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Nothing but black high heels

A mother disciplines her daughter
Mother didn’t believe it was a spanking without her daughter Makaela sobbing like a baby. Makaela fully agreed that when she did something wrong she would be so ashamed of herself. She knew she truly deserved the hard spanking she would soon receive. Without being disciplined Makaela’s conscience ate at her. It was only after a hard thrashing and becoming a broken sobbing heap on her mother’s lap that she truly thought she had paid for her crimes.

Her mother loved her with all her heart, but she showed no leniency. She spanked as hard as needed to make the lesson unforgettable. She didn’t care if Makaela couldn’t sit for the next week or so, she cared about her well being.

After a long spanking she would take her sobbing daughter in her arms and hug her telling her she was a good girl for taking her spanking. This was the time Makaela enjoyed the most, although she was 22 and although her bottom was so sore, she was her mother’s good girl again.

Also something about being submissive going over her mother’s lap and the agony of having her bottom thrashed turned Makaela on. Many times her mother would pretend not to notice her daughter’s glistening fruit.

Several implements were used to punish Makaela. A cane, strap, paddle, and a heavy, oval spanking paddle. Each implement achieved giving burning agony to her big bottom. When she was in college her mother used the cane and strap mostly, now that she was in nursing school her mother upped her punishment. A grown woman had to learn her place, under and submissive to her mother.

Humiliation was a big part of her punishments. Makaela usually had to take her spanking completely naked, sometimes in front of other people. Many times her mother put a rosebud butt plug in her bottom as extra punishment. Makaela would have to sleep with the plug in, many times she was made to go to work with the uncomfortable plug in her bottom.

Her mother usually favored the spanking paddle and cane. The wooden polished and heavy wooden paddle could induce searing agony after just a few minutes. Makaela found herself over her mother’s lap for through and lengthy thrashings often going on 17 to 20 minutes. Makaela’s bottom would be a searing red, borderline violet, but her mother would always take her into her arms and hold her until she calmed. After a long thrashing Makaela’s mother always slept hugging her daughter, calming her through the night as her sore bottom kept her up.

Makaela cherished the memories of nuzzling her head in her mother’s warm bosom and crying her eyes out. A lot of mother’s spanked their daughter’s and cruelly sent them to their rooms alone to sob alone in misery all night, not Makaela’s mother. Once she had thrashed her daughter and made sure the lesson was learned she made sure her daughter was safely in her arms.

Makaela knew her mother was in charge, period. When she stepped out of line her mother was there to put her back in her place. She loved her mother for that. Even if she was now 22 she loved knowing that her mother was looking out for her well being, if that involved a bare bottom spanking then she gladly accepted that.

She had come to realize that she enjoyed being spanked. When she was having her bottom thrashed she would give anything in the world to make it stop. It was only after her spanking that she realized she was wet. It was something about the submission and humiliation, the fire in her bottom seemed to set her pussy on fire. She burned red hot with humiliation knowing she had stained her mother’s lap on many occasions.

Makaela noticed that when her mother would see that the spanking aroused her she would give an extremely harder and longer punishment. It was to ensure that the daughter was in burning agony, not turned on.

It was burning agony today. Makaela hung over the stool with her silk her stuck all over her face with sweat. She was still gripping the bottom bar as hard as she could with sweaty hands, unaware that her thrashing was over. It seemed like worse of all, her pussy burned in front of her mother, grandmother and her mother’s friend Jill. Makaela’s bottom and upper thighs were crimson, and covered in sore welts. She didn’t move until Miss. Linelle stroked her daughter’s daughter’s hair.

“You may stand up honey, but do not touch your bottom.”

Makaela stood up completely naked, except for a pair of black heels. Everyone had nicknamed her "the brown Kim Kardashian" after the famous socialite. Makaela was the most beautiful girl at her huge university, she was petite with light carmel skin. Her hair was like raven silk. Her eyes were big and brown accompanied by a button nose and full perky lips. She had her navel pierced, perfectly manicured nails and pedicured toes. Makaela's teeth were glistening white, and her smile was intoxicating.

At 22, now in nursing school she was still spanked by her mother.

Today Makaela had been punished like girls used to be in her grandmother’s time. With the horribly wicked switch. Miss Linelle had only once been disciplined by her mother with a switch, it was terribly painful. So she sympathized with her daughter, she had never had occasion to use the implement on Makaela but failing a class was serious enough to warrant it.

Makaela didn’t care that she was 22, she no longer cared she had an audience watching her completely naked, all she cared about was the unbearable fire her mother had lit on her bottom. Her mother hugged her while Makaela burred her face against her mother bawling like a new born

“My bottom mommy! my bottom ohh mommy, please let me rub.”

Her mother gave her a stern no. Makaela felt like the fire was all being transferred to her dripping fruit, her eyes widened in shock when her mother said

“Bend over with your legs spread so everyone can see your sore bottom, then I want you to spread that bubble butt nice and wide.”

'Oh god no', Makaela panicked. If she did that everyone would not only see her thrashed bottom, but her dripping wet sex as well. She looked up at her mother with big eyes and pouting lips

“Please mommy I’ve learned my lesson I promise this will never happen again,” she begged.

She knew it was useless but she did anyway.

She grew wetter at the thought of spreading herself in front of her grandmother and Miss Jill. She was about to show everyone her most intimate treasures, a sight every guy...and even most girls on her college campus would kill to see.

Her mother had already picked up the beautiful rosebud butt plug with a pink jewel at the end. Pink was her favorite color. 

“You will keep this in your bottom as you sit at this computer and email your professor asking her for extra credit so you can pass your class. Bend now young lady,” her mother commanded.

Taking in deep breaths she went to the front of the room, in nothing but black high heels she spread her legs and bent over. Her swollen sex on display, to top her humiliation she spread her bottom as wide as she could. Even though it was utter humiliation her body trembled with excitement, making her swollen pussy even more wet. The cool air of the room gave the juice running down her legs slightly cold feel.

She heard gasps as she closed her eyes and wondered how she had ended up in this situation.

to be continued

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