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Open Day at the Academy - Part 2

Charlotte and Hayley are spanked by Mrs. Denver in front of strangers
Please read Part 1 first ....

Mrs. Denver held the cane and turned to Hayley and Charlotte and said, “Move the second chair over, Charlotte, and then you can bend over and grab a chair each.”

A few moments later and both girls were bent over with their reddened bottoms pointed towards the group of mum’s and 16 year olds. The mum’s still watched approvingly whilst the 16 year olds looked on eagerly, never having seen anyone caned before. They were agog.

Mrs. Denver positioned herself and tapped Hayley’s bottom instructing, “Stick your bottom out further, please,” and then did the same to Charlotte. She stood behind Charlotte suddenly feeling aroused by the sight of her glistening pussy as she slipped the cane between her secretary’s thighs and whisked the cane lightly from inner thigh to inner thigh saying, “Legs a bit further apart please.” She felt a tingle between her own legs and a longing to run her fingers along Charlotte’s wet pussy but restrained herself.

Charlotte almost climaxed as the cane whipped against her thighs, becoming so aroused, and even hoped her boss would flick the cane upwards against her pussy, but was disappointed.

Mrs. Denver took up her caning position and tapped Hayley’s bottom twice before drawing the cane back and thrashed it down hard on her daughters bottom drawing a gasp both from her and from all the mum’s and 16 year olds. Charlotte shuddered as she felt Mrs. Denver adjust her position before the whoosh of air was followed by the thwack and racing pain as the cane bit in to her own bottom cheeks.

Mrs. Denver didn’t stop but simply adjusted her footing before giving alternate strokes to each girl leaving only seconds between each hard stroke. Red lines appeared across both bottoms and the sobbing of each girl started apace as six strokes apiece were soon delivered at a blistering pace.

Their cries filled the room but Mrs. Denver said, “It is unusual for girls to fail to respond to the cane,” and then after a gap she added, “Well, to twelve strokes anyway, so girls, your bottoms out, please,” and as both girl’s stuck their red lined bottoms back out there were further gasps as Mrs. Denver applied six more strokes to each bottom reducing both girl’s to deep sobs and very wet faces.

“Right girls, back to the desk so I can complete the discipline book,” and as Mrs. Denver sat down Hayley and Charlotte stood obediently in front of her desk, their hands on their heads, their reddened and striped bottoms still very much on show for those present, both sobbing as the pain continued right across their stinging bottoms.

“Lucy, you had better stand here as well as you have been spanked,” Mrs. Denver said and waited for the 16 year old to quickly join the other two, her skirt and knickers still on the floor and her red bottom also on show.

“Right then, Hayley you have been spanked and received twelve with the cane and you, Charlotte, have been paddled and also received twelve with the cane, whilst you Lucy have been put across my lap and spanked. Is that right?”

Hayley and Charlotte said in unison “Yes Miss, thank you, Miss.” Lucy repeated the answer more quietly.

Mrs. Denver filled in the two pages of the Punishment Book for Charlotte and Hayley and then took out three discipline letters and as she filled them in explained,

“When a student is disciplined I have them take a letter back to their parents explaining they have been punished and strongly suggesting they discipline the student themselves at home as well. I have to tell you almost all parents do so. The letter must be signed by the parent and returned to me the following day.”

This time the 16 year olds looked at each other wide eyed as they realised that means they get spanked at home as well as at the Academy, and again the mums smiled their approval.

Lucy’s mum said, “Well I will most certainly participate Mrs. Denver.”

Mrs. Denver smiled at Lucy’s mum, and added, “We do like the parents to be involved in the discipline procedures.”

The three mums nodded, looking at each other as they did so.

Mrs. Denver then stared at Charlotte and Hayley in turn. She was still fuming.

“You will not speak of me so rudely to anyone, understood?”

“Yes, mum.”

“Yes, Mrs. Denver.”

“Good, but not good enough.” Mrs. Denver first turned to Hayley and said,

“You will take a double detention.”

Mrs. Denver turned to the mum’s and said, “A double detention means two hours detention after classes and for someone with Hayley’s poor discipline record twelve strokes of the cane at the detention.”

The mum’s nodded with approval, the 16 year olds were not nearly as impressed.

“Does she get a letter as well?” one of the mums’s asked.

“Oh yes,” Mrs. Denver replied. That also got nods of approval from the mum’s and creased faces of anticipated pain from the 16 year olds.

Hayley groaned, more annoyed she will have to spend two hours at the Academy after class rather than the more minor issue that she will get the cane. However she knew she was now getting very close to six detentions in a month and when that last happened to a first year boy he got caned in front of the whole Academy. Hayley really wanted to experience that at some stage so was working out how best to get two more detentions next week.

Mrs. Denver turned to Charlotte and said, “You are my secretary and I expect better of you. On the next detention night you will attend my Study for twelve strokes of the cane. I will be sending a letter home to your mum as well for to her to put you across her lap and spank your bare bottom with a wooden paddle hairbrush. As you cannot sit detention you will also do 100 lines, and it will be a stroke of the cane for every mistake.”

It was Charlotte’s turn to groan.

Mrs. Denver added as a statement, “Last time you made eight mistakes Charlotte.”

Another of the mum’s asked, “What if the student brings a letter home and just sulks, hoping to get their own way all the time.”

“No problem at all, Mrs. Denver replied, “just let her come in the following day without the letter being signed. I will give her the same punishment again just as hard and two strokes of the cane as an extra. She’ll ask you to sign the letter then, or risk a third punishment.”

The mum beamed a smile. Her daughter realised the undoubted logic and even rubbed her own bottom which her mum saw, and smiled.

Mrs. Denver looked at the hapless Lucy and said, “As I spanked you for swearing and being so rude, Lucy, I have a letter for you.”

Lucy’s mouth dropped open but Mrs. Denver ignored her and looked at her mum, saying, “It would be helpful if you would telephone Charlotte at least a week before term starts and confirm whether you gave Lucy her spanking so I will know if I need to schedule a full spanking and caning for her on the first day of term.”

Lucy closed her mouth, not daring to say anything.

Mrs. Denver continued directing her comment to Lucy’s mum, “I suggest you use your hand on her bare bottom for as long as you can then a hundred or so with a leather slipper. Make sure her whole bottom is reddened. Is that ok?”

“Yes Mrs. Denver,” Lucy’s mum said, beaming. After all her daughter is better behaved already so the Academy is definitely the right choice for her. Giving her a spanking today will be an unexpected bonus.

“Well Lucy?” Mrs. Denver asked sharply.

“Yes, Miss,” a now distressed but respectful Lucy replied, and her mum almost gasped as she hadn’t heard her daughter be so polite in years.

Mrs. Denver added, “Lucy, you don’t want to lose the letter so I suggest you give it to your mum now and ask her to make sure she gives you your spanking as soon as you get home.”

Lucy grimaced but said, “Yes Miss,” turned and did what she was told feeling humiliated having to ask her mum for a spanking in front of the others but knowing she had met in Mrs. Denver someone she had to obey.

Her mum replied solemnly, “Yes Lucy, I will be sure to give the very hard spanking Mrs. Denver suggests when we get home.”

Lucy realised this was a very different outcome to the verbal haranguing she was going to give her mum.

Mrs. Denver settled back in her chair satisfied she had settled the score with Hayley and Charlotte, and set Lucy on the path to good behaviour, and asked the three mums’, “Well I hope that demonstrated how the discipline system works here?”

The mum who had asked most of the questions replied, “Yes thank you Mrs. Denver. I have to say my daughter will most certainly be coming to your Academy, if you will have her of course.” She didn’t look at her daughter and so didn’t see her mouth drop open as though to argue although she thought better of it.

The other mums added their assurances any place offered will be accepted.

Mrs. Denver smiled good-naturedly and said, “I think I can promise all three of your daughters will be most welcome,” then added, “Perhaps you would all care to go to the hall as tea is being served about now. I will come as soon as I have tidied up here.”

The mum’s and their daughters said thank you, waited for Lucy to get quickly dressed, and left the Study, leaving Mrs. Denver with her daughter and Secretary. “I hope that has taught you both never ever to call me names,” she snapped.

“Yes, Miss,” and “Yes, Mum,” they said in unison.

“Right you two, get dressed and go and wash your faces then come back and see me, both of you,” and smiled as the two girls collected their things and dressed quickly. Both girls then left the Study together and went to the bathroom.

“That will teach us I guess,” Charlotte said still laughing and rubbing her bottom.

Hayley smiled, a friendly smile, and said, “What a thing, getting disciplined on our bare bottoms in front of all those strangers. What a turn on.”

“Was it?” Charlotte asked, surprised, although aware her pussy was wet.

Hayley blushed as she realised what she had said, laughed, saw Charlotte laugh back, and they hugged each other. Hayley pulled her head back, looked at Charlotte, and without asking kissed her. Charlotte wanted her to stop but somehow the moment passed and she kissed Hayley back, their tongues entwined. Hayley put her hand down the front of Charlotte’s knickers and realised they were damp and assumed Charlotte’s feelings were directed at her so continued. Charlotte was now too aroused to stop and her fingers searched out Hayley’s pussy and soon both were bringing the other to long gasps of orgasm.

“Charlotte, you are so beautiful,” Hayley enthused then added, blushing, “the sick bay is close by, and they have a bed.”

Charlotte pulled back and said, “Oh Hayley, I am so so sorry, but it’s your mum I fancy, like I mean I seriously fancy her.”

“Oh!” Hayley said extremely disappointed for a moment before saying brightly, “Hey no probs, my mistake. Anyway, I’m cool with it Charlotte, in fact I think Mum likes you. Let’s go back and see shall we?”

Both girls got back to the Study and stood in front of Mrs. Denver’s desk.

“Sorry, Mum,” Hayley said.

“Sorry Mrs. Denver,” Charlotte said afterwards.

Hayley ventured, “About the detentions?”

Mrs. Denver snapped, “Don’t, Hayley. You will attend those detentions and get caned, and you will hand me your letter from today and you know what that gets you tonight.”

Hayley blushed and said very quietly, “Yes, Mum.”

“Hhhmm,” Mrs. Denver muttered, “when will you two learn?” and sat back in her chair. “I know,” Mrs. Denver said, “I’m still jolly annoyed with the two of you. Charlotte, why don’t you join Hayley and me for dinner at our house and I can give you your spanking together? What do you say Charlotte?”

“What about the letter to Mum, she will need to sign it won’t she?” asked Charlotte.

Mrs. Denver replied, “I can deal with tonight’s spanking for her and sign your letter.”

“Oh, OK, I guess you spanking me will do me as much good,” she agreed. Just as she had wished for. What a surprise, thought Charlotte.

Mrs. Denver said happily, “I’ll make you a nice dinner and you can stay over. There’s no work tomorrow so we can go shopping, or do anything else you want to do.”

Charlotte knew what she wanted to do and it involved a bed but she needed to be alone with Mrs. Denver.

Hayley saw her chance to help Charlotte and said, “I can’t, Mum, as I’m going to Beth’s tomorrow and staying for the weekend.” At least Hayley will call Beth afterwards and invite herself.

“Oh you didn’t mention that Hayley. Well then, Charlotte, why not stay the weekend if you like? It will be company for me.”

Charlotte looked at Hayley who didn’t say anything then back at Mrs. Denver and said, “Yes, please,” then added laughing, “I suppose I had better be well behaved Mrs. Denver.”

She replied sternly, “In fact you had better be very well behaved,” giving a friendly smile.

Charlotte looked at Hayley when she thought Mrs. Denver wasn’t looking and mouthed “Thank you,” but didn’t notice in fact she did see and immediately knew what it meant. Mrs. Denver almost came in her knickers.

“ Good, then that’s sorted” Mrs. Denver announced, finally confident she would be making love to her secretary by tomorrow tonight. The two girls were told to get going and as they left the Study Mrs. Denver already had her hand down her knickers rubbing her wet pussy thinking about the weekend ahead with her beloved Charlotte, hoping the time had come for them to make love.

Charlotte was also thinking about the weekend and how she would ensure she would be anything but very well behaved. A spanking tonight was a definite, and she hoped that maybe when they were alone Mrs. Denver would kiss her sore bottom better, and they would make the most passionate love.

Both Mrs. Denver and Charlotte knew a spanking was the first order of events that evening; long, hard, and painful. Both knew they would later masturbate themselves to sleep. Neither could wait to see what the next day would then bring.

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