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Painful Piano Lesson Part 2

I thought I'd been really clever being able to watch Jenny get spanked until I was caught watching!
As you can read in part one I was made to undress totally before being given the cane by my piano teacher Miss Edwards and then she spanked my cock because I got an erection. I couldn't help it, she's slim, young and very attractive even though her glasses make her look a little strict.

Two weeks later I was a little early for my piano lesson and a very pretty dark haired lass, not much older than me, with puffy red eyes, was leaving in some distress. I realised I wasn’t the only one getting this punishment and she was maybe 17 or 18, a little older than me!

The next week I got there half an hour early and crept round the back of the house by the french windows, near to the piano. I hid with a decent view of proceedings and waited. I stayed out of sight as the same girl I’d seen last week came in wearing a thin cotton dress. She was very attractive but she looked uncomfortable. Miss Edwards came in then the girl sat down at the piano and started to play. It can’t have been more than seven or eight minutes later before I saw Miss Edwards speak severely to her and the girl got up looking very unhappy.

Miss Edwards said something and left the room. The girl quickly started to remove her clothes. I had a perfect view from where I crouched as she finally took off her bra and her pants so she was stark naked by the time Miss Edwards returned. What a gorgeous body, her breasts were not big but were so firm and her nipples were already hard. She was made to stand astride the piano stool and bend over - I had a hard on to end all hard ons, as my eyes moved down her athletic body I could see everything.

Miss Edwards took up her position to one side of the girl and tapped her leg with her cane and said something to her and she spread her legs more in response. My cock was now throbbing painfully, I had never seen such a beautiful sight. Miss Edwards began to cane that perfect bottom, stripes appeared across both cheeks and the girl leapt up clutching herself. I don’t know what Miss Edwards said but the girl resumed her position and Miss Edwards rubbed her hand over her right cheek before moving in to continue the caning.

As the cane came down I tried to move a couple of feet to the right to see directly between the girls legs but at that very moment Miss Edwards turned slightly and saw me out of the corner of her eye. A few seconds later I was being dragged in to the room where the poor girl was hurriedly getting dressed.

“This boy was watching you being punished,” she said, holding me by the arm. “That was a despicable thing to do. Apologise to Jenny immediately.”

I mumbled an apology, not knowing where to look.

“What was that supposed to be, I told you to apologise to Jenny.”

“I am very sorry, Jenny, I …… er….”.

“That is not good enough, I think I will punish him in front of you Jenny, as he saw you being caned. Would that make you feel better?”

Jenny nodded as she finished getting dressed.

“Right, take off your clothes, Jim, Jenny is going to watch while I cane you.”

I stood there trying to think how I could get out of this.

“Take them off. Now!”

I had no option and took off everything except my pants.

“Those too,” she said, putting her fingers in the waistband and sliding them off. My swollen cock sprang out as she pulled them down and I couldn’t help noticing Jenny’s excited reaction.

“Bend over,” she instructed making me stand astride the piano stool.

She stepped up close and told me I would receive 12 strokes of the cane.

Then she turned to Jenny, and handed her the cane. “I think you can give him the first six.”

I took the six strokes from Jenny, they got harder as she went on but not like the ones Miss Edwards dished out.

Then Miss Edwards told me to stand up facing them both. “Now, apologise to Jenny for spying on her. Properly this time”.

“I’m very sorry,” I said as the cane swished down on my hand which was trying to cover my penis.

“You’ve seen a lot of Jenny, so I think it only right that she sees all of you.”

Then she bent me over the stool again to give me the final six. Her hand stroked across my bum, making my cock rise even more. Then swish, swish, swish, she brought down the cane harder than Jenny had. I bit my tongue and tried not to cry out in front of this girl. After a short pause Miss Edwards stroked my bum again, examining her handiwork. Swish, swish and a final extra hard one, swish, making me leap up clutching my bum and waving my hard-on as a result.

I reached for my pants, thinking it was over but she shouted at me to stand up straight, hands on head and I realised she planned to repeat the penis beating in front of Jenny.

“I told you last time that I would punish him too if you couldn’t control him and not only have you an erection but you have waved it around in front of both of us.”

I tried to argue but took another stroke of the cane on my leg and had no option but to take up the position. Miss Edwards picked up the springy plastic ruler and I could see Jenny looking at my throbbing cock as I waited for the first stroke. She gave me three along it’s length thwack, thwack, thwack before moving round to strike him on the head of my cock. I tried to pull back but only made it worse.

“Right, I think you can give him the last three, Jenny, like this,” and she demonstrated, bringing the ruler down hard on the head, thwack, thwack, thwack making me yell out loud.

Jenny moved closer, looked at me and then at my throbbing penis and brought the ruler down, thwack. She smiled as I yelled and then thwack, did it again. She moved closer and put my cock in her hand to check the marks on the head - my cock got harder still and I nearly came. Then thwack, another hard stroke across the very tip bringing tears to my eyes and making me cry out.

Miss Edwards turned to the girl, “Does that make you feel any better Jenny?”

“I think so but I still feel very embarrassed that he watched me like that.”

“Well perhaps you should stay behind after next weeks lesson and we’ll give Jim another punishment to make sure he’s learnt his lesson.”

I was standing there, stark naked in front of them both, not daring to cover my penis in case I received another stroke of the ruler Miss Edwards still had in her right hand.

Jenny smiled, glancing down at my cock, “Yes, I think that would help me feel better about the situation.”

“Sit down and start to play.” she instructed me as she guided Jenny to the front door. “I’ll be back to deal with you in a moment.”

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