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Protect and Correct

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43 year old Janet disciplines her 28 year old lover who is then spanked by her 18 year old daughter


I met 43 year old Janet quite by chance. I am 28 years old and have always fancied older women so it felt really right. We met at a bar, one thing led to another, I went back to her house, had a few more drinks, played around a bit until Janet gave me a playful smack on my bottom.   It didn’t hurt as I was wearing jeans, but I didn’t object, in fact I just blushed, and she could tell from the look on my face that I might take more. She smiled, and then a stern word later and I had taken down my jeans and underpants and was lying across her lap being spanked. At first it was playful, then more intense, and by the end Janet was scolding me and reduced me to tears.  

What shook me was that I found it a wonderful experience. I hadn’t been spanked when living at home although I had often wondered what it would feel like, particularly if spanked by an older woman. In the event it was made even better because Janet was so aroused and made me so aroused that she took me to bed and we made love for hours.  

The following morning I met Tessa, her 18 year old daughter.  

Janet is curvy with shoulder length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes that flash when she is angry, and smile brightly when happy.   She has a great sense of humour but is a no nonsense motherly type who can be my friend when I am good and discipline me severely when I am not.  

Tessa is slim, long brown hair and dark brown eyes, a bit of a handful at times with a waspish voice although someone who is much like her Mother when it comes to discipline, as I was to find out.  

Several dates later and I moved in.   

Janet always said “David, my job is to protect and correct.”   I soon found out what that meant. Janet looked after me, cooked for me and did my washing, and we became lovers and best friends.   That was protecting me.   But when I overstepped the mark she would put me across her lap and spank me until I cried. That was correcting me.  

Mind you, I loved the relationship. An older woman to whom I made love and who had the right, in fact obligation, to discipline me. It didn’t seem so bad when Tessa watched me being spanked. Sure she is only 18 years old, but family, often affected by what I did wrong, so rightfully entitled to watch me disciplined.  

It changed one day.   I was argumentative at the dinner table and a row erupted.   Janet and Tessa took one view with me taking the other, until I told them both how stupid they were. The look they both gave me turned me cold. I knew I was going to be spanked.  

Janet stood up, turned her chair in to the room, and sat back down.  

“Stand right there” she ordered, pointing to the floor in front of her.   I had no alternative as I had accepted her decisions on discipline for so long now it was second nature.  

“Trousers and pants off” she snapped, and they were soon around my ankles and kicked off on to the floor.  

“Now bend over and grab both sides of the chair so our faces are inches away from each other.”  

This was new. I bent forward and grabbed the seat of the chair, brushing her thighs, and our eyes were inches apart.  

Janet smiled and said “Now, Tessa is going to stand by you and give you a spanking on your bare bottom, and you had better accept it.”

  I looked startled.   “But she is only 18.   She can’t spank me.”  

“Oh yes she can, and yes she will. You insulted her like you insulted me. She is mature, and I think she will find a man just like you, one who needs protection and correction, so she needs to know how to spank properly.”  

I looked at Janet, deep in to her eyes, and knew she had no intention of relenting.   I gave the slightest of nods which brought a broad smile from my older lover and the instruction “OK Tessa, medium first and build up to hard, like you saw when your Aunt spanked your cousin the other day.”  

“Right Mum” she answered.   I could feel her heat as he stood next to me, placed a palm on my back, and rubbed my bottom before drawing her hand back and landing a spank on my left bottom cheek. An 18 year old girl, the daughter of my lover, had just given me her first spank, quickly and methodically followed by many many more as she spanked all over my bottom whilst Janet was looking at me, staring in to my eyes, and encouraging Tessa to spank me harder and harder. I was struggling with the spanking after a while, tears filling my eyes, my vision blurring, and Janet whispering how I must learn not to be rude, to either of them.  

“I’m sorry” I mumbled through the pain.

Suddenly the spanking stopped and Tessa was just rubbing my bottom and legs.   Janet took my face in her hands and kissed me, opening her mouth, beckoning my tongue to entwine hers as I kissed her back.  

Tessa kept rubbing my legs first at the back and then my inner thighs. It was sensual, arousing, and I soon had an erection.   I wondered whether the 18 year old should be touching me in this way, and as Janet kissed with increased vigour so Tessa moved her fingers up until they brushed my balls.     

I withdrew from Janet’s kiss and was about to complain but Janet jumped in first with “she has to learn David. So she will continue and you will let her. Don’t worry, you will be across my lap soon enough for my discipline.   Now kiss me again, and mean it” she added with a snap.  

I bent forward, our open mouths enclosed around each other and my tongue searched out Janet’s. Tessa renewed her gentle caressing of my legs and balls until I was fully erect.  

Then whilst still kissing Janet Tessa started spanking me again, harder than before, but still my erection remained.   I wondered at how I was being kissed by my 43 year old lover and spanked by her 18 year old daughter, at the same time. It was different, and I had to admit very arousing.  

Janet withdrew her lips, looked deep in to my eyes and said “OK David, my turn to discipline you. Get across my lap.”  

I bent across and now the normal hard effective spanking started, with Janet spanking me with her flat open firm hand, as methodically as Tessa had done, but harder, using her experience more than her strength, but I was soon struggling much as I always did, knowing that soon enough the hairbrush would appear and I would really start to feel the pain.

  “Get the hairbrush Tessa” I heard Janet instruct, and I saw Tessa leave the room for a few minutes before bringing back the hairbrush that Janet used so effectively on me.  

“Give him two dozen Tessa” I heard Janet say, and I looked up to see the 18 year old standing next to us, the hairbrush above her head, about to strike me with it. I felt Janet’s hand in the small of my back, gently but firmly, making me to stay still.   More education for Tessa it seemed, with me as the target.  

The first spank hit home and I gasped.  

“Good girl” Janet said, “just like I showed you on the pillow” she added.   So Janet had been teaching her daughter how hard to spank with this thing.   She was a good teacher I thought.  

Tessa gave me a breather between each 6 strokes. Janet rubbed my bottom and told me how red it was, and how well I was taking my punishment. I looked around and saw Tessa again with the hairbrush held up and ready to strike, looking intently at my bottom, concentrating, making sure her aim was good and I felt each stroke. Just like her Mother looks when she makes me lie across her lap and lays in to me with that same hairbrush.  

After Tessa had finished Janet gave me another long hand spanking with the hairbrush, telling me how I mustn’t be rude and that this will teach me a lesson, to which I mumbled my agreement through my sobbing.  

“OK David, I think that is enough. Now, you need to give us your present to thank us for disciplining you.”  

Janet allowed the remark to sink in.   The “us” bit at least. I glanced up at Janet who was looking very serious.  

“Us?” I asked.

“Yes us David.   Tessa first and then me.” She gave me a stern look.

I gave a quick look at Tessa who seemed quite calm about the conversation.  

“How?” I asked.

" That’s good David, very good.   You will take Tessa to bed and make sure she has a full orgasm, but no penetration.   Anything that she asks for except penetration in fact.   Oh, and you will not come yourself. You will have to wait for me for that pleasure.”

My mouth dropped open, and Tessa said “come along David, my bedroom please” and she gave me a smack on my bottom before grabbing my arm, waiting for me to get myself up, which I did, and then let her lead me up the stairs to her bedroom. Once there she slipped her vest top over her head and unclipped her bra, putting both on a chair, quickly followed by her skirt and knickers.  

“Quickly David, I don’t want to have to wait for you” she ordered brusquely. I realised the strangeness of having an 18 year old acting far more maturely than her years, rushing me along, the 28 year old lover of her Mother.  

Tessa got on the bed and watched me remove my t shirt and socks, and follow her on to the bed. She immediately threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, taking my tongue in to her mouth. I kissed her back.  

Soon she snapped “come on David, you need to make me happy” as she took my hand and placed it squarely on her firm breast. I took that as the signal it was intended to be which gave me free reign to kiss and caress every part of her body. Soon Tessa was moaning and groaning with delight as I gently fondled her breasts, kissed them, licked and sucked on her erect nipples, kissed her stomach and made my way down to her thighs.  

She willingly spread her legs as I kissed her inner thighs and slowly edged towards her pussy. She was moaning ever more deeply when my tongue slowly edged open her vulva and entered her sex place, licking her vaginal lips and nudging her clitoris.  

Soon the 18 year old was thrusting her thighs up and down and I was finding it hard to keep my tongue in place but held on until she let out a long drawn out gasp, followed by two shorter ones, and she collapsed with a final sigh, breathing deeply.  

After a few moments she opened her eyes, looked up, smiled a lovely wide smile, gave me a kiss, and said “thank you David, a lovely present.”

I smiled back.  

“I think Mum will be waiting in her bedroom now” she said as she got up and started to get dressed.  

I stood up and picked up by t shirt.  

“Don’t bother with that David. Get them later. I’m going out anyway.”  

I shot Tessa a glance, and had a final long look at her slim body but with curves in the right places. I thought how lucky I had been to have enjoyed such a young good looking body, knowing I was going to be enjoying her Mother’s body in a few minutes later.  

“Hey you, go to Mum. Don’t be naughty or I’ll have to spank you again, much harder” she said as she held her hands above her head giving me a full view of her naked body, turning around with a playful skip so I saw her back view as well.  

“You’ll get to play with me again next time” she added lightly.  

She winked as I turned and walked out of her bedroom, and in to the next door bedroom, Janet’s bedroom which of course I shared with her. Janet was already on the bed, naked, ready. I lay next to her and we kissed.     

A few minutes later Tessa entered the room and we looked up. She was dressed, ready to go out, all made up, looking quite gorgeous.   

“Well?” Janet asked.  

“He was good Mum, very good.”  

“I know Tessa. OK, we’ll see you later.”  

I blushed, just not believing that mother and daughter were discussing my performance in bed. How humiliating. Even more so when Tessa winked at me again. My mouth dropped open as she turned and walked out the door with a broad smile.  

Tessa closed the door and we heard her go down the stairs and out the front door.  

“You OK David?” Janet asked gently.  

“I suppose so Janet. It’s just don’t you mind me getting intimate with your daughter?”

“No, because she has taken part in disciplining you and needs to see the plus side of that.   Anyway, she’ll be disciplining you again if she thinks you need it.”  

“What?” I asked.  

“You heard. A change in the rules. She can decide to spank you if I’m not here. You will have to behave with Tessa just as you do with me, and if she disciplines you, and you can’t object if she does, then she gets a present just like today. Understood?”  

“I’m 28 and Tessa is 18 and I have to accept her discipline decisions?”  

“On your stomach” she ordered.  

I was about to object when her hand smacked my leg in a blur. I shot on to my stomach knowing what was going to happen. Sure enough she started to spank my bottom again, alternate cheeks, as hard as she did before. It stung. I knew though I had to accept her spanking. She was annoyed as I had objected to what she wanted, and rather than explain she knew the quickest way to get my agreement was to thrash me. What a thrashing, as my bottom was already sore from the hairbrush just a short while ago, but I knew better than to beg her to stop. She had to decide that for herself. I was sobbing when she reached for her hairbrush. I squirmed around but knew I must not avoid her spanks, but must take them as best I could.   

I was in floods of tears when she finally stopped and asked “do you agree yet?”  

Through my sobs and my tear filled eyes I said a very wet “Yes, I agree. I’m sorry” I conceded, tears streaming down my face.   

Smiling now, she said “Good boy” and then after kissing my cheek continued as though nothing had happened “so yes, Tessa will discipline you if you are naughty, and yes, even though she is only 18 years old she can tell you to go across her knee for a spanking and you have to accept her decision.”

Janet smiled wickedly again and said “you did enjoy the afters with Tessa though didn’t you?”  

I looked at my 43 year old lover. I had calmed down realising it was more than just Tessa spanking me. I was going to be able to make out as well. That was so cool I thought. How many Mothers are so happy for their lovers to be intimate with their daughters? One minute I get spanked by my 43 year old lover and the next I heavy pet with her 18 year old daughter.   

“You’re Ok with that? Really?” I brightened up.  

“Really” she said firmly. “She will learn from it and be ready for when she finds her own man.”  

“Oh yes, to protect and correct” I said laughing.

  “Exactly” Janet said, also laughing. “My turn now young man or do you want another spanking first?” Janet demanded.   

“No need” I said knowing I already had a firm erection. We held each other tightly. Her body was so different to Tessa’s. Curvy and softer, and her fingers returned my favours, getting me ready, and this time I knew I would explode inside her once I had brought my 43 year old lover to the edge of orgasm.

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