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Pink Ass Poker

(V is for Vicky) Vicky gambles for very different stakes
"Ugh. Are we there yet?" Vicky moaned.

She and her husband George were half way through their seven and a half hour flight from San Francisco to Aruba for a very overdue vacation. George was a lawyer and Vicky was his legal secretary. He had decided a while ago to eschew the ordinary path to a successful career as an attorney and had instead hung out his own shingle. With his wife at his side, he had built a successful practice for himself, but doing so had been hard work for them both. At long last, with careful scheduling, they managed to set aside three glorious weeks off their schedule and decided to spend it all lounging in the tropical sun, doing absolutely nothing. Well, almost nothing...

Unfortunately, the in-flight movie was one they had already seen. George had taken out a deck of cards and was playing solitaire. Vicky was reading the airline magazine, but unfortunately, some bozo had already done the crossword, sudoku and the word search in her copy.

George smiled at her, "well, want to play Poker?"

"How? We don't have any chips."

"Well, why don't we play limit Hold 'Em? We should be able to keep track of the pot with just pencil and paper."

Vicky and George both enjoyed playing poker at the local cardroom back home. Both of them knew that Poker was just not the same when there was nothing at stake. Vicky asked, "What should we play for? I don't want to lose my spending money for the trip."

"Well, how about we play for spanks? We can play one-spank / two-spank limit Hold 'Em."

Vicky's eyes narrowed. "You're on!"

With that, the contest began in earnest. They played hand after hand. Vicky tried her hardest, but after the first hour, George was up by 10. The more they played, the better she got, and she managed to shave his advantage down to 6. Her success excited her and she got bolder, but towards the end of the third hour, she got a bad streak of cards and he racked up a quick 7 making the score 13 in his favor.

George was about to deal again when a bing sounded and the captain announced that they were about to begin their descent and that everything had to be put away. George gathered the cards and put them back in the box and in his pocket and smiled.

"Well, that's it. You owe me 13 spanks."

Vicky felt her stomach do a little flip. She told herself it was turbulence, but she knew better. Turbulence didn't make her pussy feel warm.

"How are you... What are you going to use?"

George put on a wicked grin, "That'll be my surprise. First thing after we're in our room."

Vicky bit her bottom lip.


They landed and had an uneventful trip through the airport bureaucracy, finally winding up at a cab to the resort. Once they arrived, George checked them in, and they went to their room with a bellhop handling their bags. While George dealt with the bellhop, Vicky walked over to the picture window at the edge of the room and lost herself in the gorgeous beach view - white sand peppered with sunbathers and sparkling blue water.

"Well, Vicky, why don't we settle our little wager?"

She didn't move, but her eyes popped wide open and her stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. She turned around. George had taken off his shirt, revealing his upper body. He worked out whenever he could and he knew that she appreciated his hard work. She started to smile until he saw that he was holding her large, wooden hairbrush.

He spoke again, his voice deeper and huskier, "I want you naked, Vicky."

She heard the raw animal excitement in his voice and her pussy tingled. She kept her eyes on her husband while she complied with his command and took off her clothes. A few moments later, she straightened up, naked.

"Turn around, legs apart. Hands on your knees."

Her heart skipped a beat as she bit her lip and took up her position. George came over and rested his left hand on the small of her back.

Without warning, the first swat landed square on the middle of her right ass-cheek. She let out a little "Mmfm" noise. Less than a second later, the second swat hit the other cheek. She screwed her eyes shut, resolutely holding her position. He kept up his rhythm for 8 more swats, while Vicky clamped her hands to her knees, her knuckles turning white, and screwed her eyes shut. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction of breaking her. She opened her eyes as he paused.

"Ok, three more and we're done." She bit her lip, knowing that he was going to savor them. She felt him pat her bottom with the brush and she shuddered.

The brush landed hard with a splat right at the bottom of her right cheek just above where her thigh met the curve of her ass. Right where she sat. The shock forced an "Aaaaah!" from her, and a second later she blinked a tear away from her eye. He waited longer this time before placing a hard stroke on the opposite cheek, mirroring the first. She cried out again and her right hand came off her knee and moved towards her bottom before she caught herself and put it back in place.

"And one to grow on!" George said and the hairbrush exploded across the middle of her ass crack. She cried out one last time and straightened up immediately, turning around and furiously rubbing her raw bottom and hopping from one foot to another. George stood and smiled in smug satisfaction while his wife danced.

"Oh, owwww! You meanie!" She put on an exaggerated pouty look on her face.

George smiled and took her in his arms, "Now, now. Don't be a sore loser." He smiled and patted her ass, "Sore... Get it?"

"Oh, you!" She smiled and added, "You just get ready. I want a rematch on the flight home."

He smiled and said, "Deal," and kissed her.

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