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Nina’s Party

Nina falls foul of her Mum and suffers the consequences as she and others soon get spanked
Nina got herself ready for her party, putting on her exquisite embroidered bra and satin panties, then her rich orange angel blouse and her black leggings which neatly hid the evidence of being spanked earlier by her Mum, finally slipping on her gold bracelet and putting on her earrings. Nina looked in the mirror and knew she looked a million dollars. People started to arrive and she waited for a few to be in the lounge before coming downstairs and making her entrance. Faces turned, her Mum smiled a Mum’s loving ‘you are making me proud’ smile, and after a brief pause her cousin’s nieces and nephews variously congratulated Nina on her promotion. It was quite something and Nina gave a short speech on what she did at work, how she ran the whole department, how she was so successful and hence the reason for her promotion.

Of course Nina knew at home it was very different and her Mum ruled the household strictly, regularly taking the 38 year old across her lap and giving her a hard spanking with her hand and hairbrush, and indeed several of the family here today had watched many such spankings and several wondered if a further spanking might be given today. The conversation buzzed as they sat down to eat. Nina’s twin nephews, Jonathan and Charlie, nineteen years old, sat next to Nina and they laughed and joked with each other. Everyone knew the twins were also still regularly spanked by their Mum, Claire, and several light hearted comments came down from the Mum’s that the three naughty ones were sitting together. Charlie was still a proper terror and he never seemed too concerned if he was spanked, being rather like Nina in that he would happily masturbate afterwards. Jonathan though hated being spanked. It was just that their Mum had never stopped spanking either of them. Nina and the two boys blushed as they smirked at each other certain they would be well behaved today. It came out though that the two boys had been grounded for coming home late and had been threatened with a spanking in front of the family if they misbehaved at all. As the meal continued an argument started. Charlie said Jonathan was talking rubbish about football, Jonathan responded, and all too quickly the two were swearing at each other. Nina tried to stop the argument and was heard shouting over the boy’s voices just as a glass of orange was spilt although no one saw exactly who spilt it.

“Enough,” shouted Nina’s Mum. “Boys, Nina, no more shouting.”

The two boys stopped, wide eyed as they looked at their Mum. Claire glowered, and said sternly, “I told you what would happen.”

Nina’s Mum stared at the boys but said to Nina very sharply whilst looking at the two boys, “Go and get a hairbrush for each of you.”

Nina was about to argue she wasn’t fighting but glanced at 18 year old Megan for support but when she winked back with a smirk Nina groaned and left the room to get the hairbrushes. Just what she didn’t want, yet again. When she came back she saw Charlie and Jonathan facing the wall, their trousers and underpants down around their knees and their hands on their heads. Nina put three wooden backed hairbrushes on the table and accepting her fate joined the boys by the wall, lifted her blouse and yanked down her leggings and as she pressed her nose against the wall she heard murmurs behind her which Nina knew concerned her very red legs, the result of her Mum’s earlier spanking, and then her Mum said crisply,

“Yes, I had reason to spank Nina this morning.” Nina groaned as her red legs were so plainly visible now for everyone to see.

Claire whispered to Nina’s Mum, “Nina wasn’t to blame.”

Nina’s Mum winked and said, “Every time I see my bright red hair in the mirror I want to spank Nina again.” She smiled then Nina’s Mum continued with a grin, “Anyway, Nina thinks she deserves a spanking so what’s the harm. Actually I am more than happy to oblige. If there has been too much of a gap between earned spankings, say more than a few days, I often give her a spanking for the slightest of reasons and just look on it as a maintenance spanking. It does me good and I enforce my control at the same time.”

Claire smiled back and whispered, “Just as I do to the boys.” Claire smiled and then whispered, “I want to teach Charlie a lesson. I think if Megan spanked him it might shake him up.”

“That could work. Go for it.” The two ladies laughed and then Nina’s Mum added in a sneaky tone, “Anyway we have some bottoms to spank so let’s get started shall we?”

Claire said out loud, “I can either spank one boy after the other or maybe ask Megan to help me, I hear she packs quite a spank. What do you think Megan?”

Megan had just sat on the couch to watch but jumped up quickly and said, “Yes I’ll do it.” She couldn’t believe her luck. She was about to spank her cousin.

The two Mum’s looked at each, nodded, and Megan was told,

“OK Megan, you sit down and deal with Charlie, Claire you deal with Jonathan, and I’ll deal with Nina. Is that a plan?”

“Sure thing,” Claire and Megan said together as the three ladies took their seats. Charlie glanced across at Megan who was wearing hot pants and realised he would be lying across her almost bare thighs.

“Over here you three,” Nina’s Mum ordered. Jonathan and Charlie turned and looked at each other. The difference was clear. Charlie heard as he faced the wall he was going to be spanked by Megan, 18 year old Megan. He reckoned she wouldn’t spank very hard. Jonathan was less happy having his Mum spank him. He knew how hard she spanked. Of course neither Charlie nor Jonathan had heard just how hard Megan can spank, but Claire knew, and she wanted her son to get a real shock. She knew he masturbated after being spanked and then within a few minutes acted as though nothing happened. She hoped the embarrassment of being made to cry by an 18 year old might change that.

The two boys stood next to their respective spanker and there were whispers from the audience when they saw the erection Charlie had. He was so upright as he looked down at Megan’s almost bare lap and he was quite looking forward to the feel of her cool bare thighs on his hot throbbing penis, although he licked his lips and looked wary when she lifted the hairbrush up and smacked it down on to her palm. Charlie looked across at Jonathan who looked very sorry for himself. Jonathan was looking down at his Mum’s lap, her skirt was just above the knee. Jonathan hated being spanked, hated the embarrassment, the pain, being made to cry, having to stay in position whilst the spanking continued and having no say at all on its length nor severity. He knew Charlie’s view was different, knew he masturbated afterwards, but when he tried to masturbate after a spanking he just stayed floppy, no feeling of arousal, just stinging pain.

Nina knew her spanking was going to hurt because of the spanking she had been given only that morning and her bottom was still sore. Nina knew if she wasn’t about to go back across her Mum’s lap she would be thinking just how nice the stinging feeling was, and had she been by herself she would most likely have her hand down the front of her knickers enjoying her still wet pussy. Instead she was looking at the hairbrush in her Mum’s hand knowing the awful pain it was about to cause, pain and a steady flow of her tears.

The three looked nervously at those watching. All three had been spanked in front of them before, several times, so that wasn’t a problem for any of them. There was no getting away from the feeling of humiliation though. Two 19 year old boys being spanked wasn’t something they liked their friends to know, yet so many of their friends were not just aware, but had watched as their Mum had spanked their bare bottoms. For Nina it had happened so often she would pass people of all ages in the street who knew at 38 years old she still had her bottom spanked and who may even have watched her being spanked and would know how red her bottom was turned.

“Over you go,” Nina heard her Mum order.

“You as well boys,” Claire told her sons.

18 year old Megan took Charlie’s arm and guided the 19 year old down across her lap. Claire watched with a smile and when she realised Jonathan hadn’t moved she said sharply,

“What are you waiting for my lad?” Jonathan shot down across his Mum’s lap.

Nina knew her knickers were just above her knees and her leggings below her knees whilst her blouse had risen up well above her waist leaving her bottom bare and inviting for all to see. The two boys settled down across the respective laps they were now resting upon. Charlie indeed felt the cool bare thighs of 18 year old Megan and his penis stiffened even more when her cool hand rubbed his bare bottom in circles. Jonathan groaned as his Mum’s hand circled his bare bottom. There was no feeling of sexual anticipation for him.

Seconds later and the room was filled with the sound of palm’s spanking bare bottoms as the three ladies started to hand spank the bare bottoms staring up from their laps. Megan felt Charlie’s stiff penis and was determined to make it floppy before she was finished. His bottom was firmer than Auntie Nina’s and there was hardly any reaction from the 19 year old, as though he was trying to show her how tough he was, but knowing a thing or two about spanking she decided to spank the top of Charlie’s legs and almost immediately he was gasping. Delighted she was getting a reaction Megan spanked Charlie harder on his bottom and on his legs until Charlie was wriggling around on her lap.

Jonathan gasped after only the first few spanks. He felt uncomfortable as his Mum’s open palm spanked all around his bare bottom as she built up speed and intensity. Claire knew her son saw punishment simply as a result of being naughty, and in the main it was a deterrent for him. Charlie was spanked far more often. Often a stare from his Mum was enough to stop Jonathan misbehaving whilst Charlie just kept misbehaving, hoping to stop just before his Mum boiled over but not usually succeeding. Sometimes Claire felt obliged to spank both boys, like today, but there were as many times she had Jonathan watch as she spanked Charlie long and hard. Jonathan also cried far earlier than Charlie, like today when tears started to roll down his cheeks after only a few dozen hand spanks, maybe because he knew there was no point in holding the tears back as he will cry when the hairbrush is used for sure.

Nina settled down on her Mum’s lap. The hand spanking was a warm up for her and quite often her Mum dispensed with that part of the spanking preferring to go straight to the bit where real pain was dished out. However she felt it necessary to hand spank Nina if Claire and Megan were going to hand spank the others. So she did, with her usual relish.

A mobile phone rang. It was Emma’s. The 17 year old answered the phone. “Hi Carrie, yeah it’s a family party …. No way, I can’t leave now, like there are three of them being spanked … no, like two are 19 years old and my Auntie is like 38 … you know, my Auntie Nina .. yeah I mean really she is 38 … listen ..”

Emma held up the phone whilst the hand spanks continued before putting the phone back to her ear. “Cool huh … yeah like really awesome ... yeah like my Auntie works in an office .. yeah its like the best ever, real fun … yeah like don’t tell your Mum you know a woman of 38 who gets spanked in case it gives her ideas about you and me and I’m sleeping over at yours next week.” Then there was laughter.

Nina could hear the conversation as she was closest to Emma and no doubt it was her bottom being spanked that whoever Emma was talking to had heard. What was worse was that now the friend knew exactly who she was but Nina had no idea who the friend was. Her only clue was a sleepover next week but she knew she wouldn’t check as there were so many people who knew she was spanked. Anyway the spanking was getting harder and Mum was spanking the back of her legs so relentlessly she really could not focus on the phone call.

“Time for the hairbrush ladies,” Nina’s Mum announced.

There was a moment when no spanking was heard but there were a couple of “wows” coming from those watching, and next second all three ladies had tapped the bottoms on their laps a couple of times and then started to spank very hard. The hairbrushes thrashed down on each of the bottoms, three sets of legs were shaking and kicking, three loud rasping gasps filled the room and just when Nina Charlie and Jonathan had recovered so the next spank thrashed home. Soon enough legs never stopped kicking, cries for mercy never stopped, Jonathan was telling his Mum just how so very sorry he was, Megan could not feel Charlie’s penis anymore, and Nina was crying her legs were kicking and her chest heaving as her bottom was stinging more persistently than usual.

The audience were gripped. Emma continued on the phone but Nina and the boys weren’t listening, couldn’t listen, as their bottoms were thrashed by the three very determined ladies. Charlie had realised that Megan knew how to spank and got no pleasure any more from her bare thighs. He now knew when those same thighs tensed it was followed in a flash by a searing stinging pain of the hairbrush. He didn’t want Megan to spank him ever again in fact but couldn’t know just then that Claire fully intended the 18 year old would spank her 19 year old son again. Again and again in fact as she was sure eventually it would become an effective deterrent.

It took a little while for the three being spanked to realise the sound in the room was now only their crying, and also Emma who was still on the phone. The three ladies rubbed the bare now very red bottoms on their laps whilst the three doing all the crying slowly recovered. One by one they stopped crying. Nina was first followed by Charlie and finally Jonathan. None could see anyone else as their eyes ere still full of tears as they were told to stand up but to remain in front of their spanker with their hands on their heads. Claire did the talking,

“Have you learnt your lesson?”

There were three sobbing replies each saying they had learnt their lesson, and that they were very sorry indeed. Claire scolded them each for several more minutes. Soon Charlie had recovered enough for his penis to stiffen again as he started to think about masturbating. Claire looked sternly at him but knew it would happen. She looked at Megan and said,

“Megan dear, could you please smack the back of his legs a few times so we can see if his little man with go back home?”

Charlie looked at the ceiling in humiliation as Megan stood up and Charlie looked shocked but he had to stand still as Megan stood to his side and with a wide arc brought her hand down hard on the back of his leg quickly followed by an equally hard smack on the back of his other leg. Twelve smacks in all and when she had finished she peered around and was astounded to see Charlie was still stiff.

“Shall I give him some more?” Megan asked.

“Charlie, shall Megan give you another dozen spanks on your legs?”

Charlie shook his head and his penis did indeed start to recede but as Megan started to rub the back of one leg he stiffened again.

“Another twelve Megan dear please,” Claire said.

Charlie had to stand still again as the 18 year old smacked the backs of both his legs. This time his penis shrivelled to nothing by the time his cousin had finished. Claire nodded her approval and announced,

“That’s very effective Megan. You must be doing your cousin some good so I think I might be sending him over to you in future to be spanked.”

Megan knew what Claire was getting at and so joined in the humiliation of her cousin, “If I have friends over should we delay him coming or shall I spank him in front of them?”

Claire huffed and said, “There will be no need to delay dear, you will spank his bare bottom in front of anyone you choose.”

Charlie blushed. Not another spanking from his younger cousin. That was just too awful. He told himself he wasn’t going to be naughty ever again.

Nina’s Mum declared the spankings were over and Nina Charlie and Jonathan were free to sort themselves out. Nina bit her lip as she wanted to go to the bathroom as usual and rub cool cream in to her bottom and then use her vibrator but decided that all might have to wait. Charlie wanted to lie on a bed and masturbate but this wasn’t his house so also thought he would have to wait. Jonathan just wanted to pull his trousers up and stand somewhere to recover. Claire knew what her sons were thinking and before any of the three could move stepped in with,

“Megan, can you please bring down some cream. I think there are some sore bottoms that need to be cooled down.”

Megan dashed upstairs and came back down with a large tube of cool cream. She went to Nina’s Mum and pressed a large splodge in to her hand and did the same with Claire. The three ladies then sat down and demanded Nina Charlie and Jonathan return to their positions over the same laps again. Nina and Charlie both found this particularly embarrassing as Nina liked to cream her own bottom and Charlie thought cream was for sissies. Still they had no choice. Jonathan didn’t argue and just did as he was told. Soon the three ladies were happily rubbing cool cream in to the same bare bottoms which a few moments ago they were cheerfully spanking. Charlie soon found the firm rubbing arousing and whilst initially he squirmed around on Megan’s lap he overdid it and soon knew he could not stop his hot cum spurting out on to Megan’s bare thighs.

Megan felt the warm cum dribble down her thigh. “You horrid boy,” Megan complained loudly.

Claire said sternly, “Charlie, how dare you. Right, tomorrow morning you will go to Megan and she will spank you again.”

“No way,” Charlie said resolutely.

Claire snapped, “I won’t have that attitude young man. Megan, can you come to ours and I will make sure Charlie goes across your lap?”

“My pleasure. That is so rude spurting your cum all over my legs.” She was looking forward to tomorrow already.

Claire ordered, “Charlie, get some tissues and clean Megan’s legs.”

Charlie stomped over to the table, plucked out a few tissues and went over to Megan. He started to rub his cousin’s legs and when he felt their smoothness he took his time rubbing her legs even after the cum had gone and Megan saw the huge bulge return. She said out loud and to Charlie’s horror,

“You won’t have one of those tomorrow Charlie when you are over my lap crying your eyes out.”

Charlie looked up, swallowed hard, knew his erection got stiffer, scrunched up his mouth, almost came again in his trousers, and nodded his head in agreement. He picked up his trousers and underpants turned and took the full force of his Mum’s glare. He looked again at Megan who winked, so he got up and retreated to the kitchen. He needed to masturbate and couldn’t wait to get home.

Claire watched her son leave the room and said to Nina’s Mum,

“Maybe after tomorrow’s spanking he will behave better. Did you see the look on his face when I told him Megan will spank him again? Sheer horror. Isn’t that just great?” Claire was jubilant.

Jonathan got up and quickly pulled his underpants and trousers up, went over to a soft chair and gingerly sat down. He stayed very quiet not wanting to risk another spanking. Nina also pulled her knickers up but her bottom was stinging so much she gasped as the elastic snapped in to position and pulling her leggings up rubbed her legs. She let out an unintended,


Nina’s Mum spun around and said sharply, “I beg your pardon?”

Nina blushed and said immediately, “Oh Mum I’m so sorry, really I am.”

Her Mum looked sharply at her and knew this was exactly what she had wanted, Nina to get herself in to really deep trouble, so after just a seconds brooding silence said,

“You know I hate swearing Nina. It looks like you and I will be having a serious one to one chat later on.”

Nina swallowed hard then was almost blown away when her Mum added,

“Don’t expect to get away with anything less than the cane my girl.”

Nina heard gasps all around her and when she looked around saw a sea of wide eyed faces. How humiliating, but not as much as being caned in front of them all she supposed. The afternoon settled down after that. Charlie recovered the quickest but was quieter than usual, probably considering being spanked again tomorrow by the effervescent Megan. Jonathan sat quietly and sulked. Nina stood up trying to enjoy the rest of her promotion party and put the caning to come out of her mind as best she could.

Emma was still on the phone when she came over to Nina and asked,

“Nina, what was the spanking like?”

Nina gave the teenager a withering look and replied,

“It hurt Emma, obviously.”

“I bet,” the 17 year said giggling, then added “It’s just that my friend didn’t think girls your age still got spanked. Can you tell her you have been and maybe how often. Please Nina.”

Nina huffed but grabbed the phone and said firmly,

“Yes, I’m 38 years old and still spanked usually once a week sometimes more than that. Happy?”

Nina was shocked to hear several youngsters laughing at the other end and realised she was on speakerphone. She blushed as she handed back the phone and was further humiliated when she saw the smirk on Emma’s face knowing another group of teenagers knew who she was and that she was still spanked. Initially she was furious but Nina calmed down after a few minutes. Yes they knew and yes they would point at her, but it was her choice, and even though painful and undignified at times she still preferred to be spanked rather than have to act like an adult at home. She still had the office where she was very much the woman in charge anyway.

Claire looked at her watch and announced how quickly the afternoon had gone. Ten minutes later the house was empty except for Nina and her Mum Megan and Tom. Megan was eager to take Tom upstairs and lie on the bed with his hand down her knickers she was so aroused from the spanking she gave Charlie and just thinking about tomorrow when she will spank him again and get to use the cane on him. Nina couldn’t wait to get upstairs to her bedroom and use her vibrator. She didn’t worry so much about tomorrows spanking. It may well be her third in just over twenty four hours but there had been enough times when that had happened to her before. She just needed to have a few orgasms and relish the thoughts of what had happened this afternoon. She knew her knickers were wet from just thinking about her vibrator and smiled to herself that if her Mum saw the stain that she knew was there then her Mum would probably spank her again straight away.

Megan made an excuse and disappeared upstairs with Tom.

Nina then tried,

“You know Mum, it was only one swear word. Do you have to cane me?”

“Yes Nina, you know I hate you swearing.” After a gap she continued, “Megan and Tom are going out soon and I will then cane you and send you to bed early as an extra punishment.”

Nina groaned. She hated the cane when her Mum used it because it was usually her Mum’s implement of last resort when she was really angry and the only thing on her mind was teaching Nina a lesson. Nina wondered if this was one of those times although she knew swearing was a no no and always led to a spanking at least. Was it maybe more payback for turning her Mum’s hair bright red? That would certainly be a good enough reason to cane her Nina supposed. Well one thing Nina did know was that if ever her Mum was going to cane her then just before going to bed was the very best timing. She would have plenty of time to recover, and of course to pleasure herself. Actually Nina thought that being caned tonight had several benefits, at least once the initial caning was over.

“OK Mum, I guess you are right. I do deserve the cane for swearing I suppose.”

Nina went over to her Mum and for no other reason than to show she still loved her gave her a big hug.

“I do love you Mum, even though you spank me, you do know that don’t you?”

Her Mum hugged her back and said lovingly,

“You know I do Nina. I wouldn’t swap you for any other daughter, and definitely not a well behaved one.” Nina’s Mum added much more sternly, “Now, go to your room and wait for me. I will cane you straight after Megan and Tom go out and then put you to bed.” After a few moments her Mum added, “Thinking about my red hair I reckon it will have to be thirty six strokes Nina and they will all be hard.”

Nina stared in horror. Thirty six strokes! Her Mum often gave her twenty four strokes but thirty six was just so many. She must really be annoyed her hair is bright red. Nina picked up her knickers and leggings turned and left the room not seeing her Mum smile as she watched her 38 year old daughters red legs and bare red bottom disappear knowing how much Nina would enjoy her night after her caning, her own promotion present to her daughter.

Nina climbed the stairs and as she passed Megan’s room she could hear the 18 year old gasp in orgasm and she knew Tom’s fingers will be deep inside her. Nina went to her own bedroom and removed her blouse and bra knowing she must be in the nude when her Mum arrives. She had a whole hour so she got out her vibrator and settled down to an hour of masturbation, of beautiful orgasm. She would remember the spanking she has just had and think of the caning to come. She came three times in the next thirty minutes, then spent she put her knickers back on knowing that as she rubbed her pussy from time to time whilst she waited her knickers were getting wet from her own sex juice. She enjoyed the feel of the wet knickers.

Nina wondered how come she had been so naughty to earn two spankings and now thirty strokes of the cane all on the same day. She won’t be playing tricks on her Mum again anytime soon for sure. As she covered her pussy with her hand and massaged her moist pussy she was looking beyond her caning to the hours alone in bed, well alone with her vibrator anyway, and soon couldn’t wait to present her bottom for the cane, because tonight in bed she was going to be very sore indeed, her bottom will sting like crazy, but she will have the most wonderful string of orgasms ever. Nina heard Megan and Tom leave and quickly removed her knickers, knowing they were still damp. She heard her Mum say,

“OK Megan, 12 O’clock home is fine,” and the door was closed. Nina heard the certain steps of her Mum coming up the stairs, going in to her own bedroom to collect the cane, and then come back to Nina’s bedroom when she opened the door without knocking. Nina did not expect her Mum to knock when she was coming in to discipline her. Her Mum looked at her daughter, acknowledged with a nod she was undressed and snapped,

“Right Nina, on the bed on all fours.”

Nina’s heart was racing. The cane was so painful but the pain was worth it for how she felt afterwards, and so she quickly got herself in to position. Then her Mum knelt down and whispered in her ear,

“We don’t want your screaming to upset the neighbours so I have your knickers, now open wide.”

Nina opened her mouth to object but before she could say anything her Mum was pushing her knickers in to her mouth and Nina grimaced at the taste and odour of her own smelly sex filled knickers. Nina felt so humiliated but also knew if her knickers were not in her mouth she would scream out so loudly. Her Mum had put knickers in her mouth before but this was the first time it was a used pair particularly as she had warn them all day and they smelt so strongly

Her Mum looked down at her daughter, smiled to herself, then ordered,

“Nina, bend your head down to rest on the bed and stick your bottom right out.” When Nina had lowered her head her Mum snapped, “Legs apart my girl.”

Nina liked her Mum to force her to follow her orders when getting her in to position and as if reading her mind her Mum put the cane between her daughter’s legs and feather flicked it from inner thigh to inner thigh until Nina had edged her legs as far apart as she could knowing her pussy was stretched, as was were asshole, and there could hardly be a more humiliating position to be in. As a final touch of humiliation her Mum flicked the cane upwards and lightly tapped Nina’s gaping pussy, a movement Nina found so arousing she almost came, but just managed to stop herself crying out ecstatically. Her Mum knew what was going through her daughter’s mind. She knew her daughter far better than her daughter realised in fact. Mum and daughter both knew Nina enjoyed the humiliation and the pain of a good caning so her Mum had no concerns about how she embarrassed her daughter because that only increased Nina’s pleasure. Her Mum had decided Nina deserved a special present for her promotion and she was happy enough caning her daughter as she was actively helping her reach a level of enjoyment she desired. So as she stood there looking down at her 38 year old daughter, lightly tapping her bare bottom, knowing her daughter was going to suffer thirty six hard strokes of the cane, she only felt love for her daughter, even as she pulled the cane back and the whoosh of air told Nina the first stroke was about to be delivered so her Mum revelled in her task as a loving Mum and disciplinarian.

Nina was looking up at her Mum as her head was balancing on the bed and so saw her Mum’s body tense and she knew the pain was about to start. Nina gasped when that first stroke bit in to her bare bottom a stroke that was already hard and she knew they would only get harder. She felt the unnerving stinging pain that spread quickly across both bottom cheeks and as she gasped so she threw her bottom out again, beckoning her Mum to give her the next stroke, not wanting any time to recover so the pain would intensify stroke after stroke. Her Mum readily obliged and the second stroke swished through the air and the pain was greater than the first stroke. Again Nina stuck her bottom out and her Mum responded as she always did with a faster harder stroke. By the fourth stroke Nina was crying out but because her knickers were in her mouth only a muffled cry and by the sixth stroke tears rolled down her face. Her Mum rested a few moments and Nina moved her legs together again, a game she played, a game her Mum knew Nina played, and immediately the cane was between the 38 year olds legs and flicking each inner thigh much harder than the first time and Nina slowly slowly edged her legs apart, delighting in the smarting it resulted in, and when her Mum was satisfied Nina’s legs were far enough apart she flicked the cane upwards and this time when the cane lightly whipped her pussy Nina let out gasp after gasp and came close to orgasm again.

The cane was placed again on Nina’s bottom and after a few light taps the seventh hard stroke bit in to her bottom, still harder than the first six, and then each stroke was harder than the one before, more testing for Nina who revelled in her humiliation and as the tears flowed down her cheeks and wet the sheets her whole body tensed with the pain but after each stroke resolutely her bottom was stuck right out for her Mum to take aim at. Nina’s Mum rested after each six strokes and each time flicked Nina’s thighs to part her legs wide, flicked her pussy to humiliate but also to stimulate her, until at last the thirty sixth stroke hit home. Nina stayed in position, on all fours, her bottom sticking out, her legs well apart, her bottom stinging, burning even, breathing in short gasps as she struggled to deal with the all consuming pain. Nina’s Mum looked pleased with the result and was sure Nina would enjoy the rest of the night as she removed the smelly knickers from Nina’s mouth dropping them down on the bed just inches from Nina’s face then soundlessly turned and left the room knowing her job was done, her present given.

Nina cried for several minutes her breathing was heavy and although shaking with pain couldn’t move so stayed on all fours, her head on the bed, her bottom stuck right out her legs still apart her pussy throbbing and even though she knew her pussy would be wet she could not touch herself as the burning from the harsh caning stung her whole bottom. She could not remember just a harsh caning, each and every stroke harder than the one before, or so it seemed. It took several minutes during which Nina was frozen in to position but she cried and cried as the stinging engulfed her until ever so slowly she recovered and gently eased herself down so she was lying on her stomach. Nina took her knickers in one hand and put them up to her nose not realising before now just how erotic it was to smell her own sex as she took deep breaths with the knickers pressed against her face. She had discovered a new way to arouse herself. Her other hand reached behind her and slowly rubbed her bottom feeling the weal’s, gently running her fingers along them, enjoying their ridged feel, as always, but whilst the stinging took a long time to subside gradually it did. Nina waited patiently lying on the bed, her bottom still throbbing, her crying slowly turning to sobbing whilst at the same time taking immense sexual pleasure from the changing sensations running through her thrashed bottom cheeks until the stinging turned to a warming throb and when her pussy pulsed she knew she was ready to lift up her bottom and slide her hand between her legs with her nose breathing in her smell from her knickers as she gave herself the first of many many orgasms that night. This first orgasm came quickly, loudly, and Nina collapsed back on to the bed and laughed with sexual delight. She had taken her caning well, whispered a thank you to her Mum through her sobs, stretched out her hand and took her vibrator from the draw and waited to be able to turn over and her fun could really begin.

Nina didn’t think too much about the next day when she was bound to be naughty once again and her Mum equally bound to give her another spanking. Well tomorrow was another day and before then she was going to give herself a most glorious night savouring the pain and giving herself a whole series of wonderful orgasms.

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