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Peter's New Experience

Contributing Authors: nemetz 

A lucky young man is placed under discipline by his auntie and her friends

I arrived in the city shortly after 2 pm on that sunny Friday afternoon. My train journey had been pleasant enough and the train had reached its destination on time. I spent a few moments standing outside the train station to sort myself out. I was carrying two cases which, thankfully, were on wheels, allowing me to pull them along rather than having to carry them. I also had a large backpack which contained my more important things like my passport and all the details about my new job which I would need that following Monday morning.

I took out my wallet and mobile phone, opening the wallet and pulling out the piece of paper which had the address, written in my mother’s handwriting, on it. I unlocked my mobile phone, selected “Google maps” and then tapped the address into the phone. Although I’m not very confident following directions, this looked straightforward, even for me. Walk straight out of the station, cross the road and take the road heading to the right for about half a mile. I mopped my brow with my right hand and took the handles of the two suitcases. I took a deep breath and set off towards Margaret Donnelly’s house, where I would be staying until I could find a place of my own in town.

It was quiet as I walked down the road towards Ms. Donnelly’s house. I figured that during the ten or so minutes’ walk, I had been passed by only two cars and had seen three people who paid no attention to me, and heard only the noise that the wheels of the cases made as they trundled along the pavement. Eventually, the phone beeped and announced that I had reached my destination. I looked at the house in front of me and smiled. I knew that my mother’s friend, Margaret Donnelly, lived in a nice house, but this was something else and most definitely not like the tiny two-bedroom house that I shared with my mother and older brother.

I let go of the cases and looked up at the building in front of me. I shook my head as I began to work how many rooms the large house had. At least five bedrooms I guessed and looked down at the gravel driveway which ran for at least forty metres. At the bottom of the drive, there were two fairly new cars – a Mercedes convertible and a large Volvo 4x4. After a few more moments, standing there open-mouthed, I took the handles of the cases and walked slowly down the long driveway and towards the black front door. I ignored the noise the cases made on the gravel and was soon pressing the doorbell, which sounded with a loud chime when I pushed it.

I took a step back and waited. It was quiet outside, but I soon heard voices coming from inside the house and then the loud “Click!” “Click!” “Click!” sound as someone inside the house made their way to the front door. From the large, round frosted glass panel in the centre of the door, I could see that it was a woman, although I couldn’t make out what she looked like through the glass. I took a deep breath as the handle turned and the door opened. The tall lady facing me smiled as the sun shone on her and she spent a moment looking at me.

“Hello. You must be Aleesha’s boy.” Her smile grew wider across her face as she continued to look me over.

“Yes, Ms. Donnelly. I’m Peter. I’m a bit early as I managed to catch an earlier train.” I smiled back. “I hope you don’t mind?”

Margaret Donnelly pushed the front door open wider and I could see that the hallway was long and there were rooms to the left and right before you got to the stairs.

“Not at all. Come on in and we’ll get you settled in,” the older lady said and turned, heading down the hallway and into the first room on the right.

I lifted the two cases over the low step and stepped into the tiled hallway, wiping my shoes on the doormat. I closed the heavy front door behind me and placed the cases to one side so that they weren’t in the way. I slipped the backpack from my shoulders and laid that on the floor next to my two large suitcases. I took a deep breath, wiped more sweat from my brow with my right hand and walked to the room on the right where I had seen Margaret disappear inside a moment previously.

I stood open-mouthed at the size and how expensive everything was in Margaret’s living room and she allowed me a few moments to look around my surroundings before getting up from the sofa where she sat. On one of the expensive leather chairs opposite where Margaret stood, was a young woman I estimated to be in her early twenties. She said nothing as I smiled awkwardly at her.

“Peter. This is my niece, Melanie.” She pointed at the girl and looked at her in such a way that the young lady got to her feet immediately.

She walked the short distance over to where Margaret and I were standing and held out her small right hand. I took it and shook it gently. The girl smiled and remained standing there.

“Pleased to meet you, Melanie,” I said as the girl let go of my hand, turned and returned to her chair, not taking her eyes off me for a moment.

“Melanie is at University, training to be a vet,” Ms. Donnelly continued.

“That’s great. It must be an exciting job,” I said, looking at Melanie.

“I like it,” Melanie Pearson said softly before looking at her aunt, who sat down again on the sofa, gesturing for me to take a seat on the other chair across from where she was sitting.

“So, you’re starting work on Monday at the Evening Gazette?” Ms. Donnelly leaned closer towards me.

“Yes, Ms. Donnelly. It’s a real step up for me working on such a big newspaper. I mean, my previous job was just on our local paper and no one really read that.”

“So, what will you be writing, young man?” Margaret Donnelly smiled.

“Sports for now. But who knows – they said that I could end up reporting on anything. Just when they need someone.” I looked over at Melanie, who looked bored.

“That’s good.” Margaret Donnelly began to play with her long blonde hair, which she was twisting around the index finger on her right hand before letting it drop.

“Before we get you settled into your room, I guess we need to tell you about my rules and what I expect while you are staying with me.” The older woman’s smile had disappeared, and she became very serious.

“Rules? Ms. Donnelly?” I asked half in fun, half in fear.

“Rules, young man,” she repeated and continued to stare at me through her piercing blue eyes.

“Firstly. I expect you to keep the house – and your room – clean and tidy. Your mum told me that you are generally good at doing that, so there shouldn’t be a problem,” she smiled.

“You will do chores, like the cooking, cleaning and the washing and stick to the rota that we have – I’ve placed a copy of it in your bedroom for you, dear.” Margaret let out a laugh.

“We will let you settle in first though, so no chores for you until next week.” Ms. Donnelly took a deep breath.

“You will be home each night by 10 pm and at 11 pm on a Friday and Saturday night, unless I agree to you staying out later. Is that understood, Peter?”

I exhaled deeply. I was twenty-seven years old and had been pretty much free to do as I pleased at home. Now here I was, being treated like a child by a woman who I had probably only met three times before in my entire life. I smiled. I then looked at Melanie, who was playing with her hands and paying no attention to me.

“Yes, Ms. Donnelly,” I replied, defeated.

“You will change your bedding every Saturday morning and wash everything if it is your turn to do the laundry.” I noticed that Margaret had placed her right hand on her right breast and was touching herself in full view of Melanie and myself. She continued.

“You will make your bed each morning and will call me if you are going to be home late from work. Is that clear, young man?”

“Yes, Ms. Donnelly.” I was wondering what I had let myself in for. Or rather, what my mother had let me in for.

“You may have friends over but not to stay the night.” At that moment, I thought that I heard Melanie snigger as she sat in the leather chair across from me.

“You will also address me as Auntie Margaret. I feel that would be easier for us all seeing as I am Melanie’s auntie and have known your mum for so long that we’ve always thought of each other as best friends and even sisters.”

I didn’t believe this but didn’t think that there was any harm in calling the older lady 'auntie.'

“Yes, Auntie Margaret,” I replied and smiled.

“Good. Also, you are not allowed to go into either my or Melanie’s bedrooms and she is not allowed to spend time in yours. If you wish to spend time together, you do it in here. Is that clear?” She stood up and looked at me, and then at Melanie, who was now staring at her auntie.

“Yes, Auntie Margaret. I understand.” I closed my eyes for a moment as the older lady continued.

“No masturbation. No smoking or drinking in my house.” At this, Melanie coughed and covered her mouth. I knew she was trying to suppress her laughter.

“And one final thing, young man.” Margaret Donnelly stood inches away from where I was sitting and looked down at me. I looked up at her and waited.

“Discipline.” She waited for my reply, but I remained silent and waited.

“Well. Your mother said that she has had issues with your behaviour in the past and has agreed that I may use whatever methods necessary to ensure that you are perfectly behaved whilst you are living here.”

“I am good…” Margaret cut me off in mid-sentence.

“Well, just to make sure you will be placed under discipline – just like Melanie here – and will be punished if you break my rules or misbehave.” She turned and walked to an expensive-looking oak sideboard in the corner of the room and opened the top drawer.

“Discipline? Auntie Margaret?” I said, shocked. Melanie was now struggling to stop herself from bursting out into a fit of loud laughter.

Margaret remained silent, concentrating on the cupboard before her, picking out what she was looking for. Once she had the items she was looking for in her hands, she closed the doors on the cupboard quietly and walked back to where I was sitting. She nodded as she saw the obvious shock on my face at seeing what she was holding.

“Discipline, Peter. Your mother told me that you can still do things she doesn’t want you to but feels unable to do anything about it seeing as you are in your twenties – and a man.” Margaret played with the implements in her hands, ensuring that I got a good look at each of them.

“She agreed that I can deal with you as I deal with Melanie here.” I looked over at Melanie Pearson. She had stopped laughing and she was looking down at her socks.

“Deal with me, Auntie Margaret?” I asked, shocked.

“Well. What I do with Melanie and have done for the past ten years while she has been under my roof, is keep a record of her behaviour over a month. Any bad behaviour is noted down. On the final Sunday of each month, she is punished.”

“Punished, Auntie?” I looked over at Melanie.

“I spank her on her bare bottom. Then the hairbrush.” She raised the two wooden-backed brushes in the air, one after the other, ensuring that I got a good look at them, before continuing.

“And then the cane. At least thirty-six strokes with my canes.” Again, she raised them in the air so that I got a good look at them.

“I’m pretty well-behaved Auntie Margaret. I don’t want to be punished like that.” I said, worried.

The older lady smiled and placed her implements on the sofa where she had been sitting.

“Well. Maybe you won’t be punished as much as Melanie here, then, dear. But rest assured – you will BE punished, young man!” She smiled.

“And one final thing.” Margaret Donnelly paused.

“Yes, Auntie,” I replied reluctantly.

“Whilst you are at home here, when you get home from work, you will not wear underpants.” She smiled.

“Excuse me, Auntie Margaret?” I was confused.

“Well. Sometimes it is necessary to give an on-the-spot spanking and wearing underwear just holds things up. Like Melanie here, you will remove them once you arrive home and sit in your shorts or tracksuit bottoms so that I can have easy access to your bottom, if I need it.”

“But, Auntie I...” I began to protest but was silenced almost immediately by my mother’s friend.

“Melanie.” She raised her voice.

“Up!” The younger lady got to her feet immediately and stood facing her auntie.

“Lift your dress!” she barked sternly.

Melanie Pearson looked first at me, then to Margaret, as she took hold of the hem of her silky navy summer dress and raised it, revealing her vagina which was neatly topped with a trimmed bush of black pubic hair. She held her dress up until Margaret was satisfied. She nodded at her niece, who let the dress drop, covering her private parts once more.

“Once you are settled in, Peter, I expect you to change into some shorts or tracksuit bottoms and be wearing no underwear. I will be checking and if you disobey me, it will mean a spanking now and on that last Sunday of the month.”

Thankfully, that was three weekends away, I exhaled heavily.

Melanie sat back down in her chair and watched her older auntie, who was a good-looking lady. There was only fourteen years’ age difference between them, but Margaret Donnelly had always been in charge of their relationship – and Melanie knew it. Margaret continued to stand and stare at me in silence for a moment before she smiled.

“I think you need a little taste of how I run my house, dear, and maybe that will help you avoid a long punishment on that last Sunday of the month.”

I began to protest, but Margaret Donnelly simply ignored me.

“Stand up and lower your trousers, Peter.” Her piercing blue eyes burned through me and I soon found myself standing up and unbuttoning my trousers, which I allowed to fall to my ankles.

Ms. Donnelly sat down on her leather sofa and spread her legs wide open. She placed her hands on her lap and looked up into my eyes, and then looked at the bulge that was evident in my underpants.

“Just a light spanking so you find out what it is like, sweetie.” She ran her hands over her lap, which was covered by an expensive black dress which ended just above her knees. As I looked closer at her, I could see that she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

“Come here and lie right over my knee.” She moved her hands from her lap and I slowly took hold of my trousers and carefully walked over to her and lowered myself carefully over her large and strong knees.

I folded my arms beside the arm of the sofa and buried my head in them. Margaret Donnelly moved around until she was comfortable with me over her lap. She then used her right hand to move my legs wider apart before reaching down between my legs, taking my penis out of my pants and grasping it forcibly in her warm hand. She pushed it into position between her legs so that it was pushing down on her black dress.

The thirty-nine-year-old lady then began rubbing her hands in figure-of-eight circles on my covered bottom. I closed my eyes as I waited for the spanking to start, conscious that my erection was growing and prodding away into Margaret’s lap. After a moment, she raised her large right hand in the air and brought it down with a loud “Smack!” on my underpants. Six more smacks followed in quick succession before Ms. Donnelly paused.

“I’m going to give you another dozen on your bare bottom so lift up while I take your underpants down, young man.” Margaret was already tugging at the waistband of my boxer shorts before I raised my hips.

She pulled them down until they were resting on top of my trousers that were around my ankles, and moved me back into position. As I rubbed my cock against the older woman’s black dress I could feel my pre-cum starting. Margaret Donnelly took her hard hand and smacked me relatively softly until I had been given the twelve slaps. My bottom was warm, but it had not been as hard as I had expected it to be. Ms. Donnelly returned to rubbing my bottom before leaning forward and picking up one of the hairbrushes from the coffee table in front of her.

“Six with this as a little introduction. Just so that you realise that your Auntie Margaret is in charge in this house, Peter.”

She tapped the ebony-backed hairbrush against my bare buttocks a few times before smacking each of my bum cheeks three times with it. Again, it was relatively gentle and didn’t hurt as much as I had feared. Margaret Donnelly then asked me to get to my feet and after struggling awkwardly to get up from her lap, I stood before her, my eight-inch erect penis pointing proudly at the older woman. In the corner of the room, Melanie had noticed my penis proudly sticking out before my aunt. The young lady licked her lips and thought to herself what she would like to do with me.

“Now, Peter, I shall show you to your bedroom and you can unpack your things.” She got to her feet and readjusted her expensive dress.

“And remember, young man. On your return, you should be wearing either shorts or tracksuit bottoms – and no underwear,” she smiled.

I pulled my underpants up and buttoned up my trousers as Auntie Margaret moved her implements out of the way.

“Yes, Auntie,” I replied.

Ms. Donnelly replaced her implements in the cupboard and then ushered me out into the hallway and watched as I took my bags. She then led me upstairs and to the third door on the left side of the landing. She opened it and stepped inside, moving out of the way as I struggled into the large room with my bags.

“This is your room and Melanie’s room is just next door.” She walked across the room and opened the window to let some air in.

“Remember, young man, that you are not allowed into Melanie’s room and that she should not come in here.” The older lady walked over to me and stood so close that her breasts pushed into my chest. Her perfume was expensive and very alluring.

“If I find either of you in the other’s room then you’ll both receive a punishment. Is that clear?” She inhaled and exhaled deeply, her breasts touching me through the material of her dress.

“Yes, Auntie,” I replied.

She turned and left my bedroom and for the next hour or so, I busied myself unpacking my things and putting them away in the drawers and wardrobe in my room. I texted my mum to tell her that I had arrived safely and touched myself at the thought of Margaret and Melanie. Eventually, I remembered about my underwear and slipped out of my trousers and removed my boxer shorts which I placed in the linen bin in the corner of my room. I then pulled on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and lay down on my bed. Outside, I heard Melanie going to her room and began dreaming about her when I heard her shut her bedroom door.

The following Monday I started work at the newspaper office and tried my best to focus on building a life in the big city. I also began to get on with Melanie, who had returned to University after the summer break to complete the final year of her veterinarian course. We would meet up after I had finished work or started going to the gym together, or simply met for a drink on those warm, late-summer evenings. As the days went by, she introduced me to her group of friends, who all seemed very nice and very interested in me.

Among these friends were sisters Jade and Bethany Coleman. They were a few years younger than either Melanie or myself, but their mother, also called Margaret, had been my “auntie’s” best friend for years and so the girls spent most of their time around Melanie. They made me feel welcome and introduced me to their friends during our after-work drinks each evening. Added to this, Melanie introduced her own friends to me. They were all curious to meet her new house guest and seemed to accept me right away.

There was Katie, who was at University with Melanie and, like her, was studying to be a vet. There was Stacey, who was enjoying her new job as a primary school teacher. Another friend, Laura, was a police officer in the neighbouring town. Abby was trying to live her dream of being a dancer and actress. Aria, the liveliest of the group by far, was training to be a lawyer and Rebecca, the quietest of the group, was working as a receptionist at my newspaper.

One evening as we walked home from the city centre I started to ask Melanie about her friends.

“They all seem lovely. I wish I could get to know one of them a little better,” I said seriously.

“Oh, and who would that be?” Melanie said, laughing.

“Bethany,” I replied.

Melanie continued laughing, and only stopped herself when she noticed that I was staring at her, embarrassed.

“Sorry. But you really don’t have any chance with Bethany, Peter.” Melanie gently stroked my arm and smiled.

“Why? She doesn’t have a boyfriend, does she? She’s not a lesbian, is she?” I searched for reasons why the young dark-haired lady would not want to be with me.

Melanie shook her head.

“No to both.” She then stopped walking and took a deep breath.

“She won’t get to know you like that because my auntie has asked her to become your disciplinarian.” She waited for me to reply.

I stopped walking and thought for a moment. Melanie Pearson continued to stare at me with her lovely brown eyes.

“What the hell? What does that mean, Mel?” I asked.

Melanie smiled and began stroking my left arm once more.

“Well, when we have our punishment this Sunday, Bethany will be the one who administers it to you – my Auntie asked her a week ago and Bethany agreed to it.” She took my hand in hers and started walking up the road towards the house.

“I thought Auntie Margaret would be punishing us?” I was confused.

Melanie laughed. “No. She may well begin the punishment, but it will be Bethany who does most of it.”

She exhaled heavily. “Her sister Jade is my disciplinarian.”

I couldn’t believe this. Being spanked by Bethany, who was six years younger than I, was bad, but knowing that her younger sister, Jade, was only nineteen and six years younger than Melanie, was even more unbelievable.

“Why do you agree to be punished by her, Mel?” I asked softly.

“Well, I really was unsure that first time, but know that Auntie Margaret would really give me a hard spanking if I refused. Don’t get me wrong – Jade punishes hard, but we do get to make up afterwards, which I enjoy very much.” She smiled.

“Make up? What do you mean?” I was confused.

“Well, go to my bedroom and pleasure one another.” She let my hand go as we reached the house.

“Would Bethany do that to me? I would definitely let her punish me if she would sort me out afterwards.” The idea of being punished by the younger woman suddenly didn’t seem so bad to me.

Melanie laughed. “Forget it, Pete. She isn’t interested in you in that way at all. Although one of my Auntie Margaret’s friends might soothe you afterwards if you’re a good boy.”

She disappeared down the driveway and I followed her, still struggling to get my head around the fact that in a matter of days I would be made to strip naked and be punished by Bethany, a sweet and innocent lady who I thought was my friend. Deep down, I also hoped that over time she might see me as more than a friend as I really liked her and was attracted to her very long, brown hair and stylish glasses.

The rest of the week seemed to pass quickly, and Sunday morning had arrived in what seemed like no time at all. Auntie Margaret said very little as we ate breakfast and busied herself preparing the lunchtime meal, to which she had invited all her girlfriends and Melanie’s group of friends too. In total, there would be twelve ladies there, in addition to Melanie and Auntie Margaret. I wanted to ask the older lady about what was going to happen when I was punished later that day, but I resisted the temptation. Besides, if I didn’t mention it, maybe she would have forgotten about it and it wouldn’t happen.

Melanie was quieter than usual and disappeared to her bedroom after breakfast. I helped Margaret prepare the vegetables and tried to be as helpful as I could be. Maybe if I was good, she wouldn’t punish me later that afternoon. I set the table on the patio outside. It was another gorgeous, sunny day and she had decided that we would eat lunch in the sun. At the same time, I tried to work out what I had done wrong over the past three weeks.

I thought that I had managed to obey Auntie Margaret’s rules in my time staying with her. I hadn’t masturbated (much), didn’t drink or smoke in the house. Had worn no underwear at home (she had checked four times in my time in the house). I had done my chores with little fuss and my room was immaculately tidy. Melanie, on the other hand, was in for a prolonged time with Jade that afternoon. She had smoked in her bedroom, returned home late three times, had sworn at Margaret (which she had heard) and had been argumentative when asked to do the dishes one evening. Maybe she was in her bedroom thinking about the spanking that was coming her way.

At about 11 o’clock, the ladies began to arrive. First to arrive was Carrie, one of my Auntie Margaret’s friends, then Melanie’s friends Rebecca, Abby, Laura and Stacey arrived. At this point, Melanie came down from her bedroom and began chatting to her friends in the garden. Shortly afterwards, Aria and Katie arrived along with Annika and Nicola. I had just begun to hope that Margaret Coleman and her daughters Bethany and Jade would call to say that they couldn’t make lunch when the doorbell chimed and soon after, they made their way out to the back garden and joined the others.

I busied myself making and serving the ladies drinks and trying to be as helpful as possible. I tried to be especially kind to Bethany but she either knew what I was up to or was thinking about how she was going to punish me later that afternoon. As I handed her a glass of lemonade I tried to start a conversation with her, but she simply smiled at me and walked over to Melanie’s friends.

Once we had eaten lunch, Auntie Margaret instructed Melanie and me to clear the dishes from the table while our guests relaxed in the garden with glasses of wine. We loaded the dishwasher and said nothing to one another – it was nearly time. Soon after, everyone had finished dessert and again, we cleared the dishes and placed them in the dishwasher before returning to the garden, sitting down next to each other on the wooden bench in the shade. I noticed that Melanie said nothing, instead staring over at Jade, who was staring back at her. I looked over at Bethany, who was laughing and joking with Aria and Laura, paying no attention to me at all.

I was just beginning to think that Auntie Margaret had forgotten about our discipline session when she stood up and announced to everyone that she was going to the bathroom. She was gone for about ten minutes before she returned. My heart sank as I saw that in her right hand she was holding her notebook in which she wrote down everything that we had done to annoy her that month. She was also holding her two rattan canes and the two ebony-backed hairbrushes. She noticed me staring at her and smiled as she placed the items on the table in front of her friends.

She returned to her seat next to Margaret Coleman, her friend, and Bethany’s and Jade’s mum, and took a sip from her glass of white wine. They continued chatting for a few moments and spoke so quietly that despite my best efforts to try and hear what they were saying, I just couldn’t make it out. I was aware that I was sweating and looked at Melanie, who hadn’t taken her eyes off Jade. At that moment, Aria touched me on the right shoulder.

“Can you go and get me another glass of wine please, naughty?” She smiled a wicked little smile and began looking me up and down as I got to my feet and towered over her. She was only about five-foot-three inches tall and I stood at six-feet-two.

“Sure, Aria. I won’t be a minute,” I answered as I took her empty glass and headed to the kitchen.

I pulled the chilled bottle of white wine that was already open from the fridge and filled the glass before returning to the garden and to Aria, who had been joined by Laura, Stacey and Katie. They all seemed to be sizing me up and I looked over at Auntie Margaret. She noticed me and immediately got to her feet. She walked over to the seat where Melanie and I had been sitting and looked back at her friends.

“Well,.ladies, I think that it is time for Melanie and Peter to pay for their misbehaviour this month.” She smiled at both of us; she was holding her notebook in her right hand.

She looked at Melanie first.

“Young lady, you know the routine. Strip right now and not a word,” she said softly but left her niece in no doubt that she needed to comply quickly.

Melanie stood up and immediately removed her shoulders from her strappy summer dress, allowing it fall to her feet. She stepped out of it before picking the light blue dress up and folding it neatly. She placed it on the bench and I could see that, just as Auntie expected, she wasn’t wearing knickers. She quickly removed her bra and placed this on the bench too. Everything was on display for everyone to see.

As Melanie stood there, breasts standing out proud in front of her, Margaret Donnelly turned her attention to me.

“Now, Peter. As this is your first time, I will explain everything to you.” She smiled as her friends Margaret Coleman, Annika Sivertsson and Carrie Matheson got to their feet, wine glasses in hand, and walked over to where we stood. I noticed that Melanie’s friends had also stood up and were preparing themselves for what was about to happen.

“Just like Melanie, young man. Remove your clothes and place them on the bench there,” she pointed with the notebook.

I nervously looked at her, then to Melanie, then at Nicola McCoy, Auntie Margaret’s friend who had remained seated at the table. She was now playing with one of the hairbrushes that were lying on the table. I then looked over at Bethany and Jade. They were calmly finishing their drinks and paying no attention to what was happening to Melanie or myself – yet!

I removed my white t-shirt and placed it on top of Melanie’s dress on the wooden bench. I then bent down and took off my trainers and socks, which I placed inside the shoes and placed them to one side. I shook my head as I heard Melanie’s friend Laura wolf-whistle at me loudly, leading to a chorus of laughter from the ladies. I unbuttoned my jeans and looked nervously at Auntie Margaret.

“Take them down at once – do not waste any more time, young man, or I’ll cane you this instant,” she said, again using that no-nonsense tone of voice.

I obeyed as quickly as I could and slipped my jeans down, stepping out of them and folding them neatly before placing them on the wooden bench. It took a moment for me to realise that I wasn’t wearing underpants and Melanie’s friends closed in to get a better look. I had an erection and looked down at the grass, embarrassed.

“Now. Melanie knows the routine, but you don’t. So, I will explain it to you, my dear.” Auntie Margaret stood inches away from me, her breasts poking out beneath her black-and-white-spotted summer dress.

“Melanie has a disciplinarian who administers her punishment. That is Jade. She will spank, hairbrush and cane her for her misbehaviour that is in my book here.” She made sure I saw the A5-sized notepad in her hand.

“I decided that you should face the same and so, after talking with Ms. Coleman, we decided that your disciplinarian should be Bethany.” Margaret Donnelly looked over at Bethany Coleman, who was flicking her long brown hair behind her ears and smiling nervously.

“Bethany will put you over her lap and smack that naughty bottom of yours before giving you an introduction to the brush and the cane.” Margaret noticed my erection and placed her left hand around it, squeezing it tightly. I winced as her grip tightened and she smiled.

“That thing better behave itself whilst Bethany is smacking you, or I’ll make you very sorry indeed. Is that clear, young man?” she hissed.

“Yes, Auntie,” I replied quietly, struggling to ignore the pain that Margaret Donnelly was causing by squeezing my cock in her strong hand.

Ms. Donnelly let go of my penis and looked over at Bethany and Jade. They made their way over to where we were standing, and nineteen-year-old Jade walked straight over to Melanie. Without a word, she took the older girl’s hand and, as cool as you like, led her to the garden bench. Jade Coleman sat down, ironed the creases from her dress, reached for Melanie’s left hand and pulled her silently over her lap. She moved around to get the older girl into position, placing her hand between Melanie’s legs and opening them so that her pussy was visible. Melanie Pearson lay there, burying her head in her hands, not saying a word. Jade Coleman placed her left hand on Melanie’s back and began rubbing her small buttocks and backs of legs with her other hand.

As Jade was preparing Melanie for her punishment, her friend Stacey picked up one of the comfortable outdoor chairs and moved it into the centre of the patio. Bethany, wearing a white summer blouse and short, silky polka-dot skirt, sat down on the chair and looked directly over to me.

“Over you go, young man. Bethany is waiting to begin,” Margaret said, looking over at the twenty-one-year-old woman sitting in the chair.

I walked over to where Bethany sat and stood to her right-hand side, my penis pointing proudly at her. She looked up at me and smiled a nervous smile, ironing any creases from her short skirt.

“Bend over, please. Put your hands flat on the ground in front of you.” She had the most amazingly sexy voice and, combined with the sensation of my cock touching her silky skirt and bare legs, my erection began to stiffen even more.

Once Bethany was satisfied with the position she had me in, like her sister had done to Melanie, she placed her small left hand on my lower back, gently pushing me further into her knees. Her right hand began to rub my exposed bottom and thighs. I looked up and saw that the ladies had gathered to get a good view of what was going to happen to Melanie and myself. I began to breathe heavily as I looked up to see Aria standing inches away from my face. She began stroking my shaven head and laughed.

Aunt Margaret was satisfied. She opened her notepad and removed two sheets from the book – our bad behaviour that past month. Katie stood near to where Jade was sitting with Melanie draped over her lap. Auntie Margaret handed the paper to the girl and then walked to where I was lying over Bethany’s knees. Laura took the piece of paper in her hand and laughed loudly.

“Girls. When you are ready you may begin,” Margaret Donnelly said softly before walking to the table and taking her seat again. Apart from herself and Annika, the other guests watched what was going to happen with interest. It was Jade who began – and Melanie who felt that first painful blow to her lovely bottom.

“So, Jade. She needs to be spanked for smoking in her bedroom, drinking too much, staying out late without permission and swearing,” Katie said seriously.

“Seems that she hasn’t learned from last month, has she?” Katie giggled.

“No. She obviously hasn’t!” Jade snapped.

“I’m sorry, Jade.” Melanie Pearson tried to apologise.

“Oh, be quiet, naughty. If my spanking last month wasn’t enough for you, then I’ll have to do a better job this month, won’t I?” Jade Coleman brushed her right hand through her long blonde hair and adjusted her short-sleeved top, smiling as Melanie adjusted her position over her lap.

“Just as well she’s getting comfortable,” Jade thought to herself. “She’s going to be there for a long time this afternoon.”

Across from where Melanie was awaiting her discipline, I lay over Bethany’s knees nervously anticipating how hard she would smack me. I hoped that it would be no harder than those few slaps I had received from Auntie Margaret on my first day in her house. Laura smiled as Aria raised my head with her hands and coolly read the list of my “crimes” that I had committed in the just over three weeks that I had been living in the house with Auntie Margaret and Melanie.

“Bethany, he needs to be spanked for being in Melanie’s room without permission, masturbating.” At that moment, Aria began laughing loudly.

“Drinking and wearing underpants in the house.” She joined her friend in having a loud giggle.

I hadn’t worn underpants in the house and I hadn’t been in Melanie’s room – even if I wanted to.

“I didn’t wear underpants or go in her room!” I protested loudly. This was silenced almost immediately by Bethany, who landed her small right hand as hard as she could on my right bum cheek.

It stung like crazy and I wriggled and writhed about on her knee. She simply grabbed me around my waist with her left hand, placing it under my stomach and pulled me tightly into her knee. Stacey then straddled my head and shoulders with her thighs and stood astride me. There was no way with her weight on me that I could move from Bethany’s punishment.

A second later, I heard a loud “smack!” as Jade began to go to work on Melanie’s bottom. Momentarily, I felt sorry for her, but soon began to think about my own situation as Bethany’s right hand began to rain spanks down on my bare bottom and thighs. It took a moment for the pain to register in my brain and once it had, I began to yell, and scream and struggle. This was all in vain, of course, seeing as I was held firmly in place by Bethany, but also by Stacey, who was still standing astride me. She simply closed her thighs around my shoulders and pushed her weight down.

Across the garden, Jade really was making poor Melanie suffer. She said nothing as her hard right hand slapped the exposed buttocks lying before her. Melanie Pearson had experienced four such spankings from Jade and had learned to simply lie there and take it with as little fuss as she possibly could. The nineteen-year-old blonde lady smiled as she spanked as hard as she could, laughing as the loud “smack!” sound echoed around the large garden.

She knew how to punish this naughty girl and varied her spanking – a mixture of slow, hard slaps across the right and then left buttock, then a rapid-fire spanking across the centre of the small bottom lying helpless before her. Jade then went to work on Melanie’s thighs and backs of legs, hitting hard and leaving red handprints and bruises the length of her legs.

Jade Coleman paused and breathed deeply. She looked down at Melanie, who kept her head buried deep in her hands. She was breathing heavily but was not crying and sobbing. Her disciplinarian sighed heavily. She normally had reduced Melanie to tears by now and the older girl would have been pleading with her to stop.

“Ladies, who wants to smack Melanie’s bottom?” Jade said in a wicked tone and smiled as she watched Melanie’s Auntie Margaret, her friends Annika, Nicola and Carrie, as well as her own friends, Katie and Abby line up to smack the already red and sore bottom.

Jade Coleman held Melanie tightly in place as, one after another, the ladies smacked Melanie’s bottom six times each. Some were extremely hard and painful – Carrie and Annika, for example. During their six smacks, Melanie felt the tears welling up in her eyes. The other ladies, even her Auntie Margaret, did not seem to smack her so hard.

Across the garden, I was crying and sobbing loudly as the lovely and sweet Bethany turned my bottom into a burning inferno with her tiny hands. Like her younger sister, she eventually paused and asked anyone if they wished to punish me. Her mother, Margaret Coleman was first and slapped me hard six times across my exposed thighs. Then came Laura who nervously smacked me on the centre of my muscular bottom.

Next came Rebecca, who hit me hard and fast, laughing as Stacey struggled to stop me from trying to get up and away from Rebecca’s very hard hand. Aria came next and smacked me softly six times, laughing cheerfully at each “smack!” sound that echoed around the garden. Finally came Laura, in her almost see-through black dress. Bethany’s mum held me down as the dark-haired young Miss slapped me hard six times low down on my bottom.

Auntie Margaret went and took a mouthful of wine as the ladies punished us before picking up her hairbrushes from the table. She walked over to Bethany, who was unbuttoning her white blouse to try and cool herself down. The young lady pushed her glasses back up to the top of her nose and took the hairbrush in her right hand. Ms. Donnelly walked over to Jade, who was soothing Melanie’s bottom and teasing her with her fingers. Margaret Donnelly shook her head as she saw that the nineteen-year old was massaging Melanie’s pussy lips with the fingers on her right hand. Jade Coleman stopped and took the ebony-backed hairbrush in her right hand, smiling at our auntie as she did so.

The blonde nineteen-year-old began tapping Melanie’s bottom with the brush and soon brought it down on the already sore and bruised bottom in front of her with a very satisfying “thud!” Melanie tried to move but was held down by the small, but surprisingly strong young lady, as well as by her friend Katie, who pushed her down into the wooden bench.

“Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” Jade concentrated on hitting every part of Melanie Pearson’s bottom and after about thirty smacks with the hard brush, she felt Melanie’s bladder let go and her warm piss spilled out onto Jade’s floral summer dress and her bare legs, dripping down to the ground.

“Naughty Melanie!” The disciplinarian raised her voice and brought forty more hefty swipes with the brush crashing down on Melanie Pearson’s bruised bottom.

Across the garden, Bethany ignored her sister’s soaking, instead concentrating on the increasingly red and hot bottom lying over her lap. Aria replaced Stacey standing astride my head making sure that I couldn’t move during the assault with the hairbrush. Unlike Jade, who had frantically spanked Melanie with her brush, Bethany preferred to hit slow but as hard as she could, as well as hitting the worst places – the delicate skin on the backs of my thighs and worse still, in the creases between buttocks and thighs.

Forty or so smacks later, she handed the brush over to Stacey, who stood to bend over my exposed bottom while Bethany leaned in on me and pushed me down into her skirt. Melanie’s friend then walloped me twelve times, as hard as physically possible, with the brush and I finally broke. On her third smack, I began crying and pleading with the girls to stop but they just laughed and ignored me. Finally, Stacey stopped spanking me with the nasty brush and Bethany began to rub my bottom with her hand. I could feel myself getting excited but tried to think about other things.

A few moments later, Carrie walked over to where Bethany was sitting with me on her lap and handed her a rattan cane with a crook handle. She smiled. I looked up at Carrie, who, despite being in her early thirties, looked stunning with piercing ice-blue eyes, blonde hair and ample breasts. She then walked over to where Jade had Melanie and handed another cane to her.

“Up!” I heard Jade raise her voice but couldn’t turn around to watch as Aria was still standing astride my shoulders meaning that I couldn’t move at all.

Out of my view, Melanie Pearson struggled to her feet until she was standing, looking down at her disciplinarian who remained seated on the bench. Jade looked down at the wet patch on her dress and at the trickle of piss that was running down Melanie’s left leg and onto the grass. Jade Coleman shook her head and got to her feet. She knew that she didn’t have to say anything at all to the older girl – she knew exactly what was coming her way next.

“Hands on the bench you, naughty girl.” She tapped the wooden seat with her thin cane and watched in silence as Melanie reluctantly placed her hands on the seat and bent slowly into position.

Jade rubbed the bottom sticking out in front of her before standing to Melanie’s left-hand side. She laid the cane out across the small bottom, tapping it gently until she was happy with where it would land. She looked over at Margaret Donnelly, who nodded at her. She raised the rattan cane above her head before sending it whistling through the air before it landed with a loud “Thwack!”

Melanie Pearson yelped, but remained in position. Again, Jade Coleman raised the cane and brought it down across the centre of Melanie’s battered buttocks with a loud “Thwack!”

The young disciplinarian was enjoying herself, despite having been pissed on by the older girl. She knew that Melanie enjoyed this too and waited for the tell-tale signs that she was getting off on her punishment. This happened after the eighth stroke with the cane, and again, the older girl’s bladder let go, her warm piss running onto the grass below. She was breathing heavily and letting out satisfied moans and groans in between her sobs.

Across the garden, I was held down over the table by Rebecca, Laura and Aria. Behind me, Bethany Coleman took aim and then, like her younger sister, raised the cane high in the air before looking over to my Auntie Margaret and her own mother. Both ladies nodded to her, and seconds later she brought the cane crashing down as hard as she possibly could across the centre of my bottom. I tried to get away from the intense pain, but the combined efforts of the three girls holding me down meant that I was going nowhere. Although I concentrated on how painful my own punishment was, I did hear the odd “Thwack!” from the other side of the garden as Jade continued caning Melanie.

Melanie Pearson received a total of thirty-six strokes with the rattan cane from Jade Coleman. She came three times and had noticeable welts across her small bottom by the time that Jade had stopped and allowed her to stand up. They both stood in silence before turning to watch the conclusion to my punishment. I was crying and pleading for Bethany to stop but she, like her sister, whipped out thirty-six no-nonsense strokes of the cane before she stopped and placed the cane down on the table before me.

Margaret Coleman and Auntie Margaret inspected my bottom, touching my cuts and bruises gently and smiling as I winced with pain. Their gentle rubbing had made my erection re-appear and Margaret Coleman had noticed this, smiling at her twenty-one-year-old daughter, Bethany.

“He needs to be soothed and shown that he has been forgiven, ladies,” Auntie Margaret said to Stacey, Aria and Laura who were also admiring my red and burning bottom that was sticking out in front of them.

“That needs to be taken care of!” my auntie said, pointing to my erection.

She looked at the girls gathered around me and waited. Within a few moments, it was Aria who spoke up.

“I’ll deal with him, Ms. Donnelly.”

With that, my auntie helped me to my feet and the other ladies led me over to the padded bench beside the table. Margaret Coleman brought out some towels and laid them over the cushions to avoid my blood spoiling the furniture. The girls crowded around me as I was laid on my back and Aria knelt beside me on the grass. Through tear-stained eyes I looked at her. She was very beautiful. She was twenty-five years-old, like Melanie, and had long brown hair. She was slim, had lovely blue eyes and a friendly smile. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed and her body was perfect. She picked up my penis in her small right hand and slowly began to move it back and forwards.

I began to relax, despite still sniffing and sobbing and soon was very aroused. Aria continued to masturbate me as the other ladies watched. Not being able to resist, she placed my eight-inch erect penis in her warm mouth for a moment before bringing it out again, licking my cock the whole length of my shaft until she reached my balls. She then resumed working on it with her right hand until eventually, I came, shooting my spunk into the air, most of it landing on me, but some landing on Aria’s face too.

She laughed, and I lay back on the bench, looking up at the ladies. I was just closing my eyes when I felt my cock being grabbed once again and being stroked gently. It was soon hard again and I watched as Stacey knelt where Aria had been and began to masturbate me again. I looked over at her and smiled. She had dark hair tied up and was wearing a black, almost see-through blouse. Her eyes were blue, and she was very strong. Through her blouse, I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that her nipples were visible and that they were erect.

Just like Aria, she moved me back and forwards and dug her fingernails into my scrotum. I squirted again; this time Stacey licked it from my body and allowed me to lie on the bench.

As I lay on the bench, satisfied, Melanie was being led by Jade to the kitchen and from there up to her bedroom. Her younger disciplinarian opened the door to the bedroom and allowed Melanie inside before closing it gently behind her.

“On the bed,” she instructed quietly. She knew that she wouldn’t have to raise her voice now. Melanie Pearson was willing to do whatever she asked of her.

The older girl slowly walked to her bed and lay down on the cool duvet. She lay on her back, her lovely breasts and pussy pointing to the ceiling. Jade Coleman waited for a few moments before sitting on the bottom of the bed, beneath Melanie’s feet.

“Open your legs,” the disciplinarian instructed and smiled as the older woman obeyed immediately.

“Now. Another kind of punishment for you, naughty Melanie.” The young woman began to rub her right hand over Melanie Pearson’s pubic hair that was neatly presented above her vagina. Jade Coleman quickly moved her fingers inside Melanie’s wet pussy and massaged her clit, smiling as she saw the younger girl climax quickly. She did this three more times and laughed softly as she heard Melanie’s gasps and moans.

After allowing Melanie to rest for a while, Jade gently raised Melanie’s head from her pillow and stared into her blue eyes, gently stroking her long red hair.

“Now. Show me how sorry you are and how thankful you are to me for your discipline today,” Miss Coleman said in a whisper.

Slowly, Melanie got up and moved around on her double bed until she was looking down at Jade. The younger girl lifted her dress and pulled off her knickers, throwing them on the bedroom floor. The blonde-haired Jade lay back and closed her eyes as Melanie’s tongue touched her vagina, slowly touching her pubic hair before slipping inside and outside and stimulating her clit. Jade moaned loudly and grabbed hold of Melanie’s hair in her hands, gripping it tighter and tighter as she came. The older girl made her orgasm at least three times before Jade Coleman was satisfied and collapsed onto the bed, Melanie Pearson placing her head on Jade’s dress, resting it against her sizeable breasts.

Later in the evening, they joined the others and soon the party began to break up. Laura and Stacey had tended to both Melanie's and my cuts and bruises and had soothed our bottoms with some cooling aloe vera gel which was a lovely feeling. I had finally gotten a chance to speak with Bethany and decided that I didn’t mind having her as my disciplinarian. I had also managed to get a kiss on the cheek from both Aria and Laura when they left.

Auntie Margaret said nothing to us that evening. This, according to Melanie, was quite normal. We both headed to bed early that night, both of us touching and feeling our sore bottoms and probably hoping that we got a lesser punishment next time. I know that I longed for another trip over Bethany’s knee and it was obvious that Melanie wanted to feel Jade’s hands as soon as she could arrange it.


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