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No later than 6:30

Will is in for quite a surprise when he shows up for detention
No later than 6:30

“Will!” announced his English teacher, stopping him from giggling with his friend Sean. “Out in the hall, Now!” Ms. Kamley said pointing towards the classroom door. Will sheepishly got up from his chair and walked by the annoyed Ms. K and out to the hallway where he stood, leaning against the wall. Stupid Sean. He thought. He was the one doing all the talking and joking while Ms. K lectured, I was only laughing to keep him content. He waited for about five minutes and then Ms. K was standing before him in her nice fitting black slacks and white top displaying her nicely rounded breasts. Her long dark black hair was in a pony tail revealing her pretty face that contained her now furious brown eyes. The 18 year old senior thought she was hot for a 30 something woman. Staring directly into Will’s eyes, for they were the same height of 5’8”, she opened. “It is extremely rude to keep interrupting my lecture and disrupting the class. I even warned you earlier. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” Will stammered.

“Well you did, and you have to be punished for it.” Will’s heart beat quickened. He constantly fantasized about being spanked by women, even by Ms. K, and to hear the word ‘punished’ come from her mouth made him flush; embarrassed and excited all at once.
“I expect you to be at my class room no later than 6:30 tomorrow morning for detention.” She stated.

‘Now’s your chance Will’ he thought hysterically. He blurted out all at once. “But Ms. K that’s so early and I don’t have a car! How can I get here? How about you quickly spank me afterschool today, I still get spanked at home, I won’t tell anyone about it, it will all be over fair and square, and even if I miss the bus today, my sister can pick me up.” Did I just say that? Will thought in horror.

Ms. K’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Taken aback she managed to say, “6:30 Will. You will have to ask your sister or someone else to drive you here early. No exceptions. And not a minute late or there will be consequences.”

Will looked down at his feet, “Yes Ms. K, I’ll be here.”

“Good, now back to class.” Ms. K led him into the classroom.
Riding the bus home from school, Will thought about Ms. K and tomorrow. I can’t believe I asked her to spank me. That was really stupid. I’ll have to give some bogus excuse to my sister so she can drive me in the morning. At home during dinner, Will told his sister the bogus reason for needing to go to school so early and she said she could drive him no problem. That night while lying in bed, he thought of fantasy with Ms. K and his detention. He pulled out his dick and started to slowly stroke it. He thought that he told his sister the truth and she became very angry with him so she put Will across her lap and gave him a fierce bare bottom spanking. He stroked faster. Then in the morning detention, Ms. K, wearing a tight leather skirt and blouse, put Will across her lap and blistered his ass with a big wooden hairbrush to start. He stroked faster and faster. Then she put him in a split knee position and striped his ass over and over with an otk switch until he came all over her thigh. In bed, his dick erupted on his stomach and chest. After cleaning up, he crawled back into bed and fell asleep dreaming of Ms. K and of spanking.

Ellen, known to her students as Ms. K, was snug in bed as she tried to focus her attention on the book she was reading, but her mind kept drifting to Will’s comment earlier today. ‘You can spank me.’ He had said. Ellen simply loved the power and control of spanking men across her lap. In past relationships, she spanked some of her previous boyfriends. She looked at the wooden paddle on her dresser across the room. With a smirk, she thinks Will is in for quite a surprise during tomorrow mornings detention.

“Will! Will, get up!” his sister said from outside his bedroom knocking on the door. Will raised his head and looked at his alarm clock. 6:11!!! Shit!
“Get up Will, we’re late!” He rolled out of bed and quickly cleaned up for the day and was out the door with his sister driving him to school. “My alarm didn’t go off, sorry.” His sister stated.

“Mine did, but I fell back asleep. It’s no big deal if I am a little late; the science club takes their time anyway with everything.” Will covered, knowing full well that being late to detention might not be such a good thing. They pulled into the front entrance way of the school at 6:34 and he was at Ms. K’s classroom by 6:38.

The door was closed, but he could see that the lights were on in the classroom. He opened the door slowly and casually stepped in. In the back of the classroom there stood Ms. K with her back facing him, shuffling books around the shelves. The form of her shapely firm butt could be seen through her black knee length skirt; her upper body downed a white silk long sleeve shirt with collar. Ms. K heard Will enter and turned to face him, her pony tail swiveling around her shoulder to her back.
“Sorry I am late Ms. K, I had to practically drag my sister from her bed to get her up.” Will said.

“Not as sorry as you are going to be.” Was her sharp response to the astonishment of Will. “Sit.” She pointed to one of chairs near him. She walked assertively passed him and to the classroom door, to which she closed then locked. The way she walked, the click of her high heels, her pursed lips, and her scent as she passed Will, aroused his dick to partial attention and tingled his balls. Then she turned off the lights that were in the front of the classroom and left the back of the classroom lights on. She walked up to the seated Will and stopped five feet in front of him, her arms folded across her chest.

“I said there would be consequences if you were late to detention this morning. She looked at the clock on the wall. “It’s 6:39.”
“Sorry, like I said, my sis…” he started.

“I am sure it was entirely your sister’s fault.” She interrupted in a sarcastic tone. She moved over to the desk in front of Will’s and leaned back on the top of it, her skirt tightened around her thighs. She uncrossed her arms and put her hands on the desk at her sides.

“Yesterday in the hallway, you suggested something to me concerning your punishment.” She began. “Remember?” Will felt his pulse quicken, the tingle in his balls returned and his stomach lurched all at once. He looked down at his desk, his eyes passing over Ms. K’s thighs and nylon coated legs; he remembered.
“Something about a spanking?” she inquired.

“Oh?” Will said feigning he couldn’t remember at first.

“That you’d rather be spanked by me instead of attending morning detention?” She pursued. He couldn’t answer, stunned by the words ‘spanking’ and ‘spanked’ moving past Ms. K’s lips in a few short seconds.
“You said that you are spanked at home still?” she continued. “Will?”

“Oh, yes. I mean, I do.” He stammered. He knew he was never spanked by his parents, not even a slap or two over clothes.
“You do, what? Get spanked?”

“Uh, yes. I do. My Mom still spanks me.” He lied, quickly glancing up at her then back at the desktop.

“I see.” Ms. K stood up and slowly walked around Will’s desk behind him and leaned down over his shoulder, her breast lightly touching his shoulder blade. Her perfume seeped into his nostrils once more, she smelled magnificent.
“Do you want me to spank you?” she whispered into his ear. His dick was at full attention now, his heart pounding.
Standing erect now, she continued. “Will?! I asked you a question!” she said in her most stern voice.

“Uh, yes Ms. K.”

“Yes. You think you need a spanking from me?” she asked moving once more in front of him.

Will looked up into her beautiful brown eyes. I can’t believe this is happening! He thought. “Yes. I think you should spank me.”

“Then I will spank you. But keep this between you and I only, Will. Understand?”

“No..I mean...yes..I mean no problem.”

“Good. Stand up and follow me to the back of the class room.” She walked with sound purpose towards the back and he followed. He didn’t notice before, but now he saw that she had set a chair in the back of the room away from all the desks, and there was a wooden paddle on the seat. He stumbled. Ms. K walked to the chair and placed the paddle on the ground beside it. She seated herself on the edge of the chair and smoothed her black skirt tight over her thighs. Sitting up straight, with a slight arch in her lower back, she looked the model for the perfect spanker position.
“Over to my right side Will.” She ordered, and Will shuffled over quickly.
Looking up at Will, Ms. K inquired “You are absolutely sure you want a spanking from me?”

“Yes Ms. K, I think I deserve a spanking anyway, you know?” he said.

“Good. Once I start, there will be no turning back. Understand?”

“Sure.” Will was nervous as hell now.

“Your spanking will be on the bare Will, Understand?”

“Okay sure.” His dick was about to erupt. Oh my God! He Thought, She will see my dick sticking out like a flag pole!

“Okay, I don’t know what your spankings are like at home, but I am going to really spank you good. Believe me, this will not be fun. Pants and underwear down and bend over my lap.” She commanded while unbuttoning her right sleeve cuff then rolling it up her above her elbow.

Will did as instructed and his dick was at full attention. He noticed a brief smirk form on Ms. K’s face before he found himself bent over her lap, his balls against her firm right thigh and his hard dick ramming into her left thigh. He felt her right hand on his left butt cheek and she patted it a few times. This almost made him cum immediately into her lap.

“For disrupting my class yesterday, I am going to give you a hard hand spanking Will.” With that she raised her arm high and WHACK! WHACK! SMACK! SPANK! SMACK!
She started spanking him hard alternating cheeks about every second. Will was surprised at how hard her hand spanks were. Her hand was steadily building a fire on his butt. It hurt, but Will started to raise and lower his butt grinding his dick across Ms. K’s thighs to gain an amount of pleasure. Ms. K spanked up and down and all over Will’s butt cheeks. She kept up this methodical pace for about two minutes.
“How do you feel Will? She asked.

“I think I learned my lesson.” Will said, starting to get off her lap.
“Oh, we‘re not done yet.” She said pushing him back into place. He saw her reach for the paddle next to his head. She slapped her hand a couple of times with the paddle.
“That was what you call a warm-up spanking. Now I’m going to give you a real spanking with my paddle.” She tapped his butt a few times with the paddle. He winced at the cold hard wood and gulped, nervous, and unsure he wanted this to continue.
“I said there would be consequences if you were late. You arrived at 6:39, nine minutes late. So, I am going to paddle you for nine minutes straight.”

“Wha-what! Ms. K!” Will pleaded.

“Sush! I said once I start spanking you, there would be no turning back. And you agreed Will. Now are you ready?”

Will was at a loss for words.

Ms. K slapped the paddle across both his butt cheeks, rather sharply. “I said ready?”

“Yes, Ms. K.” Will gave in.


WHAP! WHAP! Ms. K smacked both of his butt cheeks at once, hard. Will clenched his butt and briefly lost his breath. After a few seconds pause, the spanking began in earnest. SMACK! WHAP! SPANK! SMACK! WHACK! Ms. K was spanking hard and fast, no let up, and Will was wiggling across her lap trying to avoid the spanks to no avail. WHACK! WHACK! WHAP! SPANK! WHAP! They kept landing all over his butt but mostly on his sit spot area.
After two minutes, Will thought he could not take anymore and he let Ms. K know it by pleading with her to stop and that he would be good for now on during class. She responded with an emphatic ‘I know you will’ and kept on spanking, to him what seemed even harder. After six minutes Will was really wiggling and grinding across her lap so she opened her legs and wrapped her right leg over his so that his groin was on her right thigh and chest over her left effectively pinning him into place just like his fantasy.

And now she spanked even faster focusing only his sit spot area. SMACK! SCHWACK! THWACK! THWACK! Will had lost his erection and could only focus on wanting the spanking over with. Finally, at exactly nine minutes, the spanking was over. Will was sweating and his butt was throbbing, completely blistered. She let him stay across her lap for a couple of minutes to recover and slowly his dick started to get hard again as she rubbed his butt with her hand.

“How did you like your spanking Will?” She asked.

“Uh, way more than I expected.” He breathed, exhausted.

“You seem to enjoy it a little I think.” She responded, feeling his dick now fully erect once again grinding into her thighs. He didn’t know how to respond to that.

“You can get up Will.”

Will slowly got up and felt the toughened and blistered skin of his butt. As soon as he was fully standing Ms. K surprisingly grabbed his dick with her right hand and began to stroke it and his balls slowly, looking up into his eyes with a smile on her face.
“How about I take care of this as well, naughty boy?”
“Umm, Ms. K, I…”

“Just relax Will.”

She stood up from her seated position and moved to his left side now kneeling. She stroked his dick with her left hand and began lightly smacking his butt with her right hand. Will was in heaven. Ms. K expertly stroked and smacked faster and faster until he shot streams of cum on the floor and into her hand.

“Tonight I think you should stop by my house for another session Will.”

“Yes Ma'am!” Will said euphorically.

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