over the table

By msjackie

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life brings some vey harsh changes to this self satisfied wife!!
I submitted this story to Lush some time ago and it was published on the site, I have been asked to republish it.

I always thought we had such a simple life; happily married, great friends, nice house, and good holidays, what else was there?

I love my husband to the extreme, and he loves me; sex was regular and fun (for me) with lots of caressing and intimacy.

So it is not hard to imagine my slight uneasiness when my husband called me on my mobile saying he was coming home early and we needed to have a serious talk. He would say no more, just that he would be home in half an hour.

I was beside myself with worry, what had I done? What on earth was there to talk about so suddenly? Was there possibly someone else? The worry in my stomach grew and made me feel nauseous. I ran to the door as his keys opened the lock.

"What’s wrong baby, what on earth is the matter?"

My husband held me and said "It's Ok, just sit down and let's talk."

Nervously, I sat down at our large oval dining table, it was the place we always discussed things. The table had been in my husband's family for generations, and he was extremely proud of the fine piece of old oak furniture.

Things changed in my life from that point.

My husband did not waste any time and said that he was getting worried our life was going stale. He felt that everything was predictable; from getting up to going to bed it all followed a pattern and it was stifling him, it had to change.

I could not comprehend, what he was saying? This was our life, what was there otherwise?

"Ok," he said. "What would have happened had I not called you and come home at 5.30 as usual?"

I said his dinner would be cooking; we would chat about his work, and maybe have a glass of wine over dinner.

"Then what?" he asked.

Thinking about it I said, "Well we would watch some TV, then go to bed after a hot drink together."

"Exactly," he said, "and what if we had sex?"

I was a little taken aback and said, "Well, I guess we would have it."

He leaned forward and asked, "What position would you be in?"

"Lying on my back as I do," I said.

He looked at me for some time ,"and then after?" he asked.

I could not understand ,"After?"

"Yes after, after I have cum inside you and rolled off you, back to my side of the bed?" he asked rather pointedly.

I was getting embarrassed by his questions as this had never happened before. "Well, I would wipe myself with the tissues on the bedside and go to sleep."

"And you say we are not predictable and stale? This has to change, Jackie."

I felt tears starting to well in my eyes. "It's over." I thought.

Pete took my hand and said "I love you Jackie, more than life, we have to keep that alive”. His face was earnest as he spoke, ” Now you are a good wife and actually quite obedient, running round after me, making sure everything is right, we are just going to take it to the next level that is all."

I felt relief but I was still confused.

Pete looked at me,"What I mean is my love, is that from now on, what if I am in total command of your everyday life?”,asked Pete, “ you like to please me and this way , you will!!".

I was still confused.

Pete leaned towards me. "Jackie, I would like to add something different to our life” he whispered.” I really, really want you to become my obedient wife in every respect".

In surprise I asked,” I thought I was Pete, what do you mean?”

Smiling his best salesman smile he said, "I will tell you what you wear, how to behave, and what to do each day.”

He took my hands, “You will simply obey me, nothing else. You become my pampered pet when you are good, and if you misbehave then you will get punished for it."

I could not understand what was going on, my ears picked up on the word ‘Punish’. My eyebrows raised.

Pete leant further towards me, "Just part of it all Jackie, let’s put some excitement back in our life.” He smiled,”We will have a Master and Submissive relationship”.” Squeezing my hand, he said, “If you are naughty, well then, you get spanked, you used to love a bit of a spanking you know" he laughed.

I had a quick recollection of being over his knee a few years ago and not letting him know just how much I enjoyed it.

Petes eyes sparkled, "Just do it Jackie" he said "Do it for me, do it for us, do it for yourself, just say yes!”.

His shoulders relaxed, “We can change things back or around but come on babe!, let’s get some excitement going!"

I had to admit I saw his point about being predictable, and yes a 'bit of spice' could be fun. Anyway this would just be a game, a passing whim; we would soon be back to normal.

I nodded and said, "If it's really what you want then Pete, OK, but what exactly do you have in mind?”, I asked “ Just how far does this go”. Raising my eyebrows again I asked, “What if I don't like it”.

Pete thought for a second,"Say the magic word, Niagara, and it all stops". Niagara had always held a meaning for us since our honeymoon

I turned over in my mind what he had said, my stomach fluttering like a schoolgirl on her first date.

"OK 'Master' where do we start?" I asked cheekily.

Pete sat back and laughed, "That is not for you to ask, now go and make me a drink".

Instantly I got up and took a beer from the fridge, opening it and giving it to Pete. I received a "Good Girl”, for doing so.

"This is easy", I thought.

Then, nothing, he checked his emails, we went to bed and he went to work the next day.

"As I thought ", I told myself.”Flash in the pan"

The phone rang at 2.30 that afternoon it was Pete.

"Hi Hun", I cheerily answered.

"Jackie" said Pete, his tone was strict and different, "You are to polish the dining table today, I will inspect it when I return home".

"But I did it yesterday and..."

Pete cut in, "Do not question me, Jackie do as I say".

He continued in his confident tone. "When I return you are to be wearing your black low cut top, your white miniskirt and stockings with high heels, you will then take me to inspect the table"

In surprise I said, "But, but I don't have a white miniskirt or black top you know that Pete,Pete?"

The silence continued then Pete spoke, “I will be home at 6 o'clock tonight, you WILL meet me as I described, now do as you are told. Make sure you obey my every word”. His tone softened a little, “You agreed, don't back out now, come on Jackie put your heart and soul into it".

His tone was soft but totally authoritative, all I could do was stammer,"Yes, Pete".

The phone went dead.

"What the Fuck?" was all I could say.

Then I thought about it. The mall was only a half hour drive; I could get a white miniskirt there although I hadn’t worn one for years. A black low cut top would be easy to find. I had stockings and garters somewhere but I would need to dig them out of one of my drawers, to be honest they were not the kind of thing I wore nowadays!

So it was to be a quick trip to the shops, then give the table an even quicker wipe and all would be fine.

I grabbed the car keys and saw my reflection; there was excitement in my eyes.

"Who knows" I thought, "maybe something different will be good after all"

I decided I had time to get a quick hair wash and dry while I was out.

My God, a miniskirt! Well my legs were still good and my figure was pretty damn fine so, this could be nice.


I was standing by the door waiting for Pete, feeling very satisfied with myself.

I had purchased a white miniskirt which was a loose fitting cheerleader style, a good nine inches above the knee. The black top was quite low cut but a clearance special I could not resist. My stocking tops just showed beneath my skirt hem as I walked. I had got a quick hair wash and style at my local hairdresser. As I stood my legs began to ache from the unfamiliar feeling of wearing high heels again, but I had to admit the patent five inch shoes did look good on me

And not only that, I had given the table a quick clean, all with time to spare.

I opened the door as Pete approached, knowing I looked great and exactly as he wanted. I saw the pause in his step as he walked in the door. I knew the effect the outfit would have, he really had chosen well.

I was a little crestfallen when all I received was, "Good girl, you have done well, so far" from him but this was fun.

Pete was carrying a large paper bag which he placed on a chair. I stood expecting his admiration of my outfit when he simply said, "Take me to inspect the table".

Not really knowing what to do I took his hand and lead him down the hallway to the dining room. My heels clicking on the tiled floor echoed and made the house feel different. I felt my skirt swaying and hoped it was getting appreciation from Pete.

I stood by the table and said, "Here Pete, I cleaned it as you asked"

Pete turned quickly and put his face inches from mine.” You address me as Sir, remember that Jackie until I say different". The look in his eyes told me not to argue.

“Yes Pe..Sir" I replied looking coyly at his feet.

He cast his eyes over the table. "Call this clean? LOOK", he shouted.

I jumped and looked to where he was pointing; there were my fingerprints on the edge of the table where I had leant on it when giving it a quick wipe.

"And LOOK here!!” he pointed. The legs had dust on the carvings which I had not bothered to clean.

"For FUCKS SAKE! can't you even clean a table!." Pete was furious.

"But Pe..Sir" I said,” I was getting myself ready for you!!"

"And you can only do one thing at a time right?”. He was beside himself with anger, “Get your lazy ass moving and clean this fucking table, NOW MOVE!!"

Tears burst from my eyes at his shouting. What was happening? Pete was supposed to be admiring me not looking at a table! However, in the back of my mind I knew he would have been pissed at the state of his table. I should have known better.

I ran to the cupboard and picked up the cleaning cloths and polish. Coming back I feverishly sprayed, wiped and polished the finger prints off.

As I wiped I became aware of Pete standing behind me and realized he was obviously enjoying the view of me bent over the table in my miniskirt. I bent further and wiped furiously which made the skirt sway with my movements. I knew he could see my stocking tops as I worked away.

Pete was directly behind me and placed a hand in the middle of my back pushing me to the table and holding me there. Somewhat surprised, I turned to look at him.

"Do not turn around until you have my permission Jackie, I am not happy with your performance, you have displeased me" sad Pete quite mater of factly .

I was about to say ,"Oh come on", but was stopped as his hand pushed me forcibly to the table,

My legs were swaying in my heels as I bent over, my breath fogging the table top.

"As we agreed you have to be punished for disobedience, don't you Jackie?", Said Pete softly.

"Now, are you ready to accept your punishment?", he asked so silkily. I actually thought we could be wrapped up in bed together.

My stomach turned with excitement, knowing I was pinned down, bent over the table.

"This could be good", I thought."Yes Sir ", I said getting into my part," I have been lazy and deserve punishing".

"Do not move", said Pete forcibly.

I felt his hand lift the hem of my skirt exposing my stockinged legs and my ass cheeks, wrapped in white panties.

"You will learn to obey me Jackie, and then you will be happy", said Pete heavily.

I smiled and was about to cheekily reply when a resounding slap from Petes hand crashed into my right ass cheek. Before the yell of pain and indignation left my mouth he had slapped it again, making tears fall from my eyes at the sting. I yelled in pain and tried get up.

Petes hand held me firmly down and I could not get a grip on the tiled floor with my heeled shoes.

Again and again he spanked my ass. I screamed in pain but my helpless situation was turning on another emotion: I loved the humiliation of having my ass exposed and punished!

I tried asking and begging him to stop, the stinging pain burned into my cheeks, but I did not use our magic word. I did not want it to stop until he was ready. I struggled but got nowhere, the spanking was relentless

He was totally in control, the slaps stinging me rhythmically, and my pleasure in the pain growing.

My legs almost collapsed and I fell to the table, pinned there by Pete.

Pete was breathing hard when he stopped the punishment. I was crying tears of pain, embarrassment and hidden pleasure; the thought crossed my mind "Did he know I would enjoy this as much as him?"

The burning in my cheeks was agonizing as I tried to move my legs to gain my balance again.

"Now look at this table you stupid bitch, look at it!" he shouted.

I could not believe what I was hearing.

Pete grabbed my hair and forced my attention to the table. My tears, my breath and hand prints were all over it. The table was a total mess but I knew I had to please my new Master.

"My God", I thought in shock, "I am fucking enjoying this!"

The pain was not easing but dutifully I said, "Sorry Sir"

"Now clean it Jackie.DO IT NOW!!!" yelled Pete.

Slowly I stood my legs shaking and unsteady. Picking up the cleaning tools I started to polish the table. The pain was intense but bearable; I would show my new Master I could be good.

I loved the humiliation before him; new emotions surged through me as I imagined being spanked again.

Pete stood behind me the whole time surveying and inspecting my work, then lifting my skirt to inspect the red patches on my ass and commenting on how they looked.

Finally I had finished and Pete was satisfied with his beloved table.

"That was good Jackie, but not good enough” said Pete firmly.” I do not expect to have to tell you to do things three or four times, do you understand?"

I nodded my head and looked to the floor, completely under his command.

"Now go round the back of that chair and open the bag that is upon it” said Pete.

I went to the chair and opened the bag and felt my stomach jump at what was inside. I was looking at a huge rubber spanking paddle!

"Oh No Pe..Sir, no, no! this is going too far", I said . I kept feeling the cool rubber, imagining it across my ass and felt a twinge of pleasure. I hoped he would not listen to my pleas.

"You know how to stop it if you cannot take your punishment as a disobedient wife" said Peter.

I raised my eyes and said, "I will take any punishment you think I deserve Sir".

I could feel the paddle and secretly wished that he would say I needed more punishing. My excitement was making me short of breath as I stood and waited.

Pete just stared at me.”Give me the paddle Jackie, GIVE IT TO ME!!"

Hands shaking I handed him the paddle. Fear and excitement was making my stomach churn. This was just not happening; I was turning into a willing slave wanting punishment!

Did Pete know I would react like this all along?

My legs were shaking; they would not hold me much longer.

Pete raised his am and pointed, "Bend over the chair Jackie."

His words were almost hypnotic. I found myself leaning forward, my breasts straining to fall out of the low top I was wearing. I was sure I was going to be punished now. Incredibly I could feel my panties were soaked, something I had almost forgotten happening to me before.

"Now there’s a sight that pleases me Jackie, it pleases me greatly", said Pete openly admiring me in such a prime position.

"Aren't you glad that you please me?” he asked.

I couldn't answer the pain, pleasure and excitement overtaking me.

"Answer me Jackie, are you happy I am pleased?” he demanded again.

I knew I had to answer, "Yes Sir I am happy".

He really didn’t know just how happy I was.

"Good girl" said Pete,

Again I felt my skirt lifted, my red ass cheeks exposed.

"Now beg for your punishment Jackie", said Pete softly.

"Oh Sir, Sir I need to be punished again, Please, please" I shouted as hard as I could.

My God I was begging for punishment!

I wanted to be humiliated and spanked. I started to ache for the first slap of the paddle. I knew this would be my role from now on. I wanted to serve my Master and accept any punishment I deserved. I enjoyed having my ass exposed begging for abuse like a cheap slut; the feeling was making me giddy with excitement!

I screamed in pain and pleasure as the paddle landed harshly on my ass cheeks.

My throat strained with each scream as the paddle landed again and again against my ass. The burning pain became so intense as Pete made my cheeks crimson red then worked the cool rubber down the tops of my legs.

Pain took over my body, I was about to scream "Niagara!" but then I felt it.

Through the burning pain I could feel myself about to orgasm.

"Oh GOD " I cried as I shook with pleasure. My orgasm mingled with the pain, taking me to a place I had never been before. My senses dulled as I became short of breath, my head dropped as I gasped for air and my body shook uncontrollably. I became lost in my depraved pleasures.

I started to sob as my body heaved for air, I was crying in pain, pleasure and humiliation. I collapsed against the chair, spent and exhausted, my ass burning as the punishment stopped.

I felt Petes hand on my ass caressing it, the touch making me jump as if hit with an electric shock. He held me over the chair, his hands feeling the heat of my cheeks then exploring inside my panties.

"Now you will be a very good obedient wife won't you Jackie?”, he softly whispered in my ear.” I knew just how much you would enjoy your new role", he laughed then paused, "Unless of course, you don't want any more of the same?"

I could only whisper" NO! NO! I will be a good girl; I will be your obedient wife!!"

Petes hand was inside my panties, his fingers exploring my ass cheeks and up into my pussy.

"That’s right Jackie, you will do anything for me won't you?" he wickedly whispered.

"Yes Sir, yes anything." Was all I could possibly manage to say.

I could feel his rigid cock against my panties.

I caught my breath and smiled, I had pleased my man and found a way to keep him, I was happier than I had known for years.

I leant further into the chair spreading my legs apart for his use.