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Part 3--The Myra Chronicles

The next week, after paying for a movie I would never remember—although there was a nude scene in which Myra leaned over and whispered in my ear that she’d like to see my big cock fucking the actress--there I was again, nude, cock hard, my hands tightly gripping the sink, determined that I wouldn’t let go this time.

While I stood there watching, Myra and Nicki took a bubble bath in their big tub. It took a long time, and I half enjoyed it, half wanted the waiting to be over. This was the first good look I had of Nicki—she was rounder than Myra, with larger breasts and a rounder ass, her skin darker to match her black hair. More super-cute than exotically hot, like Myra. They were a nice combination.

Myra stayed nude, and Nicki stayed to watch, sitting on the little plastic chair near the tub. Myra rubbed her hands up and down my back, over my ass, and down my thighs, her nipples touching my back.

“Last week, you were a bit naughty, I’m afraid. You let go of the sink, at the end. Do you remember?”

“Yes.” I had really hoped she hadn’t noticed. “I’m sorry.” Her hand reached around, stroking my cock, then cupping my balls that she loved so much.

“I think you need a spanking, to learn.” She let that sink in. “Or you could leave.” She kept rubbing my cock, getting me close. “Do you want to leave, baby?”


“Then I should spank you?” That I couldn’t answer. She waited, her hand caressing my ass. “Which is it baby?”

“The second one.”

“So you deserve a spanking?”

“Y-y-es.” It was barely a mumble.

“Ask me baby.” She took both hands off of my body. “Or are you ready to go?”

“No. Spank me. Please.”

“Stick your bottom out for me. I want a good target. No trying to pull away, or they’ll be extras.” I did. I stuck my butt out for her. She made an approving noise, then used her hands to arch my back more, my butt feeling more exposed.

Her right hand cupped my balls, which worried me a bit. “Why am I spanking you baby?”

“Because I let go of the sink.”

“Do you deserve a spanking?”


“I think ‘Yes-ma’am’ would be better--more fitting--don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Then I felt her hand reach back, her other hand tightening on my balls, and—SMACK--her hand cracked into my ass. It didn’t hurt much, but surprised me. Those nice muscles in her arms weren’t just for show.

Myra took her time--smack after smack, my ass warming until it felt hot as she went from side to side randomly. She was slowly starting to hit harder and harder. Or my ass was getting sore. Now and then, I’d jump a bit, and she’d use my balls to guide me back into the perfect and perfectly uncomfortable position.

She stopped and asked Nicki if I’d had enough for letting go. Nicki came over and ran her hands over my ass—they felt cold, but I don’t think it was her hands—and told Myra no, not quite. Myra then pointed out that my cock wasn’t very hard—maybe half soft. This she did not like. She told Nicki to make me hard again. Nicki did, going to her knees next to me and taking my cock tightly in her hand. She stroked me, business like—tight and fast, like she had a train to catch and my come was her ticket.

When I was close, of course, she stopped. She leaned over and kissed Myra’s hand holding my balls. Licked them a bit. Myra shooed her away.

My spanking started again. Somewhere in the middle of it, I realized I liked it. Liked the feel of her hand. Liked being so completely under her control. Liked the heat on my ass. However, I wasn’t very comfortable with liking it.

Then she stopped. I could have handled a bit more. Wanted a bit more. Felt embarrassed at the thought.

“Don’t forget, he came on the mirror. And on the wall.” I’m not sure what that meant, but I was suddenly nervous, and not happy with Nicki. I saw Myra reach into the cabinet. Her hand reappeared with a wooden hairbrush in it. She began rubbing circles with it all over my ass.

“Yes, I forgot about that. Poor Nicki had to work quite hard to clean your come off.” I wanted to say, wasn’t that your fault for making me come so hard, but I didn’t dare. “With her tongue. I used this same hairbrush to motivate her to clean it properly.” God, dirty words were so much better with her accent.

She kept going, just rubbing circles, squeezing lightly on my balls, when I realized she was waiting for me. I closed my eyes, trying to calm myself. I stuck out my ass.

“Please, ma’am, please spank me.”

“Do you deserve it?”


“Yes, what?” Her hand tightened, then.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Ask me again. Say ‘Pretty please, ma’am, please spank me hard with the hairbrush. I deserve it, for messing on your mirror.’”

I said it. Every damn word, but without the accent.

“And you’re going to make me proud, aren’t you, baby? You’re going to keep that ass nice and high for me. Arch up, on your toes.”

“Yes. Yes ma’am.”

The first smack of the hairbrush hurt. I moved forward, away from it. Her hand wasn't on my balls, now, and I jumped forward, not believing how sore my ass already was. Or how much the hairbrush hurt. I heard a tsk-tsk behind me. Breathing hard, closing my eyes, I pushed back, arching my back and up on my toes, trying desperately to please her. She made me wait, holding myself up.

"Nicki, what happens when you move like that?"

"I get extras, with the crop. Very hard extras."

"Baby, if you move like that again, it will be a dozen with my crop. Nicki, how do I give you the crop?"

"I have to bend over and grab my ankles. And ask for each one."

"And if you let go?"

"You start over."

"Maybe I'll let Nicki teach you a lesson with the crop. Is that what you want, baby?"

", ma'am."

Her hand slid under my cock. Stroked it once or twice. "It's so nice and hard. Are you enjoying your spanking? Or is it the idea of Nicki and the crop?"

I shook my head, but couldn't answer.

"You have a hard spanking with the hairbrush coming now, my dear. Keep that beautiful ass nice and high. Work hard for me. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head, "Yes, ma'am," as I stuck my ass out again. I felt her hand on my back, pressing me down until my chest was against the cold lip of the sink. My ass felt very high, and exposed, as did my balls.

And then, in earnest, Myra began to spank me with the hard, hard hairbrush. It hurt. I still liked it, some, and to a point, but not as much as her hand. Then, I wasn't sure I liked it, as it cracked over and over into my ass. I realized tears were running down my face. But still I arched up, wanting to please her. Wanting to show her how strong I was. It went on and on.

An especially hard one cracked into my left side, just under my cheek, and I jumped again. Realizing what I'd done, I quickly got back into position, but I knew it was too late.

"That's twelve with the crop, I'm afraid. From Nicki. We're almost there, baby. Be good--I don't want to have to double the twelve. I'm afraid your poor bottom couldn't take it."

I was very certain I couldn't take any more, now, but I stayed silent and held my bruised ass up for her. She gave me three more, right on the same spot. My mind was full of white, hot pain, and the tears were everywhere, but I held, for her.

Eventually she asked Nicki what she thought. Nicki thought ten more, very hard, would do it. Naturally I got to ask for those too. Myra took her time, really cracking into my sore ass.

“You did very good, baby. I’m very proud.” She kissed me, on the back of the neck, then on one shoulder blade and my spine. She bent around behind me and kissed each sore cheek. Squeezed them and I gasped. She seemed very happy with her work. “Did you learn your lesson?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You won’t let go of the sink again, will you?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Or come on my mirror?”

“No, ma’am.”

“If you do, I’ll have to use the paddle on you. Even Nicki behaves after the paddle.”

Then it was time, she announced, to see if I could come more than the week before. To see if I could please her. She left me bent over with my chest on the sink and my cock pointed down, and started stroking me—lightly, her fingertips and fingernails so wonderful and so teasing at the same time. Her other hand played with my ass, enjoying the heat, squeezing it.

Of course, she got me close and stopped. Not at the very edge, but maybe fifteen or twenty seconds away. My knees buckled a bit at that.

“Nicki, would you get the lube for me.”

I closed my eyes. I heard Nicki move behind me. I felt Myra’s hands on my very sore cheeks, spreading them. Nicki’s fingertip on my asshole. And the cold gel, as she rubbed it around.

“Arch back, baby. Give Nicki good access.” I did, red face matching my more-red ass, I imagined. “Put some on the inside, Nicki. Grease him up good.” I felt her finger slip in. My cock pulsed. She pushed her finger in further. Finally Myra was satisfied.

Myra took hold of my cock again, started pumping it. She spread her hips so she was straddling my leg and began her rub. I could feel her wetness.

“You know to wait for me, right baby?” I nodded, hoping I could make it.

“Do you want my fingers, baby?” She put two right up against my asshole. They waited there. I realized I did want them, badly. And that I would do anything for her. I nodded.

“Ask me baby.”


“Please what? What do you want?” She was getting hotter now, rubbing her clit against me faster, and moving more behind me, to rub against the heat of my ass, I realized. Her hand matched the pace.

I struggled. Didn’t want to. But wanted to please her so badly. And madly. “Please, ma’am, please put your fingers in my ass.”

“Good boy.”

Her fingers invaded me. Not fast, but slowly like there was no doubt they weren’t stopping until they were buried in my ass. She started pumping them in and out, each time her fingertips tripping over that spot that was too much.

“I like spanking you,” she annonced. “I love your beautiful ass being so red. You arching up for me. Sometime soon, I want to spank you for no reason. Ask you if I can bruise your bottom just to turn me on. Will you do that for me?”

I nodded.

“Oh, I’m going to come now baby. Come with me. Give me all your come.” Myra pushed a third finger into my ass, spreading it, her breath hot on my neck as she started to come. 

Feeling her tiny hand run up and down the shaft of my cock, loving the thought of it, I started to come from way way down deep. Shuddering, trying to fuck her wonderfully tight hand harder and deeper, wanting to please her, my come spurted down and out. I heard a splatter, and realized it was my come hitting the floor--a great deal of it. Cooing, she milked me—deep, long strokes, neither her tight hand nor her lubed fingers in my ass showing any mercy. Jet after jet flew out of my cock. I concentrated on not letting go. Not grabbing her hand and stopping it. She took her fingertip and ran it around the head of my cock, and was rewarded with a gasp and another spasm. She milked more out, as it ran down and over her hand. She shuddered again, against my ass and hip, my whole side wet from her, and kept milking me until I was half hard in her hand.

She leaned over, her chest against my back, her hair touching my neck, as we both caught our breath. She eased her fingers out of my ass. She stood me up, kissing me and smiling. “Good boy.” I loved those words. I loved how happy her face looked—her eyes sparkling. She reached her milking hand out to Nicki, and slipped two fingers into her mouth, letting her clean my come from them. She collected more off the tip of my still sensitive cock, then she lifted her hand to my mouth. I tasted myself for the second Saturday in a row.

"Oh, baby, you got some on my foot."

I knew what that meant. Was beyond caring. I asked her if I could let go, and then knelt down on her cold, tiled floor. She sat on the toilet, smiling--so happy. She stuck out her foot, and I closed my eyes as I took her toe into my mouth, knowing she owned me, and surprisingly okay with it.

Nicki stepped around me, saying, "I need to get the crop."
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