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Our Special Chair

My wife and I find a special chair in an antique store
If you have read any of my stories, you know that my loving wife, Nancy, spanks me. I feel that I deserve them and I am spanked for not paying attention to my wife and her needs, or when I have badly treated her friends. Lots of times I do something stupid, and then I am also spanked.

Now Nancy has made Wednesdays my maintenance spanking day. She said I now need a maintenance spanking to make sure I keep showing her and her friends proper respect. This is how my maintenance spanking works. Every Wednesday when I come home from work and before we eat supper, I am spanked. I am expected to take off all of my clothes except for my shoes and socks, and bend over our special chair.

This is a special wooden chair we picked up at an antique store. It is a very strongly built wooden chair that has a very wide seat on it. It is also different because it had a low back to it, which makes it easy for me to kneel on the chair and bend over it. We found the chair in an antique store that was in the middle of a lot of farmland. My wife and I were driving around and we decided to get away from the busy city life and drive around in the country. That’s when we spotted this nice little antique store in the middle of nowhere. The store was locked but it had a sign on the door to stop by the nearby farmhouse for assistance. We were greeted at the house by a young woman who unlocked the antique store for us.

“I’ll be around the cashier’s desk in case you have any questions,” the young woman said.

The store was filled with many fine glass glasses and jewelry, and my wife put many on the cashier’s desk for us to buy.

“There is a wonderful collection of furniture in the basement, if you are interested,” the woman said.

So the basement lights were turned on for us and we went downstairs. The store had all of these old roll-top desks and old dining room sets. It was nice to see well-made furniture again, made out of sturdy oak. In the back of the room, way over in the corner of the room was the very wide dark oak chair. When I first saw it, I thought it must have been specially made for a heavy weight person, and walked right by the chair. But when my wife Nancy saw it, she called me over to look at it again.

“Look at this chair, Clyde.” My wife said. “I think it would work perfectly for your spankings.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” I replied.

“Just knell on the chair for me and spread your legs.” My wife said.

I have learned that if I don’t obey my wife she will spank me right then and there, so I knelt on the chair.

“Now bend over it and try to hold onto the lower rung of the chair.”

I did so and I was aware my bottom was way up in the air.

My wife gave me a few hand spanks and said; “I think this would work nicely for me. It puts your bottom at the correct height for your spankings. Let’s try it out for real. Take off your pants and underwear for me.” My wife said.

“But what if anyone sees me?” I pleaded.

“This store is in the middle of nowhere and we are the only ones in the store, so take them off now.”

So I took off my pants and underwear and knelt on this newly found chair. I didn’t think I would be spanked on our ride in the country.

“This chair is very wide, so spread your knees apart and bend clear over it and grab the lower rung again.” My wife ordered.

Now I felt very exposed and vulnerable. My penis and balls were clearly exposed and hanging between my legs, and bent over like this separated my bottom cheeks.

“You look real good this way. I really like this chair.” My wife said.

Then I heard some footsteps and heard a voice say, “You have been downstairs for a while and I was wondering if you had any questions or needed help?” She must of suddenly noticed me bent over the chair because she said, “Oh, my! That is a different use for that chair. Do you spank your husband?”

“Yes I do.” My wife replied. I felt embarrassed being exposed to a young woman we had just met. I started to stand up and my wife said, “Bend back over the chair and don’t you dare move until I tell you to.”

“I sometimes spank my husband too,” the young woman said. “Let me show you some special stuff I have down here.”

In about a minute, the woman returned with a big paper shopping bag full of stuff. “Let me demonstrate what I think could be helpful for you. First is this old riding crop.”

Then I felt her hit me on my upper thighs and on my exposed penis and balls. “It is good to keep his attention while you are spanking him. Another one is this old large wooden paddle with holes in it. This one was used in the old school house.” She gave my poor exposed bare bottom several whacks with it. The paddle really stung a lot.

She proceeded to demonstrate all of the paddles and other assorted spanking implements on me. My wife also tried them out to see how well they worked.

When I thought all of the items were used on me and I thought my terrible ordeal was over, the young woman said, “Wait here one more minute. I think I know one more thing that might help with his spankings.”

She returned with this piece of wood that was about 15 inches long and had long straps attacked to it. “Is it okay if I try it on him?” The young woman asked my wife.

“Go ahead. I’m interested in seeing what it does.” My wife said.

“I noticed your husband tends to move his knees together when being spanked. This was made for something else, but lets see what this does?”

So she put the wood on the seat of the chair between my knees and the wide straps went around my thighs. This made it so that there was no way my knees would come closer together. What made things even worse for me, I actually was getting excited from being spanked by this young woman and my wife, and I became even more excited when she was so close to me putting this new wooden thing in place.

After it was securely fastened between my knees, she reached between my legs and held on to my erect penis and balls and said, “See, now you can play with him all you want during his spanking”. Then the young woman went back upstairs.

My wife continued spanking me and even decided to milk me, since my knees stayed apart. Then my wife decided to buy the chair, all of the spanking implements, and the knee spreader.

So that is how we got this spanking chair that is now used for my maintenance spankings every Wednesday. We keep it in the kitchen, and if anyone asks about it, we say we have it in case some over weight people come over to eat with us.
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