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Open Day at the Academy - Part 1

Charlotte and Hayley are spanked by Mrs. Denver in front of strangers
25-year-old Charlotte had to work late as there was an open day for next year’s potential intake, and 19-year-old Hayley, being one of the seniors, came in to help. Charlotte and Hayley were in one of the classrooms when three mothers came in with their 16-year-old daughters and started asking Charlotte about the school. Charlotte had the answers off pat and answered all of the Mum’s questions.

One of the Mum’s asked about discipline. Charlotte explained that yes, the Academy was strict, and there was the usual system of detentions and lines, but when asked about persistent misbehaviour, eyeing her own daughter as she asked, Hayley stepped in with, “Well, in that case they get sent to the Principal, who dispenses corporal punishment.”

“ Really?” asked the mother, and Charlotte saw the daughter blush. Charlotte thought she had better explain. “Each girl on her first occasion of being disciplined gets her own page started in the Punishment Book. That lists each punishment, giving the reason and the punishment earned.”

“ Like?” queried the Mum.

“ Oh, a bare bottom spanking is quite common but the really naughty ones and persistent offenders get the cane.”

Hayley smiled as she realised all the 16 year old girls were clearly uncomfortable with the thought, so she decided to have some fun at their expense and said, “Oh don’t worry, as the old witch will only spank you if you earn it. Mind you, she is very strict so you will have to watch your step.”

Charlotte caught on quickly and continued the banter saying, “Yes, if you do get spanked by the old battleaxe it means a sore bottom for quite a while, oh and lots of tears, before you are back to normal.”

Charlotte and Hayley were enjoying winding the 16 year olds up. They knew most parents were aware that this was a strict Academy and were already set on choosing it for their son or daughter.

One mum asked pointedly, “If it’s so strict here how come you are so rude about the Principal?

“ Oh well, I’m her daughter and Charlotte here is her secretary so we aren’t scared of her.”

Charlotte and Hayley shrieked with laughter, just as Mrs. Denver entered the room. She had been listening outside for a few minutes, and ordered seriously, “I see you are discussing discipline at the Academy. Why don’t we all go to my study and we can discuss this further.”

Charlotte and Hayley blushed, the three mums looked at each other and nodded, but the 16 year olds just could not stop smiling and one even winked at Charlotte who was biting her lip with worry. They all trooped off together and in a few minutes the study door was closed. Mrs. Denver sat in her chair behind her desk, Charlotte and Hayley were told to stand in front of the desk, and the three mums and their daughters stood by the wall looking on.

Mrs. Denver directed her comments to the mum’s but knew the girls were all ears.

“I am going to explain our discipline regime so you can understand what happens to disobedient students. Now, let’s suppose that Hayley and Charlotte here are two girls who have been naughty and sent to me, let’s say for saying rude things about me.” Mrs. Denver looked pointedly at her daughter and secretary before continuing, “Charlotte here would put the Punishment Book on my desk; Charlotte, it’s in the cupboard. Please go and get it, will you?”

Charlotte and Hayley kept blushing, knowing they would be disciplined. Charlotte got the Punishment Book, and Mrs. Denver opened it.

“First I look for the right page,” and soon enough she opened the page headed, “Charlotte Johnson.” Hayley grinned when she saw there must be at least two dozen entries on Charlotte’s page.

Mrs. Denver seemed to delight in the embarrassment she knew she was meting out as she read out the various entries including bare bottom spankings, the hairbrush, 12 strokes of the cane on the bare and the like and all several times. Hayley listened with glee and it made her pussy wet thinking about it.

Mrs. Denver then found Hayley’s page who got even more aroused when her own much longer discipline record was read out.

Mrs. Denver continued, “You will see that both girls have earned quite a few spankings and have been caned several times, and I will be making another entry today on the page for both girls. First of all though I will discuss the reason each girl has been sent to me. Now, let’s assume the answers confirm discipline is required. I will stand up and go and stand behind the student.”

Mrs. Denver stood behind her 19-year-old daughter. She was quite used to her mum spanking her, but knew it would be so humiliating to be spanked in front of all these strangers but even so she was getting an even wetter pussy just thinking about it.

“I tuck her skirt in to her waist band like so, which leaves her knickers showing, and I smack her like so.”

The room resounded to the hard smack on Hayley’s bottom, which startled everyone. The three mums gasped, the three girls looked shocked, Charlotte scrunched up her face and Hayley gasped.

“I ask a few more questions which normally leads to several more spanks, like so,” and again the sound of hand on knickers filled the room as Mrs. Denver applied several hard spanks to her daughter's bottom.

Mrs. Denver continued, “Then once I have all the answers I will decide upon an appropriate punishment.”

Hayley listened as her mum announced, “Let’s say this time for being rude about me I think a spanking is justified I will take the young lady over to the discipline chair. Come on,” she added tugging at her daughters arm.

Hayley turned and followed her mum glancing at the group standing by the wall. The three mums were quite attentive but the three girls were forcing themselves not to laugh. They weren’t in trouble after all. Hayley caught Charlotte’s eye and she gave her a supportive smile which turned to a frozen stare when she realised Mrs. Denver was looking angrily straight at her. The mums picked up the stare and followed her gaze to a now anxious looking Charlotte.

“All spankings are on the bare,” and the 19 year old stood by her mum who yanked her skirt down and then put her thumbs inside her daughter’s knickers waistband and as her daughter held her breath yanked them down to her ankles. Hayley stepped out of skirt and knickers and Mrs. Denver said sharply, “Get across my lap, my girl.”

A still red faced Hayley did as she was told and seconds later was balancing across her mum's lap, her hands on the floor, her bare bottom staring up at her mum, a position she knew well of course.

“ A vigorous spanking is then given,” Mrs. Denver said and immediately started to spank her daughter, quick hard spanks plastering her bottom.

Charlotte looked around and saw all the mums and daughters looking ogle eyed at the spanking and in particular at Hayley’s bottom which was being bounced around by her mum’s spanking hand as it was turned a deep pink and the 19 year old was starting to squirm around showing her growing discomfort as her bottom was soundly spanked.

Mrs. Denver stopped after giving her daughter quite a severe spanking and said, “When I don’t think a hand spanking has given the required lesson, I use a paddle or hairbrush for a while. Charlotte, please get me the paddle brush from the cupboard.”

Charlotte was conscious of all the eyes following her as she went to the cupboard and opened the door. The string of straps and canes and hairbrushes were easily seen and as she turned she saw the 16-year-old girl’s looking at each other with foreboding.

Charlotte walked over to Mrs. Denver with the required paddle brush and handed it to her. Mrs. Denver smiled and then said to the group, “Of course as two girls were involved in the quite disgraceful discussion when I was called by Charlotte a battleaxe, then the second girl will also be disciplined. So Hayley, get up and stand with your hands on your head, and you, Charlotte, knickers and skirt off please and get across my lap so I can use the hairbrush you so kindly brought over.”

Charlotte wasn’t expecting such a fast turnaround but a few moments later whilst Hayley was standing with her hands on her head, her red bottom and her naked hair mound clearly visible to the watching mum’s and daughters, Charlotte was now draped across Mrs. Denver’s lap, her bottom waiting to be turned red by her boss, and soon enough she felt the wooden paddle brush as Mrs. Denver tapped her bottom a couple of times.

Next moment there was a gasp from the audience as the brush was raised and brought down sharply on Charlotte’s bottom, Charlotte let out a louder gasp but as Mrs. Denver kept on spanking her with the brush so she started to squirm around just as Hayley had done, but the spanking was more intense more quickly and Charlotte could not stop her legs kicking out, at least until Mrs. Denver gave her several sharp spanks on the back of her thighs which forced her to stop. Mrs. Denver continued spanking Charlotte’s bare bottom pointing out to her audience,

“You will see how a spanking soon concentrates the mind, makes the young lady, or man, in question suddenly obedient and can often quickly generate the promise never to be naughty again.”

Still the spanks rained down as she continued, “I have found it better to have that conversation only afterwards when the young lady is standing obediently with her hands on her head and with a very sore bottom.”

Charlotte bucked and kicked and the severe spanking left her crying freely because the pain was overwhelming. Mrs. Denver must have been given well over a hundred spanks with the brush before she put the hard implement down on her desk and said, “I wait until I am sure the tears are real. Young ladies in particular are so very good at pretending you know.”

The mum’s nodded in agreement.

Mrs. Denver told Charlotte to stand up next to Hayley and also put her hands on her head. Both girls now stood with their red bottoms on view.

The mum who asked Charlotte and Hayley all the questions in the classroom then asked, “When would you use the cane Mrs. Denver?”

“A very good question. Let’s see, if I thought these two young ladies still hadn’t learned their lesson I would ask Charlotte to fetch me one of the canes. So, let’s assume they still haven’t satisfied me shall we?” Without waiting for a reply from anyone she announced, “Please fetch me the cane, Charlotte,” and watched as Charlotte almost slouched back over to the cupboard.

“Make it the senior cane, will you Charlotte?” and then looked at the mum’s and said, “The younger girls get the 6 mm nursery cane, but I use the 12 mm senior one on the older girls.”

Charlotte took the cane from the cupboard and turned just as one of the girls said, “Wow!” so everyone could hear, but one of the other girl’s whispered a rather more offensive swear word although the 16 year old froze when she realised that Mrs. Denver had heard it.

Mrs. Denver asked the girl who swore, “What is your name young lady?”

“Lucy,” came the subdued response.

Mrs. Denver waited for a respectful Miss to be added but it didn’t come so said sharply, “You will always address me as Miss.”

“Yes Miss,” came the speedy response from the very worried 16 year old.

“You know, young lady, maybe you should see what it is like across my lap. You did swear didn’t you? So a few spanks are required I think?”

“Please don’t, I won’t do it again Miss,” Lucy said anxiously.

Her mum knew this is exactly why her wilful and unruly daughter was being sent to the Academy and maybe a short sharp spanking will do her daughter good, so she said, “Go on Lucy, you are going to be coming here anyway, so if you swore you should accept your punishment. Look on it that it is an open day so it is for trying things out.”

Lucy scowled, blushed, and made it very clear she disapproved although reckoned a few hand spanks will be nothing compared to what she is going to say to her mum when they got home. Still, Lucy went over to Mrs. Denver, who looked at her and said in a falsely kind tone,

“Of course, I told you I spank bare bottom,” Mrs. Denver said casually whilst lifting up the girls skirt and yanking down her knickers. Lucy looked intently at the floor whilst her mum watched hiding a smile as her daughter was being swiftly undressed, her knickers lying on the floor just where she will see them when being spanked.

Mrs. Denver patted her knee, and helped the girl bend down across her lap.

“Just a couple of minutes this time, and we will put it down to your swearing,” Mrs. Denver said as she gave the 16 year old a dozen solid spanks on each bottom cheek before asking, “Getting through to you?”

“Bitch,” Lucy hissed when she realised the hand spanks were much harder than she expected, although immediately regretted saying that, and hastily tried to screw around and look at Mrs. Denver to apologise but was stopped by a dozen of the hardest spanks she had ever received.

Mrs. Denver said very firmly, “That will be a full five minutes now for calling me a rude name and for continually failing to address me as Miss,” and immediately started to spank the unfortunate 16 year old who was soon squirming and kicking and sobbing.

Mrs. Denver spanked Lucy hard for the full five minutes. She kept kicking and squirming and begging Mrs. Denver to stop but all to no avail. She had never, ever, been spanked so hard, and when she eventually was allowed to stand she was red eyed, bright red bottomed, and very very sorry, bouncing from foot to foot, rubbing her bottom fiercely but the pain wouldn’t go away. It had been a very long time since anyone had punished her, and she didn’t like it.

A now repentant and surprisingly respectful Lucy said, “I’m sorry Miss, really sorry.”

Mrs. Denver was pleased the girl was now respectful, and her mum wondered at the change in her daughter after one spanking, quite remarkable given the traumas she had trying to control her at home.

“ OK Lucy, stand with your hands on your head and watch. Now where were we?” Mrs. Denver asked and remembering continued, “Oh yes, the cane.”

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