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Retribution Continues

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Zoe spanks both her parents

Marty and Susie knew it had been a mistake. Zoe, their 21-year-old daughter had enjoyed full disciplinary control over her parents, and they both knew she was very annoyed with them. They had all agreed Zoe would have control over them for 6 months and that period was nearly up. Susie was soon to return to being the maternal disciplinarian, albeit Marty was unlikely to see any significant difference as Susie had always spanked him in any case. He was going to be spanked by someone and to him it made little difference whether he was across his wife’s lap or his daughters. Both spanked him hard whenever the decided he had earned a spanking.

The difference over the last 6 months was that Zoe had control over Susie as well. For 6 months Susie had been put across her 21-year-old daughters lap on so many occasions she had lost count. On every occasion she ended up in tears, floods of them, as she felt her daughters hand on her bare bottom, as well as the hard wooden back of the hairbrush, and more and more had to accept the long thin kiss of the cane. Zoe’s punishment implement of last resort it had to be said. The hairbrush was what she enjoyed giving most. Yes, enjoyed is the right word as she got a buzz out of having one of her parents up ended across her lap. The bare bottom staring up at her, beckoning her wrath, bouncing in response to the steady spank spank of the hairbrush thrashing down on the bare flesh, the gasp as the pain spread across her parents bottom, the flesh wobbling and then coming to a rest just in time for the next thwack.

Susie and Marty looked at the floor as they heard Susie closing the drawer in her bedroom loudly. They heard her walk quickly in to the hallway but instead of coming back downstairs they heard her go in to their room, and a moment later another drawer slammed shut. That meant she had two hairbrushes no doubt because she was concerned one hairbrush would break when she was using it. On their bare bottoms.

The last time a hairbrush broke Zoe was spanking Marty harder than he had ever been spanked before. All of a sudden Zoe swore under her breath and the spanking stopped. Not for long though. She ordered her father to face the wall with his hands on his head, his already red and burning bottom bright red, as she went upstairs to get another hairbrush, only to continue spanking Marty with it. So this time she wanted to make sure she had a spare hairbrush ready, just in case. Marty and Susie looked at each other, both bit their lips, suddenly wishing they hadn’t been so silly, wishing they weren’t about to be spanked. Both had absolutely no doubt that this was going to be a discipline spanking and was going to hurt. A lot.

Susie came back in to the room and snapped,

“Right you two, get undressed and face the wall.” She added sternly “quickly.”
Her parents knew they had better obey their daughter and quickly took off their clothes, folding them neatly and placing them on a chair before going to opposite walls and pressing their nose against it, their hands on their heads, silent except for heavy breathing.

One tradition they were pleased about was the 10-minute rule. Whenever the decision was made that a spanking needed to be given the person about to be spanked had to face the wall with their hands on their head for at least 10 minutes. On the one hand that person had time to think about what they had done wrong. On the other hand though it gave some time for the spanker, which for so long now was Zoe, to calm down. In that way the spanking was never given in anger. Instead it was always measured, severe perhaps, but always given under control.
So as they stood there Susie and Marty thought about the mistake they had made. It really was stupid. The voucher had come in the post addressed to Zoe. Clearly addressed to her. A meal at the new restaurant in town. For two. Zoe knew it was coming. In fact had paid for it. Marty thought it was just sent for free though he also reckoned if Zoe didn’t know about it she wouldn’t miss it. So he took it, and he and Susie went for the meal.

They were seen. Zoe was told. She had asked Marty about it. He panicked and said he didn’t realise it was for her otherwise he wouldn’t have taken it. Zoe was annoyed though. They should have asked her, to check, not just take it. So when she realised they had been for the meal that she paid for she said they needed to learn not just to take. Learning in their house meant being taught bent across someone’s lap having their bare bottom severely spanked.
Susie really was sorry. She just hadn’t thought they were doing anything wrong. Marty showed her the voucher and although it had Zoe’s name on it Marty told her it was just a flyer. So what was the harm? Of course Marty knew differently. He had taken the call from the restaurant who were checking the voucher had arrived and wondered when Zoe will be making her booking. Marty had said in fact Zoe had given the voucher to him and he would be using it. The restaurant said that was Ok.

Susie didn’t know about the call. Susie only knew the voucher was addressed to Zoe. That was enough though. She didn’t ask Zoe so it was as good as knowing. That was why they were both going to be spanked, both put across their daughters lap and spanked hard.

The 10 minutes were up. Zoe had calmed down. She coolly pulled out the chair in to the room and sat down.

“You first Dad,” she said firmly.

Marty turned, lowered his hands, and walked over to his daughter. Being naked wasn’t an issue. He was always naked when being spanked. Whether it was Zoe or Susie spanking him. It was part of his punishment. Humiliation. He didn’t like to be naked and so for him the punishment was more intense. He noticed though that Zoe was wearing a very short skirt which had risen up leaving her thighs bare so once again Marty will be lying across his daughter’s bare legs, his penis resting across his daughters bare thighs. As always though by now he had an erection just at the thought of being spanked. He couldn’t help it. The thought of being draped across a woman’s lap, even his daughter and certainly his wife, he just found so erotic. It soon disappeared though, his erection, soon after the spanking started and the pain took over, even when he was squirming around on that bare lap his erection stayed gone. Until it was over, well at least a few minutes after it was over, when the burning of his bottom turned to a tingling aching pain, which spread across his bottom and in to his penis, and even through his tears he wanted sex, needed sex. With Susie.

Susie smiled although she had the same feelings. Watching her husband stand there with his erection she felt the wetness between her legs, the tingle inside her, knowing she was so turned on by watching Marty being spanked, knowing her spanking will follow. Like Marty she hated the spanking itself. Always did, but just like Marty loved the feeling afterwards and the hugs she got from Marty. She just hated being spanked though. The pain. The humiliation of being across her daughters lap having her bottom turned red as she looked at the floor knowing her bare bottom was on show for anyone to see. And she had been watched. By her husband of course, and her own Mother and Father who had come to stay one time she had said something very rude, so rude that Zoe had taken her to task there and then, and her parents, Zoe’s Grandparents, watched aghast as Susie’s bottom was turned bright red and their daughter was reduced to tears squirming around on her lap as her bottom cheeks bounced as the spanking progressed.

Of course no one else knew that later that evening both Grandparents had been so turned on they made love for the first time in several years.

So as Marty stood beside his daughter his penis erect, even when Zoe looked at him, first his face and then at his penis, if anything it got stiffer. Humiliated he simply came to terms with the fact his stiff penis will soon be lying on his daughters bare thighs, and as he thought that so his daughter took a deep breath, tapped her thigh, held her arms up and watched her Father lower himself across her lap and as he finally allowed his whole weight to fall across Zoe’s bare thighs so the hot stiff penis pressed hard against her thighs, she looked at the back of her Father’s head and smiled as she placed her hand on his bottom, rubbing in circle’s, as she became serious and said sternly,

“Well I hope you realise now it was like stealing Dad, well it was stealing actually, even if you didn’t know I had paid for the voucher.”

Marty said a well meant,

“Sorry Zoe,” already conditioned to receiving the expected spanking, and even as he thought that so Zoe raised her hand for the first time and brought it down sharply on her Dad’s bare bottom. The sound of the slap filled the silence, Zoe watched her Dad’s bottom wobble as she raised her hand again and brought it down on the other bottom cheek, again the slap filled the air and his bottom wobbled. Satisfied Zoe set about giving spank after spank, on alternate bottom cheeks, the sound of repetitive slaps being followed first by faint gasps which grew in volume until they became louder and louder telling Zoe that she was getting through to her Dad.

After about 15 minutes of being hand spanked Marty was starting to struggle badly, particularly when the back of his legs were spanked and they stung like mad. His erection was well gone but Zoe was still aware of her Dad’s penis pressing down on her thighs whilst he in turn tried to reduce the number of times he bounced up and down and squirmed around on her lap rubbing his penis on her.

Zoe smiled as she knew her Dad had a thing about his penis on her bare legs. It meant nothing to her, but she knew he felt that extra bit of humiliation which she tended to make him suffer when he was naughty. Susie saw the smile and knew how Marty felt about it, but was in no position to defend her husband. Particularly as her bottom was the next to suffer at her daughters hand.
It was time for the hairbrush. Zoe stopped spanking for a moment and Marty could feel his daughter stretch out and he knew what she was stretching for. Sure enough he felt the light tap tap tap of the back of the hairbrush, the gap, Zoe’s thighs tense as her arm flew down, and heard the thwack as the wooden back of the hairbrush smacked down on to his bare bottom cheek, the pain spread, and the much louder gasp as he felt the pain, pressing his body down in to his daughters thighs. He wanted to cover his bottom but knew he mustn’t, not unless he wanted several strokes of the cane as well.

Zoe kept up a steady stream of hard spanks with the hairbrush, on alternate cheeks, then on the same spot time and again, occasionally bringing the hard wooden brush down on the back of one leg and then the other, relishing the intensity of the gasps they generated from her Dad. The louder he cried out the harder she spanked in fact until he was shaking in pain, crying out, tears streaming down his face, and Zoe decided that just perhaps he had learned his lesson.

“Get up Dad, just remember don’t do it again.”

Marty slowly edged himself up, stood, knew he mustn’t rub his bottom so immediately put his hands on his head to stop the desire to relive his so sore bottom. He didn’t mind the tears running down his cheeks. He was just glad his punishment was over.

Zoe glowed as she looked at her Dad before turning her gaze, now serious again, on to her Mum. Susie was hot and bothered, disconcerted as she watched her husband being given one of the hardest spankings she had seen Zoe give. The fact Zoe was so annoyed worried her as she watched spank after spank, shaking each time the hard wooden hairbrush crashed down on to her husband’s bottom, knowing only too well that what was happening to him would then happen to her, as she stood watching, totally naked, her hands on her head, tears filling her eyes as the spanking proceeded, tears of worry rather than pain, knowing the pain will come. Long and hard, and now was the time for her be punished for her part in the stealing of the restaurant voucher. She should at least have asked Zoe if she was expecting the voucher and as Marty’s spanking continued so she wished more and more that she had thought to ask. How she was going to regret not asking.

Zoe looked at her Mum’s pussy and as usual when she watched her husband being spanked it was wet. Zoe didn’t mind. What her parents did after their spanking was up to them. What with Susie’s pussy being wet and Marty’s erection it didn’t take much to work out after all.

“Over here Mum please,” Zoe said, casually enough but Susie knew from that almost offhand tone that it was an instruction not to be avoided. Not to be ignored. At least any slowness in her response could only lead to a more severe spanking, so she quickly lowered her arms and stepped across the room, passed the still sobbing Marty and stood to Zoe’s side, ready to bend across her daughter’s lap as soon as she was told to.

“Well Mum, what have you to say?”

“I’m sorry Zoe. I saw the voucher had your name on it but just didn’t think to ask you. I just fancied having the meal there.”

“Yes Mum, you didn’t think then but you will certainly be thinking as you are across my lap. You will be thinking hard about that mistake.”

The phone rang. Susie and Marty were so tense they jumped. Zoe laughed to herself as she stood up and went over to the phone. They watched as their 21-year-old daughter picked up the phone.

Susie thought how strict her daughter was, pleased she was strict because that is what she needed, asked for. Who better than her own daughter to teach her to behave and punish her when she didn’t? She was worried the 6 months were soon to be up and she would have to step back in to the maternal role and didn’t know if she was ready.

“Hullo,” she said followed by, “Yes this is she.”

Susie watched as Zoe’s face got darker and darker as she listened, turning with pursed lips to look at her Dad.

“I see,” is all she said as she sat back down and tapped her lap.
Susie bent down across her daughter’s bare legs, warm now from the contact with her husbands’ body.

“Tell me Mum, did the restaurant phone here before you went?”

“No dear, why would they do that?” she answered.

Susie was looking at her Dad as she asked the question, and she saw the way he froze, his eyes opened wide, then wider as he realised what had happened. His mouth dropped open as though he was going to say something else but couldn’t.

“OK Dad, you can rub your bottom if you want.” She glared at him. It was an instruction he
didn’t want. You were only allowed to rub before your spanking, never afterwards. Being allowed to rub could mean only one thing. One dreadful thing.

“So Dad, the restaurant phoned and asked when I was going to book. Didn’t they?” Marty couldn’t speak.

“Didn’t they,” she said sternly.

Marty said a very weak, “Yes.”

“Yes indeed,” Zoe said, adding, “So why don’t you rub Dad,” still glaring at him.

Susie squirmed around to loom at Susie, also realising what was happening. She looked at her husband from her position across her daughters lap.

“You lied Dad didn’t you,” Zoe said even more sternly.

“Yes,” came another weak response.

“What do you get for lying Dad?” Susie asked wickedly.

“Please Zoe,” he said, desperate now.

“Answer me Dad,” she snapped.

Marty let out a whimper and said

“I get spanked Zoe,” he said sounding so sorry for himself.

“Yes Dad, you get spanked, right after I deal with Mum.”

Marty sniffed and let out a sob as he watched Zoe’s hand being raised and then brought down hard on Susie’s more fleshy bare bottom. Zoe was annoyed again but did not intend taking it out on her Mum who was going to get the same long hard spanking she had just given her Dad, but not more.

Zoe looked up to find her Dad was now rubbing his bottom, looking doleful, tearful, fearful in fact, and as Zoe landed spank after spank he knew that as soon as Zoe had fully spanked his wife so he would be back across his daughters lap receiving again every spank again, this time though on an already reddened sore throbbing bottom.

Susie was soon crying as her bottom wobbled with each hand spank. Zoe was again focussing on her Mum, making sure every inch of her bottom felt her hand, several times, so her bottom was red and ready for the main part of her spanking. The hairbrush.

Susie groaned when she felt her daughter reach for the hairbrush, tightened her bottom when she felt Zoe’s legs tense knowing the hairbrush was on its way down towards her bare bottom, and howled when the hard wooden surface bit in to her flesh, knowing it was the first of many such spanks.

Susie always cried sooner than Marty but she stayed more aroused than Marty did. As much as she hated being spanked she found being spanked on her bare bottom quite erotic, and the hotter her bottom got from the spanking so the more erotic she felt, even raising her bottom up as her daughter stroked her bottom and legs, even trying to get her daughter to brush her wet pussy as she rubbed her inner thighs, not because she wanted her daughter to rub her pussy, but because she could not stop herself wanting to be caressed there. Still, she knew that since both she and Marty were disciplined by their daughter so it was so more likely that the two of them would hug each other afterwards and when Zoe went to her room so they would go to theirs and would surely end up on the bed, caressing each other until they brought each other to orgasm, usually for Susie two or three times.

After many dozens of spanks with the hairbrush Zoe decided her Mum was crying enough.

“OK Mum, you can get up now. Don’t forget no rubbing yet.”

Still crying she stood up and like Marty quickly clasped her hands above her head, sobbing, in distress but also glad her punishment was over.

For Marty the feeling was different. His hands still covered his bottom, his penis on show to both women but of no concern to Zoe. He looked steadily at his daughter, scared of the instruction he knew would come. He watched his wife’s spanking knowing he was going to, again, receive that full number of spanks again, straight afterwards, only minutes after his first spanking. For lying this time. For stupidly lying, all for a meal.

“Back over my lap Dad,” she ordered, knowing how he dreaded that order, knowing how she was going to make him really pay for his stupid lie.

Marty bent down across his daughter’s lap again, not even realising that he was erect again, how surprising was that he thought, how come thought Zoe, as she raised her hand, looked at her Dad’s head and said,

“I hope the meal was worth it Dad”

Before he answered her hand thrashed down again on his bottom as she started the whole spanking over again, plastering his red bottom with spank after spank, this time spanking his legs more knowing how much that stung, intent on teaching her Dad a very strong lesson. Again as he cried so she spanked him harder, occasionally looking up at her Mum who was staring at her husbands’ bottom, aghast at how red it was being turned, intent on not saying anything, not wanting to give her daughter any reason at all to spank her for a second time, but her pussy getting wetter because she knew the more Marty cried the better the sex afterwards.

Marty was crying out loud even before Zoe started again with the hairbrush. Several dozen hard spanks rained down on his bottom. They all knew he would not be sitting down today, that he will need oodles of cold cream rubbed in, and even when he makes love to Susie, as surely he will, Susie on her back so Marty can lie on top, it was unlikely he will sleep well afterwards, and that even tomorrow sitting will be hard. Which is a shame because the day after tomorrow his parents were coming over for lunch and he would have to chat which was always hard when his bottom throbbed.

Grandma had rung Zoe and asked whether she had spanked her Dad recently. Then she asked wickedly whether she could find a reason to spank her Grandfather. Zoe was surprised when told how they had made love last time and her Grandma wanted to know whether watching her own husband being spanked was even better.

Zoe agreed. She would do after all. She remembered how many times she had been spanked by her Granddad after all. She quite relished getting her revenge. Her retribution.

Anyway her Grandma wanted to find out as well and had purchased a hairbrush especially. Granddad was quite unsuspecting though, happy enough to watch his son being spanked by his daughter in law and even his granddaughter but not expecting at all to be the one turned across his granddaughters lap.

Of course her Grandma had also spanked her so maybe she would get doubly lucky tomorrow.

The 21-year-old couldn’t wait for tomorrow, not sure how many bottoms will be spanked, whether they be her parents or grandparents or both, just certain they will be spanked by her.
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