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Please Spank Me - I've Been Good

Please Spank Me - I've Been Good

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Pet needed a spanking... and she came to the right person for it!
"Master, may I ask you something?" she asked one morning as we sat eating breakfast.

"What is it, pet?" I asked as I sat My fork down. Whenever My girl starts a sentence with, 'May I ask you something?' it's cause for My complete attention.

"Well, Master today is Friday... and if we don't have anything planned for this weekend..." she said faltering.

"What is it you want to ask, pet. Be quick about it - I have to get to work," I said.

"I'm sorry Master. I was just wondering if you would spank me this weekend. I really need a good spanking."

Her request caught Me a bit off guard, so I wanted to know more. "Why is that, pet? Have you done something wrong?"

"Oh no, Master. I've been good. It's just... I really want you to spank me."

"I'm not sure I understand. Explain what it is you are asking Me," I said, still perplexed at her unusual request.

"Well, Master it's like this. Sometimes being a submissive is stressful, I mean having to always wonder if what I am doing or saying or acting is pleasing to You. Wondering if I am doing things the way You want, trying to figure out what You need from me next. Always being prepared no matter what I am doing to change things and go in a totally different direction. It's quite stressful."

"I didn't realize you felt this way, pet," I said.

"Oh don't get me wrong, I love being your submissive. I can't imagine my life any other way than to be kneeling before you and serving you, Master. But sometimes I need to be spanked... it's sort of cathartic in a way. It's like when you tease me and then tell me not to cum. You keep on building up the pressure until it's intolerable and then when you do allow me to cum, it's such a relief. Well spanking has a similar effect on me. And I am in need of relief, Master. I need a good sound spanking to release the pressure. I need you to make me cry and then to hold me afterwards. Can you understand, Master?" she asked, as she held My hand and looked into My eyes.

As her speech ended, I stood up and pulled her up to Me. I kissed her on the forehead softly. "Yes, babygirl. I understand completely. Consider it done, little one. Tonight I shall grant you the release you speak of. I had no idea you felt this way and now that I do, you won't have to suffer any longer with this burden."

"Thank you, Master," pet said.

"One thing I ask, though. The next time you need a release like this, don't wait so long to ask. I don't want you to be afraid to talk to Me about anything, okay?" I said.

"Yes, Master. I will come to you sooner next time. Thank you," she said smiling. I couldn't help but kiss her sweet lips long and hard. Such a good girl!

That day at work, I kept thinking about what pet had said. About how stressful it was on her being a submissive and how it all would build up in her. I had promised her when she became My submissive that I would make her life simpler and easier! Now apparently I was doing the opposite! Well something had to be done about this. But what? Where do I start and what can I do to change things for her?

I mulled the situation over all through the morning and over lunch. Due to the subject matter, this wasn't exactly something I could ask the advice of My friends on! I had to figure this one out on My own.

After lunch I had come up with a plan that I hoped would help. It may not be the total answer, but if it worked to help alleviate some of the stress pet was talking about, it would do for now until I could come up with a more permanent and effective solution.

The office wasn't very busy that day and I was able to close up a little early. Which was good, as I had some shopping to do. I stopped by the hardware store and by our local "adult novelties" shop to see what I could find to help in My plan.

Having made My purchases and formulated a plan in My head, I started for home. I had picked up a plain brown packing box and put everything into the box to keep prying eyes from spoiling My surprise! I arrived at home and pulled into the garage and shut the car off. Taking the taped box from the back seat, I went into the house.

My pet was busy in the kitchen and fortunately for Me, she didn't hear Me come in. I put the box on the side of My chair opposite the couch so she wouldn't see it, and then went into the kitchen to let her know I was home.

As I entered the kitchen, pet had her head in the refrigerator getting something out. I stood behind her quietly and when she stood up and closed the door, I slipped up behind her and threw My arms around her. She gasped as she felt Me press into her and tried to scream but I clamped My hand over her mouth. Then to let her know I wasn't a burglar I gently kissed her neck and whispered into her ear.

"Hello My love, I'm home," I said in a low, deep voice. She relaxed at hearing My voice and then melted into Me. My hands found their way up to her full firm breasts and began kneading the soft flesh under her oversize t-shirt. Pet moaned softly as she felt My fingers digging into her breasts. She had always had sensitive breasts and even more sensitive nipples, it was one of her best features and one I exploited at every opportunity.

She turned in My arms and I gave her a long passionate kiss. As I did My hand slipped down her back and I hiked up her t-shirt so I could grab her tight little ass. As I expected, she wasn't wearing any panties (she had been taught not to unless I gave her permission to) and as I gripped her left ass cheek, she moaned into My mouth. I pulled her closer to Me so she could feel the bulge that was growing in My pants and I rubbed it against her barely covered pussy. Her moan got louder and then she broke the kiss.

"Master if you keep teasing me like this, you'll make me burn our dinner. Then you'll have to take me out to eat." she said panting for breath.

I smiled and kissed her neck once again. "Well we can't have that, not after you've made such a delicious smelling dinner."

"Thank you, Master. Dinner is about ready so if you want to wash up, I will serve it up," she said smiling broadly. I went to the bedroom to change clothes and then went to the bathroom to wash up.

As I got back to the dining room, pet had just finished putting everything on the table. I went to her side of the table and pulled the chair out for her, seating her first as is our custom. Then I took My seat and she dished up our plates. She had made one of her mouthwatering pot roasts complete with all the fixings. We ate the delightful meal while she told Me of her day and I told her about Mine.

After dinner was finished, I sat at the table while pet cleared the dirty dishes and started the dishwasher. Then we went into the living room to relax.

The room was warm and quiet. I sat down in My chair while pet took her favorite position kneeling at My feet with her head sideways in My lap. She mewled softly as I played with her hair, enjoying My hands running through her soft brown curls.

"Do you remember when you first learned that I was a Master? You asked Me how anyone could enjoy being 'abused and humiliated' I believe were the terms you used that day," I said.

She smiled, "Yes, Master I remember. I was so naive about The Life. But I was a different girl back then."

"Yes you were, pet. Do you remember what I told you about D/s? About how being a submissive to a Master could make your life simpler and less stressful. You were working as a secretary and you were quite unhappy as memory serves."

"Yes, Master. My boss was a jerk and my coworkers were so busy trying to keep themselves out of trouble that they didn't have the time or the desire to help me. And then a customer would come in demanding something and it would just make matters worse. I hated the job."

"That's right. I told you that serving a Master would be easier - instead of trying to please your boss, the customers, and all the other things you had to deal with in an office setting, you would only need to concern yourself with pleasing one person. Me. I told you that all you needed to do was what I told you and that you wouldn't have to worry about anything except doing what I wanted you to do to please Me."

"I remember, Master," she said.

"Well, after what you told Me this morning, I did a lot of thinking today. I was troubled over your comments and..." I started.

"Oh, Master, it's okay. I was just being whiny this morning. Please don't worry about it, I'm over it now," she said, cutting Me off.

"You didn't let Me finish. Anyway, I was troubled over your comments, and so I have been trying to figure out how we can correct this problem so you don't feel so stressed out and pressured," I said. "And I think I have come up with a couple ideas."

"Ideas, Master?"

"Yes. I am your Master and as such I should know if something is bothering you. I should have seen this coming and done something about it earlier. I am responsible for your entire well-being. Obviously there are some communication bugs to be worked out. So starting this coming Sunday and every Sunday from now on you and I are going to sit down at the dining room table and discuss our week, what we are thinking, and how we are feeling. During this time we are not going to be Master and subbie - we are going to be Jonathan and Linda. Just a regular married couple. Understand?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you," she said, smiling and looking up at Me with her soft brown eyes.

"Now you made a request of Me this morning... a request it's time to take care of. Stand up pet," I commanded. Pet instantly got to her feet. Even though she tried hard not to, I caught a smile on her lips. I took her hand and pulled her across My lap and hoisted her t-shirt up to expose her tight round ass. As I caressed her upturned ass I continued talking to her.

"Do you remember your first spanking, pet? You were nervous and scared at first, unsure if this was what you really wanted after all.

Her lip trembled as she smiled. "Yes, Master, I remember."

"After I had given you a few well-placed swats, you settled down and relaxed some. Your ass was so soft. It still is you know. As I rubbed and spanked it, you got so turned on and excited. Then I removed your panties and used them as a gag while I spanked your soft bare ass. Do you remember how hot you were as my fingers brushed between your legs?" Slightly embarrassed, she nodded. I watched her reaction to my voice, as her breathing got a bit faster.

"Then my fingers found their way inside you. You tried to direct me to finger you exactly the way you wanted it, but I didn't want you to cum so quickly. So I teased you some first. Do you remember how hard you came when I finally allowed it? Do you remember how I made you beg for it?"

"Yes", she whispered.

With My left hand in the small of her back holding her down, My other hand continued to rub her butt. "You know I've never forgotten that feeling the first time I spanked you, either."

SMACK! SMACK! I left a red hand-print on each of her pale ass cheeks

"Does being dominated like this still excite you?" I asked.

"Ohh," Her soft moan was enough of a reply for Me.

SMACK! SMACK! Two more swats to her soft ass cheeks. I watched the skin pinked up as I rubbed her tender flesh.

I was not hitting her hard. This was not a punishment spanking. Instead, I was giving her firm, consistent slaps letting my hand alternate, first swatting one cheek then the other.


"You know, pet, I believe you do enjoy these spankings," I said, chuckling to Myself.


"You didn't get all your housework done today did you? I noticed that the bedroom was still a mess. The bed was not made and there were clothes laying around the room. Did you purposely neglect your work today just to give Me a reason to spank you?"

"No, Master, I didn't," she said in a voice so low I almost didn't hear it.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I began to spank her lower on the tender backs of her thighs. I knew that this would sting a bit more. A low moan escaped her lips and I felt my cock throb at her response.

"Stand up and remove your t-shirt. I want to use those tits of yours as well," I said to her. She got up off My lap and removed her shirt. She now stood before Me completely naked. My God what a beautiful creature she was! At five foot six inches tall and a very admirable 36D-25-36 with long brown hair she was a work of art. I couldn't help but pause for a moment just to admire the woman who has given herself to Me so completely.

"Go fetch Me the ping pong paddle and the clover nipple clamps, pet," I said, once I was able to focus again.

"I don't want to," she said in a pouting voice, "That paddle hurts and you know I don't like the nipple clamps."

Of course I knew both of these to be outright lies - she loved to have them both used on her. But I knew what she was doing. She wanted more and she wanted it harder. Fine by Me!

"So now we are being disobedient are we, pet? You know I have never stood for that!" I said.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I gave her four harder swats to her now well-pinked ass. She began to kick up a leg in protest although she wasn't yet squirming... something I was about to remedy.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! an additional four hard swats brought her back to her senses.

"Ohh!" she moaned. I helped her off my lap and onto the floor on all fours. She stayed there as I stood up Myself.

"Give Me your hair," I commanded and she pulled her hair back twisting it into a loose ponytail and handed me the end. I often used her long brown hair as a "leash" when walking her on all fours. She knew what to do. I began walking briskly and she crawled as fast as she could to try to keep up. I walked My pet down the hallway to our bedroom where the "toybox" was kept. There I opened the box and took out the paddle and clover clamps that I had told her to get.

Still holding her by the hair, I pulled her to the middle of the bedroom. Pushing her over onto her back I jumped on top of her, pinning her down with her arms at her sides. With her unable to move I took the clover clamps in hand. Pet's eyes got wide as she realized what I was about to do.

"Now then, since you didn't do as I told you to and made Me have to stop and get these things Myself, you are going to carry them... starting with these clamps," I said. With that I took hold of her left nipple and pinched it hard, tugging on it and getting it to swell and stiffen.

"Ow! Oww!" she complained. But I knew she was just being difficult. I pinched and tugged and flicked the bud until it was stiff and erect. Then I opened the clamp and attached it firmly, pulling on it gently to make sure it wouldn't come off until I took it off. Pet gasped as the clamp bit into her hypersensitive nipple but with her arms pinned, there was little she could do. And she wouldn't have even if she was free to. You see, My pet likes her clamps. She feels sexy in them and likes that I enjoy her in them as well. So her "protests" were all part of the game.

With one nipple under the clamp, I turned My attention to the other one and repeated the slapping and pinching and pulling until her second nipple was ready for the clamp. As the clamp bore down on her right bud, pet moaned louder. I could hear the lust in her voice and knew she was getting turned on. So I turned things up a bit by grabbing her clamped tits and gripping them tightly, sinking My fingers deep into the soft meat of her globes.

"Ohh god, Master," pet whimpered as I mauled her tits roughly.

"It's been a long time since you had a good spanking. Apparently too long - you have forgotten how to act. Well this should remind you," I said, feigning anger. I stood up pulling her up to her knees as I did. It may sound to you like I was too rough on My girl, but I happen to know when she gets in "this mood", I can hardly be rough enough on her! At times she craves and even needs to be handled roughly, verbally assaulted, and treated like a street whore - it's all part of the game between us.

"Open your mouth slut," I commanded. She opened her mouth and I placed the handle of the ping pong paddle in between her teeth. "If you drop this paddle, we will have to start all over and it won't bade well for you. Do you understand?" I warned her.

"Yeff Maffer," she said around the paddle handle.

"Good. Now Let's go back to the living room and finish this," I said as I started walking again. Once again she crawled as fast as she could but of course I walked a little bit faster, half dragging her down the finished hardwood-floored hallway.

We reached the living room and I returned to the couch this time - the better to spank her there. I took the paddle from her mouth and sat it on the cushion next to Me. Trying to hide my growing excitement (and raging hard-on), I sat down and again directed her over my lap. My hands rubbed and squeezed her soft round ass cheeks softly. Her large breasts hung down with the clips attached and swung gracefully as she laid over my lap.

"You brought this spanking on yourself," I told her. "You told Me that you need this spanking to relieve the stress I put on you being My submissive. Well far be it from Me to give you undue stress so I am going to ease this stress for you." Her breathing had gotten faster and she began squirming on My lap - not from being spanked but from the desire that was slowly consuming her.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I gave her four hard swats with My hand on her ass to get her warmed up again after our break.

"Ohh!" she moaned, squirming as her ass pinked up again.

"Okay it's time to get on with it," I said. I picked up the paddle and rubbed it's face across her ass cheek so she could feel it. My ping pong paddle had two sides. One side was covered with smooth, well-oiled leather, while the other side was smoothly sanded and varnished wood. Each side had it's advantages. The leather side with it's oiled surface made the sting settle in longer. The wooden side made the swat sharper and more intense initially. I rubbed the leather side across her upturned ass as she wriggled under it in anticipation.

"Please, Master. Please spank me," she whined.

I drew My hand back and watched as she tensed waiting for the first blow from the paddle. Unbeknownst to her though, I spun the paddle in My hand so that the wooden side would come down across her tight ass cheeks.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! four swift, cracking swats to her ass got her attention right away.

"Yeowch!" she exclaimed, arching her back and bringing her chest up high.

I pulled her legs open a bit more. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! These slaps I directed to her inner thigh.

"Yeeow! Oh Master!" she squealed.

We had been together long enough that I knew exactly how she liked it and where to place My strokes for maximum effect. Since this was to be an erotic spanking, I chose places I knew would cause her to get turned on without undue pain. Setting the paddle down momentarily, I rubbed my hands across her butt, letting my fingers stroke and brush between her thighs. She moaned and raised her ass a bit higher encouraging me to probe her. I smiled evilly.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "You have been a bad girl. I don't like spanking you, but you must learn to behave." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

She tried to reach behind herself. "Oh god, Master! Please!" I brushed her hands away.

"If you put those hands back there again, they will get a swat as well," I said.


"Ohh, Godd," she moaned loudly. She laid across my lap and slowly ground herself against Me. I could feel the heat coming from her core as she laid draped over My lap.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! My hand slipped down between her thighs and I began to rub her already swollen lips. "My my, are we enjoying this, slut? Your pussy is soaked," I said smiling.

"I have to use the bathroom," she moaned. I smiled again. She used this old trick to get away and take a breather when she was getting spanked.

"Are you telling me the truth," I asked, as my hand continued to fondle her.

"Yes," she said. Even though I was fairly certain this was all just a ploy, I let her get up. I barely caught a smile as she rose from My lap. She brought her hands up as if to remove the nipple clamps.

"Leave them on, we aren't finished here," I said. Her eyes rose and looked at me, then she smiled. She turned slowly and strolled to the bathroom. Closing the door she turned on the faucet.

I got up from the couch and followed her to the bathroom once the door was shut. I stood out of sight with my back against the wall. I knew what My little slut was up to! She flushed the toilet and turned the water off. The water and the flushing were a diversion - she had only went in there to stall for time, just as I suspected. Finished now, she opened the door cautiously and peeked out. Not seeing me and thinking she was in the clear, she opened the door and stepped out.

But she wasn't in the clear at all and before she realized what was happening, I had pinned her against the hallway wall. I was too close for her to kick out at Me (she knew better than that anyway) and using my knee, I spread her thighs apart. She raised her hands up and I captured both of them in one of mine, holding them up over her head.

"You still think you can win, slut? You should know by now that I am very good at this game," I said. Pet's excitement was evident in her panting breaths. With my free hand, I began to let my fingers softly play across her chest.

"No don't," she moaned, but already her legs were getting wobbly and weak. She knew she was helpless and vulnerable in this position and that excited and inflamed her passion even more. I reached up and cupped her soft fleshy breasts and began to softly squeeze them. "Don't," she moaned again.

Leaving her heaving breasts behind, My fingers trailed lightly down her flat stomach. As they approached her steaming mound she sucked in a breath.

"No, you can't," she protested, the lust thick in her voice. My fingers found her dripping and ready. She bucked against me as my finger rubbed her stiff clit.

"Ohh," she moaned as she trembled against Me.

"I should shove My fingers into you and let them take you right here and now," I said, as My fingers burrowed deeper inside her. She humped against My hand, driving my fingers deeper and deeper. She was close, so very close to cumming.

Suddenly I pulled my hands free. "Not just yet, My little slut," I said.

"No!" she cried out. Taking her by the hand, I led her to the bedroom.

"On the bed, slut, and ready yourself to be used," I said. Pet quickly climbed onto the bed and placed herself on her back with her legs spread wide. She smiled at Me in eager anticipation.

"No, pet. I want your ass," I corrected. She immediately moved to get into the proper position. On her wide-spread knees, with her chest lowered to the bed and her face laid on a pillow, her ass was exposed and vulnerable to whatever use I wanted to put it.

For a moment I considered giving her more swats, but My own needs were growing and becoming unbearable. As she knelt there, ass up and whimpering, I squirted a good-sized glob of K-Y onto My fingers. Spreading her cheeks open, I looked down at her tight, puckered opening. Such a good girl, just the sight of her caused me to throb in anticipation.

Smearing the goo on her anus, I rubbed My cock around working the lube onto My cock as well as into her ass slightly. Then I pressed the bulbous head to her opening. At first she resisted, twisting her ass this way and that. With one hand I held her steady, while I guided my shaft with the other. A low moan announced my dick's entry. Her heat was incredible and I fought to maintain control. Then after taking a few deep breaths, I began to slowly work myself in deeper. I went easy at first, knowing that her tightness could cause me to climax far earlier than I wanted. I intended to take My pleasure out in this girl slowly, teasingly, driving her crazy along the way. I began the see-saw rhythm we both knew so well.

I purposely took My time pushing into her, then pulling out until just the head of My cock remained inside her sphincter ring. She moaned and began to raise her ass higher. Then she began to move counter to me, pushing back against Me as I pressed forward. This caused my cock to slide in deeper as she rocked back and forth.

"Ohh fuck," she moaned. My dick twitched at her words. I had taught her long ago to use vulgar words to tell Me what she felt and what she wanted. And she had learned well. Now it was those very words that drove me wild. I increased my rhythm and the depth of My pistoning.

"Fuck! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!" she moaned. Grabbing her by the waist, I pulled her ass back even more. I needed leverage to give it to her the way she wanted. Planting my feet firm against the footboard of our wrought-iron bed, I began to drive into her like I wanted to split her in two. I rammed My steel-hard cock into her so hard I almost knocked the breath out of her with each thrust. I could see her fists balling up the sheets as I drove My cock home until My balls slapped against her pussy.

"Yes! Oh fuck! Harder! Faster! Oh fuck me! Fuck my ass!" she screamed as My cock pistoned in and out with a speed that even a race car engine would envy. Her words were driving me over the brink. With all I had, I rammed myself in again and again.

Nothing could compare with the indescribable feeling I had at that moment. Buried balls deep in My beautiful girls tight ass, her screams of pleasure and encouragement as I fucked her ringing in my ears. My sweat dripping down onto her back and mixing with hers as it trailed down and dripped off us onto the sheets as I continued to pump into her.

Suddenly with a lunge and a shout, I came. She felt My white hot seed splash deep in her rectum and she screamed out her own release. We both shuddered as our mutual orgasms rocked back and forth between us, each one fighting for supremacy. Then in complete orgasmic bliss, we collapsed onto the bed and rolled on our sides, each panting like racehorses after finishing the Kentucky Derby. I held her in My arms, feeling my cock throb as it shriveled. My need satisfied, I just wanted to, no I needed to hold onto her.

After awhile I got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stepped into the shower. I was in the middle of cleaning up a bit when I heard the bathroom door open and then shut. A moment later the shower door opened.

Without a word, pet stepped into the shower. Taking the soap from My hand, she began washing Me. Her gentle touch was heavenly and I closed My eyes, leaning against the shower wall as she tended to Me. She cradled My withered cock in her hands oh so tenderly, making sure I was clean and then she softly kissed My cock in admiration and respect.

When we were both washed up and clean, we exited the shower and it was My turn to dote on her, drying her off and kissing her as I did.

We went back into the bedroom and laid back down on the bed. She snuggled into the crook of my arm. It felt so natural to Me to have her lay like this. I stroked her hair and face as she lay breathing softly, evenly. It all came flooding back to me and I held her tight. She squeezed Me back and smiled up at Me. I knew this is where we both belonged.

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