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Punished by the principal -1-

Ashley's unfortunate accident turns out a bit different then she had expected.
Principal Grant was sitting in his black leather chair. In front of him scattered papers lay over his mahogany desk. However his focus wasn’t on the papers, he had turned his chair towards the window and was staring through the blinds. It was a hot September afternoon, exceptionally hot even for the time of year. And although the blinds kept most of the sunlight out, the heat of the burning sun still found a way into the principal’s office. The heat had even made the principal take off his jacket and tie.

Principal Grant was peering through the blinds, his dark brown eyes observing the students going in and out of the school or just sitting on the lawn. He was particularly looking at the girls, with their short shorts or skirts displaying slender tanned legs, their lithe bodies in skimpy tops. Dirty thoughts were going through his mind about what he would like to do to some of them.

But who wouldn’t have those thoughts, he thought to himself. He was a man after all and he and his wife were going through a cold streak again. Principal Grant was in his late thirties and had been married for almost twelve years now. And although he loved his wife very much, their sex life had its ups and downs. He always wondered what the cause of it was. He didn’t think it was him, at least not his physique. He was in good shape, he went to the gym every other day, he cycled, and he saw some of the female students giggle shyly at him when he walked passed them. They also didn’t have kids, so that couldn’t be the problem, he sometimes heard other couples complain about how it affected them. They even had tried to spice things up, as they call it, they had been experimenting here and there. They had gone to swinger parties a couple of times, but that wasn’t really for them. Although watching his wife make out with another woman did turn him on, but again, he was a man after all.

And like every man, Principal Grant had his needs and that need was slightly twitching in his pants as he observed the female students outside. He was contemplating taking his rod out and wanking himself off before going back to work, when he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he said sternly, while moving his chair back behind his desk.

The door opened and the janitor’s head appeared into the opening.

“Principal Grant. Sorry to disturb, but there has been an accident with your car.”

“An accident? How is that possible when my car is just standing there in the parking lot?” the principal asked raising his bushy eyebrows.

“Well you better ask the little culprit yourself. I was lucky I saw it happen or she might’ve gotten away with it.”

The janitor gestured to someone outside. Then he said “I’ll leave it up to you if you wanna call the cops, sir. If needed I’ll be your witness.”

And with that the janitor disappeared and a dark brown haired girl came shuffling in. She stopped in front of the desk and looked down at her sneakers. Principal Grant leaned back in his chair and looked at the girl.

He knew who it was, Ashley, a final year student. It wasn’t the first time the eighteen year old girl had seen his office from the inside, far from. She had a tendency of showing up late for classes and every so often one of her teachers would send her to the principal to be reminded that she had to show up for class in time. But other than that she seemed to be a good student, her grades were above average and, as far as Principal Grant knew, didn’t cause any trouble around the school.

As he observed Ashley, he thought her appearance was innocent, at first glance at least. Her dark brown hair had been put into a pony tail. Her medium length body was wrapped into a tight fitting blouse, a plaid skirt that stopped halfway up her firm but slender thighs and made men curious of the rest that was under there. And to top it off she wore almost knee-high white socks with red sneakers.

Perfectly innocent… almost. The black eyeliner, the thickened black mascara that made her eyelashes stand out and the dark shade of eyeshadow that she had applied, made Principal Grant believe she wasn’t as innocent as she appeared to be. He folded his hands together and spoke. “Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to tell me what happened?”

Ashley couldn’t believe what had happened as she looked down at her sneakers, wiggling her toe. She had already been late for class and now this. She was driving up the parking lot with her elbow on the steering wheel, holding the bottle of mascara and with her other hand applying it with the brush. When she was finished she looked into the rear-view mirror, to see if everything was to her liking and then it happened, she crashed into a car. Her speed wasn’t fast, but fast enough to make a pretty obvious dent into the other car, not to mention the scratches in the paint-job and the broken rear lights.

She didn’t recognise the car, so she figured it must be the car of a new teacher. And thinking that no-one had seen her, she parked her car further down the parking lot and quickly hurried into school. Ashley thought she had gotten away with it until that useless janitor had stopped her when she was walking down the corridor to class. Of course he had seen her; he spent more time smoking in front of the school than actually doing something useful. And of course he knew who the car belonged to; her heart sank when he told her, his yellow teeth flashing in a big grin. She had no choice but to follow the janitor to the principal’s office.

“I’m so sorry, sir. I... I kinda bumped into your car,” Ashley started, still not looking up at the principal.

“You bumped into my car?”

“Well, kinda crashed, sir. The rear lights are broken and there might be some… some scratches and dents.”

“Hmmm, that is very unfortunate” the principal said calmly, “but I don’t see any reason to involve the police in this, I’m sure it’s nothing your insurance won’t cover.”

This was the part Ashley had been dreading. “Sir I’m… my car is not insured,” she mumbled.

“What did you say?” Principal Grant said, raising his voice. He wasn’t sure if he had heard it right.

“My car, it’s not insured,” Ashley said louder. “I was going to, sir. But I hadn’t gotten around to it. Sir, please don’t call the police, please, please.” Tears welled up in her eyes.

“And how do you think,” the principal said, standing up, leaning his tall body forward with his hands on his desk, looking menacing at her, “how do you think you’re going to pay for the damage you have caused.”

“I’ll do anything, sir. Anything! I’ll stay every day to help clean the schoolyard, the toilets if I have to. I’ll do anything the janitor needs help with… anything you tell me to do sir.” Ashley pleaded. She looked up at the principal, pouting her lips, looking as innocent as possible.

There was something about the innocent looking girl in front of him that aroused the principal. Maybe it was her pouting red lips, maybe the thought that she would do anything, that she would be in his power, she would be his. There was something that made the principal’s thoughts go into areas principals thoughts shouldn’t go, not when standing in front of a student. But the fact that he was sexually deprived, that he had no idea when his wife let him fuck her again, and that he couldn’t deny, ignore, the rigid urge in his pants, made him not think clearly.

“Hmmm… I don’t think normal punishment is appropriate in this case. I think this is a personal matter rather than school business.”

“Of course, I-I understand sir.” Ashley was a bit startled at the tone of his voice, as if he was insinuating something, something unusual. But she didn’t have much choice, getting the police involved would make matters only worse and if her parents would find out, she could forget about her car. They would confiscate it and all her freedom would be gone. She would be doomed to rely on the school bus or on friends as she had been not too long ago.

“Please, sir. I need my car, don’t call the cops. And please don’t call my parents. They will take away my car. I need it, for school,” she pleaded again.

Principal Grant stood there, looking at the student, thinking long and hard as if weighing his options. Then he spoke, now determined of what he was about to do.

“I will not call the police or your parents, and I will even pay for the damage on my car, which I clearly had to pay for myself either way, if…” The principal paused, looking at Ashley’s relieved face.

“If you agree to be punished and...” The principal paused again, a sly smile forming on his face as he saw the schoolgirl’s face turning from relieved to somewhat worried.

“And you will do whatever I say for the next month, and this also includes weekends.”

“Whatever, sir?” Ashley asked, buying some time to think. Whatever was a pretty broad concept, to say the least. She couldn’t even start to think what he could ask from her, what he could make her do. But would it be worth it? She didn’t have a part-time job. She didn’t have money to pay for the damage. And if the police would get involved, she’d probably get a fine on top of the damage because she wasn’t insured. And her parents, they wouldn’t show pity, they had bugged her to get the car insured. They’d shrug their shoulders and tell her to sort her own problems, taking away the car in the process.

The principal saw Ashley thinking hard, she was still in doubt. He would have to pressure her more for this to work.

“Whatever I deem appropriate, without protest, without hesitation and you will be silent about it,” he continued, “So do we have a deal, Ashley? Or shall I start making phone calls.”

“No, sir, don’t make calls,” Ashley said quickly, she had no choice. Whatever he had in store for her couldn’t be that bad. “I will do whatever you say, sir.”

A content look appeared on Principal Grant’s face, as if he had just acquired the latest train for his model trains collection.

“Good, now if you step closer to the desk. All the way, until your legs touch the desk,” the principal instructed. Ashley stepped forward until the edge of the desk pressed against her thighs and waited.

Principal Grant opened a drawer and searched in it. Ashley was looking curious down over the desk wondering what he was looking for. But when she saw what he took out of the drawer, her stomach clenched in surprise. In his hand the principal held a wooden ruler. “He wasn’t going to…” Ashley thought to herself.

The principal closed the drawer and with the ruler in his hand he walked around his desk. “Now Ashley, I want you to bend over the desk and grab each of the armrests of the chair.”

“But sir…” Ashley protested, afraid that her bottom would be exposed when she would stretch out over the desk and he would see she was wearing a thong. But mortified at the thought of what role the ruler would play in all this.

“I don’t want to hear any buts from you, young lady. You will do as I say or our deal is off.”

“Yes, sir,” Ashley conceded and she started bending over the desk. She felt humiliated, here she was spoken to like a little girl, and soon to be punished like one, there was no doubt about that. But something about it, the thought of being controlled by this pretty attractive man, to do his bidding, made her feel a rush of butterflies in her stomach.

As she lay herself down on the desk and stretched her arm, she noticed she couldn’t reach the chair. She pushed herself up more, standing on her toes, to finally reach and grip the chair with her hands. But bending over the desk had caused Ashley’s skirt to ride up as she was afraid would happen. And because she had to push herself up, her bottom had risen even more up as she felt the edge of the desk pressing against her crotch. She could feel the principal’s eyes on her bottom as she lay there, stretched out, helpless and she couldn’t stop herself from getting damp between her legs.

Principal Grant looked lustfully down at the firm flesh of the student’s butt that peaked out from under her skirt. To his surprise he saw only a thin stripe of white fabric between her ass cheeks until the thong widened over her crotch.

“As punishment I will give you ten strokes with the ruler today, Ashley,” he pressed the ruler against the girl’s thigh and slowly slid up, “and you will thank me after every stroke. I have given you the opportunity to grip something tight when receiving your punishment…”

The principal lifted her skirt with the ruler, draped it over her back and continued. “Therefore if you let go of the chair, I will see that as an insult of my kindness and I will have to start over again, understood?”

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” Ashley said. His authority, the way he made her feel like she was totally in his control intoxicated Ashley. She wanted to thank him for his kindness, and for the punishment she was about to receive.

Ashley whimpered as the first two strokes hit her bare ass cheeks.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.” Ashley said. She felt the sting of the strokes spreading over her ass. It wasn’t too hard, she could handle this.

But she realized the first two strokes were just to warm her bum cheeks up as the third and fourth strokes hit her ass a lot harder, making Ashley scream out in pain. The pain subsided, but she could feel her ass cheeks starting to glow as she thanked him again. And to her surprise the punishment was starting to turn her on even more. Her nipples hardened, pressing through her blouse against the desk. Her crotch wasn’t damp anymore, it was wet.

She screamed again at the next two strokes, fighting back tears as they welt up in her eyes. “Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir, “she sobbed. Her ass was burning, but she was getting more and more aroused and she could feel a different kind of burning develop in her pussy.

“What’s this?” the principal asked. Ashley could feel the ruler being pressed against her labia. She realized he had seen the wet spot in her thong.

“Sir, I can explain…”

“I think this is more than enough explanation.” Principal Grant cut her off, tapping the ruler against her pussy, making Ashley jerk involuntarily. She almost let go of the chair as she had a hard time keeping her mind clear. But remembering he would start over again if she let go, her hands gripped the chair more firmly.

“I think I will have to take a closer look at this,” the principal said. He stepped closer behind the student. Ashley felt his hands pull at the tiny waistband around her sides and the thong slid down, over her legs, onto the floor.

Ashley felt even more humiliated, her pussy was now on display and her arousal was clearly visible. But on the other hand Ashley wanted the principal to take a closer look, for the first time she secretly wished he would drop his pants and shove his hard cock into her pussy. She had never been controlled before, not like this, not by someone like him, and she was getting more turned on than she thought was possible.

Suddenly she felt another two hard strokes on her ass cheeks. “Thank you sir, thank you sir,” she wailed. Her ass was on fire, and her pussy… her pussy was actually dripping. She was embarrassed at the thought that she wanted to scream at him to take her, to fuck her. But despite the fact that he could see her pussy, that he could clearly see she was extremely aroused, he hadn’t indicated he wanted to fuck her, and she was becoming frustrated because of it.

Principal Grant looked down at the student’s bright red ass; the red imprints of the ruler were clearly visible on her ass cheeks. He knew there was more to this innocent looking girl and the proof was clearly dripping down her leg. It was time to take full advantage.

“I think you have enjoyed this punishment way too much, Ashley I think a different kind of punishment is in order,” he said as he applied the last two strokes.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Please, I didn’t mean to. Please, punish me however you want to, sir” Ashley almost begged, the last two strokes had spiralled her mind, her urges, out of control.

The principal tapped her pussy with the ruler again and the girl’s body shivered in response. He unclasped his belt and dropped his pants and boxers. His rock hard member sprang free, ready to attack.

At first the principal had wanted to punish Ashley, humiliate her, not only because she damaged his car. He was frustrated, annoyed at his wife for not having sex. And watching all those girls with their short, tight clothes only made it worse. But seeing her reaction to his spanking, her whimpers, not only out of pain, but also pleasure, made him want to fuck this girl hard. And he was going to, deep inside he knew he shouldn’t do it, but he wasn’t going to back out now.

Principal Grant pressed his swollen cock head against the teenager’s glistening pussy lips, rubbing it up and down. Ashley shuddered a bit, she had heard him unzip and drop his pants, but she hadn’t dared to look back. Now the principal felt his cock head getting covered in the slick juices of her pussy as he rubbed it up and down, spreading her pussy lips, ready to penetrate her. But not yet, there was one last thing he wanted to hear out of her mouth.

“Tell me how I’m going to punish you, Ashley. How you wanted to be punished all this time.”

Ashley couldn’t believe it; he was going to make her say it. He was going to make her admit what she wanted him to do, humiliate her completely, make her surrender to him. But she couldn’t stand it anymore, she wanted it, she was going to submit completely.

“Fuck me, sir. Punish me, punish me hard, please, sir,” she whimpered.

The principal large hands grabbed her hips and pushed in hard. He groaned loud feeling his cock slide into her soaking wet pussy. It felt so warm, so incredible tight. He could feel her throb around his shaft as Ashley’s pussy was stretched beyond what she had ever experienced.

Ashley’s head was turned sideways resting on the desk, her mouth wide open, moaning loud, her eyes closed, her arms stretched out in front of her still gripping the chair. The principal pulled back, almost out of her before slamming back inside her, starting a steady rhythm of long deep strokes.

Ashley felt so full every deep thrust, so full and stretched and ridiculously turned on by it all. “Punish me harder, sir. Please, Fuck me hard, fuck your toy.”

The principal was starting to loose it now. He was barely aware that he was fucking a student in his office, and now that Ashley was screaming for more, he couldn’t think at all anymore. His need, his lust was the only thing on his clouded mind.

He slammed into her with all his strength, pushing the student quivering body over the desk, his hands on her hips pulling her back again. He was driving into her so hard that Ashley had trouble holding onto the chair. She was screaming in pleasure, panting, her clit rubbed against the edge of the desk, every thrust literally pushed her closer to her orgasm.

“Oooooh, fuck sir. I’m cumming, I’m cumming sir.” Ashley screamed.

The principal felt a sudden gush of pussy juice around his cock as Ashley came with such an intense orgasm that she almost passed out. But the principal wasn’t done yet; he was still pounding into her, growling with gritted teeth.

He took Ashley’s ponytail in his fist, twisted it around before pulling hard. Ashley whimpered as her head got pulled back, gripping the chair with all her effort. She was pounded to new heights again, heights she didn’t even know she could reach. And things were coming out of her mouth that she had never think she would say.

“Fuck your toy. Fill your fuck toy up, sir. I want your cum filling me up, I need it, sir.”

The principal felt sweat trickling down his forehead as he pushed in, slamming his cock in her sopping pussy with all his might before he held still, deep inside her. His cock twitched violently as he came with a loud low groan, flooding Ashley’s already saturated pussy.

Ashley cooed in delight as she felt her stuffed pussy being flooded, thrusting her ass backwards, milking his cock for everything it had.

Principal Grant stood there for a moment, panting, regaining his breath, leaning over the student he had just filled with his semen.

“You can let go of the chair now, Ashley,” he said, pulling out of her. Ashley felt a stream of mixed juices run down her leg as she struggled to stand up. Her mind was still a daze, trying to get to grips with what just happened.

“Now clean my cock, Ashley,” the principal ordered.

“Yes, sir,” she obeyed, dropping to her knees and taking his half hard shaft into her mouth. She sucked it greedily as she tasted her own juices mixed with his.

“Tomorrow at 4pm I want you to be ready at the parking lot,” said the principal, looking down at Ashley, “You’ll have to explain my wife what happened with her car. I’m sure she will find a fitting punishment for you as well.”

“Yes, sir,” Ashley murmured, feeling the principal’s cock starting to harden in her mouth. She now realized why she hadn’t recognized the car. But she also realized his wife was going to punish her too, and her pussy clenched at the thought of that.

(to be continued…)

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