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Officer Friendly

Speeding and reckless driving equals a spanking
Officer Friendly

It had been a very long week. Nicole, a 42 year old successful lawyer and her 16-year-old daughter Beth had been looking forward to a month vacation at the lake. Nicole worked very hard as a lawyer. She and Beth had the best that money could buy: cars, clothes and of course their vacation home on the lake.

The two were packed and ready to hit the road. They figured it would take around six hours to arrive. It was great to finally get out of the city for a month. Beth asked her mom if they could take the back roads rather then the thruway, as it was so ‘boring’. Mom agreed even though it added about two hours to the trip.

The two females were having a great time. The weather was sunny, the windows down, music playing, mom and daughter singing, both happy and looking forward to a month of fun, sun, the lake and each other.

“Mom, can I drive?" Asked Beth. Beth hadn't received her learner’s permit, as she was too busy with school, boys, etc.

“Well honey I don’t know.” Nicole knew the law and knew what would happen if they were stopped by the police.

“Come on Mom, the only thing out here are cows and corn fields."

Mom reluctantly agreed. Beth was having some difficulties keeping the car from weaving into the other lane. She also alternated from driving slow to fast. Before long she was going 85 in a 50 mph road when she took the curve too fast, veered out of her lane and almost hit a cop car. Mom grabbed the wheel and brought the car back to the right side of the road. Both females looked at each other in shock. All of a sudden the lights and sounds of a police car pulled up behind them.

“OK Beth, let me do the talking since you don’t have your permit or license."

The officer approached the car and smiled at Beth. “License and registration,” the officer asked.

Nicole asked, “Is something wrong officer?”

"First your daughter almost ran me off the road, second, she was speeding and third, I’m still waiting for the license.”

Nicole tried to bribe the officer with money making matters even worse for the two of them.

“This may not be the city, but we do have laws here. Both of you are going to the police station. You are both under arrest.”

Beth started to cry and mom tried her lawyer talk to get out of a non-win situation. Finally Nicole asked if there was some way to make this right without going to jail.

The officer knew he was taking a big risk but he was the Sheriff and it would be his word against theirs. “What the two of you need is a good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking.”

Nicole couldn’t believe what he just said. “You have got to be kidding,” she said. When the officer pointed to the patrol car she knew he wasn’t.

“So, if I agree to your spanking, you will let me and my daughter go?”

“Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, you and your daughter were in the wrong and both of you will take a spanking or it’s off to jail until Monday when the judge will hear your case.”

The two females talked it over for a few minutes. They agreed that a five minute spanking was better then spending the weekend in jail, appearing before a judge, being fined and possible jail time.

The two went with the officer into his squad car. About fifteen minutes later they arrived at his cabin. “If at any time you want out just let me know and we can take the long ride into the police station.” Both wanted this over with sooner rather then later so they could continue on with their road trip. “OK, remove your clothes.” They both protested but when the officer stated the longer it takes the longer and harder the spanking, both of them snapped to it.

Both females were very attractive brunettes. Both worked out at the gym three times a week and watched what they ate. Looking at Nicole one would think she was 30 as she was in such great shape. Beth was to be spanked first. She felt so stupid driving without a permit, almost causing an accident, getting her Mom in this predicament. The officer tapped his lap and Beth came to his left side. He helped her over his lap as she hesitated. Her Dad had spanked her but it had been four years since she had gone over his knee and he only gave her about ten swats and all was forgiven.

“Now little Missy, you will keep your hands and feet on the floor during your spanking. You will not attempt to get off my lap until I say so. When I finish I expect a sincere thank you.”

Beth nodded her head in agreement. The officer was in awe as he placed his hand on her bare little white fanny rubbing and squeezing it. He raised his hand to shoulder height and said this would hurt him more then it would her.

Beth sarcastically said, “I doubt it."

The spanking was very hard from the first spank to the last. Alternating from cheek to cheek the officer was bound and determined to teach a lesson. "No one speeds, drives without a license and almost causes an accident in his town and gets away Scott free!" Poor little Beth was trying to be a brave girl but that hand really hurt. She thought if she could just grin and bear it, she could outlast that hard-hitting hand. No chance of that happening as the officer kept right on spanking for almost ten minutes before stopping. Mom's cute little teenage daughter's fanny was now a bright red and the floodgate of tears were now flowing. Still the officer spanked.

“Let this be a warning to you little lady. Nobody breaks the law and gets away without paying the consequences." Finally, the spanking over, she was ordered not to rub and report to the corner.

“OK Mom, you are next. Over my knee.” Mom tried again to reason with the officer but he simply tapped his lap and said get over or it’s off to the police station. Mom felt so embarrassed having her big fanny pointing up almost smiling up to the officer. The officer spent some time arranging Mom so that her bottom was right where he wanted it. He told her how disappointed he was in her, letting her daughter drive without a permit, allowing her to speed, etc.

He repeated the same thing he said to Beth, "This is going to hurt me more then it will you." Who did he think he was kidding? Mom thought that by being in great shape she could outlast anything this brute had to dish out. Boy was she wrong.

“OK Mom, give my your left hand (she was bent over his left knee as he is left handed). Mom presented her hand, which the officer moved to her lower back. With his left hand he massaged her full bottom. He enjoyed squeezing the cheeks and wanted to explore more but knew he had a job to do. He raised his left arm and let his hand smack her left and then right and then center of her bottom very, very hard. After fifty spanks Nicole was crying. After eighty spanks she gave in and gave up her fight. The officer let go of her wrist and took a short break (by now his poor hand really hurt). He repositioned her and resumed the very hard spanking. After one hundred and fifty spanks he stopped and let her off his knee.

“Let this be a warning to both of you to obey traffic laws in my town or pay the price.” Both females nodded in agreement. The officer sat down for a few minutes admiring his handiwork. He knew it was wrong but he found some KY and lubed both index fingers. He walked behind both females and with one long but slow thrust he slid a finger into each of their backsides. Both of them moaned until he slapped them on their bright-red fannies.

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