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one hand, two ass cheeks.

Rochelle deserved her punishment that night.
I have known Rochelle for nine months now. I met her at the classiest pool hall in the city.
Everything about that place looked and felt and even smelled classy. I was there with my friend Douglas. We walked in and got a set of balls and took table number 16, at the very far right corner of the pool hall, where just next to it and on table number 15, there were two girls playing a game.One of them was in the middle of taking a shot, and the other one was Rochelle. She was sitting down peacefully sipping on on a glass of what I found out later to have been Pineapple juice.

For about a half hour or so, Douglas and I were very focused on our game being the advanced pool players that we were. He and I had a friendly Rivalry, but we both knew that I played the game at a much higher level. Soon enough it became clear that Rochelle and her friend noticed the level of play that Douglas and I were playing. We were both very well dressed so were they.

Douglas was in the middle of taking a shot and it was clear that this game was going to be his, when out of no where a ball flew from our neighbor's table and landed on Douglas' cue ball which created a domino effect, violently moving almost every other ball on the table to a different spot. A moment of silence followed mixed with intensity, because we knew that they knew that our game was a serious one. The silence was broken when I cracked a joke saying, "Douglas, that's a foul, baby". We all broke into laughter that lasted for a minute or two, including the broken hearted man.

To make a long story short, after that incident, the game turned funny, and nothing was taken seriously anymore. Some how Douglas found himself giving lessons to Judy, and I was giving lessons to Rochelle. It was not serious, it was more like passing knowledge mixed with laughter, good time and wine. The wine started making its way into the right parts of my brain, and I loosened up even more, and I finally realized what a beautiful creature Rochelle really was.

I was mentally turned on by her quickness in learning, her listening skills, and the tenderness in her voice. Also the way her body moved was as close to poetry in motion as I have ever seen.

Our connection felt real. She was very genuine so was I. The chemistry between us was building up fast, I felt my cock harden a few times, and her body language told me everything I needed to know. Judy and Douglas ended up going to Judy's place and he told me later that he had a good night but that she was not someone he was going to pursue a relationship with.

It felt very Natural to ask Rochelle to come over, so we took a cab home. When we got there we were very hungry, so I baked us a pizza I in the oven, and we had a good time eating it and drinking wine, and made random jokes. I made up my mind, that I would not do anything sexual with her that night. I just felt that having sex with her that night would in a way have ruined the genuine mental connection that we had. A few hours later I called a cab for her, and when the cab showed up, I gave her a gentle kiss on her lips and wished her a good night.

We stayed in touch through occasional emails and text messages, talking about casual events in our lives. It stayed that way for a about three months. After that, we started seeing each other once a week or so, going to movies, playing pool or bowling, and the occasional classy dinner.
It felt very natural and good being around her. The energy between us was always soothing and warm, but there was something about her that got me baffled, I couldn't really put my fingers on at first, but soon enough I learned through one brief conversation and through my observation that she seems to feel happy and upbeat when I control her or restrain her from doing or saying things. It felt as though she felt more complete only when I allowed her to do something. She needed to know that it was okay with me before she felt satisfied doing it. I always felt a boost of sexual appetite every time she granted me this power. Rochelle liked me a lot, trusted me a lot, and wanted me so bad, but she wanted me to make the first move on her which was a beautiful thing.

It was Saturday night, when I was laying down watching television in my living room, when I heard a knock on the door, I opened it without looking, thinking it was my neighbor returning the shovel he had just borrowed. It had just stopped snowing. It was a very cold night of minus seventeen degrees celsius. I opened the door and here stood Rochelle covered in snow. I didn't know what to think or say. I was taken back that she would just show up at my door without calling or asking if she could come over. She had only been to my place once, the first time we met.
"Come In Rochelle", I said firmly. I asked her if she was in trouble or if her car broke down or something. She had definitely been walking for a while, I said to myself , seeing the amount of snow that was all over her. She sat on the sofa. Not a word was spoken for about five minutes. I stood up, looked out the window, and I saw her car perfectly parked right outside the two-level building where I lived. I realized that she must have been standing outside for a long time. "Where you just standing outside?", I asked very matterof factly with a slight tone of shock.

She didn't answer. I noticed my voice rising a little when I repeated my question angrily having had her ignore me the first time. "Yes", she said assertively. I walked towards her and asked her to get up and take her jacket off, which was soaking wet from the melting snow. When she stood up, she aggressively and violently kissed me and bit my bottom lip which caught me off guard, and was actually painful making my bottom lip form a little ball of blood. I didn't know what to think or feel. I was angered, I was shocked, but I was turned on. First she comes over without notice, then she acts all aloof, then she acts very odd, not to mention the injury she just caused me.

"That's enough", I shouted. "I need a detailed fucking explanation now!" She murmured something I couldn't fully understand, but I was pretty she said, "I love you". She spoke again saying that she misses me when we are not together, and that everything else seem meaningless when she is not with me and that she had waited forever to meet someone that can make her feel the way I did.
She added that every time she felt my power over her, she felt warm, she felt loved, she felt sexy, she felt beautiful, and that she often got wet. Then she reminded me how one time when I grabbed her wrist so hard that it left a mark for a week, to prevent her from crossing the street and almost getting hit by a car. She wanted to make love to me right there and then and said how she almost asked me to marry her. I had so many feeling and emotions running through me after I heard her words. It was too much that my brain couldn't even function properly.

"I will be back", I said.

I went to the bathroom and had a hot shower to release as much tension from my body as I could and got dressed as If I was going out. I went back to living room where Rochelle was still sitting the same way I left her.

" Get up, go to the kitchen, get two bowls. Fill one of them with hot water, and the other with a lot of ice cubes. Get a white towel from the bathroom. When you are done, put your palms on the kitchen counter and wait patiently," I said, as calmly as I possibly could. I sat down, and took a few minutes to gather my thought, debating whether I should do this or not. Everything in me said "Yes do it." I felt a rush of blood traveling down to my cock and I got as hard as I ever have as I thought about what I was about to do.

I got up and walked towards the bathroom in deliberate slow steps. When I got there, Rochelle did not even look back at me, she did exactly what I asked her to do, which turned me on even more.

"Rochelle, you never come see me without a prior notification. Do you understand?", I said firmly.

"Yes Sir", she replied, this is when I noticed that she knew what was coming her way.
I swung my arm as hard as I could and my palm met her right ass cheek. Her body moved forward from the force of the blow. "You misbehaved, Rochelle", I stated as I spanked her left cheek this time. My pace quickened as the spanking became more frequent. The longer the spanking went on the harder my cock got, and I really wanted to fuck her and come inside of her, but being the disciplined man that I am I dismissed the thought quickly.

I continued spanking her.for a few minutes. Hearing her screams and moans was intoxicating. My right palm got so red making me realize how her ass must have been feeling. I stopped for a while allowing her a break. Few minutes later, I asked her to stand straight. I took her pants and undies off and ordered her to get back to her original position which she gladly did. I got three ice cubes from the Ice bowl, and rubbed them slowly against her ass, and then I said, "Your ass is going to be very cold and wet and tender now Rochelle, and the pain is going to be ten times worse. So be ready for that".

"Okay, sir" She said, as I noticed a big smile on her face welcoming the pain from her master. I stood behind her, put both of my hands on her ass cheeks, as if to let her know that the spanking was about to begin. I spanked her right cheek hard, and left my palm resting on it for a minute. She screamed in pain but it felt very joyful too.

I started spanking her hard and fast, I could feel the vibration traveling down to her toes and up to her neck. The pain was getting very intense but she never asked me to stop. For a while she got quiet as I suddenly heard her crying. I stopped and I looked down at her, and I saw tears streaming down her face into the counter. Something about that sight turned me on even more, I went back and started spanking her more, adding more tears on the counter, more wetness to her clit and more blood to my cock. I spanked her one last time as hard as I humanly can, causing her to scream and break down crying some more. I stopped, walked away for five minutes to gather my strength. I came back. grabbed the towel and dipped it in warm water, and started gently caressing her ass, comforting her wounds. My finger marks on her ass turned me on even more, but it was time to comfort her. I kept rubbing her ass gently. I could feel that she was glad that I really cared as she said, "Thank you, Sir".

As she calmed down I started taking my pants and underwear off. I pulled out my throbbing cock, and I knew it was never going to go soft unless I shot my load. I simply said, "Rochelle, may I fuck you?"

"Yes you may, sir", she answered politely. I examined my cock some more, and I was dripping precum. I wiped it off with my hand, guided it gently inside Rochelle's throbbing pussy. She was very very tight, but entering her was easy despite my very thick cock. She was very wet, I slid inside of her, and it felt very good. The heat coming out of her ass cheeks added to the intensity of my desire to fuck her. I started moving in and out gently at first. I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to cum, my seeds were hungry to be inside of her. I started getting close, but I pulled out the last second, stroked my cock fast, as my cum started coming out of my throbbing penis covering her ass and back with what seemed to be an abnormal amount of cum.

I collapsed on her for a minute, feeling my own cum between our bodies. I moved away.
She reached back with one hand, and started rubbing the cum on her back first, then her ass, using it to sooth her wounds and to comfort her inner desires knowing that my own sperm is penetrating her skin.

I went to the bathroom, ran warm water. Filled up the tub. Turned the lights off. Lit seven scented candles. Went back to her and picked her up and placed her gently in the tub, and used a sponge and soap to clean her up and comfort her. I rinsed her up and got her out, then helped her get dressed.

I sat down, so she did. She finally smiled and said, "I have never felt so content, so fulfilled, so sexy, so womanly, so beautiful. Thank you very much, sir". She then stood up and made two steps towards me and gave me the most loving hug I have ever felt.

I went and cleaned up a little, changed my clothes. "Lets go have dinner somewhere nice" I said as I smiled widely. She smiled back.

We went and had my favorite dinner at my favorite restaurant. We had a great time, it we felt like we were truly born for each other. Right there and then, we both knew that she is now mine and mine only and I knew that she is the woman I have always wanted and waited for.

I drove her home that night, she gave me a gentle kiss on the lips before she got off the car and said "Thank you sir," and smiled.

I got home not even noticing that I have just driven for five miles. True happiness is what I just found. This is how it felt to me at least.
I went to sleep and had a dreamless night. When I woke up in the morning I felt like I had just slept for a year or so. I naturally picked up the phone and called Rochelle. She answered instantly, as I said, "I love you too Rochelle," and wished her a nice day then said bye and hung up.

At last... Beautiful and true.

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