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Paddle Shopping

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Paddle Shopping (FF/M)

By (OTK-F/M-E)

My name is Clyde and my wife spanks me when I have shown disrespect to her or if I have been naughty. She also allows her friends to spank me when they come over. Anyway, my wife recently wanted to buy some more paddles and spanking implements so that when she had her friends over, everyone could have one. Also, this way I could be spanked by a number of different implements. So one recent Saturday, my wife took me shopping with her. She had heard of this adult store that also sold spanking implements. Mary, her best friend, had told her about the store. Mary had heard about the store from Pat, who has always spanked her younger brothers. The store was located on the outskirts of the city, and it also sold videotapes and books. In the back of the store, they had unique clothing and spanking implements.

My wife went up to the man who was at the counter in the back and said, "I’m interested in buying some spanking implements to be used on my husband. Do you have a place where I could try them out?"

"Yes, we do," he replied. "You’d be surprised how many times I get asked that question. Let call Jane, and she can help you out." So he got on the phone and said, "Jane, we have a couple out here that would like to try out some spanking implements, can you come out and help?" She must of said yes, because he hung up the phone and said that soon she would be right with us.

About a minute later, a young woman dressed in leather approached the back counter and said to us, "I’m Jane. I hear you want to try out some spanking implements. Follow me." So we followed her into a small room in the back of the store which had a lot of different paddles, crops, whips, etc; and a strange looking wooden contraption in the middle of the room. "Who gets spanked?", Jane asked.

"Clyde, my husband, does," my wife replied.

"Clyde, get undressed for a spanking," Jane said. And while I was getting undressed, Jane said to my wife, "All of the spanking implements in this room can be bought at our store. They all have price tags, so you can tell how much they cost. Do you want me to stay and demonstrate any of them to you?"

"Yes, I would enjoy that very much," my wife said.

"Good, I’d be happy to," Jane said. "But first we need to get Clyde in position. So Clyde, bend over this," and she pointed to the wooden contraption in the middle of the room. It was made so that it made your bottom stuck way up in the air. She turned a crank on the side of it which raised it even more, and this made my legs completely straight. Then she asked my wife, "Do you usually secure him when he is spanked?"

"No, I don’t," she replied, "But it might be a good idea in this case."

So then Jane took my wrists and secured them to wrist cuffs, which were attached to the legs of the thing I was bent over. Then she said, "Spread your legs," and she attached my ankles to the legs. A strap was put around my chest, and now I was really held in place and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me! Here was a strange woman about to spank me with various implements while my wife watched. "The thing that he is bent over is called our spanking bench. You can buy it from us in both the adjustable height style or a height made to order," Jane said. "The first paddle I want to show you is our double paddle. It’s longer than a normal paddle and it paddles each cheek at the same time." Then the spanking demonstration started.

Jane first showed her all of the paddles they had. The ones with the holes in them really stung my bottom. She also would let my wife try swinging the various paddles, so I was being spanked by both Jane and my wife. I was doing pretty good until she got to the riding crops. "Watch how you can use this," Jane said. Then she flicked it between my legs. Although I could hardly move, it made me move about. So now not only was my bottom being spanked, but my penis and balls were also being played with. My wife also had fun with the crops.

Jane demonstrated most of the spanking implements on me and then she got to the canes. Jane had already given us a cane for an anniversary present, so I was hoping I wouldn’t get caned. My wife told Jane, "We already have a cane, so you don’t need to show me those."

"But this one is very flexible, and I’ll show you how it performs," Jane said. Then I felt a tap on my bottom, the familiar whistle, and SPLAT! I could really feel that cane. "See the nice thin mark it makes," Jane said. "Here, you try it!"

Then my wife was handed the cane by Jane, then I felt the tap, whistle, and SPLAT! This cane really did have more bite to it than the one Mary had given us. "Does it feel different than the cane we have?" my friend asked me.

"It sure does!" I answered.

"Well since I like to always give you "six of the best" with the cane, I will now give you four more strokes. Be sure and count them," my wife said.

Tap, whistle, SPLAT! "Three, thank you, ma’am," I said.

"I see you have him trained very well," Jane remarked.

My wife kept caning me until I had my six strokes. At least, being secured down like I was, it made it so I wouldn’t get additional strokes for getting out of position.

After the caning, Jane asked my wife, "So, have you decided what you want?"

"Yes, I have. I for sure want to get that cane that I just used. Let’s leave Clyde secured while I purchase the implements." So they left the room, and I was left there with a very sore bottom, and still secured to the spanking bench.

When they finally came back into the room, I thought Jane would free me. Instead, she got out a tape measure and recorded how high the spanking bench was set at. "I ordered one for us," my wife said. Then my wife turned to Jane and said, "Before we free him, I want to paddle him one more time with that double paddle." Then I was spanked some more. "I really like this paddle," my wife remarked. "Lets release Clyde now."

Then Jane first freed my legs then my arms. When I stood up, I had an erection and Jane noticed it. "What do you do about this?’ she asked my wife.

"I usually milk him. Do you want to do it? She asked.

"Sure, but let me get something, first" She grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the wall and put them on me so that my hands were behind my back. Then she stroked my penis and balls until I came. I was then released from the handcuffs and told to get dressed, again.

Jane remarked to my wife, "You are lucky to have a submissive man who is willing to be spanked by you. I know you will enjoy spanking Clyde with all of your new implements."

I carried out the new paddles, crops, etc.; knowing that they would probably be used by my wife and her friends on me in the near future.
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