannah was getting more relaxed by the second. Grandma announced dinner was ready and they all sat down. Nina’s Mum had made a wonderful spread. The banter was lively during dinner although Hannah felt Nina was still more reserved than she had expected. Maybe she was tired after a hard day at the office. Yes, that must be it and Hannah was worried that if she upset her boss maybe the more offensive comments will start again.

When the coffee arrived the conversation got around to the office and how Hannah was faring. Hannah glanced across at Nina still concerned she might get snapped at but was surprised to see Nina blushing and fiddling with her food. Why was she apparently so nervous? Was it a trick? Surely it must be. Hannah decided she had better tread carefully in front of her boss. “Oh it’s OK you know, I’m learning which is the important thing.”

There was a silence before Ella said firmly, “You were saying Nina humiliated you at the office. How was that done Hannah?”

Hannah was the one to blush this time and Ella realised how she was feeling so announced, “Oh my, Hannah, I should have explained. Nina isn’t the ogre at home you know.” Ella turned to look pointedly at Nina and added, “Quite the opposite in fact.”

Hannah looked from a smiling Ella to a still quiet and embarrassed Nina, over to a grinning Nicole and a more restrained but still knowing Grandma. Ella put Nina firmly in her place when she asked bluntly, “Isn’t that so Nina?”

Hannah stared open eyed at her boss, the boss who had scared the living daylights out of her at the office and who had humiliated her, and was open mouthed when Nina admitted quietly, “Yes Ella.”

Nina was quite distraught. Everyone in the room knew she was disciplined at home and had all carried out that discipline, even 17 year old Nicole, well everyone other than Hannah, and Hannah worked with her at the office. Nina was the boss at the office, everyone walked in fear of her, and now Hannah was going to find out how very different her position was at home. Hannah saw the gloom on Nina’s face and again looked around at the others to see them all quite relaxed.

Ella snapped at Nina, “Yes indeed Nina.”

Nina was clearly struggling and Hannah perked up. This was very different to what she had feared. Nina was the one under pressure. Nina was the one struggling with the barrage of embarrassing questions getting her to admit how awful she had been today, just as Nina had kept telling Hannah how appalling she had been in the meetings. Nina looked up but remained silent and was feeling the pressure.

Ella said sharply, “Don’t like it Nina do you when you are on the receiving end, eh?”

Nina said a quiet, “No Ella.”

“You need to be taught not to be so horrid to Hannah don’t you Nina?”

Nina sniffed, looked up and said almost in a whisper, “Yes Ella.”

Ella said loudly, “Yes Nina you do.” Ella added in a snappy tone, “Go and face the wall and I want to see that bottom of yours.”

Nina stood up and Hannah was open mouthed as she watched the 38 year old walk over to the wall and when she got there put her hands behind her and lifted her skirt hem, rolling it up and tucking it in to the waist band so her knickers were on show. They must be the expensive knickers Nina had told her about and Hannah thought they did look very nice indeed. Hannah then gasped when Nina put her thumbs in the waist band of those self-same expensive knickers and pushed them down to below her knees and was stunned when finally Nina put her hands on her head and pressed her nose against the wall.

Nicole broke the silence with a firm but cheery, “Ella, shall I get the things?”

“Yes please Nicole,” Ella replied winking at Hannah as she did.

Hannah watched Nicole go to the sideboard and take out a wooden backed hairbrush and a cane. Hannah gasped when she saw the real life school cane. Nicole walked back to the table and placed the two fierce looking implements on the table in front of Hannah and said, “Go on Hannah, touch them. It’s what we all use to discipline my stepmother.”

Hannah noted the reference to all and looked again at Nicole and their Grandma. Nina sniffed at the comment. Hannah ran her finger along the thin cane and lifted the hairbrush and let it fall in to the palm of her hand. Her Mum had used a similar one on her at home on many an occasion but never the cane. Hannah looked at Ella in wonderment, totally unaware her friend wielded such power and was getting quite aroused by the thought of Nina being disciplined.

Hannah was letting the brush fall in to the palm of her hand again and again and Nina heard the slap of wood on hand as Ella walked over to Nina and rubbed her bottom as she lent in close to her ear and whereas she would normally hiss the warning this time she spoke out loud, “It is totally unacceptable Nina and the quicker you learn that the better.”

Ella brought back her hand and smacked Nina’s bottom, Hannah almost jumped at the sound and the shock of seeing 18 year old Ella actually smack the bare bottom of her 38 year old stepmother. Hannah watched open mouthed as Ella smacked Nina’s bottom again and again. Hannah counted out the smacks in her head and got to twelve when Ella stopped. Nina was still facing the wall with her hands on her head making no effort to cover her bottom accepting Ella’s authority over her. Hannah looked at Ella’s Grandma who was watching the smacking as though it was normal and Hannah realised that is exactly what it was. Natural. Normal. Wow!

Ella walked back to the table turned a chair in to the room and sat down. She crossed her legs looked at Hannah and just chatted normally, as though what was happening could be considered normal. Ella explained, “This happens all the time Hannah. I cannot tell you how often I have had to put my stepmother across my lap. Of course Grandma used to do it, still does of course, but now Nina lives here it tends to be my responsibility. Mind you Nicole has spanked her quite a few times.”

Ella looked at Nicole as she spoke and Nicole nodded, before Ella continued, “You see the Nina at home is very different to the Nina at work.”

Hannah was agog as Ella explained how Nina acts like a teenager at home and is disciplined like one whereas she and Nicole act as adults and take on the adult role. Nina listened knowing that once Ella finished her explanation her punishment will start, and Hannah was getting more and more aroused in anticipation.

When Ella did finish Hannah asked in a questioning tone, “So Nicole has spanked Nina as well?”

There was a hush as the question was digested. Ella and Nicole looked at each other and Grandma looked at Hannah. Nina thought as well how that was such an obvious question bearing in mind Ella had told her Nicole also spanked her stepmother. What everyone wondered was whether Hannah fancied Nicole or if she wondered what it might be like to be spanked by her.

Ella decided to park the question and said a straightforward, “Yes, but I will be spanking Nina now.” Ella looked across at Nina and said sternly, “Talking about spanking you Nina, come over here please.”

Hannah looked at Nina who turned and walked across to Ella keeping her hands above her head. Ella said, “Get undressed Nina.”

Ella turned to Hannah and explained, “Nina gets spanked in the nude, it’s best that way,” pausing again before adding, “When at home,” leaving a question over what happens if Nina isn’t at home, but Ella allowed that to hang.

Nina got undressed, stepping out of the knickers that had hung below her knees whilst facing the wall, and stepped out of her skirt, undid her shirt and slipped it down her arms followed quickly by her bra. Hannah had never watched an adult actually undress like this. Sure she had watched women get undressed in changing rooms and showered with them, but to stand and watch an adult undress knowing she was about to be spanked, well that was very different. Nina stood to attention again with her hands on her head now fully nude. Hannah wasn’t embarrassed although thought she would be. After all it was only this afternoon she had to sit and be berated by Nina her boss and now she was looking at Nina the naughty stepmother who had her hands on her head standing in front of her stepdaughter totally nude her breasts and her pussy staring everyone in the face. Hannah realised Nina’s nipples were very taut which surprised Hannah bearing in mind Nina was about to be spanked.

“Get over my lap Nina,” Ella commanded as she pulled her skirt up leaving slim bare thighs that beckoned Nina to lie across them.

Hannah held her breath as Nina didn’t question the command but just lowered her arms and bent down and across Ella’s lap. Ella held Nina’s waist and edged her stepmother up a few inches so that her bottom was neatly across her right thigh, Nina’s bottom sticking up nicely so it was presented just as Ella demanded. Hannah licked her lips as she passed her eyes up Nina’s arms that balanced her on the floor, a sideways view of Nina’s face, looking down at the carpet, Nina’s eyes closing in anticipation of the spanking to come, Hannah’s eyes drifting down the back of Nina’s head, along her back, catching her tantalisingly dangling breasts, the curve of her inviting bare bottom cheeks with Ella’s hand palm down and rubbing her soft bottom in circles, then catching sight of the backs of Nina’s thighs, spread apart giving a tease of a sighting of her pussy, and her legs just dangling off the floor.

Hannah watched Ella’s hand rise above her head and then the blur as she brought her hand down hard on the 38 year olds bare unprotected quite beautiful bottom and was spellbound by the way Ella’s hand flattened Nina’s bottom cheeks which swirled in response. The whole exciting erotic movement repeated time and time again as Ella spanked first Nina’s left bottom cheek and then her right, again and again sometimes repeating the spanks on the same bottom cheek and even the same spot on the same bottom cheek, moving on to the backs of Nina’s legs, and all the time Nina was squirming around on the 18 year olds lap gasping as spank after spank turned her bottom cheeks and legs a deep pink.

Hannah held her breath again when Nicole passed the hairbrush to her sister and Ella started spanking Nina methodically with the horrendous looking wooden paddle brush, at least horrendous if on the receiving end Hannah concluded, but delightful if giving or watching the spanking. Indeed, Hannah was getting right in to the spirit of things, loving watching her boss reduced to a crying wretch. She knew her pussy was wet but was stunned when she looked at Nina’s glistening pussy and so taut nipples and wondered at how the 38 year old was turned on by being spanked just as she was watching the spanking. Quite remarkable she thought.

Nina was struggling under the continuous unbroken beating she was being given. The stinging spread across her whole bottom which just burned and smarted, although she knew that when it was over it would tingle and be so satisfyingly arousing. First though she had to suffer the misery and pain of the hairbrush knowing the cane was still to come and as much as Nina wanted the spanking to end also wanted it to continue as she still found being put across her stepdaughters lap and spanked so erotic even if so very painful. Nina was crying, tears running down her cheeks as she was mercilessly spanked but knew she was getting more and more aroused, whilst Hannah was exuberant as she watched and she felt her wet knickers cling to her thighs and her pussy sizzled so much she wanted to masturbate right now.

Ella stopped spanking and looked at the back of Nina’s head as she cried, Hannah looked at Nina’s red bottom and wanted to kiss it, but Hannah gulped when Ella announced, “Get up Nina and bend over for the cane.”

Hannah licked her lips as Nina edged herself up, her breasts bouncing as she stood, her pussy shimmering with her sex nectar. Ella stood up. Nina sobbed but in one movement turned, bent down, grabbed the seat of the chair, parted her legs giving everyone yet another view of her pussy, her breasts hung down and Hannah noted her nipples were still taut, and her bottom stuck right out, waiting, the room filled with the sound of Nina’s crying and everyone else’s silence.

Ella picked up the cane, took up her position behind and to the side of her stepmother, and tapped the cane feather like repeatedly on the bare bottom in front of her and as she feather caned Nina said, “Twelve Nina.”

Nina gasped in between crying sobs. Twelve. She had hoped for six. Twelve on top of the spanking and the hairbrush will be so much to take not to mention the so far unmentioned caning Nina will get in the morning before going to work. Unmentioned but so certain to be given. That was for later though as Ella won’t tell Nina yet.

For now though Ella continued to feather cane Nina until suddenly she stopped. Nina tensed, knowing she will hear the whoosh soon of the cane as it arced down towards her sore stinging bottom and sure enough that whoosh happened immediately followed by the thwack and the searing pain which spread across her bottom. The second whoosh followed a second later as Ella gave her dreaded double caning strokes and Nina cried out in pain. Ella pulled the cane back after only a few moments and again there was one whoosh then another as the double cane stroke again drew a shriek from Nina as Hannah saw four red lines across Nina’s red bottom. Another couple of seconds and again one whoosh followed by the second and Hannah now saw six wickedly red lines and was feeling herself cum as she watched.

Ella was focused on the caning and Nicole enjoyed watching her sister use the cane but Grandma watched Hannah who now unwittingly had her hand under her skirt and running her fingers down the front of her knickers and pressing along her wetter and wetter pussy. Ella raised the cane again and landed two hard cane strokes across Nina’s bottom and a few seconds later two more strokes. Nina was shrieking louder and louder and Hannah was moaning as she was bringing herself to orgasm as she sat on the chair, her hand between her legs, squashing her hand between her tense closed thighs, and when Ella landed the last two hard cane strokes on Nina’s red lined bottom and she bent her knees and wiggled her bottom in reaction to the pain Grandma watched Hannah shudder as her short breaths ended with a long gasp as she finally came.

Ella said forcefully, “Nina, face the wall again.”

Nina shuffled towards the wall and put her hands on her head and pushed her nose against the wall and cried. She didn’t see her Mum go across to Hannah and say, “Young lady, girls who masturbate get spanked here.”

Hannah looked up, shocked, her hand still between her thighs, her other hand rose to cover her mouth, and she whispered, “No.”

“Yes,” Grandma repeated.

“Please don’t,” Hannah said, her eyes wide open, the sign of tears starting to appear. Grandma remained stony faced, looked across at Nicole and said, “Nicole, I think you should take Hannah to your bedroom and spank her before she goes home.”

“Yes Grandma,” Nicole said smartly, looking at Hannah and ordering, “Come on you, unless you want me to do it here?”

Hannah looked around and quickly decided private was better than public, looked at Nicole and nodded as she stood up, allowed the 17 year old to take her by the arm and lead her out in to the hallway, up the stairs, and in to Nicole’s bedroom. Ella and her Grandma smiled to each other as a minute later they could hear the clear sound of hand spanking bare bottom and were certain Nicole would teach Hannah a good well- earned lesson. Masturbating indeed.

Nina was slowly calming down as she faced the wall and Ella demanded, “Come here Nina.”

Nina turned and walked over to her stepdaughter and stood in front of her with her hands still on her head. She became aware that a spanking was taking place upstairs and when she realised Hannah and Nicole had left the room she made the presumption Hannah was suffering her own spanking. Nina kept looking at Ella though, waiting to hear what further punishment she will receive.

“Well Nina, will you now stop making Hannah’s life unbearable at work?”

Nina tried to explain to her stepdaughter. How at today’s meeting Hannah was just so silly.

Ella reminded her stepmother, “You must make sure you help her, and tomorrow morning before breakfast we’ll have another chat about Hannah. OK?”

Nina knew what that meant. A word in the morning was always had with her bent over with a bare bottom and Ella with a cane in her hand. Nina supposed it will be another six strokes which will hurt. It was made worse when Ella told Nina, “When Hannah gets in to the office you will give her your knickers and sit all day without them.”

Nina protested. “Ella, what if someone sees I haven’t any knickers on and I have several meetings.”

“I tell you what Nina, shall we discuss this after another six, or will you just agree.”

It didn’t take much time for Nina to say, “OK Ella, I agree. Sorry.”

“Good, that’s settled then. By the way, I will explain to Hannah she should check three times during the day you haven’t slipped another pair of knickers on. Don’t forget, if she says its checking time you will go with her straight away. I’ll tell her how to check you properly.”

Nina groaned as she knew that meant a trip to the toilet each time and Hannah will put her hand under her skirt and feel her bottom and legs just in case she has slipped some knickers on. Once Nina had just put a thong on and Ella felt it and after that whoever checks her must feel her pussy as well. Nina knew the penalty for putting on a spare pair of knickers. Twelve strokes of the cane and she had never again tried to wear anything after the twelve she got when Ella found the thong.

Ella told Nina, “OK, I hope I won’t have to put you across my lap again for this, but make no mistake I will if I have to. Anyway, now have a shower and go to bed.”

Nina welcomed the instruction to go to bed early as she would then be able to masturbate herself to sleep. Her caning tomorrow will come soon enough of course. She nodded to Ella and said a respectful, “Yes Ella.”

Nina passed Nicole’s bedroom door which had been left ajar enough for her to see Hannah across Nicole’s lap. Nina watched a moment as Nicole gave Hannah her normal thorough spanking and enjoyed seeing her 18 year old intern’s legs kicking her bottom squirming as her crying filled the air. She deserved it thought Nina. Nicole looked up and gave Nina a stare that warned Nina to get going or risk being put across her 17 year old stepdaughters next. Nina got going.

By the time Nina had finished her shower Nicole’s bedroom door was fully open and Nina could tell her bedroom was empty so reckoned Nicole and Hannah were back downstairs. She stood at the top of the stairs and strained to hear the conversation that was taking place but couldn’t hear any more than a muffle. She therefore didn’t hear Ella explain that she wanted Hannah to watch Nina at the office and to tell Ella if Nina required another spanking. Hannah listened rubbing her very sore bottom as Ella explained about keeping Nina’s knickers during the day and checking she hadn’t slipped any more on and that she must tell Ella if Nina failed to improve her behaviour towards her. Hannah was looking forward to work again.

So here Nina was at the office after Ella had given her the six strokes of the cane, waiting for Hannah to arrive. She knew she would have to go to the toilets with Hannah and remove her knickers and be checked over for a replacement. Nina looked up as Hannah entered the office and came over to Nina and asked happily as though she were asking for work, “Have you got something for me Nina?”

“No problem Hannah,” Nina replied.

Nina looked around and saw that no one was looking her way and got up and they went to the toilets together. Nina went in to a cubicle lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers down and came back outside to Hannah. They were alone in the toilets and Nina handed her knickers over to the 18 year old.

“Let me feel Nina,” Hannah instructed.

They stepped in to a cubicle and locked the door. Nina prayed no one else came in as Hannah put her hand up the back of Nina’s skirt and rubbed her bottom.

“Nice weal’s Nina, I bet they hurt.”

Nina stayed silent and gasped as Hannah ran her finger along her bottom crack, stopping at her anus and pressing it, then ran her hand down her front and along her pussy and felt it was moist.

“My my Nina, are you aroused by this?”

Nina answered a flat, “No Hannah.”

Of course the answer wasn’t no. Nina was aroused. She always was at the thought of being controlled by someone else. She had been thinking during the whole journey to work and whilst waiting that she would have to hand Hannah her knickers and more particularly Hannah would feel all over her bottom and pussy. So it was no wonder Nina was aroused was it?

“Do you like me controlling you Nina?” Hannah asked in such a sexy whisper.

“Not really Hannah,” Nina replied.

Again that wasn’t true. Of course she liked Hannah controlling her. In fact she loved anyone controlling her. Why else was her pussy so wet? Then Nina reckoned that actually Hannah wasn’t the one in control. Nina was. Nina the sub. How come? Easy. If Nina wanted to be caned tonight, twelve hard strokes, all she had to do was put on a pair of knickers and let Hannah catch her. It was as easy as that. Nina controlled that. Not the strict bitch Hannah. Nina the sub did. That puts her in control, so there yah hoo missy. Nina thought how stupid Hannah was to think she was in control when in fact it was Nina in control.

Hannah said, “I hope you are going to be a good boss today and make sure I get some decent work Nina or I will tell Ella. Understood?”

Nina blushed and replied almost respectfully, “Yes Hannah, of course.”

The problem for Nina was that whilst she is submissive at home she is quite different at the office. She knew she had to leave her knickers off and allow Hannah to check her, but it ended there and Hannah would have to allow Nina to run the office and her work and show her the respect expected by any boss. If she didn’t there would be trouble.

Unfortunately for Nina Hannah thought she would be the one in charge and she seemed to be revelling in what she saw as control over Nina. “Don’t forget I’ll be checking you are knickerless during the day Nina,” Hannah reminded her and slapped her on her bottom.

Nina hadn’t forgotten and the slap on her bottom was well timed in fact to remind her she was, under someone else’s control - a reality check. Well, so far as her knickers were concerned that is.

Nina was kind enough to Hannah during the day as she shadowed her, to watch and learn. They did make two visits to the toilets so Hannah could check Nina had not put any knickers on. Nina thought how unnecessary that was as she and Hannah had spent almost every minute together but it seemed Hannah enjoyed embarrassing Nina and was particularly enthusiastic when feeling under Nina’s skirt and remarking how her pussy was still wet. Mind you, Nina couldn’t help feeling aroused as they walked towards the toilets together knowing the 18 year old was going to feel her very private parts and Nina couldn’t help getting wet whenever she saw Hannah hover over her.

Things changed though. Nina was finding the 18 year old tiresome as the day drew to an end. The pressure of being with her when at times she was just so naïve discussing business was increasingly irritating. The final meeting of the day was internal and everyone was expected to chip in. Hannah though was being particularly obtuse and Nina blurted out, “Hannah, think before you speak, otherwise listen and learn from everyone around the table all of whom are making useful comments.”

Hannah blushed and Nina was about to apologise when someone else jumped in with a comment and the moment to apologise was lost. In any case Nina very rarely apologised to anyone at the office. A few moments later though Hannah passed her phone over to Nina who although mid way through a discussion stopped frozen when she saw there was a text from Ella. Nina read the text with ever widening eyes. The text read, ‘Very annoying after what I told you this morning. I am out tonight but Nicole will spank you and cane you (12) and she will discuss with you what might happen tomorrow morning. Do not delete this message or else you will explain why to me tomorrow.’

Nina heard her name called and one of her staff say, “So Nina, can I go ahead with that?”

Nina hadn’t listened to a word but rather than admit that she just said, “Yes that’s fine, go ahead.”

Nina closed the meeting soon afterwards and everyone started to drift off home until only Nina and Hannah were left. Nina was about to tear a strip off Hannah but Hannah jumped in first with, “I have your knickers Nina, let’s go to the toilets and you can put them back on.”

Nina let it go and walked ahead of Hannah in a show of defiance. When inside Nina snapped at Hannah, “Knickers please.”

Hannah said, “Not so fast, I still need to check.”

Nina blushed but said nothing as Hannah once again ran her hands under Nina’s skirt, down her bottom crack, pressing her anus, moving to the front and running her fingers along Nina’s pussy, this time holding her hand there, pressing slightly, listening as Nina reacted to Hannah’s stroking fingers. Nina found Hannah’s touch exciting and all thoughts of telling her off left her.

Hannah had hoped that would happen and whilst still pressing her fingers on Nina’s pussy said, “These knickers are really expensive Nina, I love them.”

Nina whispered back, breathlessly, “So do I Hannah.”

Hannah was satisfied Nina had calmed down and handed her the knickers. Nina stepped back still smiling at Hannah as she stepped in to them. Hannah looked at the 38 year olds pussy as she raised her legs. Nina saw her look and asked in a surprisingly friendly tone, “Well you know what is happening to me tonight. What are you up to?”

Hannah blushed and admitted, “I’m getting spanked by my Mum when I get home.”

“How come?”

“You’re Mum phoned mine when I was on my way home yesterday and told her I was spanked by Nicole for masturbating and when I got home my Mum spanked me again in front of my sisters. Mum announced spanking would be reintroduced in future for all three of us.” Hannah paused a moment but feeling more confident about herself continued, “It wasn’t as though your Mum knows mine, she just said she thought my Mum ought to know. Anyway, after the spanking I masturbated again, Mum caught me, and hey presto I’m getting spanked again tonight.”

“So we are both pretty similar in a way, eh Hannah?”

“Yes, I found being spanked by Nicole and now Mum so erotic. I want Mum to keep spanking me. How did you get your Mum to spank you all these years?”

“Easy. I riled Mum until she spanked me and after a while it just became what she did, and has done ever since.”

“Cool, maybe I’ll do that with my Mum.” Hannah laughed and felt relaxed.

Nina was about to ask Hannah not to tell on her to Ella in future when Hannah realised what Nina was building up to and said quickly, “You know I still have to tell on you Nina and must do so strictly. You do understand Nina, as its Ella’s orders.”

Nina knew Ella held sway so agreed, and said, “Good luck tonight Hannah, getting spanked that is.”

“Goodnight Nina, see you tomorrow. I would say ‘keep your knickers on,’ but I can’t wait to see what expensive knickers you have on tomorrow.”

Nina nodded with a smile and made her way home. As expected Nicole was waiting, had prepared dinner and they chatted happily enough, Nicole was in friendly mode and Nina thought looked ever so eye-catching in her sleeveless top and shorts. Nicole had already got the hairbrush and cane out and left them on a work surface in the kitchen fully in Nina’s line of sight whenever she looked up. Nicole enjoyed the angst on her stepmothers face whenever she looked at the wicked punishment implements. Nina caught Nicole smiling at her discomfort but even though her stepdaughter was 18 years old she had the upper hand over here so far as discipline is concerned, well the upper hand hairbrush and cane as well of course.

After dinner Nina watched TV whilst Nicole washed and dried up and put everything away leaving the kitchen spotless. Nina was getting more and more aroused as he waited for Nicole to carry out her punishment and when she was sure Nicole was busy in the kitchen slipped her hand inside her knickers and enjoyed playing with her pussy but heard Nicole finish up before she could give herself an orgasm.

Nicole walked in to the living room saying a quick business like and uncompromising, “I’m nearly ready to deal with you Nina so get undressed and face the wall please.”

Nicole left the room and Nina let out a deep sigh as the time was almost upon her for another discipline spanking. Nina undid the buttons of her shirt and slipped it off, unclipped her so expensive silk bra and let it slide down her arms, undid the zip on her skirt and let it fall to the floor before stepping out of it, laying all three items neatly on the table. Finally she put her thumbs in the waistband of her silk knickers and pushed them down, stepping out of them, and placing them with her other clothes. Naked she walked over to the wall feeling her bottom as she went and felt it was still warm from this mornings caning and she was able to run her fingers along the still sore weals.

Nina put her toes and nose against the wall and placed her hands on her head and waited for Nicole to return. Nina was so aware of the overwhelming silence in the room broken only by her slightly laboured breathing as she waited, knowing she was getting aroused in anticipation of the long hard hand spanking, the dozen upon dozen spanks with the hairbrush rounded off by the twelve strokes of the cane. She knew the overwhelming silence will be broken by the cries Nina knew would come from her as she lay across her stepdaughters lap and the shrieks when she had to bend over and take the cane.

Nicole was back in a few minutes and smiled at the back of a now naked Nina, her hands on her head and nose pressed against the wall in such a familiar way. Nicole placed the hairbrush and cane on the floor and turned a chair in to the room, went over to Nina and without a word rubbed her bottom so Nina would know what was coming next and after several tantalising rubs smacked her on her bottom on alternate bottom cheeks until Nina was bending her pussy in to the wall in an impossible bid to avoid the spanks.

Satisfied Nina’s bottom will be stinging, Nicole went to sit down and ordered, “Over my lap Nina please.”

Nina knew this Nicole was very different to the happy and chatty Nicole over dinner. This is strict no nonsense 17 year old Nicole, who relished disciplining 38 year old Nina who took just seconds to bend down across her cool bare firm thighs, unable to avoid looking at the hairbrush and the cane inches from her face on the floor. Nina was so used to this position, naked, across one or other of her stepdaughter’s laps having her bottom rubbed before the inevitable long hard spanking. Nina had her usual close up view of the carpet, and of Nicole’s shoes, which she thought were rather nice, as well as Nicole’s slim legs. She looked under the chair and saw her own legs balancing inches off the floor. Nicole’s cool palm rubbed in circles around Nina’s bare already smacked bottom, but a bottom about to be spanked very much harder.

Nicole scolded Nina and the most repeated word was Hannah, leaving Nina under no illusion that this was all about how she treated Hannah at the office. Nina found this particularly upsetting because whilst for years she had been disciplined for wrongdoings at home, her office had been her sanctuary, where she was queen bee. Now even that was being wrested from her, because of Hannah. OK, she had found some common ground now in that they are both spanked at home, that was a saving grace, but Nicole was still using Hannah to bash her with so maybe now the home and office would never be separated again and both will be a cause for discipline.

Nicole ran her fingers along the weal’s still pronounced on Nina’s bottom saying casually, “Nice red lines from last night and this morning Nina, but don’t worry, I will ignore them and spank you really hard anyway just as you deserve.”

Yes, that was the cool disciplinarian Nicole Nina knew so well as the first spank landed and the next and the next. Nina hated this, the spanking and the caning, but loved it as well as she had to suffer this to enjoy herself in bed later on. She knew she would be caned again tomorrow morning, six further strokes to join the twelve she will get tonight. As the tears flowed Nina knew with Hannah at the office watching her every move she would be disciplined more and more. As the pain increased Nina gave a thought about Hannah. Tonight she will also be spanked, maybe is being spanked right now. Tomorrow when Nina takes off her knickers and gives them to Hannah for safe keeping and the 18 year old checks her pussy she wondered if Hannah might press harder, edge her fingers inside her, flick her clitoris, make her cum.

Nina couldn’t wait for tomorrow and knew her pussy was wet as she quickly dissolved in to the crying submissive woman she so loved to be. The 38 year old stepmother this time being disciplined by her 17 year old stepdaughter. Nina lay obediently across her stepdaughters lap as the pain intensified so delightfully for both of them.

The pain of the spanking took hold and all thoughts of Hannah disappeared, replaced by the sound of Nicole’s stern voice telling her to treat Hannah nicely, and the slapping of spank after spank as Nina squirmed around on her stepdaughters lap as her bottom and legs were being turned a deep shade of red and tears ran down Nina’s face.

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